Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 13, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1897
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£»A.GKEBS. VOL, 80, NO, 19. ILLINOIS THtlBBDAY, MAY IB, 1897 TABLE. AND ESTERK WB8T. if* I«T.9W»»S!MJ DsSotsTBip^— He. 17. Sterling Fftssfiifcer (arr.). K«j 8,BelieFlftltip Pfws,...... - ffo, 11,( Union pftsntenger ........ Se. un, Freight.*..-.. *...<»»»... ooura KJL&X. «8:6l p. m. 13 «2 », us. « :38 p. tn. - 1«:10 p. ro. t i2 ! 15?' m- *- nsafl k is. frij. fol , 8. ChtCRKO Express.. ...... ...... 8s29 ft. ffl. Ko. JO, Sterling PaswngBr (leave).. W:» J-m. So, £ B«U« Halne Pass. k .......... tiO!« ». m. fro, 14, D«« Molnes Pawwnger ----- t3:82 p, m, Ho, 12, Clinton Passenger .......... it-Mp. nu HO. 116, Freight., .......... - ........ *8:fO p. m. . tl>nllv except Bundfey. iSnnday only y, except Monday. W. V) Freight.-...6*0 P.M. ..-liaop-m. BTOLINOWM & WINCY E'T. Arrived from Bait. B paaneng*r..8:«0p.m, 81 )?relght...-6:00a. m. 93 West!" 49 Pa9sengV.3dioa.ra Arrive from . .. ig'ir..8iiO».m. ff> Fai8ffljf;'r~e:00p.m. « V~?j£p "7,'«n'm' O 7rolght'«» 81 Frpignt....tiiBp. ro. K« 7 mate* close connection M Denrock with Intel tor all stations on Mendoto and Clinton Smnoh: also Bayarma and Dubuquo, »o:«J makes close oonnecllons with main lltrt trfclni at CWesburg, both eart and west! lor g? ^-'Jlty,Omaha,Denver, eto.,eto,jalso for ], connecting with train No. 4 at Book M1L1A7.AT •j'7 ' • QOIWO BODTB. ~~ t*±» Pass., Baily,eMept Sunday,.,.,...»!» a, m Vhrniitrh Put*.. Dally ..9:37 a. ID «~»-j• » . . r a_,_ j —-, j .rn « *n -.» M1 >'' exce P tSu I I(la ?, 4: ^ p>m , lially.exwpt M a. m - QOINQ NO'ftTH. . -• — Dftlly, except Sunday...6:48 &. m Dally.; y.fet Sunday USB** , Bally, except Sunday ,...11:10 a. m yeterinary Surgeoa/s. H Q,.HOOVER, D. V, 8. 4T>HfiYBRS * ESHLBMAN'S DRUG 3T08JB. HospSlM and residence, Cor. TWrd AT«. and ftV'V • HarrlaasTel., Bwldence,' 80j Office, IB. i»f> / DB. O. E. WRIGHT, / Veterinary ^urgepa and Dentist. J ' ' Office aad yeterlnarlura at "Wright & Go's 1 ,M-„ , Livery and. Boarding "Stablest Cor. W. TJOsrd St. wad , ' HTKBUKO, 1X1XSOIS. WbWesWe EwrriMn Telephone 18. Dr. C. A; MUELLER, | Physician and Surgeon. fV ' Offl««-Ae*<l«(my of JHocie, Boom ». f. ' .'• ' B«sld«no«—808 Fourth AT«: ' -.. . Rerrotw and Women'i 7— 8p.m. W. B. CAROLUS, n. D. of tbe Lirer, Stemtcii, Bew«l» Offlca »«•— ILLINOIS. PRANK ANTHONY, PL DJ, PHYSICIAN AND SUROgON. OPPICB COR. Ut AVe. an4 POU8TH ST. oo N V W.O«. Jk.w. B and Fourth 8tw»t. STERLINQ, ILLINOIS. J. JANB REID KEEPER, imYSICIANS AND SURQEONS. , OPFlCb AND RESIDENCE; W8 First Atenntt Bctb Telephones. , SMITH, M, D., AND SUROEON, \IHflee Op SUlr«, 8 East Tblrd BUQENH V. feaclter of .... » > INSTRlJftSENTAL JVlUS|C» For Term*, enquire at 4-ldrioh'e Music * ~^ "* -t Third Street Musicai Instruction l-^ «w«n oaVloUn, Ooraetj Piano, Mft«— T Ma^ «r say WM or Stringed Instrument ^ J. KQRN, MusJcsSJConductor Kaystoao Reg. ti..*, .is<xr./I tBf s.rtiiio' r"ftili'i»r* Orf'Ji.i Hwdin's Musio Store.