The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 1, 1975 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1975
Page 3
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Mormon bishop to preside DEAR ABBY at weekend stake conference Former fatty cofches lifeline By Abigail Van Buron ' h "° 1 ' FACT* , oee«M9er* t, Kl«ter H. Hm-hc I'ptw a mwilwf of tho Hithuprk of '11»e <.1turth o< Je»t» HiriU of I -alter day SainU, will er«At(k< am] sj^wk at the K»sl .S«»fc<? turtlay awl in l^» Marque V H Htirke P<fl«*r»«n, from Htwnix, Am . *a» ttauwj fjrtt «Hui*elt* in The ("hurdi of Ap«t) 6. itfi? A* a member < I'rctftliiijt Ilithuprie, h^ &rfv«r-i ai> a (;«-n«-r»l Authrjft!) vf (he churrh hn})<4i t'Hrtviti l& » ^diMf if) tin* KnKin««t inK <-'<.4(«x«i <)•.«( i.f? 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BO (iittl ra> (M/OilOf* III yi/y fWVM f I |*rf 1 1 f',^ 8ft Hft««M YlKlf Mtrf «/»/>. - tlfsl w.- oat) »n,i i/ ; an O A «i.,j, r t ;j u • tl*^ « *t) Ifj yfJlfS I ijft)! Hi Juno of a<f a r*/y " I II- HI HKHI'KTKHMiV n»<- I'ri<-^!}wjrx) i» a trrrn !f'->!?l U»<- M:fjpiUf«-S -Attirh !!if»rw awl hi IT it) <>! (rt«i aii'i is UVKJ t« 'J»-sj){nslf !,*«<• l»> {iitm«U> '.»( Thf Church <.'{ J^u* ' tirui f>f Lattw <i!-l K.-fft: his *r,-J U "hi" * r f-&!j< I «/• f<T HHIODDQVfi •MHUfll IPH¥ W SALE riHST IV! SDAV v\ Wl i).Ni-SI)AV S I'ACH m MONtH (*«-*>:•< H *,. 9fr '.t,ft \l,, f^ip ^ f,> A!'.r^ T:-.i-,!.f? v. 'i--» l> A j;«v ! .?• J-,« Si • »«r.!*f! (/, j» s !»,«i M--. -«,,-. S ....*, V ;,,,, .,- ,,.. ( i ir , X !!lt 5,,^,' !!(>!(% ^t.Ai'i I'. (,i!lf'J(»?. t)f: All It'lltS ,\(,AIN Yuu c,«« m* »o t)i«alt« (»!(»•• .C..-.1 > Ijfr-tiKr YKHJ f*««hl U i.i t.K ySl <>*•*! / y. « a; 1 ^'-r i a r,.'S ' ^ : TOE SOCKS i*f» N f > tm M» i h ••rT> Tin > nim nr.i •>!!» , f /r-tir>tst/ .'/ft,tr '•lire t >, jiJi > li'l »,, ; 4 ,j ; ft), CLOTHING WHER'E?' a! ".i'i>r, A »r- < t *;!i 'r 1 j*«;-';v >.-,/ Gift Wrapping Free ringrofulofrons MKKKA r >ir!;r ilit.g AT. *r>- r,iv«-«jr> art- MH AND Mies (, 'H HKU AMUS 4J MH AM) MRS HiiJHVi DAVIS DAMWRY XEWSIIEAT \\\ MKSSII-: 1'AT'TKKMtS MHS Mt»SV GAHNKH CK*. a t.'';f) Ui K m i i jiml Mr*. I.I.KN M!(K K i ( !hr wrfk p,irrr!U. Kh in Shf< >;r.irAi[:,,iri : Mri K J HKTII {. "^Mt^^'JM^^-^jgp* MONDAY NIGHT DECEMBER 1 6 p.m.-9 p.m. •siA \ . .••:'/] \\ Vj 4 \^ x --n »\ v - "^ / SAVINGS UP TO 50% & • .'A^JT^J <UH/ ,'/|V«/t. 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