Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 7
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•THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- SUNDAY, AUGUST 2,1W- 7 TV LOfl SUNDAY EVENING MC MCK MM •MOW MAX 6:00 I 6:30 takrosdi CBS Mw SleXlEBei Wonderful World « Dane* I Movte "Tlmt FMr " Aercnifcy 7:00 7:30 21 Jump Strut OurHouM aoMnuMi 8:00 With Children Duet 8:30 RcW TO Rten€8 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Mf. PrtSKWflt | T. UHnwO __ M8WS Moyte: "ThfW On A Mutch 11:00 Magnum, P.I. Murder, She Wrote Movtfc"lnloTNn Air" ZooV* 0ns •» One MdvH:"BlaJtk*"CoM > d wnttiom 21 JwT» Street Mwte"TI«TW»M«Nm" Movte: "BeHMcm TIM Women" Comedy I Moftty ^tnoft I Me&tffplece ThMlrft Cohjmbo WrthCWMrw Duet I Mr. T. IWnian Movto: "Serial" U.3. Ooen Semtoro ToumeMM LoWBott INN MM mtonelOeogrepfehctoiv SftliaVtT dottmftnnM UnMHour Mwte'TteWC'Conrd H'jHwew Sports PflQt D0m0wyAM*0pMce Jttrry FflfMll Country World Tom. EndOtEmptra Weight News M.Htekev INN PHW9 Kenneth Copelend Urtttyte TwMoviW FatfW N0WS Comedy LaftiflWrt "Oxford Bl'i" World Toifi. Movt8:"H«iVon«o»" CMM'iFurxl WtMnkllng: Intern. Tour Thto WMK In Sports MMIK.-IVMMM" MwleCort'd Mwte "Moon Over Mart" MMIF Stiy hi CM Ptm "**-• ^—»- 1 u|u*l my raff LMJy Conquwt Ad Concepts Tomorrow iAte^ft* "Ifcotft^M I* OrfMkBMMt" MV^ISK nmnwp m VnHininm VlQMnl9t niQnt Or WronQ Movtoc Tn§ AMM UnMTQround UgmdtryUdlit "KM*" By GARY UftSON ANDY CAPP e 1M7 Only Mnor Htw«pipir», Ltd North Aimnc* .Syixtm*. Inc ByRtggltSmythe PEANUTS S-l By Schulz MI, CHARLES! IJUST 60TBACK..ICALLEP M3U SEVERAL TIMES... PIP YOU MISS ME? I JUST POUREP MV5ELF SOME COLPCBfcAL.1 PONT IAIA.NTITT06ETS066V... (* V£ HOW CAN VOU EAT THAT 5066V LOOKIN6 STUFF? I* THE 1ORN LOSER ByArtSansom BLO NDIE By Dtan Young and Jim Raymond, THEVVB 0CCN EKHNCT PORCWTURIB9 URV9 I dp FRAMC AND ERNEST ByBobThavc* 9AMBTHE WOOLLY MAMMOTHS LEAST IT CTON'TMAPPBN •EETLE1AILIY ByMortWalktr ASTROLOGY By Sidney Omar Make some changes, Virgo rorSundfty,Aug.2,1M7 ARIES (March 21-Aprll If): Kty I* InvolvwiMnt. Family matters which raiaro to monayr Duooat> raawanca/ tono-tt^n prMMCts wllidlrartly affact you. Individual you cara for may act on ImpulM and this could craata furor. TAURUS (April »May 30): Answar to o^uaatlon • Vary dotInlta* braak away« Imprint your own stylo, tha "lagal mat- tar" will almost taka cara of Nsalf. Focus on marital status, partaanhlp, puMtaHy, otttlng to haart ofmattars. OEMmnMay 21-Juna »): What appears to baa dafaat will rtbowtd In your favor. Alllas spring forth, Including previously recalcitrant family member. Trust hunch, make contact with one of philosophical bent. Check Aquarius. CANCER (June 21-July 22): The moment has coma — It Is time to celebrate, style has been Imprinted and people will applaud your efforts. Focus on popularity, creativity, communication, awareness of body Image. Gemini In picture. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Many will be drawn to you, especially those with "romantic IntentCnV" You could feel trapped by circumstances. Key Is to be thorough, to abide by rules, regulations. You'Mbe aided by affluent Individual. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sapt. 22): Stress willingness to make changse, A *.» get Ideas on paper, to be analytic^ Short trip may be necessary, Involvea^rother or sister. Gemini, Sagittarius, another Virgo figure prominently. Remain op- TlBRA (Sept. M-Oct. 22)-JBiclude family members In decisions regarding budget, Income, payments, Investments. Major domestic adjustment occurs, will eventually prove beneficial. You'll receive gift, cologne IcORPtO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): What appears to be an obstacle Is merely temporary delay. Moon In your sign accents Initiative, timing, personality, charisma, physical attraction; maintain aura of mystery, glamour. Pisces In picture. ITS P0G BISCUIT PAY AT THE ' STAPIUM FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE By Lynn Walker SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Individual you "feared" could be visitor who actually Is transformed Into ally. Emphasis on secrets, clandestine arrangement, responsibility, challenge, Intensified love relationship. Money on (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Finish rather than Initiate project. Lunar,' numerical cycles highlight popularity, completion, applause, ability to transform wishes Into realities. Romance will figure prominently. Aries In picture. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fob. II): You can advance professionally, socially. Key Is Initiative, willpower, determination and the "correct exposure." Special note — avoid heavy lifting. Leo, another Aquarian figure prominently. PISCES (Feb. If -March 20): Family reunion could be featured — focus on communication, education, plans for journey. Success Indicated via unorthodox procedure. Much talk, activity centers around food. Cancer native In picture. __ r1lCHflEL,ytUflRE.Tb USHER PWEND60F TrtE.