The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 15, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1914
Page 9
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f Wednesday Evening, July 15, 1914. THE DECATUR REVIEW Page-Nine FIRST LID F-OF Sheriff* Nicholson Orders Sheeney to Get Out. DOWN ON THE RIVER Another Club Is Incorporated at Springfield. ' One lid club has been put out o£ business, or knocked out of a location, at least, without the aid of the law. 'All that was necessary was for the sheriff to tell the manager to get out. It happened, however that the club WPS located on private ground w i t h o u t *ny previous arrangement having teen made with the owner. TWO ROWS OF CORN. Pete Sheeney has been r u n n i n g i club just across the river from the Country club, and up the r i v e r from the M a f f i t bridge. The location was ideal, the surroundings picturesQue and conditions all that could be- desiied. Of course a route to the club was needed, but this was easily arranged by liuylng two rows of corn from the ten- n n t on the farm. During the four or five weeks the club has been in operation those two rows of corn have "been converted into as well worn a roadway as can be" found fn any lane Jn Decatur township. __ UNDER T'JV'O TENTS. Two good sized tents furnished al! the shelter needed. There was a ".mat landing, with a number of row boats and a couple of steam launches moored near by. Everything went along emoothly until the owner of the land (began getting complaints from people who lived in the neighborhood. He called up the tenant and told him to order the club manager to get off the premises. The tenant promised to do EO. ORDERED TO VACATE. Taree weeks later the club was still there, so last Sunday Sheriff Nicholson and some of the city policemen drove out to the club- in the patrol wacrnn and the sheriff ordered the manager to vacate, and this he promised to do Just where the club w:ll be located is not known. CLUB INCORPORATED. Another Decatur lid club was incorporated at Springfield Wednesday. It is to be known as the "Broadwav club" an* it is organiiecl for "social' purposes. The ircorporators are Charles S. Burke. Edward Burke and M. H. Brown. LEE BOLAND IN JACK'S OFFICE Place ot AV. K. \Vliltflelrt Who In now on Bench. Attorney Lee Boland has moved his office to the office of T. B. Jack and W. K. 'Whitfieia in the Citizens building. Since th» dissolving of the f i r m of Jack and W h i t f i e l d by the appointment of W. K. Whitfield as judge, there is no one to look after the business s Mr. Jack is Just recovering from an attack of typhoid fever. Mr. Boland will take care of the firm's business until Mr. Jack is,well enough to come to the office, which will b» within a couple ot weeks. Mr. Jack and Mr. Boiand expect to move their office from the Citizens building to new quarters above the new Farmers and Merchants State bank on East Main street about Aug. 1. -*- Workman Scalep to Top and Calls Down Orders. A popular evening's entertainment was given by the Decatur Bridgre comp a n y Tuesday evening on the site of the Powers opera house, the performance a t t r a c t i n g a ring of spectators which encircled the block. The en- t e r t a i n m e n t consisted of the erection of a new derrick on top of the steel M r u c t u r e o£ the new building. WORKMAN AT TOP. The vertical leg of the derrick, some t h i r t y feet high, was set up first. A V, orkman then scaled this to the top and occupied the ticklish apex while ilie other legs were being set up and bolted to it. It was nice work assembling th* 3 parts of a derrick at t h a t dizzy height, but it is a part of the game of the steel worker. "Pick a hair, Billy." the man on top shouted to the one in charge of the h o i s t i n g engine, meaning that he should hoist the lo.ig steel girder a hair's b r e a d t h so that bolt holes would match. Perhaps he had in .mind a very coa.rse h a i r , but the e n g i n e e r seemed to understand exactly what he meant. The job lasted u n t i l after the town clock struck S before it was in condition to bc l £ f t for the night. The t h i r d der- rir'k will handle the s t r u c t u r a l members for the eaot side of the building. People You Know Mrs. E L, Reeves of Decatur has gone to M u d l a v i a . Ir-1 Jlrs. E Ancle': -in · 1 daughter, Gertrude, 1557 *.