Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 23
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 23

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 23
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10S Rwl titatt Por Salt 103 brick Jiotnft. Whiti N'lU I . *>!> thdt HLclstr for tan Md I.MSI, a* Lumber Co. l-bedfOOM brltfk, fa* Wtyattif, feTieerl back yar<». .I600 Will handle. FHA loan. *111 SI. MO 1-8676. 116 Aufa ftipaff Garage* 1T§ fid Anfemefelfei Par Salt 120 FAMPA Rndifttof Shop, ttadlator* fns tftnk.i and hot water tank* repaired. 311 R. Brown. MO 5^4551. «* & H Jb & jpi JErtS J> X iii' ImtB J 1 J 99 f 11? LAftdff I rcmiw house and «, Mwly decoraterl, excellent tlofi. $4,500. Suitable t«rmfl to party. 1032 s. Sumtnner. NTCB .1 hedroorn And den tvlth hftths. New FHA Commitment FORD'S BODY SHOP . 4 4 CM J>*ltttlng-Body Wof* 111 N. Fco^ MO 4-4619 pro, perly ,N. Hobart. J ROOM hou«« 6ti large lot. S. Canadian. ' vouft LISTINGS AppREciAtsb W* N«ld i A 3-B»droom Listing* CftEE & CO. Reoltors Office MO 4-.T'!57 Combs- Worlcy t3M*. Phones: Oeo Neef, Jr.— MO S-S200 Dale Thut— MO 4-(!ii04 f-BEDROOM house, fully furnished, *ool ruff on llvln? room, fenced back yard and garag*. $0000. Phone W. M. LAfofc. REALfV 115 W. Foster 1'h. 4-3S4I or 9-9501 AJ. it Patrick. Associate, MO 5-4DSD Foil SAfjE: 160 acre form new Allison, would consider trading for Pum- j, pa home. 2 BKDROOM home, fill rn r r, small rash payment & good terms on balance. •1 HKIJROOM and (rarnRe, IH bntli.«. carpeted, WilliHton. near Junior u'HlRh & Ward School. !r UOOM Duplex, with double Burase Xorth Wells, reasonable cash pay- mpnti ftood terms on balance. S'o loan Mpenge. ' .1 Bedroom, atlarhed gnniRe, 6d yard. North .Starkweather. ,600 will handle. S bedroom luunfi attached (rar- as:e, near Hor«n-p Mann School. i'.H.A. and Conventional Lioatix \\'» need listlnn." <m Rood 1 And 3 hadroom homes. B. E. FERRELL AGENCY 109 N, Frost MO 4-4111 or MO 4-7553 L. V. Grace Real Eitat* 1iM.'/4 E. Foster Broker MO 9-9508 F. B. COLELTT 120 Aufomabllei Far Sale 120 j^^afc ^j^fr^jfc-^jfc^ j* .* .*• *• jLjt-jtjkj* -*• j SAT..K or trade for Older cars 65 Old* Sirner i.d 9 r.r, l«>rl|d. «34S^ SSS &t flfM. Somerving tTOif t ».«. Ci,YDB3 JONAS MOTOR CO. —Authorized Rambler Dealer- US N, Ward MO ft-sio« REX ROSE Service, Body, Pifti, trim 6h9 121 N. Ballard ^°.jl- 6 sefl Car*" * C. C. MRAD _ W« buy, aell and service all ma?<M. Tfftllera and U jr hftrs for fSnt. 813 B. Brown. MO 4-47B1. CASH PAID FbR'CARS" MO 5-.'i743 Bob Kwinp 1200 Alcork JOK TAYLOfl MOTOK CO. Wo Riiy, Sell and Trade 1200 W. WllkfiPbone MO 4-S922 "' " Horn* of th» )3d««l Automobile 7Jj! _W. Foster , M ^1-1 5 1 3 FOR S/vEKor trade:'ITiiTTliilrk 4-door sedan. Dependable, runs Rood. 1041 ~CljrfteON'"CHEVROLEt~ 810 W. Foster _ Phone 4-4(Jfl< ~f fiX ^EVAN'S 'lUlCR"~6'6. Bulck * (!MC - OPEL, - fllmcA 123 North riray ._ MO 4-4fi77 ain'sox MOTOR co. FOB SALK of Trade: 19SJ Chevrolet 4 dr. ftodan, standard i«hlfl. Very clenn, ^practically n*» -tire*. Will trade fof Chevrolet 6r Fofd %-ton pk-k-up 405 N. Somervlll* ftfter 4:30 p.m. , FOR SAf/E t 1988 Pontlftii Eonnevlllft. Jl *ll, factory air, safety tires, back up lights, hydrh.rnftfl'j, many e*traft, B.nno miles. Will HPorlfane or trade ° ' rer niQdel car. 4 - 4JQ8. ____ 1 24 Tif«», Aeeefiaffii 124 REBUILT MOTORS FCtn HALF,. 