The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 6, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1859
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THE VOLUME 30L TOE DAILY NEWS.'Jjt SHAKPSTBIN A L.&THKOP. BIJTS BmU>IKO,OS *U«C* Ball; Paper, published erery morning, except Monday T^««Myr«per,JKoBdaj,We*Bei4ar*Bd Friday. Weeklr P»per, rrery WMatfday manner TERMS Ot 1U1I.T JAMB. D8BJBS OF TEl-WSBttT PAMS. TEEMS OFTKE WXEKUT BUS*. Weekly Paper for one year, payable In adtance. .$1,C<> MATES «F ABVEBTmKtt JN DAtt/T I square, 1 day.. 1 do. ' 8 days, 1 do. 8 dart 1 do. 4 days 1 do. C d»T» 1 do. lw«et. 1 do. Sireek. .. t do. 8 Irak*... WO 8,00 MS do. Imonthi.. 10,00 BO. Sjoonthi.. 13,00 do,, Smenthf" itfO do. » month*-. 80.00 do. I year.... NEW ADVERTISE Company No. B, we were startled at hearing bell toll two or three times, 'and th$ door 1 idng open, we went into find oat who was killed »t the celebration on the 4th, but were dlsap. pointed In onr B^eotatlon of a "horrible ao- ddent" Item, as there was nobody killed « hurt. We learned, however^ that th« be a hanging affair to tab place there as the company had procured a fine „,,.... «hm»Meneely'sJ'<mndry,,!rn>y*-«Bd werejw- paring to hoist It into the belfry, ',/ Rounds & ADVERTISING AGENTS, I 65 Bandolpb Street, aft avQiarlna to rt- ceive AdceriUmeHit Jbr t*(t a*a OU On faptft of ike XorfkteMt, atA an At «.UBmn.r ay&arittdAftnUi* On ifortitteta/or majority tfOttm. iNTOWlf AND OUT OF IT. MABK 11 POKEROY. Batter. ifcieorolofftcal Becvnt, for Julys,'» kept by 0. H. QABMHEtt ft DO, arnf»l»ta,« Spring 6 A. M. «*.*. Jbr Telegraph and^oamereialmatter* *ee Fourth Page. aS?*Th« Madison Patriot has been changed from a morning to an evening paper. SSfBemember the Sable Minstrels to-night, atlyne & Montgomery'* Theater, MarkstHalL J©- Jamea'CawIey, Indicted tot the murder of John Cawley, at Janesrille, has after trial been pronounced "not gnflty." arley Bolt is lecturing on spiritual- Dealing with tpiriti i» ism at Charley's beet Bolt! BoABBise— 'Those wishing « good boarding house, will please read Mrs. son's advertisement in this morning's piper. US?" CHASCB FOE A BAXOAXS:— We call at- tendon to the advertisement of a lot for sale on the corner of Lyon and Marshall streets. It can be had at a bargain, and no mistake. a®- SAFE Ksy Fotrro.— A safe key was found yesterday forenoon in Muriaon's loe cream establishment, 192 East Water street. The owner can hare it by calling round for it 939 IDS., and gfres out a good tone to the key P. Book aad Ladder Company Ho. a haV^ also a bell coming. Messrs. PttWn & &on t on Walkers Point, are the agenta here. ,' , iQP»€xxn Boss nr SCHOOM.—It is indeed InterMftagto watch the daily papers *»r M- 0 onnU of crimes. Within the past year', the variety has been fall large, and the different grades and classes go In schools, like herring. For instance, xome time since, the Key tragedy was enacted, shooting sedncers of woman's firtne became all of« sndden very ftshi^nahle, and since the mnrder of Key, upwards of-fefty difeentpersons^we hare accounts »f, have been shot,, or, for paying more atlen. tion to others' wires than law «nd Custom sanoUons Hadjome poor wood-s»wyflj; shot the defiler of hifmarrfage bed, no one wpolo* tare noticed it 5 but a member of Congress doing it, made shooting rakes a 'faihtonabU amusement. If the President—a opposmg him to be the leader—had shot a man for »kke ofinse^ the ejumple having been «tt in so high a rlaoe, half the bJuabands in BOOM localities would have been either pepperiagjtjway si •ome poor susceptible felloje,- or jrould bt dodging around Jtrees-themselrea to esoapiMsk' contents of a Colt or Derringer! -NotLlnglikt example. Next after the shooting of Key came a large robbery in New York, and in less than a month the papers were foil of accounts of lesser burglaries. Then came a report that some sharpers bad made half a million of dollars, by putting forth stolen bills on an eastern bank Shooting and robbery were then past one aide, and for weeks we had scores of accounts of the uttering of bills on some broken tank, or counterfeiting bills on a good one.— Then came a diabolical wifemnrder in Georgia. dance passed of pleasantly enpnghj though not in the grand style{.advertfs3d " pert. reinar1»bly toe, though cool, indOTerybody seemed bo to enjoy themselTes. .The ^wasting of ^pow'da^f Commenced on Sunday efenlng,in ? somerio>^ 4«i^_ ___ * A%__ .i.** _ «. ___ ti* ,_ . • • ?. " l i C lions of the irity, -and was revived Monday morning." At sunrise; a .therewas also'a general belts. A.large amount of «rwn- been cat tn the ooMtry.'tnd^uttlpln'ftor^,^ SmMMW •rtrfintjiisa'•*•*•<- &A..X j^t£.^]?L. "* A •.-LI* IiJ *~ «"* many mldenoesandpUossof ly in the Second, Sixth, First and «aBds-«onTerting the paTementa Wards into shady walks, •" Many bnildiagaand fessels ware decorated wiUiJUgs-^he-EeT*nue Ontterte^arflbular being covered withhan-l flers. " -" " ;V ." "'',• " '"''"• ' —" ' ^ 1 v »\-oJj*, =- The procession was a fciluw.- The Turners went toWmtamsbnrg, and many other too^ oiationidld' ; aot appear,at alir';*he|enghie oompanies with the drayinen, batchers and, Abstinence Society, proceeded 'tfjrough the streets,,"on tbrelr.own hook." The military aid the same—marrtiinp K about the " " l ' ing order r the Stiff ofOffloers; the Oapt. George; the Artillery, Oapt. Hertibjwgi Milwaukee qity Band; Milwanlwt' Mgh> Guard, Oapt. Starkweather; CitlfenM Corps, Lfaut. Kimball; Union Guards, Cap t. Barry; Moutgofflery.^Guards, Oapt. Burke; Junean Guards, Capt; Starr; yager Companies At latfolook M., a national salute was fired ftf Ow IdwauWArtillery Company, i Kr. ArnoM-did not speak in th^ Court ifcasre, at was advertiaed. Jndgft ' for wrftin, and'after a — fp I* rti —i—— ™«~» - ~i-M plater" of-aukkestash, will giTftimpressfoni *f aettral tKJngs. - J ^i ' ^i;j *? t. - •gwu %t Fonddu Lao, and felt my inner. 