The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 3, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 3, 1859
Page 4
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MEDICAi. ] LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. Detroit on Thursday: i.^&ttttd' Dpwfrofii&er--' niwuKpu* awwM^w**" •*•-•» Arabia; jehooncrT'AlBonM, rijtnou'h J Kock J Amelia, Private ifledical Aid. D H . f J O H N /r?H O M S O S REPOKTK0 £OB! 'THE DAILY S£WS, KEPORT, >l -, . f , t< ,Br. Lomw, Julys. 4: Mr. Brooks, Vho preceded grand balloon erpedition last night, iss jnst returned. SB alighted JBastBdwardBTille, HI.", at Barter to 8, attained an altitude of twelve thousaudteet. ' * * " „ 2. The steamship 'Bavaria, which -arrived here . this morning brings London papers of tha 18tU.' They (jbntain the "following latest tde- grams from the seat, of war:- TtTEis, PEiDATr—Tfie following official bnl. -lefln has been issued" yesterday: Tho head quarters of the J2mperor, of France' were fit Cavo, on the road from Bergamo to Cremona, and those of the King of Sardinia at Castegnal, sir miles west of Presoia, Orifice Napoleon las commenced the movement of Ms WOOTJS. with eight thousand Tuscan troops, and eight hundred horse are ready to depart with him. ' A manifesto has been published declaring the adhesion of that town to the central gov. —-.eminent, ,: , The manifesto also Depresses & unanimous - wish to be enabled somo 4*y to formes part ol a monarchy worthy of Italy. "• BEEKB, Friday.—A telegram from Coeve announces that numerous Austrian corps coming from Btokvio has arrived at GroEtaute and the Valletine, and advanced towards Tivano. ?, ^PAKIS, Friday —The Bourse is fl&t anc rente are quoted at 62 francs. COMMERCIAL. GEO. GODFREY, EDITOR. WKE3£I,Y RKVIKW OFFICE OP THE BAILY KEWB,, Milwaukee, July 2,1859. f The money market during the week has been very -quiet and uniform. Oarreney in light supply., bnt euffl- Oient to meet the demana, which, owlne the to,limited amount of business, has also been light. Exchange has been steady at the old rate of 2 per cent. Gold sellc at ' the same rate. The banks make their annual reports and declare dividends on Monday, owing-to these facts, there Jias been tt little more stringency for the latter part of the week. On the 7th inst., a meeting Is to be held to perfect the plan of redemp ion by such country banks as have not yet acceded to the late arrangement; at that time the subject ofihe ^reduction of the rates of**, change will bexonaloeredV * Daring the week the great mercantUe firm of Chamberlain, Crawford £ Oo., has faded. This has resulted In the closing bfthe business house of Chamberlain, Breed at Cleveland, and also of that of Crawford t Oo. of Ogdeusburg, K. V. It was feared that this failure would result In the breaking up of the Northern Trans., • portation-Line, of Propellers, ronniug between lake Michigan and the St. Lawrence, but vre are assured by Mr. Hale, the Agent at this place, that the line will continue Its business jrtthout interruption. In view of-the large Shipments of ep-de wLirh have beengoing.on for scmetlme to foreign jmrt*, I'JIHI U..j. ^.'BetnTearedthat aerions-consequences u-oui.l he ilie result of the.drain; but Uie demand has bi«u met with; out, as yet any serious embarrassment, as the reservoir • ". *** l-een amply.-.snprlied frqm.ou.r..iold producing . . 7 1 "sources.,' • ••:_-• • " ' ' ' . . Speaking of the supply of gold the .Philadelphia Per.nsylvan ton.; learns from the Bon. -James Eosi Snovrdea, Director of the Mint, that there is every res- „'; «ontobeIieTethnt the yield of gold, durinrfhe present season, from onr gold prodnclng Slates,,will afford a '•':•'. t& vorab!c comparison with that ot anyjrojmer.ycar.— He also Btatcs that there arc large amtiSSs of buiUlou (principally silvey,^elng^receive4 at KewOrleans ina Bin Francisco, From'Heifco. "~Th"e'.BrancliMlut of the ; Dnited States, at San Francisco, ls;piiiheaJomeetthe business thrown upon "it, by reason of the increased yield of the mines of California, and the receipt of ill. . 11 -verfromM sico. These circumstances, together with the fact of tli-rrect-pt by Uie semi-monthly California steamerat .\-ri7-Turk bi -the 2Sthuli.,oi fZ.COO.OIW, j justify the belief trt,nt«rermay be the shipment ol tpscle to Europe for i5,in,-ti-c to come, it will be more ..: .than equalled by the product of our mlnee^and that our specie reserves will consequently be Increased during -* the next few months instead..of g offering such-*, diminution a; lo excite alarm, much less to produce a money '.-.'panic.'- '•„'-.•''.. - ••' • •>, v ; --.. •'".-•- : * • J* The 'Nevr.Tork Journal of fymmercc, Vr., of the ' -29th ult, has the'followinR concerning- the KeirTofk: -., -,-, Koney Market:; ; ' . .'.:.':"•'-.- ••-'• There has been more animation in the money market bnt it has chiefly assumed ihe shape of preparation for the business of.tiie later days of the week, when many '. j espectto be abtent from the"city. There Is also Borne calling in of.ioa.ns, and ot^er arrangements forthe par' - jnent of rift-identjs and other dues maturing on -or ' about'thelst instant.; We haye no change to notice in . rates cf interest, except, perhaps, that borrowers are willingto pay a little more for temporaiy accommodations, .nfficient :to 'bridge them over the approachlne 'holiday. • 6 : ' Freights and Shipping. V -: ..-, The thipplngibuslness was very' du'J durln^the early • part of Oie week.. MTJat little produce ira» »ent off : went mostly by^team, and consisted principally of ." flour. ~0a, Thursday the business waked up a little with the; unproved market, The aehoonera Republic and White Squall . irere chartered for,, Buffalo, . i ,-;', *he former with wheat and the latter with oats.' The ., Prop. E-re'green City took on the same day * cargo of ,000 bbls flour to CoUingirood.- ,The Prop." Plymouth also toc^I,000busTtheat forBuffalo the same d*y. ._ ; On Frlaay the Prop. Potomac took out for Buffal.)!.. bole of flour, end 100 bags of wheat. The propeller Hnnter cleared with 900 bbls for Collingwood,: and the , ! , achosneriG.». Karris left "with. 18,500 bus wheat and On Saturday the propell-j Buckeye cleared iwith 200 ,; .bble flour, and . 1,000 bus wheat , for Ogdcnsbnrg. The echoonsr .White Squall left with 250 Jjbls dour and .; 16,000 bus oats; the.choohers Fred HiUand Bepablic .<: ***<> left for Hiesam; port, toe former with 10£t>0 bn.s ••-'.- of -wheat, and the laiter: irJth 7,912 to of wheat and '•' 3,820 bca oats."- Tlie rates hare been steady and re. main unchanged. - ''i : '-'-'•-•' "• - , •' : - . _-The/oIJoTFlng table -will i!:ow the". > hlpments by lake , .. ; 'of flour iajjd grain for June''5S and-'59 with the decreaM ^ihU year :.-..- - - •''...:. . T : - . ,-_"-. -'---'• ; '"-- '• ' ' ' "' " '1853. il85»..'. Dec., .Flour, bbls ..... ,,^. .'.:. 33J6D -83.045 915 '-Wheat, bus.... ........ .072.441 1-0,691; 491.74T ••" Oatii, bus ., ...... ...... 82,261 W^Gl 67,397 ' 'Corn, bus..;.. „......,, .645 1,724 l,2761nc. Barley, bui.. ........... B.4I8 : 83 5^35 IrtmsEfi— The market hai been quite firm at the stated i prices, with several sales ,of cargjes. We note the . following. ' '' .-.-•• ; ; _ .'