Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 6, 1897 · Page 14
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 14

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1897
Page 14
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i5- <&?\K - T ; *-es'*i54^-f-V • ri " X ^.-r •*-- TARE i.»»t An«djonra«a wsaion of the City Council wis held Thursday evening la *&e Council Chamber, Tha f *cl thai toe newly elected Mayor and Alder- would take their eeats on thi* 'oc- attracted ft large number of the public of the city/ many of whom were present to applaud favorite, some to criticise And others were present, drawn by natural cariosity. The crowd was not boisterous, the only outburst of enthusiasm . being that waleh greeted the new officers when they took their seats. -The City Council was called to order t»y Mayor Burkholder, all the Aldermen being present The Aldermen- JJiMES.F. PLAIT, Mayor. elect had assembled in the ante-room, : iand : tfironghout r th"e~(S¥enIng,were engaged in zealously watching the meth- • oda employed in the transaction of business by the members of the Council, who were Boon to retire. Only routine business was transacted by the old Council including the reception of the reports of various City' officers. The usual dram shop, billiard parlor and bottling license petitions were presented and referred to the License Committee. A petition was also pre-' wanted asking that the bottling shop > license be reduced from 8600 to $300, and the dram shop license from $1,000 ~ to 8600 per year.—These petitions_also went to the same committee. After the presentation of bills, the order of bud- was the- ..'•••'•'•• . : -< > M.rv''• >" :;•' .' "• Report* of City Officers. . . ' The report of Mayor Burkholder is given in'fnil. It contains a summary of all other reports njaSe* before 'the^ ~------••• ' MB. BDBKHOLPEK'8 STATEMENT. H« Outlines the .Work of the Tear and ""' 8»y§ Farewell. . Sterling, 111., Apr,, 29,1897. !fo the Council: •' - .; , Gentlemen," I have the honor to sub- salt herewith my fourth and last statement to youri honorable body, of the affairs of the city of Sterling. . .Inthis communication I desire to review briefly the condition of the city financially and otherwise during the past year. As to the future, any Bug-,.. geations relative to city affairs le left , to the gentleman who succeeds me in office..- : •: ; -'' •«-'— - B Financial . On May 1,1896, we had cash on hand from all sources $24,933.46. During the year, the following obligations bave be6n cancelled: / - Bedemption Ave, G Sewer Scrip and Int.-. $8,982.83 Bedemption Paving Certificates;.................... 1,880.94 Bedemption West Broadway Sewer Scrip and Int 2,514.02 • Bedemption City Building Bonds .,....,...,.. 3,125.00 Total..... .$10,502.79 The city's total liabilities on May 1, 1897, will be as follows: City Building Bonds $ 3,000.00 , City Improvement Bonds... ^ 20,000.00 . Sire Alarm Bonds......,..'. - 3,000.00 Permanent Sidewalk Bonds;. 10,000.00 City's Proportion West Broadway Sewer Plant.........V. ; 1,010.27 - Deficit on Paving Contract... 4,568,62 Total...-....;.........$41,578.89 In explanation, of the item of $1,010.27 on the West Broadway aewer net, jit Is proper for me to u state, {referring to my message of one year ago) that this did not appear in my statement of the affairs of the city at that time for the reason that three West Broadway sewer bonds.aggi.egBt- ing «4^S3.65 were delivered to John Si Miller without passing thrpugh^the Trqsso.rer'B books and; beope, were omitted* Tb$new couricU will'start in the a*w lauttlcipal year with the follow Ingj Cash- OB ttwod, May 1, '97 $ 8,376.84 ~ "" sat Taxes, about..,. 6,840.00 Due'Mftyl,'97,Prob- 11,000.00 Total....' .............. §35,216.84 Aaeouot ............ Maturing Oct. l.1«... 