Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 6, 1897 · Page 15
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1897
Page 15
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to WAL2.ER -COLCOftD HUFT1*L8 thn J*. FNk and Whit*— Fifty o? tti» a: 'N*»tfe ft fiotftt arch 'In lh« c&vt parlor I* pretty home of Mr, and Mrs, Q A, Over, on West Sixth itrw5t,oocarred the wedding of Mr. Frank W. Walzer of this city, fcrii M&4J?et.tteTU Colderd whose home is la Colel«, "the cere performed iry the Bev. f, B y, ticele of Ihe bil4e f ia the pres «nee of about fifty of the nearest rela* tivea,of ftfce*apt«< •. - , : - , ; The Over home wan beautifully dec orated to pink and white, the main adornment being la the parlor where the ceremony took place. A profusion of palms, ferns and flowers was hand somely set ont by a splendid background of emllax, ' ' ' The bride was becomingly attired in a gown of White organdie over rose colored satin. , She carried bride's roses The wedding march, Mendelssohn's, was played by Mrs B. F. -Baker. At the conclusion of the ceremony congratulations were offered the happy couple, after which a wedding luncheon was served. This feature was perfect in every detail and was one of the most pleasant of the occasion.' The dining room was decorated in pink and white, the tables being especially beautiful. ' Mr. and Mrs, Wfclzer let t on the 3:32 passenger this afternoon for Chicago, from Which, place they will go to visit points in the Ea[et. They will be ab sent hut a abort time, and will be at home in Mr. Walzer's handsome residence on First avenue after June 1. The brjde was richly remembered with many handsome presents., • — — Of-the brlde-and groom- there is lit— ___ tie Jx>be_aaid that is not already known The- bride, though a resident of Coleta, has, of late, spent the greater part of her time at the home of her alster.Mrs, G, A t Over.. She is a beautiful girl and Is as good as she is beautiful. She can count her friends by the score. She is accomplished, in inany ways and will . make, a helpful and loving wife. ' , The groom is one of Sterling's most prominent youog business men. For years he has 'been engaged in the in aurance and real estate business, and, through bis own efforts, has made his „ circumstances emidently comfortable. He is a hustler always, and has the confidence o£ a large, clrc'le of frienda. ,, Everybody ; .pVijjra^la^es, Mrj ;and -Mrs. Frapk -^alzer, "a'pd ' ^wishe^', for 1 them, a long and happy '"married;,Hfe. . Those' present , at, [tfje, s wedding from out of $je city were:'../ , ,,,Vi»^ , , Messrs. and^M.eeija.riies.J, L, P,$ugb, , J, C. Frasler; Meadarnei-i F, y. Colcor4, E, S. Cojcord; Misses", Jessie Pebgh Grace Colcord: Messrs.. Charlea Elglin, -.- Gleqnf Colcord, of ^ Coleta. , Mr, ,and ^ .Mrs. B. F. Baker and 0. E.'Colcord,' of! "Chadwickj , " ~ LOSES . HIS ,n FINGERS. ,. , , - : — I TV-< * . i' 1 .Martin MoQlnnU. Meet* Witt* ,a t T«nrlble ' Accident WUllo Operating a Shredder. ,. . Martin MoGlnnls, of Palmyra, met With a terrible accident about 2:30 ' o'clock Wednesday afternoon In' which he loat the four fingers of his left hand. He was at work tending a shredder , beionglng'to Mason and Miller, that is ' working on George H. Page's "Hazel , Wood" farm, a mile northeast of, Dix-, on. 'la come 'manner be caught 'his • left band in the machine and had the • fingers crushed. The injured man was taken to Dlson and to Dr. 0. 