·"! ' ' irch street, have r e t u r n e d h o m e ' ·''.' -' Louis after a few -ueeks' visit \M" Mrs. C. H. Davis, Mrs. Anderson's daughter. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and (laughter. Helen, of Chicago, have returned to t h e i r home a f t e r a ten d a \ ' 3 v i s i t \vipi Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Tucker, 509 West Decatur street. Mr. and Mrs. E. F Drobisch and son, R a v m o n f i . l e f t Wednesday for a trip of about ten weeks through the northwest, soln? as far as Vancouver, British C o l u m b i a . A. H. MILLS ON S. S. COMMITTEE Receives Xotiftentton of Hin Appointment on Two BO die*. A. H Mills, who was recently elected president of the State Sunday school association, has received a notification of his appointment as the second member of the executive committee of the I n t e r n a t i o n a l Convention. This is the second t i m e Mr. Mills has been honored by an appointment on this committee. He was a]?o named as c h a i r m a n of the rommittee of the elementary division of the I n t e r n a t i o n a l association. Ex trait de Treko The fascinating perfume with a subtle odor that always pleases. Also Treko Toilet Water. For sale by the following druggists. Call on them for free Treko samples. Armstrong's Pharmacy Bell Drug Co. Decatur Drug Co. Downey's Pharmacy Harding's Pharmacy Horrall Pharmacy University Drug Store West's Drug Store Irwin's Drug Stores Kincaid's Drug Store Hildebrandt's Drug Store Hilligoss Bros. Lonesome for Her Little Brother in Chicago. M!s» Patricia Hunt, who is entertaining one of thj little "fresh air" girls from Chicago, who arrived Tuesday afternoon. This. little girl cried as though her heart would break Tuesday evening because she was lonesome for her little brother, who has cancer and whom she has nursed all ·winter. WEARING MANY CLOTHES. In trying to comfbrt the child, Miss H u n t found that she was wearing two pairs of stockings, two pVticoats, heavy underwear and other unnecessary garments, and she was nearly sick from the heat they caused. When the clothes were taken off, dhe cried harder than ever because she was afraid everything she did not actually wear would be stolen. It took some real diplomacy to assure her that her clothing would be safe. BECOME ACQUAINTED. Other children have already thrown off their constraint and become reacquainted wi'th little friends in the neighborhood who played with them last year. They are busy today with every kind of task. Some aro making Kites, some arranging for doll parties in the yard, a.nd others going about t h e important business of vacation time. For the most part they are very happy, and all of them are clean, contrary to the expectations of a few people who took them in this year for the first time. A trial with the children is all that is needed in the case of most Decatur people to convince them of the real pleasure in watching the pinched little people eat and enjoy themselves. Many are contemplating sending for children to come down to tnem and most of those who took the first consignment Tuesday have feceived many calls from people asking to take the little guests for a time. LIST OF CHILDREN. The complete list of children and those with whom they are