Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 2, 1936 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1936
Page 5
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JRSJDv AWOI ;£0H 1 ™ • •' = -*rrr~'.^ TIME U$ ; vT XOM5M &HT ^\^ d ^ s : Marvin Bender BB nd Mrs. Jasper Terkins •ford spent Mondfty ,even- i Mr. and Mrs. 'RaynKond Mrs. TerkinS isl,I sister , r * > : "••-'•• ••'- .... Eloise Bricker 4 of &feeri<- sited over the Week end ir parents, Mr. arid Mrs o* Bender of ^ dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Bender. An unwise decision has broir en many a heart! Read^ - 1 • s, visited ..over the week who assumes the role of we n Bert Cfallahan home- Thu* s i were shopping in Lenox Tues- day evening, with MLss TroW- Mr, c C. Mills were fc relatlVCS ln Omaha wife -~ v9"-rx*-' '""v^u ,.uvei me wees r, ' »?" u «*aumes tne role of find with relatives in Des Mom-,'" 1 - 0 * 6 Councillor" in next Sun- es. and Pleasantville v While in da y/ s Chicago Herald and Ex- Des Monies' they saw Colleen aml ner. Iricker. J. Dey Ermand was attend church Sunday ,„•, the first time since his 'severe illness. -Gladys Anderson was in lines a few days last week llntructions in bookkeep- !hevrolet books. Gladys ..jpted a position as book- fat the Chevrolet garage. ,nd Mrs. Carl Shaw of spent Sunday with her Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mrs. D. L. Bare and have Moore's dbll house. i, , - — e " *•«»»"«» a,uu iaimiy nave Mrs; : Elmer Miller of Bedford moved into the house formerly spent Tuesday with Mr. and occupied by Marvin Deaver in Mrs; Raynlond Miller """^ r Thto.-was sort of a farewell for Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Cash and Mrs. C. C. Mills were in Creston were The annual election of offi- - cers was held at the United Presbyterian church Sabbath . north Lenox. 'RE-EASTER UNNER liurch of Christ ^turday, April 4 Per plate, 30c Serving at 5:30 MENU :alloped Chicken [Mashed Potatoes Gravy Escalloped Corn lanish Jello Salad Jelly Pie t, The u fpllOWing P e °P le from the E. H. Beach of Omaha a 011 ? 8 * were in Bed- the week end with ,535 p r S ^ nday afterno °n to Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Beach The following was taken from : "M,™ Ray B was ing and the ladles went" tcTsee the show, "The Country Doctor" featuring the Dionne Quintuplets. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Walker went to Des Moines Sunday and brought home their son Henry, who had been in the hospital there for the past week suffering with infection in his leg Henry is still confined to his bed but he is feeling better and will soo nbe able to be up Mildred Walker has been quite Cash m °. rnln e- Sabbath school Supt Or-' ville Nickel; Librarian, Floy McCreight; Secretary, Francis Pemberton; Treasurer, Paul Brown; Pianist, Mary Young. Rolley Bailey and son M. Z., Don Beggs and Chas Swan attended the basketball games in Des Moines last Thursday night. Mrs. J. B. Wood of Lenox spent Thursday with Miss Edith Huffman. Mr. and Mrs. Dell Hawk and Mrs. Jennie Jamison came from Creston Monday to get Mrs. Chan i* . torn and Libya chandler mo toied tb Van.Meter Sunday, af ter Nan., , " Charlie Hewitt, who has been seriously ill the past month, i able to sit up and be around the house again. tn t™, j-u ---- 1 I ~~^" M"*M= i oiestun ivionaay 10 get Mrs f . nnrf f 6 past *T° week * with! Jamison's house heady forlhe enade Badine Sd by &brM Marie tfves ""' ""> rela - accompanied Rowinna ™ her Parcels at the piano, that she could „. difficult number _ „_ ^ cu it from memory. Rowinna Preston is a granddaughter of Mrs C. C. Mills. L. B. Anderson was Stamet, ened with pneumonia. She is recovering nicely at this time. Miss Mae Orr returned Saturday from the Henry Beck hmoe, after a three weeks stay, caring for Mrs. Beck and new daughter, Charlene Mae. Mr- and Mrs. Alfred Pantry of lo . wa City spent last week here Ml '- r < , ,> , ., , cre Carnucheal were Sun- with hi.s mother who is very ill. ' Mrs. Blain to live Mrs. Linn Stephens is seriously ill at her home here in Clearfield. Mrs. Clarence Miller was taken to the hospital in Iowa City last Friday for medical treatment. The Annual Congregational ing- Monday. Mrs. Phil and Mr. about the same. