Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
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'AIRWAY, ITORSIN BUILDING this W orlt of ««t- That ... Pe of the building in the ns w build- *nly for tenants. «,, i -No more tenants » r » iove In before Nov 1 pace In the building and It l« lining up ax members of the sy n . uilt it. expected It lo .are at work on the n. ctfrhtb and t«nth inyouta ready for t« n . * leased space, Th« ? been fcft vacant until )(«)r. orciipletl by pro. host boen occupied. I-' I re Kjtcnpf* for spnce on thl K. Staffortl. manager r. Mid, but until »om* leased, the Hoor will id. The eleventh and have been rlM«) lo [ircnetn. II Is hoped ns t h n t -will take thn n p n r (he other Htory, n tisn both flcorn, N» tn proRrMn with own concerns, and un- business condltlonii. It t one would corns In. of fire cscapei for ths started durlnft ths taut ourt bctwein the north Hiding. Some marble nalch In the loboy wm lie the last week and about the windows In completed. Radiators in the entrance and he plftr.ed in front e( ·cted soon, an 59 ps of Prizes Halloween i from pnge S) in moving plctur* tt*r; 'omnn moving picture h century character! ng quartet. haractor; baby buggy barrow *lunt; well :haracter; service given out troop; most artlatw sinclcs; rnout arllstlo oubles, licul Cunlunie« eui costume In »Ingle*; coEtume In doubles; If marked, most m" biryrle, masked. mo»l Tle. :omlctt); K'rl on ·oI: scooter stunl for 4 yenrs; jicooter stunl ft U years; marked of) u ;- more pewons; lell- · a r Us tit costume, 11 ·artlstlo *o»tum« under Kl'3 nrtlalio costume » fcrtlstlc cofltttme » U«: Hue costume In double* tn or more; large"! fat fat woman; tallest *llw SOCIETY 3T,;: ^;^.^7V^^ft'W!'f ; 'q^,7;^(F^^ A 24-HOUR NEWSPAPER l u n t I'V boy"' football Ifl: mnnked boy P" 1 J' ed »lrl pony rid*'*' nctory group. Milllkln ·ororllej, Milllkln fmternttlefl t from labor organ!**- trom service chib; »tuol organisation. military organlM'!*"- n out of town group; lersonatton for boy» un- fa racier iinjwrnonetlea, it;, double; character Int- 'for glrlt under W »M' ' impersonation for Kl r1 * ible. SUK Rested by lh« eoni 1 ihe last four ctawl"**' ll»n, hobo, Charley Chapt Andy, Jlgg* *nd Mi* , chief and squaw. ir; ^psy and Eva. Toot* and "any other that may **· ildron, Suffered JmpFOvemew ,,,.,.,,,. 5 ye»« old leverely burned itle playing with Improved In -----:· County hospital. Sntur- pn. So far complice"' 11 ' and poisoning have say. e birthday day evening by . Milter In their L three for tner ** Guests were L u o l l o Rose. Bemlw Lncts Kank* Thelma KliUt fleil Rose, Thoma* jmWer. John Rog ^.-Kenneth King. H Svoreu Miller and Germany Sought Peace Early in 1916 ie ate Situations With England In Same Year WAHHtNCtTON, Oct. 20,- Rwetn- IhMU that Germany wns ready for In til" W (if If I wrtr ns enrly MERCURY HITS RECORD LOW; COLD WAVE DUE TO SPREAD ,1)1, Kitimd rviuui.) CHICAGO, Oct. aft-pM of tin; mnst Howe October cJld wuves In years spread Monday over Canada »nd the northern United States, bringing snow anti sub- free zing torn- porftlmew to ninny localities which loss Ihun two month* apro were suf- for Ing worst 1114. twn .VMir* tinforn thti armistice, ire contained In dorumdils pertain- t n p to war-limp neirolUillons nwdn publlr by Iho Stnt* tJopfirtmnnt after livcur* of secrecy. The 1,fiO(i-pfKi* supplement nlno vital* llwl n delHyite sllutiUim ft ' .. , ., 1(l i, K*t,,»»,t cmsriy tn? imiiiuuif Kimmmr frxinna- *'"''I:, ' ' . r ,:V±,, h « :'!*c1 nrrMMlu. country tromlhe Rocky from llu century's and htat wave. 1030 further uliilms to the "year of extremes", the un- cult) ware, following NO clotM!y the tmuauBl mmimer, oxtend title . thi. ,,Mfur from iln former |,j,f,1 intortercncp with n a t i o n * - , A m e r i c a n - w th« t o ! Cttc Itrltbh "Th* I n l e r f r r c n e w w t ( h md front New 'Vnck to plnof i!i'*«N'!i n iiliiKitlo (h»t which wotilil bt! pnwtitwl (h« British milhorlllwi I n H ' i - f r r e with WtJtwlM ltnSf hctwoi-n New Vfrrk ·nil Now OrlMinn," the Sinte m^nl lr(*irmed tt" 1 Brltlnh ·Thl* Bovfi-nmcnl fliinnni permit. I n - j on lh» parl of Hrll!