The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 15, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1914
Page 8
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T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Wednesday Evenlngr, July IS, l»l*i % 180 2.40 Cost of Want Ads in The DaHy Review Be per line for first insertion, lite per line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. Minimum charge 20 cents. t Mne« « times K» « lines 3 times - JJJJ 4 llnesi 8 tlmei ~ *° 2 lines 7 times.....·...··.*····· 40c 8 lines 7 times.........»····«··· we 4 line* 7 times · """ · lines 80 time*. t lines 30 times, 4 lines 30 times, No advertisement accepted for leea than two lines. Count .sli ordinary words to each line. Discontinuance of advertising must be in writing It will not be accepted by phone. This protects your Interests a» well »· ours. If You Can't Bring or Send Your Want Ad Phone Bell Auto 11 Courteous operators, thoroughly familiar with rates, rules and classifications, will give you complete Information. And. If you wish, they »wlll assist you In wording yout want ·d. to make it most effective. Ads accented ·jommodate you the telephone directory. Every Home Has Use for Review Want Ads V^U/JiuoSliy*!^** tBiiiiyu^ ** **^-^ - -- p^ ° Jl A Getting Rewdto--But Have You Tned A WANT AD? Anato 11S8 SEAL ESTATE. HOUSEHOLD GOODS (CON.) FOR SAIE--English Reclining go-c condition. Automatic phone 438S. 4 Rooms 1259 N. Clinton St., modern. .$8.00 20.00 . ·5 Rooms W. Main, close In 5 Rooms 44S Powers L a n e . . . . . . . . I 2 other houses on Powers Lane s sxs: Si^ 5 Rooms very fine. 1= l«£, by telephone to ae- tommoaate you If your name A Sffi 6 Rooms modern, east end. ........... SOW 4 six room modern houses. .. side. 118 ^^ f Rooms o n W e s t 'Main,' Vtea'm heat.... 30.00 6 Rooms 746 E. Center St.. modern.... 20.00 6 Rooms on W. Side, furnished ...... *M 0 Rooms 761 N. Morgan, near depot.... 15.00 6 Rooms modern. Northwest end . . . . 1800 5 Rooms modern, very desirable, west. 23.00 6 Rooms on S. Crea. furnished .......... 25.00 R Rooms in Riverside, modern ....... Zl.oO 7 Rooms 1057 W. Green St.. barn. lots. 15.00 7 Rooms modern. W. Macon. barn ... 7 Rooms modern, close In . 7 Rooms close In. North Side... 7 Rooms modern. Northeast side 7 Rooms 1177 Cottage Hill ave ........ . 7 Rooms East Side, mod., close In. ..... 35.00 7 Rooms W. Macon St.. furnished. .... 40.00 7 Rooms Northeast Side, gas. toilet, and water ............ 8 Rooms 406 W. Macon St. 8 Rooms 1159 Cottage Hill, modern 8 Rooms 125f W. Decatur St. LOST AND FOTJND. IXST--Envelope c o n t a i n i n g $10 in postage stamps Finder please notify No. ft. Bell phone. Reward · 883 LOST--Bill book containing a 110 and bill. Return to KM N. Union. Reward, a $i 78?iO SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTED--Work by the day; washing. ironing, sweeping or cleaning. Bell 2024. 'Bus TV AVTED--Position as housekeeper, by lady with one child, country preferred. Call Aiuomatl? S7SS Addre«s G-SW. Review W A.NTED--"Work Call Auto 3SOS. Union piano WANTED--Position a. assistant cooh. Address Art Johnson. IMIopolls 111. 7!H HELP WANTED. WANTED-- Txwal representative. vaumc or soliciting rcnulred. TM - iiSii-ed N a t i o CoTM V flf£ Marden D. 'C. £0 can. Good in- l Co-ODeratlve Realty Building. . . . 25.00 24.00 20.00 14.00 35.00 S rlOOKlB JjiOtT ". j_n3v-ti.«.Ln w«. . . · · S Rooms 1157 N. Clinton St.. modern.. 22.5C S rooms very close in. modern ;500 S Rooms 7 blocks west, modern 33 00 9 Rooms 1335 N. Main St.. mod garage. 3300 I) Rooms modern. W. Macon St........ 3250 9 Rooms modern, an N. College St....., 20.00 Several Furnished houses. We have over 100 houses for rent. $9.00 to »50.00. T624 Meridith Eent Co. STORAGE FURNITURE FOR SALE. 12 Bissell's carpet sweepers We eacn 500 glass fruit Jars ..2c each "5 Iron beds *1 J 0 eac j 25 bed springs .,sog «J=jJ P |!s"raas»' V.V.'.'.'.'."'.'.'."'.'.'." W 00 each li 'dressers* fS.00 each without delay. Call or writ*. d sideboards Meridith Storage Co., 320-350 E. Cerro Gordo St. T299 Furniture I buy, sell or exchange new or eilgbtlF used furniture. stove*, rugi. eto. M. A. Peabody JM-e B. North 8t 4T« --TOD CAN BORROW ANT AMOUNT-Nono too large. None too imalU We lend money on Furniture, Pianos, Hones, arrlages. Goods In Storage, Cattle. Grain, Growing Cropg, etc. Easter terms than other rollers. Also we buy NOTES. Telephone No. 34 OLDEST LOAN OPFICd IN CITY, established 1BS2. _ A T SUMMERS SON, HO - rorth Water St. ' N«xt to Mtlllkln National Bank. Bargains. up: gasoline ranges, 52.60 and up; bedstead 50o and up: bed springs. 50c and up; 12 Inch electric fan cheap. Other bargains too numerous to mention Eldorado and depot cars too at store. Albert C. Bllckel 742 E Eldorado St.. Auto 1591. 