Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on June 25, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1898
Page 2
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M E L V I N , STEELE . J O H N S O N . EDITORS AND PHOPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 25, 1898. LOOK WELL TO THE STAMPS. It is of the utmost impoi-tanco to all persons who may have occasion to uso revenue stamps, us pi-ovided for by the law which, goes into effoct the first of July, to know tho d e n o m i n a - tion of the stamp required ou the various business papers, the minutia- of using them, as well ;is the penalty for neglect to HM: tliuni w : th intent to evade the law, and tho effect such neglect has upon the in- btrunient's legality. The person who uses a biink check, gives ;i note, makes a lease or power of attorney- iniibt affix n stamp and write thereon the date of execution and his initial.^. Tho law provides t h a t any person who shall fail to aflix a stamp lo a paper in the taxable classification "with intont to evade the provisions of this act shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined not exceeding $50, or be imprisoned not exceeding six months, or both." Of course, conviction of intent to evade the law ·would be a very difficult matter, but the way is open for the maliciously disposed to aunoy any one who unwittingly omits the stamp, by having them arraigned before a United States Commissioner for judicial bearing, and in the absence of conviction there will remain heavy fees for the arraigned to pay. Too much care cannot be exercised in regard to properly stamping legal instruments, as their binding effect will -be dependent thereupon. In the language of the statute "such instrument, document or paper not being stamped according to law shall be deemed invalid and ot 110 effect." The Maiquis of Landsdowno,Great Britain's Secretary of War, is a strong advocate of the proposed al- ii.nice between his c o u u t i y and the United States. "Depend upon it," taidLord Landsdowne in conclusion, "those aio no mere idle dreams or hazy aspirations. The change which has come over the sentiment of each country toward the other during the last year or two is immeasurable. One can scarcely believe they are the same United States with whom, only two years ago, we were on tho verge of a serious quarrel." The Secretary says a wonderful change of seutiiueut has taken place in both countries in the past few years and the great English-speaking nations aro closer together than ever before. How little it takes to make a great newspaper froth at the mouth, fig- niatii'uly speaking. The red rag ot t h e New York Sim, just at this time, is Colonel William Jennings Bryan in his new uuifortn. In the estimation of the Sun, it is bad taste for Hie colonel of voliintoei's to wear his uniform at- a public function pthcr than a dress parade. It is probable that the enthusiastic reception given Colonel Bryan by the people, wherever he goes, has more to do with raisins: the choler of the Sun than has tho time and manner of wearing his uniform- "With its issue of last Thursday the Centrevillo Observer entered upon the thirty-fifth year of its existence. The Observer may well be proud of its position among the weekly journals of the State. It is at the top of tho pot. May its years be many and its labors fo'r Democracy abundantly rewarded. J. Polk Racine, an Eastern Shore writer, has written a, novel, entitled "Violet Miller, a Gambler's Daughter ; or the Terrible Murders of Cat The wise thing for every person in I Swamp." Its title, if nothing else. business to do, or for that matter, every person who may have occasion to use a stamped paper, is to inform themselves fully as to the requirements of the stamp act, and then follow them to the letter. should attract attention to this book. TERRITORIAL EXPANSION. One of the f n t u t e questions of grave importance with which the people of this country will be confronted will be that of territorial expansion. This question in all probability will be a great party issue when the time for its consideration comes bet'oie the country. Mr. Samuel J. Tilden said many years ago: ""We have everywhere hitherto refused to enter into a. partnership in self-government with inferior or mixed races. I remember that twenty-one years ago there seemed to be danger that the spirit of territorial extension would lead