••' ' . ' fichooter Milwaukee Bell 21C m at 9,60. .Schooner Preble, ISO m til 7,50; ccliooher Xmma 80-mati8,00; acbooner Tempest 120 m at 9,00, * chooner 0ndine C6 m at 9,flO; ; Schooner : Toledo «5 m kt 8,00; achooner Tri- nmph, 60 m at 8^>d; «rjponer Florence,2 cargoes; each C5 mat 9,50. The receipts oi lumber by late during the week were as'.foilow6 : Sawed stuff 1.CC2 m; Shingles SSS m; tqaare timber 70m; lath 89m. FLODBIKD PaCDOoE^-Tbe markets tt_ tbej opening of the Week were very dull,- with a rapid decline each day until the lowest point was reached on Thursday morning, when No.'*l wheat was disposed of at 80 cents, whi$e' other things were exceedingly depressed. In the afternoon of Thursday, however, pr ces rallied under the stimulating .effect of better newt from .New York.- Since then No. 1 wheat has been pretty Eteady at 92 to 93 cents. The trahsac* tlons in .milling wheat have been light, and at prices to correspond with No. 1. Hour has been quite inastire, -and we are wltho'u «ale< at thfexslose to fir T>ricc«. The pflces since Thnn day evening had an upward tendency until just »t (the close when they assumsd a drooping aspect. Oats and Corn w.erc in better request and bore better prices atter Thurs'Joy. Potatoes were ;.' rtlbcr* dull thronshout the week. i i Butter and Egge found their best market pzrty IB the "»eeV. ; TheBtiffnes6 of the market generally wa . «baved,&t the close. Breadduffii and every thing elee bavlng a drooping tendency. Stlow we give the transactions in flour and wheat fo each day of the week.' UoFDiV, June?". HXJDB-du'I; prices rather firm.butloiyer." S»Ie« 60 bbl» mixed -country brand« »t 5,75. ntct[pttZ09 tbb; »U5pmects l^CS bbls. WflEiT— receipts 14,200 bus; ealpmenta 227 bos.— Sales 1,000 bus extra at 1,14; BOO do an!B»i>«ted 1^08; 700 do extra club L.16; 200 do extra and extra Ko. i mixed 1,16; ICO flo Ko. I at 1,00; 2.0JO do No. 1 at 95; 6.WO do Ho. 1 at lellers option for Bffday« at 7u. Tola T, Junel!8. 25c lower «ad very dull. Beceipte 112 thin; ihlpmantB 2,020 bbis. Bales 81 bols 'extra Brpringf.o. -t>.,$$0. ' j WHBAT— market dull and closed very heavy. £alc> SSCTbn* triple eitra at 1,25; 800 do extra at 1,12^; 192 lip unlnlpscted at 1,<)5, S03 do extra at 1,08- 800 do extra Ko. 1 at 1,00, 76 do u inspected at 1,00; 1,250 do 480,1 «tS5f 250 Ho poor No. 1 at S7#. Total sales , June 29. ll— ija&rket very doll; no Bales. EecelpU 90 ts. 401jfal6. Prices nomina^. fipringKx- ; 'Winter 6,15S7,00. 1 9c lower, -jaeccipa J.OSOouz; no U^' Sales 300 bus uninspected *t«5; 1,100 do IfeCI &B6-, 60S do -extra Mt,I2«; S25 do do Jjlo; 800 . do do 1,10, Tote! iaisi 2,525 but. ;• FIX)tni—llrm Iknd-sotnewhit -buoyant. - Slit cliy brands winter 7,00; spring'extras 6.T5®6,t)0; connttr bnmotJijBOaSiTB." Xeeelpti fli'bm; ahlpmenMSSW bUs and 60 sacks. Sales 164 bbls country spring eoctra ^ Jon« 1st. 42,518 298.80S 69,02$ 8,200 -i 8,008 ' HEAT—unsteady and rising. No. 1 So better, celpfe'by Salh-oad '4,888 tiw; b> lake S<2_ bus; shipments l, r OO W. Sali-s 4T5 bos Ho. 1 at 80; TO do whlie winter 1^5; 40 .-do do 1,85; SOo'do" eitra spring 1J.3; 800 do do 1,10; SOO do do 1,IZ; 300 do white w'n'tcr SOO do No.lepriigSO; 800. do uninspected IS; 275 do common winter 1^6; 75^0 extra do 1^0; 840 do extra Ho.l tpringal 1^09; 185 de choice' winter 1,4W;1S5 do No. I spring 85; 600 do No. 1 at 95. Total sales »,700'bua. ' . i . - ' FsttiT, July Ij FLODE-rholden Mk higher prices, bnt no sales, ft e celpts 104 bblc; EhlpmenEa 1,160 bbls. { WHEAT—better but sates light. Beceipts 2,696 bus ahlpmenti 12,600 but; 100 bigs Sales" 200 bus extra at 1,10, SOO bus extra at 1,12; 600 bus Ko.l at BS; MO bas Chicagostump'anatC5; SOObusNo.Sat7S. ' The following lable shows the amoontof flour and grain on handln Jane .18S3 and 1359,. corrected from OUT table of yesterday: July3st. Flour, bbls........... Wheat bus I90.BST Oats,bas 74,249 Corn, bus 8,190 Bye,iHi* 800 liMley.bns 720 V OOL—The matket for wool hss exhibited some .activity daring the week, and price! have.bean ranging between 25 and 40c for common unwashed to fan blood. We have not had reported to us any sales at figures beyond 40c, but have learned from good authority that as high as 45c have been paid for some very choice lots of extra cleaned full blood, the flower of the market. As * .general thing, the prices In the country west have ruled higher than ln_ the city. Xhb'.U owing partly to the fact that the wool back In the coun try it better than that which Is brought here for Immediate disposal, and also to the fact that ;dealersaad their agents are out In .the country operating. The prices hare ruled rather above the views 9* dealers, many of whom have withdrawn from the/market. This has been the case somewhat In other States, and a con. sequent decline may be looked for.. i Below are the sales of each day of the week; MOKDAT— less active; demand jabated. Sales 1,000 Ibs X to full blood at 80(239. TcssDiT—more active, but priced unlmprsvcd. :Salc» 1DO Ibs X blood at 27; 60 do % blood at 89; 227 do common «L88, SGO do Jf to % at 83; 200 do unwashed »t 22; 86 do # b'ood at SO; 600 do X to Ji blood at 82; 108 do X to «;biood at 81; 40D do common to X b'ood do 29; 1ST do X to « blood at 85. Total Mies 2,« Ibs. WKDSE DAT—less active but prices steady; range i!6 to 37. Sales 600 Ibs & blood at S7; IOC-do Commonat Cl; 100 do do at?6; 100 do 25; SOOdo X do S3. Total sales 1,100 Ibs. Tmrasnir—receipts and transactions light Sales 60 Ibs X blood «t 81; 40 dojtf to X« Sl^; 100 do « at Si; SOO do X at 82; 200 do "Sf at 85; 100 do full blood at 40. Famiv—trade light. Sales SOO Ibs % blood at 85; 160 Ibs common to X blood at 80; 100 do :full blood at 40. 175 do )(f blood e.-tra clean at 87; £20 do H blood at 87; 284 do common at 2S; 95 &o )£ blood at 31; 153 do common at2T. : ".::*'. mtlnrdnUec .Wholesale market. '; ', . , SATCED* rEvtiiso, July 24. FB)E1QH IS—steady and more active. Wheat to Baf- fal *c; to Onrego ,6c;: to Kingston 6X@7. Flour to Buffalo 15r to New York by rill 60c; by ( atean on -Lakes FBOPK—qu'ct;'p- Ices nominal; Spring Extras 5,50 a €,fl; Wine Wh.rf'V.OO. BeceipM I.OSS'bbls. Ship- m-nti4CObbb, ""'•' : ., ' " RVF, rr,otTR—quiet, prices steady atC.OO. : VI E'.T—market .opened 1 Etlff, but.drooped at the rlose. UccelptV 8^01' bus. Shipments jl5^J20 bus.— Sa'es 1,000 bna No, 1,'at 92;Jt car load topped-off with food at 1^)S; 600 be* No. 1 (poor) at 90J SO bus Extra Bprini^n,12)i; 250 bosh While Winter at 1,40. KTE-.TerylUUeb3ini.rlat; cho'cc brings 1,00. •- \ OATS—moderately active; pricca'drooplng"5'little:^ BecelpttllSbutn. Shipments 18^20 bus. Sales 1,500 bush f. o. b. at 40c; 700 bush In store M 8G^_ COBN—shadejlower. Eecelpts, none. Shipments 6S bags.. Bales IBO^l bush eheUed In store at 10. POTATOES—doll and -declining; 75®80 for assorted. Receipts 8J9 bus. . .BUTTEK—dull; 11IJJ12 for fresh firken; 12®H for ; EGGS—lowerio®llc. HIDES—steady; Ught receipts. Oreen«X@7; Salted 7K@S; Dry 12(8,14;; FUnt 15@17; Qreen Calfll® 12. ' ' --. " - - - ' • WOOL—moderately active; range 27 to'S9 for common to ;i blood. Sales200 Ibs tf-blood 23Jtau; 460 do mixed at SO; 200 do good domestic at 30@83; Ji blood at 35, S,3liO do £ at 29; B70 do common n£ 27 1,800 do & to % at 88; 200 do J< to % at 82; 200 do mixed at 29; 403 do m'md at 80; 20 do X at 88. TotsI sales C.CCj ,b.-. , HIGHWIKES-lc higher. Sales 25 ,bb!s at 26.S'; !20 do at 27. WHISKEY—lo»er at 21&22. • SALT—common fine 5 hbl 1^0;;ground solar 2,00; coarae £.00; ground dairy ^ package 2,75^3,00. PBOVISIOS3—eteady. Beef mess $IO®12; Pork, prime mess, $16; Pork, mess, 818®18,50; Lird ISJ^O 18;VShonlder», smoked, S®8K; Hams 11®12; Drifil Beef liaiZ^; Tallow 11. . . LIVE STOCK—lowei-. ~ Beef Cattle j,25ia!