8365 The Exchange. FOE RENT--FIATS. FOB RENT--Modern well ventilated flats, 110 to $20; elevator service; steam heat. Frank Suffern. Sutfern BWg.. 351. N. Water Furniture Will pay molt for ellghtly used Pianoe, Furniture, Carpeti, Rugs, Stoves and Refrlg- iratora; or will exchange new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Bell phones: 406-413. Auto: IMS. 820-350 Cerro Gordo St 1158 FOR RENT--Flats on North, Main St.. on 2nd and 3rd floors. Bullard Bid*. Inaulre t, W. Bullard. Citizens National Bank. .41.) FOE KENT-BOOMS. FOR RENT--Nice private entrance; Leafland. f u r n i s h e d front close to depot. ' FOR REXT--Furnished rooms, modern con- venlencee. 25ft W. Eldorado. -S92 717T . Earl Hopkins. Washlns- '"" Franklin Institute. Der't. T. 690 Roche?ter. N. 725B HELP WANTED--MALE. . Apply 1SOS N. Union. T9S5 HELP WANTED-FEMALE WASTED--Competent woman .'or general house work Nf w a s h i n g ; good wages B_cll phone 24.15. * -'' WANTED-- \ rlrl for genera! hcniss work: no washing and Ironing. S49 TV. North. Bell 1174. ' M * MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. W-\NTED--Tl'ashiiiK and Ironing and bundle work. 5S2 W. Sawyer. ' "WASTE I --Switches incs. Efll y*S. to make from comb- 7624 WANTED--Your p a i n t i n g and finishing, in r l t y or c o u n t r y Bell 4^5 I. L. Burijs. 1745 "N. CnlK-e*. T7S5 Boarding Horses Wanted. at "15 W. Wood Delivered and called for Clint Bromley. Bell 307; Auto 1007. 7738 W A N T E D -- A place to do genera! work; 2 WAITED--Your paper hnniring. Prices to ^^* . TM . . . £.-!, rtcor .- ^lanrcra T?Tnnlr_ su'it times. Call B»ll 2S37 way. 4'!9 S. Broadway, or George Brock~ I WANT your well digging and well Jor'riB and rlstern work; see. m at once. B5^ Main. Boll 4S44 ' %^^^"?g'SB.'^rssirw n T44i OR RENT--Pleasant front room, furnished or unfurnished; modern. 851 W. \Mlllam- FOR RENT--Two rooms, unfurnished: modern conveniences. 264 W. Main. Bell 42^.3. FOB RENT--Room with board; YamllvT modern. 216 W. William. private 7S2S FOR RENT--Four nice rooms, upstairs, at "57 B Main Inquire SOS E. Prairie. Bel! phone 231ft. _** FOR RENT--Furnished or unfurnished i 32 W. Prairie, upper flat. FOR RENT--Nice room In modern home and small family; gentleman preferred. Old phone 2473. J FOR RENT-Furnlshed rooms. Modern pr! vate entrance. 640 W. Main. Bell 3«(. LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOR RENT--Rooms for light housekeeping ground floor. 112 E. Eldorado. i54i FOR REXT--Three furnished rooms for housekeeping. 644 E. Leafland. FOR RENT--Two furnished light housekeeping Voomi; front and back entrance; ground floor no children, 1411 N. Morgan. 7834 FOR RENT-One large finished room for llsht housekeeping, 237 W. Eldorado. 7S17 FOR RENT--Sleeping and light housekeeping rooms.'sil E. Prairie. l!i6a FOR RENT--Three light housekeeping room Also household goods for sale at s. bargain. 414 FOE RENT. FARM LANDS. FOR SALE--Farm of 100 acre, another of 5 acre; one of 33 acre, near Wolcott, N. Y ew buildings, large apple orchard, some muck land. Come and see or write to A. H Creque. Wolcott. N. y. 7S2 FOR SALE--Michigan farm and fruit land in Mason, Manistee, Lake and Wexford counties, 50.000 acres to select from; price: S10 to S35 per acre on 7 years' time. v\'riti for 72-page Illustrated booklet free. Excursion Tuesday. July 21. Address G. TV. Swi art. owner. D-1347 First National Bank 31dg, Chicago, or his local agent. R. S Baker. 420 Citizens Title Trust E l d s , De. catur. 111. 7 S3 : FOR riALE--Central Wisconsin farm, 1' acre farm with good house, nearly nev two barns; 75 acres under plow; price {50 pe acre; will consider small stock of hardwar [n trade. For f u r t h e r particulars write A. J Oleson. Montfort. Wls. 6Sb FOR SALE--95 acres. 4 miles North Rose 5 miles Wolcott, 9 room house, basemen barn, 30x40 feet, barn 20x30 feel; all neces eary outbuildings: 4 acres apples, bearing 14 acres set 2 years; lots small fruit; graA-e and sand loam soil; well fenced and watered price tS,000. $1,000 cash. Frank C. Rich Wolcott. N. Y. " 4 CITY PROPERTY. FOR SALE--A 5 room house and Mg barn cheap. 162 N. Lowber St. 7S» FOR SALE--Seven room house, full concre basement and walks, barn, chicken lot an f r u i t Lot 80x150. See owner. 1225 Wes King street. TS3 FOR SALE--Six room modern, W. Eldorad S3500: S rooms, modern. N. Edward. $360f 4 rooms, W Wood St.. $2000. B. F. Dardcn 1153 W. Eldorado. Bell phone 3520. (S4 FOR SALE--Nine room house at 320 W. Nor street, all modern, jlty steam heat, 63 fe; frontage; quiet resfience neighborhood close to business section. Call R. S. Boho 134 E. Prairie. "" FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE--Property 436 Wabash Av«. A. T. Summers, 110 A 12% Investment. ISflO to WOO down bujt« a. nice 5 room new cott«*« on car line; newly p«Jnt«d; fmll UMe- ment; oorn«r lot; electricity: «oo« w«U. Pries 11260. Com* Had K* thl* Rents for 112.50 p«r month. ses " E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell 4812. Auto 10T7. 