The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 6, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1859
Page 4
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: /j^vr* V'"^/?-.- V". •/-?;. *•^^'•/^^^^^^?^p%^^^^ 11 :• "->-."^ ; v s ^r7 *wS'£' e *z8r rW ^^<^¥» ; ' < **"'^^ r*- ' r -- *,''.•-• ^ .» ^ . ^ - ;"-—~ '^t^fSfggg^J^^ ._._ - • • ,-f tene <uy, of coMomptiflnu AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL, fe.^ffisjsa" 1 ^ »? condition of af. at the * >v* largely the interior porfa on tte'M U K / J O H N TIM O M 8~6 N JfiOM the Kctt, nas oprosu > flee at 85 Market square, an k csajf - Ooelda St., Mit w aukee, k C-it~*?~ * •*• u>e treatment and cnrc of «T*T, •A,^:** ' ' "" "~* -V .^i—" Jtpew, Uluiniott4tt«r S, whwiii'*' aato, Tmf .irfileB B£ . . of l>r!v»t« Bijt'S«e will 4 oat the use of mercury. Tne- i; .- i», going repalrirti**i«r«ory to le»»In» ftr ' - TJhe;Albany A,tla» has the folio wing g tJ^.JialMnjAa.ndfl.^^r. job i y ,-r*t - s 'of . t)K)r eland, baa been U>e tuw «f tte hla phystcliD, M HI.. e, yet IpcantroTer- ftct, that many ayphUltle : m»de muerabla with July 6 * J^ -nMJklW .fcVJMky VU1/ D $h* Fall Hirer steatner Jfc/ SUtemetvith — i •amiQ ••UiiMMIlga^ HOVUDAUC, MICH., Jal . ~— —R *06ideiBt/«oolHr' " wternooa on dear lake; SfeaWn *fr the upwtBng of a sail-boat. __ SR&SflOit •*****» ^ "The Balloon roirted. •%_ i » Atlantic fieanoooaoes tfiat *PW»U BO uw balloon Is repaired, he wtl -•Bother voyage .from Chioago'fiastward. Terribl* _r north and d to BostoqCpf r Messrs. Gager fr-Hyde, then pi journey «Mitward. In curyiDgDiuiuut intention, they dropped down gridoally,and finally siroek -a horrteabe perfectly .frightful in Its on tbls inten- « ••run* it aiunown) jpcrieuti; -mguiiul in its roroe, which harried them^ along at a terriflo aneed tomrflB]aIu>rinta*u<**r Tt>rm_«« j-t-.—• -...t_,..',..,jfcly 8. «peed ntario^ re rrea <foratptto very 6ur&cB«f fte ^ater, when fh July*. . -«~-— i ou the divide between *nd J»ckgon'a diggings. B fa- that , names not mscertainei. Conalderabla dust was at * Two Sad Accidents. J3» barque Sonshlna •S«noon,offIWtpo«. nrday v * ife, «oond mate and »fr of the crew were picked up yesterday mornta*. The barque B. A. Steward.lrom Buffllo for go, oapalsed on the aorth ahoreUaK y, and the two mates were drowned? - tato which ^ftejr.fiiwlly maif. TlWs waslfn Henderson township, Jefferson county. The entire distance traveled was eleven hundred and fifty miles in nlnteen hoars and fifty alnnlesr One of the ineHenls oftfcfe voyage'Waa an oversight *hiob-'oame near proving disastrous to Mr. Wise. : He was in the Wicker basket and being overf eonMfwitbiattgne, laid down and frfl asleep.-* The-rest^r the party were in the^boat below, It being necessary to advise wlthUm-on some point as to the' coarse of the balloon, they called to Mr. Wise several times, but receive^ f -T-. S?** iS*** <B«fc«**t »v*»> rj^rpcTJUC, AW O r^ssa&j&'s.afKW' «•*«• t > T ioVooV«i wood. |tttrjnevelawl, Dongal, Grond Haven,iSX tun mds," Troo Ifichlcan. Hatdnnr.rtmt.nx...Jk^Bn»£-.::Vr^ , , , Horibai. Ogdtnibnr Me Gager went to him by*limblng np~thl ropes and found him breathing apasmodioallj) from effects of the escaping gai; which was' slowly snffooating-hlm. He was immediately •roused by Mr, Gager, and soon recovered his senses. The greatest altitude attained Was two miles. - - i v •• „ - i . - tJr . . Star Qaitlle, Batlln, Two RIverK Prop'Ontonagon, ~ Galen*, 6t ," Colllngwood/ ' Sf JProp Ojontt, Pro^ »"ojmttln City, Peck, OhlCTO, Si tons mdc,I8 casks k (n» s*fu*>* ._ Tiro Rivers, 60 M lumber. .IbWolMTbdUcnslrs, noria-dtm JaniO ifLitis as HAAxtli, . it. Counsellor! .at Lav \, Ho. J, HltobeWl He* Bank and last Water streets, Milwaukee. * 1 * > • t ^ . t i *- : DE. HOOFLAND'S . GERMAN BITTERS, =- — - hy m»l-trt»tment fron pny«l8ltt» in v«wr»i practict; far it l» » D0 in <th« belt aypWlogr»phera, P th» o< theie eo^latatiahontd irho would be comp" ASD loejperfencea geSswrprnitltloner hsvfntfneaterlut IS^SftT ^, to .'^« "^Vnifflctenf^ae^aflt: rf S5"ta * , P 8ttal ««r, oommonfy pursues one system I of treatment, In mast;eases making an Indiscriminate 8cbr Three Belli, Thorn J •WWW mir lujiuudj VtVdHf Pitt -ttasr aereland, Dougal, Grand -" —- U bbU liquor, ~ , Buff ,!o, 100 tun eeal, plecta iMh and picket!. Agitation. , l , . <**«on on Saturday was a oondncted with the OOMMERC1A1.. GIO. QODrMY. KDITOE. , ?