Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 22
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 22

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 22
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StflffiAV, MAftCH 1, 1SS9 THfi PAMPA GAILY N&WS 51st ,98 fU*f Estate F&f Sale 163|183 Riaf £$faf§ faf Safe 10S,te3 Real titefi Par Safe 101 153 Reaf fifafe to Safe 101,103 Rtaf lifafs fet Iff* 1 ' £8 Hfluseheld _ 68M>5 Fafiiiihtf Apaffmeflfi 95 L—!S BEDROOM Unfurnished house. Newly derorBted, \ylred_for ^220, J, CARPETS And life too chn bo beautiful If you use Blue Lustre for clean- Ing. Pampa Hardware^ TEXAS FURNITURE GO. tlO North Cuyler MO 4 ; 4ft23 GOOD Used Freezers, suaranteert HnwklnH-Sha'fer Appliances, S48 W. Foster. MOI-634J, Furniture Store MO 4-3731 _ DON'S USED FURNITURE We Buy & Sell Used Furniture l20_VV._Foater PlTOne^ SIC) 4-4ii33 "VVhTttingron's Fum. Mart , ''Low Prices Just Don't Happen— They Are Made" ,16S S.jCuyl*r P. h i_M°_*: J i?^ CLKAKANCB SALE on good used TV" seta. Some sets have new pic- fire tube. All sets are sold on n guaranteed basis. Convenient budget terms. . B. F. Gfiodrich Store ELECTRIC Clothes dryer. $49.95. Paul Grossman. IPS N._Russell._SIO_^l»S31. ~MdLAU3HLrKTFU RN'ITU RE" 400 S. Cuyler Phone MO 1.4301 SHELBY J. RUFF FURNITURE BOUGHT ft SOLD S12_g._Cuyler _ _____jUgjv-53_4S 8 "GOOD Used automatic washer?. One Firestone antl one Thilco. Sl-l?.3n each, guaranteed, Firestone Store, ^lJ_S._Cuyler. FOR SALE; wVite'porC-elain table nnd 4 '- .-hairs 325 Fripidalre refrigerator f* n f-pc. mahojrany bedroom suite $H>0 1020 Kverereen. , 69 Miscellaneous For Sale 69 Thompson's United Rent-Alls "We rent most anything" 120 N, Somerville MO 4-2331 AfR~CONDlTIOXIIs'G Covers made to fit any site. Pampa Tent & Awning 3 /ROOM, private bath, T.V. antenna. washer nnd dryer, bills paid. 418 s*. VesL MO 5-5678. 4-2373. *$W per I Nelson. ' _ ___ __ BXTKA LarKe'roornsi well "furnished. Private bnth, Mil* paid. In- at ,H9 N. Starkweather. Call plumbed for washer, $SO. riHsfi" nooSf TToiTSe, i'af a fre. month. Water paid. 413 N". MO 4-fiSfi-l. NICE Nl'iVVLY "decorated 2 bedroom ho\ise nenr Lamar School. On pay- _menl. MO 4-2032. FOR RENT: ! ___ ___________ 2 ROOM Furnished Apartment. BiflR pnid. TV antenna furnished. MO __4-37lS. ___ __ _ _ ____ _ _ 3 JIOOM" Furnished apartrrtent. Private bath. Bills paid. Antenna furn- Ished. 307 K;j£)lgsmil]. ______ __ NICE IjAKGK 3 room apartment gar- aeo, private bath, adults only. 615 IJ. KlngHmill. MO 4-2701. __ 3 ROOM well furnished apartment. Carpeted, T.V. antenna, tub bath, for couple only. 401 N. Wells. MO 6-I51H. malic 4-S544 or 5-5281. 4 ROOM unfurnished house. Riee Real Estate N. Soririefville Php..e MO 4-2301 LOOKING FOR a bnrRln? This Is It! Nii-e 3 Bedroom brick, 1% baths, remrnl bent. Air conditioned, attached ftarage. K. Frasier Addition, '» - "««" 2 BEDROOM and frarage. Huff road! $500.1)0 down. I Plumbed FOR UK NT: 4 bedi«,,n. 2 baths, at- $783 KQU1TY in large 2 bedroom home garage, llvlni? room nnd hall caf-i peted. New FHA loan commit- ' tneni. 