8,000.00 i p.? pis f '>« Th* only a sw« that *«» now pending ia the Circuit Cctirt in which the city is interested wr* the. injnriction salt* of Alexaodef, Penroae, Thompson & Gray vs. the City, and those of the City vs. Eeal and Stocking vs. City, Barkbolder et si and of City vs. Stocking and City vs. Lea. la the Injunction suits a reference w*fl taken t6 » special Master and same evidence was taken, but inasmuch 8* the Supreme Court of thit State baa lately determined in Other cases the real points at issue In these cases, there 18 no reason why they should not be settled In accordance with the opinions rendered in those cases. Some efforts have been made in this direction aad It fe altogether likely that such a settlement can be now effected. The suit of City vs. Rael was brought to recover damages to which the City is entitled, by reason of its having to complete the G Sewer System and take up and relay a part of this system, which was defectively laid. The pleadings In this case have not been entirely settled yet, but they will undoubtedly be at the May term of court and a trial had, either at that term or at the October term. The suit of Stocking vs. the City Burk- iolder et al. was brought 'to recover damages for alleged wrongful, arrest of the plaintiff and a trial will very likely be had at the May term of court. Con- Irmations have been had in all special assessments In the County .Court and all special assessments have been carried through court. '.,'"'. . • ITIre Department, At the.'present writing, but thirteen Ires have occurred during tha current year, at all of which the members of our fire company discharged their duties efficiently and promptly, main tain- bhe past, of being the best volunteer fire company in the State. The principal addition to the fire equipment during the"year was the purchase of 800 feet of new hose at a coat of $800. Police Department. The services of the police, both, regular and special, as a, rule, have' been efficient and satisfactory; especially when the limited number .on the} force Is considered; There-haye been 130 arrests, madei "-principally for drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Of this number 115 were convicted. and^fined;, 317.meals werejf urnished to prisoners. Special police served 111 days.; .:. -.: ' Street Department • • "-."In this department of the city's affairs considerable activity has been shown during the year and the result summarized as follows: Eighteen blocks t)f cement walks have been built, thirteen J blocks of brick walk laid, thirty-seven brick street crossings put in, 6,505 feet of curbing constructed and 7,400 bquare yards of rock m acadam~ipreadrr™BxpenBes-" ih-thiff; department have been' kept as nearly at a minimum as, was possible, on account of the city's, limited finances. Health'.Department. • The Health Commissioner, Dr. F. W, Gordon, informs me that the sanitary condition of the city during the past year was some improvement over previous years. The past year has been the most healthful of any continuous twelve months in the city's his: tory. Measles, in a mild form, have been prevalent.but no other contagious diseases have affected our people seriously, General Before concluding this message tp your honorable body, allow me to suggest that a review of our financial condition as it was one year ago and as it exists today will convince yon that the comfortable surplus which .existed on Mayj.1 'W5 has materially disappeared. This is due in a large measure to the, as I considered it, ill-advised measure adopted by the council last summer of macadamizing two of our main thoroughfares, I regarded it as a wrong move at the time and went so far as to veto the ordlnance.msklng the appropriation for the Work, Time, having only confirmed n>e in the opinion expressed to you in. the message ; I submitted, vetoing you*action, As a result of undertaking, this improvement, even now only partly finished, your .treasury is materially depleted and yon will be