Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 6, 1897 · Page 16
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 16

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1897
Page 16
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TO HO N KEEPERS SAY BE,' REDUCED. OUT. NEWS FROM UNCOt^ SCHOOL. of to Use «**** Mtmt t»y 'Tonight. Tne saloon keepers of Sterling «tow emphatically today that unless the saloon lifeeos* Is redncsS from $1,000 to tSOO par annum, they will not take oat the ensuing year. This sisce of intelligent* will be received with weeping and waiting by a number of the Bocfc Falls citizens who were Depending upon the Sterling dram «hopa for their "good cheer"and Inebriation. / - • . • _ H At the mating of the City Council Tnuraday evening, the saloon keepers presented a petition asking that the license fee be reduced materially, the •am named by them being 8600. By Reference to the council proceedings, it will be seen that a minority report of the License Committee to that body recommended a reduction of the saloon license to 9800. This report was lost by a vote of seven to three. The saloon keepers claim that, owing to the hard times, their receipts for the pack year have been very much less than those of any of the preceding ' years, and that the payment of 81,000 ao license is a hardship. They have agreed, further, that unless the license fee be reduced, not one of them will open their places of business next year.' ••• -.•••• Accompanying the petition Thurs. day evening were a number oi letters from the City Clerks of neighboring cities Bt^atinj:^jtjioenBea have been re- daced in each city ;. for the reason stated above. The present dram shop Reviews and exftmtnationa ate way. The.puplis have bten wtn- e*Hy trying to keep up their gt*de. Mr. Henry Reitzel waa a visitor in tha different rod msTfearsdsjr. He had ton opportanity of noting the wotk and methods of exatnirmtionir, . Tbe topic*— The Grand Old Man of Our Senate, Education in Alaska, The Tmsk-Grascian War and How Onr Country Was Named Untele Sam— have been topics^ for reading and fiiaenseion this week in theA and Bgrades.Boom 4. license holders claim that they have tttesfenled to the couacll only a business proposition, and they think It deserves more consideration. Several stated this morning that, if the council BO chose, their books would be opened top;•. committee and a detailed, statement of their business cheerfully presented; or they are willing to submit the matter to popular •vole. Th'ofle present at a meeting held j this morning are emphatic in the [ statement that they cannot >ffor<! to conduct business under the present license fee and that they will not do SO. X ' '":' .•'.. "'X •' . . ' X • The matter has'been thoroughly discussed on the streets this morning, aad it is understood that a general rush will be made tonight f o'r a year's supply of the cheering beverages; The saloon keepers held a meeting this afterapoa at 2 o'clock, the results of their deliberations not yet havlag been made We note that in the columns of the Critic, two of Irving'a stories, "Rip 1 Van Winkle" and the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" are taken in a list of the ten best stories produced by Ataer- lean authors. Anna» and Andeha Hewitt will fill out their year of schooling at Lincoln School.though they live now in the Second ward. When the Township High School Is established and a uniformity of the text books in use, the heavy expense resulting from changing schools In the city will be done away with.* Lloyd and Edna Mangan Dnd it necessary to be out of school part of the time now, because of the ead accident to their slater, Miss Mabel, Do your duty, come what will." "The longest day has its evening and we shall enjoy it but once; it never returns. Let us use it, therefore, as the srping time which soon departs, and wherein we ought to plant and sort provisions for.a long and happy life." One-half of the States in the Union have -Indian names. Massachusetts means "land around tbe great hills." -Illinois iB J 'men' L and-was thename-of a tribe. Iowa signifies "drowsy ones" and was applied to the Indians of that region by the Sioux. The meaning of Wisconsin is "a rushing channel, and of Kentucky, "at tlie head of the river." Alabama is "land of rest;" Wyoming "great plains;" Kansas,"smoky water"; and Idaho, "gem of the mountains." Dakota means "banded together" and was applied to the Sioux, which was a powerful confederation of tribes—Selected. .-•..•.