The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 11
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SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE ELEVEN; WHEAT MARKET DRAGGY TODAY Ordinary Grade Grain Goes Beer- ting—Still Active Demand < for Good Old Wheat. RANGE OF OFriONS (Br Oolita Ik Uuknn) Open July.. ,91)« .1 )9 H Deo/-; 1.Q2 AT CHICAGO. s Wheat. Closed' Hl«h Low t T «d«y T'n»y l.nflVi .08S .(ISH Our wheat markets wero a very draggy afriilr today, Mture markets closing bettor than one cant decline from last nights close. Sales of both dark nnd hard wlwat called unchanged to two cents lower'with vory light demand especially for ordinary -wheat. A good demand continues for fair to good quality old crop wheat, while the good quality new wheat la In fair demand. Tho latest official report on the yiold of Canadian wheat is estimated at 600,000,000 bushels. The estimated acreage sown to wheat In Canada Is given as 22,1.69,000 acres or a decrease of 253,000 acre» from last year. Last yearn humper crop of 300,000,000 ihtiBheln was the result of u yield of IS Ibushels per acre which ! B unusual. Thus lo harvest 500,000,000 bushels tho average yield must climb to 22 lnishols per acre, which aem« rather far fetched. Sules today ("Kansas City basis). No. ;! dark hard wheat—one car at 95c now 12.8-1 protein. "No. -1 dark hard wheat—one car at INte 13.73 protein now—and one car at 05c 13 protein- new. No. 1 hard wheal—Ono car at 95c, 12.04 protein, new. No. 2 hard wheat—One ear at $1.02, old, 12.44 protein; ono car 58 lb. at 00c and one car 50.0 lb. at 94c, new, 11.72 protein, , | No. 3 hard wheat—One car 57.2 lb. i I at $1.02, old. 12.02 protein; one| 7.7 lb. at $1.01, old, 12.R2 protein; | I one car 57.4 lb. at 85c. 12.2S protein, new; one car at 93<: and one car at [,03c, smutty. I No. I hard wheat—One car 55 lb. at 05c, 13 protein. j Receipts of wheat at Hutchinson to-; | day, til enrs, one yiNir ago 75 cars. { Heceiptf: of wheal at oilier markets today: Snllim 1!) curs; Wichita 165 ears; Kansas City 211 cars; St. Louis 17 car?; Omaha 21 cars; Chicago 17 earn; Minneapolis 145 cars; thiluth 70 cars and Winnipeg 155 earn. NEW YORK STOCKS. | (Reported This afternoon by James B. Bennett & Co., J.06 Rorabaugb- York.) • A. T. ft «. V |Allb-(l (.'ticmieal lAmn. Sm-lt imt lAniuenila Copper . . • - lAmn. Or & Feumlry- [Atlantic Cult-West tnl l.-Uliii-Clialiii'-TS lAmn. Toliuceo |Amn. *IY1. phone ienenil Asphalt I li.-thl.Miem .«>.'.. Baldwin l.i Mnlllmor.! nil.- fopi I'ntiiil I.< |Amn. ''an 'era 1 'ro-Wn-tH I Cuba I 'niw Sup Cul-a-Atnn. Sc.i Amn. Loci-mult 'aiiiu'hui Pavlf •rliribl" Kt.'ri I . y. (_V IHIJ I Hy ('•'.iiden oil ••handler M I. I MI-! Amn. Klcol l-'o Kicin-ms I'layi'v. Rulf Stal'-fi SB- ( Kit-Ctrl •Creat Northern -TP -riU Molora I lnt'l Harvester Tnt'l Paper .. •CBllv-SprlnKfleW ('hlnn Col-p-.r MlBsimii Pacific Ity. • Mlnsmul Paclfli; I'M. Murium! Oil Calif. Petroleum Mla-Slulei Oil Northern Pacific Hy. . Profluefti-s & Refiners Phillips Petroleum ... Pun-Amu. Pctrok-um . Pan-Amn. Peti-abium ' Pacific Oil H 5 onn. Ilv •Southern It*'* M. & St. P. Hy. ... C. M. &. St. P. Pfd. . Reading Hy Hock Island ruimUln Iron & Staul Southern Pacific Hy. Studcbukor Sinclair Oil Bears-Roebuck July.. Sept. Doc.. July., Sept. July., Kept. Deo.. July. Kept. Dec. July., Sept. Dec... .83% .7611 .62* •SSI* .34% .OSS .9BV4 1.02$ 1.01% Corn. .83% M% .76 «4 .75 .63% .02* Oats. ,39 .3S .ii .3414 . .S4W. Rye. .MM, .62-li .C614 .mvi .08% .07 it, .38 H 1.01J4 •*m .76 ".»25J .38% .34% .63 V4 .6411 l .OOVi .90% .76Vi .6344 -65% • 08% AT KANSAS CITY. Wheal. Open .01 VI .!