Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 21
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 21

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 21
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On The Itword *** irosfff At NtotttAftO CtffcfrfcftAL , Mr*, Edna Paye O'Neal, TO N. Mr*, Edna Faye O'Neal, tod N. Clinton EubahkS, Stinnett S. B. Malone Jr., Pampa Mrs. Almeds. Carter, 41? Lowfy Leigh Ann Gamble, Phillips Ken Weaver, 1SSS E. Poster Mrs. Louise Bamelt, 2012 Hamilton Mrs. Eula Choate, Panhandle Delbert Kennedy, Pampa Fred Conner, Pampa Mrs. Mint Oswalt, Mobeetie Mrs. Anna Ulrich, 83? E. Craven Mrs. Alma Luna ford, 1145 Juni- par- Baby Jimmy Buckley, Phillips Mrs. Sue Jolly, Borger tarl Lee McAdams, White Deer Linda Cooper, 904 E. Scott Baby Holly Little, 141? E, Francis •£. N. Gattis, Kingsmll! Mrs. L&verne Cockburn, Elk City Mrs. Ruby Hurt, Border Stephen Heare. 1520 Hamilton B. W. Carver, Sunray Travis Tucker, 1015 Duncan Mrs. Ann-Davis, Panhandle John Lane Sr., Pampa Kay Trayler, Wlilte Deer J. Eddie Moore, 1828 Hamilton Mrs. Elvee Turlington, 848 S. Bank,s Mrs. Ann Donovan, Roswell, N.M. thirteen of the 32 applications to drill filed with the Pampa office of the Texas Railroad Commission last week were for depths of over 6,000 feet. Here Is the report: APfLfCATfONS TO BlULt, Oehlltffic County Moffof') Graham-Mlchaelis Drlg. Co. — lines of Sec. ll, 2, WCRR, PD 8200, \ Amended Rule 37 Whcelef (Panhandle) Baker A Keech Drlg. Ob. — Por- S lines of SE-4, Sec. 59, 24, H&GN, PD 2600 County (Stfatfofd) Phillips — Massive B No. 1 — 1980 fr. S & W lines of Sec. 12, 1-T, T&NO, PD 3600 OchUtfee County (Farnswortb, K. Oswego) Sun Oil Co. — G. E. Irvin No. 2 — 1980 from W & N lines Sec. 54, 13. T&NO, PD 7200 Mrs. Leatha Cooper, 801 E. Craven Mrs. Ova Williams, Pampa Mrs. Martha Green, McLean Glen Kilgore, 1537 Coffee Jack Furnish, Pampa 4-T. F. Anthony, 417 Graham R. E. Thompson, 420 N. Gray S. C. Jensen, 501 N. Ward Jackie Burns, White Deer V\. G. Adams, White Deer Mrs. Mabel Pennington, Pampa Mrs. Irene Pinsion, Lubbock Johnnie Christner, 1105 Seneca Mrs. Dorothy Dumas, 1228 S. Barnes Mrs. Estelle Topper, 1815 Chestnut J. M. Brown, 1229 Charles Mrs. Trella Smith, 1020 S. Wells Richard Grace, Borger Mrs. Margaret Shumate, Pampa Mrs. Barbara McGlnnis. Pampa Mrs. Irene Howell, 720 Buckler Mrs. Wilma Cornette, White Deer CONGRATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs. Earl O'Neal, 700 N. Nelson, on the birth of a daughter at 8:38 a.m. Friday, weighing 7 Ibs. 12 ozs. To Mr. and Mrs. Don Carter, 417 Lowry, on the birth of a son at 5 p.m. Friday, weighing 8 Ibs. 7''oz. WARRANTY DEEDS J. B. Woodington to Jesse Burl Hobbs et ux; All of the north 59 feet of lot 10, south 11 feet of lot 11. all In block 1, Country Club Heights Addition. Ted Simmons et ux to H. T. Miller et ux; AH of lots 5, 6 in block 91. original town of McLean. E. E. Cooper to Frank Stalnaker et ux; Lot 5 In block 2, Ward i Addition. > T. B. Solomon to Ross N. Buz- ! zard; the easterly 70 feet of lot j 19, 20 in block 4, Solomon Addi- L 'ifen. f Highland Homes, Inc. to R. J. Tinney et ux; North B7.9 feet of lot 9, block 7, Jarvia-Sone A d d i- Terra Alta Development Corp. to Robert S. Bruner et ux; Lot 1, block 19, Jarvis-Sone Second Addition. F. A. Cary et al to Claude A. McLaughlin et ux; Part of survey lit in block 3, I&GN RR Surveys. Jerry Gale Park* et ux to James K. Kirkwood et ux; South 60 feet of lot 17 in block 2, Jarvis-Sone Addition. Linden R. Laubhan et ux to Northaven, Inc.; Lot 10, block 4, Red Deer Addition. Virgle M. Poole. et ux to Herbert M. Evans; Lot 27, block 2, Prairie.Village Addition. William T. Burchfield et al to | Vera Mae Burchfield Bankston;! 