The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 17, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 5
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·\ The Chillicothe Constitution. VOLUME XXVIII 4 Pages No. 310. CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, FRIDAY, NOV. 17, 1916. DAILY EDITION, 5«s HOI FROM SUNDAY SCHOOL CliNVtfillON THOSE WHO HAVE NOT RUNKWED FOB THEIR CONSTTTliTION MAY DO SO BY CHECK THIS WEEK AND OBTAIN THE SAME BARGAIN HATE STATE MBKTlXr; Cf,(,SI-:i AT MJ3X. ICO X H C R S D A V . The Total Attendance u-us K.'VJ--W. M. Dan ford Of St. l.ouK, Wat, HIected l*i-esilent. SOCIETY AND CLUBS Miss Botsford of Cameron will be a guest at the borne of her brother. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Botslord, for tho week-end. The Chillicothe and Livmgsto.1 county delegates to the State Sunday sch'ool convention, which finished its work at Mexico Thursday, have ret u r n e d home. They were well pleas, eel w i t h the convention, which was said to have been the best state meeting held m years. The following officers were elected: President, William H. D a n f o r t h , of St. Louis. Vici.'-President, H A. Long, Kansas City. Recording Secretary. Gerritt Ten Broek, St. Louis. Treasurer, Lansing F. S m i t h , St. Louis. .-'.n executive c o m m i t t e e composed of t w e n t y - n i n e f r o u i d i f f e r e n t parts of the state was also named. The next meeting place for the convention was not decided upon, but it ·was left to the State E x e c u t i v e Committee to choose the t i m e ancl place fcr the next meeting. Several cities have asked for the Convention next year, among them Moberly and Joplin. The total a t t e n d a n c e at the Sunday school Convention was over S55. Ol t h i s n u m b e r 153 registered from ?7exico. This year taere^vas "Z counts represented," the largest number j ated fhe orange motif o£ the delic in th'e 51 years of the organization's ac ( ea served. eNistance. i . Frederick D. Kershncr, of St. Louis gave the last of his series of talks on It is not too late yet for Constitution subscribers to take advantage of the Bargain rate. 1C you have been unable to call at this office or have neglected making a check for y o u r subscription--DO IT NOW--and we 'will allow you the rate. All checks mailed on Saturday will be allowed the bargain rate. We are extremely thankful to our many friends t h r u o u t the county for their 3rompt attention in this matter, but there are yet quite a number who have not advanced their time. The impression seems still to be on the m i n d s of some that they can obtain, the same bargain rate at any t done so in the past, it will not be possible in the f u t u r e as we absolutelv must receive our regular rate of $3.00 and possibly more atter bargain days close. Don't overlook mailing your subscription check to The Cons t i t u t i o n , Chillicothe, Mo , IMMEDIATELY. DfUTSCHLAND INJURED AS IT ATTEMPTED TO ESCAPE TODAY THE TUG bCOTT .JR. WAS ALSO WRECKED AS A ItESUJLT OP THE SMASHUP EARLY MORNING. NEWS NOTES. ASK THAT ENGLAND BE ABSOLUTELY DRY Mrs. Wm. Englenardt is entertaining young women friends tomorrow afternoon, for her sister, Mrs. Craw-| fod. Eight tables of Bridge will be arranged. Mrs. Edwin Switzer gave the second of a series of teas yesterday afternoon. She was assisted by Mrs. Alvm Cole. In the dining room Mrs Wm. Hamby poured, and the Misses Helen Schmitz. Mildred Adams and Nelle Sheetz served. Yellow chrys. anthemums about the room accentu- The Young Matrons met yesterday the New Testament, "How We Get Our New Testament Sources -- The Latest Word." Talks were also made oy E. Morris Ferguson. R A. Waiti and Henry F. Cope. T h e final session of the convention was held at the Presbyterian church Thursday afternoon. Marion Lawrence, of Chicago, spoke on the hot played with the club, tho games, a one-course "Challenge of the Sunday School.". ' trons and their hustands wil i m e e t rs. Wm. Englehardt. Mes- damesKarl Blanchard, Wm. Fitzpatrick, T. K. Campbell and Miles El- Between. luncheon was served, Miss C r a w f o r d assisting Mr? Gill won the club prize, a handmade yoke of Irish crochet. Mrs. Fitzpatrick, the