Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 2, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1936
Page 4
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II n\ THE LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX/ IOWA THURSDA- Thursday, April 2 ' Chapter PW, P. E. O: will'meet this evening at the home of Mrs 1 Ben Walter. Friday, April 3 r A Community Party, will , be held at the high school gymnasium this evening. A pot luck supper at seven o'clock, followed by cards and dancing. • The Royal Neighbor Camp will meet this evening at the Legion hall. The Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist church will meet this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Roy Bassett. Monday, April 6 The Past Matrons club meet this afternoon at home of Mrs. Fred Holben. will the this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Roy Long. ; i Wednesday, April 8 The L. F. C. ladles are meeting with 'Mrs. Oliver Turner. The M. F. O. Club is meeting this afternoon with Mrs. O. L. Copeland. The M. F. C. ladles are meeting this afterhoOn at the home of Mrs. T. J. Killion. - 1 * t'i _:'_]!_.. The -Harmony Reading Circle is meeting this afternoon at the nome of Mrs. J. E. Rogers. sisting hostesses are Mrs. Sara Douglas and Mrs. Lillian Donaldson. Heeting of Dorcas Society The Dorcas Society met Saturday afternoon at-the home of VTrs. B. F. Wurster, with Mrs. . C. Lewis as assisting hostess. Devotional leader was Mrs. Harry Stoner. Fourteen members responded o roll call. Invited guests were Mrs. A. L. Barker and Mrs. Will Morley. As- Election of officers resulted as Tuesday, April ^ The G. V. C. ladies will meet follows: President, Mrs. Roy Heaps; vice president, Mrs. Harry Stoner; secretary, Miss Emily Nelson; treasurer, Mrs. Ward Eckler. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. Surprise Party ---. Former,, fieighbprs ,of Mr. arid ; Forrest '..'Ray held a sur prise party a.V their new home Thusday evening. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Willard Fattig, Mr. and Mrs. Manley arid Frances, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muir and family, Mr. £nd Mrs. Sam Wurster and Evelyn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rood and Faye Jean, Mrs. Guy Baker, Thornton and Loie Baker, Mr. and Mrs. George Cade and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Roberts and family, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Ray, Kenneth Older, Leonard Rusco and Stella Shaffer. Four tables of bridge were Dlayed and prizes were awarded ;o Frank Rood and Mrs. George !ade. Refreshments of fruit salad, cake and coffee were served. Mr. and Mrs. Ray were presented with an end table as a remembrance from their former neighbors. Mfjs. JSerrtv Bfeemer and Mrs. L'cster Jphhson were hostesses at'the rilgetmg of the Thursday Girls at Hotel Lenox, Thursday afternoohi March 26. Thirtceri members and two guests were present, Mrs. Milt Johnson and Mrs. Dwight Wilcox were the guests. The devotional for the meeting was the Lord's prayer. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. Variety is the Keynote of^ Spring Hairdressing There is a type of hairdress that is suited to YOUR personality. Come in and let us help you decide this important question. LOOK YOUR BEST THELMA'S BEAUTY SHOP , Phone 19 Surprise Party Several friends pleasantly surprised Mrs. Earl Hughes when they arrived at her home Monday evening bringing baskets. She received many nice gifts. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Clymens and children of Bedford, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hewitt, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Anson Hughes and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hughes and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hughes, Lenox. all of Meeting of M. E. Social Union Mrs. B. H. Clayton opened her home last Friday afternoon to the regular meeting of the Social Union of the Methodist church. Eighteen members and the invited guests, Mrs. Ida Beadel and Mrs. Herman Holben, were present. Visiting and contests were the diversion of the afternoon. Refreshments were served by the hostess, Mrs. Alice Dunbar and Mrs. Emma Orth. Meeting of Harmony Reading 1 Circle Mrs. Donald Dunbar was hos- ess to the Harmony Reading Circle on Wednesday afternoon, March 25. Eleven members and our guests, Mrs. Mary Ann D age, Mrs. Mary Layne, Mrs. :iyde Dunbar and Miss Verlee Layne, were present. The response to roll call was names of music composers. Following the business meeting a program consisting of a poem, "At Old Aunt