411 of lots 8, 9 in block 8, North of Ih6 northerly 80 feet, all the Southerly 270 feet of the westerly 2SO feet of the northerly 3SO feet of lot 7, subdivision of the north part of plot 79, suburbs of Pampa. J, F. dark et ux to Grace Williams, a. feme sole; All of lot 4 In block D, Five Acre Addition. William T. Fraser et uX to Gene F, Groom et ux; All of the north 25 feet of lot 11, all of lot 12, block 3, East Fraser Addition No. 3. Bonnie Banks, a widow, to Marvin Johnston; Part of the north 26 d and Iwo-thfrd acres of the east one-half of the northeast quarter of section 127, block 3, I&GN RR Surveys. J. B. Woodington to Robinson A. Dunbar et ux; North 40 feet of lot 4 and south 30 feel of lot 5, block 1, Country Club Heights Addition. Jimmy L. Jenkins et ux to Robert Lee Young el ux; All of lot 11 in block 6, Jarvis-Sone Addition. NEW CAR. REGISTRATIONS [James A. McCarley, Pampa, English Ford. Clyde M. Vanderburg, 1125 Charles, Thunderbil'd Glenn C. and Ermadee Sanders, Skellytown, Pontiac F. J. Jernigan, 421 S. Ruasell, Chevrolet Knox Kinard, 1325 N. Russell, Oldsmobile Glenn E. Dawson, 1002 N. Somerville, Ford Robert E. Rose, 821 Bradley, Ford M. G. Lemos, Pampa, Oldsmobile George E. Taylor, 1001 E. Murphy, Ford Homer E. Frazier, Panhandle, Ford Sam P. Williams, 508 Magnolia, Ford W. E, Taylor, 700 Magnolia, Chevrolet Wiley and Lillian Pettlt, Pampa, Rambler James H. Lewis, 226 Hamilton, jFord M. G. Melton, 1500 Hamilton, Ford H. H. Bratcher, 1238 N. Russell, Pontiac j& 1634 fr. N lines Dale Shackleford, Pampa, Chev-il&GN, PD 3300 Texas Railroad Commission Reports 13 Deep Intents County ftdlft) I Horizon O&G Co. -- No. 1-845-C Dunn A Attebury — C. C. Ham-jEllf.1 Ranch — Ssc. 845, 43, H&tC mer No. 1 & 2 — 330 fr. W A N com. 11-22-58, pot. 2,750 MCF, GOR lines and 660 fr. W lines & fr. N lines of NE-4, Sec. 46, H&GN, PD 2280 (Raul Panhandle.) El Paso Nat. Gas Co. — Martin No. I — 330 fr E & 2310 fr. 'N 330^25, perf. 6960-6970, TD 0130, Dual 13,'Compl. with (oil). 9 a.m. f* tfi« fcally ft«»«llfl« lot d)ft*»ifl*d Ad*. Saturday tot Sunday edition. 12 noon. Thi* l» ftlxo thi 11 a.m. dfttly and 4 $.rt. Sittifday fof About. P«opl« Ads Will b* U*efl up to Sunday'* edition. No. 1-T Marmaton Petro, Expl., Inc., — No. 1-6 Leatherman —- Sec. 6, 12, H&GN, Durham No. 1 — 660 fr. S -& E tlme s of Sec. 38, 17, H&GN, PD 2300 |f . O m. 12-24-58, pot. 9,100 MCF 'aOR 300, porf.' 8365-8391, TD 8462 Mansfofd County (fex-Hufto) Horizon O&O Co. — Gochnauf No. 1-34 — 2840 fr. N & 860 fr. W lines of Sec. 34, 3, GH&H, PD ter-,tohnson No. 1 — 330 fr. W & 6500, Amended, change field name Itohorts Comity (Qiilnduno-Le Compfron) Gulf — Adelia Clark No. i — 660 fr. S A: E lines of SE-4 of Sec. 197, M-2, BS&F, PD 6800, Revised, comp. as dry hole at 4068, to i deepen. Carson County (Panhandle) Katex Oil Co. — Burnett No. 2 — 330 fr, N & E lines of SVV-4 Sec. 92, 5, I&GN, PD 3300 Confl. Oil Co. — S. B. Burnett (Wildcat) Horizon O&G Co. — Roscoe El- „ .. . _ , Ttr , v liotl No. 1-25 -- 660 fr. W & N E llne of Sep ' 105 ' 5 ' I&GN> "C" No. 9 — 990 fr. N & 1'150 fr. PD On f son County Katex Oil Co. — No. 1 Hayhes — Sec 129, 5. I&GN. com. 2-9-159, pot. 53, BOPD GOR 2,200 : perf. 3006-3500, TD 3114 Pennowa Oil & Gas Co., et al — 1 Diy — lie p*f tin* 2 D9y* — 270 p«f Sth« p«f d»J 5 Dayi — J2o per lint p«f Atf 4 D«.v» — 21ft per line p*f d*t 6 Day* - 19o pcf tin* p»/ Atf « Dfcyl — i7o per lin* t>«) d»y Monthly fat«!, r>*f Itnl »«f month, (no copy cftanfi. Minimum ad: tht«« l-uoliu HftM. I'h* N«w« ieeept* f«»pon»lbiiliy tot trror* on th* flrit Inntrtiofi *n1f, 6eadlln« for ad cancellation*. Mainly Card of Tttanki 81if Year St,NDA¥, MARCH , THIS PAMPA DAILY 11 Mali Hafp Waftfttf 2t]40A Haulini Metffff 40A .*»*»JtJt».JH<,Jt,»».»jt.fcJL»* jtJfcJULJ^ ff-f-f-fff-ff ftf, ,*.»#.»