The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 12
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PAGR TWEL Vil. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, ociety liirly ill Hake. IJedcll. Thoy Included mill Mr-), t-'rcil Collierg, M!»? KtiUy ■ ni in rp, Ml»3 Oornlcilue Kvajis. .1 Helen Rvaim. MIbh Vontal Itoi.o-is. Miss Mahel Holland, Mr. ion Uichm-Jiiin. Mr (Juy Holland, Vomer Markle. Mr. Orlou Spreuso Mr. Wllmot Hnv. o rcHilnp: officer! nf the ll/iheknh • entertained tin' now office™ and hem to Ht ovenlne lit the. I. 0.0 V*. A nodal ovMiiai; was spent Mth «n.i music, ami :-.:-v. jro nerved al a !.v.i> hour. The stnlo vnklenl, Mr». H. II. V.s of this city ill Mra. KMSth Ward of Dalian TeJaii tho onl)- additional guests. SEVEN CANDIDATES FOR GROTTO QUEEN And a Fine Bunch of Young Wo- Arc Being Boosted by Friend*. Thero are seven candidates for queen of Hie Hrnttrt Cirrus. There l« to be .unno stiff competition, lor seven ot the tiusleat, host looking youni; wnmen In tho city have been put forward, by their friends to make the Grotto Cirrus ft success. Hero are ilm candidate!*; Mlas Lucille Stafford. Mildred Huberts. Cunningham. of tho. Hu limited Prim I Jny a Vtcnlc i»i> of th. nn church will enjny n llnruy INirk ihis evonin •II has cli.imc ot the fur tho oveni.':..; .'allowing, tint" tlful picnic supjior to lio served •veil o'clock. About 170 arc ill-nl to at lend. lehl of 2H'l had r.s "heir dining. Mr. ami Mrs. Miss Mai Ml»3 All. V RSclmnl Mlas Mlna Uakor. Miss -Marjorlo Montgomery. Miea Hlldrorl-Itiit.ton. Friends Are Busy. Their frli?nd:i are all bUM>- tnilny, punrnntre day school lan church Iiir at fan ino chirkon prophets of Cyri thlnca inuvliij; ii larsc attendance Ticket:, are sold vlsich elvo v.ilrs Tor tho lahilidatd for queen. These ticket* ailriit to the cirrus and nn< sold at in cent:-, ouch. All of ihn members of the ttrotto have these tickets anil are kcUIuit thriu. Clint firren. chairman of the ticket •l.-nartnirid. is handlUm (Ho tickets with l,o;h hands, wurtlii;, day and nfirht, and Secretary Cfllltl? and Chair-ruar. Snyder are putting In all the time Popularity Cbmmittee. Hero la the eommiuoo Just named on the IVp.ilnriiy foment, iu which the uueea will he selected: Walter F. June.-., chairman. I'mest. Mr(:;i-Ujir Arlle ll.ilns. C. H. Scott. C. 11. llampi: re.vs and J. (J. McNiLnhl.iu. Thla has its hnnda full, hut it has hlk bauds and Is a willing The tickets are sidllnK T.ipldly. It la announced thai tho profits arlHiin; from the circus nro id ha divided as tallows: Half to the hulldliiR faml for a Mauonic Temple; a foarth to tlia band and patrol, and a fourth, to the roneral tuiiii of the Grotto. It has linen the Ulan 'of tho Orolm for Hid last three years to help lo ralae a fund to tiuo In the construction of a iUsonlo Tcmpla hero! nmhors I M * SOCIAL CALENDAR. 