now staying follows: Mary and John Collins, with Mrs. M. F. Metz, 429 North Jackson. Dan Brown with Howard Krlgbaum, 432 South Main. Irene O'Boyle with Mrs. C. M. Barnett, 745 North Edward. Eermce Letourneau with Mrs. Urban Salmon, 767 East Caldwell. Alexander Letourneau with Mrs. Nellie Watson, 1711 East Decatur. R u t h and Edna Ulmensteln with Miss Geneva Gregory, Mt. Zlon. E v e U n Letourneau witu Dr. Lindsey. Helen Letourneau with R. E. H u f f , 1202 South Maffit. Nora and Mary Brown with Miss Mamie Fletcher, Mt. Zion. Jerry Collins with M_rs. Chance, 1032 East Eldorado. Marcella O'Boyle with Mrs. Hollis Price, 1173 West Decatur. Freda, Ulmenstein with Mrs. C. F. Holmes, Harristown. Irene McDonald with Mrs Job. Florence and Myrtle Kopp, Miss Patricia Hunt, 525 East Cerro Gordo. Annie and Edwin Carlson, Mrs. Fred L. Sowers. FIRST BAPTIST DISTRICT MEETING District 3 of the First Baptist church met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. EI- mira Zeigler, 371 West Eldorado street. Mrs, Zeigler an'fl ilrs. Newsham were hostesses. * Twelve womu.l were present and spent the afternoon socially. No business was transacted. IKE PARTEE IS UNDER ARREST Witb Assault by Husband of Jessie Oltphtuit. IU6 Pariee was arrested Wednesday morning 1 on a city wjirrant sworn out by Robert Oliptiant, husband of JesBte Oliphant, charging Par tee with assault Ins the 3a.tter. A peacft warrant was also Issued for him and he f ave bond ot f $50 on the first charge anrt 200 on the second for hearing on Monday at 1 o'clock. Partee had warrants Issued against the Oliphant woman and Rose Stubbs, rharging each with intoxication and die turbine the peace and dlfioiderly conduct and each gave bond of $25 for trial on Tuesday at 1 o'clock. He aleo swore out t, -warrnt lor the Stubbs woman charging her with assaulting, striking and cutting htm with a knife. She gave bond of $200 on this charge and her Local Notices. Then NotlcM An Paid Adrertlsuag. Plenty nice clean fresh fish. Merriss Bros. 204 N. Franklin. Both phones. Dr. Hosklns has niovea dental office to 206-807 Title Trust --Hard Time Skate at Dreamland Park Monday night. July 2;. Admission to rink lOc everybody. Skates 15c J2.00 round trip to Quincy via Wa- tash Bteamboat excursion, J u l y 19. Hall to Hannibal, steamer to Quincy. Get particulars from Wabash ticket agent. ALL ON FIRE--ALL FREE. Dare Devil Harry, all on fire, will skate in tha lake all on fire every night this week at Dreamland park. $2.60 Chicago and return via Wabaah. Good leaving Decatur July is, I : IB a . m., and 11:25 a. m- and 1 15 a. m., July ;3. Good returning to J u l y 19. For l.articulars, see Wabash ticket agent. On account o£ the a p p o i n t m e n t of W. K. 'Whitfield to the circuit bench the partnership of Attorney Jack and Whittield is dissolved. The surviving member, Attorney T. B. Jack will continue the practice of law at the office 425-6-7 Citizens Bldg. - A t t o r n e y Lee Boland will be in charge of Mr. Jack's o f f i c e until the latter Is able to attend to his o f f i c e duties, a f t e r recovering from sickness which now confines him at his home. Mi«s- Cora Miller Bride of Fred N. Williams. Pana, July 15.--The marriage of Miss Cora Miller to Professor Fred N." Williams, took place Wednesday morning »at 9 o'clock at the home of the bride's parents on Quality Hill. The ceremony was performed by Rev. P. P- Carson, pastor of the First Methodist church, In the presence of the immediate relatives of the contracting parties, and a few intimate friends of the couple. The home was decorated for the occasion with flowers and potted j plants. llrs. Williams is- the only daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Miller, well known and prominent residents of Pana. She was 'born and reared in Pana wh^re she