7i5 \. lr\vir,-ht. MO JI-9S21 j SALE: S*00 ftmHty in my S-h*d- room home, Washer and drypr tn- eluded. W23 Noel R"«d. M:0 5-2B51. St. _or_J^-?!i7J5_after_« p.m. Foil SALE: my home, lnr$« 2 bedroom With basement, service 'porrh. . $8,000. $7,nr,o, f'.H.A. loan. L. N. Atchlnson. Kelly Apts. Phorte MQ 4-SSn."i after 1:00 week day;--. FOR SALE by owner; Equity In 2 bedroom home. Low monthly payments, ni; PHIS. MO 4-stss. for'automatic washer, carpeted. MO tallied garage. N." Weils." n'ooibo per j * w™corner lot? fenced^-ft^'! °A n?ce"' ^ a j«g *-bedroom B-55fl!>. FOR RKNT: 4 room modern houses, 530 N. Rider. $40.00 monthly. VI S-2354. * 2 BEDROOM unfurnished house, attached garage, fenced yard, desirable neighborhood, Inquire at 201 N. Faulkner. 3 ROOM Modern furnished apartment.! Bills paid, S45 a month, Inquire Me-j 103 Real Estate For Sale 103 -._ . . _ 2-JtOOM nTcefy "furnished. "anterTnaT soft water, blls paid, adults. 412 N. Somerville. 2*ROOM ftiriTisheii apirmnetitTpfivate bath. Inquire 513 N. Cuyler. A MO 550112, MO 5-3517. Adults 4-6193. 3 ROOM furnished apartment, only. No pets, 903 E. Francis. month. N. Nelson: SEW 3 bedroom, i>«nfral heat, (ached garage. $1,450 down. N. Banks: 2 UEDRROM brick, Attached garage central hiat $12,200. NICE » BEDROOM rock, all carpeted, attached garage. N. Russell $14,400. N. Sumner: 3 BEDROOM, large ;utached garage, central heat, carpeted living room $13,200. Chestnut 96 Unfurnished Apartments 96 REDECORATED 4 room duplex apartment. 2 bills paid. Adilts only. No pets. _Coffee _St. MO 4-7460. EXTRA CLEAN 5 room (2 bedrooms) modern house, lota of cabinets and closets space. Floor furance, alenna pas and water paid. No animals. Will accept one or two babies. $65 month._S]i; JUalone. MO_4-299_f>. ROOM UnfurnlsheS~"apaTtment7~TV antenna, wired 220, extra large rooms. $50 month, bills paid, 4l7 Crest. MO 4-2343. UOOM Unfurnished (iupFei. Prl~ bath. Call VI 8-2952. 716 E. 3!-2 vate Kiiismlll. NICK 3 room furnished liou.«"e7~rio5H in. n.'il X. Kii8SP.ll. phone MO S-fliM.1. 97 furnished Houses 97 ja -^•«^.^.*fc >• *. * • •• ^^^- .- j- *~ -^.«- ^-i.* _^., FOR LEASE: 3-hedroom furnished I house. Closf to school and (.-burfli. I Hie fenccd-ln yard. 0211 X. Hobart '3 MO S-.1TI3 or Mu l-l.')5:i. i .,„_„_,-.„ . „ . VETERANS: go ea^t on Browning or Francis to Lefors then South to Monterrey Addition. Tom Dunham Is building nicely finished three Nice 3 bedroom, 1V4 baths, nice car- bedroom homes wi.h garages for peting, central heat, fenced yard, $3,150 about $2SO down ami $(!! a $20,500. month. Salesman at site this after-! FOR SALR or Trade: Will take 3 or noon I 4-room house on new 2 or 3-bed- NEARLV NEW 3 bedroom on N. I room home Henry SU. Wells, built by Highland Homes and , f\| Starkweather nicely finished throughout, large . i', ar ge 2-hedroom and garage, fenc- kitchen wlh birch cabinets, wisher] p|] £ lln] i n - n ,) OWI) and dryer connections, al,. condition- ; noor j m-PLEX, N. Frost. $1750 down er Installed on roof big garage $7r , 0 nOWX N. Wells: 3 bedroom and Price reduced to $12110 down and double gr-age assume IOHII. Jnnnedlaie possession. ;t REDROo'St 'attached earngp. close LARGh 10 room house in !