The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 9
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SATURDAY, JULY-14, 1923 THE HUTCH1NS0N NEWS. PACK NTNG NEW COMPLAINT TO COME TODAY ON THE ALASKAN TRAIL WITH HARDING The President Is Scheduled to Drive the Gofden Spike In Commemoration of the Completion of the Alaskan \Rsllway, Either at Anchoraae orTanana River Brldge> The Spike la 14-Karat > Gold, t>y z Inches Long and Weighs 15 Ounces. Information Being Drawn Prosecutor's Office. ANOTHER GRUNDY DUPE Man to be Charged With Em bezxlement Believed to Have Been a Victim. it was practically certain tills afternoon that a new complaint was to ho Issued in connection with the wrecking of the- Fourth Suite bank. County Attorney Harry 1*\ Brown is at work on the information which will bo signed by Lewis Wilson, chief doputy bank examiner. While the name of the man to he accused la known it would bo unfair to use It untlttho complaint has been actually drawn and signed and tho warrant issued. Mrs. Grundy to Sao Directors? Nothing tending to show the whereabouts ot Walter Grundy has developed. Tho directors of the closed bank are htiU work'ins in houses of a re-or- ganlzatlon and a meoting wag being held this afternoon, It was understood that 'Mrs. tirundy, wife of the missing president was going to confer with the iboard. It was also reported that Mrs. Grundy Intends going to California within a short time. MystertouB Call Explalned." Tho mysterious calls, which are said to have been from Walter Grundy In Texas to hjs wife In Hutchinson, and other friends, are possibly explained by the fact that at the, time the callB were sajd to have been made, J. V. Springfield who has offices hero' and at Austin, Texas, was at his Texas office. Ho received a call from Mrs. Grundy Just after ho heard through the newspapers that Grundy was missing. Mrs. Grundy called after 10 o'clock one night asking Mr. Springfield If he knew the whereabouts of Walter and if ho had been in Fort Worth jvith him. Springfield told her he had not seen her husband for several weeks when both were at Vt. Worth looking after a case they were interested In. A call was made later by .Mr. Springfield to his lawyer here. These tire very likely the calls which are supposed tu have originated •by Grundy?" Talked to Mrs. Grundy. Hut there arc known calls made by Grundy to his wife since she'left him in Kansas City. While In Kansas City from the 25th to 2!Hh he received many calls from Hutchinson and made these calls under tho name of F. K. -Smart, a brokerage man living at the Muehlbach hotel and occupying from which Grundy put In his calls. He called Hutchinson RURAL ORCHARDS FREE FROM BUGS This is According to a Rural Survey Made Over Kansas Recently. 5 thoir camping experiences and the values dorivod from tho Investment. There will also bo special music by tho orchestra under the leadership of Harry Deat7,, and a tenor solo by Art Hllyard. All this will be by way of prelude to tho regular claas discussion which will bo on tho subject of "Achieving Success." The class ses- Hion is at !t:30 ( and all men are Invited to tho Y. M. 0. A. to attend tho meeting. SWEDISH RIKSDAG ACTS TO END LIQUOR RUNNING Stockholm.