some of the Democratic party to favor the absorption of Mexico and the incorporation of the populated portions of that country into our system. For the purpose of checking that tendency a declaration was prepared by a great statesman of that day, , and was made public, to the effect that to hold Mexico as a province would be contrary to the principles of our institutions and would tend to their subversion; and that the destinies of our great experiment in self-government could not be safely committed to the issue of a partnership in it with the 6,000,000 of the mixed races which formed three- quarters of the population of Mexico. I may add that, being consulted, I concurred in the measure." EDITORIAL NOTES. The result of the trifling tax of two cents on'each check will bo to lessen the use of checks in small transactions and reduce bank deposits, and for that reason the demand for actual money will be very much increased. The revenue from the stamp act will not offset the disadvantages and annoyances connected with its collection, and the borrowing of $200,000,000 from one class of citizens to pay to another doesn't make any more money in the country. Altogether, it looks like Congress had made a mess of pro' viding for the present urgent needs of the people, although the govern, ment mill is given a plenty of grist. At the dedicating of the Franktord bathhouse, on Monday, tho Ecu. J. Emory Byram launched his boom for Mayor of Philadelphia, and at the conclusion of his speech making announcement of his willingness to serve the people's interest iu the Mayor's chair, he leaped into, the swimming pool in full dress suit and silk hat, and swam around for half -an hour. Mr. By rain is no common man, and the sooner competitors in the mayoralty race "catch onto his curves," the better will be their . chances of getting in the swim with j the silk-hat-full-dress-suit swimming statesman. A bill has been reported in the Senate to aid in the construction of the Nicaragua canal. The government is to have a first lieu on all the property and guarantees tho payment of bonds and interest. The cost is limited to $150,000,000, and the work is to be completed within six years. It is announced in the newspapers that to guard against the confusion which might result from a failure to provide revenue stampsat the proper time the Treasury officials have authorized tbo use of postage stamps. It is said t h a t sand bars stretch so far out into the sea about Ocean City that a big war vessel could not come within eight miles of the place It i-j, therefore, in no danger of bombardment. NUMBER"^. Sailors are proverbially superstitious and there are also hosts of landsmen who regard with terror that sinister combination of figures which, written numerically, appears as "13." There is many a man who never went to sea who would not embark on any enterprise on the thirteenth day of the month, or sit down to a banquet at which there were only thirteen guests. All skippers are not superstitious, however, and the "13 hoodoo" has no terror for some of them. The captains of twenty of the transports which the government sent to Santiago refused to accept "No. 13" as the designation of their vessels, the government numbering the transports instead of retaining the names by which they had been known hitherto. The expedition sailed at daybreak from Tampa on J u n e 13, and it is significant that the twenty transports were numbered consecutively up to 12, when "13" was "skipped," and the next ship, the Goncho, having on board 1,300 troops, was designated No. 14. One bold captain was found, however, who belonged to a "Thirteen Club," and whose ship arrived at Tampa on the day the expedition sailed, tbo 13th. He applied for the unlucky number in defiance of the superstition. His ship reached Santiago without mishap, as far as kn'own, and he has demonstrated conclusively that "13" is neither any better or any worse, as far as the sailor is concerned, than auy other combination of figures. Notwithstanding this fact, he will probably be looked upon for the rest of his career at sea as a skipper who recklessly tempted fate, and superstitious jack tars will regard him as ouo who cannot escape Davy Jones' locker.