The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1956 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1956
Page 22
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5-Alflona (la.) Upper Des Moine« Tuesday, December 11, 1956 Tidbits From Evelyn I am anxiously awailing the T. V. . pr.of.rnm Sunday evening, the $64,000 challenge, 'for I have icrt'ived \vnrd fiom Letha I'ar- i»U Nim>-. of Now Yen k City that lifi son Bruce i.< taking part in it, j-,nd it i.s possible her daughter Li/a will also take 1 part. Many (if tlu 1 older residents here will i omember my very i>oud friend Elhol "Shortie" Lowo \vlui moved from lu-re with tier parents. Mr ;,nd Mrs Henry Lowe tn South Dakota. There Ethel met and married Ralph Parrot!. To thorn wore burn two children. Ralph Jr. and Let ha/ Letha attended Northwestern University and met William Nims whom she married They have two children Bruce and Liza, grandchildren of my friend. "Bill" is associated with the Ford Foundation. * * * Ted Herbsl mei my cousin Jean Cady when thov were students at ln\va State Teachers College. Cedar Falls, and the other day we discussed briefly where she was and a few such things. I told him she was teaching music in a college at Baton Rouge, La., her second year. I said so far she WHS heart whole and fancy free. A letter two days later* from her mother Julia. (Mrs Gerald Cady of Mason City) proved how wrong I could be, for Julia said she had received a recent jolt— Jean lias announced to her family she became engaged at Thanksgiving time to a man whom she met at Interlocken. Wis.. last summer while teaching there. He is music instructor at Bkiominglon. Ind. , * • * ' : " It was only last week I men- tioncd the bock which was to be published of Raymond Kresen* sky's poems. The ink was scarcely dry when a friend informed me the book is already off the press and orders have been taken. • » • Some lime ago I mentioned that Herbert Le Dow of Minnea<- polls, Minn, was quite sick and had been hospitalized for some time. Recently I was talking with his wife's mother. Mrs Hallard Snyder and I inquired about him.- He is no\v at home but will not return to work for a little while. He is employed by an electric and power company. Ills wife is the former Bonnie Snyder. * * • While t was talking with Mrs Snyder she told me about transplanting some trees and doing some work in her bed of chrysanthemums. It was December 3—quite a record for Itrwans to be able to do such outdoor work so late in the season. So take special notice all ye Iowan.s who are now fugitives in California. • » * One often wonders what 0110 would do in a serious situation, and Ancell Spencer has found out, to her sorrow, that one's reactions to dangers are often followed by not so pleasant consequences. The other day she was preparing a meal in Her brand new and up-to-the-minute kitchen when some butter splattered, caught fire, and the situation seemed to call for immediate action. Just what to do she didn't know, and in sheer fright, she WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA! 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Power Tools We're really the "Do It Yourself headquarters for the handyman with the nationally famous brands — Delta bench saws, jointers, drill presses, lathes; Black & Decker elec. drills; Skil portable electric saws and many others. Lots of hand tools, too. BEAUTIFUL GIFT WARE You'll find the choicest selection of giftware of any store in this area. Just a few of the hundreds of gift ideas are listed here: — • Westmoreland hand-made milk glass. • Shadow Boxes. • Woven Baskets. • Figurines. • Wooden salad bowls. • Brass plaques. • Complete assortment of pottery, vase* and planters. • Laiy susans. • Aluminum tumbler sets. • Cosco stools and tables. • Redmon clothes hampers. • Revereware. • Little Brown jugs and chests. • Ceramics. Boontonware Unbreakable Dinnerware f CHRISTMAS TOYS You'll find Algona's biggest selection in all types and classes for youngsters from 10 months to 10 years. And you can select from just about any price range. A few suggestions: sled, tricycle, wagon, elec, train, doll, holster set, tool chest, pound bench, action toy, building toys, play kitchen, doll nursery, playhouse set, toy musical instrument, elec. phonograph, chemistry and microscope set, wheel toys, games. 