4 f!i i,_ \— » . ... -> i * -i •-}•—»• ••• ci Tuesday. S< 11 r«. A. M. Jewell will enterlain Hie M moin'iers of Her Seiiilay aeiioul elans »■ nf tne I'hs: M"!l.,i.lls: rh'.ir.h hroaV.fs.-t at ten o'clock at her home, I Th 201' Ave,,,.., A eaHi. I l0<,.m Wednesday. mom Mrs chin-:. .» (Jlim ra:i» will enter hnll. 1. 1.. i hm. of 1.1,,. Men-.-; cam. M.ilrons i. ! il) ia her home nnr'.h nt Ihe • Lily M Tin. i. wei.u rc-tlei; nf I be Drm Ii r.ot i 11 clul. Mil be held at the home nf Min.:*«o IlB>:i-.oim Newberry, 619 ElRhlh live-j uue weal. Tn Thursday. Hi:I The nieinhers nf tho Konsiimlmi tec rlu-ii an.! ih.-lr fiunllieH will enjny a Mii'Pi'i a: l.akr- Iledcl:. The retniii'.- i.ieelinc of Hie Amerl M'-' can l.rirloc Auxiliary will he held at ''■' (he him." r.f Mrs. J'!. U l.yla. 410 M Bevi'iilh av line e.lKl '"' Frldny. MI-.S II. •-.'•:. CMUrf will .'l^erlah. Mr- and Mr? the ii-.-:nl..-01 her brhlce (hi!, at *<>«rtli avenue illrj,l,.„ ■., : :;■>;! Cr-u-ent ! ncr guests ln»l Ho.llevui ! ir I:... rioralnp,. fellow ed >>•■■'■■' <!'>';in Amln v. jm ai" h:i.ln; next u -..lie1 ' e i - V rahi.nuli Wilev <•' ''•:«">•• a <:■ ■■■ 1-ni.o in \a>* 'J'it, II. ... -i -l ii" ..-eel .Ajinelen. Calif., rt"e. :ind Mm. J. a. .. . "' Miller. Miss Abblu iCiiiiiia Wright and Teihiy I i' v.Hh hlrth.lay a:!..'- "e't U Wl-lght Jr. te-Mjii «-.' I. 'inee l'ainj> an.. V.-r '* *' ii, .11,,,' •• - :•' \v t'.i.n-, enh il.vm-,1 Mm. O. K. Wrltln, M-i 11. Cspce, t!, ., ,.i,|, .. Li.-iuly .r,'l-,.'.:.i.d ;sl,s w- '•■ «o.ii.T ..ud Mrs. I '^dlnera >»!-Yla, s.rlv :.• I l-.-.r l-..n-.e SUV I "■'., '•,r ":" I'^slde as for the !,»<-. •!,-.•'*. ■-, Tin. 1 (,-ii-h v r- ,.-r.,t • '»>• h-<ir. and bildue at ihe Country' |.'.-vlri- c"-, -i 'ml m iiwi i d'-iir-v ''il'h v''f'-n ""' ''"If C-'itera frosn H;o L!lC i , a ,4 s.'i—,' >,y the >,',.»l- - . 1 W-'mta am! S»lln« fo.uilry i-.lubs wUI v.-ll!i -Ist.mi-.-' of -Mrs I. il : :"-' ot tho laity f-.ilTer.i ot tl-.e Z. n -i ' i.. .1 sV l]la;i|il-:'d The !,K '•' ,:l""' till.:., h:'-. .-■ir -ilvi.iv n-rarvi-l m-t'i a '' * '* la-i- v''i i-iv il • Kv-ninc - T,"> nierc.hrrs of tiie Klw.mis oluh oh V -I-- ' . - ni," - ii„- ,\ "'"I" families «ill enjoy a picnic ;,ri' :-, '•„' 'ImI as,, •„.■,,. „ ^-I'l" - ■•"■*- deuce Lake ll-?'loll this pll.l. cna.lh' ' O...' e u-..'a Ii.'.' i .. 1 " = ■ 1 he y will en OJI in cars the phi. -eo, lie. ixnesis. fi"-'r o'cl,,ek. and Raines and -Hi,,,,. ,. ,t i;,ii,- y-i -i.h o: ,er means of t-ntefalimieut have I'ure'h V| i ;;,i , r-ilclev M i.v'lte.' t ow- 1 l'hmnoi! f,l' '.he evclllcs. 1 *.'.:.>. N. 'vile. Ua-r-o Jor:l„:i. I.on o- . He.,:,- 0:..,rl. >,,<:■ l.,,H. K :,. I:a, „-. ;v''s t"i,t, VhT M..r'.- •/.,'»„:, Murlella IVIar.n. ..,!!:, V1'' "„ l'[U'n,C, "'at tV V,.. 