Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 31, 1955 · Page 12
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 12

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1955
Page 12
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Out Our Way Our Boarding House GREASE - TIRE REPAIR faperRRCHIVE^ POLISH Buy By J. R. Williams P OH. AMI <3LAO \ / I DO TRV \ J MV MOTHER \ SO HA5?> \ / CAMT SEE THIS.' \ V BUT LOOK J [ SHED SAY, -WHV j J AT ME J \ CANT VOU BE i I IMEAM f 7 A GEWTLEMAW / V DOM T/ / ^^^^^ JRWlLUM^S THE PIVIPMO LfrJg ■»i.,m.w>^i...»t>.- With Major Hoople I DOMT 60 FOR THE GlDDAP-' |6AD,PIKE/^0\M A80LTrTHtf ^"Ifl.rr V0& MifiUT USE DME C0STU/WTS FOR ME IN OUK- TV^ «d9e gfts— VOU CAREY J *i«f meS? e JiasA^ A CHlCtfCri AMD -SAY, ^ 15»'-c "-^ <"w.r.^.1».w^i u i -h-i.™ _ i nu t KOUST lt> ' — .r- . ■ , /7 ctkow" mnh-* j. tunc of . "TURKBy c/ ;4V. «cflfAT va) ,_ «M lHfc . L.. i 1 SET THE riEM^TD • >. icYOK^' f SUPPOSED TO BE / THE STAg.MAJQg- of the Week Oliver 70 '47 J.D. TRACTOR '43 W.C. AC '41 W.C. AC '50 VAC CASE with 2-row cultivator EMRICH WEISHAAR Allis-Chalmers Dealer ASHTON, ILL. Out Oar Way Our Boarding House L P. Gas 20 lbs. or 1,000 Gal. NORGE Appliances FRUIT'S GARAGE Phone 111 Franklin Grove, 111. By J. R. Williams III | '/ -IM LOM61NJ' FORTHAT \ / I KJJOW BBOSUEft Y ~^J***L \ '[ ■ ^-AROLPhOMEASAlM, V AM NOTO^JE OF j ,H MINUTE I ,1! /.. THAT COTTA&E IMA 1*1 TriEMSOBBEKS l|HEy a I I! | ^ LITTLE MNDIN LAME, j HAS EVER BEEN \ IN A AR\V* \ i I CAM SEE TH- ROSES / CLOSER TO A 00TTASE\ UU1FORM-i CUMBIM AN' HEAR A IN A LANE WIT* EVEN IFTK Pik THE SWEET BELLS. \ ROSES CUMBlW THAN *^/°^T 1 CHIMIN AMP 1M—W\ TH' SIDEWALKS OF / IS RICiHT IN / Vl|VCHIM ' i j y\ NEW YORK OR. >/ THEIR OWN I r "L/ ^ HIMKYDIMICS IW T v SUBURBS.' J ^^^^^^^ | jjls^ |||jp ^ y. s With Major Hoople lARE YO0 AMD Pl^E 60\H6 TO PLOW UP A unAk t^G PA<tSeR 1-WE OLD POMKisi C0RM&R5 (SA^SLIKK^^g^Sgg^x W V^J.!,^ A-^" ' ^N TALENT INTO T^E Shopping With Our Neighbors FRANKLIN GROVE and ASHTON Ashton Concrete Co. Phone 21 — Ashton, 111. Manufacturers Norwalk Concrete Vaults EAGLE TRIPLIX ASPHALT VAULT See Your Undertaker for Sample Models Ives Concrete Vaults Howard Shell Service BUD HOWARD, Prop. Franklin Grove, Ph. 42 TERES - BATTERIES ACCESSORIES - WASH 7Vi lb. "^Anhydrous Ammonia $2.50 Per Acre Application Fee For the Best Application Possible Phone Franklin Grove 82400 STANLEY HULLAH J.W.SPRATT Live Stock and Genera! Trucking FRANKLIN GROVE, ILL Phone 88 COLLECT Burhenn Forney Livestock Trucking and General Hauling Ashton, III. Phone 137 When mwsterious avanda blake offeseo charlie 0o3bs a pe^nv -the fi56t day. doubled each cay, FOR TH= L5£ O bOAf. Alley Oop Bugs Bunny Charlie accepted-Even thou6k to j COLLECT HE HAD TP'PO HER A FAVOR" | By AI Capf ! LH Abne* the B&on Evening Telegraph* biasday, May 31, 1955 Page 12 Thcyll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo ^^====-=r^7^r HONEST BOV!! ,| &UT WHO HEELS AMD "JOBS THE WHOLE HOT TEN /MILES OP THE LODGE P4R4DE ? YOU'RE ASMMG? WE'RE TELLIMS .' PLAlHlMS ABOUT MIS TRICK FEET— OWT ©ET AROUMD 4T ALL, AT All"'* to-wraMui*«*"-- ^ 1984. Hearing <« . hr,nesty. ^ ,« 1 story oi pBuiv»~- —^od his -T^Tr Tofeum.ol ^ White Bouse ^ to ^ nf all Rasmus™- - i --TTointaneiiT, up ^ — Savmgaccident^y^ 1 morrow at noon- president a change^ By Raeburn Van Buren Abbie an' Slats ^^^^^^^^^^ ^mSvoOKAto \ I CAN'T WALK/ MV Jfoff /^B^Tff BORROW A CUP OP H FEET ARE KILLING ( H'C laiBS\\^^fe^i^<o ^tDGO BUT I'VE /IT*© STEPS FOR Alii &\$^%$> /^^M^T^K ^^^^^^| ||^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ' ■ HEADS OBSERVANCE— Maj. Gen. E. Walton Opie, re-tared, was named by President Eisenhower as chairman of the federal commission to plan the Woodrow Wilson centennial observance in 1956. A Staunton, Vju, newspaper publisher, lie is president of the Wood-tow "Wilson Birthplace Foundation, Inc. CnARuE NEVER &0T 8cYOND»l 2S | &jT TftO M.ST£^C^S 5,SAf.3ES5 ON THE EIGHTH DAY IN HIS CALCULATIONS | OBVIOUSLY HAVE ( HAVE YOU *?? ) ~~ // IjXV i W GIVE THE T 51) RE, WHY T< UgM^VX H SAP TIME .' / MOT? HE HASN T \^ ■^^^i^Mfk r^3f~r"~7G°T MUCH Bj V. T. Hamlin Pla>tune Freckles and His Friend9 Big E\ec By Merrill Blosser f^^r^q I I NAW ' 7 loo< like Yl ^ rwey' EXECUTIVE type' ' Bazoo 8oTrs---M^TCeM : ; ^' ^ ^ j ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ j ^A*KE^E A ^^O^ ^ | ^^'^ The Girl Aw akens Bj Jay Heavilin j ~~ X 5HE5 T /' I lltt 'S'SPECTOE. eSLOWL, H (CW AT/LL£l> n \ ^vN N / A-aake y2 / /- *ES*?\ -owCiPE «-OU ^EEP CE5T LEPTV KtMBALL? n. MT^X J MEFECTOS:^ / V SOvvs_LM SETHIS. > V ^DW^7 ^^j^^^^^ ' ^^^^^^^^^^^ Boots and Her Buddies Captain Easy By Edgar Martin -oOM^y VWViTO'S W\SWL?> C0M9f\«^O ^v>i\Vi6S \ CO^SvQWPK\OV> \~) t ^^^^^^^^C^^ HWJit V 0« j <\ CW2XMK> OWLS ^ ^ ^QUiR ^^^^^"^^ ^ Right Signal? By Leslie Turner EWSPAPERi mflBCHIVE®

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