The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 1, 1975 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1975
Page 1
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lH»mMI*H •Mt HI f M»if BRAZOSPOKT f *i« *«„# I . «<*f *<* IvXtMt H •*>*«* w*M>ipKm, *K»» w «M > MM*. VMIW t*w tor ItMt *t*n MtrMu MMMUM* !««« I*. t«». Cow* ESTABLISHED 1913 IN Lake Jackson Clute Freeport , t>i*t Unt fffAB, MO metro*?, College theater opens 'Antigone' Wednesday Normally, one would net expect « play such at "Antigone, Braawport College Drama Depsr! meftt'* next production to b* prewntetl Dec J through 6, to ctmUm »n American Bicentennial thwrw , tn a v«ry larg* , "Antigone" does a very wri/At» theme rdevant (o Jr., civic lender and city councilman from Houston, will be gue*t tpeaker «t Braiona C«unty'i Annual Oimmufritv Achievement and Chrisims* Dinner Program at 7:30 pm .'iaturday. Dw 6*t the Villa Motd TK« U*'.we* <»( frt-wioro vrrtu* tyranny, in- dl vidunliim , and Mf»»r«(|em ot church and ttale are tmpnrtant in ihii play which ha.» il» senesu lo the famous Greek »»» drtt pr**rnl«l on IlioacJ**) in !*<'> »l»rrin(t Kalharinc Cerneit. II **s »ta}e -she «'&» MU»Mr«g her ur«e 10 Help Kit lh« Aftusrscao Army !h»t Ma» Ctrod) Had find t*»r, » pr««!bcis«tt at Uw pi«> «i IhV Tbwjtw IB I*ari* She of Uw txoard of dir«rt«r» of Tfexat Southern University, wverai houpKAii and «>veral community organ- The C'hntlrna* dinner program U bring iponnsred by Community Improvement to Ukc tt $o "Us I»»fit.. sJwiAg th* . "Aft A thr*tncjtl ," -wrote (fa* Sr* "Mm <4foa4 •"•'ill, to It* »•««« oi rrd !ha! tr»j|«fj atlorded ifeetn bfcantc an kae*at'*ty ttMTB-bw of th* French r<-M*t»nc«- i P*e*i* twa lo P «. C«l t y "The tv«jt i* b«id to up progrtwft made »»)' community**, youth and artuits tn the Extension Service Prcfgrsm during the >**r," *atd Ud» M Speur*, county t» tcntuKi agent for Hf »;»rta County. Rling open for candidates at hospital The filing deadline for aU cara'ltflatM itithmg la rur {«- (he board of djreeJors o Danbury ti Dee. t*. to h<wpital J*m«i R. - SKY ond Sea FAIR Oa * I^ «pt) tOdft? ' Tar.i V!«M. T*j»» Employee health coverage top item on BISD agenda OJTTTRS dimrtor* have term* !hj»! eipine tn o< 1778. Perry to dw jo*, high today at j (M e,m and I 47 i The <rsapSi>y*T prog ram for lap *feod« ilftrvt for fh* Braia*por! ln^ drp«?n4tn( School JH»iric«"» Hoard of K-cfcxraikm mnrtint at $ S3 p rn T^jftKU) 1 in th* Board U<xifn of Ihr Ad *mt I;S* pn-s High,* T\»» *l 12 r a m «nd i$.4Sp»m.. to»»i at 8.J* am wsd 9 w pm and H, I' KMIVDS s4 13, Witertottwng trverAl family mtnibfr* In their U t»«W f<r lr» holidays Mr* HinivHO KMIVW Sid children « \Koi,, XN. awl «AKY. The imurance program »».* fr«tHl> re\>r"«l by the Br*io»p«rt Health Jniur*ricc Committee which will prr»cnt lit Imduvjc* a! the meetint "The contmittrv (»<«» very »U->ntf!v (hat lome druinge* (x*<) to be made or be fotml oui of group imurancc due to the high cw*t," wtd O V ClutfUi, chairman o( the tn»uranc« c«mmHlc« and aivtilant principa! ol Braiotporl liairt uf*k« tl»e current group mturance plan. Hliw CTX«.» Uioc al Tenat, *rr v $1? M a month (or c«»r wnpSojt* L'ridtrr r*'.«•* b) lh* oomjuny. Jan I. jrrft, th« monthly rale for *n «nplo>-«?c could go to 12-i K. an incrcjw of 1716 Krnftaytf «r*l chlldrw ra(« would go up tt) ?0 a m«r>th Kmpioyoc and ipouM- rate* wouki go up 116 60 a month Coverage (or the «>ttr* family of a Hramaport employe* ^wild go up ISO W a tr.onirt The committee ha» i, Col 6* They are Frank W. i', CJyde \V Seal of AngU^on '.po» 3;, Janws K IkJcotDbe of Angle-Son 'I'M S), Max Wollam d '. Pas 7'. and A I,«wson of >n <Po» V. at- "A! thi* pcinl. Max Woilam hi« bc«ti the only director lo file for Perry wnd candidacy lor the hoKptU) board can be filed tn the district'* office tn th* Angleiloo-lianburv Genera) Hospital at 13;' tk&pjtal Dnve. Anglrton The election uill be held Jan 11 Candidjiles arc re<}Uirt<d to be rcMdent* of the di»tnct. and qualified voters v*!w own taxable property in the area the candidate »eeks lo represent. Perrv concluded did DON ami iiutli\ll\ " • JURY DUTY... Changes moke task pleasant and Mr* r w in NedcrUnd flv»-jr**r-old grand daughter l)'l.