|cu W, JOHN O. FtANAHAN, L4W AND PATENTS. (Blflea la k.at4t&j «f Mtnle Block. STBRL1NO, ILLS. HENRY C. WARD, UWYEIi, 8, A£AD&MT OP MUSIC BLOCK, ATBRLiwa, ILLS: *^ At JuSgfl of ih^OonotyOcnri will b« la Mo*rl*on an , MmdATi KM Friday* «ie& wefc -• . W. ALEXANDER, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, •ad Ji»tice of the Peace, ATBRLtNQ, - ILLINOIS. promptly Attended to. Be* en to First U ttuik ol BtorUQA lUteota. JARVIS D1NSMOOR, ; LAWYER. . Special Attention to Chancery Matter*. Over trein'i Dr«i Store, car, 34 ft Locast, XUU WALTER N. HASKELL, LAW AND PATENT ATTORNEY* East TW'fJ Street, ; t •,, V STERLING, ILL. Beal Estate and. Insurance. J. P. HB3SLINO, Eeal Estate, and Fire Insurance. HOM bat BcIUtbla OompwiiM KcpreMntwd. K» AOADBOKT UTJBIO BWMJK. " Boom ft. S. J.;WICKEN5, REAL ESTATE DEALER. VAK» 1LOAK8 A SPBClAiTT. * Dftice Orir Roteothal's Clothlaf Store, H, W. Corner FlrrtATB. mid Third Bt, . D. L. MAXWEL.I,, ""~~"", DEALER; IN * ! " : ':"^" r ';" Real Estate, CJorner Tblrd and Lociiat Streeta, with Adams •Express Co.-'- : . : — ' — Insurance and Renting E. M^ Ebersole, Gait House Block. and, .. Painting .. Paper Hanging. Leave orders at residence, 206 West J'ourtt St. or drop a card to '""" ••.-».• ' FRANK RIOLE.' FOR ANYTHING IN Fancy Qroceries, Cigars, .Tobacco and Confectionery, •PATRONIZB p H Nextdoorto . , K. II, J3aer & Carter's, East TWrd'Street. FOBANICESMOki ; U8ETHE ' HERALDO ...OR... CRESCENT. The flueat brands of howe-mafte ;,'•'." • • i.C!gar» o» the jaaritet. D»lly papers »M ' Oa haad at all times. FBAHK C00H8AH, STPRLINQ, ILL. "I i J i > i » i J 1 i > <H ) . .1 > i i i i i i i > i ) i ) .'i > i '. i ) 4 ) I ) I ) ( > I ) I 1 I ) { ) i ) HAVE YOU TRIED IT-The BEST CIQAR for yotir money GATE POST FULTON IS A.WINKEE WddbMEN HEAD OFFICE'S ".TO REMAIN THERE, Ililnols Sopreme Court H»nd« Oo-wn ft Oe- clnksu In Favor .of tlukt-Clty—The Ooort Word Enthn»!»silc»Ur Received— The In*, ve»tiK»(lott at Clinton. Fulton, III., May 11 (Special to the Tlmea-Herald.)—Tb6 case of Bastald versus the Modern Woodmen of America Was decided in the Supreme Court in Ottawa today, and the headquarters of the order will remain here as n re suit," ' The case has been in court since November, 1892, when at a Head Camp meeting, held in Omaha, a resolution was passed to move the Head OIHce of the order to Ilock Island. An fnjunc tioa was secured against the removal on the point that the resolution was not carried by, a vote of two-thirds of the delegates, and tbat a meeting held outside the State could not act on the removal of the office.; The 'case came to trial and the injunction was sustained, • «....•-.'•-•' ' ' '" •'..; •; ,'• '••.'•;.'•'-' Some curative legislation was lobbied throjigh' the legislature of tHinolg and when the Head Camp again Convened at Madison, Wia., in June, IbSo, the resolution for removal was again,, paesed. The argument for the dissolution of the injunction was heard In the Circuit Court of Whlteside County and the dlBBolutloQ was granted,' The case was appealed in February, 1897, and the decision of the lower court was affirmed. . '•'' " ..';.: ,/ Before the citizens ofFulton perfected an appeal.the head officers made an abhortlve attempt at a forcible removal of the office to Eock Island, hut we^e repulsed by the citizens of Fulton. The appeal was granted and the officers of the order made -an application for'advancement of the case, but it was rejected. The case \?as finally decided yesterday when it was' remanded to the lower cpurt v witb> :fcha inetractions io? make the injunction pftrpetnal. : , The litigation has cost the order several thousand dollars. ; : • _ ' When the good word .came, the fire whistles hare sounded loud and long, and residences and business houses Speedily took on the holiday attire of flags and bunting. When the- Modern \Vdodmenwas in its infancy Fulton lent the young order valuable aid and the intention, practically unquestioned till this fight came up, was that Fulton should' be the permanent seat of the Head Clerk's office. ''• The satisfaction in Clinton and Lyons, Iowa, at the decision equals that here. At is intended later to celebrate'the victory in fitting style. '•..