** A }2S0.06 WEEK profit pO»(«lhl« print- Infc without A printing jir«M fight n your owl horn* In Pampa. we supply ftvftrythlng you n**d, po e*- periene* neetsanry. $5.00 .'tftr'l* you, (tend no money no*. W>it* confident*! facts and sample*. Write, Beroen-Piilnt. 15127-PR. So. Broftd- . ?\vay, U)« Anfttlea 81, C'allf. OunESSrVE MRN to mfttin**. and own TV repair bufline** around Pampa. No expe r lc?nf« neoeMflry. We will teach you TV repairing If one week by mall with revolutionary new simplified syntem. We supply everything you need to earn to ll<i. hour. Write TV" Systems, Box 19731. Twiifif i Mating Roy Ff«»—SOS E. ¥uft« Mil" 41 Child Con 41 CHILD CARE: H«««6nable and dally fates, nupefviafid fenced yard. Mo 5-4080. *J»J»i*JJ>*iJMt^*'*i»»<HIHt Jt»»»Jfc» 42 Painting, Paptr Hff§. 42, iHia-jtvj*****. dknhjit;>»^.#.*'.ji>.^ jfc^ «uA K^-JK**..*.. L POR Papefmf, painting;, textonlng any typfc ciall MO 6-,>3tl. tltn*U*. Ijtiks Fetmill, GAME v£'Tift)fcx. Government huiitftr Por»»lt>fy Park ' ' ~ 43A Cafpet Servle* 43A job opening:* In Texan. Knjoy outdoor work, (food pay, r#al . % Discount on llu* 61«tntnf. 15. All ntrbrts cleaned,, work flnteed, MO 4-8381. 0 W. No. 12 Ware -~ Sec. 114, 4, I&GN, |. H jyn'L al : com. 2-12-59, pot. 85, JOE LESTER BREWER We \vl*h to expresH oilr "THANKS" to our many friends, neighbors, the (<taff of nu r se« at Highland tieneral Rn<1 Kelly I'or his services of the Calvary Baptlnt 21 Female Help Wonted 22 KKMAM? HI'U.P Wanted: Opening for lady 26 (o 40, Inside work, evening Shift. Apply In |icr«on. CaUUvnll - 220 POR . ... GOR Churrh for the. nmny acts of kindness ; WOMEN, tVofTTSTS- -SSFrhoufTiSp est 250 perf. 2876-3063, TD 3112'extended us in th'l* hour nf bereave- 1 * 'mput me Dave Rubin _ No. 9 Burnett — Kven ' there shall thy right hand lead Sec. 102, 4, I&GN, com. 2-22-59, pot. 55, BOPD GOR, 9,000 perf. 30783115, TD 3224 lines Sec. 25, 13, T&NO, PD 7000 (Chunn, K. C. Lime) Paul M. Haywood — Wm. M. Pa- zoureck No. 2 — 660 fr. E & S lines Sec. 104, 4T, T&NO, PD 8100 Rip C. Underwood — D. B. Pearson No. 2 — i960 fr. N & 660 fr. W lines of Sec. 105, 4-G, T&NO, PD 6700 (Knsl Fa rn.s worth) Sun Oil Co. --Cutter-Irvln Gas Unit No. 1 — 1980 fr. N & 1250 fr. e lines Sec. 53, 13, T&NO, PD 9100 (Tslilgocla) Sinclair O&G Co. - J. T. Trew 3300 (West I'anhmidlp) Jns. F. Smith & J. W. Collins, et al —• Webster No. 1 - - 330 fr. * ° f SCC ' 83 ' 7 ' I&GN) No. 1 660 fr. N & E lines of PD 3200 Randall County (Wildcat) Amarillo Oil Co. - Irene Hicks No. 1 — 660 fr. S & E lines, Sec. 10, P.-5, H&GN, PD 8700 OIL WELL COMPLETIONS flutrliln*on County (Panhandle) Pnn-Petro, In c — No, B-l Riley B - Sec. 9, M-16. T&NO. com. 2 • 10 • 59, pot. 63 BOPD GOR County (Qulndtino-ttrown Dolomite) Phillips — No. 1 Pennington "B" --Sec. 17, 2. I&GN, com. 1-21-S9. pot. 6,200 MCF, GOR inf. perf. 4128-4138. PBTD 4142, Converted from oil to gas. (Rod Drcr Lr. Alb. Dol.) Gulf — No. 1 B. A. Byrun, si al -- Ser. 4, B-l, H&GN. com. 1-17-59, pot. 2.850 MCF, GOR 417. perf. 4CI2-4268, 4269 (Plugged back from 4289) Hemphlll County (Parsel) Cherokee) El Paso Nat. Gas Co. -- No. 1-A Mitchell -- Sec. 136. 42, H&TC, com. 2-16-S9.-pot. 249. BOPD 1,394 GOR perf. 9490-9508. TD 10,360 PM'OOKD WELLS Oehiltrre County (East Furnswortli) Pctro. Explr., Inc. — No. 1-55 And thy right hand shall hold 'lone Is (he voice we Invert In hear Too far away for ,«lght or speech, Hut not loo far for thought to rearh. Sweet to remember him who otu-B was her? . . . And who, ihoughal).«enl, Is Just as The Joe Tester Brewer Family dear. Memorial _. pe week. Choose your o\vh hours. For Interview write Box VNZ, <-/o Pampa News. WILL YOU study one hour dally for opportunity to earn $2.65 to >7,G5 an hour? Bxamllt ad classification H^. WANTED: Hawielgh dealer~for pact of Pampa and Carson County, A good deal for a hustler. Contact H. C. Wllklfi, ISZS'.i W. Wllks, or write - VARU and uarden Rottrv leveling, seeding and sodding-. . estimate*. Ted Lewis, MO 4-BD10. garden plowing, post holes levelling, roto - tilling. J. Alvin Iteeves, WO_6j-;i023.