--Ex. The regiment of Col. W. J. Bryan will be ordered to join ^ho Seventh army corps, under General Lee, as . soon as it is mustered into the service. ' Tt is not likely that tho regi- · ment will go to Porto Rico, but will - be thoroughly drilled and equipped for use in the main Cub.m invasion. If Spain wants peace let her talk to Uncle Sam--not to the powers. Low-rate Kxcurslon to Chautauqua: On July 8 the Pennsylvania Bail- road Company will run a special excursion from Philadelphia, Baltimore Washington, Reading, Altooua, Bollet'onte, Lock Haven, Shamokin, Wilkesbarre, Sunbury and Williamsport, and the principal intermediate stations, aud stations on the Delaware Division, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad, and on the Cumberland Valley Railroad, to Chautauqua, N. Y. Special train will start from Harrisburg at 11.35 a. m. Connecting trains will leave Philadelphia 8.30 a.m., Washington 7.50 a. m., Baltimore 8.50 a. m. Round trip tickets, good to return on regular trains not earlier than July 18 nor later than August G, will be sold at rate of $10.00 from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, and at proportionate rates from other stations. For specific rates and time of connecting trains apply to nearest ticket agent. 'Twas the first time Rachel had seen a lawnmower in use. "My!" she exclaimed. "Who ever heard before of cutting grass with a carpet- sweeper?"--Judge. I have a small lot of dry goods notions, hosiery, c., in order to make room for other goods--which will be sold at less than cost. J. F. LKDNUM, Preston, Md. PoIIUcnl l''rum /Ac H'rald, In tho counties matters aro in a quiescent state. There lias been absolutely no campaigning in either tlio Second or Fifth districts, where it is regarded as absolutely certain that Congressman Baker and Mudd will be ronoiuinatcd. The indications arc that Dr. Barber with ultimately win out in tho First district but just the samo Colonel M u l l i k i u is giving him much discomfort these warm days. The Colonel has always been a, power iu Talbot politics, and held uninterrupted sway u n t i l Dr. Barber undertook to wtc-st the sceptre from him. Since then there has been trouble, and now it is war to the knife. "Within the past week tho Colonel scored a point ou the Congressman, who is aftei pation- age, when by combining with the Democratic County Commissioner he secured thoappointments, all bntone, of the tax collectois for the county, the odd one being conceded to the Democrats. In order to make good his losses the Doctor may have to look to his friend, Collector Parlett, who has at his disposal 14 additional appointments allotted to him by the Government. It behooves Congressman Barber to keep a watchful eye on his county. Should he lose Talbot in the primalies he will bo at the mercy oE Colonel Mnllikin, who can then dictate terms. The feeling between tho factions is intensely bitter. IJoltiigly--Qucoiistowii. On and after June 1st--the beau- t i f u l summer resort, Bolingly ou Chester, located at Queeustown, will be opened for the season of 1SOS. Special rates, over the Queen Anne's Railroad will be given to Sunday Schools, etc., desiring to use this delightful spot for a day's outiug. Grounds are being laid out for Lawu Tennis, Croquet and Base Ball, for the exclusive use of the patrons. Those not taking lunches with them can be accommodated at the Hotel, with meals at popular prices. Fishing, boating, bathing, crabbing, and all other poplar amusements. For railroad rates, apply to C. C. Waller, General Passenger Agent, Pier No. 94 Light street, Baltimore Md. M. J. Marx, is manager of the hotel. DIED.--On May 21, 1898, Alonao E. Griffith, in the 33d yetir of his age, gone but not forgotten. lie ib gone, their loved one, ITOIII his children ,-mlhis wife, Whom he toiled and worked Tor, And tovcd as hib life O God how mysterious and uonderotis Thy tvajs, To take their loved one in the best of liis days AMI.LIA. Wife, when the violets open, When the trees in beauty nave; Take my little ones and lend them -. Gently to their father's grave. Tell them when the birds are singing And the blossoms deck the sod, Thnt their father's soul is resting III the paradise of God. --A 1). PHILADELPHIA, Monday, June 20,1898. Cotton IN fullest June splendor Dress is the cotton goods beauty floods now The f irsl choice pickings from American and foreign makers are here; many of the daintiest patterns will be found nowhere else. Beginning with the modest-priced calicoes there are four thousand styles to choose from before the last dainty Madras has been seen. Magnificent showing! Counting twelve yards as a dress pattern this list will tell the cost of the fabric needed for the dress-THE PRINTED STUFFS-- 12 yards standard Prints, 4Sc. "12 yards best Calicoes, 60c. 12 yards fine Dimities, 60e. 12 yards Corded Lawn, 75c. 12 yards fine Lawn, Sic. 12 yards Batiste Lawn, S1.2D. 12 yards Swiss Lawns, S1.30. 