1 m«ttgl«ard swell tew the very verge of bnstln for^oy wieh I hesrn Oorenor Bandallnlaayi dafetheeffloaoy of the atonement, Tfeltjikft strilln' «M almighty attitoode end expUin- &&£ Ni>irlx)rd, l«tt«t though thaPluggltts depart hf considerable haste, for his eyeshave, thy>«aUra«on, *nd the tbU pase»g»of llWptar, whish salt J'^Wiille-'tfieeandleoontmnento i tBowf" ffoumyJH^rfT "^ comli I . .GfitEATi, IIBA^Ji ,flAl>£- OE SATS, atfa,.MOJ?£STTa* BTBJLW GOODS- ! A i '»Jo««Yjfiietfoa.«*MB« t TJ»^l Sprint. ««««, o* •A-'ftHay awtttar. Jw? lOtt, M -14 tWoOr, I Vni •ell at aatUon by tlu e»M, loOVua. stnir Bait. C«p» and Btr»» Oood* la (nterd, '. 7 it attention tt dealen i»l»trtloaiarfrrtqa(rt»d to thb itoek u Ui*y tr* all ' ' TerBieaAoa .it* >, , r, J, BOgP.ipcBroeer. 5 CORNER l^OT.'JEfOB BALiE. TIKT'diUftbU. IWW'lilrf, MHcr Of tyonand . ' j ottma j«-3tr a BOABDINQ. I , . -wUB. Jhefrr Udlcccu be aeeoamo- »S5 HAM B?CB£ET, ,, . eniH men can h» Te room, »nd ffow ilx to ten day boanta* ca<f1>e»ec9Bimodat«d.'oa'rraMiiabia : teratr.- ' much 1 That o JmoAer-rberallr of '.good Jtsger"., He ain't yet pnsted-on the most efieotooalplan; 1 l 4ft»«iesnppsr at the Festival, and a flf» soloft V KsJ6r.Sobbmsdn r the ting was kiear^ ed, ! konrtaenced The jaooompanted by~l to Ohfoago on Sunday evening,'wd The papers were full of It; trad now Ittoaj. most impossible 1 to take up a dafly n wspkper without finding an account of some most diabolical mnrder of wife, and, in some Instances, children, i Within two weeks, we have noticed four cases in this State, that of Rettig being the last, three oases in Michigan, three in Illinois, one in Iowa, two in Minnesota, two in Canada, one in Pennsylvania, two in Ohio, five in the State of New Fork, and as many more in the city. '. The meansJhave, in every Instance but one, been poison or shooting.- In the case of Bet. tig, who shot his wife, then killed himself, in the late case near Detroit, and in six or seven others, powder and ball did the wont. In 1 one case the fiend Crnc* TOB SUE.—C. C. j Britt advertises the Badger i8tei»los*~,-«rf. Tortage, for gala- -We cttrnotlcnow on what j had -»a*rf«n>irt » short time; in another«"» poisoner a clergyman-It many "of our oJtlMM spent the Fourth in the more quiet country towns. The Gardens were crowded in the afternoon by soldiers an.3 firemen—of the foinwr we noticed two oompanietjpreceded by a band.march bravely to the attack of the Milwaukee Garden, which they doubtless took by storm. 1 FBOOKBBIOH 01 TH1 X. O. C. This farcical procession was one of the features of the day. About fifty fancifully and outrageously dressed men appeared mounted on mules," under the direction of Brick Pomeroy. It is impossible to describe their cos' tumes, as each one was different, some representing oonrtten, demons, old women, monsters of the deep, &e., &o. They were nearer a burlesque on the Carnival procession than anything else we can compare them with.— There was also a burlesque representation o the Peak Family, called "Petted Family," mounted on an old cart, and accompanied by cow-bells. Their immense 64 pounder also created a great deal of amusement, it being* huge piece of sheet iron, about twenty feet long, rolled up like a large saw-log, labelled ,"8ebastopol,"and mounted dated terms, but know it to be a good location for business. AKOIEER lex BOAT ISTIKHD.—The Chatfield (Wxrn.) Republic says one Dr. A. H. Trow i^ constructing an ice boat for winter travel on the rivers, which is an,improvement! on Wiard's invention, and proves itself by its appearance a complete success. •••'... PiE«—AtKOsr—When the printers of the Banner arrived at the office yesterday morning, they found a fire Just breaking oatin the Editor's Boom of that estahHshatent; Thiy sncceeded in extinguishing it before much damage was done. was given in a glass of wine jln another, the husband leagued with a physician to destroy his wife, that he might recover the insurance money on ; her life. Wife mnrderiis all the go now." What will cotae next, ofwhere this mania wfll end, no one knows, but when • : ' cannot be— flbmes up, this wfll cease and a subeditor, with * stupid nan to keep him in proper check, end direct the general policy |of the paper, he has no superior among the Journal, editors of th* • Thus speaks the Journal of Calkins, late editor of the late Madison Argut. According to the above role, there is no oOo« In Che State so well qualified to keep Calkins in "proper check, 3 ' as the JbunjoZofflee— three remarkably stupid men being now engaged in directing the policy of that paper. B.—About half pan eleven o'clock Monday eight, before the town had fairly got quieted down from its 4th of July commotion, a fire broke out on the north-east corner of Jefferson and Detroit streets. The building was owned and occupied by Charles Lane,who had & grocery in the building, and lived up stairs. The fire soon got such headway that it was impossible to aare the building, and It was entirely consumed. Mr. lone'* -total loss in building, stock, Ac., was over $2,000, and he was insured perhaps a little over half his loss. His insurance is divided up^ad Is in theJBnt, l«mar, and State Fire companies. A man time the wicked, and 'depraved; will the wake of some newj"lnventor" of crimes, or resuscitation of old «nes. 1 he curious tirill find something Worth their while for studying over and speculating upon in watching the difr ferent schools as they float past toward the gulf of time. The more horrible the criine, the longer it runs. Something startling— horrid— diabolical— devilish— fiend-like, some- think requiring all the daring and courage ft man has to carry it on to completion, attract* attention to that particular deed, «nd people think of It till tempted to try it themselves.