1551 OldsmobllR 08 Holl- dnv coupe. .Teanne Wllllngham MO 4 -MUl. .. HALF, 1350 mddel Vi ton Fofd Ick-up in very good condition JWe Studerbal-er - Sal-* — Service i JOO K. Brown St. MO 4-841$ I KISSEE~FORD COMPANY Tour authorised Ford Denier. Alpo Kf-rviclnjt 8ll Chrysler products. 7^01 _\V. Br'nwn M(l_4-S404 191fl~"CHEVi50TiKT H toii""nlcfc-upl T)plii:ite cub, rndlo And heater, 15 ini'h wheMK. see at 1102 1'ralrie Dr. Mo 4-«t;.tr,. foSri flif i' I) i'fRAKRjT V - * "motor. President. Overdrive, 59 stloksr, extra clf-nn. low mil»(fe Jfifl s 195:: KORD Cu«tohlln», S cyllnrler, one owner, cle.1 n $450 l!>5l CADU.I.AC C2 series sedan, extra. Slirk * : ' 9r> PAyilANIH.K MTU. I'O. \V. Ko.«t»r, M" 9'»9<il— MO_4-7JR93 " i •flKVIU')nF.T7'"nrUio r '." "RiTdlo" A •.Tier. J1T5.00 See after 5:00 p.m. •ck days. _19I9 ( 'nfttf. For Sale: or Trad'o" 193II Sttidebaker, Lark J. _StnJ_lon _^'j»f O". MO J-iH'ij. \VIIjJ SAr^HIFICIv cqviitv In '59 Chevrolet ImpMa Convertible, ''all MO r>-121S hef,. r e '•:'>» p.m._tir_4-J213. Ff i [T~S~A 1 1 K"Ti~ I r a d e~ RijtllTy In I05S i, 11 KM? 111. MO !>- njios. FOR SAM-',: t%7 Ford ft Cniititrv Sedan. 116 S. fot guafftnl««d Ihoion, Mplfte* today. Corttt>l«t*ly rebuilt 10 «xitctln$ specification!. New parts us*d In all vital spots. Pre- tested Snrt 100% rlRht when you get It. Model* to fit ftll rftM. 10% down and balanet in 1 1 fflSAtli Expert Installation Montgomery Ward 124 Tint) Aeeeitsriet 194 GuftfsntiMdf lifted tlr*«. All ll*6t price« ovef 2009 m stock, growl tel* •lection M Ifuck tires.. Han Tlf« C« TOO W. frottet. MO i-J521. 125 laati i Aeeaittfftf 125 81st Veaf "SUNDAY; .MARCH ~1," 1959 23 BOAT REPAIRING, Marine Supplle*. Casey Boat Shop. S. E. of City MO , 4-3035. ^ ____ JFOfl ffAOC; Boat, and "trailer, with 345.8 it an invf«tmer>t, not a cost. I "We think you will profit by seeing us before you place A CAR ORDER' 1 Culberson Chevrolet Inc n YEARS YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER Faulkner. _ BOOTH-PATRICK Real Estate _ HOMES BY DUROHOMES Col. Dick Baylcss, MO 4-SS4S 104 Farms for R«nt 104 1 HAVE buyers for fnrm land In Carson, Armstrong, Donley, and (Jiay '* Counties. List with me for quick §al *'8. K. ROACH, Realtor*, Groom, Ti>xa.«, P.O. Box 14«, Phona 3721 Bmineii KDli IlKNT Sheet Iron building at Mft 8. niyler. Suilatile for small war«- IIDHSP or shop. Cerll I^inzford. MO 112 Forms, Ronchei ___ 112 Knft SAT^R or Trade ror Pnmpa prop- i.-rty: Ifin-acri) farm. \Vlicflar County. i;p^ Oliver JonaK nr '.'all M'"> !l-fl75l. :ll<) >nd a ll |u| »-y 1 - _ ftanoifin l5onl«y county. 2 mile* from hiway 2S7. Kxi-ellPnt improvment". Farm 2.",0 ncres. S'J',<i Bi-i-f" cotton alotment. 50 »(.'. alfalfs. JO ac, PerrlvPill yedan. 2.', ac. bhif panic Ki-a.xji. In r((« barn, residPiic* 1 n room maxonary, tnoilprn, water with 5 wells «rul windmill*, snivel pit*, steady p»y. price S55 ji*r acr«. Itnrnediale po.vfilon, For sale b> S. K, Koach, Groom, Texas j'bonn 3721. H»«et 14 FOR RENT or Sale: mobile urout trailers. Post Off lea Trailer Sales, 113 S Ballsrd. MO 4-S101. ____ . '» Ni!W ANt, USKD TRAILERS Bank Kates . - BEST TRAILER SALES W. Highway 60 _ Pb. MO 4-jiSB -\v' TRADE .17 foot Spartan traitor for 2 bedroom hom« In north east or north part of city, MO 4-349S or !'