The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 6, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1859
Page 3
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-'' V : • •:"/.'~ ; V<-• ?,'". >• * .?'.;• 5^ ^1' ^\P%^^?¥^^ , J, M, GROSSMAN, A.KCHITECT & StJPJEBlNTE ' OTTC1B-H0.10 Tome's K«W BLOCK. ISAAQ «AS & STEA1Q . Work d onein • workmanlike manner, at abort aottn and lowest prtoet. _ Je*dly :•»** KI3? GABSONII AifD N. 1* QKISWOJ^D & GO., 4> ^Wt^Ht f 1 *''*^ f *" ' - • LADIES', GKtra.OfES'a AHaCHtCTKBre 000X8} SHOES AMD CJUfEBB, MASON BTSXET, osite the Walker P. WEINBKKNNEK, KUTOTAOTOUB IB) DUUOt l> BOOTS, SfiOES K0?l* 8PBING , Opposite American H*u«« nyU c- Boot & shoe Store, (TO. «8 EAST WATER STREET, JOHN PHEL.AN, _™tP8alwaj« on hand toodcuiton made Boota and cade to order In the lateetitylt and warranUdtoelTe ADVENTURES KIT OF- Rehback>* l^ead Penciil*. HOWARD IKStTR^HCB pOMPARY, "\^ : ,* * «»S ! T«*av- T - UObKPOBAlIDTHMJi. and 8nrpla».....i th» JnuoOonfroiia* *bor» ukae, with roads to tneBewu, Wet* 8.B.MDlBIiL,8ui»eclntandeiBt PHOWIJat JDTjBi7BAJIGE COMPANY, j; •' Of Hartfort, OonoaoUcot, .Oadi Capital tod toping. ....... ....W»,QS4 W LAMAH FIRE"INBUBANCE co., " OfZftwToik, RESOLUTE IN8VRAHOE COMPANY, _. ' Of Hew TorkOlty, Oaah QaplUlaad BarpHa........ ;.. BOOKSELLEBS AHT* 8TATIONEB8, jfff jfPf^ff IRzfeY atfnufk ^***OfrffifT'iiai' i TITS have Jast received a lull npphr of these Oele* «»SS&5a^*sv^** assortedjjand each trade is dlsttngulshea 1 y a «TOHN KIOE, WHOE.EBALE DRtTGGIBT, NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, HaiJatrtoelTedafontttppIjo Celebrated Union work* Cylinder Glue, Manufactured at XJlereland, Hew Tort. Tran»po««d entlreljbjTeat*!, It OOIUM In perfect order, and coa> blet me to »ell M low rate*. I hare permanent ar- rangwnentt to teU ttl» brand .of CHaM hereafter. . JOHHKIcne. Barper Brothers, (grtoftHdod te 1643Q HOOBI ,6189, SHIP, OASBUai AHD OKNAHENTAL Painter*, Glaxlen & P&per^Han^n, nnriTosa 01 WOOD AND MAKBLJ, 'HO. 89 ONEl»A STREET, JONES General Land and Insurance Agent* NOTASIES OmOI, corner of Seed and Oregon rtrseti, UerroM** Block, Kftt Ward. ••«»«»" Will attead to the baying andteUngof Ee«l Estate, ItttoringQoodi and Bolldlnn In retponilble Oompa- ^l«v, AtMnd to Ihe Collection ot 4f~»nnfau Maklor jat «f Deed*. Mortgage*, Oontraota, Leaie*, *«. All OoUeotioni made on acoounta placed In our hand wtll be promptly paU over. ' ~ ' brand. Parttcnlar attcnttoh to called to tfat . Bon Penoll," (round Uaek jilt;) and totte"Peopl?. PsnoU," (ronndredgUWalJoto Um'TEngtaeer^Fen* en," (hexagon gilt) Allofuhlch WH1 be round laperl- or to any other penol In the market. Alwaji onhand aoojnplete anortment of black and colored lead peneUjoflil the dwlrablegradei. aUowed to the Trade proporUon*4 to w connti orden. CITY FIRE 1NSVRANCE COMPANY, _ . ... - Of Bartfotd.Oonneotlont, Oath Oapltal and Corplui, ........ ; ...... 4308.M1 48 I (olleit boliteH for thetlxrre Umea Oomp»nle»,-«i. Urely upon their own meriu and re*pon«lblllly, anJ wftr to their prompt tad Uberal«tUement of aU lone* h«ntofon,u*iunuitMfbr Uttfotar*. PoUde«l»- W. HKNBt HOLLAND, AgentT Jon Hoituns Attt. Horthwest cor. Main ani B. JP. UAMUU. So " WteSoiuin rt», Mllwaukw. extent of apta ALLIBONE'S DIOTIOC/ARTT OF AU,THOBS. I Crttteal Contain. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPAHION. United State* .u. A r. In*. Co. 8UMMEK ARBANQEMEN'lV MICHIGAN O. Western (Caiiada) Railway 80RPLDB ............ > ..... t Offlo*. under UltohaU'* Bank, eom«r of Xait Water and Michigan itrtcB, Wisconsin. J. A. BelfenMln, E. Bandenon. HoiatKnealand, B-B-Daggett, flamnel BAIe, • Q. D. Donnnan, B. L. Palmer, uwln Xowmead. 4100 At M.-DKBtOIT AOOOHJ*ODA!n6H,(&u>. ;, - day« ncotpttd), arrtreatlMtmlttOO ->.. >. at. .1 7:OO A« M.— OIHCaJHAH «f?nqi(L rfcuiiay« 1 exoepted.) AninatlndlanaboU»MO : ! , T. n^ anctonaU BMr. ». 8ZOO ^ 8SOO 8:OO _. _ . IMT«B«loUfbTBadi».Pua«Dnr. 1^0 A. «. I<«m Dartt for Kaoln*— Ireljhl * Ac*, fcSOi.K. by taMng tt«Ti-». train on (ha Lak« conntct at Bacinewlth aTtoat&«0».