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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, July 6, 1859
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?S?i., \ ryk-f ~*£!<•* * > ^ r . Br *»ta«u:ejreonibinaaon,ta» very effectual, *ttte general eJeotJon, tohebtd Jn Sotwnber«rtj and to elect delegate* teU»~iraUon«i OonTentton, to *«choUi«r fcwdBMi M may tomeDeflwlt— «U11» eatttted to »end tvo HOKAOT *.«4OTEB8, > tVW.JHICH, ftimuui uHa Jlatt CtnfroT CoimnUfM- We pablish this morning * letter Irom GOT. BaadilltWltiea appeared to the jfou Democrat last Saturday. It appears that a Mr. Bum appltoaHe«Ilk* to ;«a« «•**£•&* JwrKorfcs •not the great prfnolpaloiV u&eMsUoft organlMd t«rrtt< That _, pontheprinciple absolate "non-liiUmntJon by t Congress w) slavery in die States andtetrltorfes," wht w» -eminent!* Just and vtotgrn are oppMedto anylegiilation by Congress to establish, AboUshj-rwiilate, or protest slaver; in the territories. , y n ' That ; wtt told It nomination, mud allnded, in aome way, to wr- t*Jn oomWaations against him. TheCroVernor, boiwrnr, doit not giro Kr. Raan 107 creait for the discovery of these combinations, of whJeh^was folly apprised. Be not only knew that efforts were being made to create • dlstrnat to the party, to prevent his re-noml- Batioa,bnthe<«Jifciiw knows the man engaged i& toe- co&sptrao** j We, too, think that be knows them, «ad that they know him. Attd -the relations between iim and the conspirators reaembte very closely those which the showman eo graphic* •fly described as existing between Daniel and the lions, when hesaid"that Daniel did not can * d——a for the lions, nor did the lions seem to care a d——n for Daniel." So the Governor Informs the Bepnblican party that he will not eadesror to thwart the efforts ot htsene- .mlas, and that te is "entirely indifferent to the {nomination." ffia personal interest, of coarse, is against it, i. t. t the office of Govern* or is not equal to his merit*. He deserves something better. It may be that the Republican Convention wQl take him at his word, <- rad, oat of pare regard for Us <( penonal inte- - rest, relieve him of the cares of office, bat we do not think it will, although we do believe that the people will dismiss him from service at the expiration of his present Gubernatorial term. He does not, however, regard with favor the «&orts of thosewho are making arrangements to control all the nominations, and intimates that they are disappointed office seekers, who profess to be under obligations to him,*nd are, to his face, friends. Well, suppose they are 1 Why should they be otherwise? If his personal interest will be promoted* by the nomination of earns other man, those who fleet to defeat Ids re-nomination are his best personal friends, and have a right to approach him as each. The Governor, howveer, does not regard them exactly in that light, and when jthey salute him as Joab did Abner, he suspects them of evil designs. This proves that the Governor doeji not thank these gentlemen for endeavoring to advaiu e bis personal interest — He evidently has other and dearer interests at stake, compared with which his personal in- Uftest becomes'of little or no moment He proceeds to inform the public in what way lie mad* enemies,-and #hile the process which he describe* Appears natural enough, we think he ha* made a great mistake in revealing the fact that hi has enemies in the republican party.— That party looks wholly to availability, and If 0ov. Randall has so many enemies in the party a* to justify him in coming bat and jgjbllsblng the fact over his own signature, ii • yjfal create a distrust of his availability. He "evidently dont stand well in his own party.— Ia addrSbn to this he states that there are a '- tage'somber of democrat* who desire that be shaH^JeaVe life ojfioe. Yery likely.- Indeed we ttifnk there are very few democrats who "<lewre> to have him remain in office at too great - a SMrifioe of hia personal interest. If lie can , - 1 'do better in some private vocation, the demo* oeats prefer that he shall try It, as thcy.are not the lelst epprehensi ve of ever getting a man in ^JMB& exeentire «hair who wDl do worse than ha has: We have, therefore, everything to gain, •nd nothing tlT lose, by his retirement to private life. » to the measures «f Presidential ratlfledby the people In the SnV 1888, '4n« Waffirmea la Jh* Kansas Nebraska act of IBM—which is founded npon principles 19 ancient as free gn ernment iteelf, and, in accordance with them has simply declared I that the people of a Territory, Ska those of * State, /hafl decide for themselves whether slavery shall or shall not exist within their Unite—and incorporated Into the OInehinaa platform of 1856,-, and to resist ail attempts to interpolate into tUe creed of the party snob, new Issues $ and We pledge oorselvee to resist any attempt tore-open tbe African *lav» trade, or * Congressional slave code for the territories, or the doctrine that the Constitution of tbe United States either eatab- lishesor prohibits slavery In the Territories, beyond the power of the people to control it AfofoftL That we affirm the absolate sovereignty of the States of the Union in regard to their domestic- Institutions, and the perfeo wmpatJbtlfty of the confederation of free ant slave Statat^to exist harmoniously together ondef the provisions of oar federal Constitn tlon, and that we Invoke a more fraternal spi rit between the remote sections of our com man country. •, Bttobed, That, ia the two-yean amendment in Massachusetts, unaerwhiahnatnralitedciti. ceni are out off from the exercise of theeleotlvi franchise for two years after they have complied with tha conditions of citlienshlp, we recognize In the «elf<tyled republican parti • v IpHre spirit of nnd&gulBed know _ i, and we denounce this attempt to degrade tha foreign -white man below the Teve of tne negro, by allowing the fugitive slave from the Sooth the right of suffrage arid office In on year, and withholdirg the same' right from white man. - - < Stoolved, That the annexation of the Islam of Cuba to tbe American Republic Is imperious ly called for by the interests of commerce an( the demands of free trade, while tbe geograph leal position of that island as the " key to th« gulf" renders U a necessity with our govern ment to prevent its passing under the dominioi of any other European power. Bached, That we cordially exchange con gratulations with our democratic friends in other sections of the Union npon the vigor an< efficiency of the administration manifested ii the adjustment of our difficulties'with Grea Britain to regard to the right of search.; in th prompt and snr-c&ssfol redress of wrongs In fli< led upon us by the government of Paraguay th.