-'.'._ ..-;. ' .'>••' .''•;' ;•":' •• THE INVKSTIOATION AT CLINTON Committee Charges the Ileucl Men With Careleni Maatigeuieut. , ; Clinton, la., May li.— [Special to the Tribune.] -Ever since the famous raid of .February, when lh,e. Hock Islanders eqdeavored to ,,' forcibly ^remove the ofilce of Head , Clerk; •., Hawes, of the Modern Woodmen of America, from Fulton to ROCK Island, there b,as been more or less feeling aroused. As a result, on March 0 a .convention of ten camps .of the .Modern Woodmen of America was held in Clinton , and a committee of ten was appointed, one of. whom only was a Fultonite, to investigate the condition of the Head Clerk's office at Fultoaand the general chargeH made against the head officers., The pommittee reported 'last night at a convention' held in the Woodmen's HaUJn thJa cityn :: The commjtteea report alleges ex- tfBVagance. excessive allowances, "atiolfed"per diem, slack bueinesa man- agecoent, knowledge of the ex-Head Banker Ziak's ahortage before the Madison Head campmeetlng, which, now amounts t;o ©45,020.42; keeping a printing and express office in the Head Clerk's oifiipe. ". : ~- '•:' ' : ' : ; :'-~:' r r~i~"- ...... "+-~ " The committee "also makes specific charges against W. A. Northoott.Head ConBttl, Attorney Johnson, Clerk Howes, Director White sad a, number of others, cliiiming carelessness and. mlsmauageraaat. It finally aaya, it is of the opiaion that men of greater ability nod, better business judgment should be at 'the head of the order. of tU« County Coiuiulttfco. The Republican County Central Committee of thia county will meet la SfcwlSu$ at the City Hall oa Tuesday morcing, May !8, at U o'clock. It is to be hoped that the eatire committee will be of CORN WANTED. A 'Curd to the jTnttuef* Who Trude In We ought to ao something for the starvtdg people in India. Eighty millions ure suffering from hunger. This Is Wof e than the population of Uunlted States. Ten thousand dying every day. Horrible. And we have BO much. The English government has spent 8160,000,000 in relief 'work', but the>ork is too vast. These famishing natives will need help forseyen months or until a new crop can be raised. To give each of thi.Bti starving Hindoos one meal a day will require at- least'.$200,dud,00p,' One bushel of corn will feed a man for a month. • ' • . •••"'••. ' ; So : we appeal to farmera. Cornls the best -of all provisions, aa if will ;npt spoil, and has so much nourishment. The railroads lurnish free transportation |aud the govern^meat the .ships. One tias already sailed and others are waiting for a cargo. ; .But it will take a big fleet. All through the great corn belt fjf the "'.West farmera are gener- pnsly doing what they can. We cannot a deaf ear; to men crying for This is the most dreadful case turp breac of starvation for hundreds of years; It is ther«fore-8uggeBted^hafe a^formerB- cotriej to town they throw a few sacks of coin on their wagons. Shelled or in ear, ai iimoat convenient..•'•:'•. .: •Th« corn may be left at the ware- h'dlfBC of MLoses l>llloh;:and all receipts will be the papers; John Q, Manahan has led the way .with twentjy*five btifbelSj We hope many' will foH6w. •"•^' '" •'••'.•'.. " • : '; <:"}• •'. ,.';0 :.o;.'.'.'LEVI ; SKAVELY,- ; ; Ay •':" .'r:;^; 1 : MOSES DILLON,'.: '' ' KNI(?HTS GO TO DEKAL8. Bterllne' Bank' Stair Inatltates a. Garrison : •'','-.• '• .•••'. :-...-.. .', ' f ... v 1: . • . . There, - • ••'' .,'• .'