— Common stealing Is low. / Foiling has tab been of as frequent an occurrence for a long time u for three months immediately following Huntingdon's trfaL Desperate mur- dart were common for six weeks after the mnr. der of Burdell, when robbing the mails took the place of assassination, that species of crime in turn giving way for something different.— Let the readers of papers look to this jfor ft while and see if it is not so, and then give a good reason. ty the name «fcBamsey, lived in * bnflding just east, on Detroit street, wklch was burned a good deal on the side. Banner had some furniture burnt and considerably damaged ty water. & Co. have laid <m onr table the Knickerbocker and Eclectic Magazines fortLii month. This number commences the fifty-fourth volume of the Knickerbocker, which stands unritaHed ftmongst the Magazines of this country, ft is the most genial and fresh of any of the manr excellent monthlies puHSsaea in this eoantry. "Those who wish to take it wiH, of course, *,pl pneciate the importance of'commencing with the present number. The Eclectic Is an excellent magatlne. RcontaiMft selection from the best material in an the range of pubfica. tions. Those who cannot afford to take all the magazines and Beviews, cod wry few can. will find in the JSolectio nearly mUthat is truly a^bleinthOT,*tfttrifiiag«xpBflit. Tarn* * Co. are prepared to furnish, everything in the newspaper and periodical line, of the latest issue, at thtfr depot, one door west of the corner of Main and Wisconsin streets. .-For the tion of publishers andprtmen.wenftwopened **.*• **«*• •*»• — A 'vaoQemaa -whe ^rwt came orer «»S<rnthetD Mtohigan Boad/eari four more 4«dI>adialt>«T9 tsendlMoTewdat and new work. Oflateweaswjwseiyed* ____ _ letters from both jours end publishers, asking for places or bands, aad itemfter will keep posted. Those wishing help wfll what Mod of hands they wish, aad what wages fl«y can W.^hfle tto» wishing work, wfll write us, girang their address, years A the bu- ' zioess, whether with or without a family, eto. imh!n* r manthweIarej)TO»redgooa*^]^1bKoiHBgi „ ^ tions for quite a number of t^t^ 1 »A e ^db'^ t 'j aiie ^j^j t ^^*^J: fefora others whew work Is tote had. flood { of tnete specie ^jOw »^tialuSd haute aw always fc demand,and anything ' """ Corretpondence of the Hem. - V MBHASHA!, July 2, '6 To thi Editor of thtffewt: N • ' This morning onr village was the scene of considerable excitement, arising from two on- usual occurrences. People with hurried steps and anxious countenances thronged onr side walks and lepalred to the scene of what seemed*, rash act. Old men shrugged their shoulders, young men looked knowing, and crinoline flattered. Messengers were'despatched for the physician and coroner, who arrived with breathless haste, to fulfil the several duties, The docks ware.jthronged with people, and numerous were the enquiries as to the cause of the deed. Bat alarm was somewhat aispeled, for upon cutting U down it proved to be an "Effigy" decidedly Iife4ike, which, •ome parties had attached to the "rattling" of » yacht, whoso owasr had displeased and who took this course for revenge. Attached to the Effigy were the words, • "villain, scoundrel, this is. your Hate." | Spiritualism is finding more advocates in this community than, of yore. <A large two story dwelling house was removed from its foundation and safely deposited across Main street, and no person can be found who knows anything about ft; tpWtoallsts have renewed faith in their, belief, and assert that this is but one of the several manifestations; nevertheless there might have jfcen «pwtt*present for aught I know, bat report says, ihst extensive firm Foreclosure, Swrlff & 'Co., held a demand •gfclnst the prejaSses, but the property being averw to a ohrageof «wners, J by^the aid of perhaps some *pWto and considerable elbow grease moved across the street, When Witt wonders ceass? , , .Tows truly, OSTOKAOOH: \ from , and was followed through the streets by an immense throng. After parading an hour or so they drew up in front of Albany Hall, aifd were addressed by Pomeroy in his usual off-hand style, while the Petked Family in the cart played on their bells, and the Peak Family in tire hall on theirs — They again moved, tud Jluaily went up Sprir.e street hill, and out to the racea. They created a vast deal of amusement wherever they went. ; '. YTHB DISMB AT TH1 JtlWHALt. The NeWhall House dining rooms, from two until four o'clock, proved.the scene of another great action. Messrs. Kean & Biee served up one of theirlcst dinners, which was partaken of by a large number of clUsens and gnests.-- Tbebniof fare embraced the choicest delioa- cies of the season, from * frog's leg to a spring chicken, and added atlll more to tha popularity of the Hewhsll. The American and Walker also served np excellent dinners, which were well appreciated by those who partook thereof; IHlaAClS. A large number went out to the Cold Spring Baoe Course about 4 0*010611, to witness a trot for a purse of $60, advertised to come oft; between T. C. Cole's sorrel horse and Powell's brown eolt. The sorrel tons was the favorite at first, although the friends of the oolt wen very confident, and accepted all the bets offered on the first beat, the sorrel came in ahead, although the driver complained that the oolt bad fouled him, and two spokes out of his snlkey. Time 2:40. ,\ . On the second heat, the sorrel came fn ahead again, but after a long deliberation, the Judges •awarded the beat to the oolt, because of foul driving on the back stretch, by the sorrel's driver. Tfme2:46. This caused a great deal of dissatisfaction among the friends of the latter, and he was temporarily withdrawn, A heat on time was then made, by the colt—0:43. After some discussion, the sorrel horse was induced to enter the field again, with-the understanding that the sorrel had one heat an,d