—A severe blow has been dealt the rum-running fraternity of Sweden througli the adoption by the Riksdag of two hills which aim to curtail the activity of smuggling. Ono bill calls for the establishing of a special police force against, liquor , i smuggling In the city and archipelago twice on tho 25th, twice on the 20th, ot Stockholm, and the other Involves once on the 27th and twice on • the increased severity of punishment for j violation of the liquor import laws, deals in Kansas City j The crpatlon of a special patrol for Stockholm,-and the appropriation of 29th. In closing his with one house Grundy made the statement that he was going away on a vacation, a story he told many of the men he had beeu doing business with, and to this one man he said. "It-1 have any further dealings with you It will bo under another name." BRITISH COMMISSION SAYS BATTLE SCARS ARE VANISHING Lawrence. Kan. July 14—"The rural orchards- of Kansas are TOmarkntdy finu from Injurious Insect and plant d^ncases,' S. J. Hunter, state entomolo- gisi announced today. "But somo of tho orchards In Immediate vicinity of largo fruit growing centers contain San Joso scale. Remedial measures against this will ho applied this winter." Tho orchard, survey is'.boing made 'by <J. O. Bare, with headquarters at Tope -lvu; Williamson Ilrowu afOttnwa, and Herbert Darby at Parsons, under tho 'personal direction or Professor Hunter. Tho survey is made pussiblo •by appropriations from the ulnto and from tho University of Kansas for the •purpose of eradicating injurious conditions. Investigation and quarantine Is made of the San .lose scale, I'eac'J Yellows, Teach Ilo«ette*anrt Plum Otmit. The survey also gives direction and advice for spraying against the coddling moth and various caterpillars -which eat (he leaves ot i'rutt .trees. The '.vork has already covered sixteen counties and Is now around W-lnfield, and will Inter extend as far west as Garden City. Chinch Bugs. The chinch bug situation, according to Professor Hunter, is not nearly as 6crious as It would have been but for the severe rains. The prcblein now is to buikl -barriers to protect adjaoent cornfields from-the chinch bug invasion from the harvested wheat fields. Tho most efficient barriers are simply made, tho professor sold. A dust barrier (undo by plowing a furrow and dragging a log back and.forth will suffice for dry weather, and for wet wnathor a barrier mado of pouring road oil in the tracks of a buggy is tho bent In connection with tho surveys or tho orchards and fields a third survey I B being conducted. Prof. It. H. Ileam- er of tho t.'niversity, is heading this hlologicail survey whic his now in Ms- Plrerson county. J^twrencc Woodrnrf, Charles Martin and W'nyn* Woodruff are members of the party. SUBPOENA Is HELD FOR W0ODR0W WILSON MINISTER LEADS FORD MOVEMENT London—Franco of today, like the Franco ot 1871, is making a magnificent effort by hard work to restore tho ravages of war, according o an official report of the British Department »of Oversows Ti-ade. The report in tho work of the Commercial Counsellor of tho British Embassy in Paris, J. R. Cahaill, and is painstak'lng and exhaustive. The general conclusions of the report are: The present economic position of France is strong. Her Industrial population Is fully employed, and her output in most ... , , , . , fields ot production is only limited by prisonment at hard labor for offenders 8hort ot m an . power . found guilty of extensive smuggling ot The lnd , lstrittl ^construction of the about $35,000 thereto was passod only after considerable debate. The amendment to the smuggling law provides a maximum penalty of one year's lm- ' ^ <t> <$> <8- • HOVy HOT IS LIGHTNING? j unlaful import for commercial gain. ' I certain cases also the master of a \ ship upon which smuggling has been attempted can be held legally respon- , slble. I ,Thoso restrivtlve measures by the : KIksdag have been necessitated -because of tlu3 peraistont smuggling <f. 'J, <,•> <*> <S> .j- .-j.. ^ /4, <J>' Berlin.