Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 5, 1969 · Page 58
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 58

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1969
Page 58
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II flit Arizona Republic Phoenix, Sat., April 5, 1969 Dear Hildegarde Stavropolous Sitter's 'pals 9 invade; coins missing Lawrence Sifter a fashion New York designer turns stars off costume styles to understatement ,»>. By MARIAN CHRISTY *N£W YORK - There has been a dramatic turning of the fashion tables. Now that the public has jumped into theatrical clothes with undisguised gusto, actresses have dsi t c h e d costume-orier ted clothes for pared-down, un- erstated fashions that once the signature of the [ u n t r y 's richest, most- ifjSteful elegantes. -JiBiggest clue to the fast ifjvitch of roles is taking place jtfStjv at the off-Fifth Avenue titivate salon of the super- daper Greek designer, Stavro- polous, who .has suddenly ilfund himself selling his • High-priced chiffon evening fashions to America's most Successful show people. s'HTo his devoted ch'entele of j Jf shionables, such as Mrs. •ill&l Guinness,.Mrs. "Babe" •"«tley and pop art collector Mrs. Ethel Scull, add stars such as Carol Lawrence, JfQigela Lansbury and Leslie ^gams. •;Stavropolous, whose name tongue twister, puts it icinctly: £Now that the public has fie theatrical, show business personalities want to look like sophisticated ladies good taste." e fact that show people to -emulate socialites a definite swing away rmn vulgar, sexpot clothes. Gloria Vanderbilt has inadvertently giv- the switch impetus. She Ms been showing up in stage- struck^ clownish 7 clothes tJfiat reek of :costumery and rsngw people have been Irdbbed of instant attention. * Jffie only way they can stand 1 out is to be understated. "•**.' .- 1 I*2fcldegarde, in her 60s but svelte and handsome, reappeared at Stavropo- lots' salon. The designer Chipped up two dresses for .'— a peach chiffori stud„ with crystals and a ,P| '( |ir-layer black chiffon toga Mtfaant to be worn without a verything was great until vropolous announced that ttypse famous white gloves must go. Hildegarde, who has iayed piano with gloves on £ years, went pale. The $)th is that her hands are ffltale signs of her age and Joves disguise. ^She said: "I have no inten- ;$Kbn of going anywhere with?lit my gloves." •He said: "If you • wear gtoves, which are very outdat- e8, I will not deliver the gowns. You must wear rings anfl decorate your hands — not cover them." confrontation contin- ug<J, but Stavropolous, known fqr a strong will and definite opinions, held his ground until HHdegarde finally gave in after much pouting and fussing. Jjt was Stavropolous who convinced Mrs, Lyndon Johnso/i to change her image, wear floating, filmy chiffon aw) forget the gloves. The farmer First Lady's official White House portrait is in a Stavropolous chiffon. Mrs. Johnson is gloveless. !&fter Hildegarde came Carof Lawrence in a getup that drove Stavropolous a little She had on a mini Nehru dress, a flashy mink and an oversized mink b^ret that made tier look *—heavy. "It was a little Cherry Hull elected «TEMPE - Sherry Hutt, of 2B8 N. 74th Place, Scotts- daje, was elected president of Associated Women Students at'Arizona State University and in the process of campaigning helped defeat an amendment to the constitution which would have denied voting rights to the AWS president in the Executive Council, The amendment, one of three voted on 10 days ago was soundly turned down, 1,- 2tf no to 919 yes. The other amendments, eliminating the office of student secretary •nd allowing graduate stunts to serve on the supreme t, were passed. The fashion reports of Marian Christy will appear regularly in the Arizona Republic. Miss Christy is the current belle of the syndicated fashion-reporting circuit — after winning 12 awards in four years for her home newspaper, The Boston Globe. She was syndicated by United Features Inc. only weeks ago and will write from New York, Paris, London, Italy and other trend cities to augment Women's Forum's own fashion coverage. problem — and she has been yearing for pants that play down the unhappy fact. The designer whipped up chiffon pants for her, loose and flowing, to wear with matching tunics. And she also bought a high-neck, Victorian-looking black and white gown with a full skirt. "I told her to forget decolletage," says Stavropolous. "If she wants to establish a fashion image she must forget toreador pants and clothes that zero in on the bosom." On the Uggams heels came Phyllis Newman, Angela Lansbury and Marge Champion. Even Britt Eklund, former wife of Peter Sellers, popped in to buy. Meanwhile, Stavropolous has been having his troubles. He made a personal appearance in Boston, bringing in his entire collection of 80 gowns and they disappeared, presumably at the airport. Since the gowns were the originals, the designer has had to reconstruct them from