The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN? 1HK HUTCH INSON" -N EWS." mi eal Estate and Financial News of Hutchinson GROWING TENDENCY TO MOVE TO SUBURBAN DISTRICT TRACTS People Living Outside of Cities no Longer Penalized Modern Conveniences—Model Government Plan Being Evolved for Local District. ! <!> * REA.L ESTATE BAROMETER. 4> J * _. 4> I <?> AH reported by thu Real lOatato 4' 1 *• Hourd tor thu week ending July <••' 15th; . <3> '•• City property sales, 11, - 4> IValutttltnn J35.010 4> * Two exchanges 4,200 p Now ImlldlngB, D, val. 21,000 <8> •\ Total $60,800- RECOGNIZE VALUE OF TRUCK FARMS By Freil 1,. Foster of tho MoNaghten Investment Co. liaring the past few years tlicre haa ben n not liable movement of city dwolluro to tliu suburban illBtrlcts. There aro many reasons for this ehanuo in the general plan of living. In thn flint plnce, In tins suburban districts "in 1 may buy an aero of productive laud tor the price ot tho average stand how tho nffnlrn of a community mmisged by men of this typo will bo kept 0:1 a strictly business basis with an entire absence of expensive 1 gov- eminent experienced by thu city ilwollcr where politics rules the administration. After a careful study of the plana of a number of the mtist successful of those various suburban community fills means more elbowj plans of government, the McNaghton cltv lot. room and gives the more industrious 1111 opportunity to Indulge their pro- ItensltlHS for producing their own vegetables and friiiLi, as well as eggs mid poultry for I heir own use and tor the marliet. Vnt.ll the pest few years, living In the country has hud lis roslrlctlolis, due 10 the hielt of city conveniences. Investment Company has worked out u concrete plan to bo proposed to tho owners ot property In Furmlngton, Hutchinson's closest-in, suburban com- munlty. Trustees Govern Farmlnflton. Incorporated In tho Fai-mlngton plan arc the )»st features taken from a number or tho successful eastern lV is now possible, however, tor cue to] community plans. The present Fnrm- ,. v ,. rv ' convenience that Is en-j ington Home Owners' Plan has been ] , , „; ,. llyi w , thai the suburb- simplified aud revised to meet local Ju - - ' •' ' ...v,.,-I requirements as near as It is possible to do. Kxperis In community plan- nlng, who have gone over these plans, have pronounced thorn as being tin­ s' <?> * * * * «> <S> <s> CONTENTMENT IN HOME OWNERSHIP Has Effect for Good on Every Member of Family—Is Always a Good Investment. enite really has it on bis clvy brother In uniny ways. Cars and Good Roads Help. \V" a .ie a people instinctively rebelling acalnsi irowib'd living conditions. ( IOIKI n>ads, and the fact that lu-ariy everyone now owns a car of] some sort, has crystallized In thai minds of many a decision to got away ' it.nn crowded city conditions and go. out Into the open country. I Hoyoiid question there Is much' usually complete and thorough In every way. TI1I9 plan provides for a Hoard of Trustees, who bold ortico for two years. Thoy will ho elected by the property owners or. Parmliigloii, each lot owner being'entitled to one vote, : for each lot ho owns. Tho trustees merit In this change in the mode of j will bo In full charge of tho affairs or living. There Is less sickness caused by roiitagion and life in the open Is; curtain to hn much more healthful and | I 'lijoynble for every member of the; family. It also is less costly. i Of late years much been done j In some sections of the Veiled States, the community, will look a-fter all street and park improvements, and will assess the properly owners a small lax to oover tho actual cost of community management. It has lieu, demonstrated th-al under this efficient form of administration iii ti'iwav of devlsiu* 11 plan for com- [ the cost of carrying on the community ' business is very much lower than in any InooriMiratod city or town under the old political system, mid at tlm same lime is manifestly more efficient. Mako It Model Community. Tile plans for the FarmlniUun Home Owners' Association are now completed and a meeting of all the prop- orty owners soon will he called, at rv ,,,f I-,,,,! in ,t)]eso tniclM which time the plan will be presented ' 11 ' ' •' for discussion aud acceptance. It Is the Intention of the McNaghlen Investment Company, the snbdivlders, to use every possiblu effort to make Farmlnglou a model community In inanity development and seir-goveru- ini lit: Many plans have been tried out and a tow have shown considerable ncrit. K. C. Plan Successful. Probably Hie most effective and widely u«"4 plan is that adopted by tile .Mission Hills dint! let aud the Indian Yilhii;' 1 r.oveinpnients ill suburban KilllMS City. Vuder this plan auloiual ir.ilty bei-ome members ill the Home Owiers' .Vs.