The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 11
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.Pushcart peddlers thrive in Lebanon TIIE tiKAMBPOnt PACTS, Preeport, fexfl», Sunday, Decembers, IWf, Sectlw I f Page 11 BEWUT, Lebanon CAP) Supermarket! with plastic wrapped vegetables and frulU are ranking Inrondt In Ubanon, but the hardy breed ol pushcart peddler* lUII thrive dwplte govornment effort* to reduce their number. The hawker*, plodding through the narrow traffic- clouted »tr«U with their prodiK* ladro carU, oblivious to the far •hattertrm bUtt* of automobile horni directed at them, add the rtght (ouch If old warm charm to Beirut'* toady mixture at exotic and f*mUi»r W**i*r», OPEN ni 8:00 P.M. WACKER'S They advertUe their warw In loud, tlng*ong Arabic trie* that rlw to the top floort of the city's modern apartment bulldlnK*~"Ynlla y» belln- Jsn" i Come and get eggplant I, "aubel el bubbu ya khlar" (baby linger cucumbers), " li a n • dfldurah*lwe, Ue'a" uwuel lotrutlorg, a Ittrgaini Some women lower a baiket on a rope which Ot« peddlen III), adding a reminder not to forget the money, oilier women go to the neighborhood ttreel corners and gottlp •rule comparing quality of vegetables and bargaining over tlwj price fruit* and , a wid* variety of fresh fl»h, ttfangr Juire. «atermrkM>, ro»»Jrd torn. sUawtyrmra in tpflltg atx4 eliealnula in (all, iff cream, toyi, kilfjjrii ulimiMli. water h»l«ineit, t*.«jti s'.ia* <)(»e fr»6un Jor the proliferation of pushcart (xrVHr;» arid llxjuuimU oJ xnall Umil) run Lebanon'ii mercantile hertUge, which glorifies free erilerprUe, The city abound* with career* «» peddler* or shopkeeper*, Hotuewlve* fn Uelruf, which it more an overgrown town than a major capital, enjoy the convenience of thopplng from the pmhcart peddler*. In addition (u supermarket*, itwre are at leant one and toniellme* two family-run •lores In one block, but many women %etm to prefer the putlwart petldlrr*. much to the annoyance of the fchopkeeper* whu offer fre« delivery One woman chopper Mid, "Tlw produce the pwldlm have it carefully CIWMTH to sell uut t*y the end of (tin day brvauMt they don't have any place !u niore II So il usually t» lrr»)>cr Attotlit-r advantagf i> Un?) turn* to >iwr tkwf MI >ou d/jji't liavt- lu drt.i(i wtial y-tw're <torti( And thcrc't lt«- aiWnd challengf o< j (<-» (^ailrfs u<J l Uul ){r«rfs junt worn* thai way became they spend a little at thin cart, a little at Uut cart, In my fthop II *eemt more expcnilve becauuf everything U on one bill." Karller (hi* year •lorckeeper* »teppcd up their complaint* when puihcart peddler* began Invading area* license forbid* (hem to enter, At IMI! half the 3,000 peddlers are Mid to operate without a Itcetute. If a peddler U found without a licence or ouUlde hit designated area, hit produce and tcale* are tonliicaU-d and \v is fitted lite equivalent 0^ II 23, Satlti llamdan, wttow; cart u (*aln(«l In r«l and gr««n geometric »<juare* and leni'x/nwl with (eaiher* and rrliftiout mcduU, lu» tjeen arrested wrveral lime* (or wtihcxit a /..B.CURTW grttlrig One "Thty arc not 41!) rlwaper II CRONEY'S MEN'S SHOP of lake Jackson •MIL BE OPEN unlit 8 P.M. IVERY DAY 5}<ClUOi!(C iATUBCAY 10 E OUS REGULAR CUSTQwCRS ygy^p CUSTOMERS »HO WAY HEED THE KIND OF SERVICE YOU CAK GET AT 115 N, I 1 A UK INC. "A cxRjple of lime* 1 tried to Krt my Mralc* tuck Ihrtw^h con»unl vu»U to (he mimitry and frotne iftfluenetr," '»e Mid "Itui !>)«• f>r<x<-»» look o week each lirnr Ni/* whenever llxrj Ukp m> tc4le» 1 go |juy rt ll't White House tree cut, ready to ship (•HO.SS.SUKK. vc. 'Ai'* - I'rnutknt Nuun'i (lirutma* Ui-r. a Zl-fuot Kra.»