- pcifiivo suppression of the rebellion o Demoenttlc State Convention. No l»oe democrat can read the proceedings of the late Democratic State Convention held at Bangor',Marne,anifaii to be gratified. The convention nominated Henasseh Smith for Governor and adopted* series of sotfnd dem* ooratio resolutions. They declare, among other things, that "the democracy of Maine reassert the principle of popular sovereignty as the basis of policy In reference to the Territories." They oppose any legislation by Congress to establish, abolish/regulate or protect slavery in tbe Territories'. They declare that the people of the Territories, like those of. States, shall decide the slavery question for themselves; that it Istbeduty of the democratic party to resist all attempts to interpolate In to creed a Congressional clave'code for the Territories, or the doctrine that the Constitution establishes or prohibits Bl&rery in .the Territories beyond the power of the people to control it, and declaring against the reopening of the slave trade. The resolutions also denounce the two years amendment recently passed by the legislature and -adopted by the people of Massachusetts, end strongly recommend the annexation of -Cuba at o measure of humanity »s regards the slave trade, and one of -vast importance in its bearings npon American commerce. They hasrtfly endorse the ad- mlniEtration of President Buchanan, its management of foreign relations, the suppression of the Utah rebellion, the execution of the neutrality law, the exercise of retrenchment, wonomy, &o. ; Geo. F. Sbepley, of Portland, E. Wilder Farley, of Newcastle, Amos M. Roberts, of Bangor, &nd Bion Bradbury, of Esstport, were " cilaoto& delegates to the "National Democratic Convention, to beTiolden'at Charleston, South Carolina. •" THE P*«siositT AKD M». Iiixxis or FEB iATum.—xhe Washington oorrespondent of the Bt, XonU Ktpullican, thus writes: WASSIXOTOB, June28,1859—?helateman> italato of the Hon. Stepnen JL Douglas con- ttnues to.«xcite much comment among our po- litiflsJ wire-workers, and the conclusions u- riveditareas variDUsasthemotiveeprompt- Sng the criticisms. .Ihe general iflapmrfon is Oat the tetter WMWidl-timed and to the point, Iwi an eflbr* ia being made, I jegrat to seej Jgr th$Qoiutitittion,l0f<irr6rt,tbe taeanUw and ' pnrpoee ef the Illinois Senator, *cd hold him -BpasdicUtorialWidLrevolutionsry. It Is not belieV4^hpwieTer,thalttePrMidentJsaparty to this Attempt'* misrsprflsentatioij, but -on tbeoontniry'ltiv reported on pretty reUable ' ^-" t - j — -* l —**Hr. Buchanan "approves 'the in the enforcement of tha neutrality tii the impartial execution of the aota o Congress for the tuppreasioa of the Afrioai slave trade i and in tbe steady fiadearor to retrench cnneoessarj expenses ait? P vraetioi a wise economy. With these graK? tugxesnlti befiuathemof JDemooratlo rapreo icy7*» appeal to the people of Main* 13 sot fin In theif future elections that great part/ ly whose win statesmanship such remits hare been accomplished fTrom the Detroit Free Prttt,] Stubborn Fade. At the same time the black republicans of Connecticut are proposing that people pf foreign birth shall reside tn the State one year after naturalisation before being admitted to vote, they are advocating, an amendment to the State constitution, whereby the distinction of color in the qualification of electors shall be abolished 1 At the same time tha black republicans of Massachusetts hays so amended.the State constitution that people of foreign birth must reside in tbe State two years after naturalization before they can rote, they sustain that provision of the same constitution, which admits negroes to rote on the same terms as white na- tire American dticens! At tbe same time that the black republican! of New York hare proposed, by resolution in their last State convention, that there ought to be an interval between naturalization and ro- ting, they sustain that provision of their State constitution which admits negroes to rote-who own property of the Value of two hundred and fifty dollars! At tne same time that the black republicans of New Jersey, by the recommendation ol their governor, and by resolution of their last State convention, hare taken ground in favor of tn Interval between naturalization and voting, they subscribe to all tbe abolition doctrines concerning negro equality I' At tie eame time that the Hack repnbQoau in the last Michigan legislature voted for a proposition to admit negroes to rote on a property qualification of tiro .hundred and fifty doHais, they unanimously voted against a proposition, brought forward by a democrat, to adnut unnaturallzed foreigners to vote on the same terms J . At the same time that tha black republicans in all tha northern State! have made tnore. meats In" favor of elevating the negroes to aO thexighuaf dU«en«hlp enjoyed by white native Americana, they have not any where made any movement in favor of mitigating: the terms npon which foreigners are admitted to rote i These are stubborn facts. The black republican party fa u hostile to people of foreign irirth—except when it wants their votes—as It ia devoted in its friendship for negroes. Its policy, from the beginning, has been to elevate negroes and degrade foreigners. An! this will be its policy, because a majority of ita menv ben an know nothing! in principle and practice. It is a most amusing spectacle to see people of foreign birth acting and voting with lids black republican-know nothing party. Sor/HD EMOiTmoss.