«h nu- 1 w l ( h roniniM'ce between, forts." i It w»!« imdroiioftfl Ihnl the (tnoii-- mratii wi'fi rcntly ffr miens'" earlier thin yenr hut wer* hi'lH up for fnnr M hindering (tlsoi-mnmcnt neKotlu- tlon* n( the I-imitoii nnvnl w m f c r - tm-f. Hni]V-f'« Aid «nu(hl President HOOVT. wild «t t h e t l m n wa» stipori-hlna relief woi k In H*l- jtlum wftJi (ippronr-hH, nrwrtllms I* t mtmoi'iinUiim (rom W n l r e r [line? Pftfti, tlK-ri AmbHifiidor lo fir eat Britain, w l l h the ntipi«'*tlii that h" holji f j r r m a n »tl(!mril* lo 1irlr.R ·hoiit PMC*. On Oct. 11. 10I5. P«Stt cnhled tlir Ptnl D e p f l r t m n n t : "Knover w»» rerfiilly iiji|iro»cHC(l hy n niim In Hnwanl* who hns close relation* with Oernmn niu'ei-nmcnt with fl reoiietsl to Convey n pMiei- (»il»r in H r l r l n h «o\-ernnierit. l-lnover llerltneil" Jft f . hk to a ,,,,,,,,.,, , ow p Du) . SOVPrmiwllt n ,,uorol. oglst. iirctllctcd tlio temperature here would be lower Monday than on any previous Oct. 20 and the mtn- Jmnin nf 2T Sunday morning was an tow as any Oct. 19 In history, The bllKMi-fl which late last wee.k laid a heavy hlattket of snow ovir central Canada and brought death to five m«n In a snowbound automobile had blown Itself out, but the snow remained and the temperatures continued imsuosonaLily tow. Western New York motor traffic wa* paralyzed and ' communication lines were disrupted. Literally hun- dredn of motorist!) were nmroonert by Ihn snow in omnll towns around Lake PJrle and new Buffalo, unable to work their way thVbugh ihs hug* drifts that blocked the ronds. Turkey Prices Down, May Be Lower Still Before Thanksgiving f f l V I'nilmt l'rn.i.) CIHICAdtO, Oct. »-Thankiv Klvlnic turkey*, which retatlnd Iniit year for 4S cents n pound are »otllnie now for 4 cents, with Indlcnllanii that prieen, acting In (tympHthy with lower food costs, would be )ltlll lower beforo tho hotltlay. One vomnilH.Mlon houswt predicted thnl. wholesale prloeii would he tfi to 17 per cent lower than lust year, ami t'flnll would drop 12 to \tt per rent. ·Peiice overt lire* wore freo;tienl In tltn rentrftl powers' IMS. On net!, Ihf »lllo«. "In rc.'tlllv the offer to oviiruur mnde by i h e r r n t r n l (lower* IK but nn atlompt cnlcltlnl»-il to work upon Hie evolution "f it)*' wtr anit of ftnnlly JIM\PI n fitrmtm IICBCC," #n\i\ nlllMl pH-ernnienin' r e l u r n note. Tt. wts frirwnrilcd here frdrti the Amer- trnn BdihttMsnrtor In I'Ynwc. Wltllnm I h n i ytir. "n Mny i, 1BIB, Jnmfii W. «drflfd. («'" Amerlwn umbfi.'inAdor tn Oernxiny. Informed the drpnctninnt dttcr « confnrwce : wllh (he Ktilwr lie had "b('»t f wson' tn hflleve nerrniiny wltl w^nniej (nodldtlon ft.f Prealilfnt WlldOn) a n d , hf mny Inkc !»oldn*r t o j "BUTCHER OF CUBA," GEN. WEYLER, DIES Deatlt Ends Adventurous Career of Spanish Commander iHll ('allnt I'rirx.l.) M A D R I D . Oct.. 20- Don Valcriftno IVc.vlcr y Nleulati, cnpltiln (irneMi! of the Spanish nrmy. Duke ot Kubl nnd Grendeo of Spain, died toduy at 92. He had been In precailouw health for months, Hla dauth ended an adventurous curler in many campntgna in Spain, ht-r colonies and Cuba. ft'eyler waa horn on Sept. 17, 1S38, t i p utitll ItlliP he WIIM seen laklns lnlly cant»!f on horaobuch In M u d i K I . Woylcr w«s known ft» "a man of Iron," Ho wns often culltfd upon to ^olve Mo.iie d i f f i c u l t allimtlon, sna lit adoptctl harsh m''iuir«u. Hi) was beat known lu tlic United Stales for his severe regime In Cubi», Avhfro he was swnt us commander of the Spanish foicCH dttrliiK Hie w(l '' *'"'* lh1 UnlUU Tn nil fif th fcclem pill tnt flflrnmnv or n e i t t r n l tcavurniiu th* BrlllJih rcpllwl they fi'U- flxert\ir(-» on I h e part ot the cniUrul power* were Insincere tind w nlnoe rf'si'onMlblllty'for the wnr upnn the fillli'H. PUBLISHER'S WIDOW LOSES HER APPEAL The (»i( l.'nllnl Ifst.t WASHIN'OTON, Del, SO prernn court Mttndity, phlne S. Sitrtpp*, widow of J u m w * 0. Bfrlpps, n review of I'M- action for n ihnre tit the in profits from hf hi* Hdwanl W, the hmp they wore Sy hut (I the prop- from IPOS until shorfly before hln dentil In tftai. 