guest prize, a set of j ta'ble mats for hot dishes. The young FOB PROHIBITION WILL BE JIADB IN CO5OIONS. Action Decided t'pon After Riuici- man's. Sneedi Setting: Forth the Ne_ cess.ity tor Conserving Pood Supplies. London, Nov. 17--A motion that the m a n u f a c t u r e of intoxicating liq- Kumors Also Current That a Mysterious Motor Boiit Attempted to Rum the Germain ISub.Sea Freighter -- Caned a Cargo Valued at More Than $2,OOO,OOO. (By Uulttfil Press.) New London, Conn , Nov. 17 --An attempted dart to sea by the merchant submarine Deutschland ended early today In a collision between the buper submarine and an escort. ing tug, in which Capt. Kurney and four members of the tug's crew were drowned The Deutschland, bound for Bremen, p u t back to port j m m e d i a t e l v after the collision and bj\five o'clociv this morning was again webbed into her pier. Once more the submarine was shielded by tae Willehad, her mother ship and the big steel net swung into place to guard her. Work was begun immediately by a small army of workmen to learn the extent A IVg lay Tomon-ow. Tomorrow is the conclusion "bargain days" at The C o n s t i t u t i o n and we are expecting to do a virtual land office business. For a short lime we have offered the Daily Constitution at $2.50 which is 50c cheaper than the regular rate. The ^3 00 rate will positively he m a i n t a i n e d at the conclusion o£ the bargain day = In the city the price now is $4 50 per year. After the close of Bargain Days the price will be ^5.00. Those outside Chillicothe who have neglected settling up their subscription account thus far may mail a check anytime Saturday and the rate will be allowed All envelopes containing subscription remittances must bear a Saturday postmark, however. The past three days have beon ban. ner days at The Constitution, but Saturday will reach the top. S * ·£! years a resident of Logan, Iowa, has returned to Chillicothe and will have charge of the Undertaking department^ ol the JMeinershagen Furniture and U n d e r t a k i n g Co. For the past o l ' years Mr Bray has been general manager of the furniture and undertak. ing department of the Department Store Co. at Logan, Iowa. Mr .Bray is not new in tho u n d e r t a k i n g business in C h f l l i c o t h e , as he had charge of this department for the Meiner- shageii store for six years, prior to 191], when ho left Chillicothe His' m a n y friends in Chillicothe will bp, glad to learn of his return. Tli.'iiIis^iviB-i- Service**. The Minister's Alliance announces that it lias m a d e the following ar- r a n g e m e n t s ior a union Thanksgiving service to be held in accordance with the President's annual proclamation, which is yet to be p u b l i s h e d . The service will 'be held on November 30th a t i 10.30 a. m. in the Elm St. Methodist I M'DANIEL LAWYERS GIVE VISIONARY PICTURE OFTHE MURDER JUKI" \TUJj BE ENTIRELY COM- PJjETED TOMORROW MORNING. -Defense's Opening Statement Will I"ossib!y Embody an Account of t!io Killing. Tho Weather. Fair tonight and Saturday much change m temperature. AVero Married Here. Clarence Miller of MeadviHe Miss Pearl Singleton of LucDow wen 1 Westminister "Eleven here. The Westminister College eleven j from Fulton sjpent Thursday n i g h t (!!· LTnltviI I'renn.) St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 17.--That Harriett Moss McDaniel was murdered by a "burglar is to be the theory of the defense which may be disclosed in the Criminal court here tomor- Yow in the form of an opening statement by the counsel for Oscar D. Me- church. Rev. Paul Heiligman, the j- Dailiei ; on trial c)larged witn the pastor 01 the Presbyterian jjhurch. I m u r d e r or his w i f e _ u was sajd here today. The counsel expects to visualize J efore the court an imaginary scene oi the n i g h t of the murder, that, the murderer came to the McDaniel home 'at about midnight, rumaged thru the dresser drawer in search of loot, when he awakened Mrs. McDaniel. They will declare that Mrs. McDan. iel had a clear view of the burglar's face. The defense will explain that I w i l l preach the sermon The Thanks-!, Not g i v ' n g o f f e r i n g will bo sent to t h e ' c o m m i t