^0 per cwt; Hogs 4,60a5,0[> per cwt;-Sheep i,7532,€0 per bead; Lambs 1,25^1,50 per head. COFFEE3— St- J)omJngo 11K®12; i Lagnire 12Jf34 Mnracabo 14^@'5; BJo I2®U; Java 16^13; Mocha r common TEAS-Toung Hysin 80^75; Black Oiong 32®66 Gnnpowder45©65: .Imperial 45^60. ', FISH—White FithW bbls J 4,00©4^0; Dry Cod cwt 4,75®5,75; Mackerel, large bb!,'22,00; Mackarel No. 118 aw..-.-•-.'. - -..-. -•-.•. --... ... — "•;. ; MOLASSEs-Huscavado 37X®46; Plantation 47® 60; Sugar : Boose CO@C5; .Common Syrup 40; Golden Syrup 7B®85. . . : } . . .--. '..-' . •-'•'- ' SUGABS—common to fair 6J-f©T>^; good (o prlme'8 ',S%; Loaf, doubled refined, 12; Crashed, double ro- flnedll; Crushed do 010X; Powdered do 11; Powdqr/d do OlOJi; refined .white 0 9tf; 'dodo <)0 9; do jclibw A £%; do do B S%; Maple brown 105&12. •'••-, ... 1.UMBKR—Common;boarj« JIO.OO; joistsandscanl- ling, under 20 feet J10.00; do 20 to 22 feet $12,00; do 24 fect*15; common siding JIO; Sd-cfear do f 18; clear tiding $16; common •flooring dressed 115; 2d flooring drc%se"d $18; dear floorln; dressed J23; undressed $20; clear boards $80; 2dboards22; 8d|do $18;.ciearlji. , and 2 inch plank $35; do ! $25@30; 31 do $20 pickets $10; lath $3®8)4; warranted shingles 2,75® -800; No. 1 do 2,50^2,75.- ,' :".:•. "..--. -. .. -.; , LEATHEB—Sole Spanish 30; Oak siaugliter 85; 0«k Crop3tS35; Harnes*Vs3; Bridle S7@3S; French Calf 1,00®1,15; French Kip 90@1,00. •' ^ FKTJTT—Apples § bbl 8,0039,00;; Dried Applies ^? tt> 10Q.11; Champagne Cider ^ gall. 25c; Ourrants, Zante ^ ft ; loai2X; Citron,. Le;horn 25®23; Crtn- berries^ bn—; Dates' ^ ft - 8®10c; Lemons g box 4,60^5,00; Oranges ^ box 6^0JJ6,50j Peaches, dried unparcd g ft> 10®14c; do pared 20®25c; Prunes, keg, 9 ft 10@13c; Eaislns, clutter, M E8.25; do layer 8,75. Trade jand Agricultural. ^" The potatoes wer« dur at M»nk«to, Mlnnetoti on the llth InsU, grown from seod planted on the 2d of, May. • The M&nkoto chalicngos "til creation" to bsat tfils. Tho grasshojipers in ce rtalri parts of Tlrglnia have taken-to chewing tobacco. They have also com menced'deprcdatlons upon the wheat, corn, 4c. | ira AND CBOH.—We have the most cheer- Ing accounts of the crops from oil quarters.' Barrett hi progressing finely to the southward, and the sickle andseythe are gradually coming further north with The weather Incur section has been ail that could l>e ^wished. Copious summer showers and warm aunny days, just the, weather to bring the croji safely along." Railroad matters. e following table a' ows the receipts by Kali road for June 1655 and '59, -with the decrease this year 1858. ;IS59. Decreass Flour, Barrels, 16,037 8.2S5 7,802 Wheat, Bushels, €29,486 108,928 625053 0&t5, Bushels, 105,747 86,107 C9J/SO Corn, Bushels, 0^)86 8;887Inc'-«, 4,951 Barley, Bushels, 6,(I47 ,1,186 Dec'se, 4,861 Eye, Bushclt, 2,5C9 405 V!,IC4 Stonrn sr MILWADCEI A UissisaimlUnjioAt).—'• 672 lb« bides; S bbls eggs; 4,916 Ibi sundries; 10 tons (tone; 11 head csltlc; 1,252 Ibs wool:- > BJWEIPTS jtr_ Mn.wt.ux.ts t ^ H IEIOOH KAILS'OAD.— 320 bu» wheat; C5 do potatoes; 65 bbls flour; 4 doeggsi 10,627 Ibs sundries; 8,420 do rags; 3,406 do wool; 1 horse. »T \VAT. t BASASOO 171 bbls flourj S^sj bu , wheat . a do nil . 235 do „„. 2} do potatoes; 10 do beans; 6,260 Ibi ragi; « bn«« grass seed; l,C9t lb. hid,,; 8JK7 do butler; SO bbl^ eggs; IChead cattle; 6,7Z3lb. w. ol; is^is do rendrie. Lite SopEtJoa.— The Detroit J?r« •ays: "Tbe stearcer North Btar arrived Superior at noon yesterday, bringing down 83 toifo copper from the Pewablc mine for Detroit. 'It la to forwarded to Boston. Her newt it unimportant." , ner Coquette has been Bold for'tta ue of Uie parties engaged In the survey of the lal" b» MOM" Burnxo, 80ra.— Propeller Socket,' Elce, Chicago; propeller Mayflower, Langtoy, ffliicago.' tfor. ..., Baroh HIMfcrt, A{H(*,,TJUo», Experiment. ueen City, ., ABUVKD AT Boinfco.SOrit.—Prop. PlltOiiirg, Beck* -wHh,Chlcago; fromlfflwattke*, 88 W!»flour,*<Jo Iron otj,85 sacks «aap Prop. fltale,^Eonnd«, Chicago. Tnia. Milwaukee, 1 piano,4 trunks,"* bxSflJrybbl, 517Wl pork, 48bag! tiinoUiT Iseed, 15bbtoashea, 16 >1tgi*groceries, 12 hides, 5,8mltli?l>«Uoifi, 142tagi Wheat, 25 bbls flour. - ' _ c AiraaiUK Treat i. Bsoxli is TOBOSIO.—Tn« Montreal Zfera&Z, of ttB 27th, tay*: 'The Perry- 0.6, »teamer »a« ieliei at Toronto^on Wednesday la»t for "toirtpg Umber contrary to the oafiiraUon law« t which d not permit coasting' by American vessels. Several other American neament have tw-n engaged In this trade, without being caught." , ^^ MARINE RECORD; Pprt ABKIVF.D. lp, Bntler, Two Kiv< r». Bohr Bt. Panl, Hosher, Presque Isle, 870 toni oo»I. - _ Star Cleveland, Dong»l, Grand Haven, TObigspota- Schr Bacramento. Ferdinand, llinlitee, 60 m lam, SO m square timber. < Bchr Strlla, Smitti, Two Elvu-s.70 m lum ^110 m ahlngiea, '86 m lath, 82 bundles chair Etnff. •• 8ccr Norway, Johnson, Men monee, 160 m Irnn. - Bchr O Barber, Nelson,JJanlswi-, 00m lumber,» pas- r aengera. Bchr Free Df mocrat, Gltaore, Nord Bay, 89 bbh fl»h, 13 cords bolt*, 85m ahlrglM, 7 m lum. ' 8tmr City of Cleveland, Bquier, Grand Haven, 169pkgi inndrlei, 18 tons mtlz, && pass. DEPA1CTTTUES. Schr White Bquall, I^onard, l-uflsjo, 2'Q1 tlili flour, 16 000 bus oats. Star Gazelle, Bntlln, Two Itlvcr.s 4 tons iridz, '° bD four, 14 casks liquor, &S luffs corn, 03 pkgs son dries. Btmr Cleveland, Douga! Grand Haven. Scbr Norway, Johnson, Menomonre. Bchr Zadock, Pratt, Thomas, Essfgaginaw. Prop Buckeye, Bossman, Ogdetislrurgh, 200 bbls flour, 1,000 bush wheat. -- " Bchr Torktown, Laby, Marquett*-: Bcbr PredHQI, Fitzgerald, Bniril.i, 10^00 ons wheat. Bohr Republic, Lewis, Buaalo,7,9fi3bniwheat, 3,820 bus oats. DR. MXANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE A jSTD LIVERPILS. beg leavb to call the -.tion. of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, ;to tivo of the most popular remedies no\v before the public. We refer to ; Br. Chas, III 'Lane's .Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pilta We do ; not iccomme'nd them universal Cure-alls, l ; ut simply for what their name puqiorts, viz. : THE VERMIFUGE, For ;'expelliiig- from the human system. It lias also 'beei .admi.nistere4.jvith -tl'.e most satisfactory results to YarlOtlS- subject to Worms. THE LITHE. PILLS, For thecure of LIVER COMPLAINTS, all BILIOUS DEKA.N(..EMENTS, SICK H; AD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Qui- nint'j they'alnio::r invariably make i speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled ind never known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity lias induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Tears; and they will now give then undivided time and attention tc :heir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pilh shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the day^ they -tvill contliue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the Best ind Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough manner. A .Idress all orders to FLEMi:-.i] BROS, Pittsburgh, Pa. P-S. Dealers and Physicians ordering from other! lisa Fleming Broa., will do well to wrilc their onlen listlnctly, and tnJx firmr. lul Dr. JITZane'i, frepartd fcj Fleming Bros. FHtsburnh, Pa, To those vishinK to gin ilicm a trial, we Trill forward per maD. post paid, to anj »it'of the United States, ono box of Pill« for ttreln •Jiree-cent postac« stamps, or ono vial of Vermifngs fo bnrtwn thretxent sfunpa. "AH orders from Canada mna 30 (accompanied by twenty cents extra. . . 