The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 15, 1974 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1974
Page 12
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Pa** i* Drainage plans top meeting at West Columbia IJV • • %F i .^^mssiai Ry KMMA KtUOTT was instructed to ; , . materials necessary for both WKST COLUMBIA ~ the Borwrd StreH art. a«J DrtkMg* win g«t a good start lh» IMarweado* drainage at cemetmg $am# of the projects whJdj win totts* • • •-- " ' of this nrtt BMMtt fttacttg • »- tKh*tantt Mtw « aw north >4de at test Bernard. down South nth St, cQnttattfiw to Md «H*rii« HiHobte. Thb -*—*•*- turn ocpui tor Oft East Bernard am to be dratocd Into Use l«h Stittt HOIKING Ed WUOwttiL chalrmtB of the Hoo*ln« Authority Onvkmitleef said Ms f^fw^t. would not be owwrajtaf for federal aid of this kfod wan a dead swte at the prewoi ttene. Tht federal tomnmtnt to to the act now of nnatiiinf eJa« AJsMUnenoilTertiwUlhe used to replace present estfsttag IMnch tile an Smth. Hth and One-Half and Swift Uth Streets, Withe* wffl IK dug accordfefiy. Alt tife Ukn up will be reused in some way during the work. Ootwefl decided «t its Monday OH* meett»* that the rate were ten high to follow &, A. Russell and «f advertising for bids. te- stead it was decided to me Irt, 2 county eojulpfUGnt. Coauaifsicntr John Cayfe Jr., who was pment, said be would quote aa hourly rate tor rental (or Cradall and operator by letter* He abe staled R would be necessary to tut*e an engineer or representative Into Russell competent to ran grade, to be working with the crew at Use line. Gayle suggested. using fix- root lengths of reinforced attach tile instead erf four fort Mogths foeotiooed to be used for this storm sewer, Oty Manager E, D Partite for federal funds financing touait« for the eWrrty ills report on the com? mif tee'* vM to htthrfe* four slury aoartment buiUin«t in Alice, however. w*t e»- ctturegfog* The buiMM^ fc he said* was Ui very ^ood iMwf » well^planned and well maoaiped. Each tenant had (rowing plants and vegetable* to coatainen In the acuity arranged individual *«« trances, A large recreation iuwu and the mftBiftgymmtf office on (he Ant floor kepi Ottogn to congenial nanta* of del William* staled he w»* tieing catted lor mentations for W«st Cetanbu * httwe home for the elderly, but he told them a they surted today it till! would be two ytan CnhtmWa for thrir share of the etpeMM far the months of August and September t*e amount of ff6S monthly toe** city ta due the Rr»« of each month, h*w«*«r t statements had net ptcviously bent autbortxd to be »«l for payment, ChW of Polke Jake Jacobs reported the four «S»patchers hay* been tevited to sttead * seminar m Houston eiftOtt it Pottee offlcen Grafti tfudmi vfthntewred to work far the day dispatcher on bj» fey off to enable her to •Head the one- COMMimvK A commlilee of three councitmet*. S D GupUm, Al ROMA and CWf Baler. was appointed by Mayor C 8. Gilbert at the request of City Attorney Halt W Griggi to meet with bank officiate of the First Capitol Bank The meeting a (o work am dctta* «o lit** ami uwurgner «B the fortner biubbng occupied by tbetatifc that may be im»ed to the city « a library PttUOK HMJfV Mayer Cittwtt K»ked the cotmcii to «U(t awpoticy on potke procedar* to fe&mittg * " ' leha.4el»thepmitf«f The «hiM« tot an The n«w j»feee waasaid to he to jeod working order with four dbpatcbcra working sraaad rhe ctock. Couoctl ia»truel*d city Mrs Witau TVrtkr of Braioria and West Wwt Coiumlwi on )tighw»jt M (ctag oarth AlW * a&art docuMtan. tottactl decided iht otfkrr en duly ihouU «w h*» cwndiMrelion ai Ui* ticw. MUTCH BILL A Mil lor It «W> jjfiotM «f <*attr uta«» to M»* « K to Clufe Counc//... (Caatinued from Page I) the council couldn't resist taking a jab at the (xwwWay of seeing another federal or Hate agency being fagroducni «the farm of the CZMP and when asked for their most unporaat problem, the council replied. "The most orastog problem fei the mflkknde of federal and *ate agencies totcNermg *«b local control." .-.....,.,.