t e e of Armenian and Syrian Relief A most cordial invitation is given to the w h o l e c o m m u n i t y to come and worship in t h i s service. The Alliance f u r t h e r a n n o u n c e that married at the courthouse T h u r s d a y ! at a recent meeting it elected tbe fol. afternoon by Judge S D. Rohrer. [ l o w i n g officers to serve this coming year- J. R. I-Tarpcr, president and U, T Rixey, secretary uor in Great Britain should be pro- of. the Deutschland's injuries in her| n e r e The team was en route to hibited v-'ill be made m the House ' second accident Sue smashed into of Commons, according to notice giv. I the pier when she started trom Breen 'by a group of members a f t e r tho speech last night of Walter Runciman, president of the board of trade, on the lood situation. The members of the group, thei- notice said, will move that prohibition should be imposed in view of Mr. Runciman's grave statement re. specting the shortage of corn, suga- and other food-sfaifs. WiljSON EXPRESSES GRATITUDE TO WEST FOR ITS SUPPORT. ® ·§·§·$·$*·*·· $ S S S S S' 3 3" «· THEATRICAL. * ' * 8 3 £ § S ® ' y ! ^ S 5 S ' S ' i ^ 3 ^Theatrical and Motion Picture programs on Page three today. Mabel Taliaferro, J i m m y Cruzo ana other stars in a Metro Picture "THE SNOWBIRD" at the Empire tonighr. Special Matinee Saturday Afternoon Prof. Griffith announces that he will give an afternoon show at the Majestic Theatre Saturday.' The performance will start at 2 : 3 0 and the ;ulmisFion price swill be Fifteen and ten cents. Hillie Burke Pictili-e.- WeOnesclny- The management 1 'of the Majestic Washington, Nov. 17.--President Wilson expressed his gratitude to the people of the West for their support in the election in messages sent last night in reply to requests that he vis- 'it that section before Congress opens. Mrs. Edgar Welch, assisted by her He said he would be nnable to- make tomorrow evening -with Mrs. J. Barclay. H. the trip at present because of critical duties, but promised to go West later, possible. The President sent the f o l l o w i n g mother, "Mrs. Edgerton, served luncheon yesterday to the Colonial Club at 1 o'clock. Mrs. Joseph Rensch. Mrs. | Karl Hirsh, Mrs George Macdonald j and Miss Charlotte Hurxthal were guests. After the luncheon, five games of Bridge were played and the c l u b prize, a silver spoon, was awarded to 'Mrs. Jonathan Hawley. Mis" Charlotte Hurxthal, was presented j deeply grateful to all the West for with a box of stationery. The next ( the splendid and generous support telegram to William H. King, successful candidate for the United States Senate from Utah: "The invitation to visit the West tugs hard at my heart because I feel men on her second trip and was held up ten days for repairs. The'collision t h i s morning occurred an a treacherous strip it water between Fisher and Little Gull island, known as the Race. The water there IE 250 feet deep. A strong c u r r e n t sucks landward and.^ seaward t h r u Cameron where they 5lay the- souri Wesleyan team t h i s a f t e r n o o n Shared ^ t:{.rj9D. Loram, O., Nov. 17.--When Theo. doie Curtis rested f r o m his labor to-1 identity, he struck her da}-, tho twenty-fifth anniversary of | a g a m on the Uead ,j ntil j the blow on the burglar atacked her and rendered her unconscious with a blow on the head. Then, to avert the narrow m o u t h of L o n d Island day morning for Mashall, M o , whore sound, making it one ot the most 11) 18 local team plays the eleven f r o m dangerous points in that v i c i n i t y . * Tho tug T. A. Scott, Jr , a t t e m p t ed to cross the Deuschland's bow j a U ard game, dlth o they feel confident while the Scott and the Tassie, act-1 O f victory. Tbe Westminister team was a h u s k y [ h i s entrance into the barber's trade |], e r. bunch and the game this a f t e r n o o n will no d o u b t be a fast one. Playing Missouri Valley Team. Coach Magill and his eleven from the Cbillicothe Business College, departed overland in automobiles FrL again and e bad killed --he looked down the vista of a q u a r ter ol a century and say a q u a r i e r of u, million, sets o^ whiskers that h-d l o l l n n b e n e a t h his trusty blade. Not exactly a quarter, either. 