0. n Wholesale and Retail, Agent and SI'Lane Vermifuge PJls, ; . maylZ-diily SHERIFF'S SALE.' STATE OF WISCONSIN,!. ' o. ;j ' ' S.^' Circuit Oonrt, Milwaukee Co Hans Henry Jargons, against ' "' \. V Jndj'tnent" of Foreclosure and Daniel E. Cotton.' )Sale. ; , I N virtue of and pursuant to a Judgment m said Court, in the above entitled action, dated November 10, 1857, 1 ahall expose for Bale and jell at Publio Auction, at the Court House, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday-) tlio 2d day of Julri 1859, at the hour of 2 f. u., of that dr.;,', the following described wit: ; ;' "AU that certain pl<ce >.r parcel of Und, situated lying and being In the County of Miln-iukee and atito of .Wmsansln, R -i being a part of the north west quarter of secMim 17, In township T, ncrth of range 22 east, a J being the E. % of those certiln 25 acres, co .veyed to John 'Adam Mueller and MarIa,bl3Wli<-,and Frederick tluel- • ler and Charlotte Wilheln~,ioe,hlswlfe,by Jamtrs II. B >ger» and wife, by warranty detd,-date>I March 11, 181B, and recrrdert in the Offlce of i' i Kecislcr of , eeds of ^!pllrattkee County, In i 1 Vol. B. of Deedi, pages 7(1 and TT; bounded on the north and south by tbt resp(!CU?e north and aonth llnei of said north.irest quarter of said section IT, on the cjist b,v the west line of 85 ' acres, bcinj: alio part of s.|4 north? west quar: : ter, setotr In a regular form,- from the east part of said quarter sectinn, nnd on the west by certain north and »o Uh line to be drawn through thu centre of : Bad 25 acres, belns by '' ertlmate 12 00-100 acres, bV the same more or less." -' • - :; -' • • '- ..... -'•..- • • - • ! Dated Sheriff t s Offlce, MilirauUce, April 24| 1659. i BOBS & PUSS, i A.JJLANUWOHTHY, •• Pl'ffs »tt'y«. f i 'Bti'ff. Mil. Co., Wlfc may24-law6tr ' • • • [Wews Judgment of Foreclosure i;Dd Rale, .''' i / - IOTT] SHEltlFF'S SAIE. . 8TATK OE WIECONSIN, i' I Circuit Court— Milwaukee 0( unty. f Henry 8. Brown, end Miriam Boltoh Brown, against James P. Whltney,'and Terltn, his wife, and Henry (Jad well; TN virtue of and pursuant t > atJadgment rendered In JL said Court, In the above entitled action, dated the 4th day of Jane, 1859, J shall .«pose for Bale and sell at Publio Auction, at' the Post ' fflce'in the City of Milwaukee, on SATURDAY; TU K 17TU DAY OP SEPTEMBER, lS59,at thchoarof !:r. u. of .that day, the fol- iowlnKdescrlbcd mortgaged [.remises, orsojnnch thereof at may be necessary to rals. the amount of saldJndg ment, Interest and costs, toother with Uie expenses «f sale, the following real esf.i e, lying and being In the County of Milwaukee, and stitc of Wisconsin, an4 knownand described at foll.,<ra,.to wit: ';; /' Ootmnenclng twelve Je^t south of thenorlh- wett corner of lot 'nine i'J) in Week, twelve (12), in the Fourth Ward of tlis City of UHwankee ; . ' running thence cast en Mine pa allel with the north line of said lot In the east line of suld -' lot ; thence south on il," ccsi line of s'ild lot •twenty four (24) :feet ; itfence. west on a line '.parallel With the south line hf t&ld lot tothc iwest line of said lot, an 4 tliciico north twenty-' •four(84)feet to the place of ljeginning,-and the baildingB thireon." Dated 8beriB"« office, Milwaukee, June 14. 1859. A. J. LANOWOETHY, > Co-1 Wia ' , BSOWK A OODCT, I *"' ' alwayt on hand, ' Jenkins, O00NSEL.LORS AT»I>AW» < e;* to irASSAO'str*. WEtr ~ • -' / CHANDLER &- HICKCDX, Attorneys fcCunsellots at r - fVlil '8 KNEEtAND I" .MMPAUKHt. CROSS & PAHB18H," 1 &CODNSELLOB3 AT No. to, Albany Bunding* MILWADEEE.......-...«pl PJECKHJIIW A. BtOODCOOD, ', ATTOKfcE¥8*& CODNSELLOBS AT 1 LAW, Water A t G. W. Pierouu, formerly 1 i PrOTHAitS-* OOLT.AIbariy, V , hUXOB BtOODOOOD. NewYorkj l y . ; • i , P. BLOcboooDls D. 8. Court Commissioner an<J Coop mlsslonerfor several states. . novl9-d6ra ........_.,;.., JOSHUABTARI. ; i?Al MKK & STABK, , Attorneys' & • Counsellors at Law. OT Obcc.No. B, Mitchell's. New Bank Building, cor- tter of Mfohlgan and Eut Water itre«U, Milwaukee. janSO ,} ' .» j. PARK & VAN Attorneya and Counsellors at Law. SfgrKJfS POINT,.... im<70AB«r, Will practice In the various OonrU of the Beyenth JaJl- clal Clrijait of Wisconsin, and- will faithfully MUnil to nil business Intrusted tr> us, nominees promptly made. i-Dand Warrants located In selected lands for - those at »dlst»nee. . k ' '. , Koixraots: HCTBSH 4 Sonwna, Bankers, Stevens Point. J. It SEinreTKis, Esq., Milwaukee. LrtttLi, A BAKm, Milwaukee. ' , Busiua! ft BOOTH, " - ' MATTOCKS i. Di»ao», Ohlcago, ' > Hon.J'U. OATOJ, OtU»a,Ill. j«33 > . A. SAVAGED , attornev and Counsellor at Law ^.* ..... ^........ ...WISCONSIN IiOomnlsjalonerforn. i*- ( Pano n Ohio, Indiana, 111 andldra. UniUi! StalM and OlroaU Court Gjm • J(. V. V. P!L,1TTO, i' Attorney & Counsellor at Law. Cr5~ Office in Mflcbell's Dank Balldlnj, No.S.'wil- rankee, Wisconsin. 'Jatfit HOOKER & Htoniiys & ai haw tif" ti?J««, **. 34-4, Albany Building cur«J iVicJij«)< & Main Stntt». Opposite the Nf«hill Uoma. . 5!il»a^Sec Wll. , o.O.HOOUR...........:... i.A. >. crflAH... ....w •'.-' -jj-'UPHAJJl &• GUAtlAMi ; : Ltto'.neyi-at Law and Solicitors la Chancery, So. 1; Witconsm street, Milwaukee. : . . ; janl-1; \ ' jj Ohase & Bradley, PAPKK AND KAG-.DEAL flJslj-WEST WA'IEIl'STRECT, \] MILWACRF.K, [aP^l WISCONSIN, B. •wiiit ! i«3... ...................... w. n. BODWIT,.! Auction and Commission Merchants; — - LAJSn AQliNTS AND MONEY UUOKEE3, i STItKET, .', W ILL(ji7e pvt^-iUr sttcnlloo loathe sale of Furnt- Inrti Dry. Gcods and every tlescrir.UWi »f Merchandize, :it their ?i!c room or in ru/ part of the Oil Jr QrCountyU I : ; ' I: t37~ Citjeral » :v*ncf! on of. rsignmenU) »n d prompt retorni made. , ; j i N. B. — IViDiis, Notes and Slortrapes negotiatcil. • ! Janl9 ij ;';-M. LANDS AND WATER POWERS. 100,000 AC; OF Choicb; Farming and Pine Lands, ' _ uar-j O>TO from the thru Onrt-rmuerit fj<li:in that Ktetr, »fe notr offcrcil l ; ! FO.K SA^,E/ i |! UT THE Fox arid Wisconsin ImproveniFut Co.; At LowiPrlces, on Liberal Tcrmsof Credit, and in lirge or small qualities to suit parchn't-rs. • TH-E jFARMING LANDS, Con)prl»in,Tthe different rarictlcs of Oak opctini!, 1 Prairie-an4 Hard Wood Lsurd% are weil «rate-ed bj Springs ooii never-falling llroots, and are In the vicinity of rood marsets. ;| XIIK PINE LANDS •; Are ejctrcmely vaiuable,belnj located in the very heart of the Piae Hejlon of Wisconsin, and havinn brrn^ cho.»cn wUh particular reference to the qnaltts ; of t)w : i;mbcr oii'l the vicinity oflogging streams. : i f:\VATKK. PO^VKBS. I The tttentlonof Eastern Capltallttjl< now tovUed- to the Wajer Powers owned by this Company. These Mill Privileges are situated dlfecttly alongside ihe- Canal which unites the Mississippi, with .the Great Lakes, so that ^ood> may be shipped by steamboat d\- reetiv to dh i fran the UlUs. f^jy" ThtJC Powers will be Irtsed for a term of years' as may beiltalrcil. ' ^T" For furtbtr inforaalion, enquire of BOnERT HM1TH, ASent of Trustees, or DA .Nit I, 0. JENSE, General Aircnt, at the office of the Land Department, at AppletonJWls., or of ' ,! W. H. RODWAY, Compiny's Agent, _may!9 _|| 19 Wlacomln Kt.,SIil.,.Wi». NOTION. J HE Ahicssmrnt Ust-foirths several Wardi, of the the City.rf Milwaukee, will bs open for (lie exaini-' .nation of;the taxable Inhabitants thereof, ai Ihe Coin- mon Connifil Koom, at 9 o!clojk A. u., on thi> following day for Uie several Wards j respectively to wit: ' For the ^irst Ward, on the fifth day of July next. '. For the:Fecond Ward, on the sixth dav of July next. For Iho.Thlrd Ward, on the sevenlh day of July LexC. For the-Fourth Ward, on the c'ghth day nfjnly next. For the;Fifth Ward, on the nlntirtay of- Jii'y next. . For the Sixth Ward, on the eleventh day of July next For thififcventh Ward, on the twelfth day of July next: ;j • t For thclf.lghth Ward, on the thirteenth day of July next. 11 ' : For the'NInlh Ward, on the fourteenth day of July next. :; . : ; And th« Oily and Ward Assessors will make inch net ce;sary aiiilltion to such lists And correct the same, by changes In.valuation or description. !