Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on June 25, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1898
Page 4
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A MELV1N, STEELE i JOHNSON «· EDITORS AND P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE' 25, 1898 BRITISH IN AMERICA. It Is Estimated Tlmt They Own Twenty Million Acres Here. How much property do British subjects own in America? The aggregate, based ou absolute facts, is known to bo at least 20,000,000 acres, asserts Tit- Bits. Tiio largest of all is probably the Texas posFc.stioii of tbo syndicate which includes iu its membfirsljip tha Dnkes of Beaufort nud R u t [find, E.irl Cudogan aud the Baroness Burclett-Coutts. The total amount of laud bel'l by this association is 3,300,000 acres. It is, ns is the case with most of thcTexas Inud, largely composed of what is culled range country--that is, laud tbnt is better adapted for cnttlo ri'iiiif; tliau anything else. Cnttlo aud wheat are what tho British investor seems to t h i n k mouoy eh on Id he made on iutho United States. That is why the syndicate represented by the British capitalist Vincent Scully owns 3,000,000 acres of liiurt in Nebr ka, Iowa and Illinois. This property is situated in the heart of the wheat growing section. Two American girls, who now wear, by ·virtue of their marriage with English peers, two of tbe highest British titles--the Dnchess of Miirlborougliand Lady Randolph Churchill--are interested with Sir Edward Rood in a syndicate that owns 2,000,000 acres situated in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. This is poiely a cattle country, and on it range thousands of head of live stock. There is another syndicate which in eludes among its members tbo Earl of Diilhousie, as well as Viscountess Cross, Lady Hamilton Gordon, tho Marquis Cholmondeley and several othetb. There is a holding in a still diil'orout part of*the conutry, for the lauds of the syndicate comprise 1,800,000 acres iu Mississippi, including cotton plantations, acres nud acres of sugar cane and suongh sTiiuc to stock 1,000 fnrsiis. Lord Twccddalo is a ; ; · !i(..,to iu hiuiself and owns l,!iOj,\,vK ::cres. Like most i n d i v i d u a l Inud owner.; with 'largo holdings, his pro;., rty i u t l n d e s a ·vast teiritoi-y which, lil.o that of the syndicate sprl;cu of, iui-l'jdes ii-.nneuse tracts of gruziug lauds. Nearly all of this immense possession is devoted to Etcck.--St. Louis Republic. THE CLERK'S MISTAKE. Thought Shu Was n Il.tysccil necauso She Orlrrel :» Jicrosmio I.rtn-.p. Just after tbo uigbt clerk hail como ou at tbo betel aud curled bis mustache to bis liking bis attention was called to business. "Kerosene lamp for 237," requested a bellboy. "Kerosene lamp?" echoed tba clerk as be -whirled tbo register about. "Let mo see. Blcndly and wife of Plnuker- yille in 237. J tbnugbt so. JSever been ' iu a first: class betel befoie. Go back nud show them how to use tbe electric light. Wonder tlicy didii't send for a tallow caueJlo," aud tbo clerk took several of tho corridor loungers into bis coufideuce. "Lcdy rays if tbis hotel cau't affoid u lamp to scud up a gas stovo ami seiid it quick," taid the bellboy, who had mado tbo ronnd trip in pheuoiueual time. "Sbe acts pretty hot." "Pretty cold, I should think. Go back there and open the regiter, show tho lady how to use tbe water fancets and how to turn off the electricity! Thank the Lord, she can't blow~it"ouS." The next -word from 237 came with a rush. It was brought by a vision of loveliness, dressed in bewitching style, her face Sashed and her bine eyes throwing off sparks. "Make out our bill and receipt it at once," she said as her dainty foot beat time OQ the marble,tiliug. "Bnt, Mrs. Elondly"-- "Attend to my order, sir. Include in year bill a carriage'aud an express wagon ' to transfer us and onr things aud tell Mr. Bloudly when he conies iu that he will find nsat the other house, where ^ce will speu'd the rest of tbe season. Understand, wo must go. at once. I '·want to go to a hotel where it will be possible to warm some milk for baby before the little angel starves to death." Then tbe lonngers had fun with the clerk, and tbe best he could muster a sickly grin.