the oolt two. Both horses had a good start, and kept nearly neok aid neck until about half way around, when the eolt took the lead and kept Hall the way" borne, ISe sorrel breaking' np badly. r Time, 2:42 1-2, TMs gave <he colt tha pone, although there was much dispute! n reference to the fairness of thence and tbe different derisions of the judges, each horse having about tbe same number of friends, although on the but heat the popularity of the oolt wujBuch increased. The race was productive «f much ill-feeling and was tbe most unprofitable proceeding of ti» day. genii globed each a woman like «bWdoeaa Jnna bug,and;as'jf sut|Ju naif b'lt W both In STttslpart,' *n»t off like mad. Bapk'they went, and then inthen bit'em in their vital parWagto.andtbeJkaholoff In Some other direction, *n" masse." - Then suthln Ut >em wdrse than, ever',' and the Whole crew went jraoW' round so yon kotd&ft «ea 'wneoareeljCfortio It. .was riffi* clter, riff-r cite, rlfler oif- ferall over the floor; bob, to'Sob, to bob, and^ giggle to giggle :to'giggle, snthing bltlu them.kontinnally. in. tbeif vital parts, until the angry oat gu( yelled for a stop. And then they went it all oVerlagain, the gents, sonwof them, jerkin np and.down emphatically, as though they wanted to shake autbin onij of their janta and off of their butes. She women slid, and skipped, and wiggled over tbe floor like greased angles, holding ap their go«i samer deeds as though they wanted to give a not very distant Impression of the better 'and; and JT swear they did it to perfection. Ihav'nt yet got over the shiftin vision of half revealed loveliness, and little feet and so 'forth gyrs, tions linger quite konsiderably. Some of the bloomers reversed, took tne rite strate back to the day* and bisiness okknpation of my cbilft hood with overwhelming emoshions Bui ths wain prostrated me intirely. Suob ! an Invention for hoggin other men's women, was never surpassed. Sneb a whirling, bob. bug, male and female, stream of male and female pants, was never t kontrived for earthly enjoyhwntv. It would hava conquered Blob, mondj the Conqueror, and showed 'the craned Luthb-thft-W-*— jf*»*jx*t*"6l Bight and KefortnaUon. Some portions of < tha perform* ancewas quite elevating. Joy and several other,things was anoonflnod and all was merry as« married bell. The women flung their banners in tbe breast, and as they went round, rising and swelling like ships on ths tillers, their colors teemed to roll/out at half mast for snthin dying, dead or dejjarted. Dresses and'other tilings too numerous to mention, and coat Uil«, etc., rose and fell like .a whole washing of household garments in the wind. U became di«y with emotion/ >nd wished: as how Iwasia member; of ll)rj,:.-;a Uuard sol I could have an interest in Go*. Bandall's petitions at the j throne of and dronned myemotions^in Ot] SHGBfl-F'S SALE. (It l ' '*-• " r ObnttConrVUHwukM Omity. t • T ' '. ~, /aaea&Brewa, ": '•' • - : '" 4 • t * ,f rf^lnitl t^ i bust 1. Hentnrg, Jo«UIi A, N 000*0, PttwHcNib aad Andrea Key*. , * ^ M Time of and tmnoiot »i a judgment fe&dered la «al4 Oottrt, ta the above estttM aeHoa, SateoT Jiuu aary 13,1858, l»hall wmote^or saleaod eellatpubuo »Beton,mtflie tW Offloe In the oto of Milwaukee, on the hear of t r. *. of thai day. waukee, on 1858 oessarj to raUe the amoant of said jadgmest, interot and oofti,*ogetht* jriththe expenses ofiale. to wit: • "AH that pah of the weat half of tte tonth- Jo»i 23, 1869. JKmr*. JStrlimo4£nuu> :• e«nUMDfrItiik« pleuora Ut «mte« that I a«d one of ronraafetln my office taTo^nj^ Btoc», end Hut on bdnj opra«d thl» moralas «ftar Uwflra., Tie; books were found to b« oni-Jared 'Inifte of the coTer*,- and none ef the p»p«n dtitrojeil, »ad only low «f them «llglit!7 et»tred, , , ' Ai the'Sefewat one of the noalleet t'te, and the 8t» a tetj hot one; t thlot'jonr safe ttooct the tat reiuon- ablewell. _ -• ' 1 *1 amyoantrol/, , JeS3-dlv ' ' ' '. . 4. p. CLABSJl NOTICE TS BZKEBf fittn that a meettag of tHe Stockholdars M. In tme gveda Iron Company, will he he d at its office In the City ef Milwaukee, on Tae*Ujv the jecond day of Aognrt next, at.2 o'clock r. >., for the pat;po« at electing Directors far the en»ulcs jeir, Injnmuanco of a 8(ookhotder>» call, and of a resolution of the Board "of DIteetots of «ald Company. H.COWL£fl,8««rct»ry. . Milwaukee,Jane28,. 1859. -. je-'0-doiw4w quarter «f*c8an nnmber ntte (9),-ta !ll"P "!?» (Ov «t **»f: twea«r-two 132), ' poauded ai foDowt, to wit: commenriug «t me lobta-tfeftcornerofjahltfathSlfoftbetoQia- " «M»on tbeJOatH.Ua* tnerw* UnClOJohilia; thep?e north ten n«) ckalns; thence we* ten ,• (10) ebalas to UKrwert line ot the nut quarter 1 Metioa,aodaeitfteioatatea(IOleatin>totbe l • pU«»ef bfeatanlftf , cobtattUif Uft 00) Sam, ,one half ttewldii W a ' WS-e Attorney, -8o«ln9w f J •1S6*. time of day. IsWat Dated Bherhr* OtScf, ktlfwaakee, Jolr 3, 18SO". ' ' " ' ' ' J ' •AiJ.itNSWOBTHT. ir» _ ., • , ntas m. Co , wk BTATB ov wiscossnr, i - Circuit Ooort, MUwankee OtmBty f ' '- Aldmo L. Kane, ^ , amlntt John B. Wlmore, Oeorfe W. Pecklam aud Oubert Roe. fortclosnre. TS Tlrtae of add parnant to a judgment rendered Is S-*^,. 0 ?^. 10 tte ** OT » entUled action, dated "—"-" "W.IihaUexpoieforaaleand »ellatPnb- .t the Post-OBce tn the dtr of MUwankee, on >arardar, Uie eddar of Jalr 185»! at the hoar of S r. «„• ot that day, the followlni described mortgaged premlan orso mncb thereof u mar be necessary to ralso the amount of aald judgment, interest end cesu, together with the expense* of sale, Juan Baehanan, The Propeller or (teamboat Beneca, her engine*, machine ' In AdmlraBty. ry, boats, tackle, apparel and fnrnUnre. - ' B f Tlrtoa of a writ ofT*ndllloal eiponaa. Issaed out Of and under the seal of lie District Court of the United Jtattiifor the District, of Wisconsin,-! shall expose for n'e aao* tell at Babilc Auction to the highest bidder for cash, on board ot the said propeller or ateamboat Seneca, Ijlng'at Superior in said district, on Irldar, the eighth day of Jaly, 18i», at foar o'clock In the afternoon, the propeller or steamboat Seneca, her engines, machinery, boats,' tackle, apparel and furnl- tars, a she now lleavla the harbor' of 8uperlor, In the Oojrnty of Dooglas^ InaJd District ot Wisconsin, condemned at the snlt of James Bncbanaa. Marshal's Otlce, Milwaukee, W!s.. June 18; 1859. JeZS^lSt M. J.THOMAf, 0.