«. Btagt iWTOlDanifocTrecport on arrival of train. &80A. Jc. train from DaTl< connect* at Baaln* with afternoon «ralntonth«l4k»Bhor»Ballroa4BortaandSoatiu . tar trtlght forwarded with dtopateh. , dec* , BOBIBT HABiisTsapwlnUnient. y ang «-» adatBllwaBkee, conn tt; arrtrlng at DaTto ifocTrecport on arriv Plttibttrgli, Fort Wayne & Chicago RAILROAD. dirtct Boute noir open t Jburgh, PtUaddifclt, Bt Cleveland, Dunkirk,:Buffalo,Hiagara ITOUSnswanddlrect Boute now open to Sew fork, JL Bosun. Pittsburgh, s^^^trflAi^ Baltimore and fallaiandaUeait ., ton, 8pjtngfl«ld, Urbana, ZanenUlt, BteubraTilK, Haw- ark and wheeling, and all Interior towni of Ohio, Penn- tylTanla, Virginia, Maryland, Hew Jeney, to. Makinr o^e Grand Unbroken R. R. Line " ' ' ' . • . 'Aa LowASAjrr OTBXS &OVTX. - •^•Thowderirlngto go by 4hlt Roate will be par- Ueular and enquire forTtekett via Fort Wayne, thereby avoiding the anno 1 — --• 7g r.rjt -* toyance- VX D of neheeklng their cepted^arrtret at I.-OO r. «. . . Buip«nSon Bridge or Boffalo *fl» i. « 5 Albany 8.-00 r, « r.K4.Boftonllr.a% HIUa AOCOMMODATIOH, > Bonday. • i jn.-N*WTOBiAJO> BOSTON KPKJUB, (ezeeptBatorday.) Arrlre at Detroit i- T:lBA.».;Btup«nilbn3rldg«orBttSalo l(MOA.ji.;BOJton8X»p.«. . ffl.— OIHOUWATIAHDIOUiaTILIJSEC. PBX88. ( ' fflnouma . B.-00 r. fcOO A. «j— M t av— Might Exprett, daffir.BatnruanaxovpUd. «j— Morning Mall indTupreevaally, Bunda • " -'-•• •- •zetpttd.: . , ... With but one change of can to PltUhurgh. CO., BUSINESS DIRECTORF Th» foUowm MB cf JBu»ttiia» Boon^and Uacafae- tie be« * FlrERZHEI turtnf *»taWWBneoU «re uatatt tie , Watert«wB,I*»fta.and,Ool-* . , t*»t« Baelnafor JDavto^Mgnt * Ace., tBtfeWfwtt^t*ti.K*.taJ HARTFORD Of Hartford, . IK 1810. Oatt Capital and8ttrflaa...»;.U^....»T»8^a CO intheneatettMyU. M1L.WAUKSKE for kirpoutti tothi Wmt iDdHorth FURNITURE ! KVZR OfFtBED LV THIS CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, 'FOB THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK IS HEAT¥, AWJJ MUST BE SOLD I 218 and 220 East Water Street, *"" ' . • '. : ' .. ' • - '* MILWAUKEE, aprS-dftno MISCELLANEOUS. PBX88. (Kxcept Saturday.) ArrlT*ai tl fcOO A. «^ Louttrlll* 4.-00 J. A.HEJrjEN8TlIN, PreHdant. 'O. D. OODBMA5. VlotPraHdenU W. I. PAUOB, Ctanaral Agent. &.O.WaB,8»crtttry. m«| ' • ^ B.B. Dioomv Xnaranr. B.L.PAUOB, Attorney. marlff & CO., BOOK * STATIONERY JOBBEBAt 185 TTofer MILWAUKEE, ... ....... . ........... WISCOlf&Uf. [Prom Theopbtai Panena, L. L. D n Profenor at Uw In HarrardDnlTenlty.J DUB 8t«:-IluiTe had the tafrSuou ofnofno- tlonaryforremedayt, and hare tat afled mnelf that SCHNOECKEL & BRUKOTrO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Seal Sttate and Money Srokeri, NOTABIKS PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WIBOOK8IN. Omo»—Ho. 4 Market Square, oppotlte QIC Oil Port- Office. marST D. OOBSON, ATTOBNEY AT LAW. HAS remored to lOffloe, No. 6, State Bank Building, corner ol Eatt Water and ICichlganttreet, Milwaukee. manO-dem ^ •. ».^.....,^......;..«.BIXDX UETT. DORAN & LEVY, Attorney and Counsellon t Law. t>ffts»-Smptft Stock, SH Eatt Wafer «fc, KUWACKEE, (may22] .^WISCONSIN CAPITALISTS mik/ ili find at my office a Begister, open to their in- TT tpecUon of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain leant at having Bonds, Mortgagee or other securities for sale, may find It to their Intensity Cle with me their applications or statements ylS '• • •• . • - _^Off^HV GOOD OH AN OK. HOPSE AXD LOT FOB SALE CHE&P. r JiU* ondertlgned wfli sefl hit House and Lot, now J. occupied as a Tav n by him, situated on Main St., Badne, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the B.* M. B. B. Depot. Hie house is located on the best cosiness place, end the House as well as the sitna- tion of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch It already now projected at that very locality.. • Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHH BABTB. Baeine, January S8,185». '..-', - - - * nd . nod modera aathor* and SSr work*, ble. oo pnrporu to jtre-mnd what educated man dJiinotf- tt mntt b« of great intemt and Taint. folly, . THKOPHU.08 PABKCB. 1 BopeeUol! 8. Aurtln AUlbone, SKI. [From 8. Ireweui Prim*, D. D., Editor H. T. Obetrrer.] 8xmmn :— TSie fint volume of your great Dictionary of Author*, I hare permed with aitonlihmentasd delight It H Jut what! hare long deHrea to hare, and hare Bought for In Tain. ThotuaniU of oUrarmea. •tndezta, and all literary and IntdUtentjnentmnit wtah to hare Jott tbl* work; and they will harelt, when they learn ttat It 1« In ttewortd. tt dMtrri tS> mo« cordial reception, and I trail that the aathor and the publbhen will hare the largeit reward for their enttr- prUe and labor. Toon truly _... .