Mary's," was read by Mrs. J. E. Rogers; Sunday School Class Party Miss Ruth Spring entertained the 6th grade Sunday • school class of the Methodist church, Tuesday evening, at the home of Mrs. Clark Barteau. Each .member of the class brought thqir collection of stamps and the evening was spent in looking over the collection antf exchanging. Luella Deaver and Robert Wynn were guests of the class. Refreshments of candy, pop corn and apples were served by Miss Spring. Sunday Dinner Guests Miss Eloise Bricker, who is teaching this year at Greenfield, entertained at Sunday dinner at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Bricker, the following guests: Miss n; were of exceptional quality. ' The Preachers Says: Unless we as Christians are careful to conserve" the spiritual riches Which have accumulated in our liyes, there will take place an imperceptible outflow which will leave the soul impoverished. The accumulation of spiritual wealth like; material wealth, is generally a slow process. But spiritual bankruptcy can take place very quickly. The apostle Paul feared this above all else arid expressed it in this unforgettable wiay, "Lest having preached to others, I myself should become a castaway." M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m Epworth League, 6:30 p.m. Evening Service, 7 7:30 p.m. At the morning worship service the pastor will preach on, "Christ Enters the Temple." The subject for the sermon in the eyening will be, "Before Pilate." At he close of the Sunday School lesson period, those who so desire will be given an opportunity to make a public declaration of their faith in Christ.' It is not enough for our mouths to acclaim Christ as King, we must do so by every act of daily living.—T. K. W. F. M. S. The Women's For-' turned Mzs. past wee*: friend^ Mr. spent SltjifWay: afteMiiM' the Lon Cundy home. Raypiorio; 'Grazier' arid MARY E. moved 1 ; to CJlarinda the fore part of the" Week, where he has ;fl em-* ployniefit in a lumber yard, Mr. Grazier has had charge ; 6f the lumber yard here for several years. '• '••'•• Franklin Anderson of Clear- 1 field will take charge'of the Anderson lumber yard here at present. . •••••>. -• '• Mr. and Mrsy Q. M. 'Btpwri and sons moved tP Lenox last week Wednesday, where they will make their'future home. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Arams, ance and sympathv who spent the greater part of. o f the death «* the winter months at Excelsior George W D" Springs, Mo., returned home to thank ' th " last Monday. j the sin g erS) Thomas Grimm had electric those who sent flowers' lights installed in his home last week. Subscription 50 er . year CARD We wish to thank our and neighbors for their J. O. Key and son shipped a carload of com last week. Farm- The Davis Family, a paper, "Great Music,,' by Mrs. Composers of Ella Cowan; Alice Thut of Clarinda, who is'eign Missionary Society will also teaching at Greenfield, Miss j meet with Mrs. Roy Bassett on Mary Ellen Koran of Maryville j Friday afternoon, April 3rd. and Miss Genevieve Maharry. "Keep Going," read by Mrs. Sadie Johnson. Dunbar read a Mrs. poem, Donald "It Is Spring, written by her father Rev. E. R. Stroud. Following the so'cial hour refreshments were served by the hostess. The Harmony Reading Circle will meet Wednesday afternoon, April 8, at the home, of Mrs. J. E. Rogers. Priscilla Circle Meeting Mrs. Fern Hale, Mrs. Gertrude Bruington and Mrs. Pauline Riley were hostesses to the regu- lair meeiting of the Priscilla Circle of the Methodist church Thursday afternoon, March 26. Thirty-one members were present. Invited guests were Mrs. Cora Hale, Mrs. Clara Cresswell, Mrs. Lester Hufnagle, and Mrs Lila Hale. The roll call and program' of the afternoon was jokes and riddles. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. CASH A New Low Price $5.00 Down Terms as low as 18c a day NEVER BEFORE SUCH VALUE AT THIS SENSATIONAL PRICE/ • NEW IN BEAUTY Mcsting of G. C. W. Club Mrs. Freida Davis was hostess BIBLE READING. During the month of March I have receiv- ' ed reports concerning the reading of 1670 chapters in the Bible. Although our Bible reading to the G. C. W. Club Thursday, I project ends with the last of March 26, at the home of Mrs. March, still it is to be hoped , Amelia Baster. The afternoon was spent quilting. Ten members answered roll call. The club will give five dollars that you will continue reading at LEAST A CHAPTER A DAY , IN THE BIBLE. EASTER OFFERING. We plan ! to the Red Cross. $1.85 dues on taking an offering for World' were paid in. The next meeting | Service on Easter Sunday. World wil be in