Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 24, 1948 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1948
Page 16
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Land Price Rise Continues <? - Continuing Prices climbed T" rge farm Che ' 8 it o equalled n U. With up 17 per cent in m. during the previous LZ m nn°£ * farm real estat e is now up to a nmnt 72 per cent of the ! of values, while Ne- current level is 77 cent of 1920. r>pr per Can't Get Shirts Out of Laundry Milwaukee. (U.R)_lt looks like « shirtless Christmas for u large f Milwaukee>s The beau brummells have let i°r, ™- tow 1 ttot could be heard £n- nt But P ° Uce said there isnt a Chinaman's chance they'll be able to unlock Sam Lee's laundry until after the holiday. Police took Sam away 11 lone days ago because he was "acting peculiar." The shirts languished in his laundry and the men went without. Jn slow official process, Sam was examined and finally ordered to the hospial ior mental diseases The men screamed bloody murder They appealed to the precinct captain, to the police chief, to the district attorney, to the mayor But the shirts still remained locked in the laundry while officials explained it was impossible to help. They said they had to wait for Sam's cousin to come up from Chicago to fix things up— after the proper papers are made out, of course. Everything in its proper order, said the officials. Numbers "Racket" Legal Dcntoii, Tex., (U.R)— Members of a fraternity at North Texas State college here started a numbers racket but it's strictly legal. They paint house numbers on curbs and are using the money to provide a scholarship fund. CAROLERS WAIT THEIR TURN - As unu group on caroJers serenade President Truman's home in Independence, Mo., Wednesday night, a 2nd group (in the foreground) waits across the street for its chance to sing Christmas carols on the lawn of the "summer" white irTn' ™kere President Truman and his family are spend- ng the Christmas holiday. Neither the president nor members oi his family made an appearance. * * . ************* 4 Old-Fashioned Christmas in Store for President Truman Independence, Mo., (U.R) — Presi dent Truman settled down Thurs day for an old-fashioned familj Christmas at home but there wa work on his schedule too. • The president planned to spend part of the day at the president suite of the Muehlebach hotel, in nearby Kansas City, working on routine matters and possibly hi forthcoming budget and state-of the-union messages. But the chief executive still wil have plenty of time for the Christmas celebrations. House Glows His spacious house warmly Wednesday glowerec night witl the Christmas spirit with which the town welcomed him Wednesday for his first yuletide at home since 1946. In the laving room a 10-fool tree reached for the high ceiling It was decorated by Mrs. Trumat and her daughter, Margaret, Tuesday night. It took them 3 hours. Christmas carols rang through the cold, clear air Wednesday night as 2 groups of school girls serenaded the president and his family. Arrived Wednesday The president drove here immediately Wednesday after an uneventful flight from Washington to Fairfax airport, Kansas City Kans. But only 2 hours later he was on his way to Kansas City, where he spent 2 hours working and greeting old friends in his hotel suite "office." Carols chimed from a loudspeaker atop the county courthouse, and the crowds cheered oaOooOooOooCSocX^oeOooejooOoo § New Time! Half Hour Earlier! € o 6 SUNDAY u 8 § SUNDAY** 330P.M. \ 0 This Sunday—Rose Bowl Interview with 1 Lawrence "Fatso" Day of Mason City Mr. Truman, home for the first time .since his Nov. 2 election victory celebration. Plans Greeting Friday Mr. Truman plans a L-nnstmas eve greeting to the nation by radio. He also will lieht —by remote electrical control— the pig Christmas tree at the white house in Washington. He expects Washington next return to Wednesday. The president plans a simple a smpe Christmas eve at home, with friends and relatives, gifts and the tree. Christmas day he will eat the traditional festive dinner at home. Even as he flew from Washington, the president