The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 17, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 4
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V tf-f ^ THE CHILLICOTKE DAILY CONSTITUTION, FRIDAY, NOV 17, 1916. The Drinking of Water ( B j C 31 LLC\S M D ) The general conclusions of tin, Atest Medical Scientists p r o \ c » that drinking o£ plent\ oE p u r e watei "both between, meals and \vith one meals is beneficial to hpalth It ha v now been proven b} means o[ the X-rays and actual tests upon nidn healthj young men that the d u n k ing of water with meals is not harm ful to digestion Theiefore it -vou want to keep healthv drink plenfv o pure w a t e r (not ice -nater ) it i ou ever suffer from 'backache Uinibage rheumatism or anj of the s \ m p t o m or kidney trouble--such as deep col ored urine sediment in urine get ting out of bed at night Jrequenth and other troublesome effects tik«- a little 4nuric befo-e meals The e Anuric Tablets can be obtained at almost a n j drug store m this coun tr; A SI L O L f S St Louis Mo -- Dr Pierce [??; *"^ nlLdicines h a \ e been a wonderful help to me Some ·v L rs ago during e a c h v* inter 1 vvo Id get run d o w r v. o u 1 0 \ catch cold w h i c h ould l e a v e me :th a ver\ bad ·_ -..vAT-a, cough that boji ered me nearlv an summer I took R! 1'ieices Golden ]icov- e»v and it cured me so completely that I have n e v e r had anv r e t a i n ol t h i s condition Once I had chii b and fever I doctored foi over a vear (.with some v erv able phjsi- cians) but did not improve Dr P i e i c e s medicine completely c u i e d me and I n=v er had a lecurrence x n a v e since taken. F a v o r i t e Pre'-crip- tion d u r i n g e^-pectaucj and after w i t i w o n d e r f u l results --MRS M A H A R R I S 3 2 2 9 Rutger St SIGHT A3s UOIUO SVBMA. R I S E Oi r NL\\ L I PROFESSOR OF L \ l \ I H S i r i i OI I TUb A\ VRN- J N C 1C I S OI I 1C1 \IA The New York Store Is showing an unusual collection of L A D I E S D R E S S E S in both, cloths and silks Theie aie 152 Diesses in the =.tock ropiesentuia, the newest and best models oi the season "All of the hiohei pi iced Di esses vrill be shaiph cut m puce beginning tomorrow $25.OO will £^i\ e % ou ch oice of oui finest -O-\\TIS, that sold at $3500 and $39 50 An exceptional oprxntnnit^ to puicLaso oiu pieces at much unclei value Splendid selections aie also sho^n at $19 50, $17 50 $15 00, $9 75, $7 50 and $5.00 -T ~ - i s In eveij ioiip \ou v.i\\ 6nd some diesses that aie marked clown fiom liii»l er puces and exei garment shxrwn is splendid \alue This collection offeis an vnusual vaiieU ol beautiful sjo'vvns, most attract'^eh puced The McVey-Barclay D. G. Co. Other current events-THE SALE OF LADIES SUITS THE SALE OF CLOTH and VELOUR COATS Fur Overcoats AT SPECIAL PRICES Until December 15 Persian Lamb $17.50 Lynx, rat collar 21 75 CalfSkin, rat collar 31.75 Russian Calf, rat collar 34 00 Kangaroo, coon trim 33.50 Pony, select quality, beaver trim collar and cuffs 40.00 Black Pony, raf collar 32 50 Coon Skin 65.00 Kersey Coat, rat collar fur lined 50.00 Kersey Coat, rat collar fur lined 35.00 . Our fur goods house makes it possible to show you a long line of FUR OVERCOATS. If you buy before December 15, you have the advantage of a lower price Slpple Clothing 6c Shoe Co. North Side Sq. Chillicothe \e\% London Conn Nov 1 7 -- \ t e p o i t was leceived h e i e this alter noon fro-ni Plum Inland that a « ran^e s u b m a r i n e w i t h a gun m o U D eu on deck w a s sigted near miavva Connecticut bho~e ^iear Bai Jett s reed Long Island Sound