>'-!«. .8214 HlKll Low .8 Hi .»0'-4 .92Wj .01',(, .or-«« .03.4 Corn, .88 .8014 .721! .71'.; .69«4 .58.4 —Cloeod- Today T'day .51$ •93V4 .1)1'.4 .92Ki .05 WHEAT IN DECLINE; FAVORABLE CROPS .80^ .7114 .&8% .82% U. B^pol 'Vi'xua Co. , t-tah C'Vipprr Union Vai-Ulo Ity Viiiiarflnm .Steel ^miii Wniilen WVntliiKhoiirto Klcptric .. Wnltash PM. "A'' WiiVi.ifth Common C. K. W. Ky SK-rlly Oil Cltlca »Svr. I'lnnUers Cities SVo. I'M N. 1'. Air Unikft T.orlllnril • \VlUv* -Ovpvlsind V. 8. Industrial Alcohol SlanrlnTil of Intl. Klnniltird of Calif StunU.u«.l or N. J Curbs. Stfitiflanl of Ivan. Slanflard or Ohio Standard of Ky Sliindiivd of M. T. _„ Tlrrbv Cil! Kmnlili' Oil Ohio Oil Pralrtt) Vhw l^lnc nut'Ttcyij IMpo l.lno MH«nnlla Petroleum .. -. c,\en Hock Int'1 Ffdrnleum Ark. Kaluritl Gas Moxfr.-un Oil Marland or Mexico Pwpnlpa .... A Uyan SontlH'in pt:(role\nn Ko-jtluTii Ci .nl v 'i Iron .. Toriofiali MinliiK Ci*ns O'pptv ArlKona (Jlnho Copper . • Ariti-iiti' Pfd. of Did Itrtdio <>ntmon IU*dlo Pfd SalfiP, total, 8S,M)3. : n • liS >4 .130 ',4 . 32 . 84 • 6554 . 27 V, . 8% • ia% ! 31 .154 . 04i . 47>4 :^ . 32«i . 67 . 00 . 37*4 . 0% ! 57 2 ',4 20 10 4254 IS8H 130% 39 84 r.o 2 7'4 IV, 7014 17?'B US m<> 154 6*i 47 54 61 32-% 39 V4 57 80 37 Si m 29*4 67 100 sr. 129 80 ir.^i 7 73 2% 2V4 -8?i 2- IS 3J4 15 '* -85U 3 3V4 WOMAN TRIED TO TAKE HER OWN LIFE TODAY Mo Ky iltlicr : "Now liy. .. airy : from New . 99 1 * 59 V, .. r -7 07 . 50 50 . to 4T| V' t .1!.2"4 ir.;i . ll^j 11'', .. Ii' :! i -III VI . . 1 121... 1 14 122 U, .'. V:,~\ 4r.»; ..lis 11 . 11:1 • \ 44iT >i 411 if. '.'. rn '-'t 2I- ,V H 2ll"i . . S'.Pi J-;I ..121U 1211 'j . 10'-. Kl-'n l'-7 7 il K:r't I4S14 .. (i :.t4 or. 4* • l'* ; «i 11 S l.i .. w.4 :w<4 Ky. or. V'. 14 30 33% . 3S',4 • ~'i 7 Vi . 0C!„ - 25 Vi . 20 . 6H4 • 67'4 . 31 . 44 . 33 . 19 VI • '. 24 ft . '*% • 86»i .10314 :?f* 174*4 ej'4 I3't 7S 30 33i!4 , 19 11 ^ 31 38-14 22 7J4 36% 201^ 6114 67% 34% 44 83 1814 32 71^4 2414 44-4 80% 102 Z 23% 71',4 Tried to Throw Herself Down Elevator Shaft After New Trial Denial. Chicnsu ,.li'.ly 14— The motion for a new trial for Mrs. SabeUe ?<Hil Crudelle and her husband charged with the murder of iho v.'oman's iirtit husband, Frank Nittl, was overruled here Loday. Both Mi 'A Cru.icllo and Peter Crip delle, her husband, were sentenced to ho hanged on Friday, October 12. As Mrs. Crudelle was being led back to iuil from court, r.Uo. tr\c^- to throw herself down the. elevator shaft but, her fjiuirds Interfered and overpowered her. AH she wan near the elevator, &ho broke away from the guards and tried to reach the elevator shaft. The' guards causht her, however, before Bho could do herself harm. ' DEATHS IN TEXAS. Two Leading Surplut State*, Dakota and Kansas, Have Lets Wheat, Too. • Chicago, July 14.—Favorable crop prospects In the northwest together with downturns in Liverpool quotations caused wheat prices to decllno here today during tho early dealings. Around 9Do for September delivery, howover, buying increased and the market -rallied. Bulla pointed out that although this year's wheat crop in tho United States is at present officially estimated to -bo 41,000,0,00 bushels less than last year, tho two loading Burplua states, North Dakota and Kansas, together have 75,OQ0,(M»0 bushels less than last year. Opening prices which ranged from % to %c lower, with September 99 to 99>4o, and December $1.01% to ?1.02, were followed by modernte upturns and then some wavering. In the last p;rt of tho day. weekend adjustment of trades had a decidedly bearish effect. All deliveries dropped to a now