found the holiday spirit in evidence. The crew of his plane, the Independence, gave him a Christmas cake with a red-and-green "Merry Christmas" greeting in the white icing. J-he plane's interior was draped with Christmas decorations. Rites at- Forest City for Theater Operator Forest Ciiy— Funeral services for M. A. Brown, 65, charter member of the local Rotary club and owner of the Forest theater were held Thursday afternoon at the Olson funeral home. Mr. Brown died of a heart ailment in the local hospital Monday. The Forest City Rotary club was to attend the funeral in a unit Brown was a past president of the group and became an honorary member in 1947. The Rev. Gordon K. Blunt was to officiate with interment at Riceville. Survivors are his wife and 4 children, Mrs. Roy Kinney of Ft Thomas, Ky.; Mrs. Oliver Far us of Riceville; F. I. Brown of San Diego, Cal., and Mrs. Willson Gaffney of Forest City. Boone Greenhouses Are Damaged by Fire Boone, (£>)_TWO buildings be- onging to the Kemble^Smith Moral company were damaged extensively by a fire of undetermined origin early Wednesday Fire Chief E. G. Kolb estimated :he damage at $50.000. Arthur H. Smith, Jr., an official of the company, said (he loss would total "5100,000 if the firm is unable to get a greenhouse boiler into operation by Wednesday night. Coroners May Be Replaced Iowa Group Wants Medical Examiners DCS Monies, (U.R)—A bill to replace Iowa's county coroners with county medical examiners will be drawn up by Jar.. 1 for introduction in the next legislature, Atty Gen. Robert L. Larson said Thursday. Each medical examiner would investigate violent or unexplained deaths and report to a state medical director. Larson met Wednesday with Robert Hunt, University of Iowa legal instructor, and with medical groups to outline the bill, which has the tentative approval of the Iowa State Bar and Medical associations. Coroners are not now required to hold a medical license. Under the new proposals, medical examiners would be licensed physicians, osteopaths, or chiropractors. They would be picked from lists compiled by practicing physicians and named by a special state commission. The commission, to be appointed by the governor, would consist of the chief of the public safety department's bureau of criminal investigation, the state health commissioner, and i.he dean of the University 'of Iowa college of medicine. 6 lowans Are on Crew of Juneau Norfolk, Va., (U.R)—The '6 lowans in the crew of the new cruiser U. S. S. Juneau sent special greetings Thursday to the 219 underprivileged Waterloo, Iowa, dren who will be guests chil- at a Christmas eve party in honor of Waterloo's 5 Sullivan brothers. The 5 sons of Mr. and Mr<; Thomas Sullivan, Waterloo, were lost when the former cruiser Juneau was sunk in the Solomons in 1942. The Iowa crew members of the new Juneau are Lt. Joseph Schick Davenport; Ensign James H Barry, Cedar Rapids; GM1 Rober L.. Beaves, Dubuque; FC3 Rigo letto P. Walters, Ottumwa; F Thomas F. Teisen, Sioux City; a SA Raymond E. Springsteen Davenport. Juneau Chaplain R. L. Hartei who forwarded a $500 contributioi Tom the crew to finance the partj as a memorial to the Sullivans said "the whole ship is enthusi astic about it and we shall look lorward to a report telling us hov, he children enjoyed it." new 2 AND MAMIE" Mr and Mrs. Joel Carlson of Boone, wm Eisenhower, chat with car dealer Albert Ahrens after delivery of a Wafer Control Council for Iowa Would Meet Approval „ mm Truman in Line for Pay Boost a Senate Group Urges Executive Salary Hike Washing-ton, (U.R) — Presiden Truman, who has been ignorec ;hrotigh 3 rounds of general wage ncreases, finally seemed in line Thursday for a $75,000 boost in his yearly income. A senate civil service subcommittee recommended that the chief executive's salary be upped from he present $75,000 to S100,000-a- year. It also proposes that an ad- litional $50,000 be tacked onto iis tax free expense account. Members of the 3-man subcommittee said they think it's a good 3et .congress will approve paj ikes for the president and some 00 other top government officials Before Mr. Truman