••-• HEWS FROM THE Y. M, C. A» Tomorrow afternoon closes the session of the regular Sunday Bible Clwis. they have been conducted for the past twenty-six consecutive r «eeks without & break and much good has beep me- complished. During this period TBOKI- •sSt, John has been in attendance every Sunday, »Iso carrying oft the honors in the examinations, recleviag 100 per cent in three different examinations. George L, Carol us was also perfect la the last class exstain&tion «nd others are to be commended for theft faithful attendance,, "What do you mean by a 'Social Pop?'" is a common quiz about tbe rooms. We only know that It in to occur on Tuesday evening, the eighteenth Inst, being the t fourth in the series of •'Members' Nights." A beautiful bouquet of flowers, consisting of the pretty hyacinth, daffodil, tulip varlety,are very much in evidence today on the desk of the General Secretary, a kindness oa the part of John M. Stager, one of the fellow members. With a. love for the beautiful, no one need hesitate at any time in sending to us a bouquet of flowers, for our appreciation of them can best be discerned by the smiling countenance which will greet you on Bach an errand, While writing the above Hem, the postman entered bearing a box, which was found to contain a handsome as sortment of "fudges," well made and extremely delicious, and the name of the donor was withheld. The fellows who happened in at the time and shar ed this token,' found their most eloquent 'expression for' their intense ofc£EN &AR0im SA&S. rR ,(j gftnjttl* On** ttrt Tl»t »f«**5if gratitude in the words, "come again." To the friend who so kindly' remenv' "Spring fsTfir is now in fashion," remarked a local physician to a SfANr OARD reporter, "and there la hardly * day that sorce of my patf*t»ts sr® not complaining of it or ii*,eftfect&. (»her physician* have timifat expffifttiee*, In the first place the patient complain* of that tired fueling we read -*o toaea about«n« of being *» brefca Up/ Hw or fthe eats little, sleeps badly and has bntllttls desire to eat anything** -ill, nsany of t8era bating a ebivwinf sensation some time in the day, followed by a elight fever. They may have no Ambition to work of read or enjoy life in any way. . ' ...-".. "There is nothing remarkable or alarming about this. It 'is but the evidence of the wind-up of the winter arid the coming of 'eternal mildness, gentle spring,' It la the result of eating hearty meals all winter t with little or no rest for the digestive organs. . The cure has been provided by nature and all the patient haa to do is to change the quality of bis food. Instead of eating heavy meals of meat, let him eat the various green stuffs that the market now furnishes in abundance— greens, young dnions, lettuce, rhubarb and similar early garden 'sass.' Any and all of them are good and /a liberal combination of them indulged in will be found advantageous, No mistake can be made. Eat any green thing that the appetite craves, and eat it even if there is no craving for it. A week of such food will do more than any other medicine, for they are medicines in every sense of the word. 'Start off breakfast with some of the criep, fed radishes which' are now eo m $«i *. imperial Lawn Mower n „ guwT**.^ them the lightest running and most _.._.„. The finest and largest displayoi Gasoline Stove* and Kefriprtitora M ° D " MEISTER & ROHRER, STERUNO, ILUNOI*. LOCUST STREET. AUGUST DEAD. ..... Up to the hour of press time the saloon keepers are still in session. The general opinion as expressed in the meeting seern^ to be favorable to the proposition of keeping all their places of business closed until action favorable to them is taken by tbe City Coun ciL Thus far today no one bas filed bonds nor has any one applied for a license. The general verdict seems to be that Sterling will be a "dry" town, at least until after the meeting of the council Monday evening. The trade - is fully represented at this meeting. ' , BACK FROM THE CONVENTION. He Succumbi to'COnsumpUon at Bis Home In Montmorcncy. August Goeken, the eleven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Goeken, of Montmorency, died at the nome of his parents Thursday morning at 11 o'clock of consumption. Several years ago the deceased stepped into a post hole while at the Golder school, injuring his hip. From this he never recovered, but grew worse gradually, being compelled to use crutcheS7~The ; conditions were such that consumption was developed, which caused his death. August Goeken was a boy of fine promise; he was blessed with.splendid mental powers, was of a'loving and kind disposition, and, through all of his suffering, he never complained. He was beloved by- his friends and his death, will be deeply ^nourned. He leaves a brother, Ed, 9CetbodS«ta Report a' Pleasant Tluoo at : Mendota. . Bev. CL C. XHark, Eev. CBBS Davis, H, K. Hostetter, Mrs. Luella H. Mack, Misses Elva Osborn and Marie Butler, returned borne this morning from the Ep worth League Convention at Mendota and report having had one of the best gatherings of Epworth Leaguers ever held in tbe Dix6n District. Tbe convention elected the following officers for tbe coming year: President— H. K. Hosteller, Sterling.. •'•''• - ' '•• : - . •' '/ Secretary— Mrs. Elizabeth Coe, Kock ' aged ten, and his mother and father to mourn his death. The funeral will be held at the house at JO o'clock Saturday, morning and at the German Luthern church in Bock Falls at 11:30. The Bev, Beu will officiate. •••' •• TO HAVE THEIR JOBS AGAIN. bered us, we wish to express our most sincere thanks.... v .........'