The ves sel was, v i s i b l e according to the re p o i t t h r u i h ^ h t snow «torm \ -eport later I i o m Plune Islanl said that the submarine had disappeared V* aether she s u b m e i g e d 01 ' l e f t b\ surface is not stated Alanv here believe that the straug° craft w a s the war submarine w h i c h has been expected as a c o n v o j for the. Deutschland It w a s aigued hei e that in as much as the Dutchland leached pot just 17 d a v s a|,o ind that it requires just that length oj time foi a bubmanne to m a k e the trip across the Atlantic the raoetin? of the warcraft and the m e i c h a n t vessel might have been arranged f o r bv this schedule \\ ashingj."an Nov 1 " -- V \ a i n m that thp i d i l r o a d men mav h o l d up congress at the ne\t session it thej are successful in the present \di,ru son Eight Houi controversy w is giv en t o d a \ b% Piesident Chailes R "Van llise of the ^ iscon^in U n i v e i s i t y to tile \ational Council ol the United States Chanlbci of C o m m e r c e LIVE STOCK MARKET. (f»\ United I'riH* ) I Kansas Citj Mo Nov 17 --Catl tie receipts 1500 niaikel s t e i d j Steeis $9 75 to 111 60 c o w s and ueifers "1460 to ?10 stockers and leedeis to 25 to $8 00 calves, ^ b 50 to f 11 00 | Hog l e o e i p t s 6 000 market l O c U 0 15c highei Bulk of s lies c t t ) j O to $9 90 heavy $9 SO to $10 00 medium $9 60 to S9 95 light 9 40 to 9 So ' Sheep leceipts 5 000 maiket [steady Lambs $ 1 1 0 0 to $ 1 2 0 0 e.ves $6 75 to $8 00 stockeis ind i feeders $5 50 ti $10 10 Cl*h G I . U I I Maikot Kansas Citv Mo Nov 17--Wheat maikol oif No 2 haid 11 S4 to SI SS rvo 3 hard H 82 to $1 87 No 2 led $1 S3 ,t» SI 86 Iso 3 led rl 77 to $1 So Coin market up No I m'xed 97 1-2 to 98 No 2 w h i t e f l 01, No -nhito 99 to $1 00 Pioauce Market Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co , 801 Locust street, Chll licothe, Mo SPRINGS 151,2 HEMS * 1* COX 10 DUX 12 GEESE 11 TURKEYS ' 20 EGGS 30 BUTTER FAT 36 k ROGERS. Dealers In Hides, Tallow, Wool, Fur* Beeswax and Teot-heis J N PETERS SON, MGS Wanted all Furs I can buy Market in lino with the best Salt Cured Hides, flat No 1 No 2 Parti} Cured Hides Green Hides Bulls and Glues Deacons $ 1 5 0 t o Skunks Horse Hides Nos mane and tail 24c 23c 21% 21c 17c 2 00 AMERICAN SCHOONER rr H i,l- Pony Hides No 1 Tallow No 2 _Iallow 25c to 50c 1 and 2, full ·S8 00 f 4 00 9c 8c THE r PRODUCE BUYERS OP CH3L/TJCOTHE SWIFT COMPANY ALWAYS PA^ HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM Tod.vjS Maiket HE^S 14 SPRINGS 15 V 3 COCKS 10 1TJRKEYS 20 DUCKS 12 GEESE 11 I S BUTTER 28 EGGS 30 BUTTER F i T 36 Save monej bj loiiewing 01 sub- sciibing lor The Constitution betoie \ov 18th P»ice goes up then Mabel Taliaferro Jimmy Cruze and other stare in a Metio Pictuie THE SNOWPIRD at the Empire toniffht Read th^r Constitution Want ads Cough Syrup lc Bottle the Big B-irgams Come to our store dur ing oui 3 dajo One Cent Sale uid purchase one 25c b o t t l e of R a x a 1 1 Chcrrj Bark Qougli Sirup and w e u ill soil you aa otb. bottle just like it tor 1£ or the two bottles foi 26£ This 3 onl one of tor this sale w h ca lasts onl\ 3 dav« Nov 16 17 and IS Clark's Pharmacy STORE OHIJjLICOTHE, MO. H J \ I j i n t i i l Press ) W a s h i n g t o n N i v 17--The V m e r lean schoonei ITiccl H D a \ e n p o i t v,as lepoitecl to the navj d e p a r t m e n t todaj as % \ i e c k e d 15 miles oft Cup" 1 Francis Santo D o m i n g o The 4.7nenta:a nav il tug P i t o m a ^ . lescued the i n j u i e d C iptain and Cou of the cle^ The otheis tre miss "it, \\OTiirAi r i s r r R A KVIUKOAI