1...:,,,-. In,!, !),:•„„„ I\ M n .. ' " 1 »-k ""'l'™' ai ieki-v Aim l c,,,,w, Vli-c'nl-, iv. : ,l'' l'r' 11,1(1 K a! U.r. nshont the iaia. ;'',ii ! :';aJ:'i!'' lienor 1-:^. ,',. ,1, r!">: o were ahum fifty j,r«». Jlae Camp, lloi. -rt ".hin'.p an-.l tho , ' , . „ lionnr K'J.-'i _ ^ i M r. and Mr... T. .1 tjhnll nt 32G Slirth. . ... ' ' ,- «••«•'>«•< e-iBt entertalueil a low- guests 13 (I %Vt -l -, o'l • 1 i —In-! 7 'i".";'-r UM !l' i''"lr I'0.'.""' ,.„„,„.,, ,, . ,., , riu .. .. „,i < oni|'.:iii"n;ins tr.elr son. Mr liny hi. \h ', , . ..' ' ,' Chilli of tircat Head on 1.1a '..centy- 4f?06. Ouuchci: '"i ' h s;ii,'-i,.H9 p..r.-h at ■ 4.._# "T , j t t w;u. im.-n' |il':!',,-,'ii'v iw''lth''h,';',i::',-A:n,n 1 .. I fanev -,...!« T'lefu worn -w -ie •• rtKSONAW OF SOCIETY. ♦( K<H*on the lawn and hn.mag tor these who : ^ , ^ t t r » » ^ ^ Wiley s. Th'i'-.i- hi i'li. i-ariy were Mrs ,"l I :.• ' Mr. and Mrs I.irs .S:ilr.i.,:n and ; Tomorrow llrlf.K;. '>! i(rlKR«, Mr:-' C \V ' 'lai-'-hirn, noiuuhie and Am, lane ot 'r11.p> 'nt "*, ' .,..,,,,1 m, i. ... ,...'?• ,,„ ^ . ■■ i».-.rn::. Mich , who have n visit- 0)1 ^V«'piil I-oe Mrs •-: ,' A„-.ey ' Vlis ' 1- -'-d '•••S ' In teierned i hone ..» if yu-.i need „er-.:cu . Ihiriis Mi; I! u Snyder Mm • ' W :,! •"' .v«K-T.iay fer few day,' visit itaglaiid-Kin-sley MntarC V'. cmc. .'.1. . ■ n Conned.' Mr. !'*r.;i ;: ■ v-""li friends. The, ave .::-p|:|i-.s nt -— ; - l;,.s - Mr- v. ill- Keliv Mrs Ii l-: 1 '' :e n." of Mr. nn 1 Mr:-. K. 1!. Unn: K»'"> k:iu '-"t Pla'tlllR. Khaff'-r. .1 ^;:4S Mar.,1- Lewis. I n..,!.d, 1 10 ,ne wesl. Lleaners. Tli-lr,-.- .-. Mi- 1 c i. I'h'ty i,-lil B„ froiii h-jlr I i Council of 1 i-...:! Mih. Mr.,. Hal.-. l-..v -i <ir-v.., t:.i,?r,r.« ami KanW city, M<... SaturJay evrnine daaee Slovens Chirac I ' ..I. ! Mrs. Karl Hen,|,:,i. h..r, re ccuruln^ lo then heme. tit. or !'. n l..i-.i'.,'i,'.aV, Kia. ff * _ . _. V.ri. W. 1. Hosier. Mrs Kiistace Tin- h Mrs It. II ilaian-..:..!. Smith. Miaa FYar.c s volutin, Miss - I'.i. T... lis. av-iu:.-. w-i «, V.rgii:U <'onklic. Mi..> I'.TiUiy Onyc ' Been-, of a i.t) i.'.-eUy dlni.e: |..,r) ahd Miss Knla Drown will :»avo Tues-j |a»l ,n,-!vi; v.-l-. u rl.n and dnn-i: >'•'»• to drive to Meade, thoy lor. (..';.' e'l' : :i i i-.o tl ll„. youiiR hell-- • w-ll -petal the > cell «• :h > c.-uokod L <.f Ihe II, c ,t ,-: ,|, «-| -.„ alt-iiii-d tl.-, en-He • Y. IV c '. -'ili-.t.l--- eonCelelic- nt ■ -5 ? ■• Kales I'ur'.C-lo. A lileo howl ,.f Mr. Clifford Kitn:,.;.:er who in tak-1 eliaula dn !••:•••; formed (lie cenlerpiiw.-". lnL' R nine weeks' . nurse In niuilc at: nv.d folio, ii : •••nner, the yo.iiiR lael-:. Hothnay Colli, .e. i.inrfs:,. n;. In horo ! uniw a i,.ie,h.: „[ their coiifoicn, ■ over the w, ,-ud v:si::i..c will) hie •«>l>8«. ' ti- nf whicj won lh„ p: ii,- ,w parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Kitztnll-the:- Cms . ::i The even-in.