The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 13
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SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. - PAGE THIRTEEN. HAVE HOPES OF LANDING HOME Member* of Hutchinson Delegation Back From Presenting I; Claims to Yeoman. The Hutchlnnon delegation -which ronreaentod tho city's claims for the Children'* homo ibeforo tho national board of the Yeoman lias returned Jrom Doa Moines, very much pleased •with the trip. "Wo -were accorded ft very nice re caption," said V. M. Wiley, a member of the delagation. "The Board -was very courteous in Its treatment of the Hutchinson committee and wo did everything to put the Hutchinson invitation in tho'most favorable Ilfrht. "Several of the cities had strong representations them. Sealtlo had a three reel movie picture film of what that city had to offer. St. Louis made a strong effort to land the million dollar home. Eau Claire, 'WlB., was after the home in a big way. We won't be ahlo to know for some time but do hope to see that Hutchinson 1 B one of the last five or six towns to have tho final vote. "Tho Das Moines Chamber of Commerce entertained the visiting Chamber of Commerce members at dinner at the flno Country club house one evening ami here wo met Ralph Faxon who Is now secretary of the Selective 'Morticians' Association, a very large financial organisation of men with ono representative In each city in the undertaking business." What the World Is (Doing, CAS SEEN BY (POPULAR cAiBCHAVICS A Simple Derrick for Farms Sheet of Water Protects Firemen Aniplo protection is afforded tho firemen ftf on eauiern city with the adoption of MI Interesting type of firo-fighting equipment. The unit is mounted on a two-wheeled cart, so that it eon be brought up quickly to bo used sgnmst a firo at close range. The cart acoomaoodatas a fireman who site in it, and is able to handle a powerful stream of water from a noislc directly in front of him. A "gusher" pipe is mounted on tho cart behind him, whioh sprays a curtain of water all around him, so that a COLGLAZIER HEADS 1923 POULTRY SHOW Ark ValleyVoultry and Pet Stock Association Re-organized at Annual Meeting. / ' ' D. D. Colglnzler heads tho Arkansas Valley Poultry and Het Stock Association and will have the' asoistauco of tho following officers, C. H. Bailey, vlco president, Walter It. Underwood, secretary-treasurer and C. A. Pennington, assistant secretary. These officers were chosen last nlsht following the election of tho directorate, William Bowman, Dr. H. S. Hoagland, Mrs. Arthur Moulton, William Banta, F. C: 'Poutlus, II. B. Patten. It. K. I>owell, C. H. Bailey, N. T. Holmes, and It. 3D. Walters. A. IJ . Sponfiler and V. S. Crilipen were made honorary members of the hoard of directors. The meeting hold last night -at the Chamber of Commorco brought out tho largest number of breeders of poultry and pet stock since tho organization of the Association. Plans for the holding of tho annual show in December were talked over and 'William llowman, It. E. Walters and Ceorge J. Burke were appointed on a committee to prepare a catalogue. Bspecla! attention will be shown the Pet Stock department and liberal "premiums will bo offered as an attraction. Canary birds exhibits will also be a now strong feature of the show. "safety wall" of water protectsJhim and serves amply to prevent busters and burns. Tho no»tlo proper is mounted in a ball socket, so that it can bo swung in any direction with equal facility. It con be connected to four, and even six lines of hose, and throws a stream of water 125 foot into tho air. • • "Knock-'Em-Dead" Rat Trap A mechanical rat killer with a heavy spring and a rotating double hammer which strikes the animal on tho head and throws him from IS tp 8 feet, is tho latest in traps. This devico automatically resets itself for tho next blow, and two safety catches prevent accidental discharge. The rat is thrown away at onoo and leaves no odor to score away other rats. Tho trap is made in two sites, one for rats and ono for mice. >' Drills Horizontal Holes Straight Anyone who has ever used a brace and bit knows that in the drilling of Koriirontal holes there is a great tendency to raise or lower tho brace a trifle while drilling, which, of course, results in the hole being drilled at an angle. To overcome this tend' ency, slip a largo washer that is free from burrs over the bit so that it rcBts on the smooth shank. As soon as tho bit is held at an angle tho washer will travel ono way