memory. much," he says. "She was overpowered by her clothes." It didn't take long for a make-over. Stavropolous sold her an impeccably tailored white wool coat and two chiffon pantsuits — one in elec- tric red, the other in a dazzling blue. "And I lengthened her mini's a bit. She went from showy to sophisticated," he says. Stavropolous says: "Show business personalities have come to see that the idea of costume dressing is vulgar and cheap. I can't stand chains and ridiculous glitter that make a woman look like a walking neon sign. Too much ornamentation of the body is a bore. Socialites who are playing with fashion and coming out like gypsies, harem girls and Indian-chief daughters will soon realize the error of their ways." Leslie Uggams, the third actress to waltz in unannounced, also seems to have gotten the Stavropolous message. She has a little excess weight in her derriere and thighs — a common female THE FAMILY CIRCUS by Bil Keane "Don't be a dummy, Jeffy! The Easter Bunny doesn't come down the chimney—he comes in the front door." By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: I was babysitting last Saturday night when a girl I knew from school came to the door. I opened it to let her m and a whole gang of kids (boys and girls) forced their way Into the bouse. It took me quite a while to get. them out, but unfortunately they Were in long enough Abby for one of the kids to steal a coin collection valued at $600. The people I sat for are not holding me responsible, but I hope to get the money to pay them back some day. The police questioned me, and naturally I had to give them the names of the kids I know were in the house. Now everyone at school knows that I gave names, and they say they are going to make trouble for me. Abby, can you help me? I am considering running away. SCARED DEAR SCARED: Don't "run" anywhere. Your biggest mistake was in opening the door in the first place. The girl who appeared "alone" and made it possible for the "gang" to gain entrance should be reprimanded. And I hope this is a lesson to ALL sitters. NEVER open the door to ANYONE. DEAR ABBY: I am a boy with a crazy problem. I have a pen pal overseas. I asked CLUB CALENDAR BETA sigma Phi, Alpha Mu chapter; 10:30 a.m., Encanto Park, 2605 N. 15th Ave.; family Easter egg hunt and pot luck luncheon. BETA Sigma Phi, Nu Phi Mu chapter; 1:30 p.m., Sir George's, 208 W. Indian School; luncheon. LADIES Oriental Shrine of North America, Sphinx Court 65; 8 p.m., El Zaribah Shrine Temple, 15th Avenue and Washington; installation of officers open to the public — installed will be Mmes. Frank Cover, Eula Malcum, Malcoln Medill, Claude Smith and Earl Fish; reception follows. WASHINGTON Junior Women's Club; 10:30 a.m., Clubhouse, 2421 W. Northern; Easter egg hunt, members and children only. fof a girl, hoping that maybe we'd like each other and she could be my "girl friend," but I got a boy by mistake. Just for the fun of it I wrote to him saying I was a girl. I sent him a picture of a very pretty girl I know and now this pen pal is coming over for a vacation this summer. He keeps writing me these love letters and now I am on the spot. What should I do? GUILTY CONSCIENCE. DEAR GUILTY: Tell him the truth. And tell the girl whose picture you sent the whole story. Your pen pal "fell in love" with YOUR letters and HER picture. Perhaps the girl will want to correspond with him and give him a chance to "fall in love" with HER letters. It's a cinch be's not going to fall in love with YOUR picture. DEAR ABBY: I recently happened upon a column of yours, which, in part dealt with a second wife complaining that her husband's ex- wife had their child call and ask where the support check was if the check was one day late. I ask you, what about the truck driver or salesman who isn't in town on payday? Or the person who happens to be confined to his bed, sick, or in the hospital? Your answer, "Make sure the check is there on time every month" was a classic example of the narrow - minded attitude of too many who think of the divorced woman with children as "that poor woman." My foot, lady! This is from one former husband who divorced his wife because she liked to play musical beds, and even in such a case I couldn't get custody of the children, so I pay up. I pay support money every week, and my attorney advised me that no "ex" has any complaint until at least one month has passed without receiving the check. Your ob- vious solution shows you to be ill - informed. In short, it smells. "BAD GUY" IN IOWA DEAR BAD GUY: The writer didn't say how "late" ..the check was. Maybe it was "one day later" than the 30 days grace allowed by law. I don't go along with putting a child up to calling folks to bug them, but when one knows he has a weekly or monthly obligation to meet, he should make it his business to meet it — on time. Illness? Out of town? That could happen once in a while. But not often. CONFIDENTIAL TO THE CHECKER IN A HESSTON, KAS., SUPERMART: No, you don't have to put up with a boss who has too many hands. Ring up "NO SALE" on foe register and be sure he sees it. If he doesn't improve his conduct, teH HIS boss. Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, c/o The Arizona Republic, P.O. Bo* 2406, Phoenix, Ariz. 85002 and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. PUBLIC ART AUCTION of OLD ft MODERN MASTERS Including: Oil Paintini*, Drawrnsi, Orapnies by Picassa • Chatall • Matisse • Dal Mane • Carol • Rubens • Utrllle Dall • Kandinjkr and many mera, Ovar 100 Cholca Werki el Art ta taa told raoardlcit of cost. at CARAVAN INN 3333 E. Van Buran, Phoanlx ArlL PREVIEW Sal., Apr. 5 from SAL! » a.m. 'til » p.m. Sun., April I Sun., Apr. 4 from it 1 p.m. • a.m. 'ill t p.m. 1920 Apocht, en Mtio-Ttmp» Highww Opan Men. * Thurs. t to *—Tuaa., Wad. * Frf. » ta 5:M-Saf. f to 5 EASTER DINNER IS A FAMILY TREAT at the ION* Children $2.95 Complete Dinner $3.95 ENTREES Roast Leg of Spring Lamb New York Cut Sirloin Steak Roast Young L.I. Duckling Colorado Boneless Brook Trout Virginia Style Baked Ham Served from noon until 8 p.m. FREE PARKING For Reservation Call 253-1131 Central Avenue at Adams I FREE HAIR! 1 Livia Wigs _Westside Store Only Announces SPECIAL SUNDAY OFFER RECEIVE ABSOLUTELY FREE A 100% Human Hair Piece of your Choice ... Wig... Wiglet... Fall... or Cascade All you need do is pay for the styling only. Wigs & Falls - 12 sty/ings within one year, includes 4 cleanings, Cascades & Wiglels - 6 styling* within 6 Months, includes 3 cleanings. 2615 West Bethany Home Rd. •II major credit cards accepted MODEL HOME RETURNS I ROOMS 1-BEDROOM MODERN HOUSEFUL! MflPJUJiij 2 Pe. Lvf. Room Set 2 End, 1 Coffee Table 2 LARGE Decorator LAMPS 5 Pe, FORMICA TOP Bedroom 1 Set Orlho-Pedic Box i Matt. 5 PC. Formica Top Dinette ALL FOR NO $ DOWN J EZEE TERMS if AJ600VALUE .,.«; ORTH-0-PEDIC BOX SPRING MATTRESSES lif TWIN SIZE FULL SIZE 14.95 19,95 ROOM HOUSEFUL SPANISH » MEDITERRANEAN Mil! s 1 PC. Lvg. Rm. Set 6 PC. Bedroom Set 5 PC. Dinette Set ALL SOLID OAK ,. 3 BEDROOM MOp£RHHOUSEFUL 2 End, 1 Coffee Tablo 3 Largo Becoralor Lama* 8 PC. Bodroom So* w/tripl* Drawer a> Orfho Bx* A Mattress Sol S PC. Double Dresser Bodroom Sot 3 Twin Bods * Isssomblo 1 PC. Formica Dlaoffo A$1200VALUII Ill •YBARKELI i95 NO $$ DOWN IZfETfRMS *** ^A $900V AlUI ISO fr**""«'TWWv, Everybody loves A Discount & Everybody Pets a Discount Herel DISCOUNT FURNITURE LIQUIDATORS 1801 W. INDIAN SCHOOL RD, WIIK»AYfft*)t fU*«AYf'TILf»IA "the Stores that Oscar Built on Service, Quality and Value! PROMPT, COURTEOUS SERVICE! Visit Our East Phoenix ARCADIA PLAZA Store At 48th Street at E. Indian School Rd., convenient to Tempe, Scottsdale and E. Phoenix Shoppers. READY AAADE FULLY LINED DRAW DRAPERIES Made in Our Own Workrooms just like our Custom-modes! Meticulously tailored draperies for beauty at your Windows for Easter and long after!... and because we make them ourselves, we can offer you better quality fabrics along with the superb detailing at great savings! Choose from wide array of new colors and textures in extra-full, fully-lined, pressed and bagged, ready-to-hana draperies ... You can take them home with you nowl 144" x 95" covers 11 ft. Window or Wall *49 90"x45" 90"x58" 115" x 45" 115" x 58" 115" x 84" 115" x 95" $22.00 $24.00 $27.50 $30.00 $38.50 $41.50 144" x 84" 168" x 95" 192" x 95" One-Way Panels 115" x 84" 115" x 95" $46.00 $58.00 $66.00 $38.50 $41.50 NEED RE.UP1IOLSTERING? Our workroom Is slow nowl So this U o perfect time to it-do your furniture. Choose the fabric and textures you want and our matter erafumen will do the rest... completely rebuilding your furnltgrel Frte pick-up and delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed! Average *Q£ 'Average Chair *05 Sof» SdM ond teote bocfc cushions »xfro Sale! 1000's yds. DRIP DRY SPORTSWEAR FARRICS Sew a whole summer wardrobe with theje wonderfully easy-to-care-for prints! Smashing colors in a collection of all the newest "in" looksl Mill Closeout LUXURY VELVETS AH the dramatic btauty of opulent velvet, .use- your imagination ... for everything from rich looking upholstery to elegant bedspreads — Even glamorous drissesl Sculptured S4''Width* In vibrant colors, NEED SLIPCOVERS? You can cover that drab worn look with bright, summer-y colors In fine fabrics. We measure right In your home for perfect fit! Prompt, courteous service tool • Draperies • Slipcovers • Fabrics • Upholstering • Bedspreads \ WIST-7th Avo. at W. Indian School Rd,-264.3156 EAST-*46th St. qt i, Indian School Rd-959-6550 \ FREE DECORATOR SERVICE Call 264-3156 or 959-6550 and a ducorator trained representative will bring fabrics to your hpme, answer any decorating problems and give you esti> mqtes on draperies, upholstery and slipcovers with* out obligation. Choose from the largest fabric stock In the Phoenix oreal Open Pally 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday 4, Thursday 8;3Q A.M. to 9P.M. i

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