two weeks with Mrs.: Service is the missionary pro- Pearl - - " " ' . meeting. have not received an envelope' get hold of one and put in it what ever you can. Looking Forward April 12th. Easter Sunday. We are offering to any who desire;' the baptism of the church. Or,' 'if you present your child to 'Christ and his cause, we will be glad to extend the baptism of the Church to your child. I In place of the regular preaching service on, Easter | UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. W. A. Thompson Bible School, 10 a.m. Preaching^ 11 a. m., 7:30 p. m. YJP.C.TJ., 6:30 p.m. ^ April 6rl2. Pre-Easter, meet- i bawri 1 ." This "drama vw.as wji;u> Sunday evening, our people will present a religious drama,. "The : : ings.. The Pre-Easter-.ineetrlngfi' are to begin this coming Monday evening at 8. p.m. Can we as members of Christ's glorious church so arrange our ( plans that we can be present each night. The. gospel will be preached in its purity and.pow-. er. Strong preachers will come to us to do us good. Let us tenv.'by the -pastor and presents the story of the first Easter. .. ., M. E. Remley of ers are busy hauling their sup- \ Ind., swallowed a handful'" ply. j en safety pins in an attpmnM I Mrs. Gladys Clutty received commit suiside, but failPri word Friday morning of the! "• ' I death of her grandmother. Shavpsburg School Notes Miss Lou Shepherd and F. E. Fuller of the Cedar F'alls Exten- j sion Bureau, arc scheduled to be j in the Sharpsburg school Tues- j day, March 31, in the forenoon. | Miss Shepherd will work in the ! primary grades on Transporta- i tlon, History and Science. Mr. Puller will work on Geography i in the upper grades. Visiting 1 teachers from the rural schools j in Grave and Marshall townships will also be present for this special work. The grade declamatory contest was held before the high school assembly last Thursday morning. Dora Marie Grimm was selected to i^present the grades in the Waubonsie Conference Declamatory Contest. Mrs. Okla C. Dahlgren, dramatic instructor, acted as judge for this contest. The Waubonsie Conference Declamatory Contest will be held at Conway, Friday evening. April 3.' The contest begins at 7:30. Two contestants from Sharpsburg,,are entered. Richard Underwood of the high school, who : .gives the' selection, "Romance and; Kid Brother," and, Dora Marie Grimm, of the grades, who gives .the selection, "Mrs.,,-Ruffy- on Baseball." • The,., gr,ade, ; pupilfi-making 100 per cent.;,in' spelling: last week » NEW IN LOW COST OPERATION • NEW IN CONVENIENCE MEETS ALL FIVE STANDARDS FOR REFRIGERATOR BUYING AND PROVES IT! Come in. See us demonstrate the proof! 1. Proof of LOWER OPERATING COST 2. Proof of SAFER POOD PROTECTION 3. Proof of FASTER FREEZING—MORE ICE 4. Proof of MORE USABILITY 5. Proof of FIVE-YEAR PROTECTION PLAN Gives you ell these genuine FRIGIOAIRE advantages •Model illustrated is DRS 5-36. 5.1 cubic feet capacity. 10.7 square feel shelf area. 63 big ice cubes, 6 pounds of ice at one freezing. Double-Range Cold Control. Exclusive Meter-Miser cold- making unit . Five Years Pro- lection against service expense on the sealed-in mechanism for only $5 included in (he pur. Chase price .. Super Freezer *. Stainless Porcelain in Seam- IMS Interior *> Gleaming, Eu- Another Special! 6 cubic-foot FRIGIDAIRE At an equally sensational price. joe families who need an even larger model. Shelf area 13.6 cu. it.— all usable. 84 big ice cubes. 8 pounds of ice at one cash during Dulux Exterior Finish • Automatic Reset Defroster • Automatic Ice Tray Release . Automatic Interior Light • Removable Shelves • Frigidaire Hydrator • Plenty of Tall-bottle space. Made mly by General Motors. CHURCH OF CHRIST . I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15 Church School 11:80 Morning Worship 6:30 Christian EhdeaVPr _ 7:30, Feature Sunday Night serve Christ during this~~Holy Service. Week I Gur topic for this evening April 4, Saturday. The Aulora service is "The Seven Cries from : Mclntyre Missionary society will ^ he Cross." We will have a I meet in the home of Mrs. Roy lar e e white cross and a special' Long this afternoon. Mrs. La-' cross son S will be sung. Verne Roll will be the assistant' Morning topic will be "Cross- hostess. .Living." There will be a prayer Members of the Finance com-' S rou P 15 minutes ahead of the mittee are asked to hand in evening service hour. Pray with their final reports at once. I us Mr. William Bennison was' OUr special Sunday evening appointed by the Session as the services have begun. Meet with principal delegate to the spring i the other f olks who are going