* , litoinaidi. M' of . ...... ^..... A PARK & VAST , Attornes arid OoonceUon at Law, _„ ~--fraaajroarT,:>.iwiBC0X8i2r, m * *n£f'* to *£*artoss Courts of the Seventh Judl- -_ Olraolt of Wisconsin, and will faithfully attentt to - «J1 busbttss Intrusted tfl u, ntmlttancte promptly tmade. Land Warraats locateJin selected'fands for UlASM^ttt iftBtaM..* / i . , ,lhote*t»ai5tanoe 7 ,. , Btar«ai Folnl. i*«maow, « MATTOCM 4 BUMJ, Chicago. «V <>•«>•• OttawailU. Dieno ;oot. < _»•_ - PropBlobe, Pj»tt, Chicago, W l»gi poUtoc*, M collj TOM. r Ivpv. > -" V ^ - Scnr Toledo, gavelaod, Hntkego-t, C3 lath. fchr JWlne, Thompson, WaniWoc, 6a II lamber. ShJSr^!S D i?f!!S?'£ r *? n ««y. - r "af * Ol'y-orcieTeland. . 0«h. Itr*; OrariaHaren, if . , Be the n o n ona al or suspension of the neutrality lawa Mow^oftlie slare trade, " owased. , of creating more glare state*, e hnmher of dares were Xhe Auronaat'a. ^e daily Whig learns fronf.Mr* itil steady In the oldcondltioo. IrchaDge.tcirceand aelllnsat the cor- ' rintrateof *Wn,ieneyl«not*erfonsly felt, owing to the lightness of trade. x " , K ' ,Jt, < Ssnr Taac jkosrsr>Uaimi IWday. Joly l." The market to-flav Is Very(aoOTO,*p4 largeimonnt* of money *re changlpg bands.. There appears to be an •fnftNiMiiimts'njunbtvt l*Mf-<# l»-««mtiasVf_ A^a*.«wi.(.a_ —* of money *re changlps; bands.. There appears to be an feerettlmg demand, but it Isprobablx .owing thlcflr of not altogether ta the displacement of Joans, and not to Any stringency In the market. We look: for neater ease after matters bseome more settled In the street, and after the large "semi-annual settlement* of ttls season are over. *- -. - • • foreign Exchange Is firm with * tnoderate business: very few commercial bills ar* offering. The Hock market 1s heavy and quiet, price, general, tydrooplng. the Board lias -adjourned to Tuesday morning. ,,.<_• , „ * The Imports of 'ortlgn dry goods-hare been very T«, Indretl we m->y ray .nnprecedsBtedlr so forthe .— The Park Dank eaaon PITH m OU., haj declared a semUan« 8tmr City of Cleveland, flqnlers, Grand '. JNO.-A. JR., . . , ., Attorney, arid Couiuellor at Law J. ! ,V. V. PI.ATTO, : Attorney ft Counsellor ftt 3La-w. * JetT«n.' ftop i-oubtaln City, J-e«s;, OolUDprood, l iw skiu, U vaiesirooi. -* * ^-— < j Star TraYeler, a^Moey, Chicago, 9 tuna net, O this vinegar, AB stares, SO bull hoops. U bats oola- , loa,««andrt«i. , ^ r ' "/*• po *T Prop Michigan, Hopklni, CHca-o. - PropKcnosha,fl«haw»y,Ohlc«g».- ' ."3< l™?^^, 1 !^ 11 )^?!"^- ""'. ?« ?rpp Majflo»cr, lianglejr. clhleago. Schr, Edwards, Two lilvtrs. t ' i JtM.T*TH. Itmr Cleveland, DotigM, flraaa Haven. «m»p. - Stmr OttrPf OlereUad, Squieri, Grand'BaTen. JcjTfiTS. tte TgHsel wa* on abore the level of (he laie. ta» few jeoonds, In the town of Hendewm Jrffeson county, with ril on Twardf < ^' We landed JD an edge of woods, with the siringtng to and fro, JnaMng to the of iui) intf:rc8tilividen<l of S3f ner cenL iiavahl« tin **nA lUr July ist; th. Terre tliu^aTefiSona ^S»id rVi_. n fa** «^«rn* nstvoKli. >.•. -—«-J _*i__. » -» »,. .. , . Iwo Kl>er»,10 biO. flonr.i toni mill Jity ef Cl»v«taiid.JBqilers, Crand Haven, Xoawsx^fiweeneT. Cx caco The markrti opened to-day very qoleUy, »!Ui price* pretty generally the same ai on Saturday. Floor v/ai very quiet, hardly -enough told to bring prteej f»Iriy the , - yde, wfllcomaon in fojrfgnt. ^ , , » t * - - WheU moved off moderatetyi at'prfcti anbetantUUy «t»» Ssiene,*>Uin, Two Rlrert, 1 bbl flow,! baggy Bchr Toledo. SuTriinrf. M-,«v«.»4 « »,i.i. J-li. U "*W« . ,5 bbH beef! HOOKEK 4 SPANOB^li Attorucp & Coausellors ai Chase & Bradley y RAQ DE WA1EU STREET, ., .I»pr8t]' ", 2*A« jwai tlahdard medicate* of th» pruent- *•' V!** ^aft^aejua-ect thtir great papularity~only ' through year* of trial. Unbounded tatisfae- 1 fto» u rendered by them in all cater; and the > ^«>pfo havfpronoanced thtm worthy, -i t ' < lifer Complaint, Djspepsla, Jaundice, - * x Disease* of the Kidneys,',,;• i-^ <md dU_ditiate*"aritinff from a- ditordered +Mser or weaknett of tht ttomach. <and-diyestive_ 1 organ*, are tpetdily and ptrnanaaly cured by /A^GEBMAN BITTEBS. ' - . • • The Balsamic Cordial h<n acquire* a reputation turpattfny that of any umffur preparation extant. It mill cnrr, wi JHOUT 'JAIL, ; the most tevere and long-Handing ' ; ; .: ; ; 'Cough, CoM, or Hoarseness,.Bronchitis, In- 4 floenia, Cronp, Pneumonia, Incipient :\ " ConsTunptfon, j :; ' and hat performed the mott aitonithinff cures cyer known of ; ; " "' Confirmed Consumption. A few data -mil alto at ones t*<•••.!