seriously handicapped for funds necessary to operate the city during the coming year. The most rigid economy will be necessary * ot some time, at least,to place your finances w^ere they were one year ago. '- In conclusion, allow ma to extend to the members of this council, and to all the gentlemen who have served in the city legislature during my four years incumbency of the Mayor's office, my earnest thanks f of the uniform conr* tesy and many kindnesses they have ehown me. Their many favors are fully appreciated and my $ uceeseor and his associates have my heartiest good wlaheu for their BUCceBs.personally and municipally. My tUackB »r» sleo due sad are hereby tendered to al} the offi cere, elective and, appetitive, who have served judder me, I wish them all well, whewet tU«y m»y go, and iu whatever occupatiois they may engage. ' . ""• " ", ' > v , Msyor. At $U» tsaiwrfwieii oi |h0 generis, tha Wi»a Al"J * h» i of of anrt the new members took th a $r sroisjst applft'.i^p from tha spectators, Gity Clerk Wilger called the Toll and found ail the AWerjnen present. Jhe membership of the new Council is as follows: Mayor, James f. Platt; City Clerk, Mathiaa B; WHger; City Atter- ney, W. N. Baskell; Aldermen, Quick, McDonald, Werntz, HeimS.lifcaitrayer, Hershey, Daly, McPfcerrsn and Con- - 101D< • •• - - "' : ...- • PtATt'B 'l-mroefllnto I&ttonstve Improte- menU "Gentlemen of the City Council: It is one of the prescribed duties of the Mayor to preside over your deliberation's. It is with diffidence that I assume that duty v "I shall, no doubt,"make some mis- takes.but will rely on your patience and forbearance and will endeavor.wlthont predjudlcoor partiality, . to maintain proper decorum and facilitate the -M!« \ patch of .business. . During the, past four years I have given but a passing attention to municipal affairs and am not conversant with any of the details of city business at the present time. I am, therefore, unable to formulate any definite policy that I would reoom- mend should govern your actions during the coming year. However, in viow of the fact that the tax- levy ;.for the Consolidated Fund for .the 'current fiscal year is practically exhausted, it will be impossible to make any extensive Improvements, except such as are provided for by special appropriations. "I would, therefore, recommend that no indebtedness be incurred, except such as may be necessary to maintain the usual efficiency of the several de- artmcpta of the city government Btli~the~Finance i; ^Gommittes r ;6hall- have made a report of the resources and liabilities of the city for 'the -current fiscal year. = .., , ...;l . "I trust the several committees -will enter upon their duties with 1 deligence and enforce strict economy in every departmentjthat harmony may; prevail in the council and that we may. work together with a united purpose to- advance the welfare of the City of Sterling." ;- '.-•.'• • •..••.•.••..•••-.•••.•..•vv Appointment of Commltteoij At the conclusion of .nis inaugural address, Mayor Platt, appointed -the following standing committees for the fiscal year, the, first named gentle''msn being. Chairman: ' Finance— y Fi^e and: ater-r BJc'htmyw,; , Helms; •'.'."•,:*''.-•*".'• .. _PrlntIng---Werntz, shey.;. ^~~~^~^~~ License-^Moore, Helms, Quick. ,'-,;.'' Auditing— QuIck,McPherran,ConJ6n,- '- Claims— Conlon,' McPherran, Quick. DonflrdrWefntj^itibhftnyerr' — — : Streets and Alleys—Daly.Richtmyer, McDonald, Conlbn, Moore; • : ' ; Lights—Helms, McPherran, Daly! Public Improvements—McDonald, Daly,'Moore.;'• '" •'" •'' •''•"'"• • " ; ','•:. >; V,'' HIGH -ILICENSE' WAS VOTED,' ' , '.. -'......-'.:.,','•,:„,••,'• "••• ••• •• •.'