12 yards Plaid Organdie, S1.50. 12 yards Swiss Mulls, SZ 50. 12 yards striped Organdie, $1.50. 12 yards printed Sateens, S1.20. 12 yards fine Sateens, S1.80. THE WOVEN FABRICS-12 yards good Gmgliam, 75c. 12 yards fine Gingham, SI.OS. 12 yards fine Zephyr Gingham, $1.02. 12 yards batiste Gingham, S1.20L 12 yards plaid Gingham, S1.20. 12 yards best Seersucker, S1.20. 12 yards standard Gingham, SI.50. 12 yards Madras Gingham, $1.80. 12 yards Madras Gingham, S2.10. 12 yards Scotch Gingham, S2.40. 12 yards American Cheviot, S1.30. 12 yards Scotch Gingham, S3.00. 12 yards American Madras, S3.00. 7 yards 45 in. Bordered Gingham, S2.10. 12 yards Imported Duck, $3.00. Dress LIGHT-WEIGHT stuffs that Lfl W09 1 1 . finnris a wear well are, UOOUS wan t ec ] f or tne surnrn er outfit. A traveling dress and a separate skirt that will stand hard service, then you are prepared for the right enjoyment of the outing. These we tell of are the serviceable sorts; yet prices are mostly little. THESE IN BLACK-a Black Serge, 37£c to SI.75. Black Mohair, 28c to S1.25. Black Cheviot, 50c to $2.50. Mohair Sicilian, 50c to $1. THESE IN COLORS-- r^f Dress Serges, 37Kcto$1.73. Dress Cheviots, 23ctoS1.75. Covert Cloths, 37^c to S1.75. Whipcords, SI to S.75. Navy Blue Serges and Cheviots are oftenest chosen for the outing skirts; our showing is of the best wearing sorts in fabrics and color-Best American Serges, 75c, $1 and $1.25. Best English Serges, 75c to $1.75. Princess THIN, elastic, real kid- May skins are used in s the Gloves s u m m e r styles of Princess May Gloves. They are the ideal gloves for the season, combining as they do comfort with style, dressiness with their likeable price--' one dollar a pair. the wanted coloiings and All black and white. Corsets CORSETS to suit every want or season are in this completest of corset stores. We hint of three son that have won many friends because of un usual goodness at their prices. At 50c--Estelle Corsets, with long waist of strong jean with sateen strips; boned bust; sizes 10 to 30 in. Colors, whit and drab At SI 25--L. R. Corsets, with long waist of American coutil with sateen strips spoon clasps; two side bteels; bonet bust: si?es 10 to 30 in.; in white an drab. AtS1.25--H. S. Corsets of fine coutil long waist; short hip; corded bust sizes 19 to 30 In.; in white and drab. John Wanamaker. ADMINISTRATORS' SALE --OK VALUAAT.E-- HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND LAW LIBRARY. o ]5y virtue of un order of the Orphan Court for Caroline county, the undersign ed. administrators of Jamcb N. Todd, hit of Caroline county, deceased, will sell a public auction, on THURSDA Y, JUNE 30, 1898 beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., at the hit residence of the "said J. 11103 N Todd. 11 the town of Den ton, ild . all of the per sonal property of said detoascct, a part o which is a lot of KITCHEN FURNITURE, consisting of an Othello RaJi£*e and Fix turfs, Ice Cream Frcc/er, Clrthos "VVrin_ cr, Tinware, Agateware, Tubs Had lions Porcclai i Kettle, Kitchen Table, Cup boaid, lot of Gl 'S3 dins, and nmnciou small articles found in n well-eqnippec kitchen. oorrj Furniture * One very fine Epfriirer.itor, E.\tensioi Table, China Closet, Leather-bottom Chairs Chandelier, Pictures, o. Also a large Jlirror, Reclining Rocker large Easy Chair, Rockers, Lamps, 2 Suits of Parlor Furniture, almost new, 4 large valuable Oil Paint ines, Venetian Oinaments, 3 Bed-Boon Suits, Waitresses, Springs, Pillows ant Holsters, Chamber Sets, Iron Bedstone with mattress and springs, Baby Conch Swinging Crib, n large lot of valuable Carpets, several Rugs, Portiere Curtains, Mat- tings, c. All of this furnitiue is of high grade and in good condition. LAW LIBRARY. 