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Mcnoher of Macksburg have been visiting at the home of his parents Dinner will be served Presbyterian at the ' v-.*wi.v* VVIJAIJ kjLlJ.1*™ » » VJ.A 4.11* j HlVJUiHJ-1 VV All/ JiO V UI y llj ••-••-« m u uj.i.Vs day guests at the Les Johnson' M ™. Pantry's condition remains Unitecl Presbyterian church home. about the same. | Tuesday evening. All members Mr. and Mrs. Porter TTimtn,- Mr. and Mrs Wnrin i\/r™^i "re invited to attend. in . H ?'?, er °' Conne11 and Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Menohcr. , of . Co ™ine were Sun•— "••• "-."w'.L ill last day guests at the "ike Lucas home. Ills Coffee VING lew Location |e moving, pur gar- the building across et f rbiri tKe Hawk- iber yard- and ex- be there iready for b by Saturday. : v , [general repairing, png and Brazing, re a motor analyser [can test your car 11 you accurately the matter with Wade recently underwent a serious operation at Creston for mastoid trouble but is recovering nicely at this time and is able to be out and around. Clearfield Events ' : e Wth her. -. Anderson and Miss' Gladys Anderson were Creston visitors last Friday evening Mrs. Dan Drain fell down her Mrs. Tip Lucas of Nodaway came last Thursday to be with her praents, Mr. and Mrs. Les 5STEL iRAGE - - : - - --•— »7»iv WVAA.I* . ^umXti'JT bruised places, on. her body.,: At ihis time she is getting along fine. -Mrs. Drain has spent the winter, with her daughter, Mrs Sula Rogers, and had only been lome a week. She will return to her daughter's home where she will remain until fully recovered. Mrs. Ruby Dow, who has been recovering from a tonsil operation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Spoonmore, returned to her home at Shambaugh, Sunday. flayst'here'.- ' •''• Mrs. W. C. Lewis .is in Council Bluffs today attending a district 'meeting of Timekeepers and Supervisors of all WPA sewing projects. The meeting will be held at the Chief ton hotel, a 12 o'clock luncheon will be followed by the business meeting. Mrs Lewis will be accompanied by Mrs. Pearl Nelson of Bedford, Mrs. Elsie McFee of Gravity and Mrs. Fail of Corning. . Misses Mary, Margaret and Helen Swan, Miss Corinne Reynolds, Miss Helen Barrans and Obituary Catherine J. Sherwood Catherine Jane Wilcox was born in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, March 22, 1853, and died March 22, 1936, at the age of 83 years. Her mother died when she was only 6 months old. At the age of three she was brought by her. father to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Woods at Somerset, Iowa, where she lived until the age of 12 when slie was taken . into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Maddy at Attica, . Iowa, where she remarried until the time of her marriage. In August, 1871 she was married to W- P- Sherwood. They ived a few months near" Cres;on and then came to Taylor county, where she has resided are invited to attend. Mrs. Gale Bailey and son Paul and Miss Vera Owens were Mt. Ayr visitors Saturday. Mrs. Martha Livingston and Mrs. Flo Benaclom spent last Wednesday at the F. P. Steward home visiting with Mrs. Montville. Mrs. Livingston and Mrs. Prairie Gem George Wurster entertained a group of friends at a progressive Rook party at the Herman Wurster home last Friday evening Refreshments of fruit salad' cake and wafers were served. Those present were: Myrbn Paul and Eldbn Owens, Don Beggs, Helen and Donald Round Harley, Nina and Theima Nelson, Merle and Marjorie Ferguson, Frances Kcklen, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wurster and 5m and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Pete Stoner and Willis were dinner guests Sunday with Mrs. Geo. Ferguson, si- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ferguson and family were afternoon callers q,JS - ant * Mrs ' Alfle Sunday afternoon at Baker home. he j me foora&eh;? of years with heart trouble, and finally die of something else, v -. Concluding, he repeated the sage advicfe of Sir William Os* ler<v who said^in^substaiit^^lf ' you would 'nice chronic disease" and nurse ii" Rayner E. Julien 'of Los