189 B. Main. North Water St. Seven room house and ·torn building; $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans made 8765 J. E. Patterson, 01 Mlllikin Bldg. Decatur, HI. Money to Loan |* $ On beat poss'lble plan. First the lowest cost, second the payment* are arranged to suit ths borrower and can be made either weekly or monthly. And last, hut not least, everything confidential. When you I } come '- us for » loan, you can f » have the money within «n hour or S } two. Any amount from 110.00 up. I J 1'ou pay only for the actual time I . you keep the money. Call and J ; see us when needing a loan Rooms f . 7 and a Conklln Bldg. Half block north of Transfer House, 144 North Main street Bell phone 2041; Auto, 1595. J. M. Pickle 427 Citizens 1577. · Bank Bide. Bell 1S88, PROFESSIONAL. At Illinois Cattle Feeders' Convention. Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. Keister's Ladies' Tailoring College. Take a course in our school and i let us help you make three garments for what it would cost you to have one made. Call or write for descriptive booklet and terms. 7870 Semmel Sisters. Managers. 305 Bachrach Bldg., Decatur, 111. J. G. Imboden of Decatur Is slated to take a prominent part In the annual meeting of the IIlinolB Cattle Feeders' association to be held In the new stock Judging pavilion on the University ot Illinois campus on Tuesday, July 31. Mr. Irnboden will discuss some of the economic problems of the corn belt cattle, feeder. The experiment station has seventy baby beeves on feed that will be ready r the marMfet at that time. A pre- intation of results of last year's ex erimental work will be a feature of he program. MONET TO LOAN on the easy payment plan, J10 and up. All business private. Decatur Loan Office 202 Citizens -Bank Bid*. 819 Phone Auto. 1118; Bell. 3270. IF TOU have a lot, J. A. Adami will furnish money to build you a house. 911 N. Water. Bell 4060. T15S MONET TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CUT property, lowest rats of Interest: no commission. 1°°° Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bant LITTLE BY LITTLE you can repay a loan--or all at one*. Carefully explained before you take the money Pay only for the time you use It. we lead $10 and up on thu squftrest terms Imaginable --private, too. T" 2 Fidelity Loan Company, 315 Citizens Bank Bldg. Bell 370: Anto S863. Multigraph Work. Letters, specifications, office forms, cards, etc., Imitation of typewriting. 0084 Violet Bourne. Public Stenographer, Bell phone 332. 705-7 Mllllkln Bldg. Receipts of Office Are Be low Standard. No Drug* No Osteopathy. No Knife. Of lice hour. 9 to It 1 to 0. T to 8. Sundays. 10 a. m. to 12 m. Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT. Anto phone. 1230; Bell phone. 330. Rooms, 214-15 Moran-Corbett building. Cor. N Water aad E. North. Decatur. HI. Ojoj SPECIAI NOTICES. r WILL not be responsible for the debts of my «'l£e. Julius Olshefski. '318 Sealed Bids. "Will be received for refreshment and lunch privilege at the Grocers' Picnic on August 6 1014 The committee reserves the right to reject 'any bide. Bids may be made on one or all five stands and must be sent by mail on or before July 21. 1914. Successful bidder must have all money paid on July 23. 1914. D. E. Baucom, Cumberland Pharmacy, Decatur, III. 76T * To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loans Netting 7% In amounts fram 1250 to 12,000. Security four times the amount of loan Principal and interest payable here. HENRY D. SPENCER. 220 E. Llaln, Decatur. imnoti 2807 SPECIAL NOTICES. REAL ESTATE. DECATUR RESIDENCE FOB SALS. 152S--Located In west part of city not far out lot 40x150; S room frame house, strictly modern; double oak floors, on one of best streetp, f i n e neighborhood. Rent SoO per month, onlv built s years. Price $4500 eub- iect to Sl.SOO. Some one wanting home do well to investigate. 0. A. BURKS. 323-424-325 Citizens Bank Building. 7S75 FOR SALE--New five room bungalow; modern.- grate, mantel, cement basement; a fine lot; welt end. A bargain for quick sale. Evans Boggess. 514 Mllllkln Bldg. Bell 144 57S6 City a.nd farm loans made *t lowest rates. Johnson Dimock DECATDR. ILL. (Or«r Post's Jewelry Store) Bell 5190. 42SO Auto 1215. STORAGE. For yo*i clean storage room we Chance 14S K. Franklin Bt Sto^rge good* for salt all kind* of second hand goods at reduced prices. S. E. Corner Central Park. 7766 STOEAGE. FOR RENT--Store room, Apply Max Atlass. 