-ociat ions. Kach; Vii'pei'tv owners is allowed one vote • for each tract, owned by him. From the resident members of this Assoeia- 1 Hon are elected the members of their j every respect, and to this end they Hoard of Trustees to administer the I will co-operate steadily with t.he mis- laws "f the community, look after tho j tees of tile Association In an endeavor Yarieus community im provemeuts, maintain ih« sti-oids or roads, parks, etc., and direct, t.he MiMm-ns affairs of tic ,e iii-/.:it inn in general. These directors Hold office for two years and reccivo no eompcn^al ion. Keep on Business Basle. When one considers that these com- . , lnunllles are seltled almost exi -lnslve- 1 finally see the llglit and oust politic )y by business men, trained in tho entirely, thus securing greater efflel- omduet and management of conimer-, ency and greater oconomy In city guv- cial enterpritier., it Is easy to under- eminent. to make this district one of the most successful of all of tho self-governed suburban eommunit le* In America. It may be that after a few years, people will come to realiM the efficiency and low cost m this system of community government, with the result that the incoriwatod cities will IN REAL ESTATE Dirt is Safest Way to Dispose of Money, Veteran Hutchinson Dealer Says. A. M. .Jewel remarking about tho W.'ibllity of investments said yesterday: • "I have known many Investments to bo madrt including stocks and bond?, commercial paper, and things of that sort; bin It does not seem to 1110 that I hero is any Investment oquai- lnc in valu". surety or profit tho avor- ege InvfSlment in real estate. A man Willi money, as money, can never be euro of putting his bauds on it, though It may lie in banks or bonds, but u General warranty deed end a title lu fee Himple, la something that cannot be taken away except by the inau 'B ov, n voluntary act. "Tho reason many people refuso to Invest in real enlata is that they cati- jiol see tlte values running over a peri 'H! of years. They are scared with uvery little reduction, and Ihoy soli more on a depressed market than on ft rising market. The government statistics show that the percontaga of lueses from investments, lu real estate In tho Vnltod .States is almost negligible, while billions are lost ovary year In so called "sure things." "The rest of tho world regards thla state lus being exceptionally stable, fov the reason that wo have a great urea of productive land and a comparatively small population. Anyone who "will go Into tho problem deuply can ossuto himself of the future of raal estate. Thuro Is never more than a very llttlu ovcrnupply, and usually tiiere are not as many homo* au aru loeded. There hioj never bnun known ne'li a thing In tho Unit or! Bin It. a u» a grimily depressed real oataU marktit: It heads tho list of safe au4 nroilt- khlu Investments. Hutchinson later. Oilier sales reported by tblB company Include the property of Mrs. Ella Hick at 428 Liberty Ave., Curoyville, to W. H. Clark; The property at 1218 Forest Avenue from Alice Duffln to llarry Holliuge'r WITH THE REALTORS Tlia Hutchinson Investment Co. ro- port the salo of the property of llouisr Ikirgdlli at 218 17th West, to Charles l'nloraon. This In tho Hayl property, one of the better north end bonus. Mis. Ilayl, who has for many years made this her hanis, expects to tr»v«l lor a time and will probably return to The splendid homo of FraiYk I.esUo on North Main street has been purchased by Dr. O. li. dago, who will occupy It shortly as a homo. This residence is one of tho finest of all Hutohln.ton homes, and Is In a class by Itself for quality, beauty and convenience. U is ot white brick with tUod roof, simple In doalgn. The throe propertlea on 19th Wost belonging to Charles Carey, Judgo C. W. llraulno and Clover Colladay, which are adjoining the park, nro bulnff greatly beautified by tho completion of a solid brick retaining wall, fronting the threo properties. More than 200 feet of bvlck work will bo placed making this a highly attractive block • and facilitating tho landscaping. Tho ' homo of Judgo Braulna, which Is near- Ing completion, Is highly artistic, and presents one of tho most attractive \ exteriors In tho city. The MoNaghteen Investment Co. report tho sale of lite property of Fred Macoy at 1825 NovlU Ash tu Dr. a. Y- Jones. This l» one ot tho best homes In Creaoont Park, being beautifully located and highly attractive. Conner A Dyke report tho aala ot tho proporty at 81B (1 Kast to CI. W. Orr, from tho McNaghtun Investment Co. Also a building alto on lath Mast from F. D. Wminltt to I.. H. Christopher, Coe-Thompson Imp. Co. report tho salo of west 10!) feet lot 12 Woodbine Heights and Improruniunts to C. M. Doles. A number of owners of lots In For- oat l'arlc are planting trees In their parkings. It doesn't cost much lu that addition to Improve your properly by planting trues In tho parking us most ot the lots havu loo many trees on them and all that has to be done Ig to move the trues. Hay