- w:id l-r of UD Tuir:<-?m!i av.-nux. west W-Mll M' >'■„ l',-.'ler The pi.-sts !n-| ■'• i ?■ W 1 c-hnh'l y.. li-c-ciro Bidcons Mr. mid Mr.-. Claude Sanders and Miss Amy S,, T.-..I1S of I lo ' I . e ; . • eh ll .1 1 en , MM hl,li,,-;- S I ,-,.1 , -.,,6 anu Ml-.'i: . M.»- Lab-Ik, French. M vi M r .Merie Wihani w il: .e , i-.. tmn-ivrow Mali:,.-! II- I,,,.,.. MIRK M.irjorie! to n-.etor t,> C„!orauo Hp, !;,c:,. Cilr,.. Carey P'. l uraian. Mi.-„ •„ Hpe-id the,i.-r of ihe i=Uiii- Charl-i:- • rev. Miss Maajorlo Monl-, aier. I : -• •• nr. am! Mra. W. c IJv.ishear who Mm- ,-,:, ,.'.-:„,- |.,,||,:,, from .i.e. am spend ,,K ».:•„,„...- In Clenienta KM ^•'""^ 1 iimiitry <rlul»» ui- .v-il »pead ihe wed; .-nd here visit lug ffl t-Mie:' - ';'n-.-duy to l, • , In Hi-,-,sl,.-ai's parents Dr. and Mrs. tfiW I-. ue.-1, •-: i: hcly c.ifi.n a.; :ne, J. W liiashoar o; i re.,ceut Park. W tiiol.-hh:.-... —..".:ry club. Thomoril-I ... -. - Idr will I" .i. -. o'.-i lo ^luyiiip a..!f ' Mrs 3. A. Anile and Mrs. Paul Wll- ffef^. •ad .sci. :■:,' ..n y arl/.c» will |:„ j l-uns and ehildr.-'a U rt '.am. iiven-nj: nee!'.! II I oil-s luurliaicent - ci. ' ■:' C„!oii,ii:> yprincs, t'olo. wher,-pillti ■• 1-. .:, - har-e. | they will spend tbe remainder ot the *l ' ' •••«•••"•-» .'-er-.'i '. in i ..'imn-er. tlio eliih lens- an.) during th- after- i * <•• -? Conn :- .... !. ho hrlii-'e in il... inn. Mr anil Mra J L. Ilhi.cer, Mr. and parlor. The In*.:. -sacs for letii h-ei Mr... Cli-nn Jxjt untl Mr. l-'rank lilasiar •in:) hlidci • id he %f rn. O. P. Wrl.tlil '.'-!i:i-,ed vcilei dav lioe.i \'.,ch Cilil* Mis. .. ii Mrs W. I, .'■•": .- '.Ii >y spenl. II.. c;.~ l-wduvn I rji- fthd Mrs c;,,. ,.,,.,-» Fnlr. Tie he, I <i V • I Jnilh'.i li.-'ri:,.; Iciiehoon at Ihe . ii I Mrs. \v. W. isild of ::nr, West .Shrtr- I »,v ...|....--.i .o in.inn r.i;.i;i.,u..i:i ....... -iu.---. mil ii.. ve as .ler i:ai'«t OVer iwlth one of il:., hosloasea belore .Moi,- Hi" «i-i-Il one, her sister. Mrs O H. pay noon Url'-htvlll- of Mro v.s-. lli . : J. ,i "j, A il-l'i-!ii(.il ,;snl,,n party was Mrs Hay steps. -l-ldrea have last evi'iiluc .: ihe homo ot Mrs. c H ! mnirin.d fioai .l..|.lii, y„ where they Wheeler, HI S.ivi-bt'j aVunuo e:ml . I--1 'c heat] Hpenil'-li-- th,- paBl three coinpllui"n'.::i.; her Krauduophow Mar'iHi'kii vlcltlng relative.-.. ShiRrne I rj. son of Mr and Mrs. H. A.l «• •« •• ITry on iu» first 'birthday uiiu;..irsarv. I Mr. and Mra. J. Cllei.n Aetla will A pl. iile. soppor was serveil in tha1 h«vo noit wt-ok for Lna Angoles. Banten and iho meln foalun. wu.-. a I (In' If., vvhero they exrieet lo make Hi-Unlay cahe hearine a silicic candle. ; l-">lr home. ira, U i <»•»- .