--Bnffalo JNews. r · , Zola's Proposed Lecture Toar. . 'It is reported that M. Zola has agreed to come to the United States aud deliver about 15 lectures, relating probably to · anti-Semitism in France aud to tho trials of Dreyfus and himself The nrrange- - ment is asserted to have been made with Mr. Edmund Gerson of New York and to have followed imniediatoly upon the decision of tho French government' to grant M. Zola an appeal from tbe sentence of imprisonment lately prouonuc- ed upon him. Au interesting detail of this report is that a sum approaching $60,000 is promised to JU. Zola for his visit. Oue could wish perhaps that that detail bad been omitted. M. Zola would undoubtedly excite great interest hero and wonld draw full houses, but he most interests Americans at present in his character, lately assumed, of patriot .and protestaut agaius: prejudice and in justice,, and interest based ou grounds ' of that sort is hardly suitable for conversion into cash. It is possible, however, that his recent experiences have been costly, aud that ho has wore than ordinary need of money.--Harper's Weekly. , . Hot Cited to Fragile Pieces. Mrs. Housewife--Bridget, that is tho seventh pieco of cbina that you have liioken witbiit the last two days. Bridget--I know. mum. At tho last place where I wor-rked tho folks never ate,off of annythiug hot goold and sil- ver--Soiuerville {Mass.) Journal. A Biblo is iiow iu the possession of - the Forty-sixth regiment of Massachusetts upon which Washington once took an oath of Masonry. Iu Paris one person in 18 lives on charity. Tho Liittcr Day Jerusalem. "When I lauded ut Yafa, I firsb began to open my eyes iu regard to tho Holy Land. This is a seaport town, and it is dirty aud filthy and is overrun with beggars who have their "mit" out on every corner. In the middle of winter, . when a light snow was falling, the Arabs, wearing cheap cotton clothing, ·would stand around and shiver. Every, body shivered for that matter, for I never saw a stovo or fireplace in tho town. Excuse me from going to Jerusalem again for pleasure. I was disgusted ' with' the place ou account of its filthy streets and foul, noisome odors. --' 'Story of a Returned Traveler. " Where tbe Surprise Comes In. " A prettrjr good guess can be made aa to what a sensible man will do, but nobody erer knows what a lool will do.-- tGlobe. RICHES IN TRIFLES. Some Big FoTtniiPH Tlmt Have Come From I . i t t l O I l l t e i l t i O I l B . It has become almost an axiom with tho nwjority that larger fortuuos are to bo raised from souio siinplo iuvention than from difficult and expensive inventions that involve, a great outlay oi money to m:iiiuf:icture. This is to a certain oxtcut true. A certain American puteut for fastening kid gloves hiis yielded a fortune of several hundred thousand dollars for itsfortuuato owner, aiul the inventor of a collar chisp enjoys £;!0,000 royalty n year as tho reward for his endeavor. A new kind of sleeve button has made 350,000 in five years for its patentee, and tho simple twisting of safety pius in such a way that there is uo possible danger of tho point sticking in the child promises to enrich its owner beyond any of his early dreams of wealth. A ruan one day turned a piece of wire BO as to hold a cork more securely in u bottle uml forthwith some body saw a brilliant idea aud patoiitet rho modern wire stopper bolder, wInch- is now r.tert iiuuuullj- oil several million bottles. '1'he accidental bending of n hairpin by a woman to pieveut it from sliding out-of her hair so easily produced a fortune for her husband, who immediately saw the possibilities of a urinkled hairpin for women. lubtauccs conld bo multiplied indefinitely of largo fortunes being