•.- itn<i jtvrt the moil teetre. Dlanhcea prt*,-t.!in/t i frvm Coil)'is THE BOWILS. ' ; ; '" Thete medicine* art prepared by Dr. C. M; : JAOKSOS & Co., A'o.. 418 Arch Strtet,.-Ki!a-.- ddpfiia, Pa., enot are told Ly dntgjist* ^J i dealer* 61 medicine* -futryvhere, at 75 >rt/.» per.bottU* Thttignaturt o/C. M. JACKSO.%; will btontht ouitidt mapper ef each t-illTf. i In the Almanac puolithed onnuaUy'hy tht proprietor*, tailed EVMTTSODT'S you triU fnd ttttimony and eoi notice* from all part* of the country Almanac* art given aicay l>y aliour oarntt. i- , 0. tUSSlHOTON, and fl, BOSWOETH 4 8058, .t Mo 'f c »*MPn, howerjsr, should, be nsed by "the synhl? Uepjltlent In consulting; nominal ohyslclana oftne ? a'l vertlslng class, as'nine-tenths of them are Imposterj »ho.assum. ftensh and other namea and are without an/ claim* to medical knowledge. These knavishTras- cab tofest all Urgedttes, and by me»nTof their lylna advertlsementsi ana posters, they induct* the unwary ts) enter their Pjstet Fualt tho^s,;and TJM&erclfnily 0ee-*e and poison them with uArcury. Persons living: at • distance In the CQnnlry are mor- aptlobedopel by tte: lying- notices of <iu!ictoi than cltLsens. "^ . • • ' -. Dr. J. Tnoasox ha. received medicalInsiruction from hl» father, Dr. Wm. Thomson, of Chicago, Illinois, who has practiced over SO years, and made cures ader the failures of the best Physicians In Europe. Dr. T. T OI I| j respectfully .-aJrlse the! pnNle not to be dnperl by the ^'Periodical Pill" hhmbng,i i ut apply M once to a pays!*I*n who can treatsuch cases scientifically and success* rally. • BpefmatorrhecaorSemlnal Emissions, the conse- qaeBCe^of self abuse, treated with compl*f« isaeew without ths use of murderoni Instruments. : All diseases incidental to hmtles treated with snores•:T!>« new French Shield recently inventeil la'Pann. constantly on hand. Ths Unfortunate Man's • GuMr csin 6e had by addressing Pr. Wm. Thomson, Ct UUnoht.BoxTi.!i»ilaclo«lnir foir sumps or 13 FOR .TUB KAPIO CUS)! OK Colds, Cough's, ; Hoarseness. THE GREATEST • —i -»«=, 30th D«T 1SS5: D*. J. C. Aims: I da not btwltai) to ssj tn»:bast remedy I &»« STBT Totiid (br ICoojihs, Hoarseness, Infln«ns», aid the ^concomittnt sytnptomsof a GDIJ, fayonr Onraar 1'soroiui. Its conntant u» in my practice and my &mily for iht !iut tea yean bas ahoim it to pomn 'mpo- rior,Tlrtum for the treatcjont of tbo« comjplolnts. KBBN KSIOHT, M. D. A-B, MORTLEY.Zso,,orCTK!A, N. 7 .ifriU-t- "I biased your Retard mywlf and in my flunilr » T «r »ip, yon Invented It, and believe it the best mpdlelno for : purpoie avsr put ont With a bad cold I jbrniM n,,,,,, pay twsnty-flvo dollar, for a bottle Ulan do wltlmnt It. , take any other remedy." Croup, Whooping Congh. Jaflaenzn. • Snu.iannj>, I/IBB., yob. 7, l"5<i. BaoiBn &ra: Iwffl sheerfully certify yonr r-ct,>mi to the best remedy we POSMM tot the-cureW ith-pin,! oough, croup, and the chest dlnnuies ofchlldrea. '.V,. i? yonr fraternity la th* Sonth appreciate your »kili. ,n.i sonunend yonr medicine to onr pooplo. HlIUM COH3IIN, 51. t>. AMOS tBS, Sao,. MosraaaT, In,, wrltw,3.1 Jon., I•<•,,! "I had a tedlou. Inflneosa, which confined m» In ducri SU weeka; took many medicines without relief; (Inally Wed yora- Rctorol tj the sdvfee of our clerrymfln. Tho Brst dose relieved the nrenees in my throat and Inn-i leas than one half tho bottlo a»«a» a» oomDletcly w.-'\ Tour medicine, are tho cheapen as woU u the but «•• an buy, and we esteem yon, Uoctor. and your remedl.w. as ths poor man's Wend." . Asthma or Pataislc, and Bronehiiis. a v /«« "S8T MU^cnMvsit, Pi., 7ab. I, l^." fl . Sn: Tour Cherry fttctorol is perfonaln* morvt'iii"!- mres-&» this section. It has relieved seversl from »!..-„, ^•ff^siff s^sy*Si < s 0dn! ; fath * ™±*r:,.: t. PARIS,' , !Mt(brtyyear». AGE, JLTS. KEHNKDy, of abiiury, bas diseoTered In on JL».- of onr common .pmstare wrtds » remedy '.h< ^KVKltY 1UN1J OK HUMOK. T ^ fJ??J5:^»^^"^«wn> « kn.u« AVICUU, o«ra*uu, JUTZKCg'9n,'S Dm. |Schr Cndlne, Thcmpson, flanitow. c. » h Bcbr Look Oat, Marty, Usrqaette. flour, 800 bn • FWDB— market it firm M irtei. Saw Tear, Jalyii • ........W. ». aOBlTAVt "•_- Williams & Rod wav, Aribtion and {Jommiasion Merchants, ^ ffo. ip WISCONSIN STHE'B'T, » ttenUon »» «» »»!