• rasor Add. (,-, \ sunnier $11 MIO Suitable for large family or as a WILL* TAKE late inod'cl'i'»i'r"as down two family residence, excellent con- : payment on large 2 bedroom North (llllon - I Starkweather 3 HKDROOM with garage on 100 font'BRICK :! bedroom arid den ntt.iched lot on Claredon Highway. $9MW ; enrage, all carpets nnd drapes X $2-"iOO down and assume Gt loan. $fifl ! Faulkner $]s 500 a. month. ! 3 ROOM modern E. Bi,.nou .. $2150 LARGF, 3 bed r oom near high school. ! XICE 3 bedroom on Wllllston, 1 1 -'. home $13,8000. $1,000 will buy equity In 3 bedroom A, i and den, with carpel!" and some " i Ippliftnces on Cinderella Drive. M Bedroom home with ntlached garnge, • Klec, kitchen. IVi baths, carpets, corner lot. >iear hlfrh school $1(1,000. 2 bedroom on E. Malone St. $2,300. 3 Bedroom ft den. brick, large garage, i I'i baths, carpets & drr-pes. A | nice home on N". Kauikner. :( Bedroom home, 2 l)iiths, attached garage, fenced yard. $12,800. 2 Bedroom brick with attached ca, rnge. A dandy al ..$12,200. ',1 Bedroom In Hone Jarvfs Add. $13,500. 3 Room on S. Sumner Rt UBS gnraue. f I,don ; SO' Curner lot, fhrislitm SI. ..$2,8.10 '.Some lots In Xeal Addition. Priced from $000 to $1.100 can be bought on terms. 3 Bedroom home, with garage, carpets fk drupes. Worth the money at .111,400. Near fam Houston school. Shown by appointment. W. M. LANE Realty Phone MO 4-3)111 or MO ff-9S04 A. L. ra'rlck Jr.. MO 5-40SO G, H. MUNDY, Realtor MO 4-3761 ' 105 N. Wynne LOVELY 3 bedroom ami den, carpets on Hying J-oom and hall. Fenced back yard and garage. $2,000 will handle on nnrland, NICK S-ftEDROOI." «*lth hasement good location. $11,800. Terms. Will tnke small house trailer on deal. 3 BEDROOM P. Nelson $700 down. with garage. $5000. S. Schneider. $1000 and lake up loan Large 2-bedroom, 100-foot front, wllh basement. $750 down. 6 Room wl'h 4 rentals close In $12,500. LAR.OB 2 bedroom home, E. Browning $1000 down, owner carry loan. 3-Bedroom, dining room, large kitchen and garage. N. Slarkwealher. i<-,. $l.".oo wllll handle. renllT-Uoom with 2 rentals E. Francis. Dandy fi-bedroom home with servants quarters, close In Priced fight. Good terms. Shown by appointment Dandy 3 bedroom brick, N. Faulkner 1% bath, lUtacned garage, good buy. Dandy Motei worth rno money. Xlce. newly decorated Interior. 