\\\ tbjrd place runner up IH [roup at the Miim Btauly Pageant, rec#ali> won a first trophy in mmkiing i|p three (irst place its and two seconds in eonlvaU in Port SMAI.l.KV. back to his that it sure is sveJand, Ohio, working now Systems. -*r—-.-£ w ?*,.!!* d &iuia in bis holiday ^transferred to where he sent by the he originally %orkiog for in B> (KJHIMJ.N RILKY Your chanew of being called for Jury duty in Brainria County are roughly one in Ihrce if you are one of the 47,*4« regulcred voter* in Ute county. Approximately 300 jurors are called each week lo «rve the four dutricl level court* and (he three county level court* C< the 300 called approximately ISO are qualified •* juror* and usually moat of Ineae are placed on panels. Juries are impaneled each Monday when there Ut a docket calling for juries and usually there is more than one among the seven courts. Court Administrator Carol Marko is responsible for determining bow many panels the qualified jurors mutt be divided into and U also responsible for determining how nu»y juror* need to be summoned each Monday Mrs, iiarfco coordinate* this when she prepares the dockets on the advice of the preikiiflf, judge* and after a docket call in consultation with the attorneys involved. In consideration of jurors' time, District Judge Paul E. Ferguson has* changed th* old system of empaneling jurors for the week. Now, the junw » are divided into panels and assigned to a particular court and case on Monday They are examined and the jury selected If the case Is not to go to trial on Monday but possibly later tn the week the jury is released and asked lo report on the day the trial is expected to b*«in. Excess jurors from the panels who were not selected can then be assigned to another court if needed This eliminates iurors sitting around waiting as they did in the past, sometime* for as much as three days. A typical empaneling of jurors in which the unusual occurs was held recently. On Monday 141 Jurors were called and 92 were used On that date jurors were being summoned for four courts. The unusual occurred in District Judge G. P, Hardy's court. Both criminal case* docketed that week for his court enter pleas of guilty at the last minute, leaving an excess jury call of approximately SO juror*. But, County Court at-Law No. 1 used three panel*, totalling 47 jurors. County Court ^t-Uw No. > used another panel of (Please turn top, 8, Col. U '^6-^ PAH,* W CGWTS DAYSTO CHRISTMAS i ?ck application near; meeting slated Seadock'* formal application f«r * permit to build an offshore terminal 30 miles olt Fret-port will foe ftM before the end of the year, Dave Ce»le«t. public relation director for the II-member oil importing consortium, wild Saturday Codeti said no definite date for filing the application h*d been set. The offshore terminal company had said earliw that they boprd to be able lo file for U*r permit late in November or early in December. Seadock has invited 30 envirrmrnentalisu frwn the coa*ta! region to a conference in Houston Tuesday on <he environmental statement which will be a part f/f the permit appbcaUon. Owletl taid. "We have conducted an environmental study of both the offshore and onshore facilities for over two years and are continuing the studies," Owlet! said He added that s*me changes in the study had been made recently with new findings. "We wanted to give the environmentalists an opportunity to sec what is going into the environmental report and to ask any questions they may have," Coslett said. The conference will be held at the Stouffer Hotel in Greenway Plaza from 10 am. to 3 p m Tuesday Mrs. Sharron Stewart of Lake Jackson. an executive of Texas Environmental Coalition, is among thos* invited Mrs Stewart has said *he will attend the conference. Although some of the Federal Trade Com- mlftsion requirements in the permit application, to which Seadocx members strenuously objected, have been modified, there are still some application requirements to which the consortium objects, Coslelt said. He said Seadock will ask for exceptions to some of the technical regulations, primarily those concerning navigation. LJ policeman helps foil Houston robbery r K. WATSON- E JACKSON - The Houston Polite Department got an unexpected ittxii! from l^ake Jackson Police Sgt G. E. WatAGn Saturday, and Watson and the local department go! some equally unexpected publicity. Watson, who works the evening shift here, was off duty ax»d had ridden his motorcycle to Houston Saturday morning to have some repair work doo* on it. Etunute home, he was a U-Totem Store he nwJ'-ed !