735 N. ·WMer St. 7873 FOF RENT--Barn for two horses and 1246 N. Monroe. Bell 1S90 WAXTED--All farmers to know they can have dead stock removed free nt chargf Xotlfv William Price. 864 X. Monroe. B"_!j phone 2474; Auto. 3024. "«J WANTED--All kinds of sewing CsJl Miss Grlsson after 6 p. m. Bell 4«41. "»11 BOARDERS WANTED. FOR SALE--Gravel wagon and 2 section harrow. 128ft W. Green street. »» WANTED--Roomers and boarders br -week or dW. Call at 261 E Main. 7750 --OR S \LE-One oak roll top desk: 1 oak typewriter desk, bath, sanitary «y!e; 1 lo 5 Oliver typewriter. Cooper, 646 Walt uildlng. Wanted to Buy. V HI p»r th* higheat cash prices for used stovai. rugs and refrigerators, or will take In old furniture as first payment on new. Home Outfitters, Auto phone 1841. 3701 WANTED TO EENT. adults. dnor. - modern house, rlose fn, two Address 242 West. William, west 7890 WA.NTED--To rent a 3 room modern house, north part. Bell 2832. 7S27 FOR EENT--HOUSES. FOR RENT--Eight room fhoronghly modern " " house, S. E vard. Ca.ll corner of W. Wood and Ed- 7B2. For Bent. St rlctly modern flv* 1 mom cottage, 34T E. Division; partially modern fire room cottage 023 "W. Kin*. First clase condition, 7S71 Pegram Co. Ee!l 333: Home. 1926. Citizens Bank Bide TOR RENT--Six room hodern house; part. Apply Crystal Theater. lorth 786 FOR RENT--S room house, 252T N. Church T. T. Springer. 124 Merchant. 78IY FOR REXT -- Six room house, 916 D. C Coney. Mtllikm Bids. Union T8S9 POR REN'T--Suburban home, 8 rooms, electric light, barn, plenty of shade; ideal fo poulrrv: 7 blocks of car line, 1 to 8 acre wooded land Inquire C "W. Lewman. 1605 E ;antre!l Bell phone .1M2 785 FOR RENT--Part ot house 1ST East Leaf land. 781 FOR RENT--Sir room modern cottage, E. Prairie and 7 room modern house. 120 ^ Hilton street L. P. Cassell Caasell' Hill. Auto phone 4A35. 7S4 FOR RENT--Seven room modern house 5M W. William. Call 560 TV. William. 783 FOB REST--Seven room house at 3S5 TV Packard; strictly modern. Inquire at 45 N- Water. 7M TOR RENT--7 room modern house. 1471 Becitar. W. A. Dearth, 1560 S. Union. 782 FOR RENT--Cottage of 3 rooms and bath electrie and gas. vatp- nnd heat; ha 3locfc from N. Water car line; no children til E. Center. 782 FOR RENT--SIT room modern cottage, -wit Hetern water In kitchen. Will be vacan J u l y M ? Call S6S E. Cantrell St. 77- -OR HEKT--Five room house on Clay an Mi«lt: city water. Bell 3111. «« FOR SALE--Nice l i t t l e home. E-Z to get; only J50 down, $12 per month; 3 large porches, shade, well, cistern, small barn, rest and. on car line; price $1200 If fold by nly I6th See Walt Garver, 25S N. Main, c 791 FOR SALE. OR SALE--Small Jolt wagon, dltion; cheap. 1164 W. GreM. 7760 BUSINESS OPPORTUHITIES. Banks, Farms, Hotels, Garages, Jakeries, Theaters, Factories, Jlevators, Laundries, Ice Plants, Coal Yards, Vaudevilles, Bank Stock, Newspapers, Restauratita Book Stores, Farm Loans. Bar- )er Shops, Timber Lands, Lumber Yards, Livery Stables, City Toperties, Abstract Books 'rinting Plants, Moving Pic- iures, Business Blocks, Telephone Stock, Corporation Stock Merchandise Stocks, Wholesale Groceries, Private Wire Offices ^lectric Light Plants, Manufac taring Plants, Brick and Tile Works, Real Estate Mortgages, Furniture-Undertaking, Blacksmith-Repair Shops. 7874 C. A. Burks, 323-324-325 Citizens Bank Bldg. ·On SALE--At public auction. July 28nJ. at 2-30 p m., R room house on 57xliS toot ot; good 'well, cistern and cellar. "« *" College St. 916 7672 FOR SALE--6-room modern house, Leafland and Illinois. Auto 1504. FOR EAUE--$2,509 for 6 room, house, north part Bell 2903. modern 6S23 POULTRY. BIRDS AND PET3. FOR SALE--100 baby chicks. B days old. Barred Rocks. lOo each. Mrs. C. W. Marshall. Auto phone 5 or 9. ' FOE SALE-MISCELLANEOUS. FOR S1LE--A good harn, cheap; to be torn down. Bell phone BO49. TS67 BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book rnanufacturlng 127 South Water street, Decatur. 111. Herman Spies. Magatinw bound, namei stamped In gold on boolts, pocketbook* and memorandum boots, toilet cases, etc. VEHICLES. 