« Wanhal. , r u . , NOTICE. ; , . Cm CovmoLum's Orrroa, I Contract Department, Mil., Joly 1,1859. / rpB< following described lo« in the 2nd Ward, o'f 'A ths Kty of MDwankee, >f <-^«olutlon of tBe Com- men Cooncll, adopted Joae-' ^X9. were deeUrad pub-' lie nal«»ace» by resson oi n ".i» u ,t stagnant 1 water thereon, and salj nolaances of..-r-J to be abated within 20 days fromtbls date, Tit: ' ' ioi», block 182; tot»i,8, '. r (lt;Us*AlS. block 183; lott4ao4».block«5;lDtI«,block 4$ lot«, block 33; 1«»4, «, f, S X S, M mod 13, block S?; lota 9,10, ll, 13 aud ULblock *fclot lo, block 48; lot 1, « T3 ft of 2,5. eaziarttSSftOfWMftoflBandlS.MockiC; 820 ft of lOVo and lot I. Block SO; lota S, S. >, 10, 2}iof1l,l3 and 14,block 137; W loo ft of lot 3; W 1«0 fl of 3,7, U and S W ft of lot U, lo block 35. Owners and ajtenu rf theabore descrlbtU proper y are henby notified to abate said aulsaacts within the time named abore or the Street Commissioner* of lh« 3d ward, WIH cause thossme to be done andichxrzed to the rapeetlTe lots: according to law. ' ' Jyl d6t ; t. t'H.6ASDLVSB, Cnmptrollei. SEAT/OF PKltJK 'TWKNTY-KIVK CT3. At Strickland 3s, •T!ti&_,Map,.<:ifli.pT3!ienda the whole region or country, on- which tin f resent tear xill ia T H3 Stales which flgurs on tb» Map nt-i Piedmont ' 4nd; LtfmBardy In the North anddouth of these, to wit: "lot number tlilfteea fl*J and the ea»t thirty [SO] f«t of lot number twelve U], In block nombtr lerenty-eeren t IT), In the Fourth Ward il? of miwaokee, la the Coonty of Mil- 1, ISM. oftheOltyof wankee and State of Wlsconatn." Dated Bherlfl's Office, Milwaukee, A OOD j, Baow» * o«D»ii» A. j. LANQWOHTHT, SVOi Atfys. f BherUtlBl.Co^Wls. BBTTheaio-TBsaleUtereby postponed to Saturday, the 80th day of July, 188S, at tbe same place and time of day. ' r Dated aherllTs OfBce, Milwaukee, July 2,16E9. • . A.J.LA5QWOETHY, JyS BherlgMU.Oo., Wl*. A BIG PILEOF GOODS a Small PUe of Money. OAL.L,; AND EXAMINE i dishesi :of, Mnrison's 1 Joe loeam, and ws conveyed to tte Sen Hall Tarero in a state j bordering on : insensibll|lyi THien thoroughly, recovered from theefleoa; of that 1 waltt, I will kontriborte agin to your kolunms. • , Adew! , . ' BNOfcPLTJGGINGS, / • ' ofPlnggingsTille. BUTTON'S! Clothing Establisliment i\O 5, JVE We ALL HOUSE. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. - . • CITT ConraoLun'3 Ornc*, I Contract Department, June 80,1359. ( A LL proposals for city work must be directed to the node-signed,'sad.particular care tikta to state upon tbe enretope the Ward In which auch work IM located, and the nature of the work to be let. , : JeSO-dlOt . r x J.-H. GABDCraa. Comptruller. Boiu> 8:izn C urxisiiosns, BOB Wian, i Milwaukee, June 3u; 1359. f A ILpersoni who bid off werk on ths Utltlra ., to abate; a nuisance npon'th» following lot*, In the 6th Ward of the City of Milwaukee, to wit: Lota 1,8, 8, 4, Mock 2T, WsJke a Point* 2 anrf 3, bloc* 6, W alkers Polntv unfinished parta of block 7 and 9, Walker Point; |otj« Jock 12; lou 5,« and 7, block 27, lot9,blockU lot T, block 12; lot 9, block 1J; lots 2, 3, 9 and >, block J? 8 .. to , W .** eri /« oln ': '°' «. >>"><* T; lots 2 and 3, b ?** fi lot> * * n<1 "• Uoi:It 5: loU 1, 3 and 4, bloik 37, all In Milwaukee proper; lot 3, block »$ *est X lota land|,Woek 108; fot 10, block 27; lots 11 and 12, Uock 85; lota 4 and:13. block 7 ;; loU 4, 5 Wd 8, block 84 Walkera Point; lots' 12 and 8, block 6; tots 5 and 8, Woek 5, Milwaukee; proper; soatb % lot 13, block 7; lot l^blecltS4, Walkera Point, are hereby noticed to come toward wlthto ttre day» v from this date, and commence saw work and finlstt the lame with all reasonable dta- patcn, of which the undersigned era to lodge; If not so commented the work will be again let . y this Bo»rJ. * JI ^ , Modena, Carraro, Laooa, anil parts of Tuacsny aoU iho Papal atates. . Oh. tho north' »a hava ;;ltmpsea of 3«it*erland ana the Tyrol; on thswestlha Alps ihut ouc.tae scene from 7ranc<; on the east 19 K<S Adriatic Tho war will evidently, te co»flne<l within thwa limits. The territory comprised 'In Lombard?, Venice, fle<l- mont and Savoy, Parma, Moilena ancTTtaoaay, shough not quite »* large a» the State of New YorS, oontalnla? a. population of, nearly 18,000,00ft jonU. Of'.hese, only 4,000,000— Sard nlans— are fretf from lha direct or Indl- rent swayof -Aostrla.- Lorabardy, which la psrtof :he Austrian empire, and wlilch Is, In jomo respect, !h» flntsv country— In point of natural idvjntages — in :h? world, contains a population of 5,000,000. It oaco itaa twlee or thrice as many. Tae Austrtras crossed tha Tlolno, we aro toM, « three points— threatening Norars, CMale and Vcrcclll and further north, Brtlla and Jorca; and tha northern extremity of the railway from Arom», on taiio iJai?glor3 to Genoa. Of 'these points, the only onu of my strength In Casale, fralca 1« »a Importaot military position, and has been strengthened at considerable '.--i- pense. It te the nesre: S »tron<r place to Iho Lombarl frontier^ and waa la olden -U" c« the'jccno of many 4 conflict. Tbe population at tha last census wa3 'J1,UOO. SoTara Is.' nntortlfletf, Shsmgh i glacfr of noto, with about 20,000 Inhabitants. A railway connecia Novari with Turlni The Sreflch haya eatered Piedmont on twu .sides— by tha MontCenla and aenoa, 3*llroad3 from Susa'anil from Genoa will anablo Ihcmj 1 If they choose, to concentrate: thelr.forces.on Turin in a few hou:j.