>7 E. Brown. ___ _ ____ _ __________ " " R K D R OO M t raiTe r house for *ale. I2<> Pltt». Pjums M_o 4-4%:'. KUR SALE. 2 Be-droom Jtanibler trailer Hoi ly, >1675. MO 4-2032. __________ I-'RIVATB Spare for j~trallor IIOIIHP*. Plenty or room, all t'ill" nald. >3n n month; Outside of city IlmlU. MO 116 Auto Repair Garages 116 JJJ ~ IIUKTLL, .t SO.V Bear Front Knd and Sorvlc* V3U\V. Fosier Phone MO 4-»l.U Can't Stop, Don't Start If 1 Gu wan* v ww|/» *->"<• » »*.».«i KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 Brake and Winch Service W. A.~"BU,IV'~JONKS £ Auto Engine Rebuilder 1S1« Alnock MO 5-4«l MEN WANTED who ore interested in grocery store work in any department. Experience not required. Paid vacations, retirement plan, life and group insurance.. Contact manager your local Ideal Food Store, BIBB«»WIBBMO««ra»*»»"^«» 1! ™""—" NOWOPEN C. L. FARMER MOTOR MART 1316 N. HOBART 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook 4 door 1951 Ford ] /2 ton Pickup six cyl. 1947 Chevrolet 2 door Sedan Watch this location for exceptional clean automobiles. All makes and models C. L. Farmer invites all his friends & customers to stop by and see him at his new location. If I Don't Have It, I will Find It. H|^HMOM59i^BMIMVBE89BBHMHMI9HHHOHMi^^HBlKfl«H»^PHMM^v^^^^^"^'i AUCTION SALE Sunday March 1, 1:30 p.m. HAWBAKERS AUCTION 3000 S. Pierce AMARILLO, TEXAS NEW & USED APPLIANCES & FURNITURE New Bedroom Suites * Bedroom Furniture Lot of Extra Nice Appliances This Sale Is in Addition to our Regular Wed. and Saturday night Sale. VERL HAWBAKER-Auctioneer I)K 3-3814 Call u» to sell Furniture. We buy anything: Appliances, Tools, Antiques, & Machinery For What You Spend For Rent Receipts YOU CAN OWN A NEW HOME By Pompa's Leading Qualitty Home Builder HIGHLAND HOMES INC. MONTHLY PAYMENTS AS LOW AS SALES OFFICE OPEN SUNDAY 1 to 7 AT OUR MODEL HOME 2100 N DIWGHT MO 5-5410 701 W. BROWN ST. HI-WAY 60 WEST (FORMERLY PURSLEY MOTOR CO.) MO 4-8404 SPECIAL LET'S GET ACQUAINTED OFFER FOR ONE BUFFALO WE WILL PACK YOUR FRONT WHEELS! YES SIR! THAT'S RIGHT BUFFALO GETS YOUR FRONT WHEELS PACKED _ ANY MAKE CAR - IMiilMaiaiMHM LIMITED TIME ONLY! COME EARLY! WE JUST WANT TO GET ACQUAINTED Our Service Equipment and Facilities are the best in the Panhandle. Our Service Men arc all Factory Trained. ARDEN RANSON DAN GUTHRIE BENNY RIDNER WAYNE HOPKINS HERSCHEL DENNINGTON LELAND BLEDSOE JIMMY BYE TOM McCALL, Service Mgr, Remember The Address-701 W. BROWN Remember The Phone-MO 4-8404 Remember The Name-KISSEE FORD CO. YOUR AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER THE HOUSE OF SERVICE Make Your Inspection Where There Is Complete Quality Selection * * « FESTIVAL of Home Bamafiis 3»BEDROOM HOMES Uarcje Lots 58 Total Move-In Cost to GI's $ 96 Monthly Including Taxes & Ins. 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths BRICK Gl HOMES 88 Total Move-In Cost Vonllilv Double Garage 3 BEDROOM l!i Baths $ 52 Total Mov-In fn«,t $ 41 Monthlv Homes Open Today A!! Day HUGHES DEVELOPMENT COMPANY NORTH CRKST SALES OFFICE MO 9-9342 "Live Better In A Home Of Your Own"

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