—The question of (the degree I of heat generated by lightning hasj been agitated recently % Jn German. which has been carried on across the sea coast of Sweden. Large quantities scientific circles because of the effect, observed after electrical storms, of lightning on the tips of lightning rods. It was found that a platinum tip have boon brought In Illegally, the devastated areas is fast approaching completion. Tho report states that the destroyed or damaged coal mines are Increasing their output with improved technical equipment. The great woolen and cotton works are kopt going to the full extent of the labor at their disposal. The great agricultural areas ot wheat and beet root, the. chief crops of northern France, will soon principal purveyors being Hsthonia m ^ Kl { aat(l tue ' ar and Germany. Although Sweden is " 1 Forts, waterways, railways, and road* have been and are being improved. Water power, the- report continues, is being systematically turned to account. i\ T ew resources in ores, coal, potush, and oil have been developed. Thore nas been advance in industrial organization in a"--marked fashion in tho chemical, electrical, metallurgical, engineering, aluminum, I and other industries, discernible through reach Industry as a whole. French foreign trade In weight has already surpassed pre-war figures. Fine results have been obtained by hard work in the devastated regions. Of 8,166,684 devastated areas, 7,447,297 have been cleared of projectlle-s, trench work, and barbed wire; 19,920 factories have been rebuilt out of 22.1S0. Of noarly 4,941,000 acres of devastated agricultural land, more than 1,235,000 h-ave been put under the plough. The main railway syBtem has been repaired, nearly all the waterways have been made navigable, and of the 36,450 miles fit devastated roads, 19,743 have been restored to traffic and 8,671 have been Improved. His Testimony is Desired in the Morse Trial in Federal Court. TOO tw.AT* TO CLASSIFY W AtVTKI .\v„mi n !., ihHr o.->*:>l-.ii-s .th'-it our ir,;n hh,.- i^'irnl it--. V-u «<•« «"•» of tub welBtll U It In machine scored. It. atl our itilV'-tt [«uint-n!a unit learn how to r'.t full wrig-lit. Tiio <':.r«y Ico Company, phone BOt). 1 H-tlt UUOINN'INO July IS. wo will rn.-ult.-t our Italiy milk No. 3f» at Kverotta' atora on Kiisl V-'ourth mut'-ad ot Frank B II UP I'B grocery. 18 11-41 LOST, Bom}wn 5--t Hm,-bins',n. lliK-ktirtay tritll-—Truv.-llntc i-yir .-..rimlnlm: lady 's apparol. ilnturti tzz I-'.iint s.-v.-tiln. Howard, .to H-lf; FOR KAtjlO-..New flvi'-rn.-.m, luiUKalow wttii 1 m I It -in r> aim misti! consul,?!- I'iiihl!:x sir... Snap In riajh! ].- -i-,.. for roomi'i-* or aiMrtm -MHi'. district, two t.lock mm R. i". ( J 1-:TTI:I!, m-.-.Uo- VOU »AI.»—R!rrtrlu tan. I'll,, Ml.Til 1' X IH WA I JK: Norm u-o, lyiyu.'.t !tard. to- A COKIUA1. lavU,iti,.n JS;.-.l to houKcwIt',.' in lttitcliini.011 to v;- Iil.Litt and learn ill,' triHhlo infoi aixoit our KcnrttiK midline. K r mil wcigli!. Th- L'aicy Ite Cw»|o( South Main Foil K!-; NT- t Ntlictlv iia.-o'cra. V-i 'i Kaul A. Cat! .J. Waiia file Kcv. William Daw. Sponsoring and initiating the Ford- for -preHidont nioveiii 'tnt is tho Uev. William I>;.iw. He's president of the Dearborn Ford-for-I'rosldout club. FDR HALF. <.11. aial lia ; 1,-1 v. am., t. did by Sua.lay nl K [u. I'ln la >KT—lilac k • inning "cat return 51^ \W .f Nan, it Slxtc H It i tna -ntli .-ait .V: ill n -11 t'iruity !. ir«i. NAT,!-: ..f ri-inn- -^CA'i) pi-ac!lcu!ly new larn^atow v IK.ich. ailuar.Ml cios • in, „niy fr-om ilo' now Siamov-Mackcy l>av.-m^nt wlik-ll Is for- o;< two |i«!»n-n;s. A iaruv ltact of t!i oan.l. Woy,.-„ win, f.,,1,,.,1, »„|t »w„ tm li.uil.