Hockafluy has spout winters In both California and Florida, )io says Florida haa California skinned ft mile when It comes to climate, but taking evsrythlug Into consideration Kansas la thu beat state to live In, BY A. A. MILLER. "Own Your Own Home." fs a slogan endorsed by our nation and supported by tho foremost men In every community In the United States, and the wise men and women of today aru making It a faet in their lives as they realize the underlying reasons why it should be so. To the man it becomes a ruling influence in his life, stimulating his ambition, Increasing bis earning capacity, giving blni a better legal status and financial as well ns social standing, aud In every way making blni a bettor citizen. The men of Power and Influence In our communities arc almost without exception owners of their homes; it is this which binds them to their home city and gives them au allabsorbiug interest tu the development and i', ell-ebing of their particular locality. What affects the community at large. Is sure 10 affect, their home and loved ones, therefore the homo owner becomes a power for good in civic development. Settled-Basis for Woman. To the woman it puts her life 011 a settled basis, and gives her a. comfortable sense of security and joy of possession, that relieves home work of its monotony and establishes her social standing. What woman but will refer with the greatest pride and hajipluess to "our home," and will be willing to make almost any sacrifice to preserve that home from destruction? To the child the home forms tho greatest protiH :tIon and safeguard against thojlls and dangers of life, as well as something to cling to and something to remember. "Home Sweet Home" is Hie most popular and lasting song ever written, because the deepest longings aud most sacred memories of the human heart are centered there. 'Be it ever HO humble" the same lender seiuimenU and 'hallowing Influences wlil always remain in the heme. From an Investment standpoint there Is nothing that affords the same security for your Investment or that will pay anything like as sure returns on your Investment. No One Too Poor To Buy. In the present day system o: home buying, whore even the family of small means may buy a home on tho Installment plan, It has become very- easy for anyone with a small amount of capital and the requisite energy ami determination, to 'own hla own home. Hutchinson and vicinity, with its still moderately priced home sites, salubrious climate, fertile soil aud abundant water supply, with easy access to larger cities and every advantage of both city and country right at our door, offers an ideal opportunity to the home seeker, and Is only a question of a short time till the family who embrace the great opportunity of today will be patting themselves on the back and congratulating each other on their foresight and flood Judgment. Real Estate Board to Assist Local Growers in Improving. Marketing Conditions. ny D. F. Coo. Tho Heal Estate Board of Hutchinson at Its last regular mooting, passed a resolution authorizing the appointment of a committee of men composed of five members, whose duty It shall be to aid tho truck farmers of this dlBtrlct in every may possible in perfecting an organlzAtlon fhoso object shall be tho beat and moat advantageous markntlug of their products. The Real Estate Board believes that there is a great fulnro In this vicinity for nil kinds of truck and small fruit raising. The underflow of water In the Arkansas Valley being aocond to none In the North American continent. It Is only a question of a eliort time, with the rapid decrease In available tillable lands, when this wonderful advantage win be recognized fully and tho development of this district will bo rapid and complete. This district Is ulso well adapted to poultry raising as the chickens have BACK YARDS ARE SUPPLYING NEEDS Dull Season for Produce Men Except for Early Fruit and Melons. The backyard gardens and the small market gardens around Hutchinson are supplying most of the local demands tor produce crops at the present time, according to John Starr of the Orovler-Starr Produce Co., who states that this Is the slump Boason along produce row. Although the vegetable crops are largely grown locally at this season of the year, tho watermelons, cantaloupes and the California fruits such as plums and apricots are still being shipped In by the produce firms. Mr. Starr states that the Texas watonnelona which are now on the market are of splendid quality and also very reasonable in price fo rthe distance which they are shipped. He says that tho California canteloupe season is about over. Soon the cantaloupes will bo coming in from Arkansas and later from the Colorado fields. _ _ There is a variety In garden crops an 'opiKirtiiiii'ty to" obtain "jifonty" of "ex" i y*'"^' 1 n™ '> e "iE supplied to tho Hutch. little business of their