.a-.'ii: - Dram Shop Keeper! Must tay the Oo*- tomary Thousand PSnriks. •' ,• A brief recess was then taken to ' allow the new committees to act on matters before them. ' ,; / ;':.::. v :", ; : ;^v : ^ Alderman Moore/ of ;the Licence Committee.presented a majority report of his committee,' recommending that the dram shop license be $1,000 a year, as at present,and moved Its adoption'.' This report was signed by Aldermen Moore and Quick, A minority report, recommending a redm/tlpn of the license to $800, was offered by Alderman Helms, and its adoption was moved,as a substitute. Tbe minority report was lost, Aldermen Helms, Richtmyef andConion voting yes, The majority report carried and the license will remain at $1,000 per year. The bottling shop license will also remain at $600 per annum. , . The License Committee recommended, and the Council adopted the report, that dram shop licenses be issued to J. E. Wolf, Fred C. Stubbe, Frank; Hermann, F. G. v Giffr,ow» Carney<fc Dierks, M, Kaoualy, Joseph Petzel, D. E. Ryan, L. F. Oppold, Cassens & Gerkenand M. P. Maas, upon their meeting the requirement* of the ordinances and filing suitable bonds. '• Thomas Lawler was granted a bottling license, August Patera and George E. Clark, billiard licences, and' Loos & Son, a drain layers' Hoense upon the same condition. , ,-. A few bills were ordered paid and the telephone ordered transferred from Ex-City Clerk Palmer's to City Attorney" Haekell'a office. The Painting Committee was authorized to adver- yize for bids for all City Printing and the publication of proceedings. On motion of Alderman MoPherrau, the Council adjourned, —In making out the commission" ee Mayor for John SQhwab,Jr,, of Fulton, the State department made a slight mistake which was aot aopcsd .until it reached Couuty Clerk Howe's offioa. The comiElsalou was tafede out for the office of tha Justice of the Peatfe, for|he of U. A, I*. S 8 th* for Sflng by the Socteiy ____ ,...,.,, Ass't Critic's Kcpdrt ____ ....... .'. The Oerman BtdtemwH*. . . , . ...Prfftfti The G«Ttnsm Btory Wf tt«r ........ Han* Cbrlsttan ' Anderson...; .......... .... Tits Ge«s»n Lftapiags (Reading).. ..„....„ Bltg from Fllsgende Blatter,.-,.. ..Literally ;, , Translated.......' ...... ........ Berttii Bowles Garni an SoikboisJ. '.."*..'. ......... i.O«o«g«ifi<K5b<lB Becftatton... .'.:...:.... ,.,..U.;.Ma Woodyatt Orftte's Report... ....... M . ...... ..;,.... ..... The different pupils of the p"chool have been ornamented by numerous kinds. of wild flowers. Three hundred flfty-three'pupils were neither absent nor tardy for the month of April. The visitors this week , were Mr. Sands, Misses Platt llarpham. The enrollment to date is 697. The A class of No, 4 is Studying "Sea Side and Way Side'" and are just now interested in the crab. , , , Twelve pupils were tardy during April. ' ' One hundred-twenty-five visitors were received this month. • ' Ethel Lawrence was absent from school again on 'account of sickness; She returned to school on Tuesday, and yesterday was taken ill again. The average enrollment for April was 609, with an average dally 'attendance Of 685. , . . . •.,•;'. , ( ':'.'Miss' Florence Elliott was 'taken quite ill on Thursday and a physician was called before she was taken home. The new library books are being distributed and, as might be expected, are received with pleasure by the pupils. a ve come_ antLJhe teachers' desks are more beautiful by bright bouquets. . . , "Just to bloom beside your way, Tbfitls why the flowers aro sweet; You need fresh ones every day, • That U ivhy the flowers arc fleet." ' Miss Smith, teacher of Room 12, has returned after an Illness of a few days, Miss LUUan.Peck was substitute for her. ..... . .'. ' ". • , • . .... '_ The date set for the graduating exercises is June 8: .« ', " : '...