'A. Bob;. Wn's office. The doctor found the fing- ;«rs In such a bad condition that amputation was deemed necessary., ' Dr, 0. B. Biaqkman was called in to'assist in tb'e operation? ''The injured man was taken to the hospital where the operation was performed, ** ' ' ' ' . PICTURE.. View of the Scene of. the Vint • Battle of th* Rebellion. At Col. Moaea Dillon's office there ia A large Colored print, exwjto&tlyexeca* ' t«a, of Phfllppf, West V a -i the' scene of > the first battle of the Rebellion. It is handsomely framed in t oak and is a i valuable picture, It was presented to the Will Epbin- sdn Post G. A. B., of this city, by Mrs. - Eject* £. Smith, ot Washington, aqd it will eooa be hung on the, walla of the ' orgaoization'fl hall. The soldier boyi value the gift very highly and to Mrs, Smith they extend their moat sincere thanke. - <• • BISHOP MERRIUL TO PRESIDE, Qkafpbxa»n. to Bole Over Hook 'JThl« Blahop St^phea M. Merrill has been apjjpiuted to preside over the approach- log eesaioo of the Rook River Confer*ace of (be Methodist Eplecopal ehuroh. But twice 1» ials loaj career this 4uty devolved upon the bishop, be baa traveled much sad pre- over m«oy coiiferencee. la 1B77 by , Oven- P. Thompson, Oiftmtt Jodffts ta the oM Itt4tel*l Citcail, bo test the tlonftlftf of tbu KWfcBt JadJffli tiontnent csm« up In the Snpreti* Coort at Mt, V^fflM on ttH petition for a, writ of rasndamas to compel Oi6 ... Secretary of StateV to file their nomination papers. Secrets tf Bessy f& . tfegpbndent, walred ftl matterBbir formality and united with the petitioners id c^pfenslDSf a wish that the court would at once consider th,e qaestion in order that the coming jadiftlal election may be held ond«r the proper law, The qoesUonB presented are: • • . . '. .'.".• ' . ' 1. Wben doa* the law pmed by the General ABsembly April E8,lS9t, with oat the emergency Clause and signed by the Goretnor, become effective? ^ 2. Is the law .professing to rodla trict the State into judicial circuits without an emergency clanse, conatitU' tlohal? - ;. 3. .Does the elgniture of the Govern or to a bill passed by the . General Aa- sembly without an emergency clause give life to the bill to such an extent that any part of it may be executed before the first day of July after Its pas sage? . •..—-.: The contention of the petitioners is that the Legislature which .convened in January, 1897, cannot pass a constitutional reapportionment of the State into Judicial circuits unless it does so under an emergency clause, and hence the so-called Teapportionmeat passed April 23, 1897, without the emergency clause, cannot be operative because it ia unconstitutional. The reapportion mentto be legal without the emergency clause should have been passed by. the Legislature of 1895. A large number of authorities are cited to sustain this position.' ••'.•'• ;:.> : - - ".-;.'.. •, . . ' e case waF argued T. Scofleld, of Chicago, for petitioners, and Attorney-General Akin and Assistant Hill for respondent. •-' , . This, Thursday morning, the court, already familiar with the facts at issue rendered its* decision upholding the apportionment bill aa it stands, and, therefore, the election, lor Judges of Circuit Courts will be held in the hew districts, of which this,' the fourteenth district, is made up of the counties of Rock Island, Henry.Mercer and Whiteside, with "Vy. H. Gest, of Rock Island Hiram Bigelow, of Henry, and P. D. Hamsey, of Whiteside, the Republican '" ' ' -S'lNQERS,' The Greateii 0f;All'Oflnciri 1 Stuffed to be The orginal Fisk Jubilee .Singers were organized in jail to, Becure^ $a 000 for. the"; Fisk' University '•* iand/in eight yearacleared'mpreithan ^150,000, ,They then 'v made »u»i?t .fears,' ,'tour around the world .with unprecedented, succesq. They are now regarded equal to the finest choirs in Europe, and superior to any other qpncert company In AmeVipaY"';'.v< : . ;:•'.'; .:••*;, ••, .