The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 16, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1914
Page 2
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Page Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Thursday Evening, July 16, 1914 GIRLS SURPRISE MISS WIKOFF MMOB Glrln Go Out In Hay Wagon-Fourteenth BlrtUday. Maroa. July 16.--Th* girls of the V. Y. M. literary club of the Presbyterian church surprised one of their members, Miss Berths, Wlkoff, Saturday by going to her home In the country and spending the Jav. the occasion being Miss Bertha's fourteenth birthday anniversary. The trip was made on a hay wagon. The girls spent the day In horseback riding and other out of door sports. They presented the hostess with a vanity case. Among those who were present were: Misses Marie Verner, Bernice Hilt. Beulah Nowlin, Mary Conovrr, Elfreeda. Hoffman. Pauline Cooper. Alleen Strjud. Mrs. J. X McDonald and children and $srs. Harve Prather. REVIVAL PROGRESSING. The evangelistic campaign being held at the Presbyterian church is making Koofl progress. Professor P. P. Bllhorn is the proficient director of the Urge choir and an effort is being made to organize a children's choir of a hundred voices MOTHER KILLED BY AUTO. Word has been received here from Rev. Fred L. Harper of the death of his mother by an automobile accident at her home in Ohio Rex-. Mr. Harper is a graduate of the Princton college and left Maroa last week for Fairview, la., after being here for eight weeks studying the Presbyterian church work with the pastor. Kev. J. X. McDonald. OATS HARVEST STARTS. Oats harvest has begun in this vicinity On account of the drouth and excessive heat the crop will be far below normal A large part of the crop hlls oeer. sold at 30 cents but those who sold earlier received 33 cents. Miss Mary Harding, of Tignlsh. Prince. Edward Island. Can., formerly of Maroa. has been here visiting friends. Miss Harding attended college at Bethany, Neb., the past term. She will return to her home In Canada about Aus. 1 accompanied by her sister of Blue Mound. Miss Harding is passing the week In Decatur with Miss Maude "Warburton. Miss Hazel Mills of Clinton, Miss Ev- e'.yn Smith of Assumption, Miss Alma Harris, Miss Delia Miller. Miss Helen Stoutenborough and Lovell Crum. Lloyd Belden, Charles Miller. Roy Baker of Clinton and John Miller drove to Weidon Springs Friday and picnicked C W. Stoutenborough, who was Injured Ian week while putting hav In the mow at his f a r m , is slowly recovering. Mrs. I. G. Linville returned homa Tuesday from a visit in New Holland with her parents She «as accompanied home by her daughters. Naomi and Mildred, who have been in New Holland for several weeks. Mrs. Nellie K^dmon will take her class of music pupils to Fairview park in Decatur Friday for a picnic, providing the weather is favorable Misses Louise and R u t h Small, who have been here visiting the family of Pr W. T McLean, have gone to Chicago for a few days, before they return to their home in Portland. Ore". Misses R u t h and Joan Crocker were guests of Mrs Ernest Stoutenborough in D-catur Tuesdav Alec McGorray of Decatur. transacted ' b i : s i n f s 5 in Maroa T.iesday. Mr? David TVeilepp returned home Maniiav from a few days' visit In Brighton with her son, Harry. Mr. and Mrs. C M. Warner left Mon- rtav for Mechnnicsburg, Pa, to attend the f u n e r a l services of the former's brother. J. A. Warner, who died Sun- dav. J T. Keatts and family visited Mr and Mrs James Vaught In Forsyth Sundav Zlmrey Chilton has been quite 111. Dr and Mrs. W. W Neshitt of Lincoln, visited with relatives in Maroa Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Charles Preston have returned to their home In Bucking- him after spending a few days in Maroa. Elliott Parker, a farmer living a mile west of town, lost a valuable horse last week. Mrs. James Parker, of Decatur. who has been here the past two weeks, returned home Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Bovfl of Bloomlngton. spent Sunday with their daughter. Mrs. James Warshain. Their son, Franklin, who has been visiting here, returned home with them. Miss Hazel Mills of Clinton, has been the guest of Miss Helen Stoutenbor- oush. Mrs. Jesse Marsh is numbered with the Bick. 