| OF.O. COOSWgLI,, ; jc-22-dlOt • City Ataeaaor, City of Milwantee. : T i i CrrT CoypTROLLta'o OITICI, I '• || Contract Department, June !3,;1S59. f i T HE following is a schedule of jots fronting on Hurt mannistreet, from 3d ffreet to 7th street In the Ci» Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, showing the amount which each lot will be benefltted by fmishlDir th<- a'rctt accordlngto the p'an and specifications ot the Citj Epplnecr.'pn flic In CoQptrolleftoffice. ; j . - !• ..--'-. ERNST HERZEB, . : ii . . CABLBUSACK; • ! s! Street Comoitsioners. i Block. 22 22 .27 27 23 24 £4 24 25 25 25 ;i,ot. M I ;! 10 '•: 15 i 10 Sherman's Addition. t. Benfflts. Block. f, CC8.TI 1 ,23 0 450.TC • '2C 1 Ml, 77 :. , 2C. 2: «i,« '' 24 5 . 394,4* ' 2& Perkln's Addition. 9 T6.43 '25 1 0 94,03 205 1 i r 105 G9 - S05 ' " 2 110,70 . 205 B 89,50 . 204 B ICO 03 : 204 f 111,70 v I'oaghton's Addition. 9 ' 70,48 204 3 78,81, 2"4 \ S 391,77 ; 204 , E, L'H.. GARDINER I • Lot. benefits. 1C ; 414,44 1 456,44 2 311,77 S , 312,77 1 ; 876,73 IS i 126,03 15 i '129,«3 IB ; 115,68 17 '-, 103,50 ,17 ! 125.00 13- i 1 130,33 * 1 ' 353,44 i? ' - 63,5 i 11 ; ; 75,00 , Comptroller. NOTICE 20S i -- 205 ' i 205 - , j J2y-d3t j •;i • prrr GoapTROnsa's Owice, 1 Contract; Department, Milwaukee, July 1,1859. f T HE following Is a schedule of lots fronting on Ilir- mann street from Second St., east to Ilnbbard st, In the Enth Ward of the City of Milwaukee,.shoo Ing thj amount wfajch each lot will be benefited by grading the •street and:«ldewalis, planking walks bating gnfterj, curbing walks, and graveling the street in front of s»me. •j ' BRNSTIIERZSB, i ..'.:;• CARLBUSACH, '•',' .. -. i - . Street Commissioners. : T; Loti in Sherman's Addition, i • Jl ; ' - Block. Lot.' DR HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AHt» - . DR. HOOFt.ASrD'S BAI^AMIC CORDIAL, Thi great ttandard medicines of tht present age, tare aeqvired Heir great popularity only through ytars of trial. Unbounded satinfa^- tionis rendered by them in all eases; and thf' people have pronounced th&n worthy. , tirer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaandiee. Deoility of the Nerrous System, Diseases of tno Kidneys, 'and all disease* arising from n -disordered liver or iceahiess of the stemnch.and diyestiff organt, are speedily and pemarrntlij eiirrt! by Me GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial has acquiml a reputation, surpassing that of any similar pr*.. paration extant. It icil.l cure, WJTUOVT FAIL tht mnst severe and fong-stanilintj Cough, Cold, or Epartoness, Bronchitis, In- flnonia, Group, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and has_performed < thf matt• astaniskinp- turn ever JHotca of Confirmed Consumption. A. few dosa icttl alto at once cfifc': "nil curt tht most severe Pianbcea prnrtnlinQ from COLD rs THE BOWEIS. .These mtditincs are prepared ly Dr. C. M. 'JACKSOS..& Co., JVo. 418 Arch Strret> Pl,i!d- delphia,'ftt., <in& are sold b>l dmynixts nnrl dealest in medicines evert/where, at ~-j cmt-, per boyle.. The signature of C,. M. JACKSON will tipn the oyliide wrapper of each bf,ttlt. i In the Almanac publishi-il anr.'iaHy by '}.i proprietors, called EVEBTBOICT'S ALMANAC. you icitt find testimony ar,rl coiRnrnrlut--.-; notices from all parts of tfif cri'ir.tiij. t 'f^t.-.i Almanac* are given aicav f/y nil cur (7./f;i:» C.' HA8RINGT05, acd H, BOSWOBTH t EONS, agents for HaoOand's Oermin Bitter.', Milwaukee. Bm»yl2~diwdly THE i.IVEH , INVIGORATOR! PREPARED BY DR. SANFORD, Compound Entirely from GUMS, 1 8 ONE of tht bolt Purgative ar.-.t 1.\ier Mcdlclaci , now before the pnhlic. Thesi) (fami remote • One dose often rcpcau all ciorblb or bad cistter ?*<& ^<1 1« a sure core for from the system, supply-• M| Chaltra J/oritw, anil • ing in thetr place s — prerentiTe of Chciei .- lieilih to the whole mi-; ^H chlnerj'i' removing the! «^ caujc of the disease— .^£t effecting a radical cure EiUloia atkictit are. ^^ cared, and, what is bet-, ^^ leri prevented by the oc- ..w caslooal nie of the I.ivrr CO Invlgarator, . , One" dose after rating !"•( Is sulBcient to rellevs th- < i^^ stomach and prevent ih»; «^ food from rising and : ^^ Enuring. " '^' I Only one dose Ulten ^~* hoforc retiring, prevents HH r.lytdmare. i Only one doseUken »i : night, loosens Ihebovcls gently, and cures CM- A ^ Hr.t.n6K. • yjlt 'r'One dose leken after- each meal will care Dyi- f-T^ pipiia. i"" 1 One doss of two lea r^^ spoonfuls wiil always re- {•** lieve Stet ffeadacAe. Only one dosa Imoe- ^H diately relieves Colic. -* wnile I One oottif takei Javntllc* ri-nioves al! iallowness or uoQataaJ .color frrtn the sklo. One dose taken a short 'Jme before ci vigor to the appetite ; a.-.j makes the food dl- i f ?£'• Wl ; Oae dose,often repeated .cures oww«is.£>4rtr- >Air<j In its worst foml rwhile Summer ana .Soael CompCtiinU yield almost to-the flrst dose. A ftw bolt!t-3 will f ure Dropsy by cicitlnit Iht •ahscrbcnu. We t^kc pirioun- .n re 'conir3^i.-iias tlih raed cine a.i a preycciire lo ftvtr and.A'j'ue, i. Ai 'AVrer, unil all Fi.'vcr3 a BUliou* type. It op- crates with certainty, ! in1 thsaisnd3 ir« will • 13ji to tntify lo f'l woa Jcrful vlr!u«3. All Kh • tut It art girf\Q Oi t ir unaniaunu testimony in U» favor. Mix voter in the fn<rtit\ wit\ Lhs In riy^^nif^, sn eicallow bal?i togei\ef, PitICK 05K DOLLAB FU BOTTLE. DR. SANFOaD, Proprietor, No. 845 BrojiJi.i.j,, Nt Tor.. R-talled hy all DruigiiU. Bold also, l>? JOUN'RIOK, ]yl ' Wholesalesaleand BeU'l, Mil»a-ikce,wis. Nlt.W TREATM'ENT. AED CoD&dential illedical A T the Uuffalo Private Hospitil— tstablished for the Ok. cure of Syphilis, Seminal Weakness and the Secret Inflrmltles of Youth and llatarily, by Dr AMO3 i SON, Buffala, N. Y. Office, corner of Main »n.| Ooiy (treats, (Dp stairs.) A 3IOST EC1F.NTIFIC INVENTION. An Initrnmtnt for the cure of Genital Debility, or Nocturnal Emissions, more properly known .u Seminal Wcikncsj, 4c.— can be permanently cured lu from fifteen day3 to two months by the use of this Instrument, when used conjointly with medicines. YOUNQ MEN TAKE PAOT1CCI.AR NOTICE. Dr. AM03 A SON uke pleasure In announcing that they have invented a most important instrument for the cure of the above diseases. It has been subjected to a test by tbc most eminent physicians In Londoi, Paris,,Phllarlelphlaand NewYork; it has been declared the only useful Instrument ever invented for the cure of Seminal Weakness, or any disease of tha Renitftl or. gans, caused by tho secret habit of youth. Prirp ten dollars by mail or express. A CTJRE WARRANTED. Dr. AMOS i SON have devoted their attention ex- clusivcly to this peculiar class of maladies, and the relief they have consequently been enabled to render their fellow cmtnres, Is fully testified and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent p.