___ ROTOTliXlNO Oardens"A yard's also Ford tractor work. Call 4-724U; Paul T, Kd wards. FOR S'Af.K'Turkey fertlllier fof>ouf yard. MO 4-8604 or MO 4-3468. 48 Tree* and Shrubbery 46 NURSERY****"" Largest and most complete nursery. itock In the Golden Spread. 36 mile* W. T. nawlelgh Co., De Sola Station 'southeast of Pampa on Farm Road Box 2467, Memphis Tenn. 291. I'h. 6F2. Alanreed, Texas. MONtJMKNTS. delivered anywhere. I FINISH JUgh School or grad). school niul up. l-'ort Granite A M»rhl« Co. MO f)-5f!22. Special Noficei FOR I!A UTJotOH products: Call If C. Wllkle. MO 4-4205, W I Iks. West at home, spare time. Books fur- nlshed, diploma awarded. Write >'o- luml'ia iSchnols. _llox 1514, Amarillo. rJRFvTBR^"WantedT~A"p'piy Ii~ person Yellow Cab .Stand. .111 S. CUyler. THEEM Trimmed. Complete shrub care, rarde roto-till«d, leveled, etc. 30 Sewing 30 — ____ _ fcver ureenn. Shniib.^'nose Bushei"" BUTLER NURSERY _ _ 1 M2_N._ H ohnrt _ _ __ I'I>ANT NOW, New'shlpmeht of b.-vM root rose.", flowering shrubs, frull trees, atull's lawn and garden «up* pile.'. 854 W Foster. Lucllle'a Bath Clime 1 urklnh and jBRr.,TS Steam Baths. Swedish Malaga R*. BUTTTONS. Button holes. Sec. 65, 13, T&NO, PD 9550 (George Morrow) Klngv/ood Oil Co. — Bessie M. Price No. 1 — 660 fr. E & N lines No. 107 of Sec. ,78, 11, W. Ahrenbeck & 2 ' 3 - 59 ' P° 1 ' t 2 ' BOPD GOR 16 ' 600 ' Bros, PD 7600 Hutchlnson County (Pnnhaitdle) Whitehall Oil Co., Ir,c. -- B u r- TSTM, PERF. 3166 to 3242, PD Stephenson — SPC. 55, 13, T&NO, [plugged 2-11-59, TD 8450, Dry LIpHcomb County } (Wildcat) Humble .6&R Co. — No. 1 Henry Frass Jr. —Sec. 20. 10, H&TC, 3314 J. M. Huber Corp. Herring — S. B. Evans sur. com. perf. 300-3115, PD 3149 J. M. Huber Corp. — No. 108 plugged 2-12-59, TD 9366, Dry S. B. Evans Sur. com. 2-11-5!), pot. 50, BOPD GOR 1,800, perf. nett Est. "B" No. 19 _ 1559 fr. wi 2955 ' 3063 - TD 309t Hutchlnson County (Panhandle) Travelers Oil Co. — No. 1 E. Sec 130' 5 I Helll 'y w - Simon et al George — Cockrell -- Sec. 8, B-3, D&SE, 'No. 10, Sec. 28, 47. H&TCRR, com. rolet Homes, et al, W. A. Lvall Nettie E. Hibbs, 941 S. Nelson, I No. 14 ~- 330 fr. W & S lines Sec. i Rambler J33, Z, EL&RR. PD 2800 Douglas and Bernice Clark, 117 Felmont Oil Corp. -•• Mcllroy N. Giileaptc. Ford Joe M. Keel. Pampa, Ford Jim H. Rush, Lubbock, Edsel P ot - BOPD - GOR 106 - plugged 2-9-50, TD 3015, Oil Travelers Oil Co. No. 2 E. TP 3363, TD 3417 j Cockrell Sec. 8, B . 3, D&SE, Whitehall Oil Co., Inc. — No. 1 ' plugged 2-5-59, TD 3090, Oil Burnett Est. B. -- Sec. 130, 5, No. 2'"-"- 330 fr. VV & S lines Sec. 1&GN ' com - 12-20-58, pot. 73.14. 2, 23, BS&F, PD 3150 BOPD GOR 17, perf. 29928-3055, TD Henry W. Simon, et al & George 32I ° Boyd Stephens, Pampa, English | No. 11 -- 1(550 fr. N & 990 fr. \V'l Whitehall Oil Co.. Inc. -- No. 4 lines of Sec. 26, 47, H&TC, PD Burnett Est. B -•• Sec. 130. 5. I&GN com. 12-20-58, pot. 73.14. BOPD, GOP. 115, perf. 2978-306!, TD 32fiO Ford. J. C. Dumas, 1233 Garland, Chevrolet C. B. Moss, 1336 Terrace, Studebaker ' C. V. Davis, 518 N. S u m n e r, Chevrolet H. Lee Kesse, 1180 Prairie Drive, Ford Billy Daniels, 1205 Duncan, I0ng- llsh Ford Charles C. Lewis, 1113 Terrace, Buick Doyle W. Mobley, 2302 Alcock, Ford B. L. Clay, 912 Varnon, Clievor- let WATER CONNKCTIOXS James Garvin. 