own, with few Investments, talking hard times and poor ouslnoas, If dne wilt make sufficient Inquiry and go to a basis of fact, taking- into consideration bank clearings, freight shipments, admitting a rnthor limited wheat crop and a few business failures, ho will conclude that we are engaging In a first class business program. There Is no such thing as continued prosperity without some ups and downs. A Realtor has an obligation to never scaTe a-client j about depressed values, In order to make a sale. I am not 0 bit afraid about the future of Hutchinson." erclse In the fresh air the year irotind. The soil is also ideal, because •tnsou grocery stores by the local growers. The list of home grown It la well drained and productive,-! vegetables on the market Includes which enables poultrymen to ralsa j ronstlng oars, cucumbers, beets, wax beans, tomatoes, summer squash, cabbage, Bermuda onions, carrots, radishes, lettuce and colnrabl. The early Harvest apples are also being sold by tho nearby orchardlats. large quantities of green feed for the fowls. Poultry raising being an Intensified type ot agriculture, enables poultrymen to operate on high priced land. Because ot theso conditions poultry ranches are bocomlng more and more popular in tho vicinity of .Hutchinson. The rapid Increase of our population In the past decade ban Increased the demand for poultry, fresh vegetable's and fruit, and has thus created a more active market. The- climate > .... ,„ . „ „ . . ... conditions arc such that there Is little I ',ii !|||,SS? ^ tt , " ttl ,° bl " l need for expensive equipment in tlio | iiiViS.^o^Nnt^^^^v" 08 .?, 11 ° f way of building on poultry ranches. " ' f' " 1™, f , La ', l< ! "I'* 116 These climatic conditions are also an ! I 1 ' , m ^ bi ™'» c "', f skeptical about NO REAL FOUNDATION FOR PESSIMISTIC TALK NEW HOTEL READY BY MIDDLE OF AUGUST The construction work on tho now Stamny Hotql at the corner of Fifth nvenuo and Main Btroot will bo completed by August 35. The Job of laying tho carpeta.ln the 90 rooms In tho • building has now begun. Hats cleaned and blocked. I^ewls- 11 -41 Tomorrow when you alart on your trip, let us fill your ear with gas and oil. Wo put the air and water In free. Phone 51) if you need service on the trip. Kagland-Kingsley Motor Co. It TRAVELING MEN ARE BUYING DWELLINGS Hutchinson 1ms any number of traveling men who own thoir own homos, tlu*y tLT(\ wlso -to Uu i fact that it does not ]xiy a travwUnjr man to rent all his- llf«. Sonio of tho finest homea in the city are owned by "Kntgiht .K of tho Grip." a mmibor In tho ?10, U 00 to $20,000 class. A number or the hay A are not satisfied with Just owning u, homo, in whi'-h to live, hut havo bought other iiroptTty and nro in tho landlord class. Two <->r three aro getting larfivr checks from liielr renters ovory month than thoy do from thp house thv.y represent on the road. Othvrs have speculated in Hutchinson real estate, buying and Felling and invariably they have made inonny. Harry K. Fil'k-hl, tho hard- v/aro salesman, has bought and r foiiHidfrable HuUhin^ou real t 'H -tate in tho pant fivo or nix years and has made some very good investments. .This week Frank Pile ot the Ed M. Moore agency !-old Mr. Fifield a handsome residence on <>*•:•«.*en t boulevard, which lie 'puroliatKid as an Investment, a-a the location Is first cjass he w!U undoubtedly make a neat sum of money on his investment. W. E. HULSE 8 CO. ABCHITECTS Hoke Bu/ldlng HUTCHINSON, -KANSAS Sioux City Des Moines. Is. Small Investors are Welcome It ia just as much a part of our business to take care of the investment of small sums as it is to work with men and women with $1,000 or more. Write us, telling just what amount you have available. We shall send you a definite recommendation, naming the security and stating just what interest it will yield. As low as $100 may be invested through us in this way. Wo always advise the purchase of Kansas Municipal Bonds in such cases. They_are absolutely secure both as to principal and interest. They are non-taxable and yield an attractive return. Many of our large customers began with small sums, investing regularly as the money became available. There ia no better way to save or invest. f yvtthout cost or obligation turtle fot our "Montklu Information Circular," which ttlts about non-taxable inunU ctpat bonds. ," Never tRe Loss of a Cent in . v , [Principal o fInterest to any Investor" THE BROWN"CRUMMERCO>1 p^INVESTMBNT SECURITIES WICHrTA KANSAS' 0 A Liquor Treaty. Washington—Unusual interest was expressed in diplomatic circles over tho reoort that Lord Birkenhead Is strongly urging Britain to accoyt Sec- rotary Hughes' proposal for a treaty agreomeut to permit movement or sealed liquor in American waters aud search and seizure of suspected nun runners up to the 12-mile limit. Would Go to Germany. Philadelphia.