—The St." Lonia democracy, at their convention to nominate can* didates for oonnty officers, Adopted the following popular sovereignty resolutions: "Setclvtd, -That the democratic doctrine embodied in the Cincinnati Platform, of noju'n- ttr/erencc ty Congreu viA ilaveri/ id JStatt or Territory, or in the District of Columbia, ia the only sab and sound »olotion of the slavery question. • "JfcwZwo*, That ira recognise the right of the people of any Territory of the united States to form a constitution and be admitted into the Union w a State,,with or without domestic slavery, and affin that the Constitution of the United States neither, establishes nor probibtta slarery in the Territories, beyond the power of the people legally to control it" Two gentlemen of «|tra proclivities retired from tbe body on the passage of Ihe reaoln* Sons. " H^- EIGHTS OT Cmuxs,~- The Boston Adwrtitb, referring to Secretary Cans' recent letter, says: ' • "It seems to be implied by. the above Ian. gnage, that i present liabilities', aw those te- tnlung from being actually ttrafted<into the armybeforn emigration, and that in Jail casea not comprised in this small oksi our government protecu naturalized citizens.,; If this is the ground now taken, Mr. CMS has laid down a doctrine tench'more favorable to foreign born- eiUienS than, that bantoforex maintained by Messrs.WheatonandHarcy. ,""-, r- - J9» TAX CSOPS.—The Indleatfons of an abundant crop still continue unchanged in this vicinity. The frequent; and timely rains of the last week' have been Vastly beneficial, • ;wniofi,l-tdbe«n ;%dwtweatg«.. amat<*W**n alarge jurplat of grain and prodnaa>^iapoa. «f after W ' '''"' _ _.. /JbilwBMW*. ment; I shall enter intonoco&troversy frith thOTa,n6r^nd*avor to thwart them. lamed, J ti»lyiadllfertiittot1w<riomb3atloiu rit i* no objek tomelo have It;. My personal interest Iragainstlt. • l^eednventtpnehoulddetermlne trie qoestid^'bf candidates,'withont regard to any m»n'« ambition. ^, t «m4d not ask axdele- gate totote for rnsjtoaecureaonanimons nom- gantletnen,te dlflerent parts o{*h*'Statei»re eudeayorinif to make *>. rang«ment«;to^coiifirol ^11 the-nominations. «6me bfawetjKAw to be under' obligation* to me, iad : to>nil»oe are my jHendsi Some of them are manly enongh to oppose me openly. J refpeotl the latter. Knowing, when 1 1 «rferednnon the discharge of ray tiflWal da- ties, thatToonld not^Iease erery one, I determined toplewmjielf. ' Almost erary man who wanted an office,and did not get It, beoame my enemy. I have been compelled to displease many, who form eriy were my- personal friends, because I would not yield «y own judgment In regard to certain matters pf public li-terejt, in campllance with tbdr wishes.. These different classes including «onje old, personal, opponents, can be better served by a change In this office, and 1 for that reason there Is » combination forming to change, not only thr State'offlcers and officers under the Executive control, bat also to change the policy I havef Kwmpelled to pursue in relation to tone public interests which haya been deemed of importance to the State. Thii .combination is somewhat peculiar, and embraces as counsellors and advisers, under various pretexts,-* large number of democrats who also desire that I )>-»re this place , I ha vejio objections to interpose to these movements. I have no hanket ing after the office. I have 4 no trades, or pr^untses, or pledges to make, of any kind whatever, to please or cofe dilate an terest. any man, or any art of men, or any In/ teith U distinctly vn&rtlood. that dohold&iicctJiriUdo whatltKnk *V«, and vhalmy judgrxent approta, and M On tontesueneu tttkt rtrt o/ thmuelott .— If the people and party do not Uke this position and this oourse, they can easfly makaa change. I shall cheerfully support whoever may be nominated by 'tne convention. . RANDALL. Irisa or • CtoeM CrimUua In Parte. .The whole town is occupied to-day with' the trial of the Chevalier d'Ogebray, accused of the attempt to murder five persons of his family, and committing tbe most horrible carnage in the domestic circle with a razor, which he bad secreted for tbe purpose. The accused b evidently a madman, possessed of tbe devil —a fiendish lunatic of wnom the earth will be well rid, should neon condemned to the the scaffold, even, without the extenuating circumstances in which French juries delight — The story of the crime Is a vulgar, common place fit of frenty, brought on by Jealousy of hia brother-in-law; bat bis -personal history as being the revelation of a gradual fall from thehighest social position to the very lowest groveling In the mu t of tbd gutters of Paris, Is a curious Illustration of Ihe nps and downs of life, arising from tti« political changes which have taken p'ace wiiu such rapidity in this country during i he last, few years. The Chevalier d'Orgebray, bora of noble family attached to tbo Bourbons, accompanied the exfled king Louis XVIII hi bis flight to Ghent in IS/OS, and returned with the royalisti in the suite of that monarch, when the allies opened the road to th- throne once more. •l 1 l * a a '4 " B I * 10 11 U u u Hook. Henettt. ~ sa 1 sa zs SS n I ss 88 •or 11 r 'i Comptroller. . i . OVU Board of Xeview of th» City of Mlrw»ak«, wfl J. me«tittOonunonXJouncU Boom, »t» o'clock A. «^ on the IStK dar of July Init^or tbt porpote of iuarlni otj»ctlon«iot ptrtJet or pcittni deeming thenMlre iggrlrred bj the Inenment of the Uzable property In »Uddttfor toe ye«r, IBM, Md after the hevlngth partlcn. w*Um*k«nich alteratkm at Jortlce and tqolt; nqolm «ad tnpply omlMloni and eqn'lse the ioeif neat BtttM to ttewrcralirardt or any pM or por. tton thereof. aad wfil contlnne from d»ytod«yonU '{. NOTICE. Orrr OoxrnouaVa Omci, t Oottnet Department, tut, July 1,1X9. f mms following Is ««6lt*<luJ« of lot* fronting on sixth J. street i iron Walna street to Harmann street, In toe«lhW«rd oftlwOltj «t UHnnkee, showln» th* amount which each lot on laid street will b« benefited by f radlni *ald street at a ttw sldewtJU, tnvelliig Uw Mntt, plWklnf end carting the watts and paring th. gutter* u ptt plan »f Oltf fijgtneer, to wit i • EENSr UEBZBB, OAKL BU8ACK, * ) BtTMtCOTflTmtllflTUrf i Block. N K H B H H U H M , tot sot so* SM «M 18t J-W8ti T, Bentflta. Block. T , 83 8T.03 80^5, '10 83,09 njes U H L L L 8»,OS I rift Perkln'sAddltlon. OS^O S3 M 18ft' 1S8 1ST 1ST 1ST 181 l&T 155,38 14981 (81,73 8SfV» 2050* I. L'H-GABDINEK, OomptroUer. tot. e i is 18 10 11 II u 12 U It 16 30 IB I63,« U8.0J 158,69 UO.CB 125,88 i IB8.40 F8.02 87,01 86,02 82,91 191,04 , NOTICE. ! ' - ' OIT» Counsattia'g Orrub, i - • ;{Contract Department, June 18,1B5J. . f T EC following I* a. schedule of lot* fronting the north gnd sonth alley In b ock ». In th« 8lh ,WaroV of theCUy of Mllwatikee, showing the amount:which <sch lot wllj be benefited by grading said alleys to the establlihrdjrade.asfonowt: : EENST HEEZtB, I !. ' CHABLiaBCBACff, i] • Street Commlsstoner*. Bentflu. ; Block, _ Lou Benefit*. * at • ' • • oa j • '• ' M oo JCJteClwralfer-d'Org bray was so great »favorite, and so iighly distinguished by royal patronage, that, first having been decorated Ritb the Order of tl,* Lily, and that of the Holy Bepnlohre, In o-der to purify him and render him worthy o; the fionor, he was ap- Minted gentleman of. he bad-chamber-to Madame la Dncbesae d'ADRoaleine. In 1821 he married Ida. AmcDii'de <le Llnjoges, wltaa 6r{one of one mOlion ni francs, besides a good estate and, which always form *o mu< h <n the oalenlation of a French dot But tha Ciwraller d'Orgebray was so brisk In his mpV-eroeiits that lie dissipated every farthing of h-1 million, and «o).T the'estates in leas than no time, so that th>> Doo d'Angonleme, who was rather slow, di-ipproved so highly of •hese last movements that the Chevalier was dismissed from oonrt. His wife soon after died, eaving the settlement to .her. three ohildreo.— This money also the Chevalier managed to get hold of anddissemfoato amongst hia friend*, and again was he reduced to pennry. But oar Thevalier was. too fast to allow the grass to grow beneath his feet. He married again di- •eotly a y onng lad* of nineteen Tears of age— ie being forty-dght at the time—which shows ihathisWrnnga was quite eqoal to his other brilliant qualities. The father of the jonnsj ady had been Immensely wealthy, of the great family of Oalonne, but he had possessed the mania of speculation, and aided by his ton.fn- aw, soon made away with the little that remained of his fortune. 'The' Chevalier ventured the fortune of bis wile, lost thst,Tujd again was reduced to penury! Itwas them that a new Idea struck him.— His wife young, and very prepossessing in ap* icarance, was moreover possessed of a besuti- ul voice. He would max* her go and sing in iheeofet. She would get money, a great deal if money, which she would bring home to her insband, and which he could spend amongst, his friends, and be as rich u ever. This was the most brilliant Ideahehadfaver bad. The master of a cof* in the Palais Boyal, on hear- Dg the voice of Madame d'Ogrebray, on be- oldtng her beaoiy. and on hearing her high tame, ImmedUtely offered her 9000f. a month, oaing every evening.' But ttte poor lady, too (mid to accept of this notorious position, Ob- ected, and preferred a minor position at the Theatre Lyriqae, wheteupon the husband was mniediately •eixed with suspicion that his brother-In law, who advised the resistance, did so from motives of Jealousy, and hereupon arose the most dreadful seem* In the humble mowarde in -which they all, lived together, raiting and homing for the morsels to be ironghtto thenest by the dove sent out for ielp, and the result watt a dreadful catastrophe, wherein the Chevalier d'Ogrebray, leman of the-bedchamber to the Due d'Angouleme, and knight of many orders r at* the wholeJamily with a razor, cutting the throat of bis wife, •tabbing bis brother-in- aw,|ipping Open bis nephew's abdomen/gash- ng the servant matd, and laying bare his sister>s cheek bones. The trial excites great interest In Paris on account of the former position f the parties, but few people care for the personal fata of the culprit by,the disclosures on the trial. No greater fiend or black hearted villain ever trod this earth, and the silent suf eringf endured by' his wife for n many yean, tavecreatnd unbounded sympathy, which has Iready shown itself by theagsistanoe tendered >y the Faubourg St. GermsU to withdraw her ronx the painful position in which she has jeeri lingering to long, *»„ —i ^ ,, , . , - Optnlons of the New Cabinet. TheXondon Ttmet, of the 17th, says: Then never was a more powerful oast, as far as the men are concerned. In the first place, here are sixteen Cabinet Ministers, while several of the men out of the Cabinet are of the rank of Statesman., The Cabinet is, indeed, almost overcharged with power of one sort or another. It contains two men wbo have been Premiers, three Dukes, ttro popular chiefs, and leveralmen of Jong and' varied official exper- enoej » Lord Chancellor wbo is still young at eighty, and at least half a dosen men who, faving worked out several Important controversies, must by this time bare corrected their iwn conclusions by" one another's experience. Poor distinct section* are'amply represented n the Cabinet. Indeed, all are fighting men. and tlhere are not sixteen such men to be found out of~the .Cabinet.; There it no reason why hey should not manage their difference with- n floors; and if they do wbo can reriat" them J Jo doubt inch a Cabinet will be liable to all ie suspicion and all the earcajttns which from Ime immemorial bi*e been launched against usionsandcompostteatrangeinents Ofconrse t Is not» Utopian government, for England is aotUloWa. An English goveniment we Uke tot to M a theory, dr the ^development of a Block. 