« ofirornl. ehandlae, at their Bate room or to orCounty. , . , •: Vance, oa consignmenta, aod prompt orii.rtb tittalrenen,; net. _ *, __ i __ f X*A8T EyjfflNlN&»a REPORT. Sporting Man Dead. roBK,%nly 6. HAWPO«B, Conn., July 5. SnieWe, Bosiiar. Jnly e. -. _, WOBIOB, iiuy o. Mr. Hendrthal, MtingBriashTioeoonnselit Qloaoester, committed snicide on Snndar fev Banging himself. , ^f,f>f r.opis, July 6. . .^ CoB«ntion at Hawesville, Arizonia. l«h,» n omtn*ted Sylvester «rea«, by acclamation. Accident on fheFoDrtb. day. - — - i i TI Oataarewmewhsi depressed and were slow of .tie, 1 »*' a few going off at W. "*~ ' ' ^ Corn was very quiet. We did not hear ».r- v ^ ura on change, nor could we'htar of a transaction doriag- the day outside. v 4 Potatoes are lower, the martattTwtog fretty well sup plied, and none being shipped at present. Butter is steady »ith a moderate Dullness. Eggs aro lose-,4ud-the market Is sftllsuppl'ed. Hie market, In the whole, has been doggish. Wool comes In in very email lots, at better prices are paid In the country. The Idgb prices at which the far- men have firmly held their, jrool hat compelled many dealers to withdraw from the field, while manufacturers bare sent thefr sgems out to take the wool direct from the growers} thus giving good pricej,and§»vlng themselves s > much loss', as the wool passing through fewer Jiaods, less prpnts hare to*e made.- The price, thus far tare been rather Detter than eri list season. SUurket. MoroivEnma, July 8. FREIGHTS—anchuged. Hoar to BuBalo IBc; to SewTorkoy raMSOc} by steam 'on lakeCSe; wh'eat to Buffalo 4c; to OsKego tJfGXts. ^frolp. Wenonaioidlnf with nheata&d floor for BolWo at current rates. FtOrrE-dnU. fiecelpts SSS bbta; .hipments BIO bbls. gales M bota spring extra at «,10; ftj bbls'do at 6^5; white winter offered at 6.60. • JOT FtOTja-tan; heldmt 6X10. ' * - . „ TTHEAT—stead/but market dull, Eeedptj »60 fctu; shJptneoUtOo bus. Spring wheat 'iSfo. t at M®«; eat- tra dob 1,12(^1,16; t«t winter l,OOaiA5;.WMte do at ZRSS^^XfgSSblS!*.***!* _ JWObas«t»0. • " L^M^V Sije nrmer T IMI quit t; sates 15,000 tar al **•"•*** for western mixed and yedow; 68 for wind atite, for Can- 8TOOK8—2d bosird jlnl): IT < VB108: Ta M> Ma 82 W Bde 1st 63.1C bonds 6JJi; N T OR?- 0 * T W!?S BgradBJfj-G M 0 CZ#, Ol RIasfo" *' , ] , BCPFAXO >UKKs,t. , '• " Bnvuio, Jnty S. iFLOnH—dem»r4f«lr«jri market bWj »t 4,75®oi5 for state from B.8TX! «o from atilJ elob jrhes'j choice extra Wia; -• * LANDS AND WATER POWERS. - 5490,000 ACRES " i " OP 'J Choice Farming and Fine Lands, . Entirely from GUMS **" - 1 u ^ Medwa !kei» Gamt renjove; all aorbib or bsd matter from the " Ing in „,» r>~ lea«hyBo» of bUe,j«. •flgoratlns; the stomach causing food to- " -ir isy^ , Oat ion often repeat* led U a • b<. ^i .utuw VUfc Ul ' Ul^ isysteo the effect* o> imedlclne after a lonx slckntsi. ^ *™~^~l &***fA fcwuw «uii, hesJOi to the whale KM-] -, i chlnery, removing Uu A^ !' Une Dutuo taken ,». cause ot the disease—W Jirunrtlct remorcs air •"ectlnga radical care.' istllowneu or anoataa) -r7^™» • <^MI^»I wic^ ». "«.«u^«» or annatual aflKow oapcfa ari: ^ ebfor frnn t' je sklcv '^ I 'One dose tok^n « chart eared, and, what I. bet- i«r. prevented by " lure beforr saline flrtt to tomachandpr^., from tiring- aad . Only one Ant taken before retiring, prtTtoti - FOU.SA^.] BT IBB too 'eah f or falrto of , Jnly 5. o ,fsm teroay, by the bursting of a oannon,, Fire In Boston. BOSTOS, Jnly fi. lat J^ «00dotmlnspected to No. 1 at I5a90; 600 io eitrs, dub at l,lf; 1*0 -do fair milling dab ai 1,15.— j0ATS-.teady. BiELLKY— aoJl, 'BYt-atl.00. Fox and Wisooaiin ImprovemFflt Co , AtIx5wfilcti,o n tlbfralTtrmior Credit, and Un l"ge orjmaU qoatltle. to rcltporcSIer? i THE OalyoMd6ieU»e«at| night, loosens the bowels gently, and cores tb*-' tttoutt. j ""Oat dew tekwi after «*ehmeal wllTeaie Oft- OBe"dos«flf two tea spoonfuls wffl always re- liave Sift fftadoc&e. Only one dose Immediately relieves Oottc, •/&!