starts his ne\v erm Jan. 20. The president's in- ome can't be increased during he term to which he has been lected. Mr. Truman told a recent news onference he had not asked for a ay boost for himself, but said he vould not veto one if it comes long. Since 1909, presidents have been rawing salaries of $75,000 a year n addition, Mr. Truman now is llowed 530,000 for travel and en- ertainment expenses, but experts laim it's not enough to pay the ills. YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND THE TRADITIONAL HOLY NIGHT CHRISTMAS SERVICE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24 ~ 10:30 P. M. CENTRAL LUTHERAN CHURCH East Slate and Connecticut Street Sermon: "LIGHT IN OUR DARKNESS" The Rev. Marvin O. Lee, Pastor 30 Minute Concert Christmas Anthems Junior High and Senior Choirs H. E. Payne, Director Mrs. O. C. Sorlien, Organist Ninth at Washington Avenue Christmas Eye Service 8:30 P. M. to 9:00 P. M. Broadcast over K1CM, Mason City Meditation — "The First Bethlehem" Wilbur Frank Dierking Soloists: Mr. Thomas Mitchell Master David Jones Organist: Mrs. Roy Servison (Editor's Note: This is another in a series on stories on prospective legislation in the coming session of the general assembly.) By GERALD BOGAN Iowa Daily Press Writer Des Moines, (IDPA)—The interim flood committee's recommendation that an Iowa water control and resources council be established in Iowa will meet favorable reception in the 53rd general assembly, an Iowa Daily Press association legislative survey indicates. < The committee, which was authorized by the special session of the legislature last year and which studied the problem nearly 10 months, recommended a "dominant authority" in the form of a state council with control over "all other agencies, state and local whose activities relate in any way to conservation of water resources and flood control." An appropriation of $100,000 annually was recommended by the committee. 35 to 12 Results of the survey showed that house members favored the proposal 35 to 12 with 10 undecided, 18 not answering the specific question and 2 saying "perhaps." Among the 26 senators who returned questionnaires, 12 were in favor, 5 against, 1 undecided and 8 did not answer. Several said they favored the council idea but were uncertain as to the appropriation that would be needed. Another said, "yes, if the amount of money is right and is available." The committee rtas prepared 11 bills together with its report to the legislature. Among the subjects covered in the proposed legislation are water pollution, financing of sewage treatment plants, re-organization or elimination of school districts because of proposed dams, flood protection for cities and towns, revamping of drainage laws, and federal payments to tax districts. Could License Dams One of the major purposes of the omnibus council bill would be to unify flood and conservation activities and to establish a state authority which would deal with the federal government when that agency is involved. The council also would have the power to license commercial dams. That power now is held by the state executive council. One proposal of the committee is that the council be composed of 7 members, selected by the governor on a non-partisan basi with approval of the senate. An other would provide for 6 mem bers to be named by the governo together with one ex-officio mem ber from each of state agencie which have legal responsibilitie relating to flood control and soi conservation. The council woul select a director and set his sal ary. Pleads GuHty to Charge of Embezzlement Newton, (U.R)—H. J. Lammers 50, Newton city clerk for 16 year before his resignation last Oct. 13 pleaded guilty Wednesday t charges of embezzling city funds Lammers pleaded guilty to em bezzling $781 before District Judg Prank Bechly and sentencing wa set for Jan. 4 at 10 a. m. Lammers was indicted by th Jasper county grand jury 01 charges of embezzling city fund between April 1, 1947, and Octo ber of this year. A preliminary information had charged there wer> shortages in Lammers' account dating back to January, 1943. The grand jury