•*•«> men jr store in a hurry Another look and Waisor, saw a third man. apparently pursuing them. with a gun He said a shoot-out appeared in the offing since one of the other men acted as if he. too, had a gun Watson sounded the siren on his cycle and took off alter one of the men and. after about two blocks, apprehended him and held him until Houston police arrived. Watson said the man he had stopped was wounded. He was also reported to be carrying the loot from the robbery, Watson said- Both Watson and.:-his cycle, which is equipped (Please turn to P. 5. Col .2 > APPLICANTS MAY REGISTER FOR BASKETS Applications for Christmas Cheer baskets are now being received by the Salvation Army, Major Hyman Davis said this morning. Starting today, and continuing through Dec. 15. applicants may register at the Salvation Army administration I center at 1618 N. Avenue \ J, Freeport. j Schwartz letter opposes Seaway discharge plan State Sen A K. "Babe" SchwjirU has wriUeo to both !be Texas Water Quality Uoard and Texas Park*' and Wildlife [Vpartmcnl in opposition to Seaway Pipeline Company's application to discharge industrial waste ir.lo Joocs Creek. Sen. Schwartz wrote to Hugh Yanlis. executive director of TWQB, and Clayton Garrison of Parks and Wildlife, in response to a Micr from Pete Runnels, president o( !he San Bmiard Pollution Control Schwartz said in h« letter In VanUs and Garrison "1 hope that careful consideration wi!) be given t-j this application before it is finally decided and that the Water Quality Board will decide against granting the permit to discharge into Jones Creek." Sen Schwartz "My feelings are that this discharge could br esiremcjy liarmful to the Kub»UnUal marine nor- WET) at Jon** Creek," Sen Runnels wrote to Schwartz after a hearing commission of TWQB continued a hearing held in Freeport far at least 30 days to get further information on the permit application At the hearing >n Freeport and in his letter lo Schwartz. Runnels and other members of the San Bernard pollution control group urged that Seaway Pipeline to required to p;pe the discharge to the Brazos River The TWQB hearing commission reported they were requesting more technical data from state and federal agencies before making recommendations to the board. Runnels told Sen. Schwartz Runnels said Saturday (ha! he had attended a hearing on Texasgulf's permit in Austin Wednesday and no date on the Seaway application hearing had been set, according lo TWQB personnel. Employee insurance on Freeport agenda FREEPOBT — City Ciancj] will review the new rates for employee group insurance during the regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City HaJI. Counctlmen also will consider the trailer fee ordinance and designate a representative and alternate to the Houston- Galveston Area Council. The meeting will be concluded with a report from the acting city manager, D. W. Moore. Lake Jackson agenda includes late hours' LAKE JACKSON — A second reading of the ordinance that would repeal the one allowing private establishments selling alcoholic beverages to be open on a "late hours" schedule is on the agenda for tonight's City Council meeting- The meeting is due to begin at 7:30 p. m. with reading of the minutes for the previous session at (Please turn to P. 5. Col. i) PROSPECTIVE JURORS hear 14»th pUtrlct Cowt Judge Paul E. Ferguson explain their qualifications and duti«* as District Clerk Frances Bennett and Bailiff H E. "Coach" Homer «s&t in empaneling th« juries for the week. Judge Ferguson explained (hat &Kh prospecMve juror must be a qualified voter in Bratom County and. If BOW under ijxfccmvettt or convicted of a felony they are disqualified to serve. He also explained the prospective jur«r» vinm divided into panels on a random basw to he exami; by attorneys to serve on juries in the varkua cou.«- U«lhisMo«lay,9aofl«peri60R5ca|l«Jfor^iryd«l> were used on the various jury panels. Chasm of {teas by defendants in criminal couit releve4 appjroxinuitely SO from even being emp^aeled lor examination.

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