The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 19, 1973 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1973
Page 12
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HIE BRAZOSPOfcT FACTS jhrt*pirt. Te»M. T«»»4«y. JwU, litt Court volunteers Astern Star Rteky business eomp/e , e training J*2? ""'I • ft RA| ft A 1*1 ft If W ^^ Columbia Chapter 7tt» e* the Kl««ta, Jerry Wilker»w», • <* ••^^> v%^ • •«»i%W fht Juvenile Court the volunteers Is the Mr* Harlwra r'HwrmM « Onkr ol the K&item Star IwW wuritert; Jefw Craig, «*nl»»el Volunteer Program training nervation program that ha.* in charge awl haj »pe«t it* irulallatlon at ulficers |n»tallinK Ch*pUin i»»uTi^-iDn f-™« ,»n» . ^ ,. s«sl«M hav* be*n ctsmpleted proven to be ettrotnely >ev*ral hour* p*r week rttxnlty *uh MM A1H* M»* Jwephide Chapman of Ttw in»clli8*rx« of » ptr- mil do*» not depend on |h« weight of (he britn A g*«IU. m»y have HARTFORD. Conn. CAP) Barrel jumping, air bout racing and rattlesnake hunting may be small-time sporU. But they can be big- lime business for the insurance companies that take the ri»k of protecting the daredevil participants. Insurance men claim that covering things like hot air Uilloon ascents is a highly profitable enterprise. "People *ho want to he a little offbeat are very carelul." said Robert P, Jursch at the Hartford Insurance Group. "The *afet.y record of airboats is belter than automobiles." Jursch. whose company Boys & Girts CLOTHING and accessones WHERE? at always a large selection, always major brands, always ready to help you GIFT WRAPPING FREE insures about 3.000 special risk eventa every >"**r. said, "People who have been participating in these things are their own best safety force." Th* Hartford insures the Sweetwater, Tex., Jaycees Annual Rattlesnake Round- Up, which attracts hundreds of hunters to track down rattlers, fry snake steaks and "milk" the creatures' venom for scientific research. Jursch says but year's hunt brought only one claim front a hunter who suffered a cut foot in the rugged Te.tas country. Fireman's Fund American. *ilh hearftjuarter* in San Francisco, has handled barrel jumper* and rodeo rider*. plus such nonhuman sportsmen as participants tn an Angels Camp. Calif., frog- jumping contest. Not ail special risks involve sports and arumab Insurers recall covering an ascent that Johnny Carson made in a hoi air balloon to (Um a television commercial, and protecting actors in an oil company commercial who had to line up atoog a busy road. Fireman's Fund, which counts show business "case insurance" as part of tts »p»xial risk operation, pa;tl J19.SS to the prwiucrrs a.' J television special starring Bill Cosby and Dick Van Dyke when a spriined anife 'uoft l\tsby oil his ieei and deU> eO filming (or two maotha Tb* sinking of a mechanical \ifrs tan vi the Lech N*s» monsler built for a BnUsh movie cost the fund 1135.«« Volunteer Program training hav* b«*n etsmpleted and volunteers K*v* b«*n assigned on a otxMc-om tw*i* in help delinquent.* and VJTV- dclinqurnts adjust to acceptable social behavior, The announcement was made this we*k by J. C. C.osnell BraiorU County Juvenile Invitation 0(lk*r "Volunlwm givD th* cluW at least one hour per vttuch it often spent lUhtntt. shopping, or )u't talking." Cioinell Mid In ottering Utt» program the juvenile court a attempting to give the vtokl an adult companion ttut will accept him i» a person with pramuung qualtltiw and h«tp him in h» adjustment to society Another MTVK* c/fered by nervation program that proven to b* ettr«o»*ly »ucc*-«ful. <i«n»U added, in charge awl several hour* p*r week working *Hh children in detention The have ma4e plaque*, maeramo volleyball, badmintcn. awl charad** ">V« are tofttag tlut more adufi» will b*«an« a*ar« o< Ou.