„ Child! 4 Petenon. MILWAUKEE CITY II¥SIJ»AIVCE CO., ornoi: In mitcbell Bnlldlnr, nicblgan. *U OHAlaXSED OAPTTAL, • • f200,000 Cash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. DISBOXORB: O.D. Ding, v a. B. Oo>OTKa, 1. Hracnm, W.A.P«araM, EUXaunuMorr, JoarmT. Hot, S.L.PAUOB, tTowasDD, 1.8. KBLLOIW, J.&.BUUB. Ous. enoaao, 0. Qcataxxx, Qao. Dm. i B. 50WHBKND,Pretldenk „ , ^ A. L WALBATH, Secretary. H.L. PMJOD, Attorney. . laffttt and Marine BUki TtSI . . , OntlralaonSandaratfcflOr.K. ' ! > TteSiOOA.M.andB.-W r. x. train* connect at Part* with the Bnflaloff Uk* Boron Banway. for BuSalo and all point* tn*t| M Toronto with Srand Trunk Bafl- artheru Vermont, Hiw ;:aod Maine. bee** ^_ . —„ foi tale, at the principal ftaUttad offlcet In the West, ant at the general omee, corner Lake* Dearborn streets, ovposlte the Tremont House, «ac*go, cad at Ui» Depot, foot of Ukt rtrirt. I. HI OK, H.J. BMtpnw.flm. Fan. Agt R.M. fapt. aprl» Detroit & nil. Railway. , THE Steamer OleTelaait will take ..... her place In line of the Detroit * Milwaukee Ballway, on Monday, tbe.Uth March, PaMragsn wishing -through tickets can b« supplied on and after Monday next, at S30 East Water street, or a* the omee i on the doc* of the DetroU ft Milwaukee Hallway Co>». Due notice of the, time of deparfore will be glna. Thlt! wlU make the shortest, cheapen and quickest route) to TQ-PUttbnrgn, Philadelphia, BalUmon and New Yorty connecting directly with trains on the great Pennsylva- nlajOentriJ BaUroad, to an eastern duet Alto, with OlariUnd A Columbus Ballroad to Cleveland. Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Fetls vla-Hew Tort Central and New York 1 Brie Billroidi to Hew Tort and Bottom Persons going east will find thlt rout* bj tor the most dsslrable, both from the advantage la point of distance, variety and beauty of the 000007 through which the roedt pass, as well at the lest frequent changes of can and the annoyance of rtScheeking b«(za(t nqolnd bv ••-"- •-' - .-,. , , tnniporutlon at frtlght tad UT» ftoct by thU rottt«. *TJ aniarpmtd. lUMtMtowu HIT ottur roirte, ud wttJi «qul dltp»tch. Ticket* tor Hit a *U be prtndp»l Uetot offlcct la the Wot| mod «t Comj»nj*»0ffle«, Ho. 90 Dearborn ttntt, oilt* Cnmont HOBM, (aie««o, and MttMoffle**f Uttghon Billro«d,Mnw»akt« t by XQ.UUnd. D.W.B08B, DR. H. W. REDDEA1>, VETERINARY SURGEON, FOBUKBLY OF CLKTZL AND, ; 0., respectfully Inform! the thecitlxent of MUwaakeathat, -ftmTlsg located In thli place, he Intends practising bin pro- fettton. All dlteaie* .to ta» UorM treated In a moat tcl- cntlflo ttyte, and'genenliat- fccUon warranted. In con. Beotlon with hi* practice lie , will Prick and Dock Tills in the most approved ityle; and, to gain the confidence of the- subtle, he re/en to the following gentlemen, who have em* ployed Mr. Bedhead many tlmet profeatlonaUy in the ooane often yean. We feel Juttlfltd In laying that hl» practice It rape rior to the general ran of Veterinary Prtcltoneerii. John ti. Brodhrad, W •uray, Pryer A Co. nilwaokee & Chicago B. B. 1859. 1859. SUMMER AKKANQEMENT. allpolntiKast. mart i taken at current rate*. OTAK1NE AK» EIRE IWSUHAltCE. rriHE nndenlgned ta prepared to take Harine Rl»ki JL and fire BJakt on trodoce la More, In the North Wertem Intorane* Oo>, of Otwego, Hew York, at at low rate* at br other reliable Companies. The reputation of thli well-known, long atahlbhed Company entlUet i tto publlo eonUenee. _ HOBABO Httt, Agent, DOTS atoBlceofH.*>.F.HllL 1850. i AKRANaEMBNT. Milwaukee from repeated fttxt* upon it, I am aahamcd to hare written yon to commonplace an acknowledgment of It* fint reo Ipt. Of allth* (torehonn of InteretUng ana " readaUe mMa*r the "Dictionary of Author*" tetoito ^ amcndt In print for my '•apparently Inappreciatlve first acknowledgment of the , , H 1th many sincere thanks for the pris* I have In the look, I remain, my dear sir, Yours, faithfully, N.P.WILLIS, i 8. Austin AUiboue, Bsa,. tnayU Quaker City Insurance Co., OF PHILADELPHIA. ADTSOBIZED CAPITAL, ............... :»MO,COO. PAID .DP CAPITAL AND ABSETT8,. .. . .. 