'I'liere wu» only »t Wrbnl iijtrepnietit M to the dlvl.iton »f the profits between f i t l h e r inrl tnn, Irfiwcr cmirtji nilcil t h i n wns not eelndlne cnntrnct urn! (I1«mlfifeci HPT plea. The sum Involved I* Mtlmnttut *t mnri- i h n n .fn.Afin.IKin. . . - * Court Denies Review Of Clergyman's Case AGED WOMAN LURED TO DEATH IN QUEST OF FOOD FOR PETS I l l y tlHlli-il ITc.-il.l O A K Y , Ind,. Oct, a)--Mrn. Mary Ofi, lhi "cnt woman o[ wiist lured to her doath In H quem fer food for her pels. It up. poured Momlty im Io1lce huntnd tin «laytr who otlaukod the woman nnri then choloid her to 0uth, Tint body wiui dlacovcrftcl ynslordiiy by Mrs. Mtiyme Newton and Mr* Mnl.Uo P«fl»h. who were looklnfjt foi an npnrtmcnt.. Theyonterod a Broad wiy a|(trlm#nl and stumbled OVBI HH? body. Mrst. J«iiovleh had slnse [-'rklsy. «wording to nftljhborji whi: said It WBH her Custom each day lo cull on them for meat scraps foi Uie nnlrwils. Polhsc believed lhat the woman hud sono to the apartment where her body wan fount! seeking fo«J foe her pel*. Memorial Church At Woman Killed as Train Hits Auto InPana Crossing tn The I'ANA, Oct. SO TM Mrs. Matilda Palmer, living three milow west of Panft. wag InaUntly killed at B o'clock Sunday morninfi when her car wan struck by Baltimore A Ohio molot cur at the State street crossing here. Mrs. Palmer won on her way to · church sorvlce *h«n tha accident occurred, Tho motor train struck th« car In the middle nml (I ragged It 200 feet down the Irttc Mm. Palmer's body WM hadljf nmngled. Her u.rms ware broken In several plfiws, and her body and head were cut and, bruised. The Kt4ite street crossing ts with out a flaaher sljinul. NcROtlatloiu hotwcen Ihe Pann. Ctty council and the railway to get « protfclnd «ro«- Ing have been undtr way for two years, Mrs. Palmer was 68 years old. She leaves tier husband and'a son, Harry Mclntnab, who Is a civil engineer in New Mexico, poutTc AL TRIVE MOVES NORTHWARD Major Party Candidates Invade Cook County In Campaign NATION STARTS PLANS FORWARD IN WORK RELIEF Cabinet Committee Slated To Begin Conferences Tuesday PRESSURE BROUGHT iHa tlullrit frmn-t WASHINGTON, Oct. 20--The com- ot six cabinet officer^ up- pointed by President Hoover to for- GUARD CITY HALL iHjf lfni(« *'[»«.( NEW YORK, 0«, 20.--A guard tt 110 police was plaped in »nl about city hall Monday IB a precautionary measure In the event communists decide to present a petition for unemployment relict to Mayor James J, Walker, The petition, aactirtSing In imports last week, was to be brought to city hall Monday but 'the TraddH Union Unity league, siip- posctlly sponsoring the plnn, sold the budget, hna.rlng disorder* lual Thursday h«d accomplished the purpose. They said no petition would be . CHICAGO. Oct. 20.- The Ihroe-oor- Illinois senatorial campaign moved northward Monday an the three ranclldfttes, Bulh Hanna Mc- Cormlch, Republican: James Hamilton Lewie, Domocrnt; end I*tlie Holman O'Neill. Independent dry, opened the last two weeks or cam- panning before the Novotnbcr elec- lioni). The two major party candidates will move Into Cook county this week In an effort to win the 1,000.000 voles which Ihe county affords, while Mrs, O'Neill, whose downstnte campaign began two weeks ago, will devote the week to Southern Illinois. Mrs. McCoiinick has completed ticv downstage tour and moved lo Chicago where sha makes three ad- dr«S6oa Monduy night, Lewis, whoa* original platw called fur hl» return to Chlcngo, had changed hla Itinerary to permit spe«k)nfr on(fii(fi'ni!n(s at Kotkford and Elgin Mondny, 34 Sinking Schooner Wheaton Dedicated WA54V[|Ni'}T(lN. OCI. nmt court Mftndny ley Cnprinnrt. Hilffulo, N man. n rivlew if his The sup- A, Stnn- V.. rlcrgy. lo t(*l net «nd "KRlnsl Ltiirrnln JaniM \V. turn of It Pnllci* to (lie re- nl THE WEATHER fnk iind contlmitHl wild tunlk'tit MIU! (runrmw »- eepl elixidy In- cxtrenxf tmittb Portion. Frecxlnt; tpmperniure In ·with iMtrtliin tonight. MH:AI, TKMI-KIIATIJKKS p. m. an T *. m, today Moon todiiy , . Lowwt lodny Sun rises Sun Mt« ...... .. 