185-Acre Farm. In Hamilton Co.. 111., about S miles from McLeansboro. the county Mat. on main public road; well located and fairly wall improved with a 7 room house, large barn, good wells, fences, etc. There are about S5 acres In vallev or bottom l a n d , thoroughly tiled into a drainage ditch and all under a hlsh state nf cultivation; balance of the farm" is red timber soil all cleared and un- cW cultivation except 40 acres In timber. his place Is an ideal combination stock and rain farm and can be sold at (85 per acre. iwner will consider a good clean stock of nerchandiee In exchange for the farm ana £ necessary make a l o a n of from $5,000 to 6.0HO f° r a * e r m ° r years. SHZLBT COUNTY FARM. No 54--123 acres located In Shelby county. illnols. only t w o miles from good grain ·narket: l a n d Is level to "lightly rolling with mall branch r u n n i n g through one 40; 15 acres In t i m b e r pasture; balance In cultiva- ion; all good rich productive land. Has good harn, granary, broom corn shed ana other outbuildings, all In good repair. o louse- it burned down this winter, price 5125 per acre Will sell tin good terms or rould consider good stock of merchandise, grain elevator or other good business prop- irty. Loan of S^.OOO now on farm. SOUTHEASTRN ILLINOIS FARii'. No 51--75 acres situated on a main pnbllc road.' tj mile f r o m the north line of Ricn- and county. Illinois, and 3 miles from town «-ith n u m e r o u s stores and bank; about 11 miles f r o m the c o u n t y seat The land is all tillable and Is s productive chocolate soil: Improved w i t h an ordinary house and harn. Oil I n d ' r a t l o n s are very favorable at this time, as most of the land In this vicinity have been leased bv s prospecting oil company. Price Sfi.Oflo. Incumbrance S1.S50. Might consider city property. T i m IT. S. Brokerage Co. Rm. 8 Home Tele. Bldg., Dacatur. III. !Y Alleged Tfiief'* Name WiUw held Because of ParenU. J FOB BAL.E--Two seated rubber tired pony surroy. Inquire 1331 N. Edward. J. J Stalling. T8u3 BICYCIE8 AHD AUTOS. FOR SALE--Indian motorcycle. In irood "Inn- nine condition; will sell cheap. 212 E. Ma ; rlon. BeU 4345. ' 8S FOR SALE--Five passenger auto; f i r s class condition, S150. 8339 Auto phone. 186 FOR SALE--Good second hand bicycle, 85 East North. FOB SALE--Five passenger Bulck In fj: class condition: $200 If sola at once. Afl dress G-810. Review. Hello, Central; give me 80. Is tils the police headtroart«r»T Tes. This Is John Smith from Boody. I ha^ lest my wife's gold handled umbrella and the rest of my hair If I don't find It ' You had hotter see Dayton, the proprietor of the Illinois Rubber Stamo Umbrella Wor' ,, at 229 E. Bldoraoo St. By heck! I remember I left It there to b recovered. Thank you; good by«. 7312 Sullivan, July 15--It has been ru mored that there is a possibility tha Sullivan will lose Its city free delivery and this Is a fact unless the receipts o the office come up to what they shou! before the first of January, 1911 The free delivery service was Installe n this city less than two years ag being started in January, 1913. Three carriers were employed. REVIVAL BOOSTERS. Rev. Mr. Forsyth, who is holding a revival meeting In Bethany came to this city Tuesday afternoon accompanied by several automobile loads, and gave a short talk about 4 o'clock on the west side of the square. The meeting was for the purpose of boost- Ing the revival at Bethany. BRIEFS. Miss Gladys Drew of Greenfield, la., is here for a visit with her sister, Miss Lillian Drew and other relatives. Mrs. Mary Hoke went to Atwood Tuesday morning for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. S. J. Lewis. Archie Cochran of Springfield IE her a for a visit with his father, Judge W. G. Cochran and sieter, Mrs. E. W. Richardson. John M. 'Wolf transacted business in Decatur Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. 'Wesley Randal were Decatur^visltors Wednesday. County Treasurer George A. Dougherty went to Springfield Wednesday morning to make his final settlement with the state. Treasurer Thomas E. Wright Is acting as deputy county treasurer ·while he is away. Sheriff Charles Lansden transacted business in Bethany 'Wednesday forenoon. Thomas F^nley transacted business in Dalton City Wednesday. Isaac Richey of north of this city, went to Decatur Wednesday morning a visit with his son Earl Richey nd wife. Tuscola, July 15.--On :vening Detective Foster of Feorla. arrived In this city bringing with him a arisoner who is charged with tha nurglary of the 6turgell jewelry stora n Tuscola last April. The youns man. whose name is being withheld from th« public by the officers for the present; hrough respect for his parents, was .urned over to Sheriff Stovall and placed in the county jail. Willie his larents do not reside in this vicinity. ,hey are sa,id to be highly respectabla and influential people, and on learntns of ths arrest of the foil they communicated with the officers, expreas- ng to them their humiliation and re*, questing that their names b* not mad* public. The burglary occurred early in April of this year when about $60 In cash besides a lot of watches and other jew* elry were stolen. The youthful burglar was traced up In to Iowa, whern he made good in covering up his) whereabouts for a time, but a few days ago he ventured back to Peoria. and Detective Foster being on the look out for him soon had him under. arrest. AGED FATHER ltd* Mr. and Mrs. S. Y. Whitlock of thl« city received word of the serious sickness of Mrs. Whltlock's father, Mr. Martin, of Marshall, and unless his condition is improved will consider it necessary to go to his bedside in a short time. Mr. Martin isj eighty-Fix years old and owning 1 to that advanced age his recovery is considered very doubtful. BRIEFS. STEAMSHIP TICKETS ON ALL LINES Travelers' Cheques, Letters of Credit, Foreign Money Exchange. 