2 4 3 , 0 9 0 , to be axact Curtis t a b u l a t i o n s show t h a t he has shaved men tliit m a n y times. Somo d i s t i n g u i s h e d men amongst them. too. "Well, how does the old the Missouri Valley College m that town. The Chillicothe boys a n t i c i p a t e According to the visionary story, the burglar took a diamond ring and departed. This will probably be the -word picture painted by C. F. Stropp, one o£ the attorneys for the defense. The State's attorneys have complet ed their challenges o£?the panel and the defense is now occupied in striking twenty names from the list. The k n i f e work fcday," is a. q u e s t i o n h e j c n t i r e j u r y will be completed tomor- has put to Presidents McKinlev. | row morning. Subpoenas for wit- issued Roosevelt and Taft, Senators Mark ing as a rear guard for the submarine were steaming along at twelve k n o t t s an hour There was a splitting crash and a great hole was torn Scott Jr., side She ibroke i n t o anti sank within three minutes. The the j l i a i i n a , llatt Quay, Albert Beveridge j U]is morning. morning, nesses for the defense were Rally at Brookflelil TonifilK. There will be a Wilson rally Brookfield tonight. There will be ,i lug torchlight parade Following tbe distiandment of the parade the people |and Ben Tillmaii and the u n f i l l e d Doc Cock, Buffalo Bill. Jess Willard. at,"Tod Slogan and H a r r y Shaw. crew had no chance^to reach the l i l e j w i l l adjourn to the DeGraw t h e a t r e boats. Capt. K urney', wlio was in th^ i w tiere addresses, will be made. Great wheel house, is believed to have been J preparations are being made for t h i s crushed to death. big event and Brookfield is p r e p a r i n g Four sailors, who went down w i t h to e n t e r t a i n a large crowd tonight. him, were all below deck and w e r e i meeting will be with Mrs. R. Barney in, t\v 0 weeks. The XIX club met November 15th, with Mrs. Darr, as hostess. The^ pres- i d e n t , . Mrs. Karl Hirsh, called the meeting t o order. The leader, Mrs. Welch opened tbe lesson, with a Theatre announce that the Gloria's I tal] , on thg progress O f Agriculture Romance pictures, f e a t u r i n g the s t a r | j n f h e Anie , r j can Colonies. Mrs. Darr supreme, Miss Btllie Burke, will be shown, next Wednesday instead of to., night. Wluit Would You Do. If you were a young w o m a n , bom in the smartest set of Ne« York society if your younger sister had com. mitted a crime, it in order to save ae- you were forced to become a secret j o u have given me, but I would not be worthy of their generous confidence if I were to leave my desk al a time when duties of the most,critical and pressing sort crowd upon me I am promising myself the pleasuio of such a trip if evfer I can''get free- trapped like rats They were liam A Caton, e n g i n e e r ; Edward j Stone, fireman; J. C. Duzant, deck- band; and Clarence Davison, cook. Captain Hinsch of the Eastward Forwarding Co., which owns the Deutschland, was aboard tbe Scott Jr.. and was t h r o w n into the water. Sailors off tho D e u t s c h l a n d leaped overboard and dragged Ihtm onto the submarine He was nearly dead 'from tbe shock and cold. Tlie tug Tassie's men, helped in 9. rescue 1 of o t h e r ' m e m b e r s ?f-tb,o. £rom""the"toiis of exacting 'dirty, andj-Scot* -Ji J .,""crew"-a»d- steamed, back ,-ith the Deutschland. Since the in the m e a n t i m e wish to express my deep gratitude, appreciation and re. spoke of the newspapers of the time gret." land the printing press. Mrs Strehlow described the progress of shipbuilding, showing how rapidly var ious kinds of sea.worthy vessels^ increased. Mrs. Robinson told of the manufacture of glass. Lowell's "Chipperra Legend" was read by Mrs .Scott. The hook-review of Marion Crawford's 'Marietta," a true agent of the United States Customs story o f the Venetian glass blowers, to aid in the detection of a man whi/ had smuggled a $ 2 0 0 . 