low price record for the season. The close w» heavy, l l Aa to l%c net lower, with Sept. OSttc to D8V4c nnd Dec. $1.01% to Sl.01',4. Dry hot weather In the southwest gave relative firmness to tho corn market, and indirectly to oats. After opening unchanged to %e lower, September 7S to 7C*4c, corn prices scored gains, December delivery In particular. f Lator the market eased down on account of reports,of showers in Texas. Tho close was weak at the same as yesterday's finish to l%e lower, Sept. 7 B 075 VBC to 76 I/ fcc. Oats started unchanged to %c higher, Sciptember »4%c, sagged little, and then made a small advance all around. Provisions were steady in line with hog values. Lightning Shocks and Heat Prostrations tho Cause. Dallas, Tex., July 14.—Six deaths, a number of lightning shocks and prostrations have stricken Texans in the hot spell of tho past few days. The mid-summer sun beat down relentlessly. Tho latest victim comralttod suicide. Kmid Overlay, 62, yesterday took poison at Fort Worth. He left a note stating tho excessive heat had gap-ped his strength. Tho therniometor at Icort Worth icstordiry Blood at 103 degrees. Kansas City. Kansas City, Mo., July 14.—WHEAT —Receipts 211 cars', l@3c lower; No 2 dark hard O&cS'-U.M: No. 3 dark hard !)ik:@$1.04; No. 2 ha*d Die© $1.03; No. 3 hard »lc©1 .02; No. 2 rod 94®D7c; No. 3 red 92@93c; July 901.4c asked; Sept. 9l>4« asked; Dec. 93M-C bid. CORN—l@3c. lower; No. 2 whlto Sue; No. 3 white 84c; No. 2 yellow 90c;\No. 3 yellow 89ifpS9'^.c; No. 2 mixed 84<rrS'l'As; No. 3 mixed S3© 83Vjc; July S0%e asked; Sept. HV4.C aoked; Ooc. 58->sC split asked. OATS — Viffle lower: No. 2 white •ill#43Vie; No. 3 white «<3>42%c; No. 2 mixed 42f(H3e. K.YB— 1UR1.EY- f>5(il!57c, KAFIU —$1.60. Chicaeo Closing Prices. Chlcar.o, July 14.--YVUKAT—July !IK%c; Sent.-HS^c; Dec. ?1.01%. CORN—July S2Vic;,Sept. 70c; Dec. G2Hc. OATS—July 38%c; Sept. Si%c: Dec. 30u. LAUD—Sept. $10.97; Oct. $11.05. KIDS— Sept. $9.00; Oct. $3.40. Hutchinson Flour and Feed. (Quoted by YVm. Kelly Milling Co.) WHEAT—No. 2. new or old, 80c. . FLOUR—Per 98 lb. sacks $3.00; -IS lh. sacks $3.10; 2 -1 lb. sacks $3.20. 41RAHAM— Per cwt., 10-11). sacks $3.50. •OORNMEAL—Per cwt., 10-lb sacks, ^3 30 SHORTS—Per cwt., $1.45. BRAN—Per cwt, $1.05. ^ BCHEENINOS—$1.30. m Thirty Ycara Ago Today Fred innf.s nmi Maury Brown were on a ntcanier K«lng down the St. Lawrence liver. tes of 1,731 employes, an average payment of $907. An employe must have been In the service of tho company for at least two years continuously to be eligible to the death benefit plan. The amount of Iho honeflt. is "five per cent of the employes' earnings during tho twelve inontha of active duty immediately preceding his death, multiplied by tho number of years of continuous service." Tho minimum Is $250 and tho maximum $3,000. BEEF STEERS ARE STRONG TO HIGHER Other Grades Steady to Unevenly Lower—Hogrf Are Also Lower. PRODUCE MARKETS Chicago Produce. Chicago, July 14.—BUTTER— Unchanged. ICC. OS—Unchanged. POTATOES—Dull; receipts 73; on track 237; total United States shipments 389; Kansas early Ohlos $2 .25 ®i2.50; Ohio sacked cobblers $2 .60(&> 2 .80; one car fancy $3.00; Oklahoma sacked triumphs $2 .25((j >2 .35; heated $1 .50® 2 .00. POULTRY'—Alive, steady; fowls 19 @22<4c; broilers 2S (S>3Sc; roosters 12c. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, July 11.