made from snsall inventions, but fortunately for tLoso inventors who make a life htudy of intricata problems of mechanics nuc disdain to waste their talents upon trivial, popular articles of the day there is often also ample reward holt in store for the products that take years to produce ;md which revolutionize existing methods of industry arid rue- chiinics. Edison bns reaped honors aud riches of a princely character from his discov erics; MoCormick has realized iu his rcnpor tho fortunes of n millionaire; tho Corliss ougiuo brought Louors aud decorations to its inventor and enabled him to uuiass a great fortune iu a few years; Professor Boll found in his telephone not only the consummation of his early hopes and ambitious, but a substantial pecuniary reward; harveyixed steel armor has become synonymous with the inventor's uniaa, and it brings nu annual income of huge proportions to its discoverer; Elias Howe, the iu vontor of tho sewing machine, realized over §2,000,010 from liis inventions, aud Nikola Tesla, though still young and rich in promises, finds an abun- dimco of money hi his work.--George BthelLert Walsh iu Cassier's Magazine. Saved by a Cat. Sir Edward Osborno, lord mnyor of London in his time, bought au ancient house iu Yorkshire), and sent his children thither. There wore two boys. 'Ilia elder dutifully obeyed when summoned to his lossous one morning in a turret, bat tho younger, loitering, "happed to light npou a oat which he delighted to play with and crept after her to catch her under a table in the room, which was covered,over with a carpet hanging down to the floor." Thus ho disappeared, and next instaut a terribla rush of wind overthrew the turret, iu which his brother nud tho tutor sat at work, crushing them to death. Supposing that both her sons were there, tbo mother fell into convulsions, and we imagine tho scene. One of the maids, -running iu a distracted manner from room to loom, caught sight of the small boy peeping from under tho table, -with tho cat in his arms, snatched him up and bore him iu ecstasy to .bis mother, he only crying, "1 pray thee, I pray theo, do not whip met" So it may be said that the Duke of Leeds now owes his existence to a cat.--Pall Mall Gazette. Mystification. His weakness was prevarication. His \vifo detested lying and constantly urged him to mend his ways. One morning she said: "\Yill, see if you can't he perfectly truthful today. Dou't tell a lie. Now, promise)" Ho promised and went away to work. When he came home to dinner, she said: "Dear, did you keep your promise?" "I did/' ho replied soberly. Then he caught her iu his arms. "Darling," he cried, "I will not lie to you. When I said I had kept my promise to you, I did not tell the truth; but, believe me, that was tho only lie I told all day." For 22 seconds she was lost in perplexity. Then she gave it up; the problem was too deep for her.--.Now York World. lincw It All. "By the way, Tom," said Mr. Manning to his sou, fresh from academic groves, "I have been thinking the matter over, and I have come to the conclusion that I had better go to school somewhere aud that yon had better lake the business aud ran it. It cannot help improving under the eye of ouo BO gifted as yoniself."--Boston Transcript. Small Tommy's Wlxli. Small Tommy was very fout! of candy and ab'ked, "Mamma, can God make auytbiiig he wants to?" "Of course ho can," was the reply. "Well," exclaimed the little fellow, "I'd just like to see him mako a stick of candy with only one end to it."