2- hedroom nnd den, N. Gray Xow $7000 Nice corner business lot iOU?14:> feet. Close in, on Ilt-wny f>0. $9500. WRIjL Improved cnttla ranch, Colo- nido. fi.700 at-res of deeded land. BOO acres of leased land. Well Watered. $15 jier acre. '•-'. cash. WELL IMPROVED ,120 acre -wheat farm. thnri 10 miles from rnmpn. \'± mineral rights. t'lootl term. Shown by appointment only. YOUR .LISTINGS APPRECIATED FOR SALE: Having decided to retire 2 BKDROOM hou8« I am offering my Income property In 2nd block r,,i E. Francis, two 1 room duplexes, Onte 3 fOorrt brick house on 2 lots. '.Ox.i-10. Furnished nnd rented. All jroeK. Might consider a 3 or 5 r oom house on deal. MO 4-3453. Mrs. Lee, Harris. e*rt FOR SALE: 3-bedroom house with 3- room rental. $1,000 down. Will handle balance. 233 N^ Rumner, MO Fy-5242^ I. S. JAMESON^"ReafEswle" 30!) if. Faulkner MO 5-5331 For Sale: Nice lot, 73-ft. front, 600 ft. long—just outside city limits. Price $2,100, For Sale: 320 acres Improved farm, 220 ocres In cultivation, 100 acres In grass, 135 acres In wheat, 85 acres to be put in row crop, gas well '/j royalty goe^, '<i crop goes. $150 per acre.. $20,00u down, good terms. COMMERCIAL lots on Price Road. Good buy! 100 ft. Corner lot. Oood terms, on N. Ilobart St. to fe« moved. _ FOTl PALTO: 3-bedroIrrt brick, carpet" commit- ed $1400 equity. ment. MO B-350S. -C6NStftUC+iqN gf Aftf 60-» 8*l«ct Your HofhS f6day * $82SO-FHA $250 DOWN—$60 MONTH .3-Bedroom Homes with attached gfffage, *0««t.ft. l*f* In the new Kelster ASdltlon Dunhdm Const Co, Go out S. Bafne* to McCullougH Ka*t to Site MO 8-3332 Day, MO fl-9893 Nlt« K. A. MACK FOR JU-JNT: 2-roo"m "modern" furnished FoWKU Sprayer for sfele, almost new. James Feed' Stor.-. £22 S._£uyler. AUCTION' SALE Sunday Evening 2:00 Attend the drawing. Nice line of used furniture, and appliances, borne new furniture. We Buy, We Sell on Consignment Price Road MO 4-6409 ___ . _ _ _ _ FOR RENT. JI od e r n~3~f ooffTflTr I i s h rd" _Jvpi]s^ 321 N._CliriKU-._Call_MO 5-nion FOR" RENT : FurnislTpcT 'iiouse!~lBTn« paid. Couple only, 401 Lefors St. T. _VV._ Reid. __ '_ ___ _ FOR RKNT: 2 room"lTi~eTj r TuriTlir]Ted house. Bills paid. 603 N. Frost. M~O 4-7552. WOi'l./D LIKE b;ibybed. MO to sell good _ ___ _ arrs iTARtlOY Hummer motorcycle $150 <|iiity, take up payments. Small portable T.V ........... $20 1 I'sed Westinghouse automatic. washer ., ...................... J20 AH Metal Cabinet ............ $30 Phone MO 4-2D98. 2-BEDROOM brick. B24 Powell. $125 month. L. P. Sanford. 714 E. Frederic. MO 4-2991. 69A Vacuum Cleaners 69A Kirby Vacuum Cleaners and all other make?. Call us 4-2390. _f j- j- j- j-_r __f- j-_r~ ^r-^r-*~-*~-*~ -T- f--*- f jr~ f t~ L" -^ 70 Musical Instruments 70 New 'and Used Pianos Tchms And Rcntol P\an , ; Wilson Piano Salon 1221 Willisfop, MO 4^6571 -*. 3 Blks. EoiJ Of Highland Hospital FOR RENT: Unfurnished 2-bedroom house. S. Dwlglit. SBO. MO 4-2523. i 5-ROOM unfurnished house, Rarage and service porch. Plumbed for automatic washer, Inquire at 417 Rose. | 5 ROOM House. 