0 0 0 necklace into this county--if you fel lln love He sent this message to F. G. Bon. Sis and H. H. Tammen o£ The Denver Post: "You may be sure that I , would submarine came back into port under her own power, it is not believed that she sustained any serious injuries. The Deutschland's cargo included $ 2 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 in crude silver, zmc and silver bar and several sacks of Cleaning L'p Ocbrl-. The debris which accumulated in Jackson street during the remodeling of the Chillicothe Trust C o m p a n y b u i l d i n g is being removed and tbe street cleaned. Rapid progress is fceing made on the inlerior of Ui? building and the b a n k oflicials a r e j | congregation was asked to select f r o m hoping the b u i l d i n g will be complet- 1 all the clays of l i f e the clay they ed and ready for occupancy by De- would save as the best day i f ailow- -V Mot(o For tbe Cniirt House. Evangelist Cole suggests Ro. 13:8 as an appropriate motto to be placed j on every side n of aur_ cour) .bquse, so thai all tile people c o m i n g down town would see this first of all. Tlie evangelist ha i: been asking Ins congregation to m e m o r i z e some passage of =-ci ipturo each day and repeat it in concert. The passage Cor today is Ro 13.8. Another large congregation a t t e n - j lively listened t o one if the 'best sermons of the series so far last night. The text was f r o m John 1:41. WILSOIMS NOV. 30 AS THANKSGIVING WE SHOLXP REJOICE AT I!5ACE .VXD PlvEXTV. \Ve Should .U»o Think at War lis- fcresscd Eilrone ami Do'iate to Their XecOs kibei-ally. cember 1st. Death ot Former Resident, - _ - W . o r d was. received. ^ . C h i l l i c o t h e today of the death of, Abraham Kim- yon at his home in Portland, Ore. The deceased was 88 years old and eel to save only one. He said thers was no doubt but that Andrew would ,say at once "the day I _ brough.1 my , brother to -l come if I could, but I would not de_ i mail trom the German Embassy in with the smuggler you w.ere compell-j ttie soc ial hour, the hostess, assisted serve the confidence of the people or Colorado and the re.,t of the great West if I were t o turn away at this j u n c t u r e from the public duties which 'press upon me. I want, first of all, was'given by Mrs. Karl Hirsh. Mrs.' to be sure that I am doing the job Surface, of Kansas City, a member j right which they have imposed upon of the club, was present. During| m e with the generous confidence be- ed to pursue, if it became a choice between your sister and the man you lover, what would you do? If you were a man who had smuggled a necklace through the customs, If you sus.pected that souie one of the government agents was on your trail, if you learned that the girl you loved was" trying to send you t 0 prison, if you were compelled to fight her, what would you do? , ·These are the absorbing questions that are thrilling and dramatically answered in the elaborate picturiza- tioa of the recent stage sensation, "Ua'der Cover." The stirring 1 elements of this celebrated drama have been woven into a photoplay of excitement, mystery, surprise, love an.l by her mother, Mrs. Green, served r. delicious two course hot lunch. Cluo adjourned to meet Wednesday, Nov. 22ud with Mrs. Darr. ' tore I give myself any margin of holiday and pleasuie. I wisli most heart- Washington. The Deuschland arrived in New London :ust sixteen days ago without an escort. The submersible was running on the surface at the time of the accident this morning. While the sea was not heavy, the current, sccording to the Tassie's crew, i\ as unusally strong. .Because of this, and the extreme darkness, thc- were tree to come, but I really Deutschland's lookout did not see the not, and can only thank you from I Scott Jr., quick enough to sound the bottom, of my heart." The President also has written letters to Gavin McNabb, Democratic j National Committeeman of California, London* Nov. 17.