-Memphis Scimitar. Economics. Frautz Poesiug could not understand why he should not ba allowed to leave the bmge office. His card bore the in ecriptiou, "Not money enough, " but he thought ho bad something as. good as money besides the cash he had shown. He was a healthy young German, his accent fresh from Unter den Linden, bis suit and his boots spick and span, his manner fall of dignity and method; "They say I have not money enough," he argued, "but I have a brand new iu my trunk, for which I paid 64 marks, and I have not worn it more than four or five times. · You wish to Bee it? Well, anyhow, it is worth at least 55 marks now. I assure you it is as good as new. Then I have a lot of new books, for which I paid 50 marks. They are all about business, and one is entitled 'The Merchant on the Height of His Success, and How to Follow Him.' I bought all tiiese books befoie leaving because I had made up my mind to go into business in this country and I wanted to prepare for it. So, you see, I have 50 marks' worth of books aud a suit of clothes worth 55 marks. This makes together 105 marks, and yet they say I have not money enough."--New York Commercial Advertiser. Chivalry and Commercialism. The Colonel--Yes, sah; that fend, stahted, sub, ovak a gallon of cidab.-- sweet cidah at that--1ms cost the lives of 20 of Kaintncky's bravest sons, sah. The Yankee--Huh, that is nothing. We had a lawsuit over a calf in our neighborhood that cost over $11,000.-Indianapolis Journal. There's the Hub. "Poolit I know a story that's just as' good as that," exclaimed the bore. . . "Undoubtedly,"they replied, "if yon could only tell it as well."-- CURE ALL YOUR PAINS WITH Pain- Killer. A Medicine Chest in Itself. Simple, Safe and Quick Cure for || 1 CRAMPS, DIARRHOEA, COUGHS, i COLDS, RHEUMATISM, | I NEURALGIA. | § ' 25 and 5O cent Bottles. j| BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. 8j W BUY ONLY THE GENUINE..^ jj| PERRY DAVIS' . PROFESSIONAL CARDS. TV LBERT C. TOWERS, ATTOKNKY-AT-I.A W Denton, Maryland. T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, E K N I US. M TTITALTER S P A R K L I N , ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, UKNTOX, i O F K I C K WITH JJP. N. Tonn, K-«j. QSCAR C L A R K . Attorney-at-ljtiw, DKNTON, J I I A I I Y L . A N J ) . Collections and n i l professional business promptly attrndrd Lo. EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, O K N T U U r i I . L E . M l Will pnictice niso in Caroline, Talliot iul K e n t ecuinty. TVT ALKX. I1UTSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKNTOX, MAKYLANII. AVill practice is the courts of Carnlinc ami adjacent counties. ril PLINY FISHER, JL · ATTOHXEY-A'i'-I.A \\\ OENTON, MD. All business entrusted to my euro will receive prompt attention. Colic-clion of claims n specialty. TJTARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKNTOjf, M A l t Y L A N l ) . Close nttunlion will he given to n i l business entrusted to niv care. PERCY DUNNING, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, 1KNT)~. IIAltVI^.XKI) Kcfcrence Denton liank. JOHN W. CLARK, JR. Box6S. Will sell property in Caroline or any of the iidjnhting counties, HI:NKV R. LEWIS W I L L A R D K . \ \ K S f . LEWIS"(£ WEST, A TTORNEYS-AT-LA W, DENTON, MD. "Will practice-in t"he Cotirts of Cirolino Queen Anne counties. UK. KNOCH GHOKCI-. UK. 1». K. l-;siinit GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Mivin Street. JAMES SWANN. RKPRKSKNTINO The Best Life Fire Insurance, DENTON, MARYLAND. VM. 11. D K W E K S E . YV.KD It. OM'KNS DEWEESE 0 DENTON, MD. Office in tlio Court House. SIortgHsios foreclosed, estates settled and prompt nttuntioii given to nil lusinoss en trusted to us. Will practice in tbe State nnd Federal Court. AVu. II. DEWEKSK, StfUo's Attorney lor Giiroluio county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . . . DENTON, Mr., Has bud ton years' experience in the cities of Wilmington, Philndelphia T niul New York, and is now ready to make contrncts und guarnntccs s k i l l f u l .work, fair prices, nnd entire satisfnctinn DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEV, - :DENTISTS: -MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, Will practice at Preston on Slondnys; Denton on Tuesdays ; Federalsbtirg, ond and fourth Thursdays; Bust Market, first nnd third Thursdays. Best -work guaranteed. Gas administered. DR. ANNA GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. Specialist in Diseases of Women .only. Private Sanitarium of high Ircpute. Absolute privacy iiDbrd- cd. Female Regulative Pills g.'