received her education, being a graduate of the Pana high school. She afterwards went to college and passed the state examination as a pharmacist _and has.followed, that .vocation In several d i f f e r e n t places In the state. Professor Williams is from Sheridan, Ind., but for the past two years has been principal of the Longfellow school, and has been selected to fill that position next year. OWN A SUMMER HOME IX THE COOL NORTH WOODS OF WISCONSIN AND MICHIGAN. Ton can buy or rent at email cost an attractive cottage or bungalow, f u r - nished or u n f u r n i s h e d , at m a n y i n v i t - ing points in the Cool North Woods: or lease sites on the islands and shores of hundreds of b e a u t i f u l Iakes"in We Wisconsin State Forest Reserve, on which to build. Train schedules, fares, etc., are arranged to meet y o u r demands. For particulars apply to T. S. Talbot. Gen: Agt., Chicago North Western Railway, 610 Merchants Bank Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. Free Entertainment BY THE JACK BESSEY CO. "MEDLEY TRIO" Singing THE LATEST SOSG HITS. Commencing Wednesday evening, J.uly THE MINSON CO. AMERICAWTHEATRE Today. "LUCILLE LOVE." Series No. 11 and "A Law Unto Himself." 2 reel Bob Leonard BIJOUTODAY "ADVENTURES OF KATHLYN" Thle i« tue lent of the Knthlyn »er- len. Don't mlaa It. All Lodges in County at Fairview Park. The holding of a Macon c o u n t y Masonic picni.c. *nd of organizing the county into-a pionic asFociatiorr-fOr an annual o u t i n g each year is a plan now being worked on by a committee from Macon lodge No. S, A. F. A. M. The committee is composed of Silas Watts, J. S. Edmondson and N. M. Shaw. ALL LODGES INCLUDED. - The first picnic will be held in the first part of August, according to present plans, on some'date when Fairview park can be secured. The f i r s t picnic will be given by Macon lodge No. S, and it will f u r n i s h ice cream and lemonade. Ir. case the county Is organized f u t u r e a n n u a l picnics will be given by the county association. The plan is to include every Masonic organization in iijcon county. This Includes abcfut 2,000 members, w h i c h with unanimous support would mah£ one of the biggest picnics held hero each year. PERSONALS. Mr. and Mr? John Sfew art, 045 West Packard street, spent Sunday tn Oakley: Mr. and Mrs. J. G Flint, I2S7 West Wood street, w i l l l e a \ e July 27 for an outing on Siher Lake, near Mears, Mich. They spent their vacation at this resorr Idst year. Sliver Lake Is o-rt-ned and managed by Malcolm Wood of t h i s city. r. and Mrs. S fC Carter of Los Angeles, Ca . are the gue, u t of Mr and Mrs L. H. Baird, 1309 North Church iHfeet. F. Laughlln has moved from 938 Kofth Broadway to 437 East Division street. FS Thurston Keyes, 650 East Orchard street. Is 111. A L. Bridges has moved from 1656 East Main street, to 651 East Orchard street. Mrs. C. T. Mitchell, 1464 E«st Leafland avenue. Is ill with mus-nilar iheumatism. Mrs. E Dial and children. 201-1 North Low- b?r stre°t, are \ l P l t f n g r M a t f V P s and friends In St. Elmo. Miss Bertha Dongowski of Chicago, has returned TO her home a f t e r visiting he** parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Dongcm-sk.1, 913 North Illinois, street. ._ Miss Slarle Gulp of Chicago, ha-e-returned to her homp after a ten days' £tay trith friends in this city. Mrp. Loiihle Pmlth, 27P East King street. has gone to Chicago ^ here she has acented a position as stenographer. I-eon Burns has rnovecl from 926 North Union street to 620 North Union Mrs. Eva Omion. 