513 S. Gray Herbert Schlichting, 717 W. Francig Don Yates, 418 Rose Mason Winegeart, 525 N. Christy C. W. Morrison, B04 N. Wynne Myrtle Lee, 408 N. Somerville Herbert M. Evans, 909 Varnon Finis O. Keels, 605 N. Wells C. W. Blackburn, 2230 N. Nelson 2995 J. M. Huber Corp. — Bill Phillips No. 3 - - 990 fr. N & E lines of Sec. 8, M-24, TCRR, PD 3200 J. M. Huber Corp. — Stevenson "A" No. 25 Sc 26 — 990 from E & 1850 fr. S, 990 fn E & 330 fr. S. reap, PD 3200 (Wildcat) Apache Prod Corp. — Jackson Unit No. I — 660 fr. S & E lines of Sec. 71, R, B&B PD 8500 Coll ings worth County (Kast Piuihiuullc) El Paso Nat. Gas Co. — Tindall No. 1-A — 2310 fr. E & S lines Sec. 64, 16, H&GN, PD 2150 El Paso Nat. Gas Co. — Lay- E dray County (Kast Panhandle) El Paso Nat. Gas Co. — No. 1-D Fowler - Sor. IS, 25, H&GN, plug, ged 2-20-59, TD 2241. Dry Hansford County (Tpxns-Ifugotnn) Phillips No. 1 Cntnr — See. Pampa Lodge No. 966 42il Went Kln**ml1l Mar. 2ml to "Hi, Piililir School V.'eek .Vn meeting-*, Visit a vrhool. Visitors welcome. Members urged to attfiHl. Oscar Shearer, U'.M, Alcoholics Anonymoui Ph. MO 4-7600 STAUFFKR Home Reducing Plan. For free demonstration, call Vlckl Wll- liamff. MO 5-5C.64. 8TAUKKEH Keduclnsf T'lan. For free demonstration call airs. R. O. Clements. MO B-r,310 or MO 9-9187. 10 Lojf & Found 10 Alteration*. Scott Sew .Shop, J420 Market. M<> 4-7220. Wlbl, n<) Alterations, dress inaklig n specialty. Call MO .">-4.140. MOXOGItAMINO OF nil types, tom- meriral ralec. work guaranteed Mrs. Clay Crosslaml, 2inr. N. Bunks MO 31 Applionce Repair 31 CLARK'S WASHEH SERVICE, will repair, rent or sell Automatic washers. 1121 Xeel Road. MO 4-S17*. 34 Radio Lab 34 49 Ccis Poolt Tanki 49 CKSSPOOLS «nd Septic Tanks clean- eel. C. I,. Casteel. 140.1 S. Barnes. MO 4-403!). 49A Pest Control 49A ALT/ PKHT In the home controlled for an low n« J2.;ni a . bedroom. A. J, S. reel control. Mf> 4-424S. 50 Building Supplies 50 ''"PANHAVoLE LUMBER CO. AUUED PAINT 420 W. Foster MO 4-6881 RADIO A TELEVISION repair service on any make or model. 10 to 36% savings on tubes and parts. Antennas Installed. Fast and reliable. Time payments. Montgomery Ward & Company. Phone MO 4-32.11.. C&M TELEVISION STIJAVKD 4 Month old German Po- j' 1 jg_>'• 3omervlll>. Phone MO 4-3511 lire doc. No collar. Boown and hlark Answers to BlRim. Reward MO UNITED TELEVISION 101 N. Hohart MO 6-8502 _ STlfAVKD from W. r. Epperson farm 2 rnilrs northwest of dty 1 2'^ month old white-fated 4-H Cluli Hull ralf. ha."! feet) wearing rope halter. N» l>r,'ind. Would appreciate any Information leading to Its where. about», MO 4-S258. 13 Business Opportunities 13 fa.^..,^-^.,.^.^^.^—^^-^^-,^^.^.,-^^^^, (irhF Servlre station slack for rale la White Hoer. J.'ijn to JfiOO. K«nl on stuMon is \c a K n H" n when j.tur- fnmi company. I'H' For Reliable TV Service Call GENE & DON'S TV SERVICE 844 W. Foster ?iL_*?9_<lll!l Antenna tservlce. New and rj.«od Antennas for sale. 1117 Vnrnon Drive. MO 4-4070. Qirjre Wing. Hawkins Radio & TV Lab ? a. sarn«« MO 4-2251 Appliances 36 Dalliun ('(unity (Wildcat) cock No. 1-D — 330 fr. N & lines of Sec. 51, 16, H&GN, 3300 Oallam County (Kerrick) Gulf — Kate Galbraith et al No. 1 — 1250 fr. S & E lines Sec. 51, 1-T, T&NO, PD 4000 Underrxxli No. 1 F. A. Judd Catherine Barclay Sur. Plugged 2-21-59, TD 3580. Dry Whitehall Oil Co.. Inc. -- No. ft 33. 3, GH&H, plugged 2-17-39. TD j Burnett Est. B — Sec. 130, 5. 1&GN.3 136 . f:!as com. 12-26-58, pot. 80.0-i, GOR 266, perf. 2915-3014, TD 3105 Whitehall Oil Co., Inc. -- No. 7[_,Shnmrork O&G Corp. (Rip C. Burnett Est. B SPC. 130. 5, I&GN"" com. 1-5-59. pot. 83.19. BOPD GOR 245, perf. 2947-3020, TD 3120 Whitehall Oil Co., Inc. - Xo. 8 Burnett Est. B — Sec. 130, 5, I&r.N com. 1-17-59. pot. 73.14. BOPD, GOR 152, perf. 2836-3004. TD 3070 Whitehall Oil Co. Inc. --- No. 10 Burnett Est. B -- Sec. 130. 5, I&GN- com. 1-6-59, pot. 86.9-1, BOPD GOR 1 175, perf. 2887-3008, TD 3102 ; TV APPLIANCES, SERVICE Whitehall Oil Co.. Inc. - No. 11 PD Burnett Est. B — Sec. 130. 