.OO per box. Advice by moil. (603EAST BALTIMORE STREET. BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Compound for 1'eitmle Complniiits, $1 Wives -without Children consult me. \ A f I L L I A M E. GREENLEY'S BAKUER SCOP, (Stewart Jiiiiltliny, next door Brick Hotel) First-class furniture and appliances, nnd competent workmen insures satisfnclory tcrvice to all ciistonfers. Popular prieus. Tbornas Carnjine, COMTRACTOR MD BUILER, Bidgely, Maryland. Contracts tuVcn in Caroline niul adjoining counties. Thirty-three years experience. Plans nnd specifications chccrfnUTf liiTiiishcd. Lest of references from Gasoline, Tulbot und Dorchester counties. JOHN J. BARNES, PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH HORSE-SH0ER, DENTON, MD. I slidll constantly k;cp on hand n full assortment, of Iron nnd Steel for nil kinds of Farm and Wagon Work. I can fnr- nish you all sizes of new wheels find axles, md best classes of horse-shoos nt short notice. I guarantee all material nnd work fit lowest prices to suit the hard times. Shop on Third St., "opposite Livery Sln- ble. Give me a trial. JOHN J. BARNES. B. KINNAMON A f u l l lino of fresh confectionery nl ways on h a n d , at SEASONABLE PRICES. ' B. ETC. I WILL HAVE A N I C E IGE OBEAM PABLOTE, IN SEASON. Lndies' ;iud children's patronngG s o l i c i t u c l , ;ind the children ospocially looked a f t e r . Lowney's Chocolates a Specialty. Also a f u l l l i n e of CIGARS AND TOBACCO on hand .it The Old Bakery. Fre^b Grocerie5. "ITAVTNG- restocked my GROCERY DEPARTMENT, I am now prepared to s u p p l y my customers and tlie public generally w i t h e v e r y t h i n g in t h a t l i n e , fresh and of i'lie best quality. -MKATS. Hn^/trl ( - M K A Unned j sgj? CO!'-1''EK, Motiopy, Ribbon? AND Drej? My stuck of t h f lattoi 1 i« very complete, and my l.uly f n c m l s w i l l ilo well to c;ill and e x a m i n e my jrooils before poinp; clsoxvlioio. Spool iSilks, Cotton. Gloves and Hosiery, nud in fact u general l i n e of Notions. Drop in aud see the stock. Oysters and Ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stew tiive us a. call. ' Ice Cream w i l l also be served in season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied for f a m i l y use w h e n desired. s at short notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor io Jam«s 'ALL A GOOD STOCK --OF -- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gaps, Etc., --AT-J. M. BBAVBN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. Larqe Stock of GROCERIES AND QUEENSWARE You can also find at tbe I-UMBEIR Y A R D Full supply oE all k i n d s of L u m b e r . Sawing and P l a n i n g done at short notice. Ceiling, Floor-: lug, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Windows, Etc., always on h a n d . BUILDERS TAKE NOTICE ^ I HAVB FOR SAI.1-; AT I DEJNTON BRIDGE I Jj 250,000 1CYPRE88CEDAR I DIFFERENT GRADES. PRICKS TO SUIT. F. W. IlKDDKN. W. K, M U K P H T REDDEN MURPHY, DTULKRS IN FIUST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIALS, -- A N D -- CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, DENTON. MARYLAND. Prices on all goods warranted to lo us low «s those offered by cily dealers. Ir. SInrphy, a builder of long experience, will Hmve chnrgo of the practical work, nnd satisfaction guaranteed in every particular EstaTolislxeci. Prank C. Bolton. Lee B. Bolton, BOLTON^ BROS. PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS,?PE MEDAL ^x AED S PAINTS, Elluv, tb« Panjily Saf;urlOJI| HachiDery Oils, Tar, Oalim and Pitch, ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, SteaisMp and Railway Supplies, 418.120,122, 421 B. PRATT ST., TREES (P PLANTS S-£L.X'-:E; i The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear r Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for ss.le by A. G, GELLETLY C0. r WJLL1STON, MD., E W GOODS! OW PRICES! We linvc just opcnud a lar^o invoiof of SPUING GOODS, and a belter collection from which to chooso has novel 1 been offered in Den ton. To bo appreciated it must he spun. Your inspection is invited. The pi ices will be :i very s t a r t l i n g feature of 1 he s.ilcs hero for tin.