'Mrs. A D. Wysong and daughters. and family near Kenney Sunday. Mrs A. D. Wysong and her sister, Mrs. Catlin, of Marshfleld, Mo., visited J. Manly and family at their country home Tuesday. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. George Smart, July 11, a eon. Lawrence Emery, from near Latham, is visiting relatives here. / Mrs. Marsh has been entertaining Misses Nellie and Bessie Rowe from Windsor. A. J. Lutz has gone to Zion City for a few days. From there he will go to Milwaukee. Wis., and spend a week. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Purdue In Decatur Monday, their first child. Mrs. Purdue was formerly Miss Myrtle Berger_of this city. MACON. Misses Edyth and Id» Gibson of Janesvllle. Wis . are visiting relatives in and near Macon Mr ana Mrs D. H Clayton were Decalur visitors Saturday Mrs. Thomas Cox was shopping in Decatur *M Ur c J B u r t o n returned to Mansfield after spending the past week with his eon. Grover Burton and f a m i l y Mr and Mrs. Ed Hosan anil ton Clifford of Dscatur. spent Saturday In Macon and attended thn funeral of John Hinton, Mrs. Megan's g r a n d f a t h e r in Fllmore Sunday. Miss Emma Dleti ot Blue Mound wan the ffuest of her brother, Theodore Dletza and w i f e Sunday Mr and Mrs Grovor Burton and children were' the guests of Prank Timmons and ""lie, east of town Sunday. ,,,,,,... H'-nry TJphaus was the guest of relatives In Indianapolis Sunday Bert Kallps of Decatur, wa the guo'C 01 his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs Dan Kallps, SU Marv' Ric* of Elwin, Is visltlnE Jrlendl in *£FS f W:*3£^ m visitors in D ' J E.V U Gartn.r and children., who hav. been tho guests ot the former's parent!, Mr and Mrs Wes Overlln. for the past month" returned to their home In Battle C Mrs' Bradsh!w nd a a nd- children ot Decatur were called here Saturday on account- of the death of the former's grandfather, J o n n H Mrs n 'virgil Graham and daughter ol : Blue Mound, wore the guests of the former s parents, Mr. and Mri A. Dorsey. a few days MIsI ee Bernlce Higglns was a visitor In D E«h« OllmoV/of Decatur. w.. th, Kuost of relatives In Macon Sunday D. Harper and family, who I've south of town were the guests of Charles Merris and fa c n "a'r.e E s Un D a u y riKle was a DecsU.r visitor M C- nd Burton ot Bloomlnston was the quest of his brother, Grover Burton and family l a Mrs W e wmiam Smith and children and Mri F Wilson and son Francis were the guests of Mr and Mrs. F. Hays In Mo» Seay was a Decatur business Creek. Ml. rest of the summer S Mr . n d V r i T C Orton wer. tbe guests ^Sra^^?^^^^-or Fry was shopping In Decatur Mlddleton of Missouri. "rived Mound f "a?Vwch «f BaUlmore M8 . I. fe«t«lkl TO SAVE EYES ,S THE OBJECT OP THIS FWEB vnr-SCRIPTIOS--TRY IT IP YOUR 1 EYES GIVE YOU TROUBLE. Thousand" of people »uMer from eye (roubles because they do not Know ,vaat to do. They know some sood home remedy for every other miner all- me nt, bnt none for their eye trouble.. They neglect their eye., becnn.e the trouble I. not sufficient to drive them to an eye specialist, "ho would, v.y- rvay, charge them a heavy « « · * · « last resort they BO to an optician or to the Jive and ten-ecnt store, ana often-time, set Bla.scs that they «o not need, or which, after being u.ed two or three month., do their eye. more injury than good. Here I. a · ln ""'* pre.crlptlon that every one .honld nsei S Brains Optona (1 tablet). 