2» S> ,» a iS9 ra a ' 6 S i » IS 13 3». M & 48^5 33 •21,58 43«8 61,33 89.6S SO,M>BDtHUt, Comptroller. B Yj AtJTJgQKIT'Y i ' I' STATSMEflX ^ 1 Of the OonfiUeo of Ibt JTWval liuttramet Oxxpany, of Buffalosiin fto 8dof ?ebm»ry, W«. tbde to U* eecretcrrof fiUW,Wlie«utp, pariuanttoth»Bt»t- otaof ttatBUte. '- j JUKI AID IOCATIO*. 1. Tbenanie 01 the Company le Tkt tfvtual Jntttr- a*tt Company et BvB*lo. lAMtcd In Baffalo, BUte of Hew toik. ' ; I. cimu. t He «m.qat of taihorlted capital. .............. ... S. the aacfimt paid op....;. 4. i, lL ttam. bt. Ouh on hand. Si In th» 4«of and ooe (r;m . ajtenU'4 other* . 3d. Ko ml e*p>, ,4th. Bond*! held by , i. u. B. a. a. bomb, nju» Norwalk a iVIXQ Men:ed. the aitlBtaaee of thecldeit aad DOft expetlacee'i operator In the West. M. Uaw- kenr, (*ko»»tk11l table-department U will knows to inaoy of the citlicnof ililwacaee,)! am now prepared o offer to the pablio etery-dulraUe ttjle or Plctaret' known to the cemcutnlty «tii)w i r n'.es aod exemted n a better manner that* can te Jtit «.Mitbn>ent la the Wat. { CLIFFORD'* DAGCEEEE* Ji'Xaft.V.a'Ur t'.r ? i, foraprtj koc«n koomi. \ • . . 1400,000 8J 4415 IT 8. W.I. Bla-bond*. Sff» B.6* 10^100 O.B. worth 6.DebUdHe to the Oo.»o- eared by mortgage ra on- eacmobered real eatat*. worth iOohle th« amoaat Inttrot: 6. Debti etbcnrb* teeond - by ttoeka, mortgage* and asaraate tcrip of tbli aBdoth«r««ni>anJe»;and tntereifoniam*....,.... T. DebU f<* prfnlmnji «on- lUtlBfct tdSiteceiTable^ 8. All other .......... 9. Penonif propertr owned . by lh»:Co, SUam Tur, Pompeii c., 84^13 T4 , 35^24 TS 80,64* 87 20,830 n Total Attet. I .fH, ItAliUTtB* 6. n* amoant of llaMlltlei l doe W-fcaaki and other •creditor*. None, except' ; 'ing whit If contained la Ho. 10. : *,' Loatet adjtuted and doe. ' t T. do do and not due. 8. Lone* onadjttsted. Bnp< potedtftbeat the extent i. r.rv^ ' None. Hone. , 9, ; Lot»iln napente. Bime a*Ho. 8t 10. All other elaloi •calnit the ccnspany, tnd.Tldnal balance*, nncUimtd dirt- dendf, aai redemption of Bcrlp uncalled for ....... - 4V300 1&86T78 11. Th»gre»U«t«momit inrarM InoMrtsi. li^OO, of tn risks is tbe anal limit; but In *ome ca*e* ef t »hort risks 110^00. • On Ttssels and cario»»'*lS,- • 000 to th* usual limit, Including both. > 11. Grots »oo«nt of premium* reeelred m But* of TTlaconsin for th* correct yor.endlngileoniary IS, The mtrtetTaloeof'tj stock.- The Oomptnf has no rtocsholder*, th* aerlp Isned on U>* Matuat pUn by IU charter TOnstitute* It* capital aad tb* tabu of sortp vaHee aec&rtttg to It* jflorlty ef lone, r ' t 14. DtTrm«nd»Jp«ro«itonltsotititandljig«!rlp. 15. TAaeharttr or act of Ineorportlon. of:said Company. ' — •S-4 A. A.mumons Seertur- - A .»*A»E--.O*' t Is a-^oom foil of tt* best men of tbe day, iomrih'ey happen to be. i We most take hem'as they oonw, or rather they makeoj ate them as they come;- 'A statesman, If he worth -anything, forces himself into his dtloiv and eonqoera n«a< * great "" .6M,a |BtateV'ot« ; nsfe' 1 •&} ectton'ol'IndivMaals'who Batisfactory «Tld«nc« hiring been furnished to me tbat the mBtnal Insurant* Company of Bnflalo, being anlnrarrnoelnoorpofaud by th«BUt»of (.ewYork, having complied with th*reqnlrimrat of section one of An Act entlil*4 "An act t* regulate Iw nrance Oompa- nletBotlaootpgrted by th« etaUof Wlseotafg," atn proved March.IT. 18», and h»TJig alao paU l^fo-tfie State Treasury the.»ma of three per cent, onthegrost amount of premlBm* received ia tbe BUM of WUcon- Jin forth* year lB56,asp« report of s»ld Company^. Now, therefore, In pursnane* o/th* act afonuM.1, »»TW W. Jopea, Secretary of Bute of the Btate of Wisconsin, do hereby certify that W. ».Hatd,ofHHwau («e,if hebeanly»uthorli«d by nld Company, may take rlckB,r»CTlTe premiums and transact tie bnrtness ot an Insurance Agent for saM Ooainny la this State, from Oa* dale, until the first day of January, I860, i In wltoeo whereof, I bare hereunto *et my hand . ,]theO»i May, Jel4-dlm, Sed the great *eal of the State, at llol la MMUon, «hl» 81st flay of ' • J.D.ECSOL1S, ' AnliUnt Secretary of BUtm. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, TtTRTM>!<l it SEBCOMB, Proprtetirs. >d80* ! •• ttw Woek* below the U ONCH!. aU /•,.. juntAoten •nunfjit&nii_ 0HOT4BA.WI ttuner,iiui on Vteneet liberal terms. .....». o. v>nu*. W INKLEB, tU BriUih nWfe itor thatr XUr/ linmsa - '" * w toBt«aa^Bar pooadedlotbe FUORt Oenetal Advertising , . a«yiV«Iaai nowtna sola auWror nninarona 9/K-vi yyim» _ «niaaB«a* op^ou ewtpdiedini jdi rfboth bia»64f and Mr. Douglas -3 -V-. ttMt JNBtf fttftt* by Uemlng BroJ-PlttsburghrlhaT* for »omettae back considered It my duty, and mad*' Itmy oak* those article* known wherever 1 went among,my frlen**. AaSorJ time M» 1 ^««ama -acqaalnUd wit th*oa>e.or a TOttBC' girl, «bo ieemad to b« troubled wltb vorma and Irrer oompUlnt at -tip sams tone liad been rtfferlng for »om« two monti*. Through my ptrsusslon she •purchased one bottle of Z*r. Lanif 7trm(fug*> and one box of JKrer'JJB*,'which «h» took 'acoordlng to'-.dlrectloB*r The result w**, ab« paMieda large-quantlty-of.worniK and tblnk* that o, bar tnore of. tbe Fllb will restore her to perfect htalth Her. name and residence can be learn*d by eaUlng on I.L theall, Druggist, comer cf Buffer and Monro* ttreetl. "- • " " T ~ -• • r fy Pu*iha*OT wUlb» cartful'to ask] for BB. JdijmW OlEUEBftAXCD yiHlELPTJQiaV ffiaoufactur- M by nOUSa iROB. of PJtUburglu Pa. An other Venmfa^es to comparison are worthless. Dr". VTLane'* gsnulae Termlfuge.also his celebralea Urer'fPlU*, can now'be Tsti at all respeeUble 'drag etare*. Jfoat .NEHVODS DEBIL1T3T, Thlsl* s complaint rery common, especially amon, famalea. Sooflanfi Gtrman Sitttrt nefer falls to cure this disease, the- system, under. Its nse, is re- »tored to Its original atreogth and rigor; the appetite becomes good, the spirits become cheerful, and in body and mind yon feel tt.e fall rutoratlon of health. Fo Hie by druggists end dealers in medicines tTerywhere, st 75 cents per bottle. ' ' :.