*/ -• '-- •• . . . A Pf fty of twelve accompanied, the, K; G. llank Staff to Dekalb last even- 'ingV-*** Mhe i> i)xn?p^8e .of inBtituting 1 .a: new garrison of that order there. The occa'sioif ,W88 one of more than-ordinary IntereBti^aa the work was to be ex- emplJflHil': Before '.'seyWiil .delegations from neighboring tow.nB, where there has recently .been gurnauus organized, or 'There ;:^erei, representatlyes .from Belvidere^ Sycamore, Genoa, Monroe Center and^Malta present, - The beautiful MasonlqiHall at''l)6Kalb was- filled with an .enthusiastic number of people, BO that it was with difficulty the Rank Staff could perform the work. __ Three recruiting officer's* were present to watch proceedingar There were fifty- four made Sir Knights, fifty-three of whom were obligated jand instructed and the last one initiated.' Harry ^Weeks, formerly of Sterling, was persuaded to be the candidate for initiation and he made a good one. The Staff- having done their duty thoroughly and won honors to themselves, returned to their homes early this morning. While away they started a boom in that section for the corning celebration to be held here, Aug. 27. THE W. C. T.'U. CONVENTION. IVhlteslde'a Temperance Workers to Meut • in Prophdtstown. ; The W. C. T. ,U, of Whiteside. counr ty will hold a convention at Prophetstown Tuesday and Wednesday, May 18 ,and 19. ••There, will be six sessions, all of which promise great interest. Among those well known in Sterling whose, names appear on the program, are: Mrs; La Coete, of Sterling, who will conduct the opening devotionals; Mrs. Macomber, of Hock Falls, with a paper on "Our Boya"; Miss Dibble E. Bush, wlfch-a papej OQ ^'Thfl Temple; 1 ' Mrs. Huff, of Jordan; Rey. C. C- Babcock, of prie, with ait address; Mrs- Emmons, of Rock Falla, and Mrs. Gil. bert, of Jordan. Mrs, Mary B. Metzgar, of Mollne, will also be present, ' IN FAVOR OF PALMER. The Horlaulier lOiiuk Itlootg^ge Case Set..'..' WtiU by the Supreme €0111:^: W. P. Palmer, assignee, baa been no- tied that the Supreme Court of Illinois has affirmed the decision of the Circuit and Appellate Courts in his' case against Stone in regard to the latter's mortgage oa the defunct Horlacher Bank of Rock Fails. It will be reuiemtiered that Mr,Stone claimed the full amount of his mortgage, taking precedence of aii other claims on the bank. Mr. Palmer claimed, howevep, that he waa eetitltd lo QO greater prcpurtit/u of Ms claim %vet** the olktif creditors. * The has been 4ia»liy deeMe^ «ad ret« the Oirtutt Ctour^ of OUTFOEABICfTEAlIP MR. AND MRS. HOWARD PUSHING A WHEELBARROW. Are On n Trump froth Chicago to JL.OH An. Deleft, Calf., And Return—Arc Camping Today ttfoirt) of the City—The Trip Is the Result of John Howard' and wife passed through the city about 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, wheeling a wheelbarrow and traveling under the appellation of '•Two Tramps." They Irft Chicago on the first of May, on a wager, and are to walk to Loa Angeles, Calf,, and return, and must be in Chicago <>u the Uret of 'May, 1900. If they arrive in Los r An- gplee, Calf,, on time they are to receive $2,000 and the same sum on their arri TB!' at; Chicago, providing > they get there on the first of May, 1900. , This is not their Urst trip of thifl kitid. Many jn this city will remember thjalr passing through this city* 'five years, ago next August, on their .way to Chicago from Ss-'attie, Waab'. On that trip thej"arriv i ed,at, their deBtlnation siitteen:day8'aliead of time. , ;,;. ' r Mr/and "Mrs^J^ward^are.. middle aged people" and yery pleasant. They are accompanie'd, I toya;^g,f of "which Mrs; Howard t,hinks a great deal.