}• f One dos>,often repeat- Hsr FA»O In Its worst fora; rt-J while StbuMT and L^ ; A»M{ Cbm/iJjinfo yield F 7\i«lmosttolhe first dose. A f«» bottles will enr» Dropsy by etcitlng the absorbents. We take plcarore la re eemmecdlag Uus me f clneasa jireteaUvs fo FtcerandAgttt, Chi iAe«r,and au ?ev;rs _V,r j- -'«•! " In ov^r e/evco JianUred caiftT, »aa nev- erJailed except to two easw, both iaoater ftumor. H< SrMl2'«| in hul .P°» < J" loni '>»« 'one hunJfed certlflcaier of Js valae^ all w.thia twenty milt, of Boston. month. '" •^- s ? t(K ' •"> ""> •««sl»gsore One to three bottles wiacura the wont kin* of pirn pies on the f«e. , . Two or Ihrrt bottles wjll clear Uw lysteta of bUos. Two bottle* are warranted t* oore toe want caokerln the mA^ith or stoma^b. r Throe lo dr<3 bouiet art; wsmtUfel to core On worst kind of Vrj«nY*»« : £ • One to two bouiea are warranted lo ears all aoiaor tht eyes. . . " . Two boOUs are warrantid to cnre rannlng »t Uis ear and Wotches among ttonalr. Toar to six bottles art warranted to cue cowapt in raaxLliig aicers. ; . One bottle wUl core icialy eruptions of the skin. Two or three bouies ars warranted to cure the klad of ringworm. - Two or three bottles are warranted to cnre the mo dwpwate case of thenmaOsal rtutf to four bottles are'warranted to care tal 'e to eight bottles will care ths wont case of icro Co., iof., *| .raMo m.dy v-., • haw (bnnd nothing equal toyoar Chary littoral ', •• tiring eate «nd relief to conmmptlT* patliats, on cnrui< I*CQ M an curable.'* *» m!«ht «ld >olnme» of *ria«a»«, bat UM B<M »D. .rlncing proof of the rtrtnetof thl» raandy 'M jbaad IB in •llMte upon trial. < Conammatlon. Probably ao oa» remedy hw mr bm ksowa »nJeo :ar»d w rniny »nd raeh Ouifmmt CMM u tula 3cmt no human .aid can reach ; hot erro to tacw too a»n rtctorirf jffordi relief and oomftrt. _. _ ^ TOS "onsi, Xnr Tosk Cm. Sfarcb 5, ISM. ' 7 0 ?* 0 * AT »- lawiii: I feel it a duty »od a plewnr- •uinform yoa what yonr Cherry PtOarai ha» don» for n. j "ra. sue Bad been STB aiontbf tsbonns under th» .bin , , , o * «y, were w» sra -™i. '?.. «dTlc», recommended a trial of yoor medlcln*. W» MI... llfl klndoeM, u we do your skill; for »h» bM rn<»»er»<i tarn that day. Bh* la not yat a» itronn u nhe SBOJ • •xh bat li fr«e from her eongh, and oalla herrolf »-ll Toun with gratltad* aod nnrd, OKLA^DO amla?, or OiuumpttDO, do not dop&ir all joa JMTO triad Cauurr Psormux. It !a made byoa* nf the txxi ohemiita la Uu world, and iu onree all ironnd tu .«h« hl«h merit. »f Its Tirtiug. — P? » perfect cure Js warranted when the sbdr"quant: OomprWiigHi* different Tarietie* of Prairie and llard Wood Lands are we LANDS! are In the Tidal- H .THEPiPTE . jeratet with certainty, land thomandi are wUI- 'ing to teailfyto III won- jderfal Tlrtoei. Jsua Iluus),—The repntallon of th* Medical Discov ery, In curing all kind of hamors, !s so Well established >y the unanimous voice of all who have ever used lt,thn need not say anything on the subject, as-the most skill fulphynclans and the most careful druggists la tt* wnntry are unanimous in la praise. In presetting the Medical Discovery to your noiiue I o It with a full teTOledge of its curative powers, In re- UevlngaDjandcarlngiEOst of these diseases to whichyoa re anfortunalely so liable. That most eacra-nr disease to an &Btction»l« raother, JVUUSJKG SOii U iVIOVTR. — _ as if by a miracle; your own tempens reatorvi. »lt» natural swet-tntm, and yoas*l>abe from shors »ni' fretlal naps to eahn and s»eet slarabers; and the Meili. «*in2AflaT0f-V.hf*l*nmAa A f^n.nt<f« * (l.t;«w. .. ntn the ^,r.^ Br ^^«'"«^»M«*^»» . In* the mere advanced slajej" or" •''",' CASKEH extend! to Ulertonoch,. ciuslun which i» -j aad ,»» o.«.S?2* 1!MU1 »' 1l: a' OTTI * for- Proprietor, No. S« DretadwayJ He» ..RetailedtyallDregglrti. Boll al»,by , , __ . JOUKRIOl,' »1 •• jaaKetal.Mllwaake«,Wli. WATEIt POWERS. ! " TUB attention of Eattcra CanltaQittta now Invited -HOUSK- TO KKNT" bav«MTim Brick aad Frame Hwwet tc-rent " vat . je, coning e Ted and Onlmm^wd Jiamt of parcha«en, School LaDdi care • •rlyday. fflmeirlUbegtv^or money, clear tftle. and warrantee •'' - «« vat coniaung ef Boro. and loSI d Jiamt o lain ofBOBBBT ^T- ror rortber Information, enquire KM1TH, Agent of Trustee., or DANUI, <J JfHSR. SppSSnt'vrt.T.Vr t ?r flkeof "" i * Bd ^•^s.'t NKW TREATM;ENT. UAW yottrtV 1 idtotra • .°f "^I 0 " Tteadoes not get nail ..v.: •«. .(. ci- u^o-.v, i.-ijacrimonloos fluid of M^m. J >r "• 1 I'.;'»'^i5--.ur complexion loses iu bloom a-.i Besom*, .allow a»d gre«irt, and youi c> hSJL'- t. 'y.*^' «',nourUI,nieit yoii,, « beeomt.,.cKT.M«» ! . : abre. of your body become n«: -• '•• Th ir . ic, i: .