The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Page 1
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WHAT to rood MAKY (tmirilmied muth time, money «nf tilort to ttu> re «rf *nU*lloA «n4 r*v|iatiMU«« el the Ctuto. An «fw« tat** Out ewj provide Ife* wittt *B twptirtuiut} la t*» »*•« hi* tarn For * Milk*'* rtpart en IJtWf* t« »T !Ur ft Sky and Sea am nt s* tannin, Sim VsR«|Sifl J; ».'*.*«,<« »ri? y> * % i ti Mil H A r i. Wi \IBH.HT » U«7 **> fta H up. ' ID fill » wp f» art Fill 'er up till f h* runt out Vuw can «j|| »ay "fill '« up" »*«* yw dj >v« Into r,w« «, U* at fjxt**Md «*t i« Mutton* iliminWi |f»*»r«1 «h« *nd rf th«? month, may find ooor* w* f «t^y *o thrtr f4«a Anther M«iion mawaftr MM fw to* pfcm <« "mil ItlJ f run out md clone up UJI f pt mor *," A*k«d M h* thought ft lo har« ar* MUM ar* lu ( t»i*t all«icatJ«|{ or Itmiimii wl« In 10 changing j and «r t « «i)«n demd he rtplW, "H wouldn't itwfc* ftam *» tf i bey *]IM* hi *td w»frt«d * fllJ rtp «*l could «il> §et If fpfton*. Alw, ( have ii» on«l*» ih« enM of Mp. f e*n'l handfe «h« CTjwmwfl* nation employee* juM to Mil 0** t* l0K*ttom M * ttm* 10 1 eottomer Iff Jim no( fry on ftfftr* f« !hf (1) fi^ to "cliMmi; up rather ih»n Iryhig to Mr«f h theg** out." Ail »(?/«*! (he ftM iforUKe *^l **< * •* «w«* w n-><T w*ar* on, tlnc# matoriMi uke to art matt and more, « operator* h*v* ttoil the wr. K« fhf (ir«( dm* tffectn <feftnJ{ir *b«rt how forfau*' reacikmt | hti* (<j guw» what'* Jiang to happen. WVre aelltag H a» i«e've gr*i rf. bm J ean *lready f*W (he owl of Ihe will to bad." a Uk* Jactwon Katson manager «w*y «f*> tntn Vrj «>i a day *a4 '.ft 2X- f jtrs a da) *"' fvt ttwu* *)so ha r'w t* taring t* h« and many Mtars r iirr>i«j) Ahtjfiir^d hours and are claftiisK one day a »«*fc » t twi out at !h« etwl ol ihe nx>o«j, III jtett cfa#e up tin? and go (whir.-* umlil nmi morth. Aftrf it* way it took* rww I'm reavjreaMy *ur« j'tt nm »hsrt at »fe* end of thi* frwnm I !hwk ^l abewt all of u» are in lh«*3m« boat/' An Angkton HaiMn twoer Mid "rijjjto now w* )«« don't torn- «tut will h*ff*o fha by th« wd •»< iha rn/»th »*1I t#j* to ^a»'^dif !>i* r*xj two rwmths It may gtt so bed ' ' and jwM (imrf (hr ti ar ii ).*t <- r. *rfX*K.' tat 'j> ttei*, iff ! t5-sf. ){ rxj/ '.'.. 14 kr <•.*»«• to rt^uUr ontom«r«."' Afafctaian ro*a wid fc* !no plins {« «>H owtil hr te* io r Vjs# up, Uti at«» v««nd the «J*a ih*t i f >«• wntfi'l tdl !o *«} UxJy not erf ttwf cou/uy, all th»t« »«»i*nd tcurbu tram *»ill tfi f^ n iBjixirf/* gwssa But for the aU!ri <ki *w< some commKewmi to rt*Mirau ftra OaUrtOCemU B 0 The form/x do//y paper of Brazoria County razoria may THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS • • txa WHJb Yr<r. No »i ftrypof1.Tfiat.~m \\r4pf~uiiy, Jaae2#, in J 23> Page* in Two Sectium Daily 19 ( be re-united ,*. »oirrc ,^ Airport one „. step nearer I; BRIEFS '^ 5! -'.ilut « '. -ktrf-l w.,-^ R» »«<»•»* UK ift i »»».!} j.«SJ(itlB lrtf |'!**$K»': it t J*»/". 4< JtAi* t <«;.« I 't ;«!ii « 1 K UtfcK-t-nJ ii«: yur < AMI- OA\lt> M< Osataixr the as tbu r-f. wntfi Ml hi) ri»JTjr Vj tlitt*. Schoof Board se/ecfs bank ? ttoe lirf-ftrs:*, w A icww (MIVV. r>r lt«f (irvl ia (*j«4«J toeA in icniirtS a ittf ibt ar«a aafciavf ibe Two* Conrecuaw to trade 4 p»ore of (sx^Mt; lot Unt «td fewrsafiy thip asffurt to O*rom!aaJ(X!