« brmr-deul program ami take jdvinu^f of future tratwtqj jr-ianjiM." the youth invlallatlon rttxnlty *uh Uu<l*«n. from Sweeny and Mr* Corinoe. Clayton ol We*', (Vliwol.'W, i«»uUw)j nurtiul the tu*« **» t«W at INr Masonic Hall oi Wei! Nell* and lUmutm <rf AfigU'lon W C ImUlktl »er« Mr» Waat, worthy inatroa, Wait, worthy iH«.VU!e B part m th» rite* M »«U (Htwt chapter* f«pr«**0!c<{ tint Ha* CMj, S»**n>. Hit 1 DAI, GOWKS b«*» *.i Ht I.;** the juvenile l't*r««, hjil i port in thu program try contributions of lime, vvxi BJIittU * ttl> •A I ) 1 c r i u n ; ',sft>.t's f i I equipment SVe wjmli to rtfliuuj tfut Juftatiua* will if,'* p'.etl 4! an* lime l.uvite C*l*». Ada 'A illiit-.i Hulh. V** »jth<cf , f'trn Cfs Mail rates might go up WASHINGTON tAI'i A lint cUus mail stamp could co»t a dime iwtt year if G«wrai Klmrr T has. hti way Kitwen said m 40 interview in the cyrreot t*su« oi I.' S Ne»-i 4 World Krpori that h* npecli to iefk apprwal!«" 4 two-cent locreastf in re^wlar maii rate* eik-ctivr tn January to m«?< rxmn* U!xv CO4I-1. T?^- pouinsAjtef gifrswral ab«) »ax5 that INe itw oi air mail » declsnusg a:xJ "I d«jo't knt™ »,Vth*r we »iil i«*p air trui! or tw« " He n;«J probkm.* m ipac* *.i 1 prufcictts *(fcv!if^t thus Umt cafh jin.1 wvffr pf«3fc(<«'.t to *> p«cr err.: mjt! iieis .wtd not WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF Brakes needed on officials using chauffeured cars WASHINGTON > AI>> - s*n VTOluim Pwomire. * ho joija to *wk, »*ni» to fit tfc* brake* oo the ctuuffeurrd carrjw There's a highly contagious bug going around genus: (Newous automobikicus) CAUTION*. This creature can only be stopped by the purchase of a new car, truck, camper or boat. A sure treatment for victims bitten by this bug can be found in the financial pharmaceuticals department (known there as the low cost loan department) of The Lake Jackson Bank. If you're bitten, our staff is ready to treat you. TV »4yj that ({ ttifxb .'of tacottte hotatrjjt acrf are ":xiJ bock puf on chaa/fcu? t<e cut (a rwsf rwh fccur JM attend t<xul (usc',ioR.» ifc*rc ttx- r to And. nay. t m "J don't brrJl-ing (h* S*TV>ce Dtfnrtor By TOO V Crpiton? laid jbxj: h;:i ui«> a/ « drivCT "Wy h/xj,* 1 * are iuch that 1 rw«d thxi <jr l.'niil u'» ptwten ilkga! 1 inur*j to do •aha! I'm tfc* ft«dj{*!3 at w»rral iwkprrxif 4«1 ptana tu limit for crffieult' frd«T*l chauifeured car. it* rrumtcnjrwe and *JJF-S fr/c a driver t«jpn it IIO.iM) A driver'* overtime can doubfc llw cost A froxmire i«fe vievc* (be »grrwr> djturra 41 THE LAKE JACKSON BANK *. : sffP' i ^iWff^^^'"» would from 2H4211 James C Kktcrwr. hrj (he Natuxul Acrunjutws Space A that His chaufftured l>m«u>jnc uve» Uxpayera' money "1 (if I th* trade c^f live hmir and « rulf u Ulu! me la drive tu •*urk. and the hnir half ol '*'jfk I get U'ti^i drtvto there, she taxpayer i* getting ttmte >,'t\at\ hn tnftocy'* worth." »ji«J H«t' dner Home burglarized LAKE JACKSON A Iwcn* burglary carried out durirtK the daytime WM rrpwttd ttert Kriday with MXBV iliS *orth of itewi Uktn Mr* Mark Vots, 31* CTifcitnut, reported to police that the kit early Knday to go Ui work and when UK returned »( 4:36 pm found Uwt Ibt boiiu bad been entered through a kiidwn door wrucb had been ofentd after a protective faneJ had Utn pried away. CabiMU and dru*tr» bad b«*o teardi and a Minerva slop watch, « Wcttcivck pocket watch, an inoperable GE portable TV and a Sftakrtfeare »pinnlng reel and rod were ted gie* ill' 'Mf iot VI Ail taxteit »i'-.'i 'w. Stiffs a sisy ftj»>i« KHOM Tilt, Mt^T- W.\N-TV.l> VtltlJ T1IK.M -M.t AT FRIED CHICKEN BETTER THAN GOOD! 1507 SJUZDSfOIT H.m it's put together better! POWER ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS SAVERS! THESE HIGH EFFICIENCY FRICORICH AIR COHOITIOHIRS DRAW LESS WATTAGE THAH MANY AIR COHOITIOHIRS WITH THE SAME iTU CAPACITY. CHECK THE WATTAGE1 THAFS WHAT YOU PAY THE POWER COMPANY FOR EACH MONTHB §TU 7.5 AMPS Tr« ! wnot* n "i.ii ONLY 860 WATTS MO VOLT aBM.t*i 1*1 <f «»t <e«t It n« <4M« •«* (fern** l«r 13,100 ,1*' »»! 7 J AMPS ONLY 1590 WATTS MO VOIT 14300 tTU M AMPS MOOt I IM >4lW ONLY 1840 WATTS ffO VOLT If^00 iTU OitftJi* cettt IM hm| lit* and tJ AMPS • ('cm«44nl kttl llt«rm«»ui far l*tci «•»! & ntoittart rrm»t*l f»r Air Mat* Mr *)r "(Hit i U -Hhl ONLY 2050 WATTS Th* ONLY Friedrich Carty Th> it's put together better!

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