8n^385. Offie*, fraatUn Sut'Otaf, So. 406 Walnut ftrttt, ^ ffTHBtnbaeribtr bat been apj oln ted agent for J thlt JL Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Bltki taken. THK SHORTEST r AND MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROt?Tfil 1 TO ' Lansing, La Crossed Winona, Bead', landing, Bad Wing, PBESOOTT, ar, PAUL ANQ ST. ANTHONY. < • '. ' >. ' Chanfe of Time,; Bonder, April 4, i860. Grtai Unittd Statet Mail and Escprttt JRouU. rr\HX only reliable and AU. Boon to tn BAIT, SOOT* JL and Moan-War, and the only Line making sure connections, .Baggage checked through to principal points. On and after APRIL «a»h, is 59, Tralnt Itavt Depot, eorner of Florida and Barclay it*, ; atfoflowt: 1OZ3O A. fg.— Ixnx&Pttman— arrlTlngat CbJ- eagoatSUOr. •. : : 8J16 P. RI«—Ezraaw Pennon—arrrring at Chi. cago at jfcia p. •.. and making dote • . connection* with Evening Tralnt Bart - • ~, aod South Wot, and with tht Badne '.. • and MlUlnlppl Ballroatf, at Baelne . ' ' '. Junction, for Belott and other ttatlont on that Line. Freight Train leavet at &80 A. »., arrlvet fcOO t. «. Frdybt forwarded with detpatch, and at low ratet. • Pminger Tralnt leave Chicago for Milwaukee and tie Horth Weil at WO JU «., and fc« ». m~ arriving here at 12dOr.ii. and 12:16 A.m. ' apr24 : JN9. T. MOODY, llatter Truuportatlon. Judge Wtttoo, : Doct H. A. Ackley, « BUhop, ; « M. t. Wright, " Kelly, " M.L.Hewlt, . « And-ewt, « « Ketner. « VUden. ,. Jno. Klikland, atcot*. Jamt* Belly, • cnona. N. A. BTOWJ, , Jametfolty. : ' uvnvlin o* CUVHJUID. W. J. fialnt,! "•• Seer A- Harrlngtoa, White* Newel, -' 0. H. 3aymonr. rtiftiit or nsiaitu (axcDza'i 3ocm«. J.K. CurtU, ' Wm.Pattt, BUaiHerebant, Wm. K. Adam*.' Office, Klrby-i Uvtry Stable, Main itreei. ' Wo. Downae. atraoir. 0. Bradford. DRY GOODS, &0. 185». SPRING AMi SUMMER DRY 178 Ea»t The Latest 17oveJtia » DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line! StTMMEH PLEASURE SAILING ! ~ rir ~ 1 H and after 3d Hay nett, partlei will be carried by •V_7 the twift and elegant Steimen CUy of Cleveland and Cittlltuut, to Grand Haven, thence by train! to Grand Bapldt and back at cheap excunlon fares, and time afforded to view the beautiful tad romantic tcenery on the Grand Hirer around the City of Grand Bapidt, with itt eztantlve GTP9UM BED3, and other Intenttlng featorea. Faret Ondnding rooms or berthi) for partlei or five— to Grand Haven and back ............... 112,50 For partlei of five to Grand Rapid, and back.. . . tti.TS atealt can be had an board at afty ctnt, aach. -TIME. Pirtlte can leave Milwaukee twice dally, and have tickets made valid to go and return toy time wUMn 1ST TBAIH LEAVES AUI.WAEKEE 11KJO A, It, Arrlvinf at JanemPe S.80 P. U. i MadUon taken.!, marr on at favorable lerms atother. -JJittaB. WHITE, Agent. Offloe, comer of Beit Water and Huron stairs, over the Marine Bank. I Vessels for Sale. Sehaoner Fathlon, SS4 tunt. < Behooner D. Newhall,l»0 «»m._ 8oow Schooner Bngby, 168 tent. the abort Teaseli will be told at Terr low priceefor tatltfaetoryieeurity. SoodUtle. TATLOK k ivmat, _ , BuCalo, Hew York. toqnlreotB. B. Jons, MB aakee, WltoonBln. WOOD AND HAT YARD, Q. H. LAMBBRTON TTABJoit opened, for the benefit of all who may be- Ueome hit OatomenT* Market tor WOOD and EAT, at the S. E. Corner of West Water and Clrboitra Streeu* (Office with Mean. Uabbett e: Breed.) Hit Block of Wood it large, Dry and Bard, (Out and •pin or uncut:) EH stock of Say It of the BEST QOAU1T, and Bfun>n QODDQKDKB. . JEtjchwffl be delivered to any part of theOltyontae BHOKTK3TNOTIOEand theLOWZSTTBS&8. K. B<—Wood Pedlan, and thote who th'p large quintttiet of Eav wffl alwayt And It to their advantage to ouy of ut. We-wili tell to that -dealeri 'may make * haadtome profivby telling on the ttrfeeu G. H. IiAMBBBTON. HEW jrtTTEirrxs Tale*. Parable* from Nature. Motet in the fan Beam. • • . Fanny, the Flower Giri. Uncle Jack the Fault Killer. For tale by TKBBTtCLEATEB, UTXartWatertt. NEW BOOKS TERRY & CLEATERS, UT JUST WATXS STSfXT. B^S^^vSSil tt ^\^«! aJ eons Sermons, 6th series. ! Christian Utfe. mayU BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN GENERAL, INSURANCE AGENCY CHABTEB OAK FIOE INS. CO., Hartford, Conn. & CASH ABSXTfl ..............,.. ..tStlftt 99 ITOBTH AMEBICAlf FIBE IKS. CO^ Hartford, Conn. o^pyy ABSH8..........