— The Uenora road passea through Alejjanilrla, '.Thicti, neat to Genoa, M ihe stron'gcn place in Piedmont; 10 that, If It be.thought adrfssble, one carp 'Farmee may moTe'dlrectly ndrtBward from 1 thsnce. Ther 9 »rs alao Broads from -Alessandria and from Turin io Vorcein, .which would enable fKa'?ftnch t'd 'o.lfect 't&elr ir°op» there-»Iio>!.Thaflr3f'battiB;of;Uie present c»mpngn waa fought at.MbntebeUo.jlajsaiat. Thereat ijsttie Which decided the fate of -Vapoleon'J 3rst Italian cam- peJgn,wa» fought Jane 14,1 SCO, on tha plain of Morongo within sight of the fortress of Alexandria. je^o Cm Coirrraoi.ia'3 , Contract Department, MU., July 1,1859. Delved at this oiUca tl SALED proposal! will be rcce! g-Ul'.Wedneaday,- July », 1SS9, »j-ui.iY»aneaaay,-juiy 8,1SD», atlO>{A. a., for fur nlihlng eajrth lobe delivered at auch tlma'aml (.!»<:« in Uxe2nd,WarB,ofthet!liy of Mllwaukoe, at tbe direct Comml stoners may direct. S. L'H. GAEDINSa, JJI-d4t . City Comptroller Cm CoiiTTXQUJU'a GTJIC*, i COHIUCT Ds?iirs2jiT, July 1, '59. )' CEILED proposals will be received at this -nDcc, un- O tn Wednesday, Ju j Sth, at 10 o'clock A, a., for repairing 7th street, from Poplar to lamaraca jtr«;et, also 8t T street from Tamarac<< to Cedar 3tr-et, m th- 2nd Ward, of the City of Milwaukee. jyl-d4t I. L'H. G/liDlMSU, Comptroller. NOTICK. CITT Co»pTRou.»m's OJJICB, | Contract Department, MIL, July 1,18J9. | J T HE following a a schedule of lota and parta if ; l ,t:i fronting on Beed street, between Lake and O^ou streets In the Fifth, Ward, City of Milwaukee, ind tti- amonnt aet opposite each lot and pars of lot, s Mis benefit to said lot or part of lot, by grading and paving and curbing said street and sidewalks, according to sfia specifications of the City Engineer, on flle in the ->01c* of the City Comptroller. JO&N R08EBECK, HZR31AN KafflGSK, Street Commissioner^. CommUsioners, 5Ui Ward. 60S] SHERIFF'S SALE. ' [New 1 STATI01 WiaOOSbIN, 1 Circuit (Jonrt, Mflwankee County f . E. A. Fallen. Jotcpb B* Tre&t, /' • '" '; *gtlnit Caroline J. tyne, John B. Weld and '' ' • • N Tirtae of and ptrnnant to t> decree r«nder«4 lo the abore entitled action, dated the i • MUWADBW, Jnlyitb,, 1859. EDITOE Nnrs:— ' Wewlib to mention tbronghyoar eolnmna the fccjlthat klndneamand attention to travel- en, finds rare and ever listing resting place in the bearta of all who travel. Coming npfrom Cincinnati the other day, on the Cincinnati K IndianppQlfe BaOroaa, It waa Indeed a pleasure to know that tbe accomplished and I attentive Harry Hall was conductor. If all conductors' were like him, attrnttre, conrteoes l gentlematt- ly anddagreeable,travellng wonlduven betao'rtf than agreeable, Mr. Holland, and Capt. Eari- well, of the Bates House, indlanppolls, whsre we were made to feel soperfectly' at home, and' where we fared eo well, are recorded In pnr album? as men good enough to be lovers, brothers or husbands, to the forest'of the fair. May their lines always be cast! In pleasant places, •, . i '1 \ " 8p*sc«a Hocs» i? at pnWio aacOoe, at Use Post Office la tin citr of Mil- jrWkee, on aatorday, tbe ZU d»y of July, 1B9, at the hour of -2 KM. of that day, the foUowln« described mortgaged premises, or to much thereof a* may be neeeatarr to raise 'the amount of uldjndc- n*nta, inwrett attf eoaa, toftther with expersts of »alr, ta wits . . .••-,. "Tbe north one half eMota number ten (10) and twelre (12), to block ntmber fortMiz («8 ; , to the Bgfith Ward of tbeealdf ity of JUlwan- kee, belnc on Walkert Point Addition to aald • city, lo the County of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin." • -' • Dated Bhaln"i oflee. ttlwaukee, Aurli lyia». FDiBcn, Lm» * MnjJtr, I A- J. LAKGWOETAT, • K»Jnt"t'e,W|onieyi. f ; Sheriff 101, C»-> Via. a,prl-«miQt2ir - ' i ' / " j . BsT" Ibe aboTi sale to hereby .pottponed tofatar- ^ t ' ' NOTICK. . n «. .^ L CrrrCoatpraouas'sOwicsj, J Contract Department, Milwaukee, July 1,185». f RHJ folldwlng lot* fronting on Sycamore street, from L «-h to Tth street. In tee 4th Ward, of the City of sM'«ukee,wllI be benefited to .tha smonnt iet odpoilte eica by gradlilg the' street and sidewalks to the established grade, and plsjnklng.and curblnathe sidewalks. A. H. JOHX TON, J. H. TS3CH,i' Street Commissioners. Block. Benefit*. I ot. 1") 43.M lo 42,31 » 57,16 8 59,16 • T 45.41 S }T23 X of 1 and n 22 X of w x 3 33 of n 55 ^, lot 7, anU > 38 or a SSX of w X tlSXalatZ of lot 7, and f,3X at a 73 or w X N 25 of s 13 of lot 1, and n 35 of s eSatir X " of ».U>atL.kT, ~_k_ »H Lot. a N 17 of s Six at lot 7, and a 17 of s SIX atw X 3 UX of lot 7, and i UK >f w fat. i 9 '3 4 5 79 79 79 79 19 86,23 E-L'H. Block. ea 66 68' <6 63 «6 Benefits. 101,16 173J6 110,00 106,66 92,53, Comptroller STATES MAHSHAI.'S Andrew Johnson, John Beaessey, R bert 3e)l, 8 23X of n n 9!9ofnlOD 340 N30 320 N20 330 S 80 of e 120 S 30 of e 120 jyl-<13t it") 149 •»*•) Block. 10 10 lo JO 10 10 10 10 10 IM.OT u u u 11 11 1*4,40 173,10 M9.JO 125,11 1S5.J1 L'Jl y> '.•j. n uii,;s 118,73 117.J1 ISi.OO E. L'H. QA3UIN22, Comptroller Hiram B. TrnmbaU aat) In the V. S. District Court District of Wisconslu.. • In admiralty. Dated fiberUTs Offlce, Mllwankee, July J, 1»». •. .- ; *. j. iAHOwoatHT, fr* eheria'mi.Co, Wit. onrt,MIlwauke«Oocmty. The Globe Bank,'. Daniel H. Richards,. V. ._.._ . ' .'• ;• , QmrretTIlet, • T «««wUoo..-- . :- JasperVUetand .- f • •; i ..' . ••^•: • >5 '.- john-B-Soiai.: : :• --j;:.-. i,i-.