2 ounces water. Vw thrte or four time, a dny to bathe the eyes. Thl« prescription and the simple Optonn system keeps the eyes clean, sharpens the vUlon and quickly overcome. Inflammation and Irritation! vrcak, -watery, overworked, tlrod eyes and other .Imltar troubles are grreatly hcseflted and often-tlmcs cured by It* use. Many reports show that wearers of Klnsae. have discarded them after a few weeks' use. It Is Rood for the eyes and contains no ingredient which would Injure the most sensitive eyes ot an infant or toe aged. The Deentnr Drne Co. or any druggist can fill thli pre«- crlntlon promptly. Try It and know for once what real eye comfort It. niece, Mrs. H. Hall In Deoatur Monday Mr and Mrs George Austin of Decatur, were the guests ot the l a t t e r s parents. Mr. and Mrs A. Dorsey of this city Sunday Mrs. Homer Andrews and d a u g h t e r Marguerite oE Walker, spent a lew days this week with relatives In Macon. Peto Blair left Saturday for Flndlay. where he mil visit relatives for a few weeks MlEles Susie and Katie Hecklir of B e t h a n y spent a few days last week In (his city the guest of relatives. Mrs Fauls ot Oklahoma, -who has been v l t i t m ; her daughter. Sirs Oscar Copisy. for several veeka, left Saturday for Chlca- K o. w h e r e she will visit her son before ret u i n i n c home. I?aac McQuality was the guest of his d a u g h t e r , Mrs. Ida, Mtyers In Decatur Sim- 'ilrt. Hull was shopping In Decatur Tues- Clarence Bitters of N l a n t l c , f-ae the guest of his sister, Mrs. William McQuallty, a few days last week. Mr« C h a r l e s Pcyler and children of St LOUIE are t h e KUests of the former's parents. Mr and Mrp. "William Penny, west of t o w n , for several weeks. rharles Alhlne of Pana, IE s p e n d i n g a few davs t h i s week w i t h r e l a t i v e s In this cltv. Miss Opha Blair loft Saturday for Findlay u here slip will spend a few -weeks Mr and Mrs Penny entertained to dinner Funrtiiv. at t h e i r home west of town. Mrs CoUas Mrs. ralev. Mr and Mrs. Lawranro Drakr i!l of Mowearjua, Mr and sirs H o m e r Fi v and Miss Mabel H u t c h l n s of Maron G l e n n Barger leturned home Sunday a f t e r ppc-nding a week w i t h relatives near Blue Mrs Pauline Despres Is on the Bick list M! C B Peich Andrews is tpondlng two weeks In Mt Anruirn the guest of her sister, Mrs. Mrs J o h n Cenm and daughter Mls Cleo, were s h o p p i n g In D e r a t u r Friday. Rucsell Cook IB spending a tew days this iveok In Decatur the guest ot Roy EUni-r Cehm was a Decatur \ l a l t o r Satur- dav e\ e n i n g BIRTHDAY PARTT Emma Barger was pleasantly surprised by several of her friends Monday afternoon The occasion wis In honor of her nineteenth b l r t r d i y and she received several presents ·rom her f r i e n d s In remembrance of the occasion The afternoon was spent In play- n- -a-ri*E a f t e r which refrpshments were served Those present were Florence v^ells. Helen O v e r l l n . Jessla Walker. Leona. Flem- ings. Bernard Easley ana Glenn Barger. Pete Llversood of Stonington, was th guest of relathes In Macon Tuesday. SUNDAY SCHOOL PICNIC. The members of Mrs. Frank McCool's and Rev. Mr. H u b b a r f s Sunday school classes held a picnic Tuesday at Woodbine. They went on a truck from Decatur, there being two loaas; also a n u m b e r went in autoes leaving about 5 o'clock in the evening. The young folks had the uac of everything on the grounds, which they certainly enjoyed At noon d i n n e r was served and also lunch in the e \ e n l n e Those who attended were Misses Ruth Eeschle, Lennle G c h m . Ethe Cole. Mary Cook. Jessie Bramley. Bea Wea- thertord. Esther Mithlas. Gladys Chyno- n-eth. Ruth Hubfcart, Velma Durr, 'Mabel Van Gundy. VeSta Merris, Berla. Miller. G