..' Another pleasant evening is in anticipation for tbe membership of the Association on Tuesday evening, May, 11. E. B.Fletcher will lecture on "Mexico" and a musical and literary program will also be given during the evening. Through the courtesy of the Ladies' Central Committee, the. floors throughout, of the Association rooms, were scrubbed during the week. C. E.Benslnger has won for himself an honorable record in tbe conduct and maintenance of the g^mnasiuni class work which deserves mention. Of the three years which he has spent as Director 'of the physical worfc and classes, he missed but one regularly appointed night. Such faithfulness certainly commends itself to everyone interested- in the Christian work. • Tomorrow afternoon occurs the cloB- Ing lesson in the "Life of Christ" series which the Bible class have been making a study of for the past eight weeks. The lessons have been helpful and conducive to spiritual development The average attendance at the men's meetings during April was seventy-six with the encouragement of two proses sional conversions as a direct result of the meetings. A number of prominent speaker* are on the docket to speak at the Men's meetings during the month of May. plentiful at every green grocer's. Three or four each morning will be sufficient and that many found very beneficial. It will be all right if they are skipped at lunch, but be sure and have at least two varieties of green vegetables for dinner. This kind of food costs much less than a heavy meat dinner and will do more to cure spring fever than anything in the medicine line. "In case the 'green goods' fall to re- lleve'your indisposition It will be well T HE PLACE on West Third Street, koown as the Burdick place, for sale, or will ta&e a smaller place in exchange. This is a fine, large brick house. Good barn, four lots, best of location. I have two parties wanting places in Sterling; the one has 80'acres and ttie other 160 acres in Nebraska which they want to put in as part payment, balance cash. Farms Exchange. and scSty property for Sale and If you want to buy, sell or exchange thing, don't forget to call and see me, any- Q. A. OVER Over-DilLDavis- Dry-floods Jriousej Cor. Third St. and First Ave. Fine Stationery enough to use apothecary shop medicines, but to nine cases out of ten there j wiil be no heed for them." . Here's a timely pointer for those afflicted with that "tired feeling," which comes every spring with the advent of jentle Annie and baseball. , , THE LAST SESSION. Dresden Plate, Egyptian Antique, Rttyal Standard Linen, Venetian Bond, and other high grades for. 26 Cents per Box at , LUCKY CLINTON. .. . , . Treasurer-Clarence Auken, Sycamore, - ' • •':'• •'-. >-. , - ' SupL Spiritual Dept.— Miss Grace Terry, Propbetatown. Supt. Mercey end Help— Mrs. Perley Powers, Amboy. Supt. Literary— Andrew Decker, Dixou, 8apt, Social— Miss Artie Qerlsck, Meodota. SapJ:. Jwnior League— Mrs. Be.He Hose, Earlyille. Tbe place of the next annual meet- tog was left with the Executive Board. Tne district hoJ&» 'aaofcfoes g^thejripg at the eatupmeeticg, as a traiaiog school bat not for busioess. THE A. O.« U, W. WH-ETING. Force of Knglneers to Got to Work Again Soon.' Capt. L. L. Wheeler iaformed a STANDARD reporter last Saturday that. he will soon have bis full force of men at work again. A sum of money, sufficient to start tbe ball rolling, has. been procured. The first work .to be done will be tbe describing of the land la the west section, of which Capt. Wheeler made a survey sometime ago. There is considerable work to be done in that Ideality and it will take several months to complete it. The captain says that there is no question but that the appropriation bill, now before Congress, will be passed, and that the work ean go on without interruption. All of the old force of surveyors and engineers will bere-engaged,save those who do not care to return. ' " Messrs Woermaan, Row&e and Honena are at present engaged oa the Chicago River drainage work, but it is thought tba^ they will all return to Sterling. MARRIED AT GALESBURG. Four Meteorological Towers to be Erected In That City. Clinton is to haye a ,syBtem of meteorological towers, erected Jjjjtjje Postal Cable Telegraph Company. The towers will be in place .within about sixty days. Manager Bryant, of the local office, secured permission from thecoupcilat a recent meeting, for putting in place the towers. These are to be eighteen feet high, square, with a. 8tone base and cast Iron body. On tbe top is a pole, .with a weather vane surmounting. A bail slides on this pole, and, released by electricity, drops at the hour of • noon each day, striking a gong, Tbe corners of the column bold a barometer and thermometer, On the sides of the column are the weather forecasts, government