Angeles, in. giving testimony at the trial of his contested divorce suit against his wife, charged jhe, kept him in a state of in* oxication a month before they eparated. LONG AND SHORT DISTANCE TRUCKING Montville were days gone by. schoolma tea in Allen Rood is working for Hidlay and Steward In the garage. The Woman's Missionary Society of the United Presbyterian church will meet with Mrs. Mildred McMath, Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Williams of Des Moines came Friday evening and visited until Sunday morning with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Nelson. Mr. Williams took her on to Red Oak where she will sing for a meet- "or over 1 60 years. Three children were born The Easter Fashion Story From The |M I L L S S TO R E DRESSES in silk cfepe, printed silk, wash silk, and in all the pastel shades. Also in the new Redingote or dress and light coat combined. Priced at $3.98, $4.95, ?7.98, ?10.00 MILLINERY A complete line of new Easter hats in the newest shades, of straw, of Milan straw, varnished straw, onion skin straw, the new felts in white and pastel shades. $1.00, §1.59, $1.98 $2.79, $2.98 hem: Mary, who died in in- ancy; Mae, who died in 1907; nd-Frank, who alone . survives his mother, the .husband and ather preceded her in death in 925. She and her husband were af- ih'ated with (the Methodist roup at the Grant Center shoolhouse. She was a dear friend who enjoyed doing kind deeds. Her many friends will miss her. Funeral services were held on Tuesday at 2:00 in the Methodist church. The ladles of the W. R. C. attended and sat in a group. Rev. W. C. Henn conducted the service and preached the sermon. The singers were: Jay McKelvey, Misses Lois Lwan and Marian Chas. Kimberly. Pallbearers were ,._., N. E. Lyddon, Frank Goodman, Gene Baxter, Ralph Green and Joe Barrans. Interment was in the Clearfield cemetery. ing. Ora DeBord was a Creston visitor Tuesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Will Allen came down from, Creston and spent the week end in their home. Mr. Allen is .working at the carpenter trade near . Creston, with Baley Allen: called the Ed Mr. and Mrs. Basil Mathis and son called at the Geo. Ferguson home Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Round and family spent Sunday with A. H. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. John Krohmcr were Ounday afternoon callers at the Gus Larson home. Ella Mae Baker has employment in-Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ferguson and family were Sunday afternoon visitors with Mrs. Geo Ferguson, sr. Herman Wurster was a business visitor at Ottumwa Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Herbst and Leqna were Creston shoppeio Saturday. Prairie Gem school was dismissed Tuesday afternoon so MLss Round could, attend the meeting of teachers held at Grant No. 2. 0. M. Brown & Sons 2 Trucks AH loads fully insured Give us a trial on part of your business Phone 181M Prairie Star News coats W ith backs, [and shorts, ?<1 colors P'aids. $10,75 §15.00 CHILDRENS' HATS in the new Shirley Temple style HOSIERY Complete line of Ex- celwear and Knobbey hose, priced at 29c, 59c, 79c, §1.00 SUITS $7.98, $9.95 Mr. and Mrs. A. Greenfield Kenneth Baxter, Guy Stevenson and Richard Bailey attended the basketball games in Des Moines last Thursday night Mrs. Greenfield also visited her mother while in the city. Mrs. L. E. Church is teaching music in the public school of Childrens' silk el reuses, ages 3 to 6. print dresses^ ages G to II, priced at only 79c Complete line of lingerie, reasonably priced. ACCESSORIES Bags in the new white celluloid and bid, also in blue, brown and red. Corsage .Farragut, substituting for the music teacher, who has scarlet fever. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McFarland and son Richard of Mt. Ayr attended the declamatory contest last Friday night. Mrs. F. P. Steward, Edgar and Melba, Hazel and Pauline Herring were Mt. Ayr visitors Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Smith of near Conway .spent Sunday at. the F. P. Steward home. Mrs. Rachel Mosbaraor .spent the we.ek end in Grant City with her parents. Mr.s. Emma Stratton returned to a.vr home in Beaver C'ily, i\'dj. l:;.