413~xrzTmmer, Call Amarlllo. PR fi-»4Sfi__a_fter 5:3n. 3 ROOM Unfurnished modern ifouse fenced yard, 31S .S. Somerville. MO 4-3li66fi. MUSIICAL INSTRUMENTS >v iNOS' . : -$'%"fr. v? ; dR6AWSi: 71 Bicycles 71 VIRGILE'S BIKE SHOP complete stock of parts one day repair service 826 S. Cuyler PH MO 4-3120 CLEAN ,1 room furnished house, bills pairl. T. V. antenna, adults, (.'all •*-S7-l8_after % _3:liO_p_.m. 712 N. Gray. REXT: used iFOR furnished 9-US37. a new ?, room modern house. 947 S. Hobart. MO 98 Unfurnished Houses 98 \VI1I re-paint outside and rofinish bedrooms to suit, buyer. $1.1,300, $10, (i.'in loan commitment. LAR<7K '\ bedroom In pood condition Clowe in. ItiE 1 living room i-jti'peird dniiiK room uiilty room, p a rage. Top i-ondtion. $10,501). BEDROOM honif, nrar LiiniMr School garflge, fenced yard, immediate possession. Assume -l% loan, p:i.\ments (Hilv :517 month. $720ui). 3 BEHHOOM home on Hamilton. Ili bnths, >'ear round :tir conditinnlng $11,«no . $13.300 loan commitment. 2 BEDROOM lirirk In C"le Addition on Clarendon Highway. Living room and dining room carpeted, utility room, double garage,' 1UU ft. fenced lot. Only ?IM,iion. LAIl'jE 2 bedroom on Hiimiltnn, no\v- If rel'lnisberl inside and out, utility room, garage. Jll.jtio, nssume FMA We Sell, Trade Or Buy QUENTIN WILLIAMS, Realtor! 316 Hushes Bldg. MO 4-2;i23 • Gloria liluuton—MO 9-:i:i73 ' Ve'.ma Levter—MO 9-9SK5 . Helen Kelley MO 4-7166 i Jim Dalley—Kes. MO ~-:i294 I Bob Smith Res. Phone MO 4-MM I Quen H n Wil Hams — R e s. a -50 3 -1 | FOR SALE": 2 houses wi'tirT?~loiaTi A. M. Harvey, White Deer Texas. I baths all carpets nnd drapes $13,SOU To be ronslnu'lcd soon ... to your specification . . . office or retail building: . . . space for lease . . . North Hobart —CONTACT- FLOYD WALKER Box 1765 or Phone MO 4-6848 For The Month Of March 1959 LICENSE PLATES-WiTH EVERY USED CAR SOLD— at TO BUY SELL TRY A CLASSIFIED AD FOR SALE 212 X. Houston Duplex containliiR 3 rooms nnd bath. furnlHiifd; 3 rooms and bnth, unfurnished. 3 Sepernle furnished houses, 2 rooms and bath each. J12,500.0li. 605 E. Campbell: -I rooms and bath unfurnished house. $2,000.00. 615 E. Campbell: 4 roomt nnd bath unfurnished house, separate ga- rape, fenced back yard. $4,000.00. Totnl rental Income of above property $250.00 monthly. 1 Nice vacant 5S'xl40' lot in Kshom Addition. $350.00. Contact George Oliver Homlin Independent Executor of Luther Beeson Estate 212 N, Houston—MO 4-8643 NOBLITT - COFFEY PONTIAC VAUXHALL 122 N. GRAY MO 4-3391 LOOK AT THESE USED TRUCK BUYS -gai. M mi ft "i ^i $1785 19.12 MACK niesel END. ill" WB. Air brakes, <1iie! W-flU. *£«- ill •• ^,. n ............. . ........ r ty tank?. fi231 aux. tratis., reinforced frame, west coast_ 'good 10:1)0x20 tires, heater, defroster, transmission and both differentials just overhauled al a total cost of $1750. On. AVas $2195 .................. JsOW 1952 FORD FH longwheellinse. IB' grain body with stock rack*. 