- n e x t thirty dnvs, and buyers u ill do u el) to note them. How would fconie of those strike you'' Percale, ,lie regular 1'A 1 , k i n d ; our price, while it lasts, only So. A belter jjnuh 1 at I2u. Calicoes, , inul fie. rUio .mil Light 1'iints, plain niul I'lincy ili-=ii^ii^. jc. Pique Remnants, 10c,, tliR rc-ruliir loc. k i n d . - fl 'till "['. 11|. Ginghams, Lawns, rcmilur prici 1 lie., mir price, 10e. We !m\; :m uM'cllcnt iibsortmcnt of these. Tab!e-C!oth, choice quality IrMi Linen, oOe. per yiinl. n tJouiU at viirioiis pric'Cb. ?I.OO Bir.yr.ia Ktii;s at 80«. A K. COO P I C K 15 HO., Demon. Mel. Cot this out lor Future Reference Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARN AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout tlic your \\'s denl in ill kinds, t'rom tho v e r y best to the very tilipap rtt. 100 H3AD of Horse;- M »!·(" nm Mules, alwiiys on luuul Visit us, it wil pay you. PHI VAT 13 S A L K S E V K 1 1 Y DAY. Klir.f. L I N K HK Carriages, Day tons, BUJ- Sarty JAMES KING, Prop'r, B.UO, 18,14 16 H. HIGH STBEET Near Baltimore St., one squ.irc from Bui limore Street brid-je. H,Vl/n^[OKE, MD PAINT SOLD UNDER GUARANTHB. ACITJALCOSI LESS THAJf tl.2SPEEOAL. W. E. BROWR, - - DENTON, MD., soi: A«UST. TO THE PUBLIC! I dasiro to inform my friends of Denton and tlic public roundii- lont that I will be at the store of S T E W A R T 1HIOS., in DENTON EYERY TUESDAY, ivhere I will be prepared to tiiko ordi-rs for nil kinds of JEWELRY and to mtvkc repairs. All work will receive prompt attention, simill repairs b e i n g ' m a d e before leaving town. Outers left \\ith Stewart Bros, \iill be cure- fully attended to. I thank you for past fuvors, nnd hope to receive n continuance of them. MOSES G-O"filEB, THE JEWELER. JAMES T.MORRIS, CUIDGKLY, MD.) fteli riflit and Blachmilli, AND EXPERIESCED HORSSEHOER. ITI -11 bninchcs of nn business I guar- satisfaction. In iiorssthocins; I have tlie endorsement ol best ve-terlnarians. JAMES T. JI ORRIS. REED'S TO GET BARGAINS Jfl HARNESS I IS THE PLACE If in need of anything in my line it will lie to your advnntiige to examine what I linvc to show before purchasing elsewhere. .ALy stock includes Dusters, Sheets, Fly Nets, Ear Tips, Whips, Harness ns low as §7, Hand-made Harness to order, Collars, Bridles, Axle and Harness Oil, Whip Sockets, Pads of all kinds. repaired and cleaned at W. S. REED, Denton, lid. short notice. sap-aiD spooo aAoqv 00*01$ sciHYoa asw MonaAHOHi dl/M * J-33d±S 039 INTERESTING TO FARMERS! ^tii-^sj.lfV ~~*\ '· -- vst^^s TK' A line of Implements second to none on this Shore, Suited to your "Wants, and Sold under a Guarantee. Better Made and Made of Better Material, and decidedly the Best Finished Line Now Known. OSBORNE COLUMBIA CORN HARVESTER AND BINDER · ·^-COLUMBIA BINDER TWINE. OSBORNE COLOMBIA MOWER, ONE AND TWO HOUSE S Osbprne Columbia Low Down Grain Harvester and Binders O S B O R N I C C O L U M B M REAPER. OS BORNE C O L U M B I A R E A P E H . Xo 8. OSIluRNB AM.-STKEI, T K D D K R - . OSB I K X K A L L - S T K K L S K L F - D U . M l ' I J A K K . 0 3 B O U V K A L l . - S T K K L H A N D - D U M P I t A K K . P L K X 1 B L K DISC H A R R O W S Osborne OS1U1RNE .1 U.-TA li I.K r EG-TOOTIl. 0 - I M U N h R I G I D I t E V E R S - · I ' l . K : I S C J t A U R O W . OS - i - I . N V . I M i l V A l . DTSU l i . \ l ! l ; u \ V O S B O U X K M ' L K Y S P U I N G T( !