2TP East King strpet, has r e t u r n e d from an extended visit w i t h her daughter. Mrs Frank Y,'-*lk*r in IndianapoHs. Mr and Mrs Zlnk C*rai^ and daughters, Florenc" and Helen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Craig and d a u c h t e r s . Gladys, Louise and France?. Miss Vrooman. MIFF Phyllis Wllhins and Harry Frazler of Charleston, motored to Decatur Sunday and spent a couple of days w i t h Mrs E. A Enrln and Dr. Claire A Garber. Miss Cora M u n a n n df IlllopoliF. was In D e c n t u r on business Tuesday. Miss Mercv Shawhan has returned from FarksburEr. M o , v.-here she has been attending college Shp will spend her vacation w i t h her mother, Mrs. Mary Shawhan, 1164 Rodgers avenue MiRR Winifred Hammond trf Bem*nt, spent Mondav in Decafir Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood spent Monday w i t h W. K. McGni'e and family in Elwln. Mr 'and Mr= Frank Rucker ard family Mr and Mrs J ' J. Voelcker and family are spending fn o weeks tn camp ai^ FarlSa park. -- - - Mr and Mrs John Kinton of Clinton; spent Monday with Mr and Mrs. Frank Barber, 975 V-'efl Packird street. Mr and Mrs John Townend and daughters, Mary and Lillian. 30O East Marietta street, l e f t " today for a visit w i t h relatives In Lima, O Miss Elizabeth Hipar l."S5 North Illinois street, is v i s i t i n g h?r brother. Leo in Mattoon. Mrs. John Ritchev. 954 East William street, is visiting relatives at AUvood this week, F. J Walters and family 1330 North Main street," motored to Fprmfcfielfl Sunday and spent the day w i t h Mr and Mrs rbtter_ Mr and Mrs. F. M Gasklns. 10RS "orth College street, motored to Chnmpdlgn Sunday and spent the day with friends. M!*s Aileen and Jesse Smith of Champaign are v i s i t l n ? friends in the city. Mr. an,i Mrs Harry Puv.lH, 1176 East Walnut street, have returned from a fish- Ing trip to Smith's Mill. Mr and Mr«* E L. Hughes have moved from' D n m i l l e ' I"" D ^ r a t u r ftnd they reside at 1^65 North Illinois street. Mr and Mrs. J E. Morganstecn have movod from TOO West Kms street to 613 South Broadway, Mr and Mrs Charles Hudson o£ Mowea- oun ' h a \ e returned to t h f i r home after a vl«lt with Mrs Hudson's father, Frank Pauley. 3Gt West Green Ftrret. Watch for Our Basement Surprise H I R S C U C O M P A N Y · · Everything Ready to Wear. 121-125 N. Water St. The Greatest ·\ Surprise in Many Years THESE FARMERS AFRAID OF RAIN I Bloomington Pantagraph: The wheat yield near Leroy has been good this year, ranging from 25 to 40 bushels to the .--re, in general. The largest j ield reported was the crop of Kami-nine, whose f a r m .loins the west corporation line of Leroy. . His wheat made 4 2 % bushels to the acre and was of good quality. Now that the wheat crop is harvested, farmers are cutting hay and oats. The oats look as if there would be a f a i r yield. Some of the farmers are hurrying to set their wheat straw baled. For fear that a rain will spoil the straw, every effort Is being made to get It under cover. It should-be of extra good quality this year and there is a great deal of it. M A R K E T S CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE QUOTATIONS (FurnUhtd ty War* * L«lan6.) Chicago, July 15.--Following is of prices with yesterday's clos«: WHEAT-- Open. High. Low. Vt SO' July Eep Dec CORN-July, old., July, n e w . Sep.. old.. Sep., new. 67 1 -. Dec. OATS-July Sep Dec PORK-July Sep LARD-July Sep 1042i RIBS-July 1105( Sep. HOOi the range Close. Tea; GRAIN. 1202 1197 1195 1100 1027 1027 1010 1040 1202 1197 1195 1192 Market Gossip. (Furnished bj Conley. CHICAGO CABS. Co.) Tr. Rets. Shpts. Estd. Ago. Wheat 1021 79S 1022 376 COrn 218 SO 218 165 Oats 253 50 253 1S4 Peoria Cash Market. Peoria, July 15.--CORN -- Market unchanged at He up. No. 8 yellow, 68Hc; No. 3 yellow, 70c; No. 4 yellow, 89Hc; umple, «@67c; no 4 mixed. 6SKc. OATS -- Market tte lower. No. 2 white. Sic: NO 3 white, l«\@3eAc; No. 4, white, 35c. St. Louis Cash Market St. Louis, July 15.--WHEAT--No Z Md. 7%378Wc; No 3 red, 75«@76V4c : No. 2 hard winter. 7@96c: No. 3 hard winter. 