42 , , ai ..6:18 WtlEATON. Ocl, SO- -BiHhop Edwin H(vlt Hufihes of the Methodist FIplfioopM church dnllvercd the sermon at the dedicatory service of the E M Gary Memnrlnl Methodist church here Mnnday. JudK* C. D. Clark, chulrtimn of the board of IriistecH. presented the new edlflM which rnplncnd Iho former structure hunt In 1MI by the late Klbert H. n«ry in memory of hl» Three Hurt In Accident i BB liiiilnl IVpM.l JOHNSTOWN, Pa., Oct. SO.- At least throe men were killed and 30 others Injured Monddy when a "man trip" elevator at Iho Sonman shaft mine near here broke loose antl fell to the bottom of the shaft. Rescue work was hampered by Inability of workers to reach the bottom of the shaft. itEviKW or CASK M V . WASHINGTON. Oct, 20-- Dr. John R, Brink ley, storm center of Uie Kanias drive on alleged qticntlonabie pructliies, watt Monday denied a review of his challenge to the state law under which he wa* barred from practise. Brlnkley recently nn- nouncad hi* Intention of running for governor to *eek "vindication," ' H\j I.'nttM /VCMI.) NBW YORK, Oct., 2(t~R*seilB of 34 men Irom a rl«underlnR (lahing l;wtt off Ambrose lightship was re- Vfitilm) Monday by Captain Frank SchwrUman of the fisherman Col«~ niu. Schwartjsmnn said, hh uruftpt«lied up the crew ant* pasHnnsers of the yncht Gage In a fiS mile gal* near the. Ambrose fishing bnnka Thi»3 dny. The Gace was taking -water badly, although the pumps -were manned by constant relays of sailor H. After alt hands had been taken off (he One*!, SchwarUman told cpMdt jrunrd headquarters, a third vensel hove in sight and offered tfl low the sinking crntt ashore. Nnth Ing WHS seen of the Gage Monday, however, ani Ihe roast. Kuard sent nut a general alarm. It was be licved the boat foundered. miilate pluns for stimulating business and relieving unemployment this winter will hold Its first meet- Ing Tuesday, Secretury of Commerce Ijomont announced Monday, The meetinff probubly -will be held In the cabinet room of the White Houac. Lorn on t said The commerce secretary will act »s chairman of th cabinet, group, which Is lo worte with Gov, Eugene Meyer, Jr.. of the fed- crnl reserve bbnrd. i Lnmont »ald the meeting; wnn null- ed to lay pfc»nH for a later conference and IhHt an nt tempt would be made lo outline the scope of the work. Kxptalnv Work He axplnlned the 'work of · fhe new nommlttm, which Includctt Secretaries Mellon, Davis. WDbur, Hurley and Hyde, WHS merely to lutsnaify and promote the business stimulation prosram begun neiirly ft year when President Hoover willed · of ntitlonsl bufinm* lemlisrs foltowlnir last full's market crush, State Opens Drive To Solve Situation tttti 11 nit fit CHICAGO, Oct. 20.-0lvic: nnd offl- blnl leaders of Chicago and downstate Illinois joined Monday In * three wnj" drive to solve Ihe unemployment situation by finding temporary relief and permnnnnt employment for thousands of mm in the slate who have been looking for ;|obe but failed to find them, Dr, Benjamin M, Squires. University of Chlcngo economist, handed a committee of 4.1 men appointed by CJJov, Ionla TJ, Emmerson. sohftduled to hold their first nicetlnft Monday In behalf of the unemployed, Dr. ajuires sn!d the comnilllce wovild, first, bring pressure upon nil governmental agencies and prlvnle (ndt).tf-ies to attmulnftt construct Jon; second, urge foclor)e« to provide work for more rn*n by Inaugurating Nhorter working days; and third, start drives In cities throughout line state to rnise community chests for relief of the needy. Episcopal Bishop's Condition Critical (Btf PI-CM,) EVANNSTON, Oct. 20--The condition of Bishop Sheldon M. Orinwold of the Chicago Episcopal dloceaR W«E reported as critical today by' his physician; Dr. Dwtght R Ciark. The bishop, who Is BO years old, became 111 last spring but had recovered sufficiently, to resume his duties this fall, when he suffered a relapse and wua taken to the Evnnslon hospital. PICK Vt r ThAWI.