report, etc. Under the cap of tbe column on each side, is a clock, with heavy bands, and controlled by telegraph. The towers will be ornamental, of neat designs and well cared for.: Clinton will have four. DesMolnes will have eigbt.and so far is the only city in tbe State, except Clinton, to have thedeyiee: Sunday Afternoon Bible Cla»ii Clo»ei ItB TVork for the Summer. , The Regular Sunday afternoon Bible class in the Y. M. C. A., which has been conducted for the past six months by the General Secretary, has bad & total attendance of 427, or an average attendance each Sunday of sixteen since the class*.Waa organized. This has been the largest and best attended class in tbe Association, that has ever existed and a great deal of good has been derived from this line of study The last session for the summer was held Sunday afternoon and the study will be resumed in the early fall months, and will doubtless be looked forWard"to"withTnuch interest by" many members. ' . -.•'•:' • J. K. ESHLEMAN • Successor to Myers & Eshleman, r / ai East Third Street, Sterling, Illinois, and Qalt & Co: SAMUEL PATTERSON DEAD. He Paused Away at HU Hume In Kansas City Fr|d»y. . Samuel Patterson, eon of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Patterson, died Friday at 1:30 o'clock at bis home in Kansas City Mo., aged twenty-nine years. He has been an invalid for a number of years, having been a sufferer from consumption. Mr. Patterson was well known in Sterling, he having lived here many years prior to the removal of the family to Kansas City. ."•*''.•/•/ , TRIED FOR INSANITY. f4 April ShQWerS""Yoa know the rest; We are still the Leader* in the Grocery Business. ;.^f^^srmEt tnTCil I RWP 68 ' I RECEIVED DAILY* rntain 1 spiMAOH, STRAWBERRIES OVER& wbat im J'i.serior of ;onr store. • THE CORRECT GRocrms. W. af tbe Order. Uaioa Lodge, Wo. 8, A. O. U. & well attended aad very ball Friday, oveu- lag, 1'iuse ca»<ii4ate8 were iaitiated other bujsini;«« mat- ^er« atteadM to, A report of the tvt m be May ana MU* Blanche • *• llalted Wodneeday. |ir. Charles May, of Morton, III, and Mies Blanche Aldrich were married Wednesday evening at the borne of tbe bride's parents in Galesburg. The ceremony was performed at 6:30 o'clock ' by the Bev. Baer, of Alexis, who officiated at the Wedding of the bride's parents, Dr. aacS Mrs, D. W, Aldricb. Tbe wedding was performed in the presence_£f tbe immediate families of tbe bride and groom tmd Mias Maude Bassett, of this oity, a coWo of the bride Mr. May la tbe editor of the Morton Attvoc>te,a bright and bat^arpriaiag Mi's. May i» well feuowa by When a person is losing flesh and wasting away there ia cause for alarm. Nothing BO worries a physician. Consumptives would never die if they could regain their usual weight. In fact there would be no consumption If there ws8 no wasting of tbe .system, •The cause of this loss, of flesh is a failure to properly digest the food eaten. Nine-tenths of all our diseases date back to some derangement of tbe stomach, • Tbe Shaker Digestive Cordis! will stop this wasting of the body. It acts by causing the food we sat tp be digest ed BO ae to do good.for undigested food dots more harm than good. Tbe Cordi${ coataina food already digested, aad ie t» digester of fooda as weiJ. uiotbej take bstea to Oii, her TwoWMtenlde People Taken to Klfflii Tov day. . .•;'•. Miss Bessie Blean, of Newton, and Samuel D. Runk, of Hopkins, were each tried for insanity ia the county court at Morrison Thursday, and were takea to Elgin next morning. 'Jesse •Blean, a brother of the unfortunate youogjady, and Mrs. Miller, of New : ton, accompanied. Miss Blean.who, with Mr.Bunk, was in charge of Sheriff Fuller.-'- '-• •-— : • ••••.'• ' ; .--••- ••••_. |>«t Night'* tfrott. Friday night was a corker this time of the year. There was a heavy frost aad many report the formation of ice. It IB thought that some damage was done to early "sass," but further than that nothing serious is feared, —The atteadence at the 'Suaday af- teraooa nieetiug in the Y. X ,M. O..A, rooms waa not BO large as usual, but tbe service was very impressive. The Rev. F. H. Gardener, of Rock livered the address, which was from Acts 16$, Good ruuBic wea a feature of the raeetiug. Tl^e Bible olasa whicb has 'been cooducted by Mr, Hansen flaiabed its cutm* 1 . TliSs class has faeea very popular, the anufot- of etady being »Ueli»t> of (hri&t as portr*y«4 ia t'ht> leur Qo#v® « "i'bw «ia«6 t»4 wA r«guiaity every Hunan? * f tempo*) (w : - R? ; r> !^r'-'ji- ""a"* c* ESTATE. AT 313 (lAtT HOUSE BIOCK, You «au find apd get anything pertainiog to - '- '• ..»<••..•' , R«eal Estate, ia any Ward ill Sterling or Stock The largest list azid tbe lowest prices. Exclianges iu pinrapual or real estate, at borne and ftbro.ftd. . • , s . - -;•-,•'.. ' < Tbe oldest Iteal Estate office ia Sterling. Ks« tabliabed 2& years. Sterling National Bant for reference. ' Best of conveyance. NO. 8.

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