14 ton underbody hoist, 2 speed axle. New S25x20 rear tire*, very good 750x21 front tires, and 50 gal. sir!" tanks, tool box. N'r-w differential. An exceptional truck. Be su r e and see this one ........................................... 1951 International 3-1 ton. Radio, healer, spot light, grille^ guard, Henvy duty rear btimbper, -l-speed transmission, Mud and siiow tires. Extra clean ............. . ....... very goon $1645 le guard, $765 1957 Dodge Vf>no Traclor, complele with nth wheel, air b r akes, dual side tanks, V-S engine, air horn, engine & differ- ff*J^X"% entlal both completely rebuilt. Like new red paint. 3f,*tJj Cleanest tractor you will find T OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM TERMS AVAILABLE McCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT STORE Price Street "INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER" MO 4-7488 75 Feeds & Seeds 75 FREE 50 Ibs. All-in-one Krumhles with each booking of 100 Spring Chicks. James Feed Store B22 R._Cuy]er V> V A"N'TED MO 5-5S51 . to 4 thousand Ibs. of, .Sorghum Alum seed. Call MO 5-5208. j OATS FOR sale: Good quality. W. K. Epperson farm 2 miles X.W. of Pampa. 75e per bushel, MO 4-S25S. Misc. Livestock 76 76 GRAIN' Fed locker calves, MO 4-2931. 79 Horses 791 VANTED to buy: gentle saddls horse. ' Phone MO 4-36-11 or MO 9-3504. j 80 Pets 80 BOSTON Screw Tail, Chihuahua, Cocker puppies. Visit The Aquarium, ' _ _ _____ _____ Pl>PmTtfTfitESTED suit* made Into sincle, only Perfect fit, fine tailoring. Guaranteed. Cliett Cleaners. McLean Texas. 83 Form Equipment 83 McCORMICK Farm Equipment Slora, I for International parts and equip-i __rii,--riL_ i-rice Road. MO 4-74GK. j Fuft. HALB rl ft. Aeromotor windmill, good i-ondition. 5-;>037. 9>ir * ^^*f^ *^- ^ *• *m** *r-^&- ,m-*nr^ir^^ RENT late-model typewriter, adding ma.'hine or ••alctilator by day, week j f-r month. Tri-City Office Jlachlnes i (.'oiii)mn_y. Phime MO 5-.il4'). | ^5~ I 'E \V Yfl f EliS". T SinllTi Corona, | use-.d sis: months: 1 Underwood port-] able; going overseas. Must *ell. Ph. I ' L Pri'-e on fpe-i and baby I . See us iifrfore yrm buy and i Gray County Feed. 854 W. Foster. 89 Wonted to Buy 89 WANTED: Legal or lutter-siza fire- pro.,! cabinet. jf.'all_MO 4-3442. ___ \\"Ol'LIJ ...... LIKK lo" bu"y fairly late model Royal Standard typewriter. K\ i t e_ t y pp. _1I£»_5^- l'ib'3. ^"I't'Lli Like to bify Jsed"~furniture of all kinds. Call MO a-9419. 92 Sleeping Roms 92 fiLEEPINfr Rooms In private home. 3i.'S N. West. Irujuire 60S W. B'rancis. __ FOR KHNT: 2 furnished bedrooms in private- home, men preferred. 16021 JIary Ellen. Call MO 4-8321 after 6 FOU RENT 2 furnfshed bedrooms in | private home, men preferred. 1602! Wary Kilen. Call 4-SS24 after 6 p.m. j Will Share 94 . ] ROOM modern house, water paid. $35,Ou per month. 413 N. Nel»on. MO 95 Fgrnijbed Apartment* 95 J-ROO.\I furni»h*d apartnunl. prlvat* 'bath. Bill* paid. 1309 E. Frederic. 