2o volumes Maryland Eeporls (Perkins); 40 books U. S. Supreme Court Re poits, (vols. I to 162.) andHDigeslbj Jlnrj land Code; Brantlcy's Digest, 2 volumes Miller's Equity; 12 volumes Central Re porter, and other valuable t e \ t books Itemized list furnished on application Also office furniture consisting of Carpet Matting, Chairs, Stove, Desk. Typewriter Inkstands, Rulers, c. One Good GOTO will also bo sold; also lot of Straw and Fodder, one Sleigh, several Halters, Fly Nets and other small articles. TERMS OF SALE. All sums of $10 and under C'tsh; on al sums over that amount u credit of si- months vill be given, purchaser giving note with approved security, payable n the Dcnton National Bank" and bearing intei est from day of sale. JJo property tt be removed until terms of s\le are complied with. CLARA N. TODD, T. PLINY FISHER. Administrators of Jas. N. Todd, dec'd. Are You Will you w a n t a Going Away? new suit? a new hat? new russet shoes? new furnishings? All sizes, new. styles, reliable qualities and makes and right prices. We are doing a big trade in new sack suits at $10, $12 and $15. Serges', p'.n checks, worsteds and cheviots. Allwoo good-wearing suits as low as $ ', and $6.50 Crash suits at $3, $4, £5, and $6. .Full stock thin and summer clothing, all kinds. They say we have the best kinds of straw uats for good dressers. Our $3 50 line of shoes has been a big success for our first season. Russets, box calf, vici kid and patent leather. Negligee shirts underwear and summer furnishings. Big line popular styles and popular prices. JAS, T, MULLIN SONS Clothing, Sixth and Hats, Market, Shoes, Wilmington. Order Nisi, Thomas B. Sparklin, Assignee nnd Mortgagee, vt,. William S. Clark and Hennic E. Clnrk, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 16th day of Juno, 1898, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by Thomas B. Sparklin, Assignee and Mortgagee, be ratified and conlirmrd. unless cause to the contrary thereof bo shown on or before tho 27lh day of August next; provided n copy of this order bo inserted in some newspaper printed in Caroline county, once in each of tluoo successive weeks, before the 18th day of July next. The report states the amount of sales to beS2«00.00. CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. True Copy--Tost: CHARLES Wi HOBBS, Clerk. Douglass House REHOBOTH CITY, DEL. OPEN JUNE 10th. This Hotel is situated 100 feet from ocean front, and one-fourth of a mile from Eehoboth Bay, in the rear. Good Batting, Gunning, Fishing It Boating, Special rates for June and September. Free Hack, Bar attached. WM. M. JEFFERSON, PHOPBIETOH. Ochm's Acmo Hall. There's often a great difference ii Boys' suits look exactly alike but boyish wear aud tear soon dis closes good from bad, but then it' too late. When you buy Oehra-made cloth ing you're sure t h n t the fabrics wil wear well, won't scuff up or sbrec oat, colors are positively fast, sew ing as good as the best, for these ar distinguishing features of our Boys Clothing. is a large line of Blu S,erge and Worstec Cheviot Sailor Blous Suits, strictly all-wool absolutely fast color, daintily trim in eel in black aud w h i t e silk, sou tache binding. A suit whose fai price would be $4.50, sells for $3-48. A strong line of thorn here, showing all the bes styles, in fancy and mix ed Cheviots and Sunitne Suitings, wide, full-back coats, very swell, immisli Suits, sizes 14 to 19 Prices range $5, $0-50 and up to$10 Boys' Spring Shoes, $1.35. Spring Heel, very flne Calf, sliap od like a man's--not girlish, bu boyish Shoes, $1.35. Another grade, $1.75. Boys' Bikes, exact models of ou Men's, only smaller, $20. Our Pretty Broad-Brim Sailors at 25c. aud 35c vie with the more nava Tarn 0 S h a n t e r s o f W h i t Duck, even though tho latter ar only 14e. Golf Caps aro same price too--14c. The finest Milan Sailors for Boys in plain, fancy and mixed combina tious, aro,$'1.23 aud $1.50. Regulation Soldier Caps, 25c. llovs' Sciict and Smooth llraul Straw Hats, 5«c., «5c. and 75g, We have everything in Cloth iu and other apparel tor men, best cheapest. "When you come to IJaltimore on a Exour.