indictmen charges Lammers with embezzling $5,286. The shortages were said t be mainly in water and gas ac counts. Surety Bond in Tree Case Due Dec. 28 Des Moines, (/P)—The Iowa supreme court has set Dec. 28 as the deadline for posting surety bond in the Oskaloosa tree case instead of Jan. 28. Court attendants disclosed Wednesday that the change was not a reconsideration of the justices bu a notation to correct a clerica error in transcription of the order The court ordered Oskaloost. property owners, fighting to save more than 100 shade trees there to post $10,000 surety bond in the event they appeal to the high cour from a district court decision. The 28 property owners %vere granted a temporary stay by the court Tuesday, prohibiting the state from starting a street- widening project pending an appeal to the supreme court. BLOWS BUBBLES TO STAY ALIVE-Lester^awsot 38, auto mechanic who lives on Suck Creek mountain in Tennessee, blows bubbles about 5 hours each day to strengthen his lungs, punctured 4 times by bullets 'in a gun fight. He has a bullet in his heart and has been told by doctors that laughter may cause the bullet to plug a ventricle and kill him. Iceland is one of the most volcanic regions of the earth, with activity continuous from the formation of the island until the present. On the Radio Beam THUUSDAY NIGHT NETWORK HIGHLIGHTS ABC—7:00 Abbott and Costcllo; 1:30 K e - vcrc Camera Joe Stafford; K:(IO 1'ersonal Autograph; H:M Our Joh In Manhattan; U.-tifl Child's World- 0:80 We Care. CBS—C::iO Bob Crosby's Club 15; r,-4S Edward K. Marrow With the News: 7:11(1 The . F. B. 1.: 7:SH Mr. Keen; 11:00 Suspense; S:I>0 Crime 1'hotoBrapher; 9:<MT Hallmark i'lay- house. MBS—7:00 Name of That Son^; 7-30 Bct- trr Half; 8:00 Gabriel llcattcr; 8:30 Mysterious Traveler; 9:00 Thin Man. NBC—7:«lt Aldrlch Family; 7:30 Burns and Allen; 8:00 Music Hall; 8:KO Variety Show; 9:011 Screen Guild Theater; U::{» Fred Waring. Friday A. M. 7:30 Musical TNT, Outlet Store 7:45 Musical TNT R:00 News, "Chuck" Lcunan Bakery »:15 Musical TNT, Iowa Shoe Brokerage 8:a» Musical TNT, B. F. Goodrich Co. 8:45 Musical TNT ;>:IW Musical TN'T, Raizes Dept. Store !>:15 Musical TXT, Clear Lake Bakery 9:30 The Four Knights 9:45 Airlane Melodies 10:00 News 111:115 Algonu Hour 11:00 Kitchen Kwiz Kluti, Pfaff Caking 11:1!> Music For the Mrs. 11:S« Tarty Line, Gamble Stores Friday P.M. 12:00 Noonday Serenade 1S:IO U. 3\ Commentary, Lapiiicr Motor l'i:ir> News, Iowa Hardware Muluals 12:30.Rural Roundup l'2:-l~i Rural Roundup, Harold Motors Inc 1:110 Charles City Hour 3:00 Brill Hour 2::«l Iowa Falls On the Air 3:00 News :!:Ui> Iowa Falls On the Air (Continued 3:lf> Pipes of Melody 3:3<) Guest Star 3:45 Rcquestfully Yours •):!."> Letters to Santa, Itaixcs Dent. Stori •!:•)". Sign Off Beardsley to Have No Domestic Help on State Payroll Des Moincs. <U.R>—There will be no state-paid domestic help in the governor's mansion which he will be the first chief executive to occupy, Gov.-Elect William S. Beardsley said Thursday. He said he approves a recent executive order by Gov. Robert D. Blue prohibiting housemaids and other domestic eihploye.s on the state payroll. The order was directed at officials of state institutions. * The F. B. |. ... (7 p.m.) Field Agent Sheppard of the F.E.I, intercepts a profitable racket, in which a couple pose as photographers to gain entrance into fashionable homes and relieve dowagers of their jewels, in "The Camera Angle." Lost, Strayed or Stolen? . . . (7:30 p.m.) "Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons" played by Bennett Kilpack (above), outwits criminals and untangles baffling mysteries. Rich Man, Poor Man ... (8 p.m.) Oscar-winning Ronald Colman stars in "Rich Man, Poor Man," an original screenplay by Miles Connolly, presented as a special Christmas program on "Suspense." "to Christmas Spirit . . . (8:30 p.m.) "Two Days Before Christmas," finds Casey in a merry holiday spirit that is dispelled when his own gestures of good will boomerang in the episode, of "Crime Photographer." * Story of Silent Night ... (9 p.m.) Novelist James Hilton stars in "The Story of 'Silent