Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 2
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Hit-and-Run Car Owner to Repair Damage to Truck C. J, Watson'* car, damaged wftm * hit-and-run driver craw hod into » movie film truck in West Vain and Monroe streats Saturday night, ta to bo repnlted by tho own- ·r of th* hit-and-run oar. Th* truck lilt by this «ar overturned on Mr. Watoon'tt automobile, damaging H considerably City police chased the hlt-and-ttin oar to the went city limits and ob talned the 1lr*n*t number, 11-07B, This license had be on Issued to M C. Bobbins of Vandalln, Mr, Watnon went to Vnndnlla and talked with Mr. Ron bin* It diwel- oped that a not tint driver had boon ·tin* Mr. Robbing car, but tin- owner agreed to make good th* damfljfc done. No one wn* Injured In th* 9nlur- d«y night smash-up In Deealur, at- though Andtew P, Bronnen, driver of the ttuck, was thrown out nt IL PRINTING WILDER WILDER IZ9 N MAIN S T R E E T Intelligence and Love Both Facts of Experience, Grummon Declares "I cannot believe that "The Met. chant «f Venice' resulted from an explosion In a print ehop," said 'Rev A. It. Qrtitnmon In First Method let chuich Sunday morning, preaching on "Man's Confldeno* in God." "The leallly of mind la a fact at experience. Th 9 mind of man hug oxploied the h on vans, has bridged the oceans, has aubdued yellow lever, has tranitormxj ftio wnyilde orabapple Into tho Jonathan or grimes golden. There in a school of mwtflrn thought that In persuaded that mnn In 'only a bundle of cellu- lai mattvi on Its way to become manure,' that It IB the losult of phys- leat forces, I cannot believe that Ai I cannot bolleve that The Merchant of Venice 1 was ptorftked been us 6 ot an explosion In a print shop, NO I cannot believe that In (.diligence wiw produced by an explosion of col- lulnr matter. Before mlaJ could cnme out of ihp universe, mind hart first to be In the universe "The reality of love IB another fact of experience. For proof of that, remember the love of your mother I one* saw a magician with an empty stove pipe hat and out ot It take a rabbit, a duck, and a pair (fit doves. I saw hint but I cannot believe he did It, for one cannot take a duck out of an empty hat. Neither can intelligence and lava come out of an empty world. Befoie love could come out ot the universe, love hod first to'be In the universe. "The reality,of Chtlst Is another taot of experience. However we may explain Him, whether as a remarkable man or as the Sun of God, He Is an histot leal fact and Is universally rfcoRniied as a leader of men Whence came Christ? From an explosion of molecules In Palestine? cannot believe It. Before the universe could produce Christ, Chi 1st had first to be In the universe, "What «6i It moan to tuist God? To rfljolo* with hope? Yes, but more than that--to obey. We have not ttueted God until 'we have mado an honest cffoit to know His will and to ptactise It in dally living." NATIONAL GUARDSMEN HAVE PRACTISE SHOOT Member* of the service company, Dooatur National jruard, practleod shooting on the tlflo range south of the city Sunday. Tho guarderoen shot for various ratings and qualifi- cation*. Headquarters company of the Decatur guard otsanitation Is to uie the ranse nsxt Sunday, with the (list battalion headquarter! company of Sullivan Tho fodoial government plans to spend {7,000,000 In establishing an atr base at Baton Rouge, La Believe Home of Lake Victim Is Indianapolis Identity Of th* man who wo* taken from Lake 'Decatur lait Friday matnlng dead and with a *losb*d wrist, Is believed to have been *e«» llshed Sunday, The man Is though to be M, Davidson of Xndlanapoll* Shortly before hi* body wa* r* moved from th* lake, th* man sold a told watch to anothir man, Th purchaser of the watch called in th' Dawson Wlkoff funeral home Sunday and showed tho watch to Cor oner Hoy Dawson, Inside th* hunt Ing cose of the wsteh w« ttifrared the name M. pavidwm, The buyer of the watch, who asked that his name be withheld, said that the