The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Page 2
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LAKE JACKSON - Pollclw cwwernJi* two bridges that may »UH t» sometime from «hr building ttage haw txwn •grwd on by 0»e City Council One U the hrkigd that will worriedly be constructed over Oyster Creek where Yaupon Str*« H now stubbed out. The U Council agrees on bridges other span wtxiM give a second access to the sro» where Oyster Bern! Subdivision Is now located. The Yaupon Street span wilt be a major one and is expected to provide a route for cress- town tratfk. extending all the way to FM «KM, once that area THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS b develop**!. Ftw this reasw, a four-law brWjse and street ore planned there The policy, as recommended last March by the Planning Commission, culls for the eity to share equal))' «ith the tlevttloper the o»t ol the bridge ' Normally a developer would pay the entire n»t but since this will be a thoroughfare, lh*> extra cost would be paid by the city Also, the policy further *tate» that a loo foot right-of-way be granted through the entire propwty. No city money l» to bw expended until Uw brtdf« t« getting general use — no* jus* for development of a subdivision The wroe cooccfK would be applied to the strwt Itself The d*v«top*r would b» expected to tnltUtly provide a two-lanv ilrtet loiter a second two-Inner would b* built Councilman Vkk Vtctar* got to vote on the cwwpt twice; the lint time a* a member ol the pUnnm back in March, thetv thl* week, a* a RWtnbcr ol the council The bridge la the Oytter (tend area »houkl be bull! by the owner ol tho entire tract e*tl (d the railroad truck prtor to any furthirr tubdtvision u( the land, the council »grv«d Then * sftArn o< «h* «r«st ol the bridge can be *»«-*»«! to nfty portion of the tract «txa it U w4d There ft mm 4 brut** tt> (>X»tCT IKwd A would need to to to lh* ol the SPECIALS WEMESDAY THRU SATURDAY WE RESERVE TOE RMNT TO UMTT QMRTITIES •ECKERS BONELESS NALF^ _ ^^ (44 U. AVI) $1 39 Hams u. "' Round Steak $149 LI. Rump Roast Pikes Poak Roast Sirloin Stoak IB. u. F1ESI Ground BMf LI, BarS Slictd Bacon LI, srai Franks. nit Chunk Salami n rusa («i. SOD Spart Ribs LI. AJC student wins chemistry a word Al.VIN - ClMrtM S»iMell. l)rtv#, ton, WM a Ho *w»rd try UM <Vmi«»! JK*'|«J, far inking fir*» pl»<* ta a* ratnpMmvv «i«minati<m ihlt *prie| 4RM*m tiudmtU from *re* junior cvJktc* S*wsd*a w*t » Mwdetti IB ecgiMtte chvHtulrjr «t Ah in Junta? Callej(* *h*n b* [Mfttt-ipuicni 1 ta Uw i-wot«l held ftl Hf»K»jw<1 Cetteg* The annoy BIT jiije al **t tsmtie tr) K»*B A M»)*ft», »*niof r (xam I ol Stttiv vt Ifav .\ns*rl<»n Witium Kilo*;, AJC **(•« 4! It* l*4«ii«SV A TEXAN LOST IN TEXAS CRISCO SHORTENING TWINKLE SUGAR 3 LI. CM WIT1V PiRCNASE LIMIT 1 S LI. WITN 1" NRCNASE UNT 1 s at t"t £:-, t-rt'i rV 'V Ail 4. 1C 01. Beer IGEISNA Pineapple. CMTAMRA RMM SLMU Tomatoes I SKI Cold Cups CAN FOR It oi. 2t Cl I 01. M O. I SIX! aUkJIk JDinner Plates 39 IVWT Liquid s»« •iFH TUSNCM Liners I NOT LAWN CLUMP iCl. LTSOL ARE8S0L Cleaner FRESH BAKE Bread ILUE RI3BON GOLDEN Rice ?.':•..'*.. ALCOA ALUMINOM Foil —... BEL MONTE Catsup NESTEA INSTANT Tea •OHNTT ASSORTED II 01 IIK\VV 2*01. ,.. <• ...Jumtn H»K DEL MONTE Spinach -™£ MEEH SUIT FRENCH STILE 4 Beans M3 CAN" Fwrr Cocktail PtUH CtTHE Creamer Mt; Cheese msm. MitrrK OH RI Potattts (AUM)HMA Peaefcet.. u;. CAUF. NMttf FHKSH Ft-'KHlJE III U. Peas I.B. 4f NT ASST. DRINKS H FOR PUS MPtSIT WITH THIS COUPON One -pound Can of Maryland Club Coffee l\C2~ Cluh Without coupon t'«*ii •«'-* tint % JLL. 1 : •,(<.>;>-! *tf.Ji it mmjrtt <te-3a t.^Jt 'j'li* JKfuiu'.*^ ';'j? 4 ftW* J ,"'.•^-1^ in t'lrn'. ;--.;r- wv?& -u^.rf^f-tff -,?. « ij^« •:!• tfnaiit- ^ 4-.,-! «,-n 5! r :,;M *>* »•! .jr.* '•( '..<•-* t»lt .;!•.•« ?.l4 *J«T« ISS- Tf t.».t -i-e ' »»> (iir l*i»ip m>M.'ft lorfr iii:** .'-xf »>*i»f«..-;/ jKiijrffrttiMa: sr,w{tjjrr.,£. ! f:»ui '*.»'. *rvt«^t a IB* «l'h J'* to fc» (4 Ihf j u l'iic*f--jr it i txg {IM A t,j Is *n ifrr f»)tnrt*>wTi at (ki-* Tarn t'amj^ariJ lU-ajuifl, Mrthof of 1h« lftir»»t»U C«mmtf« A«t lift i*'<!l*»* I m fwc» to let 'unM ».>«»( »(uH t! ih* MIW IV^f-.w^l \'»lk> n«* t»!iw» And M aifl ! no viil^r ll »« stale rW nutxl pH.url <il place* like I jSjlle » CihoM MiU. nhrtc b« currict <w| tn IMitr*. Jtf»rr W«*U. i*«r««U WtUon Cwnji**. KK|«> (jrw^. < Wjj hiak*. fwwMct » Woods. Kul|h«rn » Itend, Mil« Mcna«*. Wanrti and numrxouti o*lwr Uifalitw* IVrvsh lh« IhuujjM of tuctt « «h«i« Hate being curJgjwd M * And Hw Mtnr goes for Todd <'Uy. Akkfbranch and «JdJ« of nllH'r plate* Ug in their own way a* all out «< doof* fUMMY fUSMCSS «, f-—, i.^. nueue wcuW. OK \ at COMttt

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