Night,'" a dramatized account of how Franz Gruber came to write the famous Christmas carol, on "Hallmark Playhouse." Hiland Tater Quiz . . . (10:15 a.m. - Mon. - Fri.) Have you ever listened to Connie & Scotly? It's the "Tater Quiz" show and every morning — Monday . through Friday — Connio offers 3 lucky ladies money if they can answer her question. Thursday P. M. •5:00 1(30 CJub •I:IS Supermini 4:30 Captain Midnight •4:15 The Story l.aiiy •i:0fl Adventure Parndc 5:IS Santa Cliius and The Story Lady ">:45 Tom Mix (!:IM) Fulton Lewis, .Ir., Ncwj C:1S Sports Hi-Lights l>:30 Your Vet Reporter 6:45 Hospitality Time 7:flO Reflections In Melody 7:55 Hy Gardner Says: 8:00 Gabriel Heattcr, News »:I5 Mutual Newsreel ii:30 Mysterious Traveler 8:55 Bill Henry, News !t:l)0 Adventures of the Thin Man 9:.70 Ray Bloch Presents 10:00 News • lO.-J.i C.irols For Christmas 0:30 Allen Holmes' Orchestra 10:55 News 1:00 Miami Senior High Chorus 1:30 Bethany College Choir 12:00 Sign Off Friday A. M. B:00 Farm Frolic Time 6:15 Jerry Smith fi:30 News and Markets G:40 Farm Frolic Time 7:00 News 7:15 Moments of Devotion 7:40 Reveille Rhythms K:0ft News 8:15 Tel! Your Neighbor 8:30 Toolo's Paradise 8:55 Today In History 3:00 Lady Next Door 9:15 Faith In Our Time t):»0 Kitchen Klattcr 8:45 Waltz Time «:00 Passing Parade 0:15 Fashions In Rhythm 0:30 Gabriel Butler's Mallbar 0:45 Lanny Ross Show I-.(III Kate Smith Speaks 1:15 Kate Smith Sings 1:30 Lunchtime Serenade Friday P. M. t 2:00 Ncw_ 2:15 Mid-Day Review 2:30 Radio Farm Journal 1:00 Queen For a Day 1:30 Listen Ladles 1:45 The Little Show 2:15 Grain Reportc*- 2:20 News 2:30 Ballroom In the Sky 2:J."> Christmas in the Arctic !:0fl Merry Clirlstmas and Happy New Year 3:30 The Happy Gang Daily Schedule For KGLO + KGLO-FM 5:00 6:30 A: 15 fi:(W f>:30 Hit.'; 7:01) 7:30 8:0(1 K:3l! 9:1)0 9:30 10:00 J0:tfl 10:30 ] 1 :<IO 13; Of) 11:30 Thursday P. M. Bob Clausen Show Herli Shrincr Show, Miles Laboratories, CBS Sports Camera, Mason City Globt- Oazeltc News, r. G. A E. (Ke>v) Postmark Mason City, Muson City Chamber at Commerce Club 15, Campbell Soups, CBS News, Edward K. Murrow, Camphell Soups, CBS The F. B. I. In Peace and War, I'roclor & Gamble, CBS Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Pcrsoni, M'hltelijill Pharmaca! Co., CBS Suspense, Auto-Lite Corp., CBS Crime Photographer, Ton! Co., CBS Hallmark Playhouse, Hallmark Cards, CBS Christmas Carols News, First National Bank (Kcw> Friendly Time, Grain Belt Beer Moonlight Memoirs News, CBS Bcniiip SlronR's Orchestra, CBS Blue Bnrron's Orchestra, CBS News. CBS Friday A. M. (J.-JO l>:30 (1:4.-, 7:011 7:jr, 7:30 8:13 8:30 8:45 !I:UO '.l:ir, 9:30 !>:1S 10:110 10:15 10:30 HI:.(-> 1 1 :00 1 1 :3fl 11:15 News Morning 'Rouscr Farm Reporter, State Brand Creameries, Inc. (Hilton) News <Harrcr) Itliylhm Roundup, Zenor Molor C». On the Farm, Ailis-Chatmcrs Keep Time with Damons Ilolsum Headlines, Holsum Bread Yesterday's Music, Cool Sprint Canning- Co. Today in Osnge Bible Broadcast, Radio Chapel Clear Lake on Ihe Air Coffee Time with Doug Kitchen Club, P^rfex New* Digest, Jacob E. Decker and .Suns (Kcw) "Tater" Quiz, Itfland Potato Chips Grand Slam, Wondqr Bread, CBS Christmas Shoppers' Guide Wendy Warren. General Foods, CBS Betsy Ross Serenade, Pfaff Baklnr Company Home Town News, Nash Coffee Co. Uloshnl) Harvester Hook-Un Time, International Harvester Co. . Friday P. M. 12:00 12:05 2:45 1:00 1:15 2:00 2:30 2:55 :i:IH) 3:25 <:m> 4:15 4:34 4:45 Today's Markets The Man On the. Street, Prltchard Motor Co. Noon Roundup, Curries' News, Osco Drug (Hilton) Farm and Home Topic Time St Paul Livestock Market The Second Mr». Burton, General Foods, CBS T!ic Friendly Philosopher, Marshall and Swift This Is Nor» Drake, Tonl Co., CBS Myiilery Mrlody Game Arthur Godfrey Time, Chesterfield Cl|r»r«ts, CBS G. E. House Tarty, General Electric Co., CBS New», Holxum Bread Hint Hunt, Armour * Co., CBS Spotlight On a Star Your Lucky Strike, Lnoky Strike Clgartts, CBS Arthar Godfrey Time, Nalilsen, CB» Arthur Godfrey Time, Gold Seal Wax, CBS Hilltop Home, MHe» Laboratories. 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