—Produce all, unchanged. BUTTER—Unchanged, creamery 40@41c; packing 2Cc. BUTTRR FAT-Unchanged, 31c; extra quality 34c. HtiGS—-Unchanged; firsts 2.1c; selects 28c. POULTR.Y—Unchanged; hens 20c; light broi-lers 25c; heavy broilers 32c; roosters 10c. Hutchinson Butterfat (Quoted by Swltt & Co.) FOWLS—4 lbs. and over, 17c; under i lbs., 13c; broilers, 2Vic, and under 25c; broilers, Leghorns and black, 18c. BUTTER—Creamery, 39@40e. BUTTERFAT—No. 1, 34c; No. 2, 31 cts. Hutchln»on Produce. (Quoted by Cart Nolsou.) POULTRY—Hens over 4 lbs., 17 cts.; under 4 lbs. 14 cts.; broilers 1V6 to 2 lbs. 25 cts.; under IVs 20 ots.; sprhiga, 2Vfc lbs. and over, 18 cts.; roosters, 7 cts. DUCKS—Young, 10c;, Gecso young 10c; turkeys, hens 8V4 lb. and over 20c, young tonus 12 lb. and over 20c; old tonu ISCVP gulnas, 30c each; pigeons, 0c each or 75c a doz,; Belgian Hiiroa 8c. EGOS—Fresh, candled loss off, 15 cts. doson. Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted bv- Sunflower Produce Co.) POULTRY: Cocks 7cts.; hcU3 1C cts.; light bens, l-lc.ta.; brollcru 25 cts. Leghorns and blacks under lVu lis., 20 cts. EGGS: 15c dozen. WALL 8TREET MARKET. New York, July 14.—Speculative sentiment unquestionably was better In today's brief session o£ the stock market, tut tha upward movement failed to attract outsldo buying or to provoke frosh buying by professional traders. In fact only a lanqjlid interest was dlsplnyod in the course of •prices and the absence of many trad- •ers over tho week-end reduced doal- gngs to nominal proportions. A mim- Der of stocks Improved 1-to 2 points I with motor accessories, equipments, chemicals, tobaccos and minor steel issues making the best showing. The closing was tlrm. Bales approximated |200,000 sharoB. Now Yorik, July 14,—Prices cori- |tlnued to move upward at the opening of today's stock market. Initial gains |covorlng practically iho oiitira list. Ralls, equipments and oil sharji generally showed moderate advances over yesterday's -final figures, while IStewart-Wariior gained two points aud ' nerlcan I-ce, 1V4. Trading elackeaed slightly after tho opening had been executed but the trend was definitely upward with Industrials and specialties most lu' de- Uuaud. Cuban domlnlcan Sugar preferred roso 3 points, General Electrio l % and American Car, Strom-berg, Carburetor, Dupont and Manhattan Elevated, one^oach. (Foreign exchange rates opened firm. New York Money. New York, July 14.—Foreign exchange firmer. Quotations in cents: Great Britain demand 4.0096; cables 4.60 9-10; 60-day bills on banks 4.57%. Franco demand 5.88VS:; cables 6.89. Italy demand 4.28%: cables 4.29. Belgium demand 4.88; cables 4.88%- Germany demand .0004V4; oable6 .0004%. Switzerland demand 17.37. Greece demand 2.66. Poland demand- .0008VS. CteGcho-Slovakla demand 2.99%. Mc. Liberty Bonds. Final prices auotet. t>y the .„ Naghtcn Loan company today were:*%•::::::::::::::::::••; Sad 4U% m; Brd l%% *„; 4th : U. S. Government 4ii% 4«... 9S.14 03.U 88.16 98.31 98.13 99 .30 Women In Rumania. • London: A woman can be nominated for membership to communal councils in Rumania, but cannot be elected. ....... ARE READY FOR THE ELECTION ON MONDAY Minnesota Voters Are Urged by Three Parties to "Get Out "'• and Vote." St. Paul, Minn., July 14— The throe candidates seeking tho United States seuatorshlp from Minnesota in Monday's oloction rounded into tho homo stretch in their cumpaiging today. Gov. J. A. O. Preus, republican; Magnus Johnson, farmer-labor, and State Senator Jamea A. Oarlcy, democrat, sent out their last minute appeals to the rofers concluding with a idea for a 100 per cent vote. CongroBslonnl leadorB and others prominent In national politics are eagerly awaiting the final returns. If Johnson Is elected ho" will alig^ him- Belf with Henrik Ships-toad, farmer- labor senator from Minnesota a-id Senator Robert M. Lafollett's pro- prosslye oloo. Gov. Preus as a senator would add <.i 4, 4, ^ <$i -5> ^ ^ ® 4, ® 4, $ DUN'S REPORT Kansas City, Mo., July 14.