-ion, , Cut Tfrs Out. Upon presentation of this Coupon from -the DENTON JOURNAL you will be entitled to it ilhLOiirit oflOpcr cent, on all purchases ot$lO.OO or over. OBHM'S ACME HALL When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your head quarters. Ladies' "Waiting, Ee tiring and "Writing Booms; Men's Smoking and Waiting Booms Free, no matter -whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels check ed free, and every accommoda tion and comfort is cordially ex tended to you. Oehm's Acme Hall Baltimore Charles Sts., BALTIMORE, MD, All Ciir Lines Puss Our Door. PUBLIC SALE OF VAI.UAIILK REAL ESTATE. to remove from the ununty will otter at public sale to tho higliost bid- ilrr, on Saturday, the 2d day of Jaly, 1898 between tho hours of 1 mid 5 o'clock p in., nil thnt l»t tractor purcel of liutd situ- iito in the 3d election disiricl of Caroline comity. Md , on the north side of the county load lending from Dcnton to Union (Junior, containing 17 ACRES, more or loss, being thc property whrcon I now reside. The improvements consist of a vcrj uomfortnblc two-story DWELLING HOUSK, stable mid other necessary outbuildings all in i;ood repair. There are orchiirds o iipplc. poach, pear and cherry trees anc quantities ot's-rnwbcnios and other smtil fruits. This lot is most conveniently lo- ciitcd, being w i t h i n ensy IICL'CSS of chnrcliL'S schools, n u l l s ruilroiid, am) stciunboal landings. TUB TKHMS OK SAK nro. SIOO to be pnid in rnsh on day of snlc, the linlimcu ii installments of 1,2 and 8 years; the deferred pnj nicnts to boar interest from the day of Mile and to be secured to tlio satisfaction of the undersigned. Title papers at cxponso of purchaser WILHELMINA BLOCKLINGEK. -- I am willing to take H mortgage on the above described property to pecuie the deferred payments. _ " BLOCKLISOEB. Notice of Election Supervisors. Tho Supervisors of Election for Carp- line County, Md., met at their office in Denton, Juno 14, 1898, and appointed the following Officers of Registration for the ensuing year, who shall also act ns Judges if Election for their respective Election Districts: Fir*t district--Gco. T. Mussclmati Rep, William H. Godwin, Dem. Second--Joseph T. Cooper, Rep., "William L. Cooper, Dem. Third--Edgar Todd, Eop., Correll H. Stewart, Dern. Fourth--William Chcozum Hep., Joseph H. Trice, Dem. Fifth--John Kent, Rep., A. Pierce Red- bead, Dem. Sixth--Edward L. Mcivin, Rep., Isaac L. Dukes, Dem. Seventh--Alfred W. Thompson, Rep, Thomas G. Cline, Dem. Eighth--William H. Beauchump. Rep., John S. Willis, Dem. Tho Board of Supervisors hereby give notice that they will meet at their office, in Denton, June 28, 1898, aL 10 o'clock, n. , for the purpose of examining the above appointed Officers of Registration. Such officers will appear without further notice. By order Board of Supervisors for Ceiro- inc County, Md. W. I. NORRIS, Clerk. SOFT COAL The undersigned can supply armers with GOOD GRADE SOFT COAL or wheat threshing, delivered at any station Anne's Railroad $4.5O on the Queen !, at per Ton* HOUSE UHLER, DENTON, MARYLAND. PUBLIC SALE --OK 111K-- REAL ESTATE --ov-- JOHN COLLINS, DECEASED. lily ·t irtiio of Hie authority in me vested I will sell lit public auction, to the lugli csl bidder, in front of the Davis Hlock in the town of Fcclcrulslmig, M a r y l a n d , oil Saturday, 25th of June, 1898 biginning at 2 o'clock, p. m., tho following real estate, to wit: NO. 1. All that lot situate on the cast side o Main street, in tho town of Fedoralsburn improved by a Single-Story Dwelling, and is the properly conveyed to said Joli Collins by Jaineb 1$. \Vm;ht by deoi tinted April titli, 1888, and recorded i Liber L. H. (i , No. 52, folios 517, itec., on of tho l.xml recoids for Cuiolino county. NO. 2. All thnt lot situated on the wcst^iclo o Main street in s.iid town of Fedcralsbur^ conveyed to s.iid John Collins by Knfvisl Harris mid wife, by deed dato'd Octobe 10th, 1887, and recorded in Liber L. Ii G , No. 51, I'olio jti-3, -., and is improve by n one and a-half stui-y now tenanted by Frank Jones. NO. ?,. All thnt lot sitiutc on tho west side said Main street, in Feder.ilibnrg. non the ii. E. Church. The improvement nre a TWO-STORY DWELLING, now occupied by Jiimes T. Frnmpton NO. 4! All thnt lot situntc in suid town of Fee crnlsburg, near the M. E. Church Pnrson ngc, conveyed to the snid John Collins an wife by James H. Towers and wife b deed dated June 12th, 1874, and recorde in Liber 1\ J. II.. No. 9, folio439, c. on of the land records fov Dorchester count} iind coTitainsono-tliird of an acio of lane more or loss. This property is improve by a. two-story DWELLING, nnd a small building suitable for an oftic 01 shop, nnd is tenanted by Mr. Pcrlitc. NO. 5. All thnt lot situate in said town of Fed ernlsbiirg conveyed to said John Collin by John H. Williams nnd wife by dec dated February 3rd. 1883, and recorded ii Liber L. H. G., No. 46, folios 30, c , hind record for Caroline county, nnd con tains 4 Acres of Land, more or less. The