«..,..'i SUIPPEKS OF PJttODUOK r thtmtelvet with Bins of 1 mayiO TEKKTAOLXA ' iCTI J . Eatt Water ttreet. BOOKS. Jan» STBIOKALSD400. (JENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'Q. KEXT 000B TO A. B. TAW COTT'8. I p 0 n H *H. RUSSELL. B OATOt having r«enmade met* condition of a certain promlttory note, bearing date December 1st., AJB.I85T,executtsl by W.B.lS*ard and John B. Hams, and alti tn fee condition of a certain vessel awngateofthe tame date «xeeuted byaald Hibbard and Harris to aecure the payment oTsald note, Kotlee tt here*/given .to eJi patties interested that we shall WOtefer tale and tell an lueaday, the 6th day of JtfcT, A. D., 1K», at lOa'clock in the forenoonof that day, at the Spring street bridge, latbeelty of Mnena- kM, the Schooner WflttanTa. 8-enhenv*** VMtt, bowsprits, tails, boat, anchor, cable*, and all other necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to taUtfy the amount remalniog due on talinote and sairtgagz together with the costt todearjoestesoftale. M08E8A. JAMBS,and JOSEPH JAMBS, v Mortgagee*. __ _ - »yTf.W.B«ow»,AjVot. &vn^fe.B0Rsjio)t A; vonatu^ Attoxncyt. , uTROSSE AND MILWAUKEE BA1X. ROAD. r , SPH1NQ AKBANGEMENT, «*' B ^*e«TH.WE8aPEB«jDliTITElV School Books. JanSO 8TBICKLAHD400. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! Care prepared In our Blndary to Bind Magaatnet, Periodicals, or tmythlng - ? - «*««»•• wratea. 1KLAHDAOO. Stereoscopic View*. K navy redred a fine lot of Btereteopic Tlewt embracing viewt of tnUretttnglocalltlei In WESTERN MASS. FIRE INS, CO., Of Fttttnetd,Maia. ;OAIH ABBtrra......... ....tao6,e» o COSWAT FIRE HVS17RA1TCE CO., OA8HAB8CT8?!.?^ r ;.^!'....>8IMta 4T HA9XPDEN riRE TWStJRATfCE CO., Springfield. aUt*. " P. du LaCrosse & fllil. Railroad. TJETB, the underalgned, having been appointed agenu IT for the collection and delivery of Freight for thlt company, beg to Inform merchant* and other* that an office (Ho. 8 Wlieoniln ttreet,) opened on the lit of April, where erden can be left, and wiU receive prompt attention. Our authoriwd eoUeeton will receipt goodt at the warehoutet of tbippen. Information retpectlng Freight tiantportation on thlt Uot can oe had by application at the office of Mr. A. FBBW, Agent. one week. Hoar* of Sail Lug- & Trains. Banning of THE LABGB3T AMOUNT 0? — »0» TM — or .HIW KV OUB 600DS IN OUK White Goods & Liaen Deparlaieui CUea on the arrival of tht BiQQ P. M. Train. 8D TKAtN LEAVES &00 P. M., Arriving at JanvetvUle ft» P. H.; Madison jlfcOOP. M.' , Hf~Part;to an points on the Mississippi BiverSat low at any ether Boute; , ' WILUAM JKByiSj apU ; ' : aen*18uperlnUndtnt. OHANGE OF TIME. O N and alter Monday, April eih, trains on the Milwaukee; Watertown * Baraboo TaUer Ballroad, will arrirs In Milwaukee at 11 J3>. «., and depart ti arpi-d'tf . HEW . EAST 1859. FAVOBJT£ BOtHE I%ORT1I-W£ST. OIBABD FIBE IKS. COSsPAWI, Of Philadelphia. OA8HAB8HS .......!..r..J-|a«.TB» 78 J.wTCraln, Igent, HO. «,MABT1H BLOCK, TJPT Milwaukee,! MHJUNERY QOODS. IN LIQUID 1TIQN Bargains tn Dry doodt THAT nuoaBX BTOC* or 1-AT-l Hfo. 1 87 £c fet Water Street, DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R. R (How opened to Lake Michigan.) , AeV» IjntrPnawt JHrtt-fhut BUamtn, ''City of GevBland," & "develanfl,' 1 (Ttoronghly refitted for thlt route.)' O H AHD JUTTBB MOSDAT. Jane ott, 1IS9, Pat- sengtr Trains wm run as follows: ^GOINQ. WEST: • / MalL Mixed. ' . f. M. A. ti. Bup.Bridge,:depart^..... fc» tJO •Detroit, depart. TJOfl' ':» •Oswego"arTivs........... 10-.W T.-40. I •* NOTICE. OFFIOX OF BIBBOP * 00., atOBQAOXBS, 1 U Poaoaaojio»MiL.*C«icu»oB.B., > . , Milwaukee, April 8, 1S59. ) /^\N and after April Jth, 1SB9, and until further no. V Uce, no penon It anthorlted to make purchatct, or contract for tn«t..i«i. f or u>. Uilwaukee and Chicago Ballroad without a written order from the undersigned. Bfflt will be paid monthly and aceonntt will not be continued with any concern that neglectt to render monthly billt. - Leave Milwaukee..... ....... .12:30.1. ». §:00 P. «. Leara Grand Haven ........ «:00 t. x. Arrive at Grand Bapldt ...... 10:30 r. ». iio ». «. Leave Grand Bapldt ......... 2^5 i.n. 3:06 p. «. Leave Grand Haven ......... 6:80 i. ». 9:00?.*. Arrive. at Milwaukee.. ....... 12JSr.ii. i:30i. «. There It a new an<f,comfortable hotel above and In the Railway Depot at Grand Haven, where Excursion Parties (desiring to spend a few hours at Grand Haven, or on the BeachwhicQ it quite close to Depot,) may IligW, Schools and other kindred Institutions, will be carried on very, low terms, which can be had on application to the iatacriber. EB 7 " Tickets can be had at Dock Office, or from Pur- sera on board Steamers and W. K. MDia, w. GKAHAM, General Superintendent, Dock Office, Detroit. Milwaukee. Coach and Saddlery W CLOTH IN THE DSPARTM532JT OUK IN aiad Room . Clo Hosiery. aprlS J, C. B.HALL.6enn Agt. llortgagea. I.T. MOODY. ataiWr of Transportation. Cxpreo. *. «. KWIO :r. •. ' S*X> atiJohnt, arrlre., li:ld Grand BapUJi, art......... 8:10 •drand Haveji, air. 6:00 .