or tho other, and the workman can correct the fault instantly. - * ^ Bottled Fluid Can Lift Tons Einbad's genii flask has been outdone in real life by the invention of an cxpiuid- ing fluid easily carried in steel bottles by a child. The power may bo released by a valve and used with jacks or other lifting devices to raise street cars, autoe, and heavy weights. It is estimated that the power of tho expanding fluid will 'raise 80,000 pounds in three "seconds if properly applied. *' A handy and efficient derrick can be built in a short time from material found on nearly every 'arm. It consists of a discarded wagon tongue, pivoted on a fonco post so as to revolvo freely, and fitted with a simplo winch for raising tho load. An iron pivot yoke is forged to tho shape shown, or ono may bo built up of flat and round iron. A hole Is drilled in the post top to accommodate tho shank, an iron disk and a steel ball, taken from an old ball bearing, being set in the hole as shown, to make an easy-running bearing. The yoke straddles tho tonguo at ita balancing point, a bolt being passed through a hole drilled in each. Tho winch consists of JMrin. pipe and fittings, and is arranged as indicated, the winch shaft passing through holes drilled through the cnd3 of the "hounds." One end of a stout cable is securely fastened to the winnh shaft, and tho other end to an iron collar that is an easy fit around the bottom of the post. This collar is held in position by half collars above and below it, screwed to the post. Hooks or clamps to suit tho load are suspended from tho outer end of the tongue. A rod, sliding through tho ends of tho hounds, near the winch shaft, as indicated, is pulled out to keep tho crank from revolving when it is desired to swing tho load. With this arrangement it is possible for ona mau to operate tho derrick unassisted. The Judges have been selected for the winter show and will ho: Poultry —E. Branch Levs Summltt, Mo„ and T>r. C. E. Ackorman of St. Joseph; Pot Stock, E. Wasser, Wichita and Dr. II. S. 'Hoagland, Hutchinson; dogs, Dr. J. C. Koelch, St. .lohn. Until tho time of the show there will bo a number of general meetings of the entire membership of the association to enthuse and create interest In the t-oultry business. Portland Woman President. Portland, Ore.—Miss Adelia Prltch- ard of Portland was elected president of the National Federation of Business und Professional Women's clubs. Open All Day Tomorrow. Big shipment of Eastman Films received today. Cash Drug Co., A and Main. It Edison Wiley's. Phonograph. Itorabaugh- 14-11 Making Automobile Motors Young Again URGE NEED OF NEW SCHOOLS That's Our Business - Sooner or later every car needs the cylinders reground. We extend to all ' car owners a cordial invitation to visit our shop—see our equipment and inspect the quality of our work. Welborn & Rose Auto Machine Co. 7and 9 S. Walnut Hutchinson, Kansas Phone 468 Progressive Club Adopts Resolutions Indorsing Tuesday Bend Issue. The Progressive club, tho civic organization which is doing such fine work in tho south part of tho city, held a peppy meeting last evening at tho kindergarten cottage at the Maple Street school house. Music by the St. Paul Methodist church orchestra was greatly enjoyed nnd the greater part of tho evening ,was taken up with a discussion of the approaching bond election which If the bonds are passed means a fine school building for tho south part of the city. The following resolutions were passed: Whereas, the people of Hutchinson, Kansas, will bo called upon to vote a bond Issue for $225,000 for school j purposes next Monday, July 17, 1923, and Whereas, every one In said city is cognizant of the'necessity of improving our public schools for the coming year, and 1 Whereas, it haa been reported that too many children hnvo been crowded out of sohool to enter into regular i industry prematurely, and I Wheroas, Hutchinson cannot afford to stint our public schools, which would moan a step backward, should tho same becomo known, that our schools are Inadequate, and Whereas, this Club recommend'sT should It be necossary, that economy should bo applied to any other objects than to^he schools, and Whereas, rumor has it that many on tho stihool faculties aro resigning because of" inadequate school facilities, and Whereas, Hutchinson haa always been known on n good school town, which was a great Inducement for parents to bring their children hero to bo educated, and Whereas, this Club has greater faith In the future than In the