-:••• ' Montinbrency. ' The lecture given on Tuesday evening was. pronounced very interesting by all .present. The church was full.': The collection was not .very large. . , , Misses May and Gertie^ Frank have invited a num'Eer of their little friends' to attend "A May Party" next Saturday at their home. A happy time is anticipated. •"'; ' '* ' • The families of S. W. Halatead and: William Ohilds enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs, inRockFa.HB The Royal Neighbors had a very "entertaining" meeting last Saturday night. ••: Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, of Sterling, were visitors at Lewis Ulm's on .Tuesday in Rock.Falls with relatives. , " Mrs. Rboda MoWborter and Paul- Jamison, of Sterling, were guests , of Mr. and Mrs. Will McWborter Saturday night and Sunday, > . , : Mr. and Mrs.- William McNeil are the-proud parents of a new baby, girl, which caine to their .home Sunday evening. ' -.• .-; v . .'- . .; ..-V: •'...• . _.,.. M!r, and Mrs; John Warren, of Rook Falls,' were guests of Mrs. Roae Currier last Sunday and attended Sunday. School at Montmorency. • ; , Mr. John Golder received a very painful wound last Saturday, while dehorning some calves, by one of them throwing its head around and striking him on the cheek with its born. • : Mr. .and Mra. Ai B. Titus, of Hock Falls, spent Sunday afternoon at A, L. Titus'. " '-•'.-•••; ' - -- . ' '\ ', • The Allpress school began work Monday for a spring term ' A new Sunday School was started at the McKeel school house in Lee county on Easter Sunday, and bids fair to be , pome, a permanent thing in that neigh. borhood, and weare8i"eitwiill;be appreciated by the people, as ; tbey are too far from either Harmon or. Mont-, morenoy ,to attend church . 'services' very regularly. Long may it live.' A, A Church went to Prophetatown Tuesday, on ditch business.' '. Mrs. Theodore Firanfc would hot accept the' position of Director an d a new election will be held. GAfTUREP SIX YOUNG,WOL,VES, B, G. WUdman, pf JPropUeUtowp, Bro'f • , 'Km IB *or S. G. Wildman, of Prophetstown, brought six young wolveg, probably e, week ok, to County Clerk Howe at Morrison, Monday of last week, for the bounty of one dollar apiece, which the county pays for their scalps, Judge Ward selected a fine .male wolf from the number before they were killed and brought it home with him to Sterling. Ita eyes were not yet open.but by 0»ref nl nursing and a little attention it wttl proy« to be, quite a pet, at least lo? a HtSie wbtts. The other the ; were Jiiied op well on warm rniJk w&*» billed und firm, (*<»pk it- I nf I? ht Tlsf f«r* *s| f.h? homo of Mfsc tttt't psr-wtfl, J. F, Hopkins and '.wife. ' "Amy Yso Drew, of Sterling, Is visit- Easiea Hopkins and brother, visited relatives ia Prophetatown Sst^ arflay m& Sanday, Mr. McGsrrah, of Hums, called at the home of hie daughter, Mri. William. Barrett lass WedowdRy; :• Sunday evening Dr, Hill, of Sterling, was called to attend D, Lament, who was suffering from 6 severe Attack of vertigo, H« is resting easier at the present writing. Alex Moats does not improve* in health as fast as his friends would like. E. J, Pierce and wife visited his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Pierce, Sunday. , Mrs. David Donichy and daughter, Blanche, Of Nelson, spent Sunday with the lady's parents, Mr, and Mrs, John Scott, •'•'-•! Bert Kllroy was the guest of his cousin, Mrs. Patrick O'Brien, Sunday. J. F. Hopkins' and Will Burr had wood saWers last week. ; \ ,Our teacher, W,. T, ,Tuttle, is giving his pupils a treat this afternoon, Tuesday. They have gone to rob the woods of their floral treasures. Will Pomerdy has hired out to Henry Olds, Of Hume, for the summer.. • ; Winnie Kilroy, of Gait, visited relatives here last weak., 'May 4.' . ';'•:'; Jordan. , This i» one of the days that makes farmers good natured. They are busy plowing for corn. " : "•;-••. Large quantities of milk are being taken to the creameries, The grocery wagons in Jordan are things of the past. , __Mr,_MannJ)rQnght^j:ound_flome_fiBh tedayr-We'll-have-a-good-breakfast- tbmorrow morning. • .,; ' Mr. Kileen teaches music in north Jordan,* .,••'•-. Miss Brand made her weekly visit today.-.-- •., •:. •-• .-.;;;..-•;--.