508 North Water. THE EXCHANGE BANK UNKNOWN MAN BURIED AT BEMENT For Sale. New 5 room bungalow, corner lot, electric lights and furnace, concrete basement, window shades f u r n i s h p a . ftwly papered. On east side, (-'lose to shops, S300 cash, balance ?1S per m o n t h ; or will consider vacant °Have three oth-r completely modern homes for sale on :apy terms. .1. W WATSON SON. Bell phon'- IS or 3623 6454 Auto phone 195i and $2,1 house o FOR SALE--Drug store and real estate at Sir 4 :!. 111. A splendid location and good fanning community. Reason for selling fail- ins health Thos. O. Frost, Druggist. 78S8 FOR SALE--A two chair barbar shop; everything new. Will eell at a sacrifice if taken, at once. Address Barber Shop. East Main St., Pana, III. '747 FOR SALE--One of the beet saloons In Springfield, half block from mime on Fifth street. G-714, care Review. 7TW FOR SALE--Old established bakery and lunch room, doing good business. Address J. A. B , Boi 32, Sullivan, III. 7852 LIVE STOCK. FOR SALE--Gentle family driving horse: also phaeton in good condition. Call at 108 IT. Franklin. Jas. MUstead. 7842 FOR SALE--Good brood mare colt Bel! 783: Auto 4918, mule 7808 FOR SALE--Nice black driving horse, coming 5 yean old. $75 It taken at once. S28 S. Colfajt. T803 HOUSEHOLD GOODS. REVT--STRICTLY MODERN 7 roor i/CMtrell. Auto phone 597». 772* Furniture For Sale at -i great sacrifice--Dining tables, sideboards, buffets, kitchen cabinets, rocking chairs, iron beds, bed sprlngi. mattresses, everything to fnrnlsh a home, at 215 South Park St. New phone 1334. 7322 S. E. Minick. TO EXCHANGE. DECATDR RESIDENCE FOR TRADE. 1532--This residence Is located in northwest part ot city, not far out. Lot 48x127; 2 story 10 room frame house, modern throughout. On good street, paved: good neighborhood. Well built, concrete cellar. This large house Is offered cheap; 4 blocks from car line if Interested would be glad to hive you Inves- ' C. A. BURKS, S3S-S24-32S citizens Bank Bnil4lns. 7876 For Trade. Could use good house and lot In exchange for one ot the best restaurant; In peft^- running full blast and doing fine business. Can show you books for past sir montns. It's l money maker; owner /o'nK » w "; What have you to trade. Could use vacant lote. Se« me for further Information. Brueck, 127 B. Prairie, T83S WANTED--To trade for «. small store or business. Address r-776. Review. MOKEY TO LOAH. WHEN--TJWANTA--LOAN BORROW FROM WALT GARVER. Loans made on Furniture, Pianos. Diamonds, Tjivw Stock etc No payments required. 258 MAW ST ATJTO PHONE 1573. C191 FARM AND CITY LOANS--Any amount 5% and 6* interest. D. D. Hill. Attorney. 313, 314 Mllllkln BWg., Decatur. 7 MONET TO LOAN on good security and to salsrted people. B. M. Smith, 127 B. M per month buys K 00 * T ,I oom N o r t h College street, close in. and assume mortice "^.OOOi buys.83 lots near Interurban shop anrt only S blocks from city car l i n e , nnrth part Money to l e a n on city Pr op , erty ,_ Also contracts fnr loan", maturing In months for .1% loans repaid monthly. X. T. Watson, no N. Mann* SL Poundmaster and Scavenger Will remove dead stock anywhere In CITY OR COTJNTT, FHEE OF CHARGE. Call Bell phone 265S. Auto OSS. KIM LEGAL NOTICES. Q05 STATE OF ILLINOIS, County of Macon, ss. In the Circuit Court of said Macon County to the October Term thereof. A, D. 1014. E. R. Darlington Lumber Company, vs. Terre Haute and Poorls. Railroad Company, et. al. Mechanic's Lien Notice Is hereby given, that E R. Darlington Lumber Company, a corporation, has filed in said court to said term a Petition for a Mechanic's Lien against Terre Haute and Peoria Railroad Company. Vandalla Railroad Company Charles Cunliff. William H. Wertz, parties defendant, thereto, and that a Chancery Summons directed to the Sheriff of said Macon County has been issued for uach of said defendants, returnable on the first Jfonday In October 1914, which suit is now pending. Affidavit bas also been filed herein, that the defendant Charles Cunliff. is not a resident In the State ot Illinois. ·Therefore, Notice ie hereby given to you the said Charles Cunliff. the said defendant that unless you shall appear In said court on the fifth day of October A. D. 1014, to be held in the Macon County Court House in the city of Decatur. and plead, answer or demur to said Petiyon. the mattern therein alleged will be taken as confessed by you and decree will be entered «».srayed. JOHN ALLEil Clerk of the Circuit Court Albert G Webber, Solicitor. July 14. 