man who sold th* timepiece laid be was from Indtonapolta. When the body wa* found, part of an In dlanapolis Star, one of the Indianapolis newspaper*, was found In the clothing. f The body win be held In Dawson Wlkoff's until Wednesday, pending word tro^ Indianapolis LBAVB X TRIP Mr. and Mr*. Walter Greenfield, oute 8, Lone Creek, left Wednesday for a motor trip througH the outhwcstern states. They plan to rlslt in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, and probably will return about Thanksgiving . "A DISTINCT CONTRIBUTION" Says AUGUST HECKSCHtR Noted Philanthropist Chairman of the Hecfcf chef Founda* tion for Children; President Child Welfare Committee of America tHnctotl Empire Trim Company Crucibl* Suel Company (hat any industry can render is the attempt to benefit to patrons. That is the cardinal principleofphUanthropy.And to, interested at J always am in modern developments, I consider that your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in your Toasting of LUCKY STRIKE is a distinct contribution of which the public will whole* heartedly approve.'* LUCKY STRIKE--the finest cigarette you ·v«r smoktd, made of the finost tobaccos --th« Cream of th* Crop--THEN--"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that boat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians hove stated LUCKIES to be less irritating I Cveryon* knows that sunshine mellows-that'* why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. " It's toasted T* 1 TM** Protection -ooolnst Irritation -aaaltt.t couch OiBAUnt with Its policy of laying the facts Mor* the public, The American It's Half Completed Now Hete's how the Hanlstown road appears now looking north from th« cemetery, Th* picture !· deceptive for the road will not be put In service until *fUr an aiphalt top t* placed on th* macadam bate, Curbing ha* boen oompl«ted to Harrlitown and ACCIDENT VICTIMS RECOVERING SUNDAY Driver of Oakley Car Still Missing; Wife Remains In Hospital Victims of recent accident* In and atound Decatur were recoveiing Sunday, MM. Forest Cox of Oakley, who received gevere cuts and brulte* n an automobile *ma*h-up In th* 409 block of East Center street Saturday night, was rusting comfort- tily In St. Mary's hospital Sunday. Mis. Cox's husband, who wa* drlv- n« the oat In which she we* riding with the two Cox children, fl*d the scene of Hie accident and has not been seen since. Ha took one of the children and Mrs Cox kept the other, a baby a year old The baby I* with Mrs Cox in the hospital. The riant was not reslously hurt. The police,had th« Cox automobile towed to the city parkins lot, where t remained unclaimed Sunday night. Andrew Johnson and Jerry Buxton of Sullivan remained in St Mary's hospital Sunday . Mr. Johnson has a broken left leg, received when h* was struck by a car In Sulltvan Mr. Buxton received a crashed foot In a factor lepalr accident. Fred Kaufman, Jr, four year* old boy who fell on a flower bed stake and pierced* Hlfe abttomen last week, ·howed improvement Sunday. His recovery Is regarded as certain. Ha Is n St Mary's hospital Mary Wendell, five years oW girl who burned herself playing with matches, was much Improved Sunday and will recover. She I* In Decatur and Macon County hospital Mayor Speaks in Service In Malleable Clubhotiie The home mission society of Flrit Prwbyterlan church conducted regular services Sunday evening n the Malleable clubhouse, for persons living In that neighborhood. Mayor O. W. Smith spoke briefly on "Christian Citizenship," and members of the club eang Then was a largo attendance. Mow Old People How Get Tint Prove ft in 4 W«k* at * Cott of 85 C«nt»--Gain Vif. Entity--Vitality Vitalising mineral* are always needed If buoyant health I* to be your*. So when p*opl« who are getting along; In years take th* little dally dose of Xruschen, It corrle* to liver, ttdnoy*, n*rve, glands and to every nternal organ a combination of *lx magical and rejuvenating ialts that dally keep the system f re* from acid and harmful toxin*. When