«. •! **«• HHwaalee,arrtve.......... £81 t-M A.M. a jo 400 Noon. 12.-00 f&OB ! \4& Noon. 18*59. 1859. THE IVORTHERK TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Wm, daring the pretent Season, run their weD known and popular Line of Fint Class Screw Steamers, - , . Regularly, between OGDKNSBUROH & OSWEOO* AHD THE UPPEB LAKES t Forming a Bemi- Weekly line between Ogdentburgh and Oiwego, and Chicago, atUwaukee and Intermediate Port*, eonneeUng at Ogdenaburgh with the. iOGDENBBUBGB * VEBMOKT CISTSAL BAILBOAD BOCTB, Between Ogdensburgh, Burlington, Concord, Uan- ehetter, Hashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester and Boston, end at Orwego with the Hew Otweft) Line of Thirty Flrrt Olast Canal Boats on the- Enlarged Canal, .between ., • BARNES BKOTHERS wiousiu NO. 6 ALBANY BL.OCK, OSwenJTrer, |Alba\ny A Hew York?; K 0onneettng alto at Dunkirk with MSW TORS AND ERIE RAILROAD, And forming a Trt-Weekly Ballroad Line between Donkirk, MUwaokee & Chicago, Would Invite the attention of tie trad, to the and superior stock of SADDLERY, HARDWARE —AND— TBIMMINQS Patent and Enameled Leather, Enameled Cloths, all qualltias, Whips, Hone Covers, Fly nets, Ac. Carriage Springj, Axles, MsJleablslron.lo^ Bows, Felloti, apokes, Shifts, Hubs, Ac., Of IBs best Eastern Umber. a mn u,ortment at Gloves, Yaakec FBiaiTg. HOOP 3KJKTS. A , . Vr OOH JOBBING DEPARTMINT a racajjini TOLL OF ALL KSM 0 , D2Y GOODS AJTO YA3^E2 50T10S3, WSicH we are offering to Merchant CHEAP FOR CASH. » A V I S Jutt received from "one of the largest Zastern miau- facterles, the quality and workmanship unsurpassed, to which we would Invite special attention. Our stock throughout will be found complete !GOING EAST: MUST BB OL08B) OUT . NUBIA, GSSSOS, ITOBKtT, WOABiD, r<*O, Alto a large variety of new American View*. &0 Booktellersandstaaoneri, IMtott Water ttrwt. SIXTH WISCONSIN REPORTS tortaleat febl» BYr !, ASEIONbE, , -80- maj He Expieted, JOSEPH OABT, Astignte. ' OfTlTEU STATES XXABiUlAIi'S SAX.E Tit Ftrmen loan* TrnrtOom 1 PIKE'S PEAK. 1S« Bait Water etreet. THE mSPgCTOB Of FISH, OoundloftbeOM for the Byth« notloethat and brand* bar. . neaffiwankte A teperlor Bail- JS5SSi* IV « " f^^S**"***! JohnBWrart, JohtBnaA.Anerding, ' • OWtaaBHatoMd*' flottftfed Woottjsh. - • 'trlct Court tat the DtttrlctofWUeonsln. , Man • szpr't 'Mixed; ! ».«. Milwaukee, dspart „ B.-00 ...,. -_. •' A.SJ. A.SL *QrandHaven,dep 8:00 dept Orand Bapldi.arr 4.-SO 6:80 8U Johns, arrive.. '. fctt ' 9M Owosso,arrive.............. liO .11:*) •Detrolt,arrive,... 11:40 &80 i * k 1 . at. A. v. 8m. Bridge, arrive MO • 4*0 fflght Noon. ItOO ». K. , 8.-W 10:80 A. V. iklS fcSO 829 *Befreshmeats—Hotel In Depot at Grand Haven. Boat wmiesvt Milwaukee on Saturdays at •».».— for Batarday Blght'i Bzpreu passengers west, but 3 A. m. train wfll tyt leave on Sundays. ' TralnsleavB termini dally, gandayseicepted. -—-ii-ii marked *«If. T. CO. EX. ES9,n wm be forwarded from Hew Tork- by an ttuprtt, frttfkt IVoto over fiU few Fort.* At* -{ ", • - •-.. . SaUfoaa, forw»rdtdfrowD«nktrt| j i. Mtzia, Agtntll. S. Oo^m Broadway, Hew Tork. _ J.L.Wijja«, Agent H.T. Co, 8 OantTes Blip, New Xorlc. . • '. -._..•-. : Cut. 8. Tirrxv, corner 6th and Ohatnut tt_ Phlla. HovwICtjwmaD, Oiwego H.T. •*•*•"»»• S. D. 0AiDwni, Agent, Dunkirk. H.T. '-. ,Om4wlo«n*Oa,Clevelana,OJ- " ' •?-«OI?»B!«*? it^Bottoa. B.B. Depot. TajCTELKBAPHLINB It nowopenforPBBliaBv> jeomplatetlnaiJd . -IB the following, present anoTn futare to be acquired, real aid personii proper- tyi^r^s««eo^taiadef«idtyr2emwwSee andBuporlorEailroadOompi ? ~ ! ^ t - * T ** E ^ **M« Jk-KJonaxsa OROSSE ...JM.O.J Eyan & Jenkinf, COUNSKI/L.ORS AT t>AW aaTCHEI^I.'BBAHiL BVlXDIirO, CbrosrlSitJ nayC Jame« Swain, MA GIJB-* S ; W A I WHi remain it the cldttoawnere he win btplea*. th^rAttimM^eetabllitiBtirt. . defendant*. ithem •located ttt way, and for which w beenmade to them,)together with *?i*** iai £?J B »* tad anna, «d i .'