1914 31S Million 12S7. For Sale. Improved s/ acres. Shelby connW terms; 20 acr=s near Decatur; 2ffl Crawford cmmty, M o . will trade t catnr p r c p t r t \ ; '45 acres good Macon land to t r a d e for Decatur --·"·" good acres residence, Frank Godwin. 11H Merchant St For Sale. Five roams, new anfl modern northwest. $2fiO; « rooms, northpar*. ern. S2W: 5 rooms. ne«- =°" a *' ! ' h Main, a t n a r for S2200 with S650 cash. ance $15 p»r month. full _Iot, rao?- ?£l Bal- 0. L. Millbum, Phones H« B!4E For Sale. 8-room hous., well, cistern; on car lln«; lot 40i:IBO. 5T(« ( 7-room modern, close. 0-room mnfl o rn -ry Dei. 5 acres. 51.-/*-' 20 acres Fide, (400; 3 lot? N, W. side- STATB or ILLINOIS. County of Macon. ss In the Circuit Court of said Macon County to the October Term thereof, A. D. 1914. William H. Went vs. Terre Haute and Pe- orla Railroad Company, Mechanic "Notice Is hereby given, thjt William H Wertz. as petitioner, hit fllei In s»Jd cour to said term s. Petition for a Mechanic's Lien against Terre Haute and Peorla Railroad Company, vandalia Railroad Company Char'es Cnnliff. parties defendant, there * that a Chancery and Summons di reeled to the Sheriff of said Macon Count has been Issued for each of «ald defendant! returnable on the first Monday in Octobe 1914. wWch suit Is now penainc. Affidavit has also bean filed herein, tha the defendant Charles Cunliff, is not a re«l dent In. the State of Illlnol.. fhVcftv of Decator, and plead, answer or de mur w s a Id Petition, the matter, therein al iiged will be taken as confessed by you an a decree will be entered a . * ? Clerk of the Circuit Court. Albert O Webber. Solicitor. July 14, 1914. 2 lots. E. 7450 A. C. Allen. in S.. Water. Wamft Ad!s Get VM Found By Freight Crew Twenty-four Hours After Suicide. Bement, July 15 --The body of a man was ound Saturday by the freight crew between ·esdale and Bement near the railroad. It as supposed the man had been dead at east twenty-four hours when found There vis nothing on his person by T*hVh he ould be I d e n t i f i e d , The body was brought to Bement Patur- ay afternoon and taken to A. Swenson's un- ertaking rooms and prepared for burial. It was the decision of the coroner's j u r y hat he had committed suicide A bottle of morphine, and ona of carbolic acid were ound on his person Th^ body was burled n the Bement cemetery Sunday morning. SPEND DAY AT RIVER. A party of Bement young people spent he day Sunday at the river near Camp MI- nunka Miss Eva Snelsnn. Miss Ethel Anderon. Miss Blanch B e n n e t t .John H a m m a n . Dir Rittenhous, and Colta Rea. composed the party. Mrs. C. C. Mclntosh and daughter Maxine. ·eturned to their home In Terre Haute Monday, after an extended visit with Mr. ana Mrs. George Oldridge. Mrs. Oldridge accompanied them home for a visit. Mr. and Mrs Walter Cloyd of Chicano. are Isltlng Mr Cloyd's parents, Sir, and Mrs. W. G. Cloyd, Mrs. Lena Abbott and Mrs. Olive Hunter of Chicago, are visiting Bement friends this M r ' a n d Mrs. Patter and daughter of California, were guests of Mr. and Mrs Harve Muthersbaugh the last, of the week. Miss Ann» Mitchell of Chicago, Is the guest of Miss Margaret Scntt Miss Mary Beebe of Texas. Is the guest of her niece. Mrs. Bert Bill for a few davs Rev. and Mrs E G. S.indmeyer of Marshall, are visiting Bement friends. The members of the O. S A. B. club an.1 their friends were entertained at the home of Miss Gertrude Baker near Milmine. sa'- irday evening. The evening was spent play Ing games. Refreshments of \c? cream and cake were served by the hostess and a pleasant evening was spent by all Miss R u t h Bradley left Sunday for Lake Bluff for an ertended visit with her ount, Mre. McNlchols. . ,, There will be a meeting of Mrs J. K. Bower's Sunday school class at the homo of Mfss Esther Day Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. B. L. Baker, who has been serious.? Ill at her home for several week! with t y - phoid fever. Is recovering Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Swenson and daughter Elle. with their niece Gladys Thompson l e f t Saturdy for St Paul, Minn., to VKH Mr. and Mrs Carmi Thompson. PUMP HOUSE BURNS The pump house at the Wabash. depot took G. L. England received word on ' nesday that Dr. W. D. Flack, his son« in-!aw of Farmer, who has been In a, hospital at Canton for treatment, wan much better. Mr. England was ready, to start to Farmer City when he received the news, but postponed