—CAT- TLE--llecoipta calves 200; for week better grades beef, steers and yciirllncn strong to 25c hlghed; other classes of fed steers and grasseve steady to unevenly lower; bulk she- stock steady; plainer ltiud3 I5(t?25c lower; canncrs and cutters closed strong; • bo!ofrnn.s bulls mostly 50c higher; calves around 50o higher; •better grades stockers and Icorlers steady; others sluw und unevenly lower. HOGS-—Receipts 4,000; mostly 15c lower to packers; top $7.25; one lead; bulk of sales $7.0-0<ff7.'20; bulk desirable 190 to MO pound averages $7.15 #7.20; few light lights to shippers' at f6.40 or Sn#-BGV. lower; packing sows 10«/I5c lower; .at $6.00f|i6.16. SHEKB -Receipts none; lambs 50® 75c lower; top Idaho $15.00; closing top natives $14.2C; sheep around 25c lower; Texas wethers mostly $7,250 8.00; desirable native Blocker ewes largely $7.00©7.o0; bulk offered ?S.0O. TRADING IN CATTLE SLOW THIS WEEK Chicago. Chicago, July 14.—CATTLB-Ro- celpts, 1,000; compared with week ago beet steers and yearlings generally steady; extreme top matured' steers $11.50; numerous strings SU.0fl<ji> 11.40; best long yearlings $11.-15; she stock unevenly 85 to 75c higher; spots more on beef heifers; bulls 50c to $1 higher; veal calves losing most, early advance; largely 25c higher; stockers and feeders strong to 25c higher: week's bulk prices follows: Beef steers $9.3uigpl0.66; stockers and feeders $5.75(5-'7.25; beef cows and heifers- $5.75iff>9.15; cannors- and cutters $2.75 «ji4.00; veal calves $10.7r>.JjU1.25. SH10BP—Receipts 2,000; today's receipts mostly direct; for week western run 113 cars; largest of season; compared with week ago desirable fat lambs and culls 25fc'50e lower; sheep steady to stro-ig; closing top western lam>.s $15.25; natives $14.75; culls mostly $#.00<g,8.50; medium and handy- weight owes $5.00©6.25; light welsht upward to $7.00; heavies $3.Sii((jM.50; western reeding lambs $l2.O0(fj)ri.0O; prime natives $9.00@9.25. HOCrS—Receipts 12,000; uneven; opening steady to 10c lower; closing mostly 10<5>25c lower; bulk Hio lo 2-10 pound averages ?7.40(f/7.55; bulk 260 to 350 pound butchers $7.00«7.35; packing sows mostly $5.90!y-$tUO; bulk desirable pigs $6.5007.00; estimated bold over lv.flOO; top $7.00 curly: heavy weight hogs $8.40(5-7.40; medium *«.<«;©•;.00; light 5-'>.-'0'il>".5fr, H B ht packing sowo smooth rough $5.601(5.0u; killing .00. All Grades But the Very Best Were Weak to Unevenly Lower at Kansas City. Kansas City, Mo., July 14.—Trading in cattle here was alow t .hin week and all grades hut tho vory bent wore weak io unevenly lower; receipts wore 43,000, exclusive of 9,500 calves, compared with 30,44-1 last week. Good to choico boot steers and yearltugs ruled 26c higher, while plain kinds wore 26c. lower. Boat steers .-.old up to $11.10; top yearlings $10.75: hulk beef steers and yearlings ?S.50<<(-10.7r>. Bog prices fluctuated considerably and yesterday's dot lino put price levels 15o under last week's strong close. Receipts wore 47.000, against 39,484 n week ago. Top for week was reached Thursday when choico kinds made $7.55; desirable 180 to 300 pound averages closed at $7.30(r^7.40. Sheep receipts w»ro 37,600; compared with 23,530 the week previous. Increased supply brought closing prices considerably below those of a week ago. Hulk native lambs sold at $13.26((T14.00; very few above $14.25. HISTORY WAS MADE l» WHEAT MARKET values. $0.40<S7.-15 ?. 