. OORNKOTIOBB. „ ' AT JDETBOIT-OBBAT WBTBBN BAtLWAT for all polnUKast—MICHIQAH OXHTBAL and HXOBKrAR BODTHIBS, g^ OLaWaV UHDUneof'Bteamen. i ' AT OBAFID HAVE2»-Wlth5«H0BON" StetaaezforOHIOACrO, Ac., »o. - ' AT railiWACKEE—With the MffiSTiaipPI, LA OBOaSay OHIOAQO, WAtBBTOWH and HQRI- OONBAHlH>ADB,fortilIm] " North west, and OB Mississippi for Portt onHUake Michigan: Important polntt West and ppl Elver, and with Steamers i Paisengen tor Sreat Western Banway go on the Ballway Flaw 80am, at D. * M. B. Dock, leaving Dock el8.-WA'»,l&-09Noon end 7:30 r.»u ^ HIOHT TBA7N8 havt BLBIPIHQ CABS attached. The Company^ Ttoe-Teblvj can be had at any of the Btatlons. i" . < __..- 'If W. tt., BtbTBj, OtBlBvpl. WBtnui A-FO»ii», Ticket Agents, S80 Kan Water at WJT. Btixij*. Freight Agent at Oomoanrt Dock. « . M %^WMWf>€tajWW6rtiwif«ifc D.A M.B.Offleea.June.lSC» . ';> \ • ». «. Offlce near B.* at B.B. Depot, j S. &-8Uppen are requested to tee on* of the above Agents before making contracts,, at they are prepared to olto very low rate*, and their connections with the <^eMbnrghand Oswego> routts, and etpedaDy wlta the Hew Tort * Erie Kallroad grr. them onmpaased facIHtiseforcheapandipeedytraniportaUoo. > marlS-dftm-Uttwlaw - • - -.; ._ • : ' and oifen4jkt the lowest prices. maySS Michigan it, opposite Newhall Home. FALJJ OF 1868. «EOB6£ DYER & CO., 138 EAST WATEB STBEET, ___ Washing 100 FAMILIES N0\\' IT. COMPOUND. 'Oinpound •arranted aot to injar.j pronounce It the best In aje • u ~ CT v^T ******-"=ucr3on street. wrs. H. Caocsaa' and Mrs. H. S 3ju 3 rsir 7or sale at Dr. Alcou'j D ra? Store at ,'a^ rrpeejry, corner Spring and TMrd streeu »* *i*_ - .- - •»»•!.«*«• We per quart. Mou^flietu PHALEi\'S BOOTS. QENUINE ABTIOI*E property i art* -,, UOtlSEB Tq'RENT. ' ; ITBbaveteverar Brick aod frame Houses to rent .T on very reasoatbletermi. W* have alto for tale a vast quanfit*. of real estate, eo-sistlngof Houses, |oto,topre^ej»diaumpTovedfama, School Lands, •«. We have 60 acres near the fflty, with House, Barn. 4s, fo| the small w« of |10«nattaefc ™Vj^ '. a«yV\_'J ?_' ' S9tiMt.Waterstreet; lOftJM !9tlEBls?Ft*j SA ^a«M»<^'wiBooHBis; v i OlreWtOonrtiMllwattkeeOouirty, f - CoUn 1 X. > ajadgment rendered In roflityiisM.l tnall eqotefof n A«s«!«^ a»pc*nS»S, [JOHN PHAiVHN. nrtHB only one authoriied to manufacture the abvoe X named Boots, at . . : - -. T8 EAST VATEB rrBEET. '- ThePhalen Boot it one of the mort unique and e.'e- uit oo verfngs for the feet that tat ever been invented. bieyiremadeof the beet of stock and meet nnlahed -wflrkmanthlp,_and are warranted to eMe Comt, Bun- Jons, Swelled Feet, Swelled Uead, Bhttmetism, Gout, SCO. ' .: ' • ' ' :' • •••;•''!-' ' c • Bemember that the iSWeAgent for these hat Invented Boots In this City, is to be found at 72 Bait Water st- where, also, may be found a general assortment of BOOTS & SHOES, GA1TEBS, *C., ' For Gentleman and ladlet that there Is In talt market* all manufactured under the- supervision of the lubscrt. oef, [mayas] JOHHPBAIIH. ert and WhciuaU and Ettail Dialers in W OULD rtspeetfolly announce to their old custom- en, that they still continue to keep th» largest and beet selected Stock of Goods in their line to be found in th. BUte, and will conduct their business, as heretofore, with the Intention of giving, satisfaction.— To at "««"j new customers at may feel Inclined to give ut a call, we would say one of oar firm resides in New Tort, and we have faclHBet for toe purchase and manufacture of goodi that can not be excelled. We are at all tlmet ready to take advantage of Kastera Maikats, and have been enabled to reduce the price of many kinds of goodt, whien we «hall continue, to sell at the lowest prices In WtttenX^rkett. . We are constantly receiving additions to our stock, and will keep it to complete at to be able at all Umae to all omen for any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trim- our.' u * 1'iuiA filers? Stock, and will do 10 In a manner w give saualaetton In respect to quality and prices. We alto keep an assortment of Bent Stuff, Polo, wafts, Felloes, Spokes, Hnbt, Ac., *c^ and have constantly en hand, or will make to order, any ktnil of Coach, Car riag*. Wagon or Team Harness. Call and tee for yourselves. , oo REMk) V AL W > F. B A Y !