you take Kruschen Salts in- ernai fault* are corrected and bit**- tul, bowel regularity Is yours--you obtain th* same beneficial result* that you would have to pay handsomely to r*t at th* famous expen- *lve spas of Europe, Petty and disturbing ailment* men a* headache, go*, fllray spelta and bUlausnec* won't bother you and yon will feel better, spryer and more forceful than you have tor years. A bottle of Krucoheti Salt* that aits 4 week* oo*is but W cent*--at Quaker Drue; Co., W**t'* Lincoln Iquare Drug Store, or any dnwr store m the World--Take one-half tea. spoon In a glass of hot water *very morning before breakfait MOFFETT FARM 95 YEARS OLD; FAMILY HAS CELEBRATION Mombeis and ftlcmJi of MM Moffett family amembled Sunday on tho Moftett farm 12 miles west of Decatur on the old Springtl«1d road to celebrate the Mth annjvenary ot the farm, It hai been In the poa*e*- ulon of tht Moffett family alne* 1336, when It wa* conveyed to a Mottott by a government land patent Twenty five membera ot th« Moffett family were present for the celebration Among those present was Ir» O. Moftett, the eldttt living son who recently purchased th* farm from the E . R. Moffett citate, Nelson Park Women Have Last Play Sunday Th* final play In the N«1*on park women's golf tournament wa* held Sunday morning, when Mr*. Mildred Craig and Mlsi Madg* ''Hamilton played oft a tie to decld* the winner of the consolation flight Mr*. Craig won . At the same time, all women who played In the tournament had a putting contest, won by Mill Peail Amman . All women Interested are Invited to meet in the Kelson Park club- noun* on Nov. T to form their own association. The meeting will b* at 7:30. THOMPSON GIVES'TALK Rev. Virgil Thompson, paator ot St, Paul's Methodist church, conducted church services Sunday morning In th* Macon County TubftrculoM* ·anatorlum. Rev. A. R. Ommmon of the Flrat Methodl»t church will conudat th* services next Sunday. i Itarr Ph«i«, maul of th* rook *pr«ad for lit* highway. Bid* wll) b* rM*rr*d for th* asphalt top Oat, 37, M. W. A. DIRECTOR TO TALK WEDNESDAY Easterly Camp of Dccatur to Have Homecoming Celebration O*org* HaUenbuhler ton ,a national director of th* Mod- cm Woodmen ot Amerlct, and Mayor O. W. Smith will b* Ih* princlp*! ipeokeri ot a bOBMcomtng o*l*bra- tlpn W*dn*iday *ventnir In Woodmen'* hall .North Main and William *lra*U. The celebration wll) b« that of Easterly «*mp No. I6M of th* Modern Woodmen . Other *]Mk*rs will b* C JT. J. L. Deck, Harry Ruthrtuff, John Hammond. M. Ford, T. C. Buxton and veteran membtr* of th* lodge. W. Q, Crane, one of th* number* of Camp II*, will rtlat* *xp«rlenc** In the early day* ot the Modern Wood' men In Macon county and Decatur. Member* of Camp 144 will attend th* homecoming accompanied bv their quartet and drill Warn. All Modern Woodmen camp* of the eoun ty, and vJiltlnr Modern Woodmtn from els«wh»r«, are InvlUd to attend the homecoming. Memorial Service Honori Former Superiatendeot Prltnd* of thV^tt* J. ^ ntt» Btwk* brtaOy In hi* proM tuhday moralni In Pint Courch ot Ood, tn a memorial **rvk*. Mr, Friu AM *uU«nry l**t wmk, K* bad b«*n *up*rl»t*nd*nt of th* ·cttoo] for M yeat*, and many ot hi* former pupil* r*turn*d for tit* ·ervicM. Mu*lo Included oongf of which h* wo* particularly fond. Today's Cross Word Puzzle tC»n:rri(M, ion, Tfct BM bnfftfttr. lur.) L I N C O L N G O A L Fill Your Bins Now! North Pine Coal Go. 7U M. Pino PkOM M*W I C U R E WntWTKMFE-- UUTDUtrCWtm PILES 1-- Upronr «nd eon flulan, 9-- Enoutb, n-- EM" 13-tt I* 14-- Hl(th lii mli l*-Petlod ot tlm*, 1«-- Ei m onion ll-- Nnr r It-- fulll* !*-- Edtn ot not. II-- Ardent. !1-- North rlitr H-- Luwjtr (ulibr.) ll-Pt*t«t.Bt wp.1 ( 14-- Hindu I»-- At 111. W-W»rihlp. M-- A(flrm*U T t. M-Podt, tl-- Llbelltr. 4l_A«p «-- MMitllfmui 4T-- L1k» llr. 4*-- PTBBOOB. C*-Kpach, tf-- Omk (nUIti,) II-- Thl bTMM. H-- VmtlllaUKl. (l~O*imKn rtvtr, H-- FnKMi by Out, hemp, «l-Bv.r. *l-- Votetll. *l-- Nvmlxr. ei-VitriMt Ub*r. »»-- rood MtowanM, «-BlriB» ot DM4*. JtlMl 1-- FMnl at DOWN 4-iPltpMltlM, nluJu* »-- Vmturt (*l)br.) I-- ClOKtf. . t-Numwknl SritU l*_M*«r Hniil*tid*r. 19-- lion ««*d tw Ilirhllic. IT-- Ad MM, It-- ItAlkn ·r, JS-- F*ltulMW klrd . H-Lemr. «-- Dsttrt. It-- K«r*t wtclitr. M-- DMtlar DMMM, 11-- Pttmmt. 