FIGHTS \IAMSO 8 HH LAW Boston Nov 17 --Counstl Eoi the Ne\\ Y o i k New Haven UK] j i a i t f o i d railioad todaj filed a bill in the U S District Court attacking the con shtutiouality ol tbo Adamson law The bill calls ioi a pieliminarj injunction, restrimiug the g o v e r n m e n t t i o m putting it into elfect Tuclge Morton -nil] heai the load s petition on Decembei llth i d O'ASSTFY S ' S $ ^ S £ ' - « S S ' ' ^ ' S ' S * ) $ f rOK SALE--team and wagon hor - es in good condition ^ppl} at C o u l t e r s C r o c e i j n L 7 d t l LOST--Gold neck chaiu and pendant j ·nith smxll d i a m o n d =ettmg in 301) envelope with Macdonald s name Lib- eial r e n a i d lor retina ol same to HIP Macdonald j c w o h y stoi e 17-ti Ask Your Neighbor How much money we saved him on his purchases at our big clothing sale. Come to us for your SUIT or OVERCOAT f or anything in men's wear and we will save you from 20 to 35 per cent on your purchases. More than 2000 persons have attended this sale and profited. Have you taken advantage of this sale? A look will convince you we are showing high-grade merchandise at exceptionally low prices. RENSCH'REYNOLDS CLOTHING CO. Chillicothe, Missouri West Side Square SUIT and COAT SALE! 15 All-Wool Serge SUITS . Take your choice of 15 all-wool Serge Suits, Fall 1916 styles, with five year guaranteed linings. Navy, black and copen--all sizes, special at $9.75 Another lot of beautiful SUITS Wonderful values at $13.75 45 Elegant SUITS Not one worth lessthan $25.00, many of them worth more. AH sizes up to 51. Your choice --$16.75 ALL OTHER SUITS AT CUT PRICES IN PROPORTION AS ABOVE. New Line Beautiful COATS Come and see our $1(1.00 Coats in fancys, they are beauties. $12.50 for handsome Metalamb Coats, 8 styles to select from at $12.50 Genuine Silk Plush Coats, fur collar, guaranteed lining $18.90 Our full flair Silk Plush Coats at $23.75 and $25.00 are wonders. Near Seal and Hudsoff Coats upjto $135. Great line Wool VelouTCoafs 40 Styles Children?' Coats See our great line of SILK and SERGE Dresses Extra Special ! ! WAIST SALE See them in the Show Window H A R T M A N ' S Sale begins WEDNESDAY, the 15th ALL HATS H. B. HOGAN WILL BE IN CHILLICOTHE ALL THIS WEEK NEXT WEEK AND EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAR TO TAKE YOUR MEASURE FOR A TAILOR-MADE SUIT Not an ordered suit, made in a factory the same as ready made, and called Tailor-made but a Tailor- Made One that is made in Chillicothe. Fit, cloth and everything about it guaranteed to give satisfaction. It will cost you no more to have your suit made m Chilheothe than it will to send to some Chicago house and get a factory made suit. SEE H B. HOGAN AND GET HIS PRICES FRANK B NORMAN SAM M JAR-VIS Norman Jarvis FUNERAL HOME EMBALMERS and Day Phone 417 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Night Phones 153 - 5b9 Think of Uie Telephone Let 3 our telephone save you the worry and inconvenience which is often occasioned by shopping dunn- thee days Cultivate the habit ot "shopping b^ phone"--it's quid, convenient and satisfactory in eveij way When you phone us an 01 dei A ou may be sure of the same caieful senice as if ^ ou visited our stoie in peison CALL ONE - ONE when you need anything in drua;s or othei diui? store goods x --Call \vhen you have an emergency need--and ask foi "quick deliverj " Call ^hen ^ou hai e a piescription to be compounded RYBURN'S PHARMACY "THE SERVICE STORE- CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS- ^ssjaasasaa^^ SPAPLRflRCHIVE® -- . SP4PER

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