- ;-,-. -..;•/• JL$ the aboTe entltlea action, to me directed and dellT- ered against the penonal and real property of the «Jwj«J"g>«<><lefend*ntt,J haTe aeteed and letted on the following real estate, lying- and being In theOtjof Mllwankee, County of Milwaukee and 8ut« of WUcon' iln, to-wit:' * . "Situate in[the north east quarter of tectlon ir. "• towa7,range!S3, beginning,at thefonth east , corner of said quarter stctlon: runnlnr alone- • • the east.line ft. aald quarter section north toT '• .; point &84 cfaalni fovth of the north east cortex ' of aald quarter section, bttng thetonth east' ' corner of land conveyed, by laid Blchardste ''-.. K! 5??S < IV*« :8cloesft theace,•«im ;io«h Afew Lager FBEfcJ Beer Hall. lent onrSewIa*ter[Bter Han, at No. Ill ater itrtetnTadoaTri north of tteJuneau . trend Prte Warm Lonchjand mpeetfallr requeif;«orrrlendt andthe pnblfe generally! Tto Sit - IBB IA1UIT, at Albany Ball, during tbe day and attraeterl a large crowd, who' were TiJghly delighted -by their performances. PecanUrily, under tbe management of Van, tbe . concert g - ' by the Bohemian Music ' free of charge* .. ». B,— XxceUtnt fret Warn Lunch, «Terrmornln£ from » A ft 18 o'clock. Seml-Annoa! Report of tbe WUeonetn M». rfn«FIntlu.Co. Bamk, Joljr 4,1839. i . i, .. BS800ECKS. . , Loa-ra end Discount*; > i TH» TUUWOUU, / ^ The grand toplaj- of firework*- at ihe Newhall florae In the ewnlng, attraoled 'an fm- mean throng. • Jhe dtopky was **r*ry rape. rior one, some of the pieces being exceedingly briUlantandfasdnatfag, B luted until abont 10 o'clock, and was witnessed by at least 6,(JOO We learn of few or no aoddaWdaring the 4ay,«nd,tbe« was less dnmkeiiiessthanTs usual on such occasions. Bverytilng passed off pleasantly—Just as pleasant as thegloriaus weather ooold tnak« ( itr l^day the,patriottan has all simmered down, and everything has fltoeki atpar jalae*.«.«..»„ 4 , , «34.0001»jt mortgage^.* W.B."K, bonds'it," ..|4S1,192 20 ... 1.M.VI8 20,00000 flpecleji Checks OB Banks, City i Co; orders!-. i!l BIUaofSolTentBantaonh»Bd.,...., .'. BlUaoffinspended «ink» oniani,. ... t i Dae front Banks.. .;.... ,. i«^M40 ,. B7,OS.IOO 16809 .. 19.W9 (3 t«3I,4« SI Capltal-.u.r. ,.,"...,..,,;t. 100^)00 Ofl Regtstered notes recelTed and not returned. ]7 . ' **f- i Kurre ' 85.879 Deduct reglstM notes on hand....... teares registered notes fa circulation. ,...,. 81 AM Ob . ..,. Due Depositors on hand ............ "....,. 80o3o7 M On«» tn Aftiem . _*• • , f CA ft>w <M point S«9 feeteatf of middle of < ro**J thence lontlt 100 feet; thtaee weit 8»» . fj** *?^ dd ^ •'Of«n-B»J road; thence along the middle of said road south ta the south line <tf eald quarter section; thence vat along said •oath lit e of aald ooarter section to beglmUnir, containing. abost 84 aereif^&elngo&theeast side of the Qreen Bay read. ' - , > Also the- 1 fonomng real eitaU alfate In th» aald nortt east quarter of atetioa IT, town I, range S3, beginning at nortb. e«« corner of said quarter section} thenoe wtat with north line of ialdqurteraeetlo&S(kS4 chains to mid- dl. of Green Bay road; ttenee south along mid- , die of j«ld road t86chains tonortbwest corner - afi&ffSSSF**** *• *>"*<• to 'Une of said land . ir«t along nortu . : .-east Un» of said ouarter ^ <eetioa2ajUehau>a;;thene« aorta «18 enalnt • to.beginning being about U acres, and all the right, title and Interest of the said defendant : or eltbef of themln ana to the tald ptelnlie* ' ana »Wjnrtenance» bn-thetenthday of Octo- .' fieorgerorbes, vs. Tie Se'iooner Charley Bib- bird, her boats,. tackle, appar»J and furniture. j • B Y Time of »writ of Vendltlonl bponw, loued out _ cf and under the teal of the Dittr!ct.Court of the United States for the Wstrlct of Wisconsin, I sbafl ei- J 0 !?!^^,*,* 1 " 1 •*" U Publi8 Attctlan ' «^ «he highest ^f : loS?"'' / or C V^ °° Monday, the eJeTenth day Sjf^'o'l 859 ' M lwo «M«* tatte afternoon, on board of the Schooner_ Charley Hlbbard, lying In the Milwau- .?' ^? tt of 'he Onelda street brtd je, at the foot * tre ? t ?v 018 atr of ttlwankA, In the said e tald Bcbooner Chuley Hlbbard, her boats, lU^ 1 * ni1 'n 101 '"". »"--«h-e now lies, coo- demned at the suit of Andrew Johnson and others. **«nh«'« Offlce, MIIw ukee,Jane J9.1SC9. Je8f>d8t »tJ.T30MA?,b.g.Mar S b a NOTICE. : ' 1M J tta « "'^eSt. 6«orie't3o. el * m ""« eleventh, day of July n«t. Celebration of American Soepend' CHATTET, QMO. BOCTHWELt. gec'j. , AtE. B T T T |f ta ^i 0f B*^ U ^ * h * tUI ="»<girema,d8 by . . '"ffcf-S-SeiaeaiMB, lnf»Torof ImanuelSsuer Intheonestry frame building standlna an the kit owned by the heirs .of Henry HOgeiSuW, deceased ll.nated on lart ,Waier street neaV KnSpstreelln tteKrrt Ward, of MHwaukeV, -onThunSy, the 7 h d»rof Jane, 1SB& one Copper Cylinder, JM Iron ^ NOTICE- T HERBBT gt T e notice, that I shall- apply to UwClr- Jv..*V '' IV? '.,".; ?"!*"?" Co . nnt 7. »> the opening of Cm Co«TTSoma'3 Qrr'.az, t Contract Departmnjti Milwaukee, July 1, ISS9. i" y EAIED propoaaJa »111 be received it ihis oillce intu l July 6th, at U i. a., for paving tie gutters in fmnt of pubUc square, on 5th jt , Poplar St., inJ Ce.lar st-, chargeable to ths 2nd and 3tb Ward Psbl^o •quan-, an a also In front of school loti Id and 17, oloci 197. n the Second Ward. M-4* _ S;t'H. SAJU)DJEa, Con-pi,-, ner NEW BO O~K~iT JTJ8T 3ICEIVSI) aY STRICKI.4.HL, JL CO., 138 KAST WATiiK ST U, STOEET to Cashmere. A journal/ ,r iv- ye ^? Alla> A *Wca and 'Europe i with 100 Ilus- m Ji " it£lles :Mae oa tha J Ufeand Times of Carey, JIarshman snJ WirJ Embracing the history of the Serampore Mission , w Joba C. ilarshman. Price 5 00. ' MaT»b/s3cienceJofDouble-antry3ook.|ieepm ? , I ,u ; lt3 "" " d '" «b,- The Harp of a. Thousand Strings; or the quintcs 5en o s af human witjwjggary and wisdom, 1 '.15 Army Life on the Pacific. A Journal of tho Ex pt d;. r£ n *?Sf t ""/"'"ern Indians, the tnb« of P the ?%K P h T 63 ' 9 P okan> » DI » Pelouses, In the ]urnmer of 18fi8, by Lawrence Kip, of the U. S. Army p-tc- We. - Art of actetrpors SpeaklBg. Hint* for the Pulpit.tho- Senate and the Bar, by M. Bautaln. Price 1 oft Diary of Lady Morsan, 1 25c. The Somance of a Poor Young Man, 1 00. ^ arsl M»°<»al«; comprising -.He ' ° Ptan * nd D »aw«o Animal.. ftS^^^g^^'K™™^ $?