« .» lrila af jjjeases whleb tne Hedicai J*^»«,y u p^miariy adapted to FalplUtioa of the heart, psan uJ the side, weaxress ol the, pine aad small of the back, paia of the MtHotat when you retire, irregalarity of the bowslih •nTalso that mo«t excruciating of dl»a%e«,tt« A1TD Confldenilaj Medical Adfiee. Appltton, mayl» j H. BODWAT, Oom — •— -^j»__™ ^rw*« i asm Water* Rra-gfcadysrtl.tibjnoreeilpts. /« " , T"BeO«Ipls«5ttii, Sale. SIT ling houses and a carriage aotory — O --— —-.»• w va^Awgo^ouhfjf-v^^iass. ten thousand sdoliars. Artiall/ In- •nred. New LOJTDOS, Jnlyfi. Attheregattaheld here yesterdar the i a ? » *l*«otj eir iondon, •no. thewoond prize by the Paoonlo of Greenport. ( to-day. Cutter Harriet Xana arrived R»Uroad Accident* - ~- * ' N«w TOBK, Jnly-S. o'clock train oftheHarletn Bail AI tb * *. raek <1tlben n*" Hu Bridge, thta morning, land' Ed w*rd BJdl, „— The engineer,"areman and brakeman were taken from under the rains *kh only slight peraonM tejurjes. - ™ . Cricket - Katefe. uen, resident players.; oonv ', wUhsoore of first innings ^ — •» -— '-— —;^ y- « «^s»s> wwKf M*. -citkov (UU1UXB _., - for fonaer, «nd 90 jfor -the latter; The iaatoh was resamed to-dav. Ihefall and'aoonrate bank atatementihoirs ^ifftS^lW* J 0 .: 10 " 8 ' *6I0,1871n 4 OOES—noithlng dolnp,> Eecefptc at TiKTS. Ee«1»(» SOObus. POTATOEB-deellnlngsU ?6®S6., , Brcelpt* jo* b o. Bale. ISO but common at J*. t BBTTER—rteady jrt 10(^12 tor flrkln, V2Q,1t Torj»U iOSS—plenty ana lower; slowcf sale at 10. HIDES—unchanged." *'*', " r * Keceip^ W bbls selUng at Coffering. Sales 88 ibs fuU b!ooo\ at «tej'«00 do*X rtjnll Wood at 8TX; W do X blood *f ^ ^ , " " * * " • , Trade and Aijrictiitttral. Dsousr. or Waiinta^—Tie New London "2»a% ,8tar says that at' the present time there to not» single whaler fitting In that pott, «a U1S said that tie bo|l-'l Contract Department, June ISlh, 1818*" f e, showing the d by filling tald "•""•••• w»ss»si^» VK W VMJ WJ fl amoant which e*eh lot wIU be al|ey to the rsUbllih.dgrade. » 1 ' 'r.,-?- EEN8T H1EZERV 1 r OABEBiraAcuv ' ' --<•--' - WreetOommSulonem Block. ' NOTIOlW d a a°T B f«iSJl5 wai ! > w t9 ^ I<!l ""* ^"-onme following .«»v ror the several Wards, respectively to wltj , on tb*.lxth a T of WaVfl, ** «£*?*' d. on Uw eleventhSay of Jofrnext. *• Sevtnjh Ward, oath* twelflSda?ef Jnly Wr the ElghU, Ward, on the thirteenth day of July A^! £ ?i Wo vS 1t * t *J (u I )IUI -< lUlll!lneJ f «U>* M^55.°"Tsjjnt 8«taal Weakness aad the Secret IcnrmJUes of Tonth and alatarlty, by Dr AMI08 t Ayer's Cathartic Pills. r|tBS sdancae of Chemlrtrr and M«il t ln» bar. ^,, -i- taxed then- utmost to prodace tais best, mat p.rf~ , parjatiTe which Is knowa to man. Innumtrsbl* „„„', •to shown that the» Pma bar. rlrtna. wbtcb tarpL, ., «eeU»nse the ordinary m«dicln«e, and that tbej »in ,„ precedentodly upon the esteem of all a« n . Tb«j «r. «,i,. and pleasant to take, hot powsrfol 5o. mr» Th»ir .... 0 - tratingproperttMstimulate the TttalactlTillMof th* '..:•. ramoTe tba obstractjons of its arjaas, parifj th» tiio... •nd azpel disease. TheypurgoonttheftnlMunon-.h. breed and jrow dis4emper, stimulate »Ini-giih >r ;,i, . iiirad ofjanslnto ftelr natural action, and la part bran * . tons wlti strength, to the whole jystsm. Not an IT i. thoy cnrs the jrery-day complaints of artry tini-.-. i .,i also fbrmldablu and dangerous disaaaee that 3w** hiiT 1 -! the twit of human skill f While they produce pc,»«r-,,, rlects, they aro at the iama tirns, in diminished Jwc« •' - «fest and best physio that can V mploywi for ciil.i. •-. Being sagar-<u«ted. they are pleasant to take; inu Win. purely T9n»f»ble, are frw from any risk of hara Cor.. Sare hwn made which -inrpua bellaf ww* UKIT nst iu:. itantlated by awn of such oialttd poiltion and'cbara.-... M ta ibrhld the snepfclon of nntrath. Many omln<.T.i clergymen and physicians hare lent their naaj<.» » ~ r ti/> to the pnblie tho n Uablltty «f my rsmedfes. whih, ..ih-r. iare sent me the aesanraee of their WBTlttion th«t n, Preparations contribute lmm«nMly ta ti» mllrf of m, iSUeted, cuSftrlng &Cow-m*a. ,The Agent bslow nanud Is pleeawi to farnlub jrntu a, Amorlcan Almajia*,containing directions fbr tb'»lf OM m.i •rtlScatte of their cures, of the following.con>pl«im> CosttToness, BIL'on. Complaints, Rhonmatlstn, Drr,t»- H««rtbnrn, Headache arising from a fonl stomwh v»,, tea, Indigestion, Morbid Inaction of the Bowel. M ,i [•„.. wain? tbertfrom, Flatulency, Lo» of Appotlto <|| uic- •• l " J , s f' 1 ®"»nsons DIsraaeswhfch renuln« «n ••--, tnealflne, Scrofala or itfn^* y^it Tbpr alar b» o? the blood and stimulating cht system (-TIP* m\n'\ -onpUiata which It wonld not ba snppr««d Uier CD"! 