\licot3 and others daily arriving in town from all of the country for the express purpose only of consultations, whlTe their exertions have been crowned with the most signal ad vantages; yet from what they have experienced in en quiring Into the causes of those infection* complaints, (from their most, simple condition to that of the most dangerous and Inveterate,) they h«re always entertained the possibility of their prevention and leoonal, and likewise Invariably found that the most horrible and malignant forms of disease conld almost Invariably be traced to one of the following causes: ignorance, neglect, or the 111 effects, of unskillful and improper treatmtot; therefore, 'Da. Asios 4 Son have succeeded ra discovering, In the selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual and cautious course; omitting all com. binatlon of remedies which bear an equivocal charac. ter, as well as those whose premature or injudicious application might be productive of bad consequences in the hands of private individuals, in short, the laudable r.n'J of their remedies is the lessening of a great mass of human misery by the alleviation, relief and prevention of those grievous affliction* that arc tn reality the secret foea of life, and which, while they so extensively surround us, call aloud for our skill and Interference in their extermination. .- COUNTRY INVALIDS; Perions iri any part of the world m»y be successfully treated byTorwardlag a correct detail of their case, with aremittance for Medicines, Ac. Address Dr. AM03 A SON, corner Main and Quay itreet, Buffalo. N.Y. - j»u7-dAwly ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Commission MiSKOHANTS. Proprietors of the , ELEV.VTOU \VAHEHOCSE, At the terminus of the Milwaukee A Mississippi and the Milwaukee, Watertown & Buraboo Valley Railroads. : SSST' Liberal advances made on property In store, or for shipment to Eastern Markets. ' oct23-dtf Bencais. 465,10 SM,« *8fi,7I.' jy2-d3t 20 IB .20 16 .'-'.'. . : " . 29 •' 1 ''.:.' 29 2: 19 15 -";•.'. W 1« . so i -' . • - ;• 30 . ' • 18 - -..- ! ... 18. . i. 81 : Si E. i.'H;QAIU)rNER, Comptrollr.r. 620,10 6fiJ,TT £3210 l.V: 765,40 -W '1 931,00 911,40 1 B y resolution of the Conimon Council, adopted June Cth, 1869, the recommendation of the Street Com- Muuloncrs to grade North a!leyXo"the established grade running thl-ough block 103, W the. Second Ward.lth ordered,'-:[ •-,•.••••.>/• .• : •}-''' .That said; alley be grad/il loathe esUHinhcd i grade, according 16 the estimate.6f the Olty Engineer on file fa thi» offlcc.-r : • : 7 i. • •. •- •:•'••) -, Owners of property in said alley are hereby notified pmake sftch Improvements wlth'n 20 dajs fro* this oate, or the Hteeet Commirsionera of the 8ec6nd Ward will cause the »*m« to be done and charged to Ihp re- ^oetive lotji accordinR to law. | Jell-dCf , R. u'H.ttARDlNKR', Coraplroller. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! IB NOW BEADY TO FOENBH AW of Instraaiente, from one fo i ro, for D»1U, P»rtle«, Parades, J carjions, *c., Jta,, at reaionable > Apply cr addreu American Comet Band, or at ', Untie Store, ITS, Kut Water gt, ' je4 I: MII^WAUKKK BAZAAK. C, DELORME^ OUENTIN i; 159 East Water Sirttt, :; HEXT DOOR TO SIESSR2. BBADFORD BRO'S, '!.'.•• lYr-ORTxxs AHC niujss nr fancy iiooda, Toys, Willow Ware and Yankee Notlonj Auo, Embroider; Goodi and Zephyr Wonted. -M - ' PAPER^WflREHOUSRI tlaufbrd, Blackmari > & Co., : (tATu'lIAEBISON, UASrOBD St. OO.) i ''•,,• .'. Connected with HAKKISON* HANFOKD AGO., FALLS,;... ........... ..... OBlO. H AVE opened atB Albany Block, Michigan street, op polite Newhill House, a largo stock of \ Boot, -ITewa, Ooc*, Colored and EnttTdpt ! Meo t Ltdgtr Papers, flat Caps, folio Fast, Letter an$ Ifott Papers, 'Which, will be sold very low. Constant additions wil he-made to the stock to meet the wants of the trade. r ;gS5 r " Printers nnd others are Invited to call and examine our stock and prices. - - aprlO T i! " BOAKOINO. j ~^ A KIHST Floor Parlor and Bedroom aiTjolalnz auilible for & gentleman "and wife, end teveral rtoms for tlngie itentleraen, cm he had, together with, be ant, by. applying at 320 Jeler«on it. A few day borders can also be iccommodateil. Je19' 3POSK, good article, In store, for sale. •-"' T-AYTOS a PLANKINTON. OOOK-WANTED. GOOD one Immediately, at SSPMaln itren. FROM tha, n»» Ace at 85 Market iquarc, nft »near Onelda St., MiiwMkc?. ft *h« treatment and cure of aifff J, speolM of I'rivato iDiscase with 'K. out the me of oercury. The «'i fortunate should be partjeii'.tr : r tleetlDR hit physician, w It Is A amentiblc, yet lacomrover'i r>c1 ' that many syphilitic jjsU'f _ ai-ii TMJB miserable with raiCT-1 ttonititntlonr by maj-treatment froa. inesp<!rieai3>? physicians In general practice; for It ia a pore. generally conceded b; the best syphilogrspherj, ilia the study and management of these complalntasnould tngroM the whoVo time of those who would be competent and successful ia their treatfoent ami cure. Thr Inexperienced cim<ra1 practitioner having neither opportunity nor time to makehimnelfsudlciently acquaint*« with their pathology, commonly pursues one syalera °' trwitment, In most cases maSIntfan iniiiji-riminate Qfe of th« antiquated and dangeron* weapon, Altrcary .t Tf cl| ! tlon > howurer, should bsused hy the Jyphil tic patient In consalting nominal pHyslctans of the a 1 Tertising class, u nine-tenths of them are impostors wno »ss«me rrench and other n.imes and «re without %ay ;J*ims to medic*! knowledge. These knavish ras- call Infeit ail larga«ltle», and by means of their lyinu adTenlaemento aadi posters, ihej. lodnce the umvary ta enter their Peter Ifunk shops, »nd unmercirully fleo-e «nd poison them with metcury. Persons living at s distance in thi- country ara more apt to be duped by the lying notices of ^nacks limn cjtljens, . Dr. J. Taoisos has received roedlcal Ins'.ructioa from hl4 father, Dr. Wm. Tbomson, of Chicago, tliinoig, who h« practiced over 80 years, ami Biadi? cures alter the failures of the best Phystel.ins in Europe. Dr. T. wouU reipeetfnlly advhie the puMIc not to be duped by the "Periodical Pill" hnmbugr,! t-t apply at once to a physi-' elan who can treat such canes scteotiflc-ill}- ami raccess- fnlly. SpermatorrhccaorSemlnal Kmlstiloas, the consequence of self abuse, treated with enmpletn succnj without the use of marderous In strnments. All diseases incidental to femaU-s treated with aucCesi The new French Shield recently Invinteil la Fur™, wnstantly on hand. The- Unfortunate .lion's Ouiilr can be had by addremin^ Dr. Wrn. Thomson, Clilcago. Illinois. Boi 72, aniltaclosini! four itamri nr 10 rent.i auzli ; . • THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OP THE AGE, M S. SKNNKUV, bf Roibury, has dlacoveretl In oil of our cc:nn!co piuturc weeilj a renszuy >'T> cures j fciVKItV IvINL) OK H.LIMOK. "; »ROM Tho worst Szroful-t doia to a common Pimplt II* da* l^ied il ia uTtfr eleven hundred cas^<, iod^^v- er fVi.c'i tfi t -cpt ia tiio caiea, lioili thunder uumor. lit has now in lila (KH.iesjion over ouv* imn-lrc'i certificate! of its K»lue, ail W:;,'nn tTeuty miles of Boston. Two hniUei ire s-irrir.tpj ta curt \ naraing aore mouth. One '.:. tNrL-c jolii^a *,r, cars Vje w.irii Wifiil of pimples on th; face. Two ur three aoitlia ffUI clear ihe jyawm of biles. Two bjl-Jei nr* wi.r-»nti-,l to o-jrc tha worst osnierla Thre-i tv tl-3r hottl.