~ISB i SB u*utt iVMi.1' NEW YOBK, Oct. SO--Th* radio marine corporation's Chatham. Mass., station picked up a meitage Monday from the steamer Gypsum Prince, saying It had ilcked up the trawkr 5at[jrn. In distress near Pollock Ugh whip and was towing It ' to Pollock rfp. _ r . . . . . . _ M . r . r . _ | . _ i ^ . Counterfeiter Gets 10 Years In Priion -HV v* , CHICAGO, Oct. 30 -- Dewey Wallace McMuriy, auipccied . to be a leader of a counterfeiting ring, was sentenced Monday to 10 years Imprls onment In the federal penitentiary at Tjsaveriworth. Another member of the ring has been sentenced to one year, J10TKI, Ardent Iowa Dry Opposes Report; Quits DBS MOINES, Oct. W.--The DOB Moinei Register said In a copyrighted dispatch from Its Washington bureau Monday that Judge William S, Kenyon tendered hl» resignation w a member At President Hoover's crime commission two weeks ago be oau*e he was dissatisfied with the commission's altitude toward prohibition. The resignation wa* refuned, th* Register said, and an undentiundlng was arrived at between President Hoover and Judge Kenyon by which fhs Iowa Jurist frould continue on the commission. The register enumerated two reasons for Kenyon'* attempted withdrawal from'the commission: "1, Kenyon, an ardent dry, wa* not In sympathy wltl) the com ml* slon's forthcoming report on liquor conditions, the tenor of which, the P,oeter learned, is to be unfavorable lo prohibition sympathisers. "2. Kenyon believed that the re port was Intentionally being wllh held until after ihe November, election*. To avoid Ihe embarrassment which an anti-prohibition report would CHUKG the admin 1st ration,'' CHICAGO^RHONE" RATE UNDER FIRE Company Seeks Permanent Restraining Order In Court WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 -Chicago's leading legal talent- wa,* massed in the supreme court Monday, prepared to fight th e final verbal battle over the Illinois Bell Telephone company's rale case, which hart been pending in the court* since 1913. The rale atUck was begun when the company tiled suit lo restrain th* Illinois Commerce Commission and Oscar E, Carlstrom, attorney general of Illinois, from enforcing tha rale schedule promulgaled Aujir, 16, JM. This schedule, Ihe company contended, was not baaed on a full allowance of the proper value* of Its proper- tins. A three-judge statutory court entered a temporary injunction. The company now seeks a permanent Injunction allowing them full ^ eight per cent, return on the value of their property'In rontlet Inff service In Chicago, This properly was given a value of $125,000,000 after deducting for depreciation. The city's counsel contend Ihe lower court erred when It liflil the company's association with the American Telephone Telegraph company did not destroy lu standing as an Independent enterprise, l Attorneys for the city, and th» commission, as -well as the Attorney Genera) ot Illinois, argued that In adding $1,034,298 to the commission rate base value, the court did not Hive proper consideration to the element of reproduction cost new. WOODMEfTGR ANTED REVIEW OF RATES fflv fHlioif fress.1 WASHINGTON. Oct. 20--Dlwent- Inir members of the Modern Woodmen of America who objected to a revinlort of the society's Insurance rates In June, 192ft, were Monday granted a rehearing .by the supremo court of thnir claim that the Illinois statute under which the change wa* made I* unconstitutional. WASHINGTON, Oct. 20-The ill prem* court denied the Slovene Hotel company of Chicago a. review of Its unsuccessful action to restrain ihe Chicago Yacht. Club from erecting a club house between the hotel and the lake front. POLICE NEAR SOLUTION OF GHILDMURDER Stepmother, Arreited, Denies Charges; Hat Found BLOODY TIRE IRON t»ti Unhid PrtftJ DENVER, Col, Get. 20.