1 reach, such u Doaftiw., Partial Bllndn*»s, .V«t»igu .-' errons Irritability, DtrangemTOts of the U»i>r »!ij r< M ey», Qont. and other kindrsd-nniplalnt* ai'jin- •rr,-, , iw Dtata of ths body or ob»trnct!on of Its fnoflloni. Do not be pnt off by nnprlnclpled dfalars with fun,. (her pill tboy mak« oiors profit on. l«k for ATII-, °niS, and tata aothinn »1«». No other tb«» .-. n n jt-,,. •on >ompar«« -»itb thu In !U Intrinsic «lni. .',, .-nmei.. JOW»T». The ilc% Taut th» H-«t «|.l «h-i,-- « r • •• Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATKK ?r»«ical iad Aaalytleal Ciamitt, Lownii :,-,« "'•'• H - t^i PIS i;o; r"i i i 1 Tf,' rj . tnousaad. of ? oor women aresaffertaa . ^ j,'' e '.S^ 1 " "V » "»i««rabla life, an3 ttdr next door neighbor doe.notknowthec»«. Iwish toimpresioayoar mlad that .good old or " onnee of prevention h, belter than i p^und - '•'•• MEDIC AT, IHSCOVEBY yoa have both the pnventaute and the care, with thl be pennanently cared In from to *» on « I n'toiy the use of this Instrument, conjotatlj with medicines. louNa METJ'TAKE tAxnovLAa, NOTICE. .. D «^*"0»*-HOSUke pletsare la annowtting th»t they have InTented a most Important Instromenttor tte«are<fUi» above diseases. H bis been subjected __J ifll*«h aid 60J.-44 bbli Sour} T«5 bos-Thea!; 65do oats; p» ^raj 28 do ryej.WI do.- potatoeij 8,012 Ib. hides; 6« do bnttw, 17^584 flo wool; CbbUtggs *' fiionra «r Li C«oas« 4Mu.w r ' . ruojw.- IK bns wheat; 151 l.bls floor; i2 toot p'g (ran; IS aacksginltne; . pans; 800 do hUes; *.! iBober; lOOdp o wndrlesC " * - 1 '~ rapidly; pushed forward on the upper end of this UqV-* Track-JaylDg parties »r«pat(Ang-doira nearly* mil-<if track pW dayj-Onepatty 4r Bbw«drfylnfl.i4 l rom To-' , ( .' woeis. «a»ce,»ome W,, wttl be ^finished In time'for the fall business. * s - ^?~'. -«• • ( •„" • * In net deposits.' •^ fbegleimaTiip Persia, Which satis tomor- -raw, will not, probablv, take over a million In *»»se. ' '" - - and "JHs«9 6641 DlOMt *' a awaW-ro BAaaom Ijotms^-Ji ha 9 * ' °°* bt«aeoMt^fe^X*cilOonr.«/ate<lghthI>litrletof codo tn m»^l Ktwlork, thai a KallroadOfunntm h«i.«^uk( i^ ... towiong »"4ekii>ajr^remaaii)f viJoe, and thu a p8JseiJgtt*lai-ni«jr present a ticket atterjtliu tipti|; sid, accprdiof to its /ace, can 'be- required to rf y,bls fare over, or be ejected from the cars, "J ru ', -»»-•, Jt iaiuiOAB 1st Taoosuii^The joffsla-JteptA^ of ttisk9j1 ftttai Otsa, A«IlH^>4»*. *'»fii-_ st^A_^J^r>. *"_ J*.^ L • O . nut ** 8taai . w » r(l » onlhe/onrte«nUi(Iayof*>ly And the Oily aid . fc. ffl. 0 AUPICTB, ComptftMer Armand de MaCartr NOTIOE. , FredtrickT). dark Ward, accord _ ... Kpgfcwer? on file June, -w, ^^i^^t^^^^^^^^ * t*»*s^,lft,«a ( «trh^onJt^,S«ttlrtlsydaTof B«ks.1ftr. MB.^ ttjJ^^SM^oftaJ -'«A«LBD8a«iV . •. ' - »'r«* .' fifterman'.JUdltlon.' , adf ment rendered la •ctlon,^ated the Chicago. ' .»,j £a u ' • DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. e care ft Seminal Weakness or any disease of the genital or. g»ns, caused by the secret habit of youth. Price ten dollars by man or express. A CURE WARRANTED. IPr, AlfOS * SON nan devoted fteir attention ex- cl «" o' maTadles, and the UTTV;!' . •"" K«*uu»r ciass or maiaoies, and the rtUef they have «onseouently beea enabled to render """ ''" tores, Ufufiy testified and gratefully y convalescent patients and other. ,. = -- townvftom all part, of the country for ln *«, x !>«»porpos* only of consultations, while their exertions have been crowned with, the most signal ad. Jjntaga; yet from what they hive experienced la en- JSS^S? 1 ""I* .•toPtalwadlUqi 11 to that of't^^o'st dangerott. and Inveterate,) they have alwsTi enter- SFttSzsrss&tf •KtfTw^'K and Ukevae Invariably found that the most horrible A BturmyoL HEAD o. A EKACTJfUL HEAD Ot ^^.o. A BEAUTI7UL HEAD Of HA1K. A flZAClirOL HsUD Or-HAIK.. . . NATURK|30WN ,- i"-*' "^ '.', ? ; HATHRX^ OWN oSlSrarTl OiS BS PHESKETW gnS.^^ ORNAilSNT.' OAJI. EE pHSSEavKD IOTAUJBLY'. 2M;»£«HHH.!»4SttT:. , ?SIS THB AND - Jte/oHowhupcaase.: Ignorance, or the HJ efftct. of nMkflllal and l .