the trip. Earl Carmack anA family ot Murdock were shopping in Tuscola on Tuesday. H. C. Jones and granddaughter, MiE 5 Esther Hosteller, from Manhattan, Kan., were visiting relatives in Arcola Tuesday afternoon. Miss Xellc Weaver left here Tuesday afternoon via the C. E. I. for a, vacation trip at Denver and other Colorado points. Mrs. W. C. Lewis and daughter. Mrs. Brown Linton, were Fairland visitors on Tuesday afternoon. Perry Oneal is a guest of his brother, Frank, in Danville. Attorney? J. H. Chadwick and S. P. Duhamel were attending to lesal m a t - ters at Villa, Grove Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. J. F. Yeaw was in Decatur Tuesday. Robert C. Macy, who has been hera looking after business interests returned to his home at Cerro Gorda Tuesday. Mrs. F. E Coykendall was a Tues. day visitor with relatives at Xewman. Mrs. Frank K. Page from rear Ar« cola passed through here Tuesday en route to Newman. MARRIAGE- LICENSE. Lewis Rinehcart, Hayes, "thirty-five; Bessie F. Reynolds, Hayes, nineteen. TRIES TO FREE SON FROM JAIL Pnorla Man Make* Effort to Cet Boy Out of Tn»cola Look-tip. Peoria, July 15.--Ernest F. Zagel- meycr. the druggist, through his attorney Tuesday was making efforts trj get his son. Ernest G. Zagelrneyer, out of the Douglas county Jail at Tuscoli. The elder Zagelrneyer is out of the city on his vacation, hut upon heing Informed that his son had been taken. into custody by a. private deteotivs. gave directions that the inquiry- bej made into the legal rights of th« boy. According to M. J. Levenson's agency, the bov confessed to taking a. bracelet from the jewelry store off Alonzo Sturgell, by whom he formerly was employed in Tuscola. hut he Insisted that he left a memorandum for a charge against hfm. Zagelmeyer, who Is nineteen years old, consented to accompany H. C. Foster, an opera* tive of the agency, to Ttiseoia. A girl to whom Zabelmeyer gave thsi bracelet has other articles of Jewelry which she received from Zafcelmeyer, It is alleged by Levenson. fire about' 1 o'clock burned to the ground how the fire originated. Saturday r.lg'ht and It Is not known just ·WORK ON I. O. FREIGHT CABS. Stel underframing and reinforcements have been authorized for 8».«"0 llinois Central freight cars and about 2.500 of that number have already been finished and returned to service. It is expected that the work will continue through 1916 and 1918, as the enormous job requires much time, and if rushed would take up the room in all I. C. shops over the system. The Northwestern repair program is prac- tlcaJly the same, improvements to 30.000 cars having been started. TWO WILLS FILED; HUSBAND TO FIGHT Taylorville. July 15--A second will of the late Mrs. Martha Woodall of; Ricks township was filed Tuesday in the county court but for what reason in not known, aa the will filed a few! days ago was perfectly executed anrl bore 3 later date than the one flleji Tuesday, therefore will be the one admitted to probate. Mr. Martin of the banking house of Martin and Johnson brought in the will Tuesday. It wasj drawn in 1896 and the one filed a fevi; davs ago bears the date of 1912. The 1S96 will gives her husband; Mart Woodall. a gold watch. In U«u of dower, and divides her real «*tat* equally between her two sons, one ; 'oC whom is Albert Peden of Taylorvilln. The last will gives the husband a Uf« interest In 53 acres of land and th« residencA property in MorrfsonvlHe* and thf sons get the rest of the est«ta ae well as the fee In the flfty-thlJM acres and residence property. It '!« understood that Mr. Woodall Is not satisfied with even the latter will unC that, he will claim a husband's renouncing the will. Trip to Santla. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Peters left Tuesday evening for Cleveland. O. From there they will go by boat to Sarnia, Cnn., where they will visit friend*. Mrs Peters expects to be gone about a month, but Mr. Peters win return in | caHers 'n about two weeks. eunday. IVESDALE. Miss Anna, Crlnigan of La Sall«, 1« *p«ndlnff a coup]* of days here the gue«t of relatives Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gtout pawrf TueMtr In Champaign. Mips Bernlce Baker of Tolone, ip«nt £HTM day with Miss Lorine Sutton. Miss Anna, Gall I van went to Somner, Mo.* this week for a visit with her couiln. Mill Eileen Donovan. E. E. Householder of Urb«na. tpent Sum day with home folke. Mis? Marie Letter-man of Champaign. 1« spending this week with M. A. Cook and family Miss Mary Crinlgan/ of Decatur, speatf Sunday here. Mrs Mary McCoppIn returned Monday front a two weeks' visit with relatives In La-Sal le. Mr? "Winlam Cain and non Jamet went INE^VSPA'PERf NE WSP.APE.Rr

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