-:' Mr. Howard' is , an , old, 'soldier,, 'having served during the entirei'rebellion as a member, of pprnpanyA, 173d, New York, The wheelbarrow, which they are pushing, is the same one that they used on their other, trip, and is loaded with a 'small t6nt and cooking utensllB. They are now camped just west of town "and will remain until tomorrow morning In order, to,wash some cloth- lag. At present they have a team and wagoi) following them.carryingBeveral trunks, which they will leave 1 at Denver with Mrs. Howard's parents, who reside there.' .A number from this city visited the camp Tuesday evening and today and were nicely entertained with maaic, Mrs. Howard, being , an adept of the banjo and posaeMirig '!'& good voice. . „..'..:.' ; ' - IN JUDGE WARD'S COURT. llusluess" Transacted There Darinff 'the ' ". , '' '. : ' '' '. Past Week.'' • ' , - "' Estate of Eva J.. McKlbben. Claim allowed to Samuel Myer, 85. 50. "•'"•' Estate of R. T. Trumball. Private sale bill filed and' approved! . Estate of Porter Benjamin/Report of private sale of personal property filed and approved. Affidavit of posting notices to creditors filed. Appraisement bill filed and approved. Estate of Susanna Cook. Claims allowed to Andrew Byers; 840; Whiteside county, 811. - ' ', In re guardianship of .Harry, Abranv Frank, John and .Amos Kreider, heirs of AbramEbersole, Report of guardian filed and approved. Consent of Harry Kreider to discharge of his guardian, John H. Kreider,so f ar as he is concerned, filed'.' Discharge ordered. Estate of Samuel W. Spangler. In re matter of petition of administrator of Samuel W. Spangler estate to sell real estate to pay debts.'- All parties in court by service of publication. S. M. McOalmont appointed guardian ad litem. Guardian ad lltemfilea answer. Those served by publication defaulted for want of appearance.. All who entered appearance in writing ruled to answer, Mury Spangler, widow, files consent In writing to sell lands from homestead and dower, Cause heard, Decree of sale, . . Estate of John. C Aldrlch on verbal petition administrator ordered to pay all accrued taxes." Estate of Maria Hillyer. Claims allowed to Agues Hillyer, »60; Lydia Hillyer, 860; M. D. John, 82% Jphq Buseny, 81.60; Moses Dillon, 81,60; W, H. Shroeder, 8J.87; C. E. Wlndom, 850; J.F.Keefer, 816. '/• / Estate of Elizabeth , A. Jackeon. Claims allowed to Robert Norrlsh,' §8; Estate of Almira Daaiels. allowed to Fred W. Pearson, ®8,75; Martha A. Shew, 8755.40; E. J.Weaver, 855. .'"•:• •.;• ,' ' : ' -.' .•;...Estate of William Geiger. Claims allowed to Daniel Rounds, 86; Eostna Schefenberg, 87; Frank Fitzgerald, S50.25; J. P. Lester, S7.23; Robert Parker, 810; Seger & Round, $44; M, G. Preston, $7.BQ; j. A . Nowleu, 815; J. F.U.Sugg, f«5. Affidavit of posting notices to creditors and certificate of publication to creditors Sled. Estate of Japo »aw. Petition to neli rea> tstatu to pay debts filed, Estate o| Elisfaa ^ockeart yetftiw to »sU teat f state to j>ajr nlffa^s, Estate o!J» <5, A^lejti, Claims allows t lo Rw, u, A, L»th«)|i, m& a?; jft. «, DeWitt West, f9; "F, ' $089; B. D, Gfeenmso, C, Nelson, f 3,60; Joha Charlea Rose, |8; C. F. Qffford, Lara Jensen, ©17.60; Charles H oott, ftr*. s §27; Meek Bro's., Sia,SOj W. fl. B*rrf.,925.53; Jerry Rmh t t46,74, r W*i- Jace MeKensie, $2.45; Matbiaa ^watt- son, f 43.E5, Estate of Satnapl W. Spanker. C!sir» allowed to Marth'a Jenka, ©30 41, Estate of Franklin Bfter. Report