-Development* followed ench other in *wift succeimon Mon day as police believed they were nearing a solution of the skying of 10 year* old Leona O'Laugh- )in, whose bruised body found In Berkeley lake after Hhe httfl been mining for two days. Mrs, pMrt O'Loughlin, LWMM'K stepmother, was arrested Sunday after ground glass was found In the dtad glrl'H xtomach. QulM StapmolHer The sUpmolher, who wmt Former Welfare Director And Senator To Testify WOMAN THREATENS TO BLOW UP BANK; USES SWEET MILK Hu , ,, FORT WORTH, T*»t.. Oct. »·- A gray hnlr*d woman, about «0, walhe^i into lh«. Union b»nk A Twist company h*rs. Mondayheld up a bottle of "tiltroglycerlit," *nd threatened lu blow up the bank It nhe didn't g«t W,MO. Sh* waa iclicd «nd held by policeman TL G, Dollar, and DAn Lydich, bank president, The bottle contained milk. tlonad /or hour* before her arrwt, laid authorities she knew of no way In which lh« child could have eaten the giant. Police wanted lo know, they Raid, why Mrs. O'Loughlin used the family automobile twice nn the night ot the disappearance of her stepdaughter, why there was a bloody towel In the automobile, and why fthred* of Uonn's green Inm Hung to a bloody lire Iron found In the car, Clalou Blood From Mrs.' O'Loughlin an id her «on by a former murrlftge, Douglas Mill!- gan. had vised the towel when hi* nose bled while he w»» on his wny lo school l»*l week, She *ald Bh« need the family mach. Ins to violt her halr-drems on the night of Ltona's disappearance. Th« halrdresscit, Mrs. Ethel 9 purr, lives near th« region where the body was found. Mrs. Sparr confirmed Iheee vla- FaUMT Critically 111 Leona's father, who Is critically III of a malady which appears tn be ptomaine polnontng, haa not been told ot his daughicr's death. City chemists anounced Monday that the Illness of Leo O'Loughlln W9* due to ground glass, Ihe same subilanc* that hod been fed to his UngU Mwd«r Case, Postponed 4th Time By IVnttW Prtn.i CHICAGO, Oct 20~The trial of Pranklo Foster, gun man and rack etaer charged with the-murder ot Alfred J. Llngte, Chicago Tribune reporter, was continued nntll Nov. S4 in criminal court Monday. Prosecutor* asked, for the sion of time in order to obtain more evidence "no that others connected with the crime wilt not escape tine. , · · ' . MURDERER MAKES BOMB OUT OF PLAYING CARDS;. ROCKS PRISON SAN QUBNTIN STATE PRISON, Ca),, Ocl. SO--A condemned man died Monday, the willing victim of s.n Ingenious scheme to "beat Iho gallows," ' In a upo.oLacular *ulcld,e, William Kogut, convicted Butte county mvr- derer, *et off a home made bomb tn bin cell In condemned row. The explosion badly mangled hint and created panic among the other prisoners. Eight of his companions awaiting execution were hurled from their 6unks to the flow while the prison buildings were rocked by the force ot the blast. , The prisoner ripped IW Hjbinf from hi* lion cot, filled the hollow Prn*,) space wllh water and torn playing cards and plugged up both ends. He then placed the makeshlp bomb over hlsoll heater, rested his head against the pipe and awaited the. bleat Warden James B, Holohan said the exploelon WM the result,of the cellulose on the card* melting and forming a kind of "soup" llko that used In safecracklng. Kogut'* face and hands were bad ly gaahd. Following the blast he wa* rutned unconscious to the hospital. Kogut wa* sentenced to die Aug. Si tor the «laylng of Mayme Outhrle, lodging house keeper, buft appealed his case and was granted* etay of l^ daughter. Mr*. O 'Lough I in was married to father, a city detective, two year* ago. STATETODD FELIOW CONVENTION OPENS; GOVERNOR ATTENDS VaiMt aPRINOFIELD,, Ocl. 20.