«r's {i«rf** j cttinS} project. "TSe iir« and biggest Gabnie* said, *'fe«3 Oo* Cftemtcal Staff ;4 »•** ti* ' <*>».. Doiffs i(Mrti> d«wf or . f El One hijacker is convicted for o «•»! • Af Ing4i3xr.i (h* t>J> mb»r t Unuwn wtd !ht >.» "much hit t tlAMI "» , hi.* i cotnpc-tetecy :» tttnportrtS) (rora tfce Ui oil tfce p bv the City hall squeeze is sfud/ed af LJ (. S . jBir> US OsUTiCt W \Mtaw Iht'.tf JT <Irr«in"» ca»* .^i the fCTfeJU •:«! T«i jr.d (Ac or« atrp>xt lock* lr«Ti tbn point lirftnvtti) avlo th< it r«r* inicrii but a! from for fa * kit : to Yori Al littx rfit h»d ll-«c four »T«nk Uia.1 at r \ t t, H o H M \ r R * It t B fc K . <> A N HI.MKliT. H HH.HI.A . M* »AttVt AUmW.1, IJ HUHAHU IHANKIIN fuKKtt. I.VVM; «.HAV IUAB «vd HUVMf. "AUI.KKMV... ){<• full rrtp«<v.ii* vat (fctn Hill Krltjclt iiw oemmltire (UM) t»j tx tiKi^M Jo th a r*-« «tt itt U <»nvi!,*r with ail thr tituatrao TV,;t to »rri » <3t K lo A-rrwW on ibc wat madr Arnold bad MstCtorCtt lirr.f to cirvatr t°> council UM VTUl' M«,V j the TraHtc the w«4 <t»d at •;* et !br at a otnrkvi w .Vr» Vott City 4cc«»*«3 ol U-. rar.K^n the i»»w i IKI crf« af !«• the plan* rr turnc-4 to then 'V'!%« tr. a Jrt to UM Count) *irjx>tt > Richwood Council to meet Thursday RICH* o O D \fBKIW»C*J»<Ti! d! 3 tWTIi Ol)- W.HCT and Newt? (>rfurt£>(«l ckrk i.-vj if^M.r,lmoa! d a no* C«wpacAtKK Court ckri She during ewl> stsd ptotr,e4:«>»! Use project The comnsUtre'i current Equalization board members are appointed 8) UANET CADOV AJfGLTTON ~ A tbrte- tnroib«9- board ai equaliutioo «ii apptxnLrd tut cigb? b> the Board o< Rducatkn of the Acglrioo laJepcracVnj School Dsatrsct Menibert appznJeti to the board arv Cunts Joe Mowtty o( Sand) Point. Kroneth Bern mm and Alan Wtemkco, txxh ol .Aj5#ieicn The board ••rfl hoid iw first rat*Ung Wrdncidiy July 11, 41 9 am. TV AngietiM School Board voted to renew IU rannbersiup »ilh the Texas .AiioculKe o< Sciiooi Beards. Swperuitrndrat Jack Simmons commmded 'Jve aMocialtm (or tu acuvtu«s dunog the bji lentil* live ittsKtfi He JUled that repreveniativei of the auociatioo testified before l of! Pajje 1 s i The otsu (or rcitvaac Ihr T«ia. «.n vtudctv! p m Ah.o cMiRcslntca mill vh vtuv* {MirrhintRK an MHavcnnt rttuider lor ot> (uii a^rrxlj ilrttu arc a «i Uw |jurchM« ol a w-* otj tractor and rrporU (natn oxssrUnscn «» rim-rod tc $7'7.7 million fop bid for oil lease Narrow escape from flood wafers u, I>»:I;MCIUU;NNY cknun llw mutulr* *<" the A A a day c4 fear. P »ai«r Ut»r and the k«».» Thr Milim. tbnr li >«»r «M «iiu0*)«T Wufvcltc, her (tinxJ Maha Zabana, a M>ria liird tuinwl t>jrlic k>t*T »of all vamped *m Kwk«()M> Crt«k SJillrc at t(tt-> ihr kd (UittiAjUriv he mud, in\jui<' it wrat ,«» like » gv»«il (ia cr In irUx Own hit TVw H afrt * 4* ,> 'trad? and had v!*H<\J nwiv.u^ up mto the Splint J > Mr» MilUt wallirJ in (tuni <»i llw C»M<.\ »«i« dit«p »*t«, >»r$»p»tn; out Miller dnnv Tlxn they *ou!d MUkt knew lh»-> <«uW rw( g« out by the ht -said through NEW ORLKANS iAPl The federal goveroment, an.