-ii- lm;; limn, lioarllllt K^oia' vltU '.M aral Ire, a two cliii-kcn houia-;.. fajili or ailco llUo lent. Clin be pah! ycais on pt-f -ai -nt [ u. > tiu-n r M . Call 'no \V,-Bt Fifth utter it ii.m. 1", H-lg "1. i- W*«iliiiliiiffl^ Aa.ra'Mi5i(CCiffl '2:5 :!ls The (iuhlcn Hide I'rcwi, 7 Sherman Fust U tn.-i<-'JJt. -If vim lU-tMl lusitfitr.'.'p or uniM st iuni, call nto uiiil lei m.' eAptitin to you: l''Ir-\ tarn;ut.i, uutu'.nybilk', W;\liUVty, HIUHIMIBB - tioii, helaih unit a..cUient, it^uhMico bUiKia-ry, ulltl UfUlisi rlo:tl<:r. \V. U. SK,),1>KN iaotith Main. Phuiio 1 Tl IMIll 'J-25t. KOIt SAI.K -Kivt* ruumt '4-. 3)t> U Thlrleutitti. T", 8.4 > • 4> <?> • •t> •>> A WHAT BECOMES OF THE MONEY? that clflssirini uds t jui B MI unythlnir yotl haw, to n*-U. u»n\iip anything you \v.'»h to buy, jfet v.>u H Ion or hncm t« help to- ""J U * Any tunc ymi aro In npotl yf any of these tlilinju, call iiumhnr 3, ciubBtlictl di imrlim.nt. ^i-2at We son K U .1 r I'rt want wuna n to calivar.a tlutctttti- nielted on being struck. jSince the, not a prohibition country, tho illegal profitable because, under tho "Bratt system" of liquor rationing, Swedish subjects are not legally entitled to more than a prescribed quantity of alcoholic iboverages a moivfh. Washington, July 14. — Defense counsel In the Morse trail now in progress here held a subpoena today for the aivpearance as a witness of Woodrow Wilaou. Service of the s-ubpoena prepared yesterday was bc*inK hold up, however, counsel said, until they had consulted with Hoar Admiral Grayson, tho former president's physician, as to whoather -his condition made advls- Mo for him -to respond either on the witness stand or by deposition. It was considered doubtful wholher Mr. Wilon would appe-ur In court, defense counsel Indicating they would not press for his attendance. In preparing the subpoena, attorneys for the dofendants, who are charged with conspiracy to defraud tho government, said they desired Mr. Wilson's statement as to his observations of the Morse plant at Alexandria, Va., when ho visited it In May. IMS, or ceremonies launching shipbuilding work there. melting-point of platinum is variously fixed at 1,700 to 1.SIK) degrees ceiHl- grado, It was clear that the lightning's heat exceeded that temperature. Later aa Instance developed in which an Iridium tip was melted by a stroke. The melting-point of this metal is said to be 2,000 degrees centigrade. EARLY MORNING GAMBLERS DO WELL IN MOSCOW Moscow.—When the croupiers and dealers ot the all night gambling houses of Moscow are tired and heavy eyed, which is about seven o'clock•very morning, there cotno gaily Into their rooms groups of fresh wakeful men, juBt up from a good night's sleop. They aro alert and brisk, and they play against tho fatigued and weary professionals. What la raoro, they almost ulways win. They oall themselves the "Seven o'clock Daisies." A Wg He: A poor start means • Cood finish.—Atchison dlobo. SIX CONVICTS ESCAPED FROM PENN. PRISON BE I L GIVEN PRIEST BY ST. PAT- BICK FOUND lrJ _NENDRUM ABBEY UTER ^ R(>WJE< , R FARMER . S Family of All the Men's ^ Belfast.—The ancient oeclesiafltical [boll of Nendrum, given to St. Mochaoi on his ordination by St. Patrick, has boou found by workmen during the course of excavating the ruins of Nen­ drum Abbey. Clothee at Hand. Philadelphia, -July 14.—Six convicts The workmen found tho bell hidden escaped from the Eastern Stato peni- ln an angle of tho ancient foundations tentiary today after beating a guard- for the walls, while clearing away the They escaped over a wall, held up a debris which had collected for cen- motor truck and fled in the direction turlos. of Falrmount Park. All were said to Tho bell is mado of rlvlted wrought be armed. Iron, originally covered with a coating Robbed Farmer 's Family. ot bronze, and except for a crack at Wilmington, Del., July 11.