-; -... . , The two months old babe of Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert was burled in the cemetery at East Jordan church on Sunday, The little one was sick only a few days,.., ,; ; ...... ^ ,-. Miss Annie Wilson was a visitor at our cottage last week. 'She will cloae her school on June 3 and go to her new home In Richmond, ,Ind. ' The schools of this yioinity will lose a good teacher. . Aunt Mary : , Wilson has moved back home and is in the midst of ,garden making. - '• •.-.••: .'•;' : -'••.• -.'•• , - : - / . -..} Mn; and Mrs. Young v have .moved; back to the home of Sanford Deyo. ! .. Several pupils of the Talbptt school went to Morrison last Saturday to re-| cord some of'their'knowledge. They' have not'reported r&sutys to Us; ; GeorgeOmsler la hauling 'milk for Sidney John. j^' ' •'••'v-_l_. '•!' ' WvC.l\u; Convention at Prophetstown is Tuesday and Wednesday, May 18 and19, instead' of the dates given last week. Mrs. Grout, of Bbckford, and Rfv. Babcock, of Erie, will speak at the evening .sessions. A large attendance is expected. ' May 4. . ;',.. Montmorency., , Preaching next Sunday, roads and weather permitting. • '• Royal Neighbors, meet next Saturday evening..'/ - ;, ':'', ' " •;'. . • ; v ,-'••'•; The result of'the acoorid "election, of Director in the Golder district was as follows: J, 0, Buell received twenty^ two votes, Matthew Swedberg thirteen, The pupils who took the-final examination received their marks last Saturday. Most of them, ajre wearing happy faces since.. Miss Bertha Heaton is the youngest pupil who has, ever passed the examination .In Montmorency, Score one for the Banes school.,;* Mrs. Minnie Rockwell, who has been suffering from the after effects of the grip, is improving a little and her friends hope to hear of hef complete recovery soon, . . Last Sunday was quarterly meeting at -Montuioren6y church, .The ;attendance was not so large. aa|t> wjaald haye been if it had been pjre-f Jouajji,»^noun(5- ed,~ Rev, plark preached a .splendid sermon, which was enjoyeitby all present. --';.•;",: ,-,.. , . '(' ' ' -••;• : ;'y. :' '- : ..-'. • Meedam*8 John Golder.Lloyde Golder and Mlas Maud Golder drove to Prophetstown last Saturday for a vlelt with Miss Emmft Beardsley. An enjoyable time was had; especially by the cooks, at home. . Beck Otten ia improving slowly,' His friends will be glad to hear this and hope he will soon be able to get out among them./ ' , . . Miss Minnie Murphy, who is at present teaching the Allpreea fiobool, has been engaged to teach the Pleasant Hill school down near Tampico, Miss Murphy taught.this school once before and they have advanced her wages in order to get her back again. The May party given last Saturday by Mlasea May and Gertia Frank'was & success in every respect,. Miss May was seated upon a throne and crowned "May Queen" and the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by 6U present, At IS o'clock the little gueats were seated a.t a long tfibl«. fl^, with excellent with at; rib* t-. The Mis 0 * 1 * a of thswn prpa?nt: Marin, D'*I«y Barham, Alma Carrier, Bessls McNeil, Jacobs, Cora Ja«?ob9, flttJda May Frank, Nellie Titati, Ethel Tlt«fc» Graee Tltng, Gertie Frank, B«e Frask. The reftdets bl Ove Stomwim win aotiee below that * new feature hsA ddsato the Motttmoreoey column, to which a few Wor^ls of axplaaa- tion may not be ftmissi In the wort of the W, C, T, tJ» there are many different departments', one ^ of whleft to the "PretsDepartment," Our tTeloni being located in the cotintty, there are many lines of work that it is not practicable for us to take up, but we thought to do a little in this, tW*PW*f- Department," and; perhap8,in that way reach some who do not attend our Union meetings and who do not have an opportunity to read our National ' end State papers on temperance. The space which Messrs. Dlller & Fletcher have kindly granted tla we hope to fill with items which will be acceptable to both editor and readers of the STAN' DARD, and shall endeavor to give those only which will show the real- work our own and other temperance societies are doing. All announcements of .the Montmorency W.C.T.U, will be found in this column, r •' • . .".