*^ 7 ftT^' h " alth » nd T >S<>', 'ecnrs Ion? Ufe, and a T old the InUrmltlea and deforaiaes or an- Sy O. H. Jacques, 1 00. ' Spnrgeon'a Sermons, volume S7e, 100. two,, the north half of toe and tot fonr, end lie north thirty feet of lot five, block No. «lr ..tfx In the fourth Ward of the City of *° ftw tte , Itme when altered will corW or tabdMslon of sill preml- •esfiltdlntheofllceof; the Heg!ster.of Deeds of MU' NOTIOC ."•-'•• OrVr CoM»T»ou Contract Department, Mnwaukee, July letor. Ornoa. i _^/l*t, or »tawse<rttlrtd thereto."' . Whlensald property U aforetald, r shall expose for the pity Of_MUwankee,on 8JtHUrdaT< tbB I4tb mBX following Is si schedule of lot* fronting on 8her- X man street, from 3d street to Hobbard alreet. In the;e& Ward of the City: of, Mllwankee, ahowtnjr tS amoant whleb. euh Jot will be benefltted by plank- Ug and enrblng the waits and pa-ring tha gnttersTac- •eording 1 to plane of the City* XngtfieeTi IbUawst.^ , :,' ! v'; . .-., Inaennan's Addition, - . 01 tia Arabs la Spain 3 75 A Journey Bne North, being notes of » residence ID Bussfa, by Seorgo Augustus 3ala, 1 00. n «*f°°i)i? ? edlc » 1 Adviser and afarriage Guide, wttn nearly 100 engraTlngs. Price 1 25. ,K , , Tolnme 3ve, 1 AUIbone's Dictionary of Authors, S 50. life of Kit Carjon, 1 00. 50. ,„, " STHICILAND i CO., 134 Saat WMer street. . aar of May, ISM, at the hoar of 'a r~,r, of that day, to tUHf, -said execnUoB, together with exprani of ' Prili Atfyi. _aw6w - -' "The abOTi tale March 28, igW . Mil. .Block. .,44 .; 14 • ; 3T . .-;-*l ~." 43: - -:«5;.- : ; -',; 36 ' ' it Lol. 1 ' X v •:W ; .; 16. I'"' 15 • Btnefits. 1IJ,«8. 1T8.W • 1T8.64 118,64 178,65; ire,« 176,661 < Block. 3 4T lot.' 1 .-' J 10- BenefltS, 17S.68 »OTT] SHEHITF'S SASUE. STATS o? wiacoNanr, i Circuit Coojrt-Mllwaukee Counry. f Henry S. Brown, and Miriam Holton Brown, . : agilnst Jimea P. Whitney, and Verlssm, hla wire, and- ' H»nry CadweU. ;{ Judgment of Jor»olosor» /and Sale. 17a,o« i«ya . S4 .16 18943 'QABMym. Comptrouir. I K Tlrtae of and pursuant to a(Judcnent rendered la ' ««« «««"» I WOtrCD call the attention ot families Ui my nice tlone of. ; . . ' 1889> •* 1 Dated Sherff's Offloe, MUwankee, Hay 14, 1S59. . _ , ,„ ^_ ..(h,w The aboTe sale ll hereby further postponed to Bararday, tte 4th day of JaaeTlsw, at «£7«mVpl»ee and time of QAM. ^ ID, Imacwnr, Cashier. 118O] ' - SHEBIWS 8AZ.E HTAtt 0V WIKWNBIH, I '-, OlrcntteWurUMnwioieeConttty.'f •• TafbatttPonsman, - Afitnst AbraaD.BiBlth, - '. «. (Hie, Locyi*. Bale, John?, sale. . - HargaretJ?.&aUan(r ' T ' Jn<fgm«>t of Foireclcsure and Bale, . ... ,,.' Dated fiherUTt OOevlllUvankte.ItM S^MW. '' «Mirday, the llth day of Juie^lM*, plaeeandUmeof A.J.I/AN8W6 hesboTtWela •BO UZDV Ot CWTa 1 Dated8hernr.Omoe,imw«ttkee,4nB*U,lSB». Bsrrae flainrday, tt» BOth day ef Jnry, TSB», u th« MaVriao* and flme of day. - ^-, «*"•»« ^ Date4Shertrt Offlee, Idvaak**, July », isfca. . . , A^TtAflfOMOT, THM SEAT OfF WAH PJWCE TW£NTir.FlVE CENTS. «W Map of Horttern «a« tbe Jeat BUTTER. ^.am.rljj^reeer«ng bj Sxprets, choice lots of Baiter from the best Dairies-In the State, which .for quality andflaiorlj unsurpassed, PHce« always to eorres. pond with the "mariet ratea," and quality warranted. Orden soBcrUd and sent to alt parti of the efty ftSeT JOHHW.I4EDTABD, Grocer and Wlaa Dealer, ' . Ml «*rt Water street. . St. Louis Sugar Cured Ham?. maytS JOH5T W, L_^ , .JUT, ttroeez and Wine Dealer, Ml gut Watersut**, • 608} SHCRUC^ SAJLE. 8TAIS 01 WISCOKSIN, I ClrcBit Court, Milwaukee Conn tj. \ , . Alonso Jotter, • - ' . . against ' • • -.' JoMAhan Sayiort IcbAhoa Smith, The breter>> and JOIler*' Bank and George W. Peokham. " IHOT f ami forecloinre. * ^^ Woolt numbered eighty. Ward of ^ . v - _ - ---. — -~-i. ^ndaell s.t »t the Post Office la Ibo City of Mll- UEDAT, THB17TH DAY 0* aKPTSil- ^_.-- i -• ^^ - J * kowr of ] T. x. of that day, the following deecrtbed mortgaged premises, orso much thereof as may be neceasary to ralse'tbe amount of saw \Jua*. ""- '— * eoit», together with the eipensi of real, eetate, lying and being in tha >- ^_r^ j > . .-Jkee, and State of WUconsln, and Known and described as follows; to wit • "Commencing twelTe feet south of the northwest corner of lot nine <9> In block, tweha 03), in the Joorth Ward of the City of ailwaukeo • mnnlng thence ea4ton aline parallel with ad north Une of said lot to the east line of said lot; thenqe aonth on the east line of siia lot twenty Tonr (24) ftet; thence west on a line parallel with the south line of said lot to the I 6 **™ * °* "'^ '°* 1 * ni * thence north twenty,. fbar (34) feet to the place of beginning, and the building! thereon." Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, Juno 14,1869. jel* STAIB 01 WISCONSIN, J Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. [ Hans Henry Jargen*,') Jodgmeat of. J*or«ciware ana urgena,' t Daniel B. Cotton. __ . HT MwnonjUi OotrsT— HisHoHok, Jimaa Soon, oases MOM up yesterda indlfidaals, ttmiy $6 her,hruband with , &•**{ • nan, and feels JnrtlF DwaUee.JulySjJIgtti, .. A.UAWwdB1HT. end State of Wisconsin, and Swing » part ofih* north west quarter of Motion 17, la towithlp 7, north of range SSeastj and being the X. /of' . ttoMe«tato23 acre* oon»«yedw John Adan. MaeU«rand Starlaau.wire^na fr»derlck Xutf- ler and CWarlott* WUhetmli^hlawiroTiryJami H. Sjgers and wife, aj warranty ile»d, datwl March* n,M4«, ana recorded In U» Offloa of 5*? 1 !?**.?/ ' Mdl °' Milwaukee County, in Vol. B. of Deeds, page* 74 and Hi bounded on the north and south bytherttpectfwoorta aad sooth Unet of ssibi north wes» qaartw of said tcotlon 17. on the *att by tho w«M Une of 85 sores, boiog alsa part of said north wen <m»f. ter.teton* la,'ai ngular for», from iho •»* part of saU quarter seetJon, and on byftertaln ncrth aad soats Una- to through, th*e«tr. or said

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