5, I&GN com. 1-15-59, pot. 61.41, BOPD GOR 3106, perf. 2803-2944, TD 3043 Wheeler County (Panhandle) The Mills Oil Co. No. 1 Porter — Sec, 14, 27, H&GN, corn. 10- Gulf — O. Gamble No. 1 — 1250 Kenny Newell, 400 N. Somerville i fr - N * E llnes Set - 83 . l' T . T&NO.lTD 2220 5-48, pot. BOPD GOR, TP 2205, Stanley S. Horn, 1920 Evergreen Arthur E. .\fcCarter, 125 \V. Francis Marvin Anderson, 179 N. Zimmers Bruce L. Grace, 824 Lowry O. R. Reed, 513 S. Ballimt Odis Calcote, 1937 N. Wells Bobby N. Nelms, 933'/i S. Hobart W. H. Luker, 1319 E. Frederic John C. Dills, 110 N. Glllespie Harold Starback, 1600 N. Hobart Willard W. Taylor, 801 N. Somerville Darrell Kissee, 1100 Crane Mrs. W. A. Gates, 539 Sunset Drive A. L. Burcham, 110 E. 4000 Gray (Kuit Panhandle) Holt Bros., J. S. Morse "E" No. 3 — 330 fr. W & 1650 fr. N lines of Sec. fi, 26, H&GN, PD 2480, Amended. (Panhandle) Oshorne Area, Sldwcll O&G, Inc. — No. 6 Lewis -- Sec. 67, 13, H&ON, com. 2-5-?>9, pot. 21 m], 75 water, GOR 150, TP 2220. TD 2225 Hansford County (Twin DCS Moinr*) O'Laughlin -16 well - No. 1 ~ See. 46, 45, H&TC, com. 2-4-59, pot. OIL & GAS DIRECTORY Cohvas -• Oil Field '[•'iVr,'' 01 ' W '"' e '"' l ' r ' M " 4 "- 7ir ' 3ft!t s - <-'uyler MO 4-47-19 cT("rA"Ki'rm-: MAT ; fli"NT:'s- parly \s-anted lu Htrrvlov itini from c.«tul>lliih«-<l mule c.f ' niacliint-!.. \Vfii-Ui:iK < .iplinl iip<'.>.<yary DES MOORE TIN SHOP fn.m *'.!i:t.on in fl/'7r,n(i. I'.iK^lhlliiy. [ Air CnnilitldnliiK—l'« (leaf in Kirn cn.-r 5.:'ii,.iin ,,., r ' in.iM h/nfiAtf , -120 W. KiliKMiiill 1'tione M< i -1-2731 lini". \\' r ii-- I'ri'-nv Hiifiut }uiir I'itr, | ~^-~"~-~—-"~''-~-*-~~*~^~~-~-~Paper Hanging 38 PAINTING and Paper II U.'< 1I1KSSIVK MAN wand-it In D«-I\ I work >ruaranti>ed. J'hone and ot,.-r;it-, Kli'U Kral'i I.IIMII^.-S ! F. K. Dyer. COO X. Dwlght. Hi"")iii'l I'anip.-i. Spntv umo Interior* ! •-^-^--*--^-^ ^uc'^nivri,;;;;^:;;^';;;^;;^!!! ^^ Call DR. FIXIT Today Foxworth-Qalbraith Ubr. f-6. MO 4-743J 57 Good Thingi to Eat 57 FRESH Dre.ised Pheasants located at Welding Shop White Deer. TU 36761, 63 Laundry 63 IDEAL. STEAM LAUNDRY INC.- Family bundles Individually washed. Wet wash. Rou*h dry. Family tip.' ••• Ish. 321 E. Atchlson. MO 4-4,181. WASHING 9c lt>. Ironing 11.25 dozen . mixed plectw. Curtalnn a ipaelaJty.. 7SU N. Banks. MO 4-6UO. IRONING AVanted Jl.,15 a dozen hrlnj any time or call 5-4403. 320 N. Ward.' WANTKD: Ironlnsr to do in my horn* J1.2S per mixed dozen, or $1.50 pick* ed up and delivered. Phone 4-27SS. 12»5 E. Foster. rt-fn-Hin'e ami lime avallalile to Con-|38 til«-ntHl nislril.iiiitiK Cd., Fort Worth -j-j ielntf. All JIO 6-.1204. 39 FINANCIAL" SECURITY" for Qualified Man or Woman 40 Transfer & Storage 40 63A Rug Cleaning 63A J "^ J ^'" SAVE MONEY Rent our RUR Shampoo machine »nd do your own, It's no easy and you do It quickly and safely. Low rental ian' e Ai*.r ITSPS. Cu yler co. 4-652l 66 Upholstery, Repair 66 Brummett's Upholstery 1918 Alooclc Dial MO 4-7.".Sl KUU'N ITU uJC'Hepalred" —"Uphoii't aiHif. Joneny'ii N«w a"d Used Furniture. Iff B. Cuyler. MO 4-689!!. 68 Household Goods 68 »nd cullf. i from ''mart-up p. ... , „ -_ , iiisp," in mil ur^a. i'p to $::27.:.n • rampa Warehouse & Transfer per month pun.siM.?. Kull or part Moving with Care Eevrywher* lime, must hav» servi< eahle car, 12 117 R. Tylnt Ph. MO 4-4221 Jioiir.^ « ^'cek and 55!*2..'iO to SIT'*' cnsh r^'jutrPfl. Musi be- nl>l*f lo tip lars, in .VatKHiHl .