<3f\X)K~lb~[r<IS SIDEOFTRE CHURCH. E.SoME- UOHEBE" RT1RISU)EDDIN<30N -TIME! HAGAR THE HORRIBLE By Dlk Grown* - ForMondey,Aug.J,tfl7 ; ARIES (March 21-Apt" If): Take In' Itlatlve, dig deep tar Information, check ^ tomes relating to hidden values, arcane ;> subjects, the occult. Message will become Increasingly clear. Love relationship Is prominent. TAURuftAprll 20-May M): Spotlight on family, home, marital status, contractual obligations. You'll bo Invited to -gourmet dinner, Individual who Is , sincere will reveal plans. Cancer. Capricorn persons will play paramount GEMINI (May 21-June W: Diversify, display aonos of humor, reach beywidthVfmrnedUfe. Attend to baste , tasuae, reallie employment jtaturels brighter than ortglnaHy antlctoatod. You'll be Invited to attend prestigious social affair. > CANCER (June 21-July 22): It Is time to rebuild, to replace outworn togs. FC.-US also on physical •ttractton, changs, travel, variety, special dealings with young people. Romantic Interests Intensify, and ego shoots up- LEO (July »-Aufl. 22): Take notes, locale legal papers, reallie property may he at stake. Become familiar with riles, accent security, make contact wHh oMor Individual willing to share experience. Virgo, Sagittarius play VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Acquiesce to request from family member. Keep plans flexible, reallie you could receive cell that results In exciting assignment. You'll add to wardrobe, you also will be more aware of body Image. LIBRA (Sept. 2J-Oct. 22): Look behind scenes, check bask values, refuse to give up something for nothing. See people In realistic light, avoid schemes and steer clear of self- deception. Money comes from surprise source. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Emphasis on power, authority, responsibility, deadlines, strong love relationship, Timing, judgment will be on target. Shrewd Investment at mistime could DOV huoa dividends— r= *-- T * r - T1 •-• 22-Doc. 21): Past efforts need not discourage you. Obstacles have been removed. Individual who was belligerent might now lie down as If a lamb. You'll reach more people, astf-astoem will be elevated es result. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jen. If): Refuse to be cajoled Into premature start. Set your own watch, Imprint style, be "creatively selfish." Means don't be shy about looking out for your own Interests. Love will not be a AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. ,•): Another Aquerlus wants to "tell you something." Be observant, a good listener. Cunar position accents career, business, prestige, contact with people In high places. Former teacher Is now available. PISCES (Feb. l«-March 20): Emphasis on spiritual values, "psychic Income," ability to perceive potential. Lunar, numerical cycles highlight communication, travel, education, awareness of physical appearance end wardrobe. You'll have li TO &\6** A TPBATY OF I THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by Henri Arnold and Bob Lee SEEPH s / a NIGINN u n LENDUC r-^ ^ J ROSABB Se*'^^ n Print iitswtrhwv: utmM> •a^"SJUJ«a > J'OPHkl' *0 L JL JL M, A A A. Jl (Answers Monday) COLON MINOR UNEASY GROUCH I Answer: Where our laws are made, and rww ihey some- Umes S««m-"INCONGHUOUS" (m Congress) ACROSS 1 Fizzy drink 4 Gives vigor 8 Utter members 12 Yoko — 13 Assist UJai- 15 Western Indian 16 Nick's spouse 17 "What's — for me?" 18 I, V, X, eu-. 21 Sardine fan opener 22 Office holders 23 Winged urclier 26 Further • UK III' 27 Adage 30 Shortly 31 Ity vuy of 32 Skirt M Kinnlalf Spinks 35 Old invader 36 One Dwarf 37 Bond, e.g. 38 Alpha to omega 45 Etna output 46 Mahjong piece 47 Chop up 4§ Vocalized 49 Eastern prince 50 Health resort 51 Departed* 52 Lavish love on UGKJ By Eugene Sheffer 53 Mayday 23 Truck call part DOWN 24 Numero 1 Decant — 2 Aware of 25 Old curse 3 Nash work 2«—-la- 4 Sought Chapelle gold 27 News hour 5 Dark wood 28 Fuss 6 Llama's 29 Take first 31 Cleared out 32 Mexican native 34 Stir- frying need 35 Orb 36 Distributed the deck 37 Howler's bane 38 Rmulale a firefly? land 7 Endurance 8 Couples 9 Arm bone 10 Bailing need 1 1 Uses a stool 19 Related 20 Football player Solution time: 23 ntina. r . raati rasaasa unaroa aaancH DnnaraM wac 39 Steak order 40 Welshman's name 41 U>i>K aulo 42 Dt't'p voifc 43 Montreal player : 44<><>ioiu< aiul 8-1 (i M I* O I. CRYPTOQDIP i K K . |> N O S W K - IX S d C O .1 S I' .1 K j o i> c i. w M r i» i AHD "SI'lT V (i I' V N <) I. W .1 N I' X J O I' (' I. W M Yesterday's Cryptoqvip: AMVISKD TIIK I'UVKK TO HIS l'NC«H)|»KU.VriVK KKIKND Yesterday'* > Itu- S 1 1

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