\KKU to boost <xl and ga* supplies, reviewed bids iM UUtoo tcday for oe 104 tracta <rf in the oil nch Uuli a/ Meiwo Bsds frtatn o*l compatue* angling for oew dnlltng space in ibe GuU ««re opened Tut*da) ui Ibe tturd of(*hore teue taie in oute monltts l>e*pite objection* from |i had rawed itt «*l d the 12 ds>» *c had been (trie itarnctl UtUrr wh*. Uri wtpttc of Ibv almuti i«u»tait( (b»n|n.iur ihr («mtl> had (suited thetf W. n*M t« we oi*n«l b> (orm« fivrt*Ht«r Jimid) &af<»{d, into a rccreati»u are* T»if> i4cf>< In a travel staik-r mil to the Safford'* caMn ami ll.r> had aUo brrm|lM with I twin thrrv bgat». (our *hrv) il/ni> UMt » Huidi and sU the ojuijmwrt a lamU> aoquUnt wlmt U u. "vutduut* urkntcd " Hie trailer Iwd t»cn uuililicd "with all kind* uf gwxic* MIKC A) use* 11 tauttint and mn»ctli>n» park* it war (he piki»' dwci to rvaf IN." Mt» Mittcf wld on tin- Macwnd (rf thiw Irvd* «bu»T the i J«i. the Thr> vrii! to U>1 Turxtay ru^hl a lilllr JH«vhcn«vf but. AiiJto, r«>< rrall> «ucTlnl ctm vthrt) n-jxitu M( (k«.xtiy; in the I -ik,f I j\ uvjCMoK «rva had «m\f in f v t-r tlx 1 ra Ao lhauig ilw iit^ht v ',-,},! Milk* ft u|> wvera) tune* •Biit rat l> V> «\!m-A*ljy inorniii^ the » I»>W iamtl) a M-V ly * fer«r swd *v *«u out thrw^h the (wldi " Ji iwk H<MI!V ih»«* hour* tw injkv ihe U o«W- tn'k to r,carl>> I1u-y gut the gir U to hljjb ground and he and Mr* Mtlta l» jHtsii and pull tt«- (raikr thmta^t (I* mud up lo«ard the Uu!l tttwn a ti>» UIH- bttAc Ilie tiailer Uucked the ru&l. U«Ucf Mid, Mid tlictv v%a» rni'ijy to get ilwir cat ou\ *Uu» (KMit* tiaJ ahtsaj) »a»ht<d a»a> m wtui Mr* Miller a M*Wm. liu^c, r«JiiivS vtall U water 'like a Ug ihin«»; Mr* MiUet satd twt the family and MUA iaUitu iniU'J m Oluvctuo uith xuivc lud »iultta ui a t«g. {itaMK- gjiUajic Ug" assd had on Uunr Mr* about w« pollution, leaae ulc» hav« beeo humed akn( under P resident NUoo'a potKrji- of etpaodwg oiishon production to help dc«J with the t»lwo'* 'eaergj crisis." AaoOwr sale a upeclcd is the fail mvulvu^ oUthon i. AUbama g pmrt u< uut The tteM day Wilier (tad UK- u Hie " Sallwd iutd tu Uwi by baas ti> w* tf wtut It^d happetwd ty had U'ticr «t»Andun UK tiaikr He go( ihr !nmtl\ and iuiiuvab miu ttiv ViMG and U-gan Ibv tong trip out ) lit it > luwiUy tound (In 1 1 riuler, xuur iuur tu five uulrt du*n the and Florida A Cali/oroia oiiitoaft »*t* wu teoUUvely sUi*d brior* year'* eod Of 1IM tract* offered flv« ««r« on tiw MSI »nd tfae rwt uf the Tt*ai shore p*r cent *«« root* than yt miks fron Und in water M» la H» (wet r«w«r ifaui W W«*y lo prwluc» ail The ml, according tu ge«iogtcal tens, were gaa prune The top bid of the iole *ai jn.TW.aoo for S.7W acrts 70 miks south o/ GjJvritcn, or HJ.eo per acre The bid waus offered by a combuulioc of M«w Petroleum. Caoidiaa Occid«aUt of California. QumUtu Of (shore, Inc.. and Buravih (M Kxptor»tJoo TVre w«rv t« buds on that one tract Nearly ail tut, tads were wwd* by varying cianbma ol u4 cunip*nf«« CMft- tnor* cu:nbuiatiuos at the than at *uy other io the uf aftshur* loiiaig Big piuugwi, t*hd turuM up in various combioatt«MU, including C»tvci Servic* OU O>. Hnuuud UHUSIJIU 4 Ttn- * tXbhurv iH.ATO/. Motel UU Co . and Poiawd O*t»hoe* Cos UptriJuc., inc. iPUQUi. Juau ttaokut, h«4<i ui th* lotcnor liepartnwol'* agtocy ollice h*«, re»d Uws oewly otMoed bids before about »u ait men %bo cnw4t4 » btg at § hotel **i QO tigum

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