11-- »ro«t». -Ttiunl II-- FVMHl fltlh w-- AAapttd, 4*-- Man** n*nM, 41-BiliL II-- KO.W 4l-KI«h m*d*n *, «o» M Htnd* lim. il-- Uqnld M*MUr*. n~««««r, 14-- n«*4, u-- Prlma dean*. n-- O«WB. _ I* 'WNIM^'S patft" ·tlo ^*(l*t)r T--Army ttlltm COUGHING THOXINE Irwln Co«ad DrubjICo,, ami QMk«r Drug Oo 4 and all TUhor food Ami ·tor**, r tJ^UU GHtl DLJldlJ · LJLJ HHBnn tiH« LJU UUUUULil! »JFi UrJUULIU ULIULJL-L! UULJ ULJL UU ULJLirJIJLjL: l. UU ULJULIU lit UOHH HUH m-I- PAUPERISI MORAL OUES' ', 0. A, Pmpp*rmtn ot' mlniUr Pr**tyt*r| M pr*aeh«d th* third ftrmon *v*nlng in hi* mrtuvT^ poor man, b*tv*fm*n, (tubjeot 8undax wo* i and hi* uxt was from "Bartlmowt*, a Blind » "Wh«n*vtr w* (it« ( («r Ut* dlmlly Md worth'. M * *oul with a body, M, M oondltlcm make* no dlff»r*D*»7 Mid, "Wo cannot i nl* «n4 M|Mot to HE tb* | u»Uon of «a«h liw Ihor* ar* *o many Involved. Th*** Itwlud* m*nt, health, InhnrlUiw*. adaptation, Jniwr lnt*|rit* »ni tal *|ulpm*nt, and no on* eta u,. what any or all ot thtot bar* tZA to th* Individual, T"-"""| Wlsal I* "A 4en«ndenl or p»*p*r h ml who ncetVM hi* wuppon, *M«1 wholly or In part, from ma* *aj ·on or ptr*on* who or* not iti Htl iiral iupporUn, Th*r I* wy op«n ho*tlt* crltlctiro at tW* | Item* dtwi-v* eondttnnatltft, i do not "Th* condemnation »t nt* b tfcul a man oonium** mor* than bl pn( due**, taking out of KwMrt | *ry ttiot which oih«r h»n* _.,, put m. Th* nrato* ot 111* It ttetj - 7lclnf, I on* U Mlf »»ff ,. than he put into th* ttorttwMill olvllltatlon. IMp«ri*m MI Beo*owio Hn* "Durln*; th* past y**r, *e«tr*1t to Carttr Taylor 1 * report, IfSI tut lie* w«r* (riven i«Hof tn D*3*Uil Tht number 1* actual)r nutbl larger. Ther* ar* 118 uhtWrw hi our thr«e home*--lh« tor* B, MM hln home, tb* Boy* OnpomKlj! horn* *nd th* Oirl* Wetfartbml "According to the report thwiriI loo m*ny In then* hmnM «nd lunJ remain too long. Th*r»mHyUwl p!»c* iom« of th««e childitn «Uh| fontcr paronU, The county fctMJ ha* ov»r a h»nlr«d Inmttti, Dw| Ing the y*ar IISS.IW WM *H»tt dependency f«mHy and bM *» Kvery pcnion In ttl* eHy "bear · part of thl* »#** on* aeeerdlnr to till amity Community Ch«it will gin i opportunity to *how wb«0i*r ei «* i. Wh*t If nobody *ar*i, J ^r »u|r*p»mH *» ·'ImHW ^ *M economic question. ---r~.-;i countries htve btn «M| ho "been* m*** *W (or tfc*»,; no effort Th* Wit rl* bow L-,. called Patrician pouiwr*, *· «»*"*1 to PleNwi p*up«r*. W«1T--··· Ing row with** to be · pavr win work around *Ubl*t»·--.-, dlrtl**t and hartot wo* MW| thtjr lubmtt. ^ «W« er« mor* lnt«rt*t*d * - · cur* than In ttyta* to point **»» ribl* condition*. We w* our »** er'* keeper. You V -- ---i ·howld bear Ui* burde H U not human* t* call i pauper who hai grown old n ·rabl* by a lift at vlgowu* toll "It 1* brutal to «*U '... pauptr who baa loit hi* ·r in Oi» form of limb* or haalth, whll* produoliif th* world. H* h** tow In th* iervlce, and to «H . -- - . p»upor I* rtmlkr u caUthf · «*··· ro*ert*rwb« h* b*«J» _»g| itrenftb to m»«h m. T*« rN«"| for our doing tt today U wi * otuee w* actually b*ll«v* ta«JJ"* and women to b* p»up*r»,*r**t]" boll*v* w« *r* treatlM *»»*!*" when w* otf*r th*m the oW»» twMtt iteration and p*up*H"» · btMHM WO wh* th* ·halt rut upon th* whtnupoftaooMy. U t » » P r ·vm w til* poor, m t»t «m I j* Ui*y ntuH »ot b* «w«f M *i?£I I O f * * t«M Of UKKW1B4I Of J*5 n*v*r uo»pted a f to ow duty by « ·kill to Mbutld wh*r*»«r WO mutt »oc*pt Wir k*cum * * f · abody. Kot** Qod, H* ll Wr brother." MERIWEAIHERANJE. TO J, A, McrlwMtbor,. NftUoml Bonk of D*c»t»r, b**n IN tor mor* ibw l**v* MM M* home ·nutty. H who WM MM to hay to th* liotfdW l» M loot cortHUm, wtllM ', joking llr. mow than DM r«Sow*dM *d «oim(y Pint HM*r*M *«* mwlo WM ftmMMd W / HuUB by tin **lf tarn to

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