()T] I ll.VIJI'.OWS. O o I . O U N K IIOKSK HOE CULTIVATOR. E V A N S C'OUN PLANTKIl. PERFECTION PLOW. The only Chilled plow made with a Ribbed-Back mouldboard positively preventing breaking. Castings furnished for any registered Chilled Plow ever made. Any o( these goods furnished you with a warranty in your own your own possession. You have nothing to risk in trying them. An inspection will pay you. Sold on liberal terms. WM. J. BLACKISTON, DENTON, MD. . · UNDERTAKERS, EMBALMERS AHDFUHERAL DIRECTORS, :) 0.-0 ft ;-' · ·.··-··^fe-'--i-c l C DBNTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanshiD is guaranteed. TtteSteamer Greensboro . D. S. BKOCKWA.V, MASTER,) Will ply between GREENSBO110UGH and BALTIMOKE Weekly, touching nt tilWiiiidiiifjs between Grecnsbor- ougli and Denton. On snd after July 4, steamer \vill leave for Baltimore every ilonday FREIGHTS MODEHATK, CAPACITY A M P L E The patronngo of our incrclmnts and 'armors solicited that this lino rony be rnudo r. success. Full information by inquiring of GEORGE F. DILL, AOKNT, D.S BROCK WAY. MAST JJR, Greensborough, Md. Or H A R R T A. UOE. AIKNT, Denton, Md. gc granrtries always ready to receive grain. Roller Mills for Sale, I want to sell my Holler Hills at Lin- chestor. It is thirty-barrel capacity, w i t h Uree sets or stands of rollers. Improved machinery throughout, including gyralor 1 remodeled loss t h a n a year ago.' There ire buhrs for corn, buckwheat, nnd feed, \nd hominy mill. This mill docs good vork, has good custom, nnd is convcnicn t 0 railroad. There is niso commodious 1 welling, u i t h sttxbles, ctirriagc-liuuso and other out-houses, in good order. Terms nadc easy to purchaser. For further pur- iculnrs address, S. L. WEBSTER, Enst New Market, Md. DEWEY DEWEY DEWE WE 1® the best Ciirriiigc.', Rpindlo Biigsjios, Bnyton.«, nud u full line of'JUacliinery :iiul Ftirm linplciiicnts. Lowest Price." nn Everything I Good Scoond-llnncl C:irringos' · and l}uj;j;ics I'roni §10'00 up. SIUCE -arzi BSCJLXT OSBOllNB COLUMBIA. BDfDEKS A T D MO \VERS arc at tlic front, and liavo oiUbatllcd nil competitors, having proved to be the lightest draft,. the best work, simplest in construction, tlie strongest and best-braced binder ever made. Hence the victory! Columbia All-Stee! Hay Rakes find Tedders are constructed in' a way that you have two new rakes for the price of one. Osborne Columbia Spring-Tootli and Disc Harrows arc tlie only ones made with double levers. Don't forgot that I am headquarters for nil lines of Machinery, Carriages, etc., nt lowest prices. TONS OF BINUEK TWINE. Also have three second-hand Deering Binders for sale cheap. Will guarantee them in every way to dolirst-elass work or no sale. Give me it call. H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. ,J.A_:M::ES T. OOOIFIER/, (Mertaker jflT3ii1fa Funeral and Director JD E3WT7OXO", Jlr. Cooper's lonp; experience in etnbftlining and all tho other branches of his profession, render absolutely certain tlie proper performance of his duty in all matters intrusted to his care. A~ll culls, either by day or night, promptly answered. Residence on Alain street, opposite Brown's new drug store. T. W. SMITH, Headache Caused by Eye-Strain. Slnny persons whose eyes and bead are con- staiitly'nchini; have nu idea what relief scientifically-titled glnssos will give. Clumsily nd- juslcd glasses will almost invariably increase the trouble for which they arc worn, and in. soini! eatcs may lend to irrecoverable blindness. Our ability to adjust glasses safely nnd correctly is beyond question. Eyes Examined Free of Charge. T. W. SM ITH, Ridgely, Md. J. B. K, EMORY if CO (XMORY NEAVITT.) --GENERAL-- '" COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LIGHT STEEET, Baltimore. J. O. TAYLOR WITH j, c, LEIOB FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, East OarcLd-eaa. St. EEFERENOES: Traders' National Bank oflJaltimorej First National Bank of Stewartitown, Pa. Branch at St^ewartstown, Pa. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, · No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, Vegetables; Maryland Peaches and Sweet Potatoes. SPAPFRf

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