-• -. " This company will appear at the Academy of Music next Tuesday evening. Sterling people will do well to take advantage of this opportunity of hearing them, for it is their intention to go to Europe for an extended tour immediately after their present .engagements are filled.- : J . •~~-.->:r~^ : ,THE. v Q....:'A : .j.R. ENCAMPMENT;, ; tif It 8j»ti.factorjr Arrangement* ara Uade,' •' - : ^ pr^se;n| G. A; B, Encampment at Galesburg is highly successful. • The jffc mepting will be held Jn Stre&tor ifflatiflfactory railway ra^esendi hotel aooommodatlons can be secured; In fixing th^ place of the next Encampment at yesterday's eesslon; eeveral leading members of the • organization spoke in condemnation of the action of the various railroads lo keeping up the passenger rates during meetings of the G,A.E;'',-""' : 'v''- -:.-V i -. : :V..". 1 --' Jj A., :;jC»; gohijaplf, of Pedris, apd Jajmea [>*:poaaejJ, of Qhioagoi aid oftadidates tot the office iof Pejiikrtm§nt Comnjftnd- Tbia election will bis held tomorrow. General Glarkson and Department Commander Cocbran have each addressed the Encampment. ^ , . i ^ FU-- __—rr-..^r-u ..._^,_ji-y--.. ,i , , ^ WARREN 7 : ROOD HURT, V .•- » Hay FMM Catting HU Head. ' •• '-:-•.'••'••*• • ; ' Warren Bood was icjured Wednesday afternoon, the result of which will partially lay him up for a short time, driving his hay 'press ftroiiod lie corner of a barn on a farm near .he Bend, the' machine struck the building and be'was thrown off. His waa badly cut to the bone, the jash being about an inch and A half oDg. Mr, Bood came to the office of )r. A. C. Smith, where the wound was dressed and bandaged. Five stitches were needed to bring the gash together. C*r«J of .Mr. and Mre. John Goeken desire to their thanks to the neighbor* who so fciadty asgisled »i thf ttoe of thf ttiot** «ud ol tbeii ton, August. SESSION Sa M , 000 The grand ioJga of Illinois, Order of United Workmen, at Strestor b«!ni present,, th* 4^ lodges in t&e State. The sm sioh w8s presided over by Grand <e* Workman P, T. Kelly, of Chicago The prlacfpsl btisioess wss the hear ing of officers' report* and the reports ef committees. The qnesUon of class i&m assessment will ba oneof the raoat important matters considered. Under the old plan the assessment was so touch for each death, regardless of age or individual. As the order grew older and increased in membership the death rate was increased, and a , year ago the Supreme Council ordered the State organization to classify the as seasments according to the age of mem tiers. The new plan will be fought bit terly, but it is thought It will carry. A musical entertainment was given in the opera house in honor of the del egates. Wednesday afternoon the elec tionof officers was held. Hendrleki Chosen Grand Oren^er. At the session Wednesday the graded assessment plan, as recommended by the Supreme Lodge, was adopted by a vote of 261 to 23. The Grand Recorder's salary waa placed at 85,000, a year. He is to furnish his own clerk. The office of the visiting Deputy was abolished and the salary of Grand Mas ter made 8,5000 a year. Bock Island was Chosen as the next meeting place. The following officers were elected: Fast Grand Master, P. T.Kelly, Chicago; Grand Master Workman, J. W.Yantlflj Shelby