l a d y s Bromley, Messrs Mervl! H1H. Stewart Walsh Ted Dougherty, Rives Woodcock. Arthur Carr. Homer G f h m , William Overlin. J o h n Klein, Paul Cilhaus, Lynn Taylor. Wll Whltaker, Iden Rice, Clarence Van Gundy Fred Kemper Sverett Van Gundy, Fred Van Gundy; also Mr. and Mrs. James Geddes, Mrs Charles Cook, R«y Hubbart, John Van GunrK. Mrs A t h o Hill, Mrs Charles Ll\ Georss Ohem and Oscor Bromlev. Mrs. Dougherty and son Ted have returned from a visit w i t h relatives in Flndlav. Mr and Mrs James 3edde*. Mr. and Mrs Amos Mathlas were Decatur visitors WedneB- SLIVER MEDAL CONTEST A large r r o u d a t t e n d e d the silver medal contest w h i c h u a s held at the P r e s b v t e r l i n c h u r c h T u e s d a y evening. This contest was for the boy^ and was conducted by Mrs Lucille Loring-E\ ans of Dccitur A pro- g i a m of piano solop, songs, male q u a r t e t and B l F O songs by dnuble quartet and a song and d r i l l by a n u m b e r of voung bovs was also Sl\ en besides the recitation! The contest- a n t s were Paul H u b b a r t , Law-fence Schafer, R a l p h Jostes, Herman Gehm. Bud Miller and Clure Lane R a l p h Jastes was awarded the sliver medal, w h i c h was presented by Mr G o d w i n Mr and Mrs Mai Davis of Decatur. attended the contest In this city Tuesday c\en- 1ns BLACKLAND. Mr and Mrs W G. Damery and children \%e r e D e c a t u r x i s i t o r s Frldav Mt"s Katie 5mleg of Niantlc. v i s i t e d Thmsilav and Friday with Mi*s Golda Scott E L. Jacobs of HarrUtown. and D o n a l d , B r a d K ' V of Dccatu--. took d i n n e r w i t h Mr. and Mrs. J Bee M o f f e t t . Mrs Oren Jacobs anfl children of EltvSn. visited last week at the home o( W. G. Dam ery anfl C L. Jacobs. Miss Etta Foster of Decatur, is makJn an extended visit at the home of Oscar Chapman and Bee Moffett Mr and Mrs J D. Chapman and eon, M and Mrs. G P.' Noland and family and R S Janny were the guests of Mr. ana Mr Charley Jacobs Sunday, ,. Mr and Mrs Goorffe Cottlc will leave th week for a month's visit In New Tor*, whll they are away V~. D. Mor«tt and family wi occupy their home Misses Maggie and Katie Chapman wor the gueat of Helen Bailey over Sunday. Raymond Roberts of Kansas City, is vit t Ing a few days w i t h J. R. Scott and family Miss Cleo Mesnard of Decatur, Is vlsitln this week with Miss Gladys Bailey. Mlssc-B lona, and Ester Bell of Cowden, or upending a few days at the home of C. W Mr and Mrs E "W JockUch anfl ion Ed win of Eoody,' called at the home oC B. E "Williams Sunday evening. M and Mrs Tom Jacabs of Bethlehem neighborhood, visited in this vicinity Tue Mies Bonna Chapman vlilted with Rut Jacobs Tuesday a f t e r n o o n M a r v Jacobs \ i s i t e d S u n d a y at the horn of Henrv Karbargsr Mr and Mrs Bee Moffett took supper wltri Mr and Mrs J D. Chapman Tuesday even ing- Misses Mae Chapman and Erma Vlrlch vle- Ited at the hamo of Mrs. Franklin Ward o Peru Tuesday. Mls?es Lelah Darnerv and R u t h Cottle were. Blue Mound \lBltorB Saturday. MISS SCOTT EN'TERTAIXS. MIPS Goldlo Scott e n t e r t a i n e d a large number of her friends at B pleasant play part last Thursday evening, the ocasion being her seventeenth birthday. R e r r e s h m e n t a of ice cream nd eke were served by the hostess Those present v, ere G l a d E . Emery and Everett Balipy, On [lie, F r a n k and Margaret Moffett. On ills and Helen Bailey, Ruth S c o t t , Dani. Charles and Corsene Noland James and Lelah Damery, Guy Gabriel, Ruth and Othel Jacobs. Raiph Price, Otis and Cecil Mimsledt, Fern and Marie Earnett Miles ?cott, Eva Cockran, "Willie. Maggie and ·Catie Chapmen. M a r s h a l l and A n n a Hobbs, Mary and Ester Hinfttedt, Clai ton Overmier, Mildred and Lucille Baldle. Glenn Uhrien, Ora Albers. Edward and Warnlck Moffett, Howard and Emery Brown, Cacti McVey, Louis