« E Y . Hat removed to Ms old stand, If 0.1 186 CASt 1 ^ WATEB |STB££T, Good* Start,) ,, Carpenter, Joiner and Coalractor' coasaa BIDDLS AND MILWAOXES DWELLING HOUSED, WAREHOUSES, &C. miHO . ""-tatlo. to Jobbing and Sepalra Jona Tlth lespatch. J. A, BENEDICT, MASOIACTUaiNa Pie Rie & Pleasure Excursions, BBOeVKWAY'S LIi\E ' - AND HACKS. «aETO8 wishing to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for XI the purpose of* visiting the Qirdens or for Pic NIC Parties, can be supplltd wlti first clast vehicles on tn, tturttett notice and- mo»t reasonable terms, A line of umlbusfee wfll commence running on the 1st of Junefbr Forest Home, leaving Tan Cott'a corner at »A.«.and S I 1 , au The Omnibus for Wanwawaa leaves Tan Oott's at JS M-and «!-.«. ;+?& BOCKWATV maySO-dlm Foot of Mason street. . AND.HEARING DR. F. A. CABTFELL, »oonerly of Toronto,O.W,now of flhiaago.nL.the ' eminent udikmfulopetatw on the .i EXE A1TD BAB r At 180. «B Bandolph, oorner of Dearborn street, it •BOM DEPOT »OOT OFOHBSnfOT A. M. AND 3J8C V. M. . • 'JH nnd Opwardt of TWOHCBUBBD baveaesnreeetvedby . Q. within the last tour weeks, many of whom hare ' ' --- --^** auntht met yeatbve — WESTERN belt proof a* to how Dr. Oft tsnttei)«e>itp«s> il%fD«th»{s dally neatvtnf Bt*i>aUtntt fan MOf-atmtrf. a»d essastet. at. eured, hta '^rvfi^ifi^ And having made Inch additions to hls^acllltlei for , executing F I N B IP O B T R A I T S 1 As to enab'e him to say to tie public with confluence that he to now prepared to famish them with every desirable style of Picture known to the community, .and at tuch Astounding Low Prises at to defy competition ; for example, - Daguerrotype* tor 13i Cts. ' . FCTt,L SIZE PHOTOOHAPHS For only fl^OO tht Bnt one, and GOo for the Da plicate. BtELAlNEOTYPESt A9IBROGRAPHS Aid In' fact every other stile of Picture, at corres. . ponding low price.. PHOTOOBAPHS, Colored la either Oil or Water Colors, and nnlshed In ' :-th* highest style of the ArtJ -'•-'.....' ^THIS 8TE12JLOTTPE. ' •-' A new and popular style of Picture, Colored in- Oil, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Seautyof flnlah, any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— These TPIetoret naveonly to be teen to be tdmlred. ' All who are desirous of saving money an respectfully solicited to call asd t^H*** Specimens at the Old JTo. IMJKut Watonlrnt, Jflfeontee, W marl»4ta ' W. F. BATLHT, UTXST arvus or Hats, Caps and Straw AT WHOLESALE ANtt RETAIL, KABT WATER S m y» ......... ATLANTIC CABLE , —AND— FALL STYLES HATS ! TraCLB BEN apto the Slmet, will Issue the Fall Style SATURDAY AUGUST 14TH 1ST o . IX 8 O East Water Street. augW a, TH3QOP. Steam to the Principal Towns in B5QLAHB AHD SCOILAJn) *OB The powerful Iron SttaauWot JfJiTEK'S PATKNT ExplosJTe tfas Lamp. riltus publlo 19 aow favored with the BSST, 3A7S8T X and most SCONOMICAi LIGHT over produced, equal if not superior to tie b«t Coal Qass. It Is adapted to Churches, Hotels, Scores, Seeding Boom* Private Dwellings, Railroad Can, Ac., Ac. A trial Till prove Its superiority over ill Portable Llghtt aow In as*. ItlsanUkeaUatherLampe,belngeasllymanaiRd. brilliant, economical, frsa from nnoke or smellTand what Unwre, entirely safe from all danger of oxnlo- slon. App^rat **S from Hew fork tor Cork direct ami thebee nuinwf • •- "Thai OtTT orMAHOBKgrx&A&a TI80 win tall from BEUrACT and 00**. to He* Totk, once a Month. - RaVeOtPaattttfromNewToik ' To Cot*, Liverpool and the principal towns In Oabtn,,...»T5... .....Third Clatt....|80. OF* PaaMnsjen forwarded tei Havre. Antwero, Bri- SitndHtSK f« • »te Cabin, *36 Tbttet dttt. (OUjaSOttMBoni* from laverpooj,) CaWn $9^ MUwaukM, Wlteostto. thlt Line avoid toe risk and , 38 Wisconsin street, to ,_ B. W. 743NUM, aec8 _ Agent far tha Btata of WIteonsla. •Jonathan Croacti, UNDKliTAKEK Sprint; St., Opposite Aoserlcaai H««a« BJBXP3 COH8TANTLT on hand a large attortmen of Mahogany, Black Walnut and other Wood Coffins, to- gather with Ksk's Metallo Burial Catet. TheofteeoftheForeat Hone Cemetery Company is at my ^aee, where I have the plattot the grounds. I m always ready to accompany patrons to theCeme- jrey to seleetlott or plaoet for burial, ami eaa oafonnJ tmoy plaae. of buainset day or alibi, CoOnTrim- angt of all kinds for sale. , JUSTICE DOCKETS. M A5DVACTCBBD expressly for that i>arpaee, oct of Jrs* qnalttv paper. let , 5. TUat A CO., miaM Water at. 100 «.!» rOlTB BIIJLABO TABLES FOK SALE OHilAP>. rnBB aadenlgaed will sell four BlUard Tablet wWi atai ' a< "''

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