-; •• dlwlmo * EMPLOYMENT. »5O a Month and all Expenxet Paid. talnly readied. For further part cut in, addreti OK. J BIIST WAIID, corner 12th Street ind Broadway ew York City, enclosing o-e Pp*t*ge Stamp. NOTIOK. I B hereby glrtn that 07 0. Munay nu withdrawn from the tia of Murray, Prior * 'o , harlog told all hi* right and Intereit In ssld firm t; V\I llam U. KlrabaJJ l 0.0. M0EBAT, Thebuslne** win hereafter beeondaeted under the style of Prior, Harblck « Co., wbo will tettle all account* ofMnrray, Prior t Co. l A. p. PRIOR, ' J.P. HAKB1CK, (5 • ' ' • WM. 1L KIMBALU (. FAIK COOS..4IBIOX H. 00tUSTO..aUXUS C. COTTOI COON, HOLLTSTEfi. & COTTON. Attorneys and Counsellors, NOS.4.B, AND«, PH<K>ilX BOTLDI.SQ, (197 East Water Street,) ,-.....Je» -.} WH. OK Stolen. A PBOllI'OBT NOIB for »M, payable to Barnera Held, eight months after date. Executed by frelderich rroeget and Malta Ch. Vroegel, dated 5111- Ws,atee, Octobtr 18, 16C3. I warn ererjbodj not to buy laid note a* It will not be paid to any one except tome. ' [Jeo] J. MB % » A5¥, no urin. Gentlemen's, Miues' & Children' Boots? SHOES, SLIPPRIIS A- UPBBERS. FINE -SOOTS MADE TO ORDER. No. 225 East Water »tree« (Opposite Walker House,) ltrLft r AnKEE,....."..[ra» i SlJ ...... .'WI1CONSIN. R. A. CLIFFORD'S GBKAT .CEJfTUAIj DAGUEKKEAA AND FINfc: AUT GAt LERY, 17* Eatt-Wattr. Strtet. THE HUNGRY," I1H18 lajcnetl>m, dlTlne in lt> eilg'n soil . obligatory A aj a duty open MalVUnow-btlnfcibieiTeaui U;» alJetteltenl by 348 KAST WATER STKEET MItWATJKEE......... ....... '. ...... WISCONSIN. fhoaje jut fn receipt of, best anaitol an4 mo«t complete itock ol Family Groceries Brer exhibited In thti city, the »une taring been boagbi recently In the Hew Tom and Boston marketj FOR CASH, At >o*h price* ai enable u to uxteriell an competitor* a the trade, and. tUll afford n* ohandiome liring profit. Ooi 1 programme embrace* erery article In the trade, both ' . . ., IFAWCY AWO STAPtE> lach ai Cogan, (a t kind* and at the rery lowat ««".) Tea«, (» I. for BOo w»rranted better ih«n can b»t>ongh'!el,ewherefor5«hlllingj. or wlllglTcyona mind lot natntag,) CoSeei, (Mocha, Old GoTernment, * T ^ I !M!S?"» d o K1<> ' >W » IIIlVi * n<S M n»i"on Cat- irpt, all Kindt of Saocei, inch a»8«ho. Worcettenhln. Beading and Sul Una, (tte latter being* retrohlng and P'taifngiUmalaoJ lo the appetite, competed principally of Torkfch <«ndlment* combined with rariou culinary prodncUoniTof the tsit. It 1* an exqojsiu rdlih with PUh, Heal*, Pooitry and Game, "and form* aralutri* addition toEonpa, Mlncw, Haihe*, 8tew» and Sleat Ple.«,r» we'l: a* falad*. 'It alto Import* a hlfhly de'lclpoi flaror to Eteak* and Chop*,> Barton aad Oenten Ollre Oil t QanKnlU of all ktedi, Crone * BlaciweH-* Ptckla. of rrery dewrlpdons, Pkkled Lol»ter«,.lTnb8almon, Bardlno, Uttla Ne«k Clam*, Cor* Oyttef*, Corn Starch, Tapioca, Bago, Rice Boar, !ooper* Ehred Iilng Slaw, Macoaronl, Vermacelli, fig*, Rabins, Citron, Ac , *c. We are also Bole Agent* In BUeonaia for Macombcn Salad Cream A »ery popnlar article which ihould be In erery epl- earnbmily. We bare also 2000 SCGAB CUBED HA9IS, ' The beat rrer cfferal In tha city. Also ' tS BBLS. PIESS POBK f at ap exsretily for our trade. PBKSH QHOUND FLOUK dway* on hand from the Empire .and Hew York Mills, TO CUTALONO\STORT8Hf)RT, 1» bert stock of Groceries from which to (elect from n town and at tho lowest rates AS WE SELL FOB CASH, And make no bad debt*, w* can (ffoH to undersell cur neighbor* who do a time trade, and of conne IOM more ir lets of their profit* In that way. Call and Examine Jar stock, whether yon wmnt to boy or not, aadw* rill freely show yon oat goods and price* which we vow cannot fail to pleau yon. JeS ... HTJNH4CB083T. The Franklin Chemical Works, HO. Q31SOHTH FRAKKUIt CTREET. WICA.00,, ILLINOIS. ITrrJC beg leaye to announce to our customers, and to Vf tie trsde In general, that-during this leascano raTtlmj agent will "be dispatched "'from oar works.— t« Inrlie oar old eostomra aod. others to faror in by itter with their orders for . ' ( t ' s Essences of Lfqaoi's, "<. roleh, «r always, will be execnted to ihelr entire iatl«. iction. Thousand* appreelat* the plan upon which ur Xssence* are mado which pretents the folio wing *d- Uger udruclllUelfieTercaeredib* others:' _, The Ejience..;from these, wotks are actually gSJDed by distillation, theiefore Healthy and Pure— omeJJngthal other* cannot or dare not ola-mfor theirs. ' 1 i. ThsCostj «re murt leu than olhsrs; because lese Kisences ureputnpln packages, each containing nongh for forty gallons, and comprising not only all tbe required logredlenu, tvt-alta (M cc&riag. , AddreM letter* to 04BL XRLCB, Manarer, i rani Ho Chemical Works', OhIeagOiIU., p. QvSox, 3343, ,Je4—dtm , HOOFIKO, HARDWARE, &C. U. ill EAGLE & SO IV! SIGN b*" UTHK f ' BIG RED KETTLE! '-- * DEALERS JN -•-: Sheet Irony Tin." Hardware, CUltllLTUUAL IMPLEMEMS, QITOntD respectfully Inform thetf friend* and- the Tf ptbUtgtnarally, that they hare tipeaeU a Store at M.-.y. WSST,WATIB-STEnTr.; ... ...,206 for the *ale of 1 th» aboTe named article*, togethe' - - ~~' - I Agrlaulfaral'linplfmenU generally, a* wall d all 'e * ^»*4 »*" ^ ft. * sctts-QfT . i ", . , Btuiei •Kooflnj, TSttAXSnKlotJLa JtJnd»rand«Terj|ortof work or Ihw ponetaaay attended to.- ltft wffl btatt«nd»d id irlltaut Tip GREAT ENGLISH HEREBY, .0 '• 8IB JAMES CLARKE'S ^ £ J Celebrated Female Pilit. Prtpvrtd from a prescription pfJtirJ.'Clah M, D., Physicim£ztraerdmary to ih* Quein. da brnhubla aedldn* is unfailing fntbt our* of all those f atafal and (lanf srons dlssases tn which ti* fe- mal* coostUatloa Jt rab;ect. ; It mad*>4te* : all exc«** an4 remow* aQ otatrucUon*. and'» »pta4j mat maj b*ratted on. ••!' --: : • XQ lOABJBIED I,AD1£» It b pwollirlr ralttd. It will, In a §hort Ume, brlo|. un UwmonlhlyperiodwltlregaUrUjrl . ; " " IacnbotUe,prleeOn«DoHar, bean<h* 8or-rom«irt Ilaunpof OreatBrlUIn, topre-cotfoanttrfeliji. • 'ZB8TTBBSX XOX10Sof.rrtgnan<¥ t at Ouy Jfitearriagt, -tvt at any oOur ' the Beck an4 limb*, Fatlgae on slight Desertion, Palpl- Uaon.of»h«HMrt,Hy,terl M ', and Whites, iheu Pffla will «fleet a ettf« when all other me«n» have failed, and aJttosjh* powerful wmedy, da not flonwln" Iron, c«l«- BNl, tnamonj, or any thing taitfal to tn<( eonstltntlon. full directions to the pamphlet around «»ch piokag • wUcn sboold be otfifnlljr preserved. : Bole Agent for the" Coiled Btatct and Canada, JOB BHttBS, (tHef. O.Baldwin 4 Co.