104 B. fyag. MO i-MO* _ fiROOM modern 'no peU. MO 4-3485. apartment, f BKDROOM mod«rn, furnished. *pa44. Apply *t Towf Pl*c*. 842 E. Fredtflp. I.ROOM furnlftlJed apartment. Call *«/-w t *n*t gljRutb. TEX EVANS BUICK CO. BUICK BONUS BONANZA 1959 LICENSE SALES TAX TITLE FEE SAFETY INSPECTION ALL THESE EXTRAS WITH EVERY NEW 1959 BUICK NEW 1959 OPEL & BETTER BUY USED CAR BUYS BUY THE CAR: GET THE BONUS! 58 BUICK SPECIAL 2 door, radio, heater dynoflo, white wall tires. $2295 $1295 $1695 $1695 57 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4 door, radio, heater, power- glide. Xew lires, 2 tone paint. 67 FORD FAIRLANE 500 radio, heater, Ford-o-matic 2 tone paint. White wall tire* 57 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4 door, radio, heater, power- glide, air conditioned, new \V W tires. A real cleat car. 57 BUICK SPECIAL radio, healer, dynoflo, power brake* and steering. 2 tone paint, white wall tires, factory air conditioning. 58 FORD FAIRLANE 2 door. HT. radio, heater, ford- o-matic, power brakes &. steering. 2 tone paint White wall tires. 64 DODGE $595 Radio heater, V-l mot r $1095 65 FORD FAIRLANG 2 door H-T. radio, heater overdrive. S tone paint, white wall tires. $2095 55 BUICK SUPER 2 doo r H.T. radio, healer dyri- ofln, power steering. 2 tone paint. 55 BUICK ROADMASTER 4 door, radio, heater dynoflo, power brakes and steering 2 lone paint. White wall tires. 64 FORD CRESTLINE 4 door, rrt'lio. healer overdrive. $1295 $1295 $695 53 BUICK SPECIAL 2 door H. T. radio, heate r dyn- oflo. 53 FORD 4 DOOR Radio, healer, Ford-o-"i;>!:r. 53 BUICK Super 4 door, radio, healer dy 53 FORD 2 DOOR V-& raOio, heattr $495 lte r dyn- $495 (.»- r -\i> \ :c. $345 $395 51 BUICK SUPER Kartio. heater 4- door •' 8 4 Ton Pick-Up i rinternation*! $295 $110 M modern e«icle«cy ».pwtmei»t, GET A BETTER BUY! BUY A BETTER CAR! ANP TEX EVANS BUYSYOUR 1959 TAGS SEE TEX EVANS BUICK Co. MO 4^677123 N, SRAY KITES AND 8UVDAVS MO 5 5113 SEE THE CHAMPIONS AT THE TOP O' TEXAS STOCK SHOW AND NEW FORD STYUSIDEI Not* lh» hondiomt new hood an «lrong«r wrap-around bumper. HKW FORD RANCHpROI Ntw from longer whtclbox to graglar loodipaol HEW TANDEM TUTSI Rot«d up to 75,000-lb. GCW. "*'«**»*)«iS».' s • They're new— Ford trucks for 'b9! They're htrt to take yoy Forrf-ward for savings, style and durability! Ford's modern Tilt Cab tandems and 4- wheel-drive pickups are brand-new additions to the Ford line. Ford's nigged Short Stroke Six now gives you even better gas economy. And behind every '50 Ford stands the industry's outstanding record for durability. An independent study of 10 million trucks proves, for the 13th siraight year, that Ford trucks last longer. See your Ford Dealer today . . . and go For</-ward for modern style and savings 1 FORD TRUCKS COST LESS tf f $ TO OW*...tf55 TO 8VN...I.4ST IQNGfB, TOO/ Cotne to MO 44404 HI-WAY 60 WEST 701 W, BROWN

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