meeting of Presbytery in Red! and en 3°y bein ? l °W l to the Oak, Monday, April 13, at 2 p m ' Pastor, the faithful members Mr. Joe Tedford was appointed and above all > Christ, your Savas alternate. Young People's Night last Sabbath evening was a very inspirational service. The fine spirit and interest of the young people in reference to the church deserves the praise of the entire church. All the young people who participated in this service did excellent work. The talks by Wayne McFee, Robert Bennison, Hal Dean Moyle and Specials on Blue Shoes axMSHtv* & Black Patents to close our our remaining- sizes $6.50 Red Cross $pr.85 ior. Blues __ Food-Safety Indicator built right into the cabinet—visible proof that foods $4.95 $0.95 Blues *> $3.95 $0.99 Blues •" Iowa Southern Co. $3.95 Patents __. >.99 Not all sizes in a pattern, but plenty of sizes. LOREN'S 110 Maple St., Creston, Iowa PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Young People's Society, 6:30 The subject of the sermon will be, "The Triumphal Entry." Following the morning worship, there will be a basket dinner and the annual Congregational Meeting. A delegation is planning to attend the Taylor County Sunday School Convention at Gravity, Friday. The Ladies Aid Society will meet at the manse Thursday. Mrs. Pierson and Mrs. Knotter, hostesses. Sharpsburs Mrs. Guy Brown and children who have been spending the winter at Colorado Springs, Colo., returned home last "week. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McArthur and son Harold moved the first of the week to the P. LemoncLs place in the country. Ora Nelson of Gravity was here Friday on business. Miss Adabelle Pennebaker, who attends college at Maryville. spent the week end here with her parents. Roy Kearns and Robert Hayes visited at the Ray Hayes' neth Lenox, Sunday. Mrs. Cecil Boy den visited her son. Max Griffith, at Maryville Sunday evening. Mrs. W. W. Orme of Nodaway spent Saturday evening here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs D. R Moser ana her brother' Martin, who has been helping' them, a few days lapfe week, re- '-' - : '- •' . . Grade, i SI,; Alice'Fickess, Paul Fickess, -p,ora! Marie Grimm, Walter MoMahlll t .! Mildred Pennebaker, Maynard Stogdill. . Grade 7, Bernice Blair, Ellen Knptt... . Grade 4, Mary Louise Cundy, Hazel Loraihe Edwards, Ruby Fickessj Norma Jean Grazier Howard John. Grade 3, Phyllis Grimm, Helen Louise Harmon, Marilyn Pennebaker. Grade 2, Dorothy Mae Selders ' The Sharpsburg basketball team lost two games to the strong Conway team last Tuesday evening. The second team lost by a score of 41 to 17, while the first string lost 30 to 14 This was the last game of the season. Read the Ads ' MATINEE & NIGHT ndable ice •''•' •'•' ; AT ./i Moore's ALWAYS ' Send your laundry to us and see how dependable the service I really is! Every bun- i die washed individu- I ally—fine linens given I expert handling. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Bill Dey Ermand, Agent Telephone 96 The Terra "Lesion" Explained sion, as the term is used in osteopathy, commonly operates nf 1 nn. I i iC ^ 1 malad J ustm ent of some sort which may be in T °t the . primai 'y causes of disease. A lesion other tlsue. T t'h 01 '- 1 " muscular ' "gamentous, fascia!, or *i 1116 JOirit I6S1OH a nnitit ncttollir In/ilrc frpp '• movement. This «*;«>.,„.„ _!. ' P° mt usually lacks tree inflamation, are eon cles and carry this JL ?• *?* a " d relaxinff ° f the mUS ' tures. EveI7f " nsatlon of movement into vital struc- joints are s sensation to seen, therefore w far movement is hind e «? move normally the JP ° re round S Cnding in the movcment « nd send ° W ^ B * the "^ whe " ' wh ™ a .joint does not tissue !«» M S ™ k ° f movemen * in sur ' a lowering of th ?° d and lymph to stagnate, caus- which pass th-,7 " a ral alka »nity. irritating nerves function of ami through them affecting the organs including blood vessels. , , Not <""v is there J'.«»'y's ability to make "",iu iiiiV-etiou'- {(•• r-i'Mii'S MI,".-;-; ji.., a resultant interference with the ° wn serum s and antitoxins to "''; se l>™ccsses, but lesions also produce 1 i SU:lSe in the form of neuritis and " SCia t'ca, foot troubles, and disturb- . •'.',', , ! '. senses a »d of the functions of the var- « ; 'li-oiia(l,ir 'use "of th e , nd ° crine a " d other glands. The >:»» the olii,i, lc i urt :_* * erm ' lesion - « new and broader ave been pro-cd T S S6 abnorm a'ities of tissue which 8 K 15 ^ 86 S ° commonl y. y et whicb by any other school of practice. Dr. M. J. Sluss OFFICE IN LEKOX.

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