^ - Rcehestw, H.I, N. B.— al,00 mdSpOfUgtitamps enoifiicd to an; an. thorised Agent, will Insure a bottle, containing ot^r 50 pffls, by return mail. : for«aleby I . 6HBEN i BCTTOP. • , 1 O. HAKttlSGTOW, UOfeWOaTH ASOSf, J. M.ALCOTT. HATHAWAY & BELDEH BANKING, Laud and Collecliou UI.OCR. mhl» HOTELS, &C. JLOUJ« HOUWJE. UV MOUlilS LOl IS, H UKON, near East Water street. The Louis House • wiu established In 1343, and hn been continued by the same probrletoi^ who take* this occasion to rttura hi* acknowledgment to his Wend] and the public for their patronage for *o many years past, andioHclUa eontlooance of Uiel«_ Had fxvon The LouH House contains many room*, well sailed for families, newly fbmllhtd with store* and erery ecnTenMnco to comfort. There are *oo« four or fiTe such, rooms In the boose now racant, that, can be obtained, If applied for loon. ; • noySO ALBANY RESTAURANT — AND— BILLIARD, ROOM. Albany Bloct,cmnr o/JIain and MtMycrn. Oppctiit Swikall Ba**t> M Lkdiei Eatrsnce lecocd door an Main ttrnt. lec«Hily T HIS SPLtNDlO HOTEL DU recently changed pro- prletori—Qentril McManmsu retiring, aacl the Ueun. JLOTD aucccedlnf iJla in 1U management — The Menr*. J, ar« both wdl known throughout the Western country u gentlemen of experience 4 In ifotrel keeping, and no other aaiarance Ii necem3»ry tliat the Hyatt Hooae will hereafter b« condacteil la a ttyle de erring the patronage of the public. LOOK IIERE, YE WJEAKY TRAVELERS CUXNISCiil ».U'S DINING S A L O O N I L OOATED near the Milwaukee t Miaaisaippi "Depot Ii just the place to procure rorm »nd lubitaotiai meals, for the *mall >om of 25 cents ; an J the tables will be tnpplled with the choicest viands of the ieaaon. OVSTEItS AMD GAJIK n tf erj.ltyle, on short notice. The Bar is always lupplled with the choicest Wines, Liquors inj apon the Uilwaakee £ Mississippi Rood will fl cd Hi neat andcoBTenieot place to procure their nealx- Warm Lanch from 1'^ to 2 o'cl.-cit etrry ila/. »epS 33 C., Proprietor H; ; A Te^. CAPS''' .,.-.•*•.••• r •••:•'.'•—Aim— ' STRAW GOODS, TKM PEH CJBST. i.owsn Than can be Purchase J "" —AT-— , ART OTHER HOCSB IN THE WEST I > a t "tlsfled exomlo CX2TT. lower *** an, olhe,To^o, S 8 ^'^ „, city. »y goods were pnrchaied mnch below ihelr m» kefcalae, and I am willing to -We mycustomeri t., benefit of It. My assortment of HATS, (UPS it. 8TIUWGOODS U large, varied and well selected - * • W.D.BACON, 158 last Water street, aprdO-diw2t Next door to Caniiee, Dibble « Co. J^ ONNEB '.LKDCrEB HAT r HONNKB- J.KDGKK 1'KDOEK BO>INEK 3ONNER BONNEK BONNER Jut recalred it »P'30 l.KDQEK I.KDGEH I..KDGER HAT. HAT. HAT. HAT. HAT. HAT. W. D. BACON'3 163 ZMt Wit«r 3treet. A U J J M O R P H Y FUOM TH3 COL'.N. try ar« lUYited to examine . S.TOCK 0? Hats, Caps* &: Of Every Dssaription A.T W H O L, KS A L K . Alw, the 7X&7 BKSr iTOCK of RETAIl, GOODS, Srer brought to this Jlarket, for ial« CUSA? at B. T H R O O P , ISO East aprlH FUHNITUILB WARE-ROOM^ Extensive CABINET £ CHAIS MANUKAOTOKY. Nos. 2O4 and i 13 West Water St., Wiscooain. 1 CT7IIES the.attention of purchaser! to ono of '-,'.. largest and best selected stocks In the city. All tho': wanting anything In the above Ume will find a aavin? •> / 'JiBg on >>im beforo purchaalsg elsewhe«. C A B UC-KT- yi A K E R S c»n always find s largo and weU^seleccvdnccic >t * seat cn»J'»' In the knockdown form. Alao, can- i.-. j •an* siats, black walnut and.mahogany veneer, i Japan,« • GROCERIES, PROVISIONS Cheap 1 am now in receipt of i lar^e itock ;t CJHOICfc: Cr HOC K K I hi:i . W QIfH I am Jeterxmed to sell Wholesale i" He'tail it gri-jtly reduced prices fnirohajcri j guoil goi"ld ft'oulJ Jo well to cali befor- purchaain, c!3e«here, as I am (Jetei mlneU Ej stll cheap. All {<><»] warriuied aad delivers' free o/ cfiar^e. J.\O. '.V. L'- DYAED, • pr^l) Srucer ind Wine Deal, r, 161 Kajt IViter »i. J. .11., A, :.Ut;O<ilS L' ANL> SOS K.iS'T VI . j.,lt STllEliT, - IL W *CK-aSf .. ,nl) WISCONSIN. llA.i. >• /i H BmiHuKN. A GO.MtrL ! t. «ud iltfgan'. asouriment of LouUuo iuj Americ *n Hair 4Jid Tooth U rushes, ^tist r-r eivtsl by J. M. ALLCO-.T. B » 2 5 a 6 s » F. 3 vl-D POUT %ntf MaUcria W\nea, - X uiv; 'ir^ip^ >',.. ^ ' ' ' J. M. ALLCOTT I.UUIN^' fc.X I'liAC'l'S. A LLiaea.r* lu;l -: tJ i,je varictiej Ljbluj' (J ii|,i iuj To::st jiv l = ri, oat r»ccivej 'j-j .-/.! J M. ALI.COTT t lVt\ -.0 \ j-> A <5j, .n.iiii LM J-j.a.u*. * C.'.Ml'LM't 1 . »!..;»•.rcinent c->f UlcAr.jr'j, LoTF'3.''Vr!^h!'< :..' ^'?*T*- i;: I iiiU )I; * ^hji-.n,; Compound, Tfir :\le r>y I'inl J. M. \LI.COrr A LL.<JOTT-a a CA.Tlt»H«« ICK WSTTH -^ 13 ' 4 •'nHii .•urc fur CaappeU hlanJa »uil ?ace. ^of) ^ » | J\ Lips, Suaburn, Ac., Air., for sale ^fholes^Jt; t aJ r..- J. 31. AU-COTT. anil Chemiit, '.IGei Sasc '-V^tt-r n R. P. CJ A D Y , JOBBER IN Jl - - j U U N N & CROSBY >.