ville; Grand Overseer, A. It, Hen dricks, of this city; Recorder, Charles H. Hitch, Paris; Receiver, Alexander ^McLean, Macomb; Foreman, F. 8. Kurrls, East St Louis. The convention closes tomorrow. , JPB.QSEECT. GOOD,_ For the X.argeit Fruit Crop In the History of Illinois This Year. The assertion is a very ,Bafe one to make that Illinois will gather this season the largest crop of fruit ever known in her history. The orchards are all in most promising condition. From the fact that February and March have passed a way without any "warm spell," the buds have not awol Jen so as to render the blossoms liable to be caught by any late frost which may happen to occur, as it did in so many localities last spring. '; / This is a most favorable 'condition and upon this can be baoed the' prediction of a successful fruit gathering. - '- ' -'•>' V .' :-•' ",.:•'.: i 'It . •• J, ;-..'••; >' • .i\-i^.-:- v ; / >.- ; !:-<^.; 1 ,- : • ,..• .•'.:•: ''' DELUGE .OF Weakened Price* for. £ very thing; But the • • Very Best Uuslnoea. Drivers. . -, The effect of the .deluge of horses in Chicago last week— 4,204 head against 4,008 -the previous week ^ weakened prices for everything but the best; but the arrivals ' on Monday and Tuesday of this week dropped about 400 from the receipts of the same days last week and eased off the pressure so that offerings are • now moving more freely. Business chunks and drivers are Just now most in demand. The undesirable grades are off about 85 in prlcq, while the better horses are held strongly. MRS. LOR ILL A BRIJELL DEAP. Former Whlte»ld« Girl Jfttsiea Away at ".. •-. ... St. Ed ward, Neb. ' Mrs. Lorllla Britell, formerly of this county, died at her home in St. Edward, Neb,, Frlday,evening April 10. ";, She was borp in, Morgan county, 0., Sept. 5, JL840, and moved v to Whiteslde county She was married to' her present husband NOV. 12; 1865, at Como. Mr, Britell and his wife moved to Fremont county, .Ia., in 1868.aqd to St. Edward, Neb., in 1894. The deceased leaves her husband and five children—two daughters and three sons., . Larchwoo4 Sale. W. A. Sanborn's fifth annual sale of light harness horses will occur at the Larch wood stables May 20th. The offer- Ing will consist of about forty head of allies and geldings, three years old and over. Stock will be shown in harness Farmers driving to town in wagons might throw on a;few bushels of .corn for India, and leave at Moses Dillon's warehouse, wber« all contributions will be takeri care of. The need Is pressing thousands are s.taryipg in that distant land and/we should surely be willing to ppare a little from our abundance to feed the hungry. Provisions will be transported free in vessels by ft government. , • ' 3. S. Boyer, of Prairievilie, was in sterling Wednesday purchasing Jqm- ber for the erection of a large carriage ware-house. He, intends to handle all ninds of buggies, wagons and carriages ,his neasoa, Mr. Boyer is a hustler and will, undoubtedly, be eminently successful. Mrs. G. W. Livingstop, of Northeast Jordan, waa a caller in Sterling Wednesday, While here she SAW her com- n, S, S. Boyer, of Prairievilie, who, though they h8,ve*lw«y«, lived urns to, ahe tuu aot ee«a for WACO'S COURT. KJ5AI.- RSTATE TftAKSFERS Jseob Wetzell to Godfrey Horlacher land in G«ne«8« f 01SO. Elizabeth CoHinS to L8?1C. Mithew lot in Erie, fi&O. E. G. B«nm to H. V. Bittorf, lot in Sterling, 8750. - W. E, Llewellyn to H. C. Plant, lot in Hterllttg, ®5A). . Adam Diehl to Harvey Diebi, lot ia BonndGrovei $70. '' i Same 'to J, W, Wick, lot in Bound Grove $30, , .;.