—Six men the base and a portion of tho handle, declared to have boen dressed In pri- whlch has been broken off, It Is In son garb robbed a farmer's fuinily at perfect condition, though much cor- Carpenter, seven miles north of hero roded. MARRY YOUNG AND LIVE FOR A CENTURY; BOX SCOUTS ARE TOLD Ohic&co, July lit— One who dealrei | to live 100 years should marry early, 'fstraln from Indoor dancing, should iot be a college athlete and be neither B«h nor Poor, according to au address »ad» neve tonight by Albert M. Johnis, president ot t£a National Life xanca Company, before several Ired. boy scouts, Mr, Johnson (14 these maxims were reached by js company following statistical corn- Station ft results from a survey on evlty, under modern conditions. U> loftl U»t ot "don'ts" which. Mr. ason said the survey suggested In »d«r to attain this age contained a •W "do's," chief ainontf which was L -«Ugtob, in a true way." Mild excise daOy and a "straight neok" In ! SraUdng, Were others, j "Our statistics show, when oompIK mi and. averaged, that to reach five 1 More years, one should marry early, Be neither rich nor poor, should not be a professional or college athlete or an actor, should retrain from Indoor dancing and never drink Intoxicating llrjuora," Mr. Johnson said, husbands, we find, live longer than machetors because of their mora regu­ lar habits. Stage people are handicapped, by Ion* and hard hours. Heart strain Is too common In the athlete. Who Live Longest. "Persons earning between $2,000 and $6,000 a year live longlr. This probably is idue to the fact that moderate IncomeB do not give a-person enough for dissipation but are adequate tor comfort and sensible living. * religious in a true -way. Re- llglous people are happier as a rule and going to ohuroh tends to make thorn rogular in their habits. Do not drink llauor and do not Bmoke, if you must, until you are beyond "SI years ot age, Ono ot tho most emphatic results of our survey was the evidence that the practices cannot bo Indulged in temperately by enough people to give you much ot a chance to win. "Stretch your neck up. Bhort-neck- ed people are 'better subjeots of ape-: plexy, Stretching your neck. (Ives the blood vessels there less chanco to clog. Take mild exercise dally, regularly, and not Intermittently er sav- of all men's olothlng they could find and departed In an automobile. Thoy also took a shotgun, revolver and ammunition and left nine dollars to pay for the things taken. Over the Wall. The escape was que of tho most daring In the long history of the institution. A woman who was the first , person on the outside to see the men by tho Powell Lumber company said today that his only connection with the case was that of counsel for Mc» Powell. "The Blue Sky department of the stato bank commissioner's office approved of our stock as he testified at the hearing In Salina not long ago and approved of any actions I had wjth Mr. Powell In tho 6alo of the stock. If there Is a criminal action still pending against ma at Salina. 