->l(Ji:USii SJiVUSGS \}f CHOSCB 7SU1T. AND Yankee Notions. STOCK ALWAYS FULL. COUNTRY IHEKCHiJfTS Ar» nqiieited to call and examine GOODS AND PRICES. It. P* CADY, !201y Qurnlla'a B!oc», 71 E. Water st. X EW BOOKS. FflHE K1W AND THE OLD ; Or California and ladia JL In romentlo aspect*, by B. W. Palmer, M. D. Ifoialcs, by the author of Sslad for tha Solitary. A Bachelor's Story, by Oliver Bunce. Llf* of fieneral Usveluci, by J T. Headley. The CoBTilescent, tjS. P. Willis. The Bparrowgras* Papers; or, LlTing la the Coontry, by f, T. Coxiroi. JnstficcelTvd. Soriileby " . ~" .' TSREY A CLJJATSB, jeU 1£T Kaai Water St. no SOU! PBOPKISTOR ft MANTJ7&CTT}H£3 0? PDM OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, T 1IIB Brandy ha* been, manufactured for yean from the para*'juice of the Catavba Grape, thus; affording additional evidence of the progress of American enterprise and: Industry, and of our ability to article* at homa equal to thoio made by any other nition. The Ohio Catawba BfaoiJy not oaly equals but excel* lie best Icjported Eraodles, In purity and flavor. It Is a fact the best Brandy known. This statement U folly corroborated by the certtftcahn of our most distinguished analytical chemists. : The » i:it«f Pure Brandy has • lo&g been felt In this onotry, »i.a. the Introduction of aa article of such quality a* to npencede the sale and use of those Tile com- tonndshluierto sold under the name of Brasdyican only « regarded a great poblto good. TbeCatawbaBraody i**e*»e* altth* good qualllle* claimed for the beat iported liquors, and 1* of, perfect purity and superior : aror, and a ioverlga and sure remedy for Dyspepsia, ITatnlency, Cramp, Oollc, Langnor, Low gplriM, Oener- KO FAMILY SHOUU) BE WITHOUT IT. Retail Price, ftl,35 Per Bottle. 0T* Recommended by th« phjtlclaas tmo* druggi*t> t the United State*. 6. Hlmmond* ha* appointed J. P. A V. 8. II3LKT, No. 41 last Water street, sole agente for the State of W!s- eoniln, where dealers acd. customers win please for- ard; their orders. .-;•'_ By calling eo the agent*, the public wfll tecelTO a sam- legratulously. '. myl> C 108 birreta Apples, i(3raftcit ?rait); Jn of Oranges; 10 boi«fl Lemons;. l,ow ibj hcrrles; I C439 ^r»sh y\ya «nd 3 barrels of Dried no, all ji Tdlon wa »ra ielling at prices »3W:ii3h- low. febltJ J. H, GOHDES& CO >iive aotfcft to cli-tlr Doaioess friends that they 'la/'j riifiioTed their Wholuaale Grocor uU INESS BACH : JIEIR OLD 3TANl> Ne»r cortxor of W.iTf.4 v\» BKTKOJT ST-»., NOTICB. 1 3 hereby jlyen that ail the counraraJgneU circuJatm^ ootea issueU by the "People's Bank" at MUttau±e«, aaast be prts-.-ated ai Uie office of tho Hank Comptroller v'.ihln tliree years fn.m ihe date of this notlca or ^iiac tti3 fuadj depoalted :0r the rsdemption of j«ld ctrcula- tjng nttel will be glv»n up t^ ihe laiii Baaiing A-iao- THIS WAY Wlf H YOIJB MOMY JOHN W. IiEDYARD, Cash Grocer titi Wine • Dealer, NO. 161 JEAST WATER, ST. ITIBB BEST PLACB TO-BOT FINE 63ISN ASD L BLACK. TIAS; r - ; . The brst place to boy OLD JAVA; and MOCHA CuP- rEES; -i : .".-. ! _! •-.' Tne 6«st place to buTBSt» STRUTS; • Ta« btst place to boy all kind! of MOLA83E3; ' Tbe tout place to buy alt llnds of SUQABS; Tie but place to bay all:kind* of SALT FIdH; Tha -est place to any Cross A Blackvell's PICKLES; Th« best place to boy all kinds IORI1G* 8AUCS3; . Tbftbtst place to boy all kinds PI&IBUIT3; The best place to buy SCQAH CUBED UAilS; ': The b«*tplac« to boy SHOKXD BISK; ; The. beat place to buy CHOICE BETTER ; . Tha best place to boy PALS' ALE;' Tha best place la boy FOBEWN ATE ana POBTEa L Thebestp'aeetobayTOlaSTflOAPS; . -- Tne best pl»a* ttf tray ilUlnds WA3HI30 80AP9; The beit place to bay best STARCH; ' TJi*.biut place W bay JW3. RAISINS, PRIJSS3; The belt pUce. to boy all kinds KUTs; Tbe be*t pfsce to boy pare t!QCOE8 lot fainlty Wf The belt place to bqy Native aad TVelgn WWK-j; the best place to bay » good box'Ol&ABa: The best place-to buy Meenhamn BM^XINO IOBAC- Th» best place to boy ti^i arad lew eeat OHSWISS TOBACCO; , t ,. -. ., Th'e beat place lo buy Weltjiun Pine ApnJe CHZISS; The b«si place to bur Injl sh and American " The best place to buy gcoilCOODS; • • The be*t place to buy eOOD*CaEA?- • . r; :' Toe best piaeelo bay allldBds Sat CIRIS3; ,, V* i*k toe dihen* of aUtiraakee to' try nt^rlch eod- CBARJLES R. DomesUc B»rtg^ a»% Specie. '•ictusrt* *<B ont.-.--' r - •' ' •• ' - '"-.-• y lor sale at flwloweit pjloei, , taflperte and dcfiaDgii my enure ess, lara- able to glT« ay .ooiM; orer current flgore*, Ust of price* • . WO. 89 wisCOItMIf _.,_,.^ , Under the Baptist Church,; nearly oppoalu (hj Uuitoat ^*--'-.- - - - • ^:. ... . &UU94HMQ *-tl«i.i.C).i TJ, 1S59. a. HAEKTSL, aprk'tj I'faaiden; of tho People's 3»oi£. N OTICS Is hereby given, that by rlrtue lad In pur saaoce of an order of license made by *he County Court of Dodge County, State of Wisconsin, aa the '23d day of May, laji-pajjt, ln_th,9 matter of,t2ie estate of Solcmon ~Ju.neau, deceased, tha andeislgnetl ad- miDlfltrators Ttli( on t^e-pUtli day of July next, ensuing at 3 o'clock In the afternoon, fti the Court House, in th» Clfy of MUwiuk«, WIscoDiln, offer for sale at public reodne,. the foilotrlng descnbed lands belonslas to said estate, to ^rit : ixjta numbered seven (7) aod «!ght (3), In bloci numbered ona haadrej and thirty-three (lo3), in the first anle-of tlV's City at aUwaukee, SUte of Wiiconiin. The o(»a{e will be made lao^rn at the tkae »n4 place of si ' -. Dated tl 14Ui day of Juna, A. D., 13S9. SSE M. J0H3AU, K* wans, AdmlnHtratora. SALOON. .LMU B I L L J A U 1» 11 « O TI, laO £aal \Vater Street, VAJUKTY of Dishes prepared at all hanrs, foi Lunches or 3upp«n t consisting of MEATS, 3AHD1MK3, >' osaisaa, Mua:c.n £ater;iuament every Saturday iTcuisg. nitttanoe free. O NE caaaof »rwh Smoked Hollbut, reoelTeU \>y i prep tOHiay. . [fl»bl«l HUMN .A CKOaBY VENISON HAMS. Oil£ choice Tenlson Bam* at mar.T HCNX i CH03B7-S. SMOKKD SALMON. HOICE Smoked Salmon at mart* HDSNA (* f\ \J \J MAPLK SYKUP. 6ALLON3 Maple Syrup, cholca article for Buckwheat. Cak UCiSN * CRO3BV3. • ._.. ">E-W P. H. 3101,ASSES K SCEIVSU by flrat boat from BuCalo, at aprl HUSN i Ctt08BT'3. JAVA FLO UK. I*WX«»MUl»Tlo«,»oiisUntlyooh«i.<i;.t m.rtl HUN* t M -A N -D Si JE E A RB1TAI> of an entirely new and splendid Stook of fMDCh, English and Amerloan. T 1 Of Latest Styles, at ,VV B . V A IV C to T T »8, • Cor. Xcut Wafer and Wlteow** SJreato. Uarlnff lately disposed of mest of say former JtooJt, I exercised myielf In learcUng at the Saltern Market* for all the New Styles aud Fatteraa, Which bars been Imported and manufactured, sinoa the Uit panle. I ha.7e alia parchaaed a larg* stock af Ladies'< aad Geatiamen'j WatchM. With ao«m«Bt» ickaowlejged u th» mott roperlor by the American pubUc.. ' aoT80 Kf\f\ mSH COCOA JTOTS iu*t reertied at ~ OUl/.epr«l . aOHM * OHOBT3.

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