—Mrs. Biniua Bergdoll, mother of Graver C. liergdull, fugitive draft evader, filed nu application for a passport to Germany to see her son. It Is rnportod by realtors that emutv lnouse. are twin g-rin Bd up, ttI1 d , rsflneeted that those having vacant boose, for rout list tl, 01 „ ou Ula IUa , Si . B °f rt thut thay ,ntt " 08 lo»»d available for newcomers. NO REASON FOR BOOM OR GLOOM, SAYS SURETY HEAD Thero Is no real reason for either boom or gloom In business, declares M. JenliB, a vice prHsldent or the American Surety Company, as a result of a business survey of tho middle west. There seoms to bo no definite relationship botween tho depression lu the financial district and the actual economic condition of the country, Judging by the uilddlo- wost, according to Jonks. The survey covered Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. "Bankers, merchants, manufacturers and farmers In tho middlowest cannot understand the pessimism which has been gathering lu tho financial district ot New York during tho past few weeks," says Jeuks. "While conditions are 'spotty' as far as .trends are concerned, thu basic conditions aru us sound us fhoy have been since tho business revival began. Whore business bus incroasud Its activities, it has done BO with caution, If we havo hud anything like a boom it has been a boom with thu brake ready. Thu prevailing feeling among business men lu tho mlddle-WGstorii states is one of carefulness an dcoiiaervutivo activity, and certainly not of pessimism. "Tbq farmers, In so far as thoy aro not satisfied with tho present situation, are not Just moody or suffering from vastie upproheuslona. Their economic condition Is one of long standing and they are doing their beat to overcome the handicaps under which they havtt been working since 1921. That they-are justified In their attitude is proved by the very marked differential" between their earning power and their buying power, The farmora will therefore not bo at all eorry to see some slackening in industrial uctivlty, wllth porhaps some consequent decrease In the prices of manufactured products and some letup In the attraction ot labor from the farms. They do not fear tho Kuropean situation, much a» they do not feel that their export marketu can be much worse than they are. "TlvBy are paying close attention to audi proposals as that of Mr. Baruch for tho co-operative marketing of wheat and to tho various nioasuroa'af- [ectliig agriculture which are to come before tho uuxt congress. "Industry in general Is basically In a healthy condition. Any uncertainty which exists is due tu caution In not overstiinulatlng production. There seems to bo no danger of BUCII a condition and there is certainly no Indication as yet of any buyers' strike. The automobile industry, which has proved to bo ti good Index of general conditions, ia undoubtedly as sound now as it haa over been lu Its history. "The bsst sign that thu situation la fundamentally sound is in the banks, lu spite of record manufacturing activity and active uiorchMidlaluu turnover, the banks have not over-extended thsmselvos. Credit conditions aro wholesome and bunking operations are substantial fluuuclug of real aud necessary eutorprlso riitbtr than speculation." Buyers of Real Estate Should Be "Hard-Boiled" M OST people who buy or sell real estate are inexperienced in the technicalities of transferring proporty. Comparatively few know a correct warranty deed when they sea one. They are not expected to. Consequently there is need of expert assistance in every realty transaction when the time comes to close a deal and convey a title. The demand for such service is supplied by the Hutchinson Real Estate Board. Our Escrow departments specialize in closing- deals; they represent all parties impartially and assume all responsibility! Consult a Realtor! Fontron Loan and Trust Co. R. C. Q«tt«r D. A. Moors Carey Real Estate and Inv. Co. McNagbten Investment Co. Cos-Thomson Improvement Co. Ed M. Moor* Hutchinson Investment Co. Miller and Eby Millions of dollars pass through our bands in performing' this work. First we receive the contract of purchase, the papers and the monies in trust. We inspect the real estate itself. We see that any taxes, insurance, interest or existing liens ate properly adjusted. Upon filing a deed we can write a policy insuring the hew owner against title loss for all tjme to come. Don't trust to luck when you buy real cstate v Be "hard-boiled." Surround your investment with absolute safety. It pays. Wise buyers utilize this service continually and could not be. induced to forego the - privilege. Boost for Hutchinson! Ralph Glascock King Brothers Lincoln S. Davis Ben V. Lamborn Brown Brothers J. N. Bailey and Bon .' Conner and Dyok Brahm Realty Co. The KInkel Aflonoy Hall Abstract Co. (Affiliated Member.) CONSULT A REALTOR HUTCHINSON REAL ESTATE BOARD

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