improvements nre one and n-half story dwelling, nnd ten anted by Mr. Eddington. NO. 6. A timber tract on the south side of pub lie rond lending from Faulkner's Hill t Thomas "W White's, adjoining Jame Gnmbrill's Lind, and others, nnd contain ing about 11 Acres, more or less. NO 7. Also n small tract of Innd on the opi site side of the county rond from No. containing about 1O Acres, more or less. 6 nnd 7. No improvements on N- = TERMS OF SALE One-third cftsli on day "of sule, in G n:.d 12 months; defcned piiyinunt^ t bcnr.intcrest find to bo satisfuctonl,) si cureS. Title pnpors at expense of purchaser JAMES 0. COLLINS. P. P. COVEY, Auct. T. PLINY FISHER, Attorney. J. n. C. LEGG, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CENTREVILLE, 5ID ASSIGNEE'S SAkE --OF-THE YALDABLE FARM OP THE LATE V DAY, IN THE SECOND ELECTION DISTBICT OP CAROLINE COUNTY, MARYLAND. By virtue of a power of sale contninec in n mortgage from Willitim M. Dny and IJcboccii A. Day, his wife, to James T Wood, bearing date the 28th day of May 1878, and recorded in Liber J. "VV. T., No. 40, folios Ic32, 183, etc., a land record bjok for Caroline county, Maryland, and by mcnsc! assign incuts assigned to John H. C. Legg on the 3rd day of March, 1898, which assignments are duly recorded at the foot of the said mortgage, in Liber J. W. T., No. 40, folio 18-5, one of the land record books for Caroline 'county, Mnry land, the said John H. C. Legg, as assignee of the mortgage aforesaid, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, in front of the court house door, in Dcnton, Caroline county, Maryland, on TUESDAY, JUNE 28th, 1898, between the hours of 2 and i o'clock p. in , All those tracts, parts of tracts, or parcels of land, situate, lying and being m the Second Election District of Caroline county, Maryland, culled 'Mason's Hazzard," "Aimer's Park," "Dobson's Westmoreland," or by whatsoever name or names the same nay be known or called,"containing 300 ACRES OF LAND, more or less, and is also bettor known RS ho farm of the late "William M. Day, of Jarolino county, Maryland, and is im- jroved by n good comfortable BRICKiDWELLINGHOUSE good Barn, Carriage House and Corn louse, and other Outbuildings, and has n ·oung Pench Orchard on it, in good con- lition, of 1,000 trees, and is only about 2 ntlcs from Bridgetown, ·! miles from the own of Goldsboro, about 5 miles from Jreensborough, and about 7 miles from rtidgely, so that it is convcnint to rail- onds, stores and churches, and there is a chool within half a mile of the farm, nnd he land is of good soil, fencing is in fair ondition, and there is a growing wheat rop on said farm. iTerrgs of Sale. One-half of the purchase money in cash n thu day of sale, and tho balance in welvc months from the day of sale; oral! ash, at tho option .'of the purchaser or pur- basors; the credit payments, fs any, to bo ecurcd by notes or bonds of the purchaser r purchasers, bearing interest from the ny of sate, payable in bank, and secured o tho satisfaction of the undersigned a.s- ignco. Title papers at the expense of tho urchasor. JOHN H. C. LEGG, T. FRANK SEWATID, 1 Auctioneer. N. B --Arrnngijments can be made with 10 undersigned by which the sum of 1,000 00 of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, if the purchaser so dc- los. J. H. C. LEGG. AUorncy-at-lnw, Ccntrovillo, Md. j The Victor Bicycle .=. j Went to the front rank among riding- machines years ago, and has maintained its place to this day of bicycle excellence. This result has been brought about by the use of the best material, the employment of the most skilful mechanics and the application of such improvements as the years have developed. It has kept pace with most active competitors, not alone in material and make, but in the more important matter of price. The 1898 prices are as follows: Model 41 [Track Racer] $100 Model 33 and 34 - 75 Model 31 and 32 - - 60 Model 35 - - 40 o FRED IT. NICHOLS, Agent, DENTON, MARYLAND. I t f f f i R. B. BOND. « 4 f f4 * LAWNS, JACONET, FAUSTINE, HOMESPUN, PERCALINE, YACHTING CAPS, GOLF CAPS, * LINEN A N D STRAW HATS, 1 DOZ. PAPERS OF TACKS 5 CTS, FRUIT JARS. NOVELTIES FOR HOUSEKEEPERS. BICYCLES. PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN. GASH PAID FOR EGGS. THE B, C, BIBB STOVE CO,, 107 A. 109 Light Street, BALTIMORE, MD. HEATING STOVES, Cook Stoves, Gas, Oil nnd Gasoline Stoves, Ilollow-wnro, c. FIRE-PLACE