--Further ad-(and several other Democratic leaders British Make Further Advances (By Unite*! PreHM.) vances along the bank of the Ancre was reported today by Gen. Sir Douglas Haig. As a result of these operations the British commander in chief reports that the British front has been extended from eastward of Beaucourt along the bank of the riv. Thanksgiving Dinner. The ladies of Centenary church, laughter, that is yet not without its, one and one tea\. This masterpiece ] iicture will bf the attraction at the Majestic Theatrs Thursday. Xov. 23rd. COIjOKED FOLKS TO T;K HTPXOTIZED TOXIGHT. Professor Griffith has arranged to have as the class for hypnotic study tonight, a number of colored youni; men, who have promised to come far. ward, at tbe Majestic theatre. Much fun and sensational feats are promised tonight. Show will start at S : 1 5 . j adults..25c and children loc. j half miles south of Sturges, will serve dinner and supper at the church on Thanksgiving day. They will"also have many beautiful pieces of fancy work for sale. A good place to do your Christmas shopping d2wtd Dental Xotice. _^_ Dr. W. G. Goodrich left Thursday for St. Louis to attend a. two days' lecture course given by the St. Louis Dental Society to the members of the National Dental Association. 2t FOR SALE--One Double Standard W. T. Hudgins, Utica, Mo. 17tf in that State, expressing his appreciation of California's support. WACO, TEXAS, FIRE IKVES $20O,OOC IN DAMAGE. (By United I'ren*.) Waco, Tex., Nov. 17.--Three person were injured, one seriously, in a fire which destroyed the new Interurban Hotel here early today. Sixty persons were in the hotel when the fire broke out in the t h i r d floor. Four persons jumped into life nets while most of the others made their wa7 down fire escapes. Several were carried out unconscious by the flimos. The loss is estimated at a b i u t ?200,. GOO. HUGHES' CUT DOWN IN MINNESOTA (B? 1 Vnite'l Trc**. » St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 17. -- A slight change in the Henepin county fig. the alarm. All the light not entirely out was shaded in order to make tbe escape of the Dmitschland easier This, ot course, added to the difficulty in keeping the correct distance between the boats. The Race is about five miles south of the Thames' mouth Rammed Intentionally? Later reports this morning were that a mysterious motor boat tried t o ram the Deutscbland and that in the attempt to protect Hie submarine, the tug swung directly in tbe path of the ·undersea freighter. At the pier of the Eastward Forwarding Co. where the Deutchland rests there was no confirmation ot the rumor that a motor boat tried to ram the submarine. Other Submersible? Waiting? ' As the big boat went out today, rumors were again revived regarding the possibility of fighting submarines waiting to ecort her. The fact tbat the boat's departure seemed to be suddently decided on. led to the Thi.'j. was k t|i be- is survived by his -widow and brother. Dr. Runyon of Carrollton, Mo. The Runyons l e f t Chillicothe about fifteen years ago and had since resided in Portland He was a b r o t h - er of the late George W. B u n i o n . Broofcfteld Coming Toniorron-. The eleven f r o m the B r o o k f t p l t l High School will play the local High j best yet Brother Turner's men school eleven at the C. B, C. a t h l e t i c ' chorus was in fine ( r i m and did some field Saturday afternoon. The g a m o | - f i n e leading Brother Rixey made tlie ginning of one of the most eloquent appeals to a congregation of profess. ed Christians to do the things worth while to m u k e the matter oi bearing the news of one's personal joy of sal. vation on to the b r o t h e r who k n o w s not God. At tho close of the discourse almost the whole congregation arose in response to a proposition to pndeavor to thus live ( B y United l'r.-»H.) Washington, D. C., Nov. 17.--Calling on the American people to "contribute out of their "abundant means" to the relief of those living in the beligercnt nations upon which the curse and terror of war has so pitilessly fallen, President Wilson today issued his Thanksgiving proclamation. ,, i ... ,. , , ,,,; , M , . ^ " 'Tie set Thursday, November 30t!u us the date for Thanksgiving. His appeal ior its observance follows: "It has. long been the custom of our people to turn in the f r u i t f u l au- t u m n of the year in praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God for the many blessings he has bestowej upon them. Tbe year wbicfe- has elapsed since we last observed,the day will be called at 2 - S O o'clock The« two teams are evenly matched and a close game is expected. Coach Lewis The audience did not hesitate t o | O f thanksgiving has toeen rich with say t h a t the music last night was .the blessing to us as a people, yet the whole face of the world is darkened 'by war. In the midst of our peace and plenty we see tbe disQuiet, strug. ghng and suffering of tbe nations at opening prayer which was so tender ancl fine in spirit that tbe e n t i r e ser- war and of the people upon whom vice was helped by it. of the local squad has been w o r k i n g ! The theme tonight will be Repent. his team out each e v e n i n g and tliey are in fine condition to play the final game of the season. Oath to Wilson on Sunday. Washington, Nov. 17.