* v, Mr i ^^r. and MrB. II. r\ Davis have R.ino ef. J.!'1> Colorado ^piIcrii. t'olo., lo spoud , Mrs. HUioaier. Thoy hav0 a cot tune B Hornl h, ;'he, ,i. Iss Vara ! : LETTERS FROM THE READERS OF THE NEWS ■Stucorjt tho hoiid-i voted for tho In-tBrurlmn. I have supported evory bond Issue that has been suggested In Hutchinson. I couldn't see tho usu ot jrlvlng 1hom a right to come to Hutchinson and thruwlug Iu some Tioiide when nthnr cities wore asklii); a per centajtu Of t'ho rovenuo tor such con-cossloiiH nnti t think It can be plainly seen now that limy should have paid ua something instead of us puylus them. This however, Is push t do nol holleve that lie can afturd nt the present Hum, to volti the school Iniuiov-fciuMit bonds. i don't HRruo wild Senator Smith that tho youuuslers shouldn't hnvo eyinnasluiu, etc. Tliu Senator over looked VUn fact thnt In his HchoDl days and mluo, w e hart advantages of op*eu fields, long walks to nehijul, a his ftro placo anil a hiiRe wood pile and a fairly keen as anil lathers that insisted an us work-ins the rninblnaLlon, The younsslnrs uf the present day ate short soiaa oi these, at least and physical development is a mailer of public Interest. The leasun 1 think we can't afford lo uiio those bonds is simply tlio geie. ernl one of the hKh cosl of btiiidlim. No line run afford In buy on high markets when there Is any expectation uf lower markets— except in ease oi estr.-nio need. The extremely coat of hulMinsr compared v.-ith other coals, Is well shuwu by a clipping from your paper of the 13th. Triina'aled ililo rood, nt the Vi"l,.'t.,.-> the Inniier rvLs, 11 takes nlxtj-'.hreL;. and one-halt doieii. ur p. iy :l pi.; ;te:er I 'ell. work No School Warrants. All school warrants 'bearing aorla tu and including No are heruby called In. Ititorcsl July Kith, 1923. J. E. tVBYHR, Clerk Board of ifili-cittlon Phouograph. - HorabauRh en you pLart^on youi >• ">'■ »•• 1 >•>•• your ear with pas ami oil Wi> put t!ie air and water in free >oilt City. H take- HOVeutncu and inie-hnlf bushels of com, or a year'.- ro coin is from halt nn acre, to pay a bricklayer one day. it takes twenty-throe chickens wei-rle.nt; three pounds -each to ■ puy a.fmlutor for um. day's work iu New York.' It reauires forty, two pounds ol hntier. or the output frnni fourteen cows, ted and mllited for twenty-four bnurs, to pay a plumber fnurteen dollars a day. To pay a carpenter for uuo day's work, il takua a hog wclith-ins 175 pounds, reprosontln-r oIbIU mouths' feeding nod care. If the author nf Iho above had added to this Hint it took tho return from L-S of an acre of mlRlity good wheat to buy one hundred feet of mighty common lumber and took probably the. return from a whole acre to buy 1,005 brick and oilier matters In iiroportion, wn would have bad a good picture of whaf it will cosl us to build at the presrtnt time. The prices may not he nolle as high in Hutchinson, 'but the difference is Dot very great and is only one of amount and not