of sale of real estate to pay debts fllad »»d approved. Estate of John J, Comino. Repotl of administrator filed and approved, Estate of Edwin Old, Proceeding t# ' sell real estate to pay debts'. Summons returned showing '.service on Robert Davis and Henry Nuwandike, wbo making no appearance »re called attfl * defaulted, W< J. 01<t,Adeline E, Davis, Ellen M. Alldritt, Georgia* Old f Georg»' Ede, Mary -A. Davis and Roy Davis having each entered their appearance are ruled to answer inutanter and are each defaulted for want -of answef, Walter and Frank Davis being minors, and summons shbwing service on tbem- \y. W. Warner is appointed gaardiap ad iltem for them and files Hia answer. , Replication filled. Cause h«ard and decree, ___ _ :A 3 ' j ,\i Estate of Frank Hadaway^ of executor filed and approved. , In re guardianship of Robert ana \ Mary A1<S rich. > Guardian's inventory ] filed and approved, -'.^ ,* . . " ' " EEAI, JBTATE TttANSFBas' ' \' , '> Edwin LlndmSer to Margaret A^Dud- " more, lot la Fulton, 8400. Charles Shuler ro C. C, McMahon.i^t : in Fulton, 81." <-' ( , \, -'. Bartholomew, BoyerB' to .Joseph 8« Martin, lote in Sterling, ®250. • • : ' , J Frank W. 'Walzer, to Trumaa A^ ^ Serlbner, lot in Hock Falls, 81.QOO. E. D. LeFever to Anna Harmon, lot in.Sterling,8325. . r : ' . ', John J. Green to Amos Ott, lot in. Prophetstown, 8500. - r ; !- j . " C. W. Fenn.toAmos dtt, ..lotJft. •f. Amofi Ott to Nelson' jn_Prophet8town, 8500, ----' Peter Fisher to J. F; Haxta'ble; in Erie, 813,500. " ' - ' Susan E~. M. Greene to Walter Stager lots in Sterling, 81,400. " , Margarefc-A.-Harvey-to Harvey, 191 in Sterling, 8450.; MAERIAQE LICENSES. " , , Frank H. Brinker and ilargarettCh Doyle, Charlotte/la. , ; % '', William G, Maddy, Colambia, !»,»,. and L. Myrtle Rowland, Newton, 111, Charles J. Snyder and Selen. Flanagan, Fulton. .'•'." ' , John Olmatead and Ellea Johnson,. Sterling. - : ;; ,"; •.>,--• Frank W, Walzer, Sterling, and-Nal- He Lillian Colcord, Coleta. ' :ChaEleaJULiller-and Loiae -M. Corbett^, _ Fenton; ''' :'-. -. • •••• '. •••'-'•'. ' -• .-;• PLANS FOR CAMPMEETtNGw The Oakdale Park Dtrectore Hold B Meet- » S «Mfreeport. The Board of Directors of the Oakdale Canjjpmeeting ABsociatlon held. » •• meeting in Fr^eport ITueBday.'at whtoa-" time plans'for the campmeetin'g to be held at O.altdale Park, Apg'ost 18 to 22,. were under discussion. ,''., B,QY. B. B. Shultzapd L.'T. ; :Efcele,; 'of this c}ty,. were present at this meeting.- It is expected that Bishops Duba and Staa-' ford will be present 'at the campmeet- ing, and that J> P.; Billhorn'vwill' lead; the Binging... :Mr. Billhorn conducted all the musical exercise? laat year, an* gave excellent aatiBfaction. The first nfght of the campmeetingwill beglvea to the temperance question, and It is expected that a lecturer of prowiaeocft will be secured on this occaeiosjj Tfes receipts of the asBpciatioja Jaat yeir were $3,600. This fact has eneoarageil the Dbwctoip to greater efforts for tfe^., meeting to be held next Oo Wo "Much hag been, aaid and writtaftv about the inconveniences and inadequacy of tne Executive Manaloo, aod many plans. have been praoofeci la remedy its real or imaginary d writes ex-i'feaident Harrison May Ladies' Howe Joutaal. „„ have proposed to abaudoo the hows «» a place of residence, to give it over to official uses, and home for the Fr«aident; *,„ o make tbe'Uouae ^triptly place of residence, by ofiices to a suitably would be ® gra&t she vert this vbtftfy ^ai H ^ which it

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