7Ac; No. I hard winter, none. CORN -- No 2. 71c; No 3 and No. 4 none: No. 6. 69@70c; No. 2 yellow. 75(«: No. »· and 4 yellow, none; No. 2 white, i9^c: No. 3 and 4 white, none: No. ! white. 72e. OATS -- No. 2. 3Sc: No 3, 37®37%c; No. whits. 39Mc: standard, 39@3flUc: No. 3 white. SSHfflaOc: No. 4 white, 37®37!4c. RYE--No. 2, 64c. Chicago Cash Market Chicago,"July 15.--WHEAT -- No. 2 Md, jWSt'Oc; No 2 hard, 79®SOc; No. 2 northern: 89390c; No. 2 spring, S7®8Sc. CORN -- No. 2 yellow, 71(871 lie; No. 3 yel- OATS"-- No. 3 white. 36@36l4c; stand.rd. T'lMOTHY-- $4.00«?S 25. · CLOVER--110.00(£13 00. PORK-- »22.S7/j. LARD--*10 271, RIBS--$11.75(g 12.05. PRDIABY MOVEMENTS. Receipts-Wheat Corn Oata Shipments-Wheat Corn Oats Today. 2,694,000 451,000 757,000 1,41.1,000 410,000 7S7.000 Tr Ago. 1.328,000 47S.OOO 877,0000 656.000 291.000 713,000 IOWA CBOP BEPORT. Chicago. July 15--The weekly Iowa crop report says: The past week was one of the hottest and drJed weeks of the season. Average temperatures 6 decrees above normal. Rainfall decided ly deficient except In a few lo- ca'litleB, excessive heat and dry weather are beginning to show injurious effect in corn in ten counties but crisp as a whole. Is making rapid growth and Mill In good condition. Considerable rust reported in oats and smut Is appearing in many localities. Rust came too late to do much danage. FRENCH CROP REPORT. Chicago, July 15.--Report on condition of wheat and oats in France is officially reported as follows: Wheat, July 1, 1914. 87. CLEARANCES. Chicago. July 15--Total clearances wheat and flour equivalent of 615.0^0 bu : corn. 20.000 bu : oats. 56.000 bu. Wheat exports include 44,000 bu, and oat*, 17.000 bu. bonded. PRICE CURRENT, Crnclnnati. July 15.--Price Current says: Wheat Is threshing out equal to expectations. Farmers in the older states are preparing to etore rather than to sell at present low prices and also to feed wheat to stock Instead of corn Winter wheat crop is being marketed freelv on account of lack of storage and financial condition of the farmers Our estimate of the oats crop in the surplus producing states show a decrease of 12,000.000 bu during the last week, but the crop still shows an Increase of 50,000,000 bu. The corn crop if in excellent condition, but there is danger of critical condition especially In the southern portions of the corn belt where there is a lark of subsoil moisture The growth condition for the d i f f e r e n t states follows: Ohio. 91: Jndlnna. 90: Illinois, .90: Missouri .92: Iowa, 102: Minnesota, .91: South Dakota, 1,00: Nebraska, 102-- Kansas, .8,1: Oklahoma. .TO;. Timothy and close hay crop is short, owing to the lack of early spring raini. ESTIMATED CARS. Chicago July 15.--Estimated cars: Wheat, 524, corn! 136, oats, 143. New York Sugar. New York.. July 15-- Market 'or raw sugar easj. Molasses, J2.64; centrifugal. f3.29. Market for relined sugar steady New York Money. New Tnrk. July 15--Close: Mercantile pa- Sterling exchange sleady. after decline, 60 day bills. 54.S520. demand. S4 87.15 Commercial bills, $4.64146485. Bar sliver. 54^c. Mexican dollars, 42«c. Government bonds steady: railroad bonds 'caff monev firmer: 2«®3%; ruling rate 3%: closing 2i",(7j2 i j^. Time loans firm: 60 days. 2XK: 90 days, S^": six months. LIVESTOCK. Thursday Morning Specials MILLINERY SPECIAL Your unrestricted choice of any trimmed hat in stock, white and panamas excepted; values to $8.50 SUMMER DRESS SPECIAL Just the thing for outings. Colored and fancy crepes and voiles, nicely trimmed, perfect fitting and fast colors; values to $5.50, Thursday only Children's Dress Special Pretty dresses of chambray, gingham, percales, madras and lawns, nicely trimmed; all sizes; values to to |1.50; Thursday only uuieu; ail- 84c BASEMENT SPECIAL Embroideries