of rrlu- cipie, mien at least 1.3 of tho merchants In Hutchinson .ars kept mighty busy making r living profit and another 1-3 are kept mighty busy keeping coins at all and whoa our taxes have Rot to costing us nioro than any ono article In our Reneral living, It is lime to leni; pceity closely after the costs of Ihe Investments mads with Ux ce the of today is do 'f the udvnntas-ea as . that wo older men slble. but ! don't hc-lln thorn out ot a 200 per cent marhfel whan almost ell of tho taxes would hnvo to 'bo paid out of Incomes thai era not ono hundred percent, Walt J. S. SIMMONB. BELIEVE POISON IS CAUSE OF PARALYSIS NoTvton, July 11.— Alvln, tlio 3-year- olrt son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F, Turner, who rosldos one and onohnlf mllos north oi Walton, Is suffering from whnt nppoars to bo temporary paralysis, caused It la thought, by the child being poisoned by somctlitng he at tho picnic In -this city July 4. Tho llttto lad first heicnino III at the ■picnic in. tho nftcruc-tin. His parents immediately tok 1dm home, and whoa Ills enndltton Rrow no better summoned si physlclau. The only thing that the child was known to have oatun whiln at Ihe celnhrat.ion was. cracker Jack from a package- that was shored with the others of Ihe family. Il Is tho supposition that he might have eaten! a piece of tiro cracker, DEATH CAME SUDDENLY, Mother of Hutchinson Man Had Sudden Heart Attack,, July 14.— Mrs. Blla Hall passed away suddenly at her homo. D12 North Oak Si., nt about 0:15 o'clock Thisrad.iy eveninfr. Her sou, Rev. Mllliurn Hall, ami his wife, ot Hushvillo. Illinois, hnd arrived about a half hour earlier, and Mrs. Hall hnd gone frnni tho house to Hie car on their tui'Wal. Following 1hln she had prepared a lunch lor the travelers and fills had been finished when n sudden attack of heart trouble brought on the end. Another son, Hlchard Hull, ot Hutchinson, arrived na tho midnight train. Her daughter, Mrs. Will Jordon, was with her when the end came. Funeral arras gontenes have not benn completed 03 -word is awaitoi! from the deceased's father, J. a. Morgan, of AttantH, Mo. Mra. Hsll was 511 years ot age. WEB WORMS DAMAGE RENO ALFALFA FIELDS Web worms nre causing consider-able trouble lu (ho Keuo county alfalfa fields, according lu V. S. Crlppon, county agent, who Inspected tho alfalfa fields between Plcvua and Haven this week. He foiineVAhat Hie web worms have Infested more thnn 500 acres ot alfalfa In that district. Mr. Crlppen warns that alfalfa that has been attacked by web worms must not he fed to horso, tut It Is not Injured as cattle teed. Ho urRes the farmers to cut their alfalfa crops early so the sun will kill tho worms or else they will starve. Harrowing the stubble ot tho froshly cut fields will fret the pupae that remain lu the ground. The web