8 SPORTING GIFTS Our shelves are full of sporting goods for all types of sports . . . footballs, helmets, shoulder pads, basketballs and goals, plus baseballs, gloves, balls, bats, ice skates, sleds, guns, all fishing equipment, croquet sets. Ut Us Gift Wrap Your Presents Hall - Strahorn HABDWARi grabbed the pan and set it on the floor. Now the new linoleum is of a very good quaHty> but after all, it will stand only a certain amount of abuse. So right where the pan was set, a red, hot utensil, there on that lovely hew flooring is a spot bearing witness to feminine panic. Well, what would you have done? Maybe worse than she. • * • • I had a chat with Elmer Phillips down town one of those nice days nearly in the month. We got to talking about his job, driving school bus. I was astonished to learn there are 12 needed to transport the children to and from the halls of learning. It is very systematic too, and carried out "on the dot." I still think he and his wife Ruth should move back from Sexton. I know Ruth agrees with me and I have a sneaking suspicion Elmer thinks so too. Being a man he probably won't own up to it. • • • It is lough luck when a little guy who has just joined his family has to be left behind with strangers when Mom goes home from the hospital. That is what happened to wee Mark Thiel Steffan who was born at St. Ann hospital, November 27. Thy very day he was to take his first little journey, sister Janet Kay come down with the flu and it was safer to leave the little fellow in friendly hands at the hospital than risk catching sister's disease. He is now in the bosom of his family and of course is the center of attraction. • * • Here's a remark from another little man, a five year old who likes to go down town with grandma Lizzie. Yes, I am talking about Rickie Post who wae with her a few days ago. The windows are so intriguing with all the Christmas displays, a fel- lo-w just can't hurry past, so after quite a lot of urging by grandma who was in a hurry, Rickie said, "Can't you let a poor little boy have any fun?" » * * Lucille Crose Andersen sent me a clipping in a recent letter which was of interest. It showed Priscilla Southgate and her husband Nicolas Furjanick of Long Beach, Calif., with others who had attended the concert by the Long Beach Symphony orchestra. .Mr Furjanick is concert master. Just to identify Mrs Furjanick further, she is sister of Olive Herbst, aunt of Ted, Joel, Ben and Adel and daughter of Mrs Josephine Southgate and the late Rev. Southgate. • • • Not only will there be rejoicing for the Yuletide at the St. Thomas Episcopal church this year, additional joy comes from the fact that by that important date there will be a new electric organ installed. The members have worked diligently toward this goal and their efforts have bourne fruit. i • * • 4 Isri'i it odd what happens as the years go by? Back around 1902 or 03 my aunt Mary Cady (Pat's wife) crocheted what was then called an "opera shawl" for my grandmother Cady. After several years of service, the yarn still being good and useable, the shawl was raveled, yarn carefully put away and portions of it used from time to time, for what, I don't remember. Recently I made some knitted bedroom slippers for three little Cady.s. One pair of yellow, one blue and one bright red and with appropriate trim. I decided to make black trim, on the red ones and needed but a little yarn. So to the work box, and was quite a ball of the black yarn. How could we have known years ago that grandma's shawl would contribute to the trim of an article for her great-great grandson? • • • Beulah Richardson's canary Dickie tried to out-talk her the other day when I chatted with her. He sang a beautiful song and I commented on it. She told me of the bird's habits, one of which is that he is most considerate—he never sings till the family is up and around. It is not uncommon for him to sing as late as nine o'clock at night. What he misses in the morning, he apparently makes up at night. Often he tries to out sing the piano when'Marilyn Black is there. We had a bird Billy that tried to do the same thing when I played my violin—perhaps with good reason! • « • I was under the impression that all the states had woman suffrage at the same time. Amy Davidson also labored under this delusion and when she saw an item about a woman who had voted 17 times, Amy got to figuring it up and she couldn't see how that could be, the privilege having come, so we supposed, too late for the 17 times to be possible. Came an answer, most informative to us, which explained that the state this woman lived in had voted in the law providing for suffrage some time previously. • * » I called the Gordon Schmidts for news the other day. His wife wasn't home and he wasn't sure what there might be of interest. I said, "Do you trust yourself or do you trust your wife?" He laughed and replied, "I trust my wife." • » • Howard Piatt has recently returned from Pomona, Cal., where he visited his son George. George is a mechanic on flight lines P.A.C. at Chino. They had dinner with Mr and Mrs Norman Best. They also were guests of Mr and Mrs Alex Dermand who live in a trailer court at Santa Monica. California isn't quite the "bed of roses" and bonny clirne that the natives would have us believe. It was 20 at Indio-Indio of all places, squatted right on the desert—and a friend who lives in Hollywood said it had been 90 for a few days, than a sudden dip in temperature made gps fires necessary. Mabel Samson also related a story of going to see the Rose Parade one New Years day and