Eyelet, blind and swiss embroidery, 17 to 27 inches wide, new patterns, worth 50c per yard; Thursday only INFAVSPAPERf 18e SKIRT SPECIAL Ratine skirts, with the long Russian tunic, trimmed with pearl buttons. Value $2.25; Thursday only , WAIST SPECIAL Ladies' waists, of the newest and most wanted designs; all sizes; worth up to $1.75; Thursday only Third Floor Special Boys' Knee Pants Extra strong, made of worsted, cheviots, serge; many colors and patterns; regular 75c value; Thursday only 39e CORN INJURED, SAYS MR. ROOT Springfield, July 15 --'A crop summary issued yesterday by United States Section Director Root for the week e n d i n g July 13 shows that tho extreme heat of the past few days has injured corn In the south part of the state. Fruit, truck and pastures are also damaged in the southern section Report savs corn is in good condition in the north part of the state, but is' feeling the effects df the heat and drouth In the central portion. WOMAN FINED FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT Minnie Koehler, who recently, had her mother-in-law arrested on charge~^f-se!llng liquor In anti-saloon territory and then lett the city after being subpoenaed as a witness, returned to Decatur Monday or Tuesday. The officers got a tip on it and arrested her Tuesday, taking her before' Justice J. E. Paxton where she pleaded BUllty to contempt of court and wa. fined * 5 Ehe"«aW S 8tie had been la Belvidere. An effort will be made to keen her here unltl next Wednesday at 1 o'clock, at which time the Davit woman's hearing will be held. St. Louis Live Stock. St Louis. July 15.--HOQS -- Receipts G.5"0 head, market steady. Pigs and lights. $7 So 69.07%; mixed ana butchers, »8.90@9074; good heavy, JS.95l29.07W. CATTLE -- Receipts 6,000 head: market steady. Native beef steers J7.50(39-75. cows and heifers. W00@9.00; stockers and feeders. S3 00(27.50; Texas and Indian steers. S575SS.40- COTV-S and heifers, M.M®8.M; native calves. ?8.00@11.00. SHEEP -- Receipts 5,000 head: market lower. Sheared muttons, $4.75135.00; spring - m b s , $S.OO®9.00. Kansas City Live Stock. Kansas City. July 15.--HOGS -- Receipts .-i.OOO head: market steady to 5 cent? lower Bulk ot sales, $8.65@SSo; heavy. S?SO«Z««3. packers and butchers. *S 7588.00: lights, SS(i5«iS.SO: pigs. $S.65«IS.85. CATTLE -- Receipts 41500 head: market steady to weak. Prime fed steers. O.T.i; stockers and feeders. $6 OOgS 35. SHEEP -- Receipts 8.000 head: market steady. Lambs. JSSOgDOO; stockers and feeders, 13.5066.75. Indianapolis Live Stock. U S Yards, Indianapolis, July 15.--Hos receipts 9.500 head- market 10 cents lower. Bulk of sales. »8.90(g8«3: several at $800: top «005. Cattle receipts 1.000 head: market for best strong; others 10 cents lower. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago. July 15.--Increased arrival, of hogs led today to a run on the market value There was 'no great demand for cattle or * HOQS -- Receipts 30,000 head; market Blow and 5 cent, lower. Bulk of sale.. »8 70 SZS.90; lieht. J8.60@S95: mixed. M45(8893- heavy M.80Ba05; rough, I8.30gS.45: piss CATTLE -- Receipts 16,000 head: markel steadv to 10 cents- lower. Beeves. J7.TO«t il.SO; 'steerl, *6.40(58.30-, stocker. and feeders. SSSO'ftSOO; caws and heifers, $3.00('r 0 10- calves, $7.50(311.00. SHEEP -- Becclpts 23,000 head; marke slow an* generally 10 cents lower. Sheep 15251^6.10; yearlings, 15.7567.30; lamts, »6SO @9.10. PRODUCE. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Julr 15.--BUTTER -- Market unchanged. EGOS -- Market lower. Receipt. 13,723 cases. At mark (c«» included, ordinary ftrtta, lTK818e; flrstt. POTATOES--Market lower. Receipt. iO care. Illinois, Kan«as and Mtisourl Ohloe POULTRT--Market (or live poultry higher Fowls, 15c: iprlnss, 1SS21C. New York Produce. Ne«- York. July IS.