--The Ullnoi* Order of Odd Fellow* opened its annual meeting here Monday with c1o»e to 3,000 delegates end 1,000 vlslte-s present. The meeting will continue through Thursday. Three brancho* of the order will be represented si the meeting--Ihe Grand lodge, the Grand Encamp nienl and the Rcbchah assembly. Only one of the three branches-the Grand Encampment--wo* scheduled 10 meci Monday. Sesilons of the Reockahs nnd member* of the Grand lodge will open Tue»day. A feature of Monday's convention program will be the i|«cisl banquet of the Grand lodge at which Gov. L, Eininerflon IN scheduled to Noted Flier Hakes Last Danger Trip titv WiiBnf PrcM.) PORT DARWIN, Australia, Oct. Mijr Subpeot CUbauf h For Queitwnior About ·· ProtetU · DRIVE CONTINUES iKli KinUei PrrM.) . CHICAGO, qtt 20.--An Illrnw* it«te MRitor and * lor- mer director of public welfare' were »ummpnetl to timtify Monday before the Cook county grand jury regarding charge^ J 20-Austra»ft'(t turnout weur* the pr«m»lure release t»»-' -» Vriwn o( Qeorgt "Red" Barker, on*'.; of Chicago'*- "puhll* enemies." · .. ··, ' Th« m«!n mimmrm«d *»r« »Utj ; '-\', Vktor P, UlRli*.! »n4"',!, Chnunry J*nktni, wh« w§« dfr«^t4r '·'.; t,{ public w*ir«r« during th« «4mtn-' irirstton of rorm*r Onv, L*n Small, t n »ltnrn«ys, It was Mid thtl Hlntfln O, · CU* former chelrirmn ot th* Ull- ^mr,....,,TM Chai'le* IS. Klng*ford --.,^ m . Brf Smith, left her* en route (or Sydney TMl* P* rto " ·" l . ... Monday on the concluding «ti(te» of *«uW be «*IM vo twtify what may be hi* te« long fll|M htf v «n« proU*U ever dannerou* territory, ag»lnnt Judgn T, N, Klnssforfl-Smiih plloieJ the Souib- urn Cros«, Jr., In whleh he *et a new record for a flight from England to Australia. But If he adhere* lo h!» termer announcement that h* would trot mix matrimony end long distance flying, the pr*»ent record- breaking Journey will he hi* tail fcp«clacular achievement In aviation. He wet met here by hi* ftoneee, Miss M»ry Powell, and they lo b* mil-vied coon 1 ALLEGED"G AMBLER "TAKEN JOR RIDE" Body Found On. Lonely Road With Nine Bullet Wounds thoritle* Monday were the murder of a man thought, to Charlw J. Preiher, one-time wealthy gantbkr, whose body w« found with nine bullet wound" on a lowly road near beYe, Sunday night The man, said authorities wa* *hot at clone range, It nw« believed that bt wa» *laln «l*ewhe» end hi* body thrown to the »ide of U»e road. An empty gun, which had not been Tired, wa* found by hi* body, Prather was indicted In WM In connection with the holdup of tbe Broedmoor Country VJub at Indian- apolt*. where loot loteJHng |2fX»X)00 wan obtained. Hie '"Jlctnient followed Identification i a watch, u one 1*ken in the holdup, which wa* found In hl§ po*»eMion, Four wttnesses to the robbery **ld he resembled onft of the rohbei-*. Authorities **ld they would Invee- tlgeie the poMlbllily that Preiher had geng connection* which may have resulled in hi* being "taken tor a ride" and alto posatbtlllly that kid neper* who have ipeclallwd In kW naplng gambler* In thi* Mellon, may hav« killed him. Postal Lease Probe Will Begin In Chitt|o ^^:^S E ^l±^ wiu WA S H^»«^-Tne , P e ; w*d« r*l«M* , of Barker from priiwrt nnttt VT » hnhe«* corpus ptroc«MllngK. Barkf r, one of ID* most notorlou* ,, r*ck*i««r* In Chleftfltt, was mi, back to prtnon UW wtsk -to *«rv«ty the r«m*lnlnr tour y*»rs of. a «*rit* j met fer robbtry which h* hwt not ' completed wh«n r*t«utd fcy vrtat-- of Judg* Omen, tafOK whom, f il? w»* Mid, attorney* Michael utd ' .Icnkln* tppewtd, Un(M h VWta Tb« fruid jury m*Ja known It; had un«ovcTtd arldanu that JftB- - klni ww paid HtW for kta aftwtt in. bthaJti ot Barktr *B* Uwt «r obtalBMt th* monar by Ing lnr«tdi Into tha tmnttfr «( th*' coal t«nn*t«ri' «aloit ' - Th* grand jury subpana .WM, d«rv*d at hta Ptetla «tflc* wb*n h« - : c«pitul»t*d fo «rnc«ra who .had- waited outild* hit toe*** 4oor *lx houri. H* wfwrt to tall mtMh b* had Weft ttaM for wnOog Barkar at th« habaaa eorjrt* . hearing and dtnkd knowkdf* of any ft* paid to J*itklM. Barker Muat Wllh Barker back In prtoon »nd