TVolfer, Katie Seeliff. George M o f f e t t . Belle RobbSns. Henrv Colburn, Orvllle and Everett "Wise. R r l i e and Goklfe Scott Mr. adn Irs. Blake N o l a n d , Mr. and Mrs. Oren Jacob* nd Mr. and Mrs J. R Scott. will find in "America's Cup" their heart's desire. It is a blending of only such grades of coffee as are known for their velvety richness and freedom from strong acidity. The smooth mellowness of "America's Cup" helps to put you in a good humor for the day, and to keep you in good health at all times. And the home that knows good humor and good health, knows smooth running and abundant happiness. No need to fear "nerves" from "America's Cup"--not even if you drink it morning, noon aad night every day in the year. It's Always Fresh and Always Refreshing ir : ' ^ S/^SfHE COUPONS CLATFF.LTF.R ADV SBRVICE. BACHMAN BUILDING-NORTH MAIN AND PRAIRIE AVENUE. WATCH FOE SEASONABLE BARGAINS FOR TOMORROW'S SELLING Clearance Reductions In Wash Fabrics The fabrics which we list below at such important reductions are not a lot of back numbers which would be dear at any price, but are all new, strictly up-to-date materials, bought but a few weeks ago for our regular trade. Were it not for the fact that our space is so limited, and that it is absolutely necessary that all seasonable stocks should be entirely cleared out, we would not think of disposing of this strictly high-grade merchandise at such remarkable low prices:-lie Balsoro Batistes, Printed Handkerchief Linens, and Fluerette Organdies, all choice grades of standard, fast color wash fabrics, we have especially priced for Clearance at yard. Embroidered Crepes in beautiful white grounds with embroidered designs to match the above goods, 36-inch, and especially de'signed for waists, reduced to clear at yard Colored Dress Linens, 36-inch, all linen in pretty crash weaves, and reduced for clearance to yard Nippon Crepes, 30-inch, in Bulgarian and Jouy patterns, especially adapted. g A for kimonas and dresses. Be- I |fi* duced for clearance to yard -M.v\/ French Rice Ratine, in all the latest popular shades, 45 inches wide and put up in 4-yard patterns, reduced to clear at pattern Chiffon Lisse, a 24-inch French fabric which' is one of the prettiest on the market and which is made up in attractive woven colorings. Reduced for clearance to yard .......... , Crepe de Chine, a 36-inch half-silk fabric in pretty printed designs, reduced to yard ....... , ...... : Cotton Crepe de Chine in plain colors and black, a handsome, light-weight fabric, 32 inches wide, reduced to yard ......................... YOU CANNOT ESTIMATE TOO HIGHLY THE VALUE OF THESE BARGAINS IN WASH FABRICS. THEY WERE BOUGHT RIGHT AND PRICED RIGHT ORIGINALLY. AND AT THESE REDUCTIONS REPRESENE THE MOST DESIRABLY ATTRACTIVE SAVINGS IN UP-TO-DATE MERCHANDISE. Let Us Help Furnish Your Home The invited guest admires the well appointed home, where furniture, tapestries, window hangings and other fittings all harmonize. There is still a place in your home that we £an help you furnish. Our entire building is filled with goods that go to furnish the home complete. BRESKOWS Cash or Easy Payments. Both Phones. 1025-31 N. Water St. The ideal fuel for all purposes. Absolutely clean. No dust. No dirt, No soot. Is made in Decatur at our new gas works, and is the pure carbon, which means the REAL HEATING VALUE IN COAL. One tone of coke will go twice as far as a ton of soft coal. One ton of coke will go as far as a ton of hard coal. Only $4.50 per ton delivered. Try a load and be convinced. Telephone your order. Bell No. 1; Auto 1167. Decatur Railway and Light Co. WHEN- buying feed for your horse, cow or chickens call Chapman-Do ake Company 540 £. Main St. Phones: Bell 714-732; Automatic 1089. EWSPAPERf

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