\K{{. AT UlMrilnit Company, 6<'I6 Milton, Dalian FOR HALE Several uned refrigerator*. Rich Plan. 319 '.i W. Foster. BUCK'S TKAN'SFF.R & STORAGE Free Kstm.iten A Insured Rid S. C.illespie - MO 4-7'J22 IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Addition. City of Lefors. lM\RRIAOF I K'FVHFS Homer C. Williams et ux to , SIA «« lA °E LICENSES Claud W. Blackburn et ux; Lot Raymond Albert Stefe and Marl- Addi lyn Kay Delver Ronnie Smith and Geraldlne McPharson Edward Ix>uis Ostrowski Doris Eileen and „», block 14, Jarvis-Sone t!on. Jamea E. Hendrix et ux to A. L. Burcham et ux; All the easterly 185 feet of the westerly 250 feet „ ,, . „, . . I Roger Kent Tedder and Georgia Ann Ramsey W. Sidney Kunkej and Viola Bentley GH.V.VTKn Hamilton Brothers Open New Office In Amarillo Bldg. MIDLAND (Spli — Hamilton Brothers, Ltd., announces the opening' of an exploration office in Amarillo on the fifth floor of the Petroleum Building. Frederic C. Hamilton and Ker- Iris K. Hamilton are owners of the concern which maintains h e a d- quarters in Petroleum Life Building in Midland. v The Amarillo staff will include David, D. Read. Jr., laiidman; and W. P. Buckthal and Doyle G. Whitaker, geologists. Read, Buckthal and Whitaker, formerly with The Texas C o m- pany, will be in charge of exploration operations In the Panhandle »rea. William P. von O»inski. who has been with Hamilton Brothers, Ltd., in Ui* Midland offu e »iiu-e 1956, .will transfer to Amarillo to serve Jonnle Joyce Cranford from John Max Cranford Catherine M. Johnson from Jer- Pan American Pet. Corp. - J., 168, BOPD GOR 1.60o, perf. 62IS- H. Palmer No. 11 -- 325 fr. W it'soo, TD 690 (Twin .Morrow) Shamrock O£O Corp. — N'o. 8 J. B. Steele "B" -— Sec. 7;;. 45, H&TC, com. 2-12-59, pot. 501. GOR 1,000, perf. 7032-7068, TD 8532 (Hansford Oswego) Humble O&R Co. — No. 1-C S. P. & K. K. Jackson "D" S?c. 108, 45, H&TC. coin. 2-1-59, pot. 28.500 MCF, GOR 812, perf. 630338, TD 7568, Diiil (Hansford Upper Morrow) Oil & Gas Prpty. Mgt.. Inc. -No. 4 L. \V. Mathews — Sec. IIS, 45. H&TC. com. 1-5-59. pot. 8.600 MCF, GOR 112, perf 7132-7114, TD 7757 (Hiiiibford Ixmrr .Morrow) Oil Development Co. of Tex — No. 1-92 Fee 92 — Sec. 92, 45, H&TO, com. 2-8-59, pot. 6.200 MCF GOR, Inf., perf. 4128-4I3S, PBTD 4H2, Converted from oil to gas 350 fr. S lines Sec. 31, B-2, H&GN, PD 3250, Deepen (In same pay zone), IJpscomb County (Wildcat) Shell Oil Co. — G. W. Thompson No. 1 — 1320 fr. W & S lines of Sec. 25, 10, HT&B, PD 6400 Sinclair Oil Confirms New Olchillree Pool Sinclair Oil & Gas Company has confirmed the recently - opened NEW OR REPAIRING OIL FIELD CANVAS PAMPA ^_ • ' " '•„• •• "•*"'• TenjL&'Awniir 117 E. Brown ~ Phon« MO 4-8541 Texan. 13A Business Services 13A' K«K Kxpert floor waxinj t>r.<\ window rleanini? m your home of business. | M_O_£-_«2_95. A-l Window Cleaners, i i.NCi'MK TA"X Jieturns. AccurNta »"H '. fast service. J. 11. \Vnnon. lu:)2. Prairie Drive. MO S-Stfl.l. GRONINGER & KING • Water Cont. • Tanlt Ssrvlct • Heavy Hauling Dirt Cont. • Caiolmt Plant Conitruction 0 Pipeline Construction Phone MO «• 4891—Pampa G & G FISHING SEKV'JCK Rotary Drilling i Fish Int.- Tools We Mako Aerial Delivery In KmergencT 604 E. 10th Ph. BR 4-2214 Borger, Tciai County (Panhandle) Sinclair O & G Co. — No. Southeast Farnsworth pool in Och iltree county, Texas panhandle. The No. 1 Leroy Smith, in 70-13- Sinclair O & G Co. - No. 12 T&NO survey, was '.ompMed ' Master-ton Est. Sec. 59. o - is, flowing at the daily rate of 597jD&P, com 27-59. ;K>I i tn, BOPD BAHTI.ESVJLJ.K, Oklu. (Sul) ! ban ' els °' : "-8-gravity oil through j G OR 106, TP :WIM. Tl > 3U7 — KffeeUvu 7:00 a.m. Sunday, I* 'a->nch choke from upper M»r-! R. P. Kuli.-r No. 1 T. O. Alart'h 1, (ltlt-9 Service Oil Com- ow 8and perfcjrutiuiw at 8.3u3 13 Smith S-. U2. 3 T. T&NO. com. jwuy HUl rediu-e Us posted price j ! ^- ,2-19-58. pol. 32, BOPU GOR, TSTM for Oklahoma and Kansas sweet ' Tne P roducer 's a northwest off-!perf. 3249-3259. TD 3310 crude oil by 3 i-<f«U a barrel for set lo the discovery well, Sin- Oi-hiHre« CuuHly 40-44.9 gravity. Iclair's No. 1 Buzzard The pool is (Horizon Cleveland) Th« new tow for both i,tales i tVp '° mil ^ southeast of the Farr.s- Hamilton, Ltd., N'o 2" b« $3-03 per barrel. ;worth field. 