the flowers on one of the floats had frozen the night before. * * « Just a few items from December 1924 — Mrs Nancy Kuhn (grandmother of Gordon) esteemed pioneer lady, died aged 90. Helen .Falkenhainer and Henry Pletch wedded. Small pox scare caused many people to be vaccinated. Fern Scarborough, school girl, killed by Algona bus near Humboldt. (my gosh, isn't the phone company ever "put"?) Algona's new telephone system installed. Swea-Harrison Club Holds Xmas Party Swea Cily—The annual Christmas party of the Swea-Harrison 4-H club was held Monday night Dec. 3, at Luther hall with 4? members and their parents present. New members include Duane Schmicking, Paul Thoreson and Sam Diaz. Kevin Thorson of the Eagle 4-H club told of his award trip to Chicago. 4-H belts were given to members who received 95 or above on their record books. Certificates and seals were handed out to members belonging to 4-H work four or more years and the program-for the coming year waf discussed. The program for the evening included a baritone Christmas selection played by Maurice Anderson and a vocal solo by Janef Thoreson. Pictures and slides were shown bv Alfred Andersor and Richard M. Anderson. Aftei the program games and a grab bag were featured, and lunch was served. Infant Succumbs A son, Douglas Brad, was born Dec. 4 to Mr and Mrs Dennis Looft at an Estherville hospital The babv passed away the afternoon of Dec. 5, having lived only 20 hours. He is survived by his parents, a sister and a brother. A short funeral service was conducted Friday at 2 o'clock at the Curtis Funeral Home, with the Rev. Ekeberg officiating. Burial was in Harrison twp. cemetery. Mr and Mrs A. J. Bilsborough left Dec. 6 by rail frofr Mason City to spend the holidays with their son and family, 6on Bils- boroufih, Barstow, CalifT It was soon after the Revolutionary War that Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. HOSPITALS Nov. 21 — Mrs Willard Steffan, Algona, boy, 7-6; Mrs Donald Holmes, Livermore, boy, 9; Margery Dogotch, Whittemore, T & A; Randy Schutjcr, Algona, T & A; Mary Brink, Bancroft! T & A; Mrs Leroy Ditsworth, Algona, surgery; Kathy Farrell, Whittemore, T & A. Mov. 29 — Philip Lynch, Burt, surgery; Mrs Eugene Nut-re, Bancroft, medical. Nov. 30 — Mrs Harold Thilges, Ottosen, girl, 7-3',<.; Mrs Phil Ballard, Algona, boy, ll-4Vfe; Ro* bert Pingel, Algona, medical. ' Dec. 1 —i Mrs Richard Zaugg, West Bend, girl, 7-Vfc; Mrs Paul Lonergan, Algona, medical; Mrs Bill Hanover, Whittemore, medical; Mrs Daniel Shey, Algona, girl, 7-^. Dec. 2 —. Mrs Waller Wood, Renwick, boy, 8-14V&: Darrell Fett, LuVerne, accident; Mrs Wilmer Wichtendahl, Fentoft. pneumonia; Ronald Clafk, Luverne, accident; Baby boy Steffaft, Algona, boarder; Vincent Becker, Bancroft, surgery. Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt Is the only president's wife whose name was not changed when she married. SELECT YOUR.. "OPERATION CHRISTMAS TREES" HEADQUARTERS EAST OF COUNCIL OAK! From The AMERICAN LEGION! The Algona American Legion Post is sponsoring a Christmas Tree Project to raise funds for the All-Important Junior Legion Baseball and I Joys' State Funds. Give the Legion your support by buying your Christmas tree at the special headquarters NEXT DOOR (EAST) TO THE COUNCIL OAK STORE! PROCEEDS FOR THE JR. LEGION BASEBALL & BOYS' STATE FUNDS! 1,000 TREES TiHE WELL STOCKED f CHRISTMAS STORE The Chrischilles Store The Old Peddler Used to Say "You Can't Sell Goods Out of An Empty Wagon." • The old peddler used to say, "You can't sell goods from an empty wagon". By the same token, you can't sell holiday merchandise if your stocks are depleted and run down. THE CHRISCHILLES STORE believes that it has the finest, best assorted stock of gift merchandise it has ever been its pleasure to offer its customers. Different, distinctive items, not found in other retail stores. Quality merchandise you'll love to give your friends; and they'll appreciate receiving it. PLENTY OF MERCHANDISE - PLENTY OF EXPERIENCED SALESLADIES In addition to ample stocks of well-selected gift items, THE CHRISCHILLES STORE has a large group of trained, intelligent, experienced and courteous sales ladies to assist you in your purchases. In these busy, rushing days before Christmas, what a relief to be waited on by pleasant, obliging salesladies who, know their stocks and are able to give valuable suggestions! THE STORE OF THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT It's a real treat to shop in this beautifully decorated, tastily arranged holiday store. Everything is so well displayed, with a background of rich, gold stars and decorations. And while you're here, be sure to see the moving, life-size Santa Claus in our cast show window and also the lovely Christmas tree on our second floor. Bring the kiddies and let them enjoy the Christmas spirit as reflected in the atmosphere of this popular CHRISTMAS STORE.

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