- . «eee e .election of their remedies, a ^, «S»n. eowae; omitttog a I com- remedies which bear an eoolyowi charae- we "-»« thow whose premature or Injudicious a on might be prodoetiTe of bad - nan- remedies Is the lessening of * great 6f human f misery by the UlerlatlorT, relief and prerentlon of those grteTous afflictions that ate ta ^r2^VS^ f °^ Of "*? •?" » hlcb » whne the " ™ ^^Jdy«"*jnB« T as, call aloud for our skill- and incerTerence In their extermination, , - OODMIBjr IHTAL1DS. :_' .occenfuUi street,Buflalo. N. T. BON,eorner atala and -^gLsj fSSSSSSJSSStiiKSi' rwestiialf of lot fnnrr^i in M—i. r_-vr::*": , f»^ Jswawr jIBui^djap^TWt twrf, whie paw* Jtongfc tb» rlob «pal lefts "ofSorfhwist.™ ''« Offle,v*Uiwa jk«A>«r i 185>«"' m^l^^Si^SSSL^ ANGUS SMITH & CO., Slorage,l'orifardlng& Commission • - MKUOHANTS. Proprietors of the EtEVA*On "tt^BEHOCSEV , rt r-r-dno. of the Hdwaukeei Mississippi and Ulwaakee, Waterto wn * Baraboo TaUeyBaUroadsV r ; 2"j " ***^**.*j*a • »o f i^xxs.jn>rf- C.DELORME&OUENTIN • 'TOsTbarffiB* ««rf, . - '• ' BOTH THZ 8ROWT1I AND COLOH. TO MS GUIATlKaf GE ° WTH TO THE GREATEST AGE. TO IBS GaEATEST AGE. TO THS OKIATE3T'A'GE. .. ! ; - BI USING WOOD'3-HAin. a^.^^-,..^ flT EBI.NC TTCOlj'a UAIK RSafoBATITR! Wii,Sfi.tSSse«sBs* IT ALSO Ht3TORE3 GRAY IX ALSO KK.*TOEE3 GRAX II ALSO asSTOBKS flBAS , TO m NATUBAI, OOLOB. JO ITS NATUBAL COLOB. TO HS.NATDKAI, COLOR. PRsTTOfTS'iri FALUfltt! : PKSTaWTs. na PAUJN«, - fBE-VESTS ITS fAIXIHtf. I - : , -. . COTBB8 IHE BALD HEAD ! - ,. .. • COVSB3 THK B4LD HZAD •\- ••;,-. ' TOVKKS THE BALD HSAD . ..... SOLD BY ALL DROflOlBTi " ' ' ; SSS SI ALL D BD60iaT3. . . . BOLD BT AH, DBUGG1ST8. * . SOLD BT AU,,DStJGGI8Ta. -. - .. ASD BT 0. J. WOOD t CO. ANDBYO.J. WOJulco! AND BT 0. J. WOOD * CO. IM MAKKST IT'* srl iom^l [ mMABKnBT.,'8T.7X)niS.: i :114 aiSKET ST., BT. LOOTS. : '.:. ' ' ' AND 312 BROAD WAT. S T; AHD 312 BHOADWAT, > T MS^BRfJADWAT.'^!: _ leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public "***" -fer to ?«aunb3 nt ilraiowWaniiui4Taas;e9 Notions r>ffoods and Zephyr Wonted. "P 611 » 3 "»». vis ;•• medium, and small; the small hold, x a pint, anj ftrfle *' p " '•xat'tti" meOlun. boldSat , iS^f ftr i fle *""'- p " '•xat'tti" meOlun. boldSat i^fi TS* 7 pe l ««?'•"»« In proportion than the small Jtlaa. for two-dolls*, per bottf«r£e large holds "JSart' * 8e - ' 0 ;-,:,^».i' ff J- •- ~.-4J _ V^iU^ V^:5>' sis&u -<Wk. .. « .. ss>nM*»Z ! WAREHOUSEI BaBford,Blackmarr<i: Co., PAPER JT. McfSRATir & CO. 31 "Wlsr«»;v«T^ «^»»r,»,™. **^"> Dr. Chas. ^Ptot's CelcbrafeJ Vermifuge an,d Liver Pills. We do not recommend them .1= universal Cure-alls, but simply f 0i what their name purports viz' • THE VERJMII-TGE, JFor expelling Worms from tht human system. It has also beer administered with the most satis 'foctory results to various Animal- subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, Forthecureof LIVER COMPLAINTS all BILIOUS;-DERAMCEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &q. I n cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quf- nine, they almost invariably make a; speedy and permanent cure. _ As specifics for the, above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled incl never known to fail when administered . in accordance V/ith tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHHRS s-" PITTSBURGH, P,\ to dispose of their, Dru S 'business m which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty °"JS, and they will now give thei'i -f^^j .._... ...... {c i _ l6», tUXIOKD & OO,) „= ,._ •. ^* Ooimeetedwith .,'.' . 0;; SONri^ANMlHfi'A QO,f .a Paper Hangingi, Window Shades &c -• C ' e ^^^mmm^ '^m^^ls^^^im n mentis?} i«i^»- ; «Sw:1 tie Belief that the _T' -ii -- —-' -^T^'»—^-^7"r M »»)sss »^»s>W* V* -r.'i , . * 7 •: & PKATT a.' -"—' A..feb30-d3m....;...WfSCONSIN g to advice* from Jgn Mt^M^iui.^a^^ wtt*<»acssio.- ^-i^,..:*^ 8 . **• 9^w*?«*'3! . i./. 'Jast'the-thlns/for Boli j Jart Mcefted verv ckeap- for cash. . ,, -"***—^ *ib w-i '.fc^V/il ' ,,(_ -heir manufacture. And bein^ determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celc- Drated Vermifuge and-.' Liver Piilj shall continue to occupy the high ,position they now hold among tht great remedies of the day, they tvill continue to spare neither time nor expense in; procuring the Best md : ;_ Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough mariner. Address all orders-to PIBHSG BROS. PiUsbnr-S, ? 9 , _»~.v../, ami toi-e nun,, hit Fleming J3ra». fiitsburgh "• Aota a. trial, wn will for »rt of tho Unltal . twenty Rrtail,

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