• . '-...•'_,. Edwin Lindmeier to Margaret A Dunraore, lots in .FuJlton, 8400, Charles Shnler to C. C. Mahon, lot in Fulton, 01. , Joseph 'Miller, heirs, to A. L. Grater in Clyde, $1. , F. i). Bamaay to B. F. Gregory, lota In Sterling, 81,000' J.A.Eiigour tdJ. A. Ridge,' lot in Bterling, 8250. ' James Spears to H. li). Burch, lot in Morrison, 8500. ,0. S.:.Bariiley to Nelson Maxson, lot ia Sterling, 850. Patrick O'JBrien to Patrick Hickey lots in Fulton, 8200, . .' •' E. A. Smith to Standard Oil Co., lot in Morrison 8200. J. S. Kimball to E. C. Brown, land in Tampico, 8200. :". MARRIAGE LICENSES. , William Pfundstein, Fenton, and Jpsle M. Offerle, Erie. Frank H. Brinker and Margaretta lioyle, Charlotte. PROBATE COURT. Estate of James McCullagh. Letters of administration Issued to Mary J McCullagh; Simon Long, William Boss and John Hoke appointed appraisers, Estate of Martifl Byerson. Inventory filed and approved. . Estate of Ezra LeFevre. • Inventory flled and approved. -' ^Estate of Cleo C. Ewlng7mlhor. ' All unpaid costs remitted, said estate being less than 8500; discharge of guardian ordered. /Estate of Sarah E. Beyers. Inventory filed and approved, proof of posting notices filed. : ' •Estate of Mary Beyers. Inventory filed and approved, proof of posting notices filed. Estate of Eva J. McKibben. Claim of Samuel Myer for 87 allowed. Estate.of iji. T. Trumble. Private flslle bill filed and approved.. . .Estate of Porter Benjamin. Beport pt private . j ale; filed arid approved jpKiof of posting and publication filed appralsen^ent, filed and 'approved'. , Estate of 'Susanna Cook. ' Claim ot 6f county for;^11"allowed. . .< '.'Estate of Abram Ebersole. Beport of guardian, filed and approved and guardian discjisirged as'to Harry. -, *i\. a-...; •••-.';-, j'' v '^' •-•' "-' • r Estate, of j5a,muej W,,Sp,angler. .Petition )to jell rea'^' eptateVto., pay debts heard. S. M.; TklcCailmont apjpplnted guardian ad, lit^m,'decree entered, claim of Martin Jepks for 830,41 al lowed, ; ;„;•-',;;':•';'/ ''.~,'J : '. ..•'.,,'• Estate ofJoh|oC,Aldrich, On verb al petition administrator ordered to pay all accrued taxes. Claims allowed: A.H. Hoover, 85; H, E. Lathrop,8640,67; B, H, McKinzie,- 810; A. C. Smith, 820; Mary J. Aldricb, 810; Bufus Aidrich, 830.45; Park Lillle r 855; DeWltt West, 89; F, E. Glassburn, 88.89; B. D. Greenman,^811.70; Mints Nelson, 83.50; John Baymoo, 1^4.33; Charlie Boss, 88; C. y.^Gifford, ©,45.75; Lars JenBen7812r' 60;Cb^rlesNpoo.8r., 827; Meek,Bros., 8.13.38; W..H, Harrison, 826.53; Jerry Busk^ 846.64; Wa4Jace:^[cKi,nzie, 82,45; MalhlBB Swan'sipn,,843.25.;".' , ,, EstSjte of Marjla, Hiliyer, Claims allowed:, Agnes' Hayes, 860; Lydia Hili- yer,; 860; M, n-.John, 82.40; John Bus- ingj 81.50; iMoses'DiJlon, 81.50; W. H. Shroder, 81.^7; 0. E. Windom, 850; J. F, Keefer A 816.", Estate.,of Elijsibeth A.; Jackson. Clalmis aljowgd:, Bobert Norrlsh, 88; J. A,Nowlen, 842,. „ .V ." ' Eetate of' Elmira Daniels. Claims allowed; Fred W. Carson, 83,75"; Martha A. Shaw, 8756.40;E. J. Weaver, 855. Estate.of William F. Gelger, Claims allowed: Daniel Bounds, 86; Emma Schaffgnberger, 87; Frank Fitzgerald, 850,85; J. P, Lester, 87.25; fClty of Morrison, 87; Bobert Parker, 816; Seger & Bound, 844; M, G. Preston, »7; J, A. Nowlen r 825. Affidavit of postlngand ^rtlQc^te of jublicatioa filed. Estate of Jane ipaw.. ' .Petition to sell real^tate to pay. debts fi^ed. , : , E8tate.of Elijab.Lqokheftrt. Petition o sell to pay deb\s, cause continued to iMay 7,1597. l» tb» Iluie to Qa^a Home. The