past Hutchinson, and Whereas, If the said bond issue should fail of enough votes at the said special election. tliifV this Club will demand that the Maple Street School Shall bo properly repaired and securely equipped with necessary fire escapes, and therefore ho It Resolved by The Progressive Club of Hutchinson, Kansas, in regular mooting assembled that It Is absolutely In favor of said bonds being carried at said special election, for tho purpose for which they are intended, and that this Club shall use all honorable means in. putting said bonds election over the top, and further Resolved that the Hutchinson News and Tho Hutchinson Gazette be requested to print these resolutions In their valuablo papers. NO DECISION REACHED IN POOL-GATES SUIT Case to be Briefed by Attorneys. Court Indicates His Probable Decisiop. Carey Lake Theatre SUNDAY TWO EXCELLENT—PICTURES—SEE THEM SUNSHINE HARBOR A Playgoers Feature -a BED OF ROSES Hal Roach Comedy BASEBALL AT 3 P. M. Everything Free to Those Who Ride Street Car*—An Admission Charge of 10c for Automobiles. FREE SWIMMING In a Pool of FresK "Clean Water—Water Changed Every 5 Hours, i COME IN [YOUR BATHING SUITS - TJie trial of tlte Ed Pool against H. C. Gates et ah, case was.finished for the time being yesterday afternoon and tho case will now bo briefed for Judge W. G. Fairchtld before whom the case was. tried. The suit which was brought in Stafford county where the principals reside, was transferred here on a chango in venue granted by Judge Douglas. Judge Falrchild Indicated he would grant an order foreclosing on tho first mortgages hold on Pool's nine sections of land. Tho case is to he left open for final decision later however. Ed Pool, the plainlff Is an aged negro farmer and the defendant. times la a member of the legislature from Stafford county. Mr. Clates -purchased mortgages given by Pool to oil stock salesmen but In his defense showed he bought the paper In good faith. Pool gave the mortgages for a lot of oil stock, much of which Is worthless. JUDGE LEWIS CHOSEN FOR PRO-TEM COURT Judge W. H. Lewis was today eloet- od by tho members of the Reno County Bar Association as Judge pro-tem of tho district court to serve during tho nbsonco of Judge W. G. Fuht'hlld, who is today winding up the, remnants of the April term docket. Judge Fairchild has been holding court hero all week and plans to leave sometime next week for Colorado for a stay of about six weoks. Before leaving he will go to Newton and to McPhereon for adjourned sessions of court. Judge J'alrchlld moved back into tho office ot A. B. Fogelberg, the court reporter, this morning because of tho ' noise made by the workmen constructing the new addition, wlilch will enlarge quarters of the court. Your Em- (ifLjE^Si] Fro- NmWtistmy icctioo Why Not Covered Wagons? Many people often wonder why covered wapins arc not used in making deliveries of ice. j There are ;t number of good reasons why the small, uncovered wagons are in nsc; the bit; reason is they permit better service to the customer. AH no shipped in or storage ice is handled the central location of the plant makes possible the loading of wagons whenever ncces- sarv. The small wagons, light loads and short hauls prevent a great deal of the loss by shrinkage. This means a saving to the cdnsumcr for they are served with fresh wholesome ice a few hours after it is manufactured. 'Those Better Shoes for Thos Better Children" These ate fool /orm- Natures own last. Patent One Strap Some with cut ouis Some Gray trimmed Sizes 2yi to 5 $2.00 to $2.75 Sizes S'A to 8 2.75 to 3.35 •Sizes 8 JA to 11 Sizes 1 V'i to 2 3.25 to 3.75 to 4.00 5.50 68 North Main ZB vlorth Main acini Carey Ice Co. Phone 900 • WEDGEWOOD The popularity of Wedgewood Willow Ware, which has existed for one hundred and sixty years, was never greater than the present time. The rare combination of beauty nnd utility which characterizes this ware, and Its ability to withstand hard usage, make It most desirable. M. WELCH, Jeweler 24 East First. IIBHSIIIIIRIIBRIIIIBIISIBIBIEItlllBIIIIII • • • • • RAILROAD NOTES Band Wiley's. Instruments. Korabaugh 14-lt Atthina Cured. I foel it my duty to tell you what Maenecoll Electronet has done for me and my husband. When I purchased my blanket seventeen months ago, I was a broken woman Asthma, rheumatism, high blood pres Burc, blood poisoning. Today I am a well woman. "Also cured my husband of rheumatism. Wo use It now occasionally to keep well- No amount of money could Induce us to bo without