5.70 !t>t;. 2 5: pigs $0.25 »)••; Wichita. Wichita. Kan., Julv 1-1.— uncH Receipts 200; 15 c lower; top 57 15- bulk S7 .0OijJ7.i5. OATTLB-Receipts 200.. Including 100 calves. For week: Choice butchers 15((()25c higher; veals up 50c; can­ nors, cutters, bulls 1047 15c dirtier; stockers slow, dull, unchanged. ~ .;, /.-. <s, <£> <j. ...N -t> <s> 4, -s- -t> -» <?> '•> <i> New York, July 14.—Dun's report savo: /Contraction of demand decline of prices mark the present midsummer period in different branches of "business. A further reduction of output In basic industries also is witnessed and there is a sharp contrast between the slowing down process now and the noto worthy expansion of the first Quarter of tho year, Tho change, howover, Is not unnatural, activities invariably diminishing at this seas on and confldenco still prevails lu many quarters. While new buying has clearly abated, with many requirements covered by the previous heavy purchasing, potential needs remain large and the absence of excessive accumulation of goods Is a favorable augury. Various statistical matters show that transactions continue of substantial volumo in tho aggregate und there is no precedent for the total of carloadlngs reported for tho ned ow June. The re- markahlo freight movement represents orders placed some time ago, rather than current business, but it affords unmistakable evideuco of tho decisive Industrial revival that has occurred this year. Weekly bank clearings $7,029,739,000. Mennonltc Church. Corner of Fourth and Cleveland Streets. Sunday School at 10:00 a m. Worship at 11 a.'in., Bubject "The Power of Testimony". In the evening there will bo a union meeting of tho Brethren Irvin Memorial and our church.- Young People's meeting nt 1:0O p. m. Worship at 8 :00 p. m Rr The Death Penalty. «!y Tho Aa .-iocliite-l Press) Aix La Chapelle, July 14.— A Belgian court martial here today imposed the death penalty upon three German') —Count Von livelier, l.udwig and Kin- gender, and life Imprisonment at hard labor upon a fourth, Lorbeer, on conviction of sabotage. { •ii IIIII —iwillummiiiiiwmiiiiiiliiiiii iiumwfgamagiwgmCTmuiiMi j GOSSIP OF THE STREET .tmmMiii—li—i -waifnmti »illmflirili;i;'(ur .rJmii ...nn.xmn.ilT!Hli3 Seeks relative—An effort is being niado by Sheriff Jesse Langforil to locate a sister of Elmer White. 11a received a message today from tho sheriff at Cloy Center saying Elmer White had died In the state hospital and asking that a sister living hero bo found. —xJ- Can't Berve papers —Deputy Sheriff Harvey I^iugford has some civil papers ho'd liko mighty well to serve. They are in tho units of J. F. Springfield and Malloy, Davis & White against Walter (iruudy. The papers will have to remain in the files of the sheriff's office for a while, it is feared. T.M. Wilson, of Pratt day on -business. Perry Crawford, of Stafford, was hero today on business. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bull have moved to 812 East Shot man street. Mrs. R. P. 11. Wilson, of 404 Avenue F oast, was taken yesterday to St. Elizabeth's hospital for treatment. • It was Just three month;! ago that tho present city commission took chargo, on Friday, the 13th of April. Tho plumbing bonds of M. M. S'.ov- 1 . )nr ens and D. B. Arnold were approved and filed with the city commission yesterday. The rain generally was accompanied Miss Halllo On- and Miss Fnyo Orr of St. Louis are visiting relatives and friends in Meade county. H. P. Ripley, president of Iho Kan ens Gas & Electric Co., from Wichita, and Robt. Timmons, publicity agent for tho company, wero hero today on