- Becauteof the great somber of federal and suie ageeeie* the coondt has to contend with, the council abc askni lor -streamtoing and procedural probtenu with the Mate aod fc<lff>at agfiK'iea and the^ reduction of the nutnervijEi MCV productive atgvucjcs)^"* **We/..dn acrtr.go to juM one ageoor «tene«ei we h*t* a reaifeag *«* anrmal ttee ihi» (KBtag, Mr» Boforti cw^eaifci the, 4 l«ne tCTxitn*, mjjd n«t nan; UMK! (tea %Kwqat (rf Tee euyor *t4C*d hft of Iftjtti (a*«* *«• rocnpurtd (n llw t«y"* Mr* Bttford. bawr««r. *** several and they untsBy aO haw dUftrew ecfatfc«si' Encapsnlumf their platform fete * single lutrmou. the eooacfl said. "If we are to remain a gavtiumtm of. by aod for the people and not a government of. by and fee the bureaucracy, then we must carefuBy consider the topikations of the use and anuae of puwet inherent in granting control to guMiiauest and reductipn of local controL" "As ckctejd officials represcntiag our city." t*U Quids, "w* fed like local control should be mamtataed rtgardtims of the federal and state agencies. We would bke to see. a program, cure, tut w« would tike to see s program that works to conjunction with local g0veroj&et%&/'" Qty Manager Eton Kultoo and Councibnen Thurmatt and Sttvas plan to represent Owe at the area CZJIP meeting in toy Oty IMneaday, Kerns imssmg, trucks damaged U» rity office corriretien *iB be rrudr no her bill The m*ttt fe«* betti checked («*eA«d found lo tw tf> K«ad wwtuag odw, a«cording I* C«ri Si«|rfMiw ottlity iaeeri«tcMt»cMt. •ivf .vw pttojccr la rtsyoBnc lo Uw mnor't 36 Bridge. !C«stim»al tram t*»<» suso. The W*)(ar» F'Unoing Council h»» nude * oioi/act wilh (he Hou»(cc»f^th<r»too Areti Cottfani to 4r>«top atwl deliver *»r»Hr«* Jor elder «<Jutt» The advisory roo»- nuttee will help dntfoe the progrium PEARLANO - A farm at Mil County Road IQl was hit by vandal-type thieves Stav Florence TeaXf of Ikwrton rrponet) the mctdrot to the SherifTs Department Listed as missing were 14 (ires valued at II J». and an air comprtwinr valocd at H« And, CSAO worth of daouge •as done to trucks parked on the farm, Liberty Bell , Sine* U&t the Ubert;B«U has raslcd in the hall of FhU- MteJpbia'f Old Sut*hou»e on a tS^ided pedesul, each side representing one of the lorwawTlJ colonies. SELECTED STOCKS On* A»*r. T A T . ..... O Chrysler ...... ,,.,,«*» «JC ....... „,.,..«**» Ovt* ..... .......... ...«*4 Molar t* ..... >»H Fr**9«rt MtMr«i» l»^» Co tin! MMMt •, t - - J7 OS«f 08 ... :,.,„',. .,J1»« UML Lgt- * f*w«r »H HotkNal. C«* tm KW *^ Itar*o7 < *..,.''.r,,. l*» J. C. rtaaey inquiry by Wter la tbs T»H*» High**; Department la Houston en tht Highway » hyps** project, the tttttwar department aid the final environmental Impact *tat«BMat a*ti W|Wf I OUbet I aim reported «n a c«tnpUiat frenj M«r«i« iW&e of TV qmaaet tl an a faf 4Mlfe*c(ffWil of IBghway Jl WW <hnft«l httt M tfetiwa **» rwwhul t» tin t tnw* ta tfe highway design dhttm in Austin tar approval aad further handling with the federal kighway »*. It t» hoped route approval *Ut bt *b< Uined wtth» thews! f» d»j* *ad a design pabbe tearing eoufcf he set far tarty I«* Ah* an adjnt|iatt*t ** traftk »lfaate wllbta elljp t«nu» wtfi he mad* to optrsJ* j^ai ft lUL^a^BMt MH^aMM^aSA was cwtadvl MM! taM ht WOtMB MTHAgft 19 JW<^ IWWWfl aWV U«d1er mw aottfW «f thto (act being repMted utiunr Paitln in abt ttf«rl rKommMKM *a ttKt«*t« W water, *e»w *«l «»•**»» raid* t» b«c««i« etf«Nrliti« AMHartelioo wltt m*W ftet M, m (Miriwjr ai t; 5» pm, «| th* TAXKl (at M ttn. a* MBBHt l» MWHHKt **N* f«f tatted w> *JKMttt|*« bit f KH »fl l»sfi«j VIA* MMmeted t* A ftrt «t «tn««» a» is* r«*wf*f«d by »"«* t m *» a*«»al ttre«4 «*l tettga Of wuiiiaarmr •ppp ^^^^^^^^ W.. ***. 1 9n» 9v* •» Tun Ut» •• i|»«>»M">*M"»W"f'*"Wj ' ^^ g(--i ^ais«** ii *iWS rSJ^S.!,^^ *-» *1/wtt t teat JLf A MM OLL£GRO SOUnD 5y5T£fl15 ...component/ in a package! t." i »* !-« ' **A Mjfc. ...... I- '2S? * g "**** «**•«*» * Haft, It. *lt*» * ' *** w* *** NOW antzen WC* SWEATER* • FANTC The Funny Farm Fun & Novelty Shop . B« it i giit for fun or § one ^^^^^j__^^^^pj^p^*iw>__jBi njipiHMif wBip jajMBUt For moH T«tg« drfy«Y«, 9tal* Firm h«f r»lM that f/t f«% Ik br M Yw llHetm ta, iDaftuiflMUMlw IB ^iJHki^flMI 1i^^iJ|HIH|^i^^^ ^P" PW^BW^B^ * J^ L «^ avaft/ TSH ft* E4KWH.MII tM«« «»•««*» C«« >» CW>l«l»l< to 4. C»L»UJI ******** *•**'* nvattttfcm* >W •mw. MOW M3SJ8 i (>«•*» SMr Mk»»l*«tl» "**«- 1*0* IWWM MAM HUMtWmm »w Mw »«««* f*nw INMIM * —*^ ***«W Mw» <*<«» M MN. «<* »M*» «MMM«w»^4 I M AM ttw MMK* **w» (sM *•«««««* ****** "Sow o£V MIM8 .Id inui •i JW Ht * * , i • * iMMI .«WM goe« in before the mm go«« on* UKI MCHION tfTWtft

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