HEATERS. FURNACES, RANGES. ilnmifacturers of the celebrated EMERALD, STONEWALL. AND VIRGINIA COOK STOVES. ALSO Of the popular Sheet-Iron Air Tight Stoves TRILBY AND W I L D F I R E . FOR SALE BY Stewart Bros., DENTON, MD., HYGIENE ICE. o N THE SEASON FOR ICE IS HERE. THE DISTILLED WA TER ICE IS HERE-. LET EVERYBODY PATRONIZE THE ICE DEALER. Place your orders and let the Ice Wagon stop at your door each morning and deliver you just what you want. It only costs you One-h.alf Cent per Found, and the saving in the use of it ·will be many times that amount. Don't forget to leave your orders at once with Towers, the Ice Dealer.' Ice Delivered on Saturday Evening for Sunday. Persons wishing ico on Sunday can secure it by going to the Factory, at the depot. LAWRENCE B. TOWERS. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE --OF-Personal Fropt'y. By virtue of authority from the Or- phans'Court of Caroline county, the undersigned, administrator of John Collins, deceased, will sell at public auction, to the liighcst bidder, in front of the Davis Block, in tho town of Pederalsbnrg, Md., on Saturday, 25tti of June, 1898, commencing at 2 o'clock, p. m., the follow- ng property. One Sofa, Rocking Chairs, Clock, Bureau, Marble Top Stand, lot of Carpet, Stoves, Bedstead, Feather Bed, Pillows, lot of Bed Clothing, and other small household articles. TERMS OF SALE. All sunib of and under §10 cash; over hat amount a credit of six months will bo Jvcn, purchasers giving notes bearing in- crebt from day of sale, secured to the Sflt- sfaction of the undersigned and payable it Denton National Bank. JAMES 0. COLLINS, Adm'r of John Collins, deceased. V. P. COVEY, Auct. School House Lot for Sale, OFFICE OF THE SCHOOL BOARD. DKXTOS, MAY 31, 3898. [ Tho School Board invites sealedprop^os- ,1s until June '28th (marked on outside of nvclopc "Proposal for purchase of school ot) making oflbr for siilu and purchase of acant, school lot near Thomas Todd's esidence. The lot contains a half acre of and, more or less, from which was rc- loved tho house for colored school. The ight of rejecting any and all bids is rc- ervcd. Conveyance papers at the ex- ense of purchaser. Terms cash. By order, M. B. STEPHENS, Secretary. Notice to House Painters, OFFICB OF TUT-: ScnooL BOARD, DKNTOX, MAY 31,1898. j Scaled proposals, marked on outside of envelope "Proposals for painting school house," arc invited until" June 28th for furnishing materials and painting iu lint- class manner tho outside of tho school house in Fedcralsburg, including stops, steeple, shuttcr^and out-side doors, with two good coats Lewis' pure white lead in wooden hoop kegs; second coat half zinc and pure boiled linseed oil for the body of the building, and Imperial French green upon lead priming for the shutters; doors in colors and colored stcpi,. Bidders are requested to make a separate oft'er for an additional coat throughout, provided tho third coat may be deemed necessary. The work nnift be completed by the middle of August, for which payment will be made · in September. The right^of rejection · of any and all bids is reserved. By order, M.B.STEPHENS, . Secretary. A old For Sale. First Class Binder, all ready for tho JONATHAN EVITTS, Dcnton, Md. *. · CountyGommissioners Notice, Notice is hereby given to all persons having chums of any kind or chnrncter against tho Board of School Commissioners for Caroline County, the Trustees of tho Poor of Caroline County, and tho County Commissioners of Caroline County, which nrc properly payable out of tho public funds subject to the control of liny of said boards, except inch ns may be ponding in any of tho Courts of this State, to lite Isnid uccounts nnd clnitns -with tho pioper Boards so that the same nmy bo examined und passed upon by tho said respective boards before the Second Monday in July next, nnd any person failing toMle their accounts or claims as aforesaid shall not thcrciftcr he permitted to do so nnd shall forfeit all rights to collect the same by legal process or otherwise, unless good and sufficient excuse for said failure is given to and approved by tho board with which the said accounts or claims arc offered to bo filed. By order of County Commissioners. THOMAS 11. GREEN, Clerk. TCDWARU AT. NO1ILK, LAND SURVEYOR, Denton, Mai-ylnd. Work done in any part of tho county at short notice. Charges very reasonable.

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