business. Francis Fubr, who has- been with the advertising department of the Dodge City Globe, is now with tin; advertising department of tho Wichita Beacon. . ' Tho primary department of tho Irwin Memorial Presbyterian Sunday j school will present a program at the I regular morning service, at eleven j o'clock tonuirro wniorning. The First Evangelical church will have revival meetings in October, it i was announced today. Too Rev. Win. MoOrcary of Kansas t'fty will have charge of tho special services. j Rev. H. B. Pratt, of Denver, a form- , er pastor of tho First Avenue Baptist • church, has arrived to lie in charge of the church here uulll tho first of Soyteinher, during Iho absence lu Europe of Dr. G. W. Casnldy, ! Tho appraisers of the Fourteenth avenue paving wero tunned yesterday hy tho City commission and will b" B. M. Moored Goorgo W. I*eo and Bob Briant and they have boon asked to tile their report by next Tuosday. j It was doclded by the city commission yesterday to nnk tho bond hotiscs I to he here on July 24 to mako bids ' on a bunch of bonds which the city 1 will havo for sale at this time. This , will help to get these bonds on the; coming years tax roll. Chas. Thomas, of 224 Fourth taat, who has weak lungs as a result of mill, tary service during the World War, j will loave tomorrow for St. Louis, where he will receive treatment al the government hospital. Mr. Thomas has been employed for Home time at tho City Transfer Co. A largo number of the members of tho W. C. T. U. will go to tho County Farm tomorrow at 2:30 o'clock to hold their annual Flower Mission l>ay. They will tako flowers and candy for the old people there, and will hold a handkerchief ishow or. A program will also-be presented; Mrs. Charles Gardner, superintendent of tho Flower Mission Department 1 B in charge. Pre-War Price Levels Were Attained During Week Over Country. fhlrago, July 14.—History wan made in tho wheat market thin week, pro-war price levels being attained regardless of cost of production. All deliveries of wheat reached the loweet price record for any July since 1914, und the principal delivery, September, dropped to leaving the dollar sign virtually a reminiscence. Arrival in Chicago of the first of the new 1923 crop, together with stoppage of a rearo about possible damage by Mark rust, had much to do with tho collapse of values. Compared with a week ar.o, wheat this morning was Ittsc to 3\4e lower, corn ^t V4c to Vic advance, oats Vic to \- H c off, and provisions 10c to 37c J<nvn. In Sudden Flurry. It was In a sudden flurry near tho close of ono day's trndinc; that, the wheat market first tumbled as low ns $1 a bushol. Dealers bec.uoe imbued with the idea that an niiwieldly influx of new winter wheat lu re might tako place-, inasmuch as Chicago had of Into been the highest, market, in the country. Simultaneously a. cool wave had overspread the northwest and almost putt .'in end to fears which had prevailed that black rust was likely to destroy a big portion of the spring crop. Hasty selling out by owners of wheat left, the market so weak that below dollar prices uo:ct day were Inevitable. Rallies Were Lacking. Rallies which r-uhseipieiuly took place- In the wheat market were apparently lacking In force. Leading trad-ors contended thot. this was largely duo lo recent legislation inlcnded to regulate exchanges. Instead, the effect of tho legislation waa said to have, been the paralysis oT the. vreater of speculative df-mam! that, in the past had carried nt harvest time nnd at other critical Junctures the burden as much as 100,000,000 bushels of wheat. Scarcity of old corn together with d-amugo to the new crop in Texas and Oklahoma lifted corn values and helped sustain the oats market. Provisions went down line with hog Won Empire City De,.rby. Yonkcrs, N. Y., July 11—Pettifogger, with Harries up, today won tho Umpire. City derby with $5,000 added for three year olds, at, a mile and a quarter. MiKmralo-r was .