1141 A. Fling- Set'. Ml, 4-T. Ti-NO ry F. Johnson CRUDE OIL REDUCTION 15 Instruction 15 HIGH PCHOOL. at home it. ipar» time. New taxta furnished. Dip- i loma award«c' Ixiw monthly payments. American School. Oept. P N'. Box W A"iarlll(\ Ter»r_ ! Cuin'LETK MODKIUs'"~ helpT~Vour i rhlld needs to Improve his school! work. Contact Elmer Stlmson, K<1-i m.'ation ("ouncelor. MO 4-4127. $2.65 to $7.65 Hour Become an INCOME TAX spec- alist. Amazing income. Simplified training. If you wish to have a life long profession and can study one hour daily at home, we want to send you the facts | and aptitude test FREE. No obligation. Mall today to Western States Extension College, Dept. P-4 415', N. Tyler, Dalla* 8, Texas. NAME3 Address Electrical Contractors 17 Cosmetics 17 There will IMS uo change In Sitn-iair a'so completed No. 41 com. i-26-5a. jxit 801.1, 528-1, gravity adjustiiH-nt,* currently u,. ; Cummins "K". in NW -\K SK 15-,-perf. 6438-6J52. TD 6532 -. * 'Ofl t*c; T *•- •!-.,. i ^ . .. *.... i j ,./ < i\.. .1.. »t 11 .. v...i effect, except that in OU*hama, -°. ' ™ cent dowuwsrd luljustineJit j" lnl< ler in the Kormit field of county, Texas. The well *Ui b 0 for each degree n ° wed at the dail - v rate of 237 lx>lou s« irravitv i barrel* of 34 2-e-ravitv oil thi-ough below $6 SPltTMK. STAMPS : BUDAPEST lUPli America'! ; Vanguard rocket «nd Rua»i»'i Sputnik* wil! be co-featured on a ja '^-inch choke from Yates per- at 2,74«-970 feet. (l)udi> VVil-i.n Nml Horizon Oi-G Co., No. 1-750- C D. C Wilson "A ' Se< 750. 45, H4'[\'. com. 10-3158. 5 mtO MCF, UOR 120, perf 7838-7844. TD 18855, Dual with oil in L. Moirow TRIC ELEC Oil Field Construction and Maintenance. Figures on Any Wiring or Pole Line Job 112 W. Grand BR |.»71? Borg»r, Ttx«t 18 '!< ' iill',1." uroiliii In nuw avalla- Mu l-;n!>3. afiti- 6:o» j».m. geauty Shopi 18 HI-FASHION BEAUTY SALON In.u (iei.e Ow«n« Yurk, UO _ ___ "j\'i-:i."U'S"" Beauty Shop. Cold wuvra (li 5n »nU up. Nell fivtrtU. luatiugtr. Iol5 S. Siimnen MO 5^4*0:. VInI.KTS lU'Ul'VY fchop v»her»~half la nn urt. K->r those who Magnetos *s exploitation geologist. Lonnie new Hujiganan postage atamp, it M. TijidaJt of Pampa. is pjoduc- was reported today. The new I lion »uperintendent. *nt| Lou la stamp series will i-ommemorate Sharp ol Perryton ia aaaiatant pro-! the International Geophysical Year duction suaerijoiendenl. 1 which ended recently. SIMS ELECTRIC COMPANY Commercial, U>du»trl»l M>d Residential H'irtflf F8EE ESTIMATES, Piwn« MO 4-7320 INSIKED LICENSE *ud BOMJfcU {UK ll»», Owner 601 Lowry. Paunp* And & STRATTQN ENGINES Complete Part* Stock Fsw-tory-.ipprove'J Repair Shop ROPER PUMP$ PARTS and REP*|R| Magneto fCepiiLrin| All Make* 411 Work (iuaraoteed RADCLIFF BROS, f VfCTIJC «1» f. Cuyltr - Phsn» MO ;t».\VK T1.\JK Witli » Ivvely x»H j lii (In 1'rijnanent Special. J...5U. City ' KVA;S "HKArTY~in>7. rTiij 51"v7» |'i -".i' arul up. Hh.inijjOD. svt 8rui cut. Mo mid AU'lry Dixon &OU ' VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP K CjiriipJ'eli Wu 4-filol \\I1.L V<i|' ;-Pnly on« hour d»ii> for f iipcMi.iiii » IA i»ai j: ","> 10 '-»r «:. an lif"ir? i'Uamint «•! i lats^firai ion Try A Classified Today OPEN HOUSE 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. SUNDAY 1710 EVERGREEN STREEET COME SEE THIS CUSTOM BUILT 3 BEDROOM HOME A FEW OF THE VERY NICE FE ATU RES 0 P/4 Tiled Baths 0 Tiled Entry Hall 0 2 Car Paneled Garage/ with separate storage room • Loads of cabinets & closets Paneled family room, with accousK- cal ceiling, Q Utility Room off Kitchen West front lot Built By W, L, STARK MATERIALS, FLOOR COVERING & COLEMAN FORCED AIR HEATING BV WHITE HOUSE LUMBER COMPANY ALSO SHOWN 8V Phoue HO 4-3 102 Mo 4 329* HO M743 1

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