hi* attorney* admitting they kMj little hop* ot ireelnt him ««ln be? fore hie term expire*, th* numeroui crtiM drive* *«aln*t othert or the "| enemlet," ao named by the comml**lon, continued, Ainone tho»* ncheduM Tor court hearing today were JernM ."ftir*. Sammona, charted with Terry Dru«r»n, etno «hi telnit e, vtfrant e* well a* wltn evadlnr lar»e Inoome laic payment*: Frank Potte, under Indtcttncnt for complicity In the Alfiod Unftle mur- d«r; and Danny Stanion, who- l a j ?h»r«*d by Wlftconrtn aiithoritk*, with helpino; kill J*ck Zui*. no.torl- ow* north. »We »»n»itt*r, In ·· hotel re*nrt near Wavike*hn, StieBbWOT' "Swip": cers for the Grand Encampment will take place Tuesday, whlla the Grand lodge and Rabekah asicmbly witi name their 1ead«rn Wednesday. PolkTHtU " Gangster AUer Raid '· ST. LOUIS, Oct, M--John Nango, 31, who ay» Jie )s a ChJcago gamester formerly In ihe employment of Ralph Capone. bi'Other of "Scarfact" Al Capon*, notorious cht«*RO gang leader, was under arrest here Monday, after a rsld on hbt hotel room, Sunday. Police declined to My why Mane* we* being detained, other than to tfty they were awaiting word from Chicago. Records do not *h«w that he I* .wanted In Chicago. They refused to reveat the circumstance* leading, to the raid. Milkmaid Contest* * Vfttml Prrtt.i ST. LOUIS, Oct 10-- MUs Dew thy Wilhelm «f ConaarsvJH*. Ind^ I* the new American chamrfon milkmaid. ' Ml** Wilhelm milked 203.83 pounds In a total «1ap«ed time of 01 mlnuts* to win her title and tbu nln* day .marathon . milkmaid con- . . test at th« Mth annual National Dairy show which ended Sunday elal S«nale commute* appointed to hae t«n- latlvely decided to open It* »t Chicago, Nov. B. It wa* a Monday, *t the commHtee 1 * The commlttea h*tt selected Chita- go In order to Inquire Into the ictlv- Hie, of Jaoob Kulp of lhat city, wbe is naJd to htive obtained meny ot the bigger nosUl ]«»«es. Two Hurt Wheo~Aiit* Hit* Tire In Road STERLIN *$"^ W, Cole and hl« wife, of Bout* Ben«, Ind.. were recovering Monday front Injitrku received Rnnday, when ihelr oittomoklt* left road iw*t here and overturned »*veral time*, The Colei. accompanied by a atm and * daughwr. wore returning to South Bend after attending ,» loot- ball game at Iowa, Ctly, Their automobile struck a rubber tire laying on the Lincoln highway pavement, near Union Grove. The, son and daughter escaped Injury. ^ _ r . Mine Worker Face* Trial For Harder Once, legal department Investigator of dlatrlct E, United 'Htm Worker*, we* Mb*4uled to go on trill here Monday charged with tha, murder or * Blman Hah*, coal miner. Hay* wai elala In 'a : fluarrel the [ Grace's office la»t Pen, 7, at night There were 13 entrant* In , contest Each s*rl milked one oowfover meriu ot the Lewi*How»t twice each day of the marathon. J1*bwktr oMitreverty. ' vanr ot «r« btow«w n Valley by cutting telephone wrecked the tnM-lw of'th* German American State hoik nllro-flycertne ejt|1oit*nw Ittlled to open the vault, ^ « The «rack»men broke tnl« th» hiwlt and blew off the outald* *Mf of the v*nll, When lh« tHi*1 tim*r doov held wmlnrt tUIUmtl the robbw* Ied. : They brake In the door of * with mobile a jrtcka* and atoJft » new tut**- e Jn whteh they a*et*rf, ,,, · Today'* Evumr HenW f Feature Index , --, , ,HA»tOK unappreclaud. weattn, ft«h »tf ( .;tm hlRCoTumn on " AKOELO r . anta ihouM tench cMMr*n by ex- ampl«, TUB ll n«te t. ltVKNTH ^^ VOTO fey Crafan, an latere/rUnf. tw» toy rial t«»i how e, nutlMH jw ,, . bandied a delkate altueJlon. PtM ifc.'; M WUBS AGO pediotk were quite tn* tnlnf *» *»«. .IUi her 'em, Kealer be* pictured them '·».;, p«« w. ' TA1LSPIK TOMMY g«ti . , A teat rMe a* e vt»IUi« OtttoUl. U fot»tiiir We ih»U H*, w» - \-n. JOCK nOLMM tn takw a, wiped, ft It the W, AftV MAKE OMM TR ·eope for you M p*f» W, · ' TKB HMM-Hudy met* » nen'tpottte. *b P«l* " OLUYAft WnVUAM U feel* to *A JunteM gchool partfttttarly when H NEWspAPERflRCHIVE*

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