-u-eond ami Little Colt third. Tho time was 2:05 3-6. Ln^s' all sizes h Price Phone— 219-838 CODY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 123-125 Sherman East Automobile and j They wero not afraid—Friday the- thirteenth held no terror for one couple yesterday. Judge Seward Baker granted a marriage license to Jerry E. Troyer, 26 and Doratho Agnes Caldwell, 19, both of Hutchinson, j Couples about to embark on a matrimonial plunge usually ou Friday the thirteenth. strength to -tho Harding admlntotra-, . ...... Hon in congress. Ho has endorsed Wm - Steele will preach. All welcom- tlio -president's program. The senator, e(1 - J - J - Plenert, pastor, elected Monday- will servo out the un expired toi-m of Knute Nolson, who died last May. Tho term ends in March, 1925. , SANTA FE ROAD CONTINUES THE DEATH BENEFIT PLAN Topolca, Kan., July 14.—In announcing the continuance for another fiscal year, from July 1, 1928, of the Santa Fa Railway Company's death benefit plan for employees, President W. B. Storey In a statement Issued hero today, stated that in the seven years the death -benefit plan has been operative $1,671,000 has been paid to 1 widows, cWldreu aad «ther benendar- * 1 - :'-'•' : ••'-.:?:• 81 Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, July 14.—HAY- cars; unchanged. ALFALFA — Choico $20,500)21.00; No. 1 $18.00019.00; standard $10 .50© 17.50; No. 2 »1I.60(&> 16 .00; No. 3 $9.00@11.00. PRAIRIE—New, No. 1 $12.00® 13.00; No. 2 »10.00@U.60; No. 3 $8.00 ©9.60. TIMOTHY —No. 1 $15.50® 16.00; standard $14.60® 16.00; No. 2 $13.50® 14.00; No. 3 $11.00@13.OO. CLOVER—Mixed light $16.00; No. 1 $14.50©15.50; No. 2 J12.00@14.00, Woman Owns Vineyard. Paris; The first American yoinan to own a French vineyard Is Mre. B. Brotz, late ot Now York, who haa set- tledlln Nlc*. Cotton Market, New York, July 14.—Spot cotton (inlet; middling 28.00c. Cotton futures closed barely steady. July 27.23<i>25; Oct. 24.17&20e; December 23.68©71 INVESTMENTS ? We Suggest First Mortgages on Real Estate. -ask McNAGHTEN! |:i!llllll]|lllllllll!!ll!llllllilllllllllll!lllli!llli:!llllil!!i!!IH I Spend More Time Out of | 1 Doors 1 Seeks to stop judgment—Suit wnfi filed today In district court by Ralph Dixon against Jesse Deck, constable, Judge of the Peace H. P. 11. W'tkoii and H. L. Epperson to restrain levying on a Judgment recently given Epperson In Justice Wilson's court. —x— Two seek divorce—Two applications for divorce wero filod In district court today. Hello Doldrlch sued Roy Deldrleh ulloglng desertion and May lis; wiikot -Bon brought action against!— Camping Equipment, GlltlS, AlVUUlitioil Johnnie Wllkurson, charging cruelty. IS . . „ , A . In the latter petition It Is alleged tho j =s lackle, Lroqiiet, I CUU1S, (jOll (jUOUS defendant beat and kicked the tilaln-1 ™ tiff. One divorce Visit Our Sporting Goods Department || Fishing 25 granted by 1 — Judge Falrcbihl this morning. It was in the suit ot K. B, Woodson against Hlidegard Woodson. _ A woman can become a barrister In Uruguay, but not a magistrate or Judge. Brunswick Phouoerapb.- Wiley's. -Rorabaugh- 14-11 Sporting Goods of All Kinds J. C. O'DONNELL Corner 4th tod Main We Deliver

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