Obicago,*& North-Western Ballway baa 'just published a newspaper ailed th$ North-Western Home-Seeker riving facts about the great State of ibuth Dakota and the advantages it possesses for.the pursuits of agrloul- ur«, dairying and • cattje raising. i&nds cart be had at present upon most avorable terms, and there is every ic- ication of large Immigration into the itate this season, Correspondence is elicited from intending settlers^ and a opy of the paper will be Dialled free upon application to W. B. Kaiskero, 8 Fifth avenu^CfaioagQ, lit. H, Johos' bone, Qotbft, WH» put Chicago The Hayes Planters^ ' . TMe THoma® Disc, TheSatriey Spring Lift Biding OoltiTator, dpim Qu^eja pd MMden Otiltimtor, The Hummer ^ Sulky ^and^ang, Me Hustler &ulk$r and Gang, Tte Superior Foro^ Feed Seeder, TJb6 Gale Steel Lever ^Harrow, \ The .Weber Wagon, Tiie Aermotor Windmill, 'The Meyer's Pumps and Cylinders, And a full line of Buggies, Carriages and Road Wagons. n tj s HIGHEST Are recognized as the money-makers of the year. The successful business in V7 will be dose with a high-grade machine listed at a popolar price, and Patee Bicycles fill the bill. They have all np- to-date Improvements, narrow tread, large balk), internal clamp and adustment of handle-bar, thorough reinforco- ments, beautiful finish in five colors and are absolutely guaranteed, List $60.00. Tandems $100.00. , • , , WRITE FOR CATALOQUB AND TERMS TO AQBNTS. . ' & ir:jr~ I $1.00 —T»lE— SI.OO [T The Greatest Republican Paper ol the West, - a^^^ , is the most stalwart and unswerving Republican Weekfy published today and can always be relied upon for fair and honest reports of all political affairs:..-; " • '. • '•-..••?'>, , . /„., -.^ , \ The Weekly Inter Occari Supplies Ail of the New* S , ; .; and the Best of Current Literature. It is Morally Clean./and as a Family Paper |s Without a-Peer. " • - • I * .• ,7 ' •-( i H ' *f4rr. F J4 A »«•»•.• . X"** »--' ^-' — — '".J-'1_ *' r ._' . * * i ' ' -» [ ' ! Its Literary Columns are eqtfaJ \ ^>CCCCCi 'to those ot the best magazines, ' £222S?x{'-- ; '-"'" r i'' ; '' : ' '• •••'•!' "" ' ^ Its Youth's Department is the\ 1 finest of its kind.'. ' It brings'to the family the^'ewa of the Jin tiro World and elves « *«e best and ablest dt^ousslons of all questions of the day, Tfao *"' e ';. llceal> :f 1tv «- t w«l»o-P*f«»-oJ-rouding matter osoh-wwk^" and belBff pubiuhcd tn * hlotzro IB better adapted to the needs of , the people west'Of mo Alle^hany Mountains taan ony other paper. The Dally and Sunday Edl- 2 tlons of The Inter Ocean are |tbebestoflhelrkind,... i Price of Dally by mall... ;uoo per year J Price of Sunday by mall...'.....,.,. .S2.00 per yew Addren. THE IKTEH. OCEAN, Ydrk Weekly Tritone .. • • ' . ' ..'.*' ' * ' ^ ' • . . FOB /' , '"' " EVERY member of EVERY family on EVEBY farm, in EVEKY village, in EVERY State or Territory, FOB Education, FOB Noble Manhood, FOB True Womanhood. IT GIVES ail important news of the Nation. IT fll VES all important news of the World, « IT filYES the most reliable market reports. IT eiVKS Jirilliant and instructive editorials, IT 6IVES fascinatinf short istorie$. mmVLS an pneieelled agrienltorai department IT filVES scientifie and meehanieal iaf IT <JIvE8 ijlistrated fa^Woa articles, IT CSIVES hnporons illastmtips, It GIYES entertaiameat to yowog and tld t If GIVES satisfeetioa everywfcere to We nnlih "THE StAMARO 11 ut' ^ilt.'i WEEKU one YCAR'FOI su5. in *"*! •1 Address all orders to «3t ^T. .,, .1. ,-i-* jT.

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