• '.w. c;r. u. Not««, The W. C. T. U. meeting held iaat Thursday at Mrs. Ida Hewitt's" was well Attended 'for such a rainy day, There were about ten ladies present. The subject discussed was ''System- . atio Giving," in which most of those present took some part, The program for the next meeting will be announced later. -Watch for it. Anew wall-pocket filled with tern- perance_llterature;h8s_been-placed_inu_ -theL_gjo.o_dmen, Hall by the' Montmor- enoy W. C, T. tr.' ' • The W. C. T. U. County Convention of Whiteaide 1 county, will be held in Prophetstowh, May |18 and 19. One thing the Illinois W. C. T. tj's have been doing this winter, has been sending in petitions to bur Legislators- asking that the word "ma'le" be stricken from our •constitution. Montmorency sent in long lists. Below we give one woman's experience in the line of work "whichV we take from the Watch Tower, our State paper: ' ' ' ' '' "Out of 133 people who 'Were asked to; sign the suffrage petition, 121 gave their names and nioat of those expressed their earnest sympathy of the m ove- ment/r'Spme' 'of the'^excu'sea offered were'^'ibne m'aiin wajs'not' reaMy to let women'' yote. 'Another man' said ne thought' the ! men ought; "to : 'r8pre4ent their, wives. Another said he consci- 'entlouBly thought it Wouldbe the ruination of the government 'if women were allowed to vote. v And one said be was iaf raid if womerl'jhad .the franchise _it would lesson men's wageB.asshe would want "to^gofout^and earn her own~Uy^ ing (just as If some of them did' not have to do that now, and their husband's and' children's along with their own) and-neglect her home, and she would become too masculine. What a pity! Still another; said he 1 thought 'weamen' was top 'ignorant' to vote and 'would not vote like their husbands. (The Lord be praised M some of them did not.") ,/; r •ffi Samuel Nunermaker purchased several loads of tile last week. He intenda to tile some of the wet places on his farm In the near future. ., ' The weather . was exceedingly coW last week for this time of'the yeaj. No damage to any considerable extent wae done,' It was reported tha,t the blossoms on the early trees were frozen, . .'."•''" '•••••'••'•::- "•» s ' The East Science Ridge 'school y wU close Friday, at which time the school year ends. The teacher and pupils are busy preparing for an entertainment which they will'give Friday afternoon in honor of the occasion. Patrons of the district are invited to be present!, TDeviSnavely purchased a drove of cattle of Miltpn Ward^pf Sterling. " A number of teacherV have $ant in their Applications for the pchool. The Board of Directors are undeolded &s to ' whow they will hire, ••-, .. ,» ; Aeaeaaor Morgan is again pa his rounds, Bs honest, show your dog U ~ _ 3. \ , of this school, d the final a tion with an average grade of onepercent. She bsB the honor ;pf being the only graduate of the to>?ii- ship. Thia shows -well on part of .bqth teacher and pupil. ' Ezra Lefevre toQk his traction en- •gine to the Sterling shops Tuesday afternoon to get It repaired, The school marm may now be Been eplnning to and from the school hon&e on -that new "bike" she purchased recently. We haven't heard of any "tip. overs* 1 yet. The farmers are busy at work plowing and getting ready to plant eom^ U the weather permits, isoine intend to plan^ this week, , , , / , Katie Nunemsker is now goja to school again af te/ an illness of weeks, , . - . , Fremont Landlg e0rt8inly k flock of cbickentj. He has thirty sad receive* •~ *ii A! t J8h i £t!fJ : ££ ^t^wUt' i 'ifi^ [.S'ri^fe^Z^j^B^S^'iSS.WiS^

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