1 know nothing of It." said they appeared on the top of tho torty toot wall and lowered two thin ropes. One, It was found -later, was about the thickness ot a clothes line, but much stronger; tho other was made ot a variety of bed sheets, torn shirts and other scraps. Tho men lowered themselves swiftly. Across the street was a closed car which the convibts tried to steal hut found tho door locked. About this thno a small motor truck, used in the retail yoast trade came along and one ot the convicts stopped the driver at the point of a pistol and all plied Into the truck. Tho driver was ordered to keep driving and the truck started north and then turned west. Mrs. It. P. B. Wilson Is quite 111 at St. Elizabeths Hospital. Dr. Walter Mundell was called to Mauhattau yesterday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Life, of 21S Eighth East announce the birth of a baby girl. n. J. Iluckol of the Ruckel Engineering Co. went to Great Bend yesterday on business. Supt, A. S. Allphln of the reformatory has gone to Kinsley. He will be there for three days. Clirrord Allan of Oaborne Kansas woe operated on for appendicitis at St. Elizabeths liospltal today. A. C. Malloy, ibeal attorney will leave Monday for Seattle, Wash., to join Mrs. Malloy for a vacation' of several weeks. Dr. Ouy Walker and Dr. H. S. Soales had tho luotorrneter stolen from their cars last night. Dr. S CU I CB car was standing in, front of his residence whan tho thief got his motor- meter while W. Walker's car was In front ot l>r. Duval's residence. It scorns tho thlet made a practise of .picking ou doctors cars. SAYS HE KNOWS OF NO CRIMINAL ACTION Martin Aelmore Jocal attorney who through his offices ss counsel for tho Powell Lumber company was drawn )uto civil suits tiled at Ballna regarding tie legality at the stock Issued SAYS CHINA IS FORGING AHEAD (Continued From Page 1.) er contribution to a world safe to live In than with armaments and diplomacy. It certainly deserves more liberal support. Brunewiok Phonograph—Jtorabaugli- Wileys. w . u DEATHS AND FUNERALS <•> * * * <3> '!> <j> 'V Killtor News. In answer to the many Inquiries regarding the disposition of the money taken in by Cyrus (irotto during the big Grotto circus July ZS to August 4, will say: Fifty percent of the amount goes into the (Irotto building fund; Hits does not mean that it Is ,to be used for a temple, but It doe* moan that at any lime the Masonic'it bodies ot tho city of Hutchinson are ready to build a Ma.Honic temple thuf the entire building fund of Cyrus (.Irotto will be tiseri for that purpose. Twenty-five per cent of tlio money will go into tho barn! and patrol fund for tho maintenance of the same and tho remaining twenty-five per cent goes into tho general fund of tho Grotto. Bvery Uckot sold tor tho circus Is just that much nearer to building of a beautiful Masonic temple In Ilutch- innon which will bo something to bu proud ot. Tho answur Is boost tho circus and buy tickets. HOY LA.MBOEN, Chief Justico, Cyrus Grotto. 11< n to oaliv n.t Burp.uinl in,; t.oittoi y Hi'.-il liall.mal IM-oiltlct. \ ml iilo.' a H .il,-. in^t .K-niorihtrat •t. TH.» mU-x . omn aftonvu:.!: , want u-orm-n wlio hav„ (t },!..ii;.iiic !-i j tt-MuiUty ami rr.iifit r,o nl.lo to rnix v, tho hontfiwivi'h ot tin- rlly. Mll.--t In- lu JalHl o!' nil have- mluoat hui !•••;, ! your lianm ami at Tlo- .'-.', i offli -i- In box It (iU and w will ... havu a '.i.itsotial ItilovvUiw sstlti vo-.i. '['I 10 Si 'Biinnwaiy Mmbj (SiraiBail Ktn- ,s ;itr ; HtHnwuv l .al.y tfraini piano, •oil :IH new; has r -.-o, ivc.t oio-.-ttmt <.aro; intiMl lui ii .-iiii lo a inn i -..-latvahi. .\1I;I Welsh, CD N.n til Waliml. Tl 11 -4t GUAKA,NTl:l ;ri ril.uirt t>ln's«:ln >la ut all iTtalma. ,VV, ilo (-Uan'.HK ami i '-tialr'.ng. Tyi'invnlur l-lsclianiio. l'lioro- ifw. Tl 261 ENGINEMEN KILLED. APPENDICITIS 13 FATAL. Peter Koestel of Arlington Died Here Yesterday—Funeral Tomorrow. Peter Koestel, 38, ot near Arlington, died yesterday afternoon about 4:110 o'clock in a local hospital, following an operation for appendicitis. lie Is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Koestol sr., his wife and four children. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon from the Partriclgo church, burial In the Partridgo cemetery. Thomas Funeral Tomorrow. Tho funeral of Mrs. Sylvia .1. Thomas, who died Thursday evening at the homo of her daughter. Mrs. K. II. Williams, 220 Thirteenth avenue west, will bo held tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock from the Second Baptist church. Burial will take place in the Eastside cemetery. Former Hutchinaor, Man Dead. Word was received here today of the death of Will :E. Mclkirmed ot lxis Angeles. Mr. McDerrned died yesterday. His death was the' result of a motor accident which occurred about a year ago. He formerly lived In this city. Burial will take place ia I JOS Angeles. Ho 4s survived by fivo brothers- and Bisters, .1. A. McUermed, It. F. McDermed, -Lizzie MoDermed, J. K. MoOermed and Frank MeDertfied of this city. Burbrldge Funeral Tomorrow. Th"o luneial of Mrs. George Bur- bridgc, who died Thursday evening at her homo,J!2 Avenue O west, will bo hold tomorrow afternoon at two | o'clock from the Second Baptist church. Interment will be In the Fairlawn cometery. DEALING IN BOY FUTURES. Business Men's Class Have Been Making Unusual Investment. The Business Men's Clas-s ot the First Mothodlst Sunday School has been dealing again in boy futures, having maintained a camp on Cow creek seven miles north ot NlckerBon tor the use of all of tho boys connected with the Sunday School. W. H. Turner, boys secretary of tho Y. M. C. A., who was camp leader this year, will toll tho men of the class tomorrow morning something concerning This Was When Northwestern Engine Exploded. Cedar Rapids, la., July 14—A Northwestern freight engine exploded at Hollo Plaltio, la., at 11:30 today kill' lug the engineer and fireman, according to a long distance telephone message received hero at noon. The train was from Boono. Tho dead are: .Engineer Scball; Fireman White, both of Boono. TYl'KWKITKl! rtlihonn for an inn !ton of tvpi-writcrs Kfinzisl Typo'a r I'.I-I r^x- Ibantfi-', ^4 Went Firilt, tillollo Tl 3-?tH IPs;ij>air H-jfflglibaig and palntiriK. t'\ M. Buiuu, iilinim r,90\Y or 10V Wdl Sixth. Tl 25 -26t annul Ckmsiiutiji W-aritea Wi» clean, size and Bi-rrrt, rutin. We rto all kliuls ititf l-uliiiiring-. I'houti H3. I** Went Finn. Tl 26 -Jlt EARN KXTItA Sr-KNDINU MO MKT BY 9KI.UXO THIS NEWS AKTKK i I*. l \f. KVKNIWa. 10c UTAITT8 VOW. APPLY TO UK. U1UUC. NiOU'S OVFIOB. 13 ia-2Gt lBTtawe & OHiHce CleauM^ Co. OLD ANI> .\'i:\V WINHrUVS Cl.liAMKU. HUGS OOK HPECIAI.TV. No uionuy IT work Is not sutlufaclory, I'HONlO 3(1. 815 NORTH MAl'M-l, HUTCHINSON, Ka Tl 6 -lIt TygBiBOTiteir liuibioiiiiio Carhon liaiair, H-nontl , utt', (.lotaon Itulti P I-CHM. 7 Hh..'iman ICawt. Tlmwf2^-^6t The United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Preferred Stock Offers you an investment which will return By the purchase of these shares you become part owner of a company with an established business that shows a wonderful growth from year to year. The demand for its products increases from day to day and will continue to increase as Hutchinson grows and expands. You should not overlook this opportunity for a real investment which returns an amount greater than can usually be secured on investments of similar high character. Ask our Customer Ownership Department for complete details. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Customer Ownership Department. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Ueatlemcn: Pleaso Bend mo mtormaticn about your preferred stock. Name Address City

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