-i i ./c s*jrant*d to cura tho worji nd of Kry^.pelas. One to two could &» warrantdil to cure all humor m the. eyu. Two bottles are warranted to cure running of the eirp ,n i tlo'.ches amosgthe hair. Foar to fix bottles are warranted to-cura corrapt iail running oicera. Out bottle will cure jcaly eruptions of l£u iUln. Two or three bottles ara warranted lo cnra tho ad ol ringworm. Two or three bottles are wamnud lo oars ths moji dcipenti; cue of rheumatlis, Three to her bcitiei ai* warranted to cure iiJt- rhsun. Vive to eight buttles will cure the worst caja of tcrof nil. A benefit Is al^iy* experienced from the first bottle and a perfect cure is warranted when the abov? annuity U ta'ien. , — Tin: repuiatioa of the Metiicai Diaror ery, ia curicg All k.tftl cf humors, la ao well eataMishe'!, by the imanl'moiu vf,<£t of all who Iiav<; ever aaed it.ijia: I need Q^t szy aaytJilb,; on thi.- sabject, as tho moatafeili. ful ph^sicianj and the rno^t careful drajtjiar.a in thr country are iinaoirartus in lu pnlje. ia presenting »h? Medical Discovery to your nnt:t;e, 1 do i; wi'.h a full kao'vre-ljfe of its ca^itive powers, ID F.J- leTisgill^aJ ejr;u;j luojt of these ^eajea to wfiichyou are unforttir.iK-ij .-i 1. ThaWmost eicru.-i-iiin^ disease to au iilv'cii'ia.iiii moth..-?, "* lTltM^K -SOKi: MOCTB. . If by a ui^scic; ytor i>wn temp-ria r-sror.-<i :o lit oituril i^cn'.a?-*.;, sr.J your babe frum sho.-: ,,: ( o 'rsiful ni-^3 to cala tail slainberj ; and the :t. <ji. c»i Du.«.»«ry b3c^"nt-3 l fr.unUIr * ISIesjinjj to 700? msbanJ and Lcujc~ira ; In the incrf EJ /^cc^J »tag« of CA.MSJLK t extends to rri:'-;l; saacii, r.iua;r.? . -. l hi^ aothir.^ iut cant.-r GE j . ere ':..w - imiing, gone feeling, an > in inditlarenc .o c-- vej of yocr family. Y- j. .Tomach is KAW A.liD WFtAMEfl, your f. .J distrewej-yoa, ind yon can only tiie unda, -..-.I ho co i .' ^5 ca. i:i i-,:I lay il -> )ecome.- • :eco2ie rei he Medic For f r ,M, 7 T-.-T! .• n does cot '..,-^u, t , :•,- .lerinonioua Uu :j. ; tiicn yi^ur c»raplexion ioje ij'i.iw and ipr^cnlah, anJ jemi wial nf nr.arljlimect joar ; OiMij,-, i...i r^j Ibres of Juor :.. ;,:.•„<-. * tn:a of Jiseasni ry 13 pecailarlv adapt e:t t.-> CUUEJ i-odj .-.pitiijcn cf the !i.-art, pain In the lido, Tei-tre^^ >•• tho spins r.ud small of tha baclt, pjin of the hip-jn.;n rhec you retira, irregniiritj- of the. bowi-Is, 13^ i!]p. that moil eicrucii:ini? of diseases, the PIJ-ES. How many thousands of poor women are jiua^r.&g !rom this Jiseajo and pining away & miserable iifi?, arc _eir ccjt door neighbor cioea not ksou the c.iie. t wul to impress oa your nind that good oM proTt-rlj, "A: ounce of prsvsutloa is better than a noami of ,*ur V— Inthj MEDICAL DISCOVKI1Y you have both the preventatlve and the cure, wits thi peat and good quality-, that It will naver.'andar any cii| eniastance, do yen an injury. Ybnra truly, DONALD KENNEDY. Price Jl.CO per bolUe.. For sale by Wholesale ii,-enu in MUwsuk^e, Qreen Jt Button, and BoBtrort!i 4 Sona . aa J at retail by druguiata everywhsre. |yil illOKE TO BE ADlHHi;i) ' 'THAN THE RICHEST DIADEM Ever woru fay liiiigs or Emperors. A BEACTIFtTL UKiD OF HAIR A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OP HA1U. A BEAUTIFUL UK VD 0? UAIR A BKAUTIPPF. IIKA1) OF U.UK. MATUSE'S OWN OHNAMKNT. NATCRE'S OWN ORNAHENT NATURE'3 OWN ORNAMENT NATnUK'3 OWN ORNAMENT CAS BE PRESERVE,) INFALLIBLY, CAN BE PRESERVED INFALLIBLY CAN BK PRESERVED INFALLIBLY CAN BE PR&?FRV>;D INFALLIBLT. BOTH TUE GROWTH AND COLOR BOTH THE GROWTH AXD COLOR BOTH THE OliOWTH AND COLOR. BOTH THK GROWTH AND COLOR. TO THE cjBEATEST AGE. TO TIJE GREATEST AGE. TO THK GREATEST AGE. TO THE GHEATasy AGE. PY rSISG WOOD'S HAIR SFSTORAT1VE. 11Y IT.-'INC? WtiOu'd UAIR RSSTOUATIVE. BY DilNQ WOOD'S HAJR RFJTORATlm". BY CSINjQ WOOD'S H.U!l BEoTORATIVE IT ALSO KfcSTORFS GRAT IIAIK. IT ALSO tifriTOtffei? UKAV UAIS. IT ALSO RKcTOiiK3 QUAY UAIK. IT ALSO KE3TOKES GB,AY "HAIK. TO ITS NATCRAL COLOR. TO ITS NATDRAL COLOR. TO IT3 NATURAL COLOR. TO ITS NATURAL COLOR. PREVENTS IT3 FALLINU. PBJSVENT3 ITS FALUMt. PREVENTS IT3 FALL1MU. T3EVENTS ITS FALLING. COVERS THE BALD USA!) COVERS TUB BALD UhlAO COVERS TIJE BALD UEAD COVERS THR BALD HEAD ?OEE3 THE SCALP FS01I ALL DISEASES. FREES THE SCALP FBOM ALL DISEASES. FREE3 THE SCALP' FROM ALL DISEASES. FREES THE SCALP FR03I ALL DISEASES. SOLD BT ALL DRUGGISTS. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. AND BY 0. J. WOOD i CO. AND BY 0. J. WO ID 4 CO. .. AND BY O. J. WoOD 4 CO. AND BY O. J. WOOD A CO. 114 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS. 14 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS. .14 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS. 114 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS. AND 31'J BROADWAY, N. 7 .- AND 31'J KROADWAY, N. Y. AND 312 BROADWAY, N. Y «!ND 312 BROADWAY, N. Y. The Restorative is put ap In bottles of 3 sbes, vii : arge, medium, and small; th,e small holds X * pint, am! etalla for one dollar per bottle; the medium hcilila ai east twtnty per cent, more In proportion than the small etalls for two dollars per bottle; the large holds ar|u:ir! O pet cent, more ln ; proportion, and retails for J'3 00 a bottle. • i O.J.WOOD* CO.,Proprietors. 31: Broadway, Men York, (In the ureat N. Y. Wire Bailing SslibUjhrni-nf and 114 Market St., St. Lonlt, Mo Sold by C. HARRINGTON an-t *n ,;oo>l Dr. 1( r R iat- and Fancy Goods Dealera. . -marl WALL P APE II jr. J. McGRATSi. &;, 21 TVINCUNSIN STitKE'1% ^UCPOKTUIS, WBOU3JLLK 4.HD &UTA.IL DBAtSSS IN Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. Competent workmen sent to all parts of the City ana Country for Decorating and Paper Hanging in 111 its branches.all work warranted. K febSS JOBS W. OwULI....;.».;.... OAKYI& PKATT, Attorueys anU^Counsellora a* taw, Office in Yoong's; Block, Corner Msto and Wisconsin street, MIIjWAnKEE,.... ..,febiO-d3m........ WISCONSIN Ip^friiiwEiinrl Tha beat assortment of the Dm-st • i .•-,••'•• i. \VatslicM« Sllr^jf tt'arc, Jcivclry i»nd j . " . FANCY GOODS Ijer brought to Milwaukee. Juat the thing Sor Soil ay presents. Jnst received Terr theaa fur cub. < : b- . MAT? 05J * LOOiliS, iteolS SOI Etist-Waur stroet, Milwaukee, Wis. 1TB3 L pUce to traj groceries !s at ' . Jns:-ph S. Trrat, ng'ilnat Thomas A. Lysi 1 , Caroi-ni; J. Lyne, .IV W-ld ,tnd E. A. ftillan. I S virtue of uv\ pu'r.TO»nt 10 -a decsen r«ndera>l In nM Oovirt, In the; aixivo entitM sction, ..latcil tha ISIh d.iy o.f jinrch. IS.'*, I shall i-xyosn for jala nnd wll at public- aactlon, .,t the ?o.« Office In th(? city of ,M]|- wnnkec, nn >uiu:ilay, she :;d day r>« July, 1SS9, Af tiiehoui' of 2 ?. a. O f that diy, she foilowliiij •Inscribe 1 tnortijuse^i prtmisM, or .in much thereof in m»j he necraur/ t,! ia:^r.. ,i,o .imount of salt! judgments, Inrerest and .70:111, togotiier ^ith eicpenses jf sail-, to wit: .-..'.: •'The norlh one hall of lota nuniher ten (10) and twelve (2). in btook number fort7-six ('10', In tho Eishin ward of the aild aity of Milwaukee, being sn WalUer'.i Point Addition to .lahl city. In tli» County of Jlilwaakce, Sintu of Wla- conain." Dated Slii-riff'j'ofllCB, Mllvrauke», April 1, 1-oa. ffiscnia, I.TSOB i MatSH, [ A. J. LANtWORTAY, PUintiif's Attorney!. I Sheriff Mil. Cn., rt'lj aprl-3irtlin2vv li lier^hy n')"t|ional to d.itui da/, the'27i!i day nf AuijiHt, LSa'J, at the; plnc-i ami tlmo of day. Dited SherllJ'j Oilico, Mihrauin-a, July -J, ISS'J. A. J. LA.NOWOilTiiY, jji; i-hcriii M;i. Co , wij. G02) 3TATK OP WISCONSIN, I Circuit Coin:, Uilwiukcu County, f Alon-o I'nttcr,. Junwhan Taylor, Irha-boj :iinit!i, Tlio I'arra.'r.i' Millerj* Danu anil Oeor,^f W. Pectihani. I N virtue of arul pursuant to n. juil^inent r--ntli;re' Jald Court, in the abovt- i-nii'tltd actinn, dated tohcr 'M;- ; «<, t shall e:;po3« ;o> sale anil icU at Pu Auction,.at the PojU-Olln'i-, in the C t.r of Mllwaukt"! the hnur of i! p n .nf that ilay, the fol'lowin,- ilraerl oiorj^rir'eil premises nr 30 ijinch thereof a.? may ()e et-r-aan' so r.