*t Kir. was cut m Ihc »n<i» -covered ol northwestern * Kr>d») and 6r!lverj lo Ihf <^ ihr Wt«t»- jl will I*- UMckrd lo Wavhmgton and cirllvrrrd Subsidiary firm formed by Bovay II V. liovay Jr.,pr«ntknttX li«\ii) Kt)Rir>«-ni, lr>c , an- nou!v« thr lurwalioa (A a subnnliary firm, Duntjar U Dtffcvxi. Irx- , of Frc«twrt, a huh has acquired Ihe stall aral akM'U (X iMjnUar It DtckMm. Con- Wr»( from North Carolina aUo c'hri»tm*» itec a ti loot r'r*v« fir ry! w, Uw I'jifUh N'Ationjl KuresM in Hay»t«x) '.'j.unlj l»o wtiet* aRo arid It'^UM- l»»r: It will I* lighted T'M ;,,-.ll<, -..' „»;, •<''. ',.-.-,•.. .'.r-;- i,\fti.«:i\ '.:•: •. '-,.!-. .' ! ft,",';, ':."-•'•• '•»• y>-' "-.;•:<• ;'•. !>.<• c! ife will remain at Z2S -S*-vt-nth Street, oldrcr^ ,-/ Ihe n>^» (irm will U- 1. s Curtu. 1* K . pft-n.Hii-ti 1 , D (i Lkx>, I' K . % -'<• prcmJcn!, C K f>utt«: M-cri-Ury -trwiMirw i: rnen-ca lu Krcfpcirt jfjn H(.«X C I-*- »!»«'« !jfx-:i vice prraidenl o( KrigiiM-*-r». Inc . in - ''! the Ha Ion HfMgr Mnr I >!<!<-.- Turds' direction. IkirvUi: t Uickvun, Inc will prfjM(J<- i-RRineering and pUr.i.if^K i.-rvices tor the Kr«-{»:"'. and Gull Coiit area f<«;'.;r;uir:^ to wrvr ntany iji '.t*- !.-,-rr.f-r rlienlt ui 1 J j r .S i IK v Lhmba r ' s dta '.h atxl X R -10 ai o 0. 0 Solid State AccuColor Ir«r jftjuitition of !(;<- lirrn » lkna> Kngirwcrt. Inc will pfcoiiV: t.iatkup 'o the r»e*"* firtn from tU mwe than Sl'j rnipic<)e<-!» in li"^ Gulf C<*a!»t arvj ,V»rU<ur»t area* and it* ent;ineenn(j and planning in thii art-a Spanish Showcase (or XL-100— RCA 100% Solid Stale AccuColor* Chemistry award SAN AS7t)S|(l Tr\. -Al' 1 t)r Hrur.o ?.«olinskt. director o! the Thir mc«3>nam«.-!> H<^-farch Center at Ten* AiM. tia> received the }).<iX) South'* t-» I regn»nal award of the American Chemical Sueietj T)if award »a> pr«**nlcd Kriday. tt>e fir-al day of the ««rn-t)'i ?Tth annual SouOi- we-M rrgitmal meeting 7.-*iTiiniki wa!> honored for "meritcriuiiii conlnbotiom lo !hr advancernefil of chen'.utry " He hai aulhorued more than 2«i technical p«l>lications Nnw is the lime to check the luiliJa> light >t r i n p ». but we'll tx-t >ou wail lill ai V'.M-. i.s uiuil Sw(>f t> »1 |h« (••dc RCA g !o much ol o | Xt • 1 00 SoJ*3 Sl»t« It i » y,ho)« bail Rt(. '815.00 SAVE '65 M NOW '750°° An RCA cltulo— Spanish »tylt with p«n«J«d doer* B«*ut>lul doo/- model Reg. '750.00 SAVE '5Q W Many Other RCA Color Models To Choose From,.. Come In Today! c«bm»l plui XL- 1 00 -RCA IOOX Solid Sun AccuColoi* pcttormmc* NOW »699' s XU-100— flCA 100% Solid State AccuColor' TV with AccuBr it« Tube RCA' I tmett ptctui* tub* plut the i«u«b<litY ol 100k SoJidSuic AccuColcx ORDER YOUR RING NOW! NOW FOOD MARKET DOUBLE BIG BONUS STAMPS EVERY TUESDAY WITH $2.50 PURCHASE SPECIALS GOOD MON.-TUES.-WED. DECEMBER 8, 7, 8, BLUE SEAL WITH 5" FOOD LIMIT 2 CTNS, PURCHASE CTH, KHAFT WRAPPED SLICES AMERICAN CHEESE GARDEN CLUB A J%«» SALAD DRESSING T 39 C UNCLE WILLIAMS ^ j^j^ PORK 'n BEANS = 2 29 C 7 OZ. SIZE $-|19 [SUPER SPRAT DEODORANT SECRET INEO-STNEPHRINE AA NOSE DROPS i, 99 DEP SUPER STTLE OR BLUE GEL-CRYSTAL „ . 89 URGE HEAD EA. LETTUCE RED POTATOES LB, 5 V LB. LEAN MEATY SPARE RIBS LEAN NORTHERN, BUTT STYLE PORK ROAST LEAN NORTHERN PORK STEAK LEAN HICKORY SMOKED SLAB BACON 39' 49 49 59° 3 TO 5 LB. AYG. LB, LB. c c FOR THE FINEST IN MEATS. . . SHOP BECK'S LUCKY 7 YOUR CLASS RING V"' /O * rtJ/c/M JfJSpAfr/frs Angleton and Daiibury SCHOOL MASCOT SCHOOL COLORS PREFCRENCE OF STONE, STYLE AND PRECIOUS METAL PERSONALIZED HIGHEST QUALITY FASTEST DELIVERY SHOP and COMPARE OP** I FUffl FO V V « ff <C*r«HEP« IKKAKT IPeanirt Brittle i^ 1 NESTLES C HlH'tlLATK [Morsels 6»/ CM. LM) OKKSSIM, iMiracit Whip ^ 1 UKU.MEUAHY Pftttd Dates I'M 1 , 7 luEi-MONTE Chunk Tuna [U 1 49' 39' M>.\ U.MKY I'KKAMKR Pream !I'\K III \VS SKIU.KT ENnners ^ KJtANtO-AMKUlCAN Spaghetti O f $^ I10HMKI. .. 15 OZ VnlU \\ilhuul Ikjiu CAN UOK.MKU Tamatai **« l^ 501 SOUTH MAIN CLUTE,TEXAS

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