~t Tuesday, after .sp>,-ncliag several months with her daughter, Mis. Hugh Gelvin. Mr. and Mrs. Gelvin and Jas. Gelvin took her to Creston. Will Parkhurst has accepted a job with Warner Brothers as a mechanic, and is working west of Benton, where they are building an overhead bridge on the Great Western railroad. The Loyal Women of the Christian church met at the home of Mrs. Bert Callahan, Wednesday, March 25, for an all day quilting. A covered dish dinner was served. Tne Bible Study class of the Christian church was held at to The Sunny Hill P. T. A. meeting will be held this Friday evening. A pot luck supper and program is to be given. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Chandler and son Paul Robert, were dinner guests Sunday with the Tom Chandler family. Glenn Leach and daughter Joan were Sunday dinner guests at the W. H. Leach home. Esther Morley visited over the week end with her mother, Mrs. Arta Morley. Cora Campbell was on the sick list Sunday. Irene Hewitt was absent from school last week on account of illness. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Chandler and , »^ amM WM Paul Robert visited Sunday ev- Wood, and enin S ln the Alvin Leach home. Miss Grace Tripp -was shop- Joe Cooper, P in £ in Creston, Saturday. Roy Fines were visiting Sunday in the Watkln.s home. The farmers are very busy now sowing oats, planting potatoes and making garden. Willard Campbell motored to Creston Saturday night and had some dental work done. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brown and son called on Roy Fine and family Sunday morning. Jess Chandler was called to north of Prescott Friday evening by the serious illness of his sister, Miss Mollie Chandler. Miss Bertha Rhodes visited GUARDING OUR HEALTH How much one should worry about his health has been the subject for many arguments. Some hold that a periodical physical examination should be taken with a view to discovering any incipient diseases. Others believe that such examinations tend to make a person think too much about his health, and that the consequent worry is worse than letting nature take its course. A recent radio lecturer on heart disease, which is at present the most deadly of all ailments, suggested a middle course. While he advocated periodical physical examinations he warned his listeners not to take t,]j?.m too seriously. Be- uri Pig & Hcg Chow saves three extra pigs per litter. A ton of Pig: & Hog Chow saves 200 bushels of corn. You can pay for the Pig & Hog Chow when your hogs go to market. (No interest to be paid) See us about this contract. Copeland-Wells To., Agts., Priebe & Sons, Inc. Lenox, Iowa SKELLY SERVICE have bought the Hegwood Serice Station, 1 block east of the bank, and will continue to opiate a modern, up-to-date car service station. Skolly Gasoline Tu.y-oJene & Peirnzoii Full Line of Greases Tractor Oil, 50c & 65c per gallon Lelaiid Hegwood, who has been operating the station before I bought it, will continue working here. A. L. ROLL SERVICE STATION BABY CHICK INSURANCE at no extra cost with J E R HI I T E : ,, er^Kabv HilJkS'^R^W 1 .'^ tonic ' »*»««*«• and tild- thnt who,, f i JtBMlTE is compounded in h manner that when fed accwdmff to directions, it will increase thr heftttoy. Stlmulatc the growth and keep the little? feHows JijKMiTE has been used in the last twenty years success- n"/n«*o y , tho " Sar Ml S of P»«'t«-y raisers. To emphLfw our confidence in .Termite, we now isr.ue the followinir FiiaranW' and make your loss our loss, giving you cWck"ku"ancc ' OUR INSURED GUARANTEE H fn • ^vtv n rtnfJ H011 °' ? CT "fite from your dealer and use it io^Mxty__days, aocordin_g_to _directions. If at the end of J?ermi.te Good From the Chick to the Hen! SPECIAL CHICK OFFER: A regular $2.50 gallon of Jermite for $1.7^ with this coupon For Sale By Tyler Pharmacy, Lenox Tim Lake Products. Inc., Des Moines, Iowa ^ ;n-r* v ••v ,,.. «- !A <*^ ^JJh *»,*., V f >** f ^ n . NEW DISCOVERY in hog feeding; saves money! Good news for hog feeders I A senaa t.orml new corn saving product. Mineral Plus tankaee, complete in one buck ^ •* ^ VA Pearl Reynol. ,f->

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