worm Is from a quarter to Uireo-nnariers of on Inch in length and hr,a black dots. Fields attacked usually have a swarm ot light yellow butlerfllcs hanging over them. Why Lei the ~ Children Sutter? Many parents w!io have their own cyea examined rcgiilaily and keep their cye-iglit -keen, by wearing: carefully riiacle antt property fittcil glasses, neglect to have tltei . rchildren's eyes protected as they protect their own. Have their eyes, examined NOW. H. S. 21 NN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Henry Zlnn Jns. Blrchflem SATUtjDAYt JULY 14, 1923 Among the EVERYTHING TO BUILD YOUR OWN !f you have n gift in thai, direction by all me .us cultivate It. We will supply everything you need tor your own radio set, from tho detailed plans to the last screw and wire. Yon will save money am! have a hotter set The only eicluslvo radio company m Hutchinson. Radio Mfg. and Sales Co. Bargi ains at 9 er $ Sawy Sale This Week »2.98 Wash Dresses..., ..11.4s 88c Bungalow Aprons 7So »9.95 Silk *-««■<■ *4,9B W.i>0 Wash Dresses,..., *4.98 «,95 Silk Bklrts |3.48 QJ $«.9B Silk Sweaters *3.48 jB *3.*8 Wool Sweaters.... *1.98 jQ BOc Fay Bllp-Ons.V 39o ffi (2.98 White Wtlsts 98c *1.9B-Whlte Midt)le»....?1.00 *«.9» Sport Skirts »3.48 »15.00 White Dresses... t4.9B *39,B0 Silk Drosses $19.75- *29,75 Spring Suits. . , ,114.86 ♦29,75 Sprlnp' Coats.. ..»14.S8 $1.49 Petticoats 98o $1.48 Costume Slips AND MUCH MORE !fi!fi S Crescent Park Building Site Having purchased a " residence, I will offer for sain at a real sacrifice price, choice building silo at 100 Crescent tllvd. Complete plans and specifications Tor ¥15.000 homo optional with Purchaser. Hr. O. It. tlaRB.. MULTIORAPHSNO Mahliin. Folding, Addreitlna. ■ PHONE B70 c writs sdverttilnn cninpalant, Vlnda of Maldno LliU. EUQENE HANDLES ADV. CO mens nindles-W. Raymond A 3 WEST SHERMAN the iiir-lu foalun, was • •• hearing a slunk' eaiidl rJ':i" ,. Included Mr. and Mrs. I C. Kry. Mi. and Mrs N. K Pr (Hid Mrs. H A Fry. Mrs. lard, Mrs II C. Jenuliu IWnrnoclI. Wis It. I.ynn, M Fry, Miss llornice Pry. Wi.rnock. N. H. Fry Jr., ■unsl and iho hpotoss. MudeiiiolnoUe this so&son carries a Key pariibol to harmonize with her town. Not far ninny yours, has ns tnucli attention boen paid to the para-SOl as this yuar, and tha young ladies f,ra out doinB themselves In carry-nn the very smartest. Onft of tlio Jiopular bDL'iiiiso of tholr hottiity nnd em up to dainty Bilks, Msny of those •ire seen nnd they are very smart wlith tu-aettcally any l.ind uf a oostunio. * * ♦ A number of young people mndo up « hwliuniing jinrty to tho Slovens Bwlranihu- I 'nnd last overling-, followed by a picnic aimpw uuo daticiuj,' Miss Ituth Sklaner has relurned from a two weeks' vacaiion ;,peut In Hswcfto, (Jalona and!]!. Mo. 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