--There will be no lapse m the service of President Wilson because of the fact that March 4, 1917, Inauguration day, falls on Sunday, according to an o p i n i o n reached at the State Department Whife it is not expected that the for. mal inauguration of Mr. Wilson will be until Monday, March 5, he will be advised by Secretary Lansing to take the oath of ofHce on Sunday. Gettinp Koads in Shape. Livingston Co. roads are being put into shape again, following last week's rain, but reports indicate that ·there are yet many stretches of highway that are badly in need of the drag. This is especially true in instances where grading has been done and where deep ruts -\\ere cut during the muddy weather. The advantage belief that Capt. Koeig received word of fall road dragging is very market, that a submersible cruiser had ap- and the most progressive farmers are peared off the coas tho m e r c h a n t m a n . t and was awaiting ures late this afternoon cut the I Money to Loan.. $4500.00 to loan orT'city property. Hughes lead t 0 4S9 on the face oi wm d i v ide. G. C. Carnaban. Phon- tlie United Press figures. 293. 17-6 letting their highways into good condition for the wint(er and spring months. early Bray With Meinershasren. ance, a subject we rarely if ever hear ( w a r has brought disaster without choice or possibility of escape on their part. We cannot think of our preached on in these days. The SUP. day school room will be opened tonight and room will be provided for all. 7 : 3 0 own happiness without thinking alfco of t h e i r p i t i f u l distress. "Xow, therefore, I, Woodrow Wil- Meeling each day at 3 : 3 0 an! I son, President of tbe United States of America, do appoint Thuisday, the i thirtieth day of November, as the duy ( o f Thanksgiving and prayer and urge ' and advise our people to resort t j I their several places of worship tbat PERSONAL AND LOCAL J. W. Fisher of Harris wa s a business visitor in the city yesterday. William Hawkins of Chicago is visiting his parents, Mr._,and Mrs. S Hawkins of S. Elm. Gill Hudgins of Mooresville transacted business and visited, with friends in the city yesterday. (By s Pence Krf! Pr««. Washington, Xov. 17.-- Protection of the peoples ot all l a n d s from the! ravages of wars in tbe, f u t u r e t h r u formation of peace league of the nations was advocated by Oliver Wilson of Illinois, president of the national grange, speaking here today at the fiftse-th. annual meeting of the organization. Mr. Wilson recommended government ownership of both t e l e p h o n e and telegraph facilities, spoke for national p r o h i b i t i o n and said that free dis. day to send praise to their Almighty God for the rich blessings and unbroken prosperity and peace He has so richly bestowed upon our beloved country in such infinite measure. We should also remember the sorrow of our neighbors in these times of pressing disaster. Our people could in no better way =how regret ot their pressing sorrow than by contributing out of our abudance to the relief of the suffering." F. M. Bray, a former resident of tnbution of seeds by congressmen was this city, but for the past several!a waste of money. V. S. PROTESTS TO GERMAXl r AGAINST IMPORTING BETAilANS Olj' United Pre«w.) Washington, Nov. 17.--G'ermany today acknowledged receipt of this government's protest against the transportation of Belgians into Germany The German government promised a full report later. Meanwhile this government lias done all it will'do. tbe state department announced.

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