-liit* th£ amount nf iihl juiiu r meut, inter' *ml ,-(?3t.-i, tOf;elh»-r -.fith th.' eaperisn ol jale, to wit "Lot number t - r> [-|, in hloek nuiiibe«*-il dirhtv- nevtn[37], in the Finir Ii W-ird of <he City .'t Milwaukee, in ih>. County of .Mihvaiikru ami ^lat.f of W,eeo!):iin." Dated Sheriir'i onii-i>, Milwaukee, April 1, ISS^ BR-.1W3 A OiJOKS, I ,\. J. LANOWOilTH V. PI'trsAtfyi. | .Sh.TllI.Mil CJ..W. The ibrtve sale i.-. hereliy pastpu-e/l-t;j •'lui il,ay,.the!l'.h day of Jui7, IBS9, at the -.ami> ],Ja<-- n time of ilay. rated Sherilf'iC'iiiC", Miln-aute,., Julr •',-\*!i<>. .1. J. LAMi'-VoHriri' I}.: Hhariff M:l. o -., W'.j il in Oc hli. sajj-;iuri''s .SALE. ;^i«ws STATS OP WISCONSIN, l_ Circuit '.'onrt, Mil.v iuk-« '.'iiurjty. f John . J . 'i'dlorare, Georifd >V. Pecfeliam iml (;llh"rt :!••- Forcclngure. I X vutuo o-/ anii pursuant to a jud^raenl r^U''.--r.-'\ ,n :)aid Court, in the abov» entilleil action, i u>-i March 18, 13C9, I shall ercpoae. lor jalc anil loll at t'-ii. He Auction, at the P.>3t-Oi!ice In the City nf Milwaukee, on >aturilay, jic iiii Uay at. July '<'•' at the hour of 2 p. n,, <-»f tha'. ilay, the fullrr.Tinvr l scribed raort^.a^ed prriiiM»:i or no amch tli;r^of i» -n;i , be neccajary to ralae tne amount of i:tiil juilr(7nL'ii;, r. tereat and cosia, ta^otb^r Tttb the jvp-n.v.i .r >.\-•• t,-> wis: *'Lo« number thir:efii [loj ind ih-. eaj[ ;.-^irt, .. toil] f<et of I'.t numtt.-r twl-.v-. I'^i, ,n r> ,,,-^ numb-ruemmy-H-ven [7T 1 , -n the Fourth -v,,.of the C'tyof M.l-.ta:::,..-, :n -|p.. (;..ur,t,- ,:' Mi waukee anl ^t.tte o! \,r-i n. 1 ' Dated dl.erijf'i Oia _•, M:l vau!;,..., A ; ,,-!l 1, i-if/j. Ooo-t. BEO-isi i-riass. , \ ; L.i.MJWOItTH Y Pl'lfl f.'.'j-, i ShirM '"I!] To . '.V , apri—-3m-l n. iv ^§7"" The ih: T,J lt ,u t - -7-oy >o-t.^.i -I : j >u.i. .1 .y, the Slllh -lav n J i v, 1-1-'," -i :l,,.' mai» :j |«i.-- n. i time of da;,- V. J. LANi',\v'iH'.TH i J'l -;,,;r'ff .M.I. :.. '.» . ITS ?! Vl.-s ^ t I *. Armiii.i i- M ii 1 . . J.!,,, Ui,./'' Mary .. Ravi. h'retltTi.-k I) Cliu-k. Catharine ^l:irJl Ci i EJ-.vlii iv.n-n -ii. l, John O. Tun-3s«;.i I .,, . ^>). in 1.1 .• : nunh.-r Tn.' "TJ.I I.--.] in.l r n ii.a TI.II.I T .v, r .i ,r -.i... •:,.,-- ,,- M.IT^U llan (line.;. Mil-v.m.C'-.,-. I .:>.. _'.'., ;--.'} M J IIIOM V.-J, U. .-. M N, i :', V^i i. -.1 .D^.N, C-.lii;> t'l .S"li.-:tOri B V A f; T 11 u Hi i V . t v -i'5-£n::.Tr • i Cullain, . n -..V; i.l .f F. iii-uary, 1* •)''.. :li',- :-t'-r.-t;tfy ol' M..IM, \V ;..-..:rs . . [,u; sii'irtt ;.o ihe ^tui ' nted nf r;<at >t ^t'- j tiil^ .i^O LUCiTM.'i. 1 I Ihonarr.f? n the Company :3 7~:.? J^i:L:a r /-;-/^/ <inca < jmpaTj of bTiiTalfi. Luf-ate'.l m Bul-iiM, State if >^w York. I. ,:i?;?iL 2. Tlie araout .1 nithor •••'.! capl:al . .. eiiiO,Oi;n i. The amount paU ^p >'jy "ju 4. H. .i.i-iTTi. 1st. Ca.^h on hand. .i.l. No real estate. I 4ih. 1- m.l3 hclJ l)v I the Co. Ta. I. M. ?. It. 3. t.onds, l-j,,j».> 4 Cleve bonija. J,u.\l 3. N. 1. a. P.. fcnnilJ, 8.0LSJ lll.OMI U !«. M Ti-.'.h D. !" 6.1 . '0.487 5»i| ll.'l.i. til,- ;.. -,h,' L'n. <L'- -urcd by uuut^a^.' nu- 'in • luie" b.-arin^' 7 n. terest . nrtraifH an.) -r-p .if this ,-jpau.. i. an.I I'tbt^ fnr premiums, '-nu- All other .'. ••unt.e* in.i •IUM11H ,lue Ibr- C> . -'l!v I i'.'r^.mal i\rn;..Ttv iwn.i.l III . i. 'I'll.- i.nuiml M| Ii thili!,, , 'In.- t , n-ir.l, i an.l ..!.-,- .'n;,iit.iii. N'.in^. .-T.--...- No. 10. !..isses ^..||U-iio.l .in.I n,.'In 't.i aG.l on: .hie. . poie.l :n , <u ». NO.;. ' tist: 7-ii:ipaDV, l.til -.-iLlr.ul halaiH'es. anclailn -lulv!- tleniii, :\n-| rr-tkmptian ii 9crip tm.?:.lU;il for Tilal LiaHllt.1^3 IV. sir=i'Bi.L.i:i^jr i. , 11. The ,'rrMU-st amount in««re,b in .jiie ruk. fu,u»ii, ,if flre r ska l> thi? usiml limit; but In jorae cases >i short ri.tks JW.OiiO. on Tr.i 30 l9 nnd i-arioe-" SU. 000 la the U3u:>l limit, incinJini; both. 1-J. liross amount, of premiums received lu 9i:ita n ^ Vi ,''% n '!,". 1r o rath '' c ' Jrr " ut year, «ndln K Fcbriur, '*> l.UJ, ^J. ,3,0" K. Tho martct value of .ta stork. The Ci.inp-iny l.u no stociihoMer.i, th<- irrlp ! 5 3u B ,i on the Mutual lilpn by Its char cr i-nnstifafcs itn capisa! anil :hs vsiui; of •« ip varies acci.r.IiUL' n> 10 priority >r Isms. M, Dividend, 7 pt>r cent on Ii * ^nis'in-iinif 3 t -rlp. 15. The charter ur act of Jncorp^rtiou of aaiti (.'ompa- ny. Serit hecaiyith. JAMM C. EVIV3, Prul.-Ioni. STATE 0» nlSCWSlX, tfKOKETARY'3 05T.OS, i M.tni-i-- M, Mny ;!1. 1SJ9: f Jaliafjctory cvulencu haviv; hi-eii furn':«heil >o m- that th» mutual Insurant e Company of BulTalr, hainn an iDEur nco in.-,irnoraieil by :lie Stuto of M.IT Yor!; lmvlnBCon.pli.Mi with sh.! re.iim-em«-ns ,>i' t .o:t-. on onu oj An Act entitled '-An let 1,1 rtgulnta In; urance CVrnpn- me.i not inco.ported hy tn.. rtat^ .,1 ' Wi-i e on.i ; n " ai>- P rc,v.vr .March IT 1SB9, an i hav nir .lh>. ,--,M into th.. Mate Treasury the .lum of throe per ovnt on thi! -TOU amount of pri'mmm-ir.-ceivc.l in thi- -Hit,-if Wisconsin for iho.yoirlSDS, < ipcr r.-port <>i j.ij Now, therefore, In puv:iaau^ of tho act afon-aal.i, 1, U,v.-ld W. Jor.c 3 , Secretary <.f Stnto of t], 0 .-unc of W!a- consln, do hcrtl.y cattiij that W. y. llu-<l, of-Mllivau ee,:C ho bo July author);-, a by ,i<kl Cnuipnny, mov tako rlcki?,-rocslvs pr-jmiumj unit trsuanet ;Jm bu-ln<'s"« of an Iiuuranco A^ent for said cbmi>«ny In thl.i Slate, from Ihis date, until tha ilriul.ij 1 of J'inuiry, 1SOO. In wiftu??i whereof, I havj Jii'reu.tlio my hami lr ji ami aiDl.v^.Itho irrcal.ieal nf'.he3t"ate, »t *• l - 4 ' tht>C.'ii'i' r Jl I** Mi\iM3on,-tlii.i ->iat *lay of Mny, ISM. ! J. D. ItCiiGLRS, ,jel-t-,llm - AfKlatiint Secretary "f State. NOTICE. Qua. 3. PurilJgton anil } Abner K. Sorinton, . | i In ths District Court.« th. .vs.- ' !CnItr(JStates, fnr'ths District Sehr. Charley Hlbbiu.l, fnf Wlscoi.tln. her boats, tacklo.appat- | In Admiralty, eland furnllore. j. > Smith 4 Salomon, Proctor;i. B YvlrtueofaJfonliion bsued out of the said Court at the Inatance >f th.,- 3ald Llbellatits, for tha jum o.f three hundred and *wentr-thr*i itoliari acd fnrty- thv-e cent', clnime'l. by tho n for auppllen, ! hava attached ihe said acl.onner, tier bn ttj, Ac;, at Milwaukee, Notice Is therefore h-rcby ;g.ive« to all ?«nonj"clMm- -IR tha said Scrr. Ch'.rley Hlibarl, her boats, taciie apparel and furnltujt', ar-inawin-g or liivlng any (Sin? to 3ay,why Use samo should nut be concieicncd and lolU pursuant totho prayer-ofjaiii Libs), Uiac they ts sml appaar before «he aaiil Coin: to bo hehl la aaU for tha said District of Wiseoaila, at SliliriMkc?, oa th%- -.--.-.-j - o- ! - day of Jiitw, l3-i3, .»t KL-vcn a'dock-ln thsforenoon-nf this said day, if the same ihall be » day «f jur!3«Jct!on, ottisr»lje on iha nwrt Usr of i.irlj-' iilctlon thareiftsr, '.haa ar.d El«ra to '.utartrtsij i ci liin and to makpJjh-dr »ll?jatlan)i [a Uiaj behaif. ' ' Marshal's OSlcer 'MliwauJsa^, Jusa 'i-i, 1359,

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