Magnecoll in our home. Respectfully yours, (signed); Mrs. Frank Vogal, B. 213 Thor Street, Spokane, Wash, Asthma, rheumatism, high blood pressure, blood poisoning, Magnecoll galea Co., 115 Nortli Adams. It Clarence Way started to work In Santa Fo car repair department yes-j terday. Mr. and Mrs. Rolwrt An^us went to Kinsley today. Mr. Angus Is special agent ot the Santa Fe. W. P. Barret, claim adjuster of the Rock Island was In the city yesterday. I-yons which is getting a fine new uulon depot is looking for somo fast Santa Fe trains to ho routed through there eventually la order to relieve congestion here. .1. A. Gillies, assistant superintendent ot tho Santa Fo was in tho city yesterday. ' C. B. Tiarracksman, scale inspector of tho Rock Island called at.the local office yesterday. A. H. Beirne Santa Fo master mechanic was In tho city yesterday. A circular was received at the Santa Fe ticket office today asking the agenls'to watch for H. W. Taylor .wanted for forgery. Taylor Is de- sctilHHl as 35 or -10 years old sandy hair, red face, medium height, and of a nervous disposition. O. J. Ogg, division superintendent of Santa Fe was In tho city for a short while yesterday. C. M. Davis, division freight agent of the Missouri Pacific will go to Ilerington Monday on business. The Santa Fe does not anticiiKtte a shortage of wheat cars this your as was the caso last year according to Information obtained. Tho three car ropalrs crews of Hutchinson, l >wdge City and Newton huve ben steadily turning out cars until now they aro strung along on sidings all over this division waiting for the wheat hauling to start. John Martin of the car repair partment of the Santa Ke who haa been in the hospital at- topeka for the past two weeks returned to work today. •It. A. Broughton, car Inspector of the Santa Fo has been ill for the past thrco days. H. S. Snedekor, traveling freight agent of the Missouri Pacific will leave "Monday for a two weeks vacation. Ha will spend most of his time fishing. Clyde Hlghfill of the Santa Fo lines will go to Topeka tonight oa business. He will return sometime Monday. T. B. Jtowcn, one of the Santa Fe officials wasin tho city yesterday. H. IP. Dudley, trainmaster of the 'Santa Fe out of Dodge City was in the city yesterday on business. W, 'B. Flagler, traveling auditor of the Rock Island lines called at tho local office today. J. H v Logan Rock Island roadmaster was In tho city yesterday oa business. W. B. Moouoy, claim agent of the Missouri Pacific is In tho city today ou business for his road. M. Morowelaer, Rock Island Inspector of police from Chicago, J. H. Uur- nBtt chief special agent, second district of tho Ilock. Island from lil Uouo, and Jlalph Judklna I>vl;Jon special agent wore here yesterday looting over tho local territory. ore: Men's Suits Dry Cleaned and Pressed for All other items as reasonable. We have the most modern equipment which assures you of the Highest Quality Work Deliveries made to any* part of the city. Call Phone 107 or 108 NOW and get the BEST FOR LESS. American Steam Laundry Used Cars 1922 : —Hudson Coach, 1919—Hudson 7-Passenger. 1921—Buick Six Roadster. 1920—Buick Six Touring. 1919—Buick Six Roadster. 1919—Buick Six Touring. 1919—Oakland Six Touring. 1919—Stutz Roadster. 1922—Harley Davis Motorcycle. Double Side Car and Like New. 1916—Ford Touring. 1920—Chevrolet Touring. 1919—Ford Roadster. Hutchinson Motor Car Co. tik ; Distributors Hudson and Essex Cars. Phone 271 SMOOTH CHECK MORGER GETS $20 FROM GROCER A man giving the name of It. W Taylor tilcked a Hutchinson woman j into taking a -worthlews check for % r M yesterday as an advanco payment for root on her hou.,e and then gave him hxr check for $10 ch«u»e- Her check wa^ Immediately caahed at a nearby grocery atoro and the nun ima disappeared. Tho woman became suaplcloua ufter giving the check and called her banker, anting him to cancel the, check. The grocery U now holding tho cancelled <'lir ; ck for whU -h he paid out KOod money. Tho rhw 'k which, waa trlvm tho lady had been starapod, "Hutchinson Motor Co." with a rub- hor Ktamp, and was signed A. C. Kirk. Kvidontly tln> fcwgw did not take Um» to distermluo Mr. Ktrk'a correct iuitiula. A(jreem<snt on Indemnity. Washington —Dlspatchai rocolvtd front tho dtyloraatlo corpa In Poking indicate that an agreoraerd a* to la- demuity asked of th<» Chinoso government In behalf ot the 27 foralguc-a ciiiiturotl by baudltd May S, Is »»Broaching calxuin»t4o% ,

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