--BUTTER -- Marke weaker. Receipts 15.900 tubs. Creamery extra. 27Q2Sc: first*, 21tt~@26V£c. CHEESE -- Market steady; unchanged Receipt! 900 boxer. t ,, ^ EGGS -- Market tteady, unchanged. Receipts 16,200 case.. POULTRY -- Market tor flre.ied poultry firm. Western rhlc*en«. broilerl, fowls, 12S18c; turkey., 25328e. FEAR HP: WHEAT IS LIRED Corn Bulges and Oats Harden in Sympathy. Chicago, July 15.--Uneasiness In regard to threats of a railroad tl«up h»d tonsiderabl* to do with HfttnfcT the price of wheat. In addition there w»« a sudden advance of quotations at Liverpool and it was reported that black rust had gained a serious foothold in Minnesota. Shorts made a general rush to cover. The opening; which was «4 to He higher was followed by other gains. Fears were expressed that Worth Dakota as well as Minnesota, and South Dakota would soon, be subjected to black rust, which In some places w«« said to be already as bad a* in 1904. The close was strong at !4 to IVi^BlHc net advance. Corn bulged on account of a. sharp advance "at Buenos Ayres. due to unfavorable weather and to the unsatisfactory quality of supplies. The market here was also affected by continued heat and drouth southwest. After opening ?k to Ti@lc up, prices rose still higher. Reactions ensued but owing to the failure of predicted rains were not of a lasting variety. The close -was steady to T s@lc above last night* Oats hardened with corn and 'wheat. Enlarged offerings, however, checked the advance. Weakness in the hog market had a depressing influence on provisions. The chief result was the withdrawal of buyers more than any radical lowering of values. LEADING STOCKS FALL TODAY New York, July 15--Such tendencies as t h e market might have shown to improve Its early position were nullified by weakness in New Haven which fell three and a half points to 52. *. new low record. Offerings wer« persistent and l e f t little doubt of their liquidating character. Canadian Pacific also fell three points to a new low point, on selling 1 attributed to Canadian and foreign sources. Low records were made by Rock Island common and preferred »nd the eollatera! bonds. * Dry goods preferred added four points to Its initial fall. Heaviness «n Baltimore Ohio Issues extended to other eastern railways and there was renewed selling of the Goulds. Bonds were Irregular. 125,000 BUSHELS OF CORN RAISED By Boy« in Nineteenth Dl.trtcv Corn Clob, Say MeKlnley. According to estimates made by W. B. McKinley, the boys In ht« Corn club . In the Nineteenth Congressional district will raise 125.000 bushels of corn this summer. This makes McKinley king of juvenile corn growers. The corn club of this district has »n enrollment of 1,407 boys. This makes It as large as any three other corn clubs in the country. DECATUR MARKETS. (Quoted dally by tie American Homlnr Co.) Miller, offer th;.e price, for Grain on wagons, delivered n Dacatur: ' Grain Price.. New wheat , W Corn J* New oats 32 Rye »° Butter nod Etc.. (Quoted dally by Mai Atlau.) Fresh egg. jj Butter, packing .»· .15 Pooltrr. Quotation, to producer, by local poultr? dealer.: Hen. ···. -12b Springs. 1«4 to 2 ID. J8 Cocks «J Tom. ·· ·J'JH Gobblers :..........- .13 Hera turkey. * - .14 Young turkey. * Geese 05 Ducfca, yountr . -- £7 Live pigeons, per dozen 00 Hide* ud Wool. Horse blden. largo **·* i Horse hide., .mall 2.50{ Lamb pelt, 25' Medium wool » 8 '- We.tem wool "J Burry wool * · · · .Mvl No. 1 hide., cured UTv-Stoek. (Quoted dally by O. J. DanMUen * Sonc) Local dealer. »r» ottering: Heaw sows Si.OQvQ T.OQ Choice young hogi, 200 to 22S Ib. S.OoS S.J5 Light pigs' J-g Shipping .leer. T.SW Batcher, .teen Cow. · Choice belter. Heifer., medium Rheep TIOO s.oo . AS SO ellTM !!°^«v.v.v«v.;«v.v.'.'Mi5 I'M .,, NEWSPAPER!

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