Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 12, 1964 · Page 10
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 10

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1964
Page 10
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Bum Victims Escape Pain in New Tank By RAI PH DIGHTON Associated Press Science Writer The sljr;rk of lo.sin.y al inisl ;i third (if hrr skin was uoaring off. Moaning in agony, tlir 32-yrar- i;hl UOMKIM. \iciiin of a kildien stove explosion, mnlt"n d through clcncht'fl tret!-,: "Vcs. i II sijiri . . . only hlop me." 'Sin 1 scrawled her fin me on a 'vniver and thereby authorized an experiment tlitit viverl her nceks of pxcrucialinx pain, perhaps (.Men saved her life. I u'Ti. never developed a bed s'lie. i)i,rp. \\hen removed for medic,H examination of her burns, she l^nfjfrl: "Put me back in the tank." Thai was the rlo.-est the horribly burned woman came to pain in the entire 16 days — a lime when strmu men similarly seared have pleaded. "Let me (lir." as thev • :;• "d fr:r '•'•:irred skin to slnugh off so grafting could begin. "She took only three aspirins 'and that was for her physician, headache." Even more significant is the thesia th h freczj fact that grafting of ski.i on her' Taken minutes Inter to a spc- rtlirinR lnc cntirc |)erif;d .>- sav!e room n liaylor Hospital in Itr.uston. she was immersed to the neck in a bathtub-like tank thai u-.-is lo be virtually an all- |;rokTtive womb for the next 16 days. Inside the tank was a new "dry li(|iiid" silirone compound ((•at coated her burns against (he air, prevented infection, buoyed her nnbandagerl. unclothed bndv acterislic of extensive burns. Dr. Frank Gerow. 34-year-old plastic surgeon at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. Pa., reported (he case -at a recent congress nf (he American College of Surgeons in San Francisco. His treatment is frankly exper- mental and requires much more testing before it will bo made available to general practice. But. Dr. Gerow believes, it not only offers new hope for burn victims — it may have an- plication, through a unique system of patient-temperature control, in the infant science of anes- nlmnst weightless on a padded rack. She could move without fear of rolling her weight on a legs, hips, chest, hands and feet j ! bi'gan on the 18th day. In conventionally treated burn cases, | this cannot be started until the fourth, fifth or sixth week. The woman's skin grafts "look" quickly, she recovered and today her scars are clean and smooth — with little of the ridged and twisted tissue char MARMADUKE "When are you going to get your own umbrella?' r/ooking far down the road, Dr. Gernw says he also is studying possible use of silicone-fillecl tanks to cushion space travelers against the stress of acceleration during rocket blast-off. "1 designed the silicon* fluid to have about the specific gravity of'water — enough to provide body suppi.H without making the patient float," he said In an interview. "But it certainly \vonld be possible to change the fluid so the subject would be com- i lubricant — mixed to his sped weightless, and thus un-|fj C alior and began experiment ing with pigs. Then he ran into trouble. The silicone fluid was "dry" —in that it contained no germ- feeding water — to start with, but it soon picked up water and TANK FULL OF SILICONE, designed by Dr. Frank Serow for victims of bad burns, coats the burns against air, prevents infection and speeds the time in which grafting can begin. A young man demonstrates position of a patient's body in the tank. uffcctcd by acceleration. "And the fact that the silicone is bdctcrio-static — will not sup< poit the growth of bacteria — could offer a way of delivering astronauts to other planets and bringing them back with no dan gcr of germ contamination at cither end of the journey. "We haven't tried these things yet — they're still in the thinking stage — but they may well be worth exploring with this modality." Dr. Gtrew first became familiar with the properties of sili- corns in developing, as an intern in Houston, a plastic restoration r or breasts after surgery. Later, n hunting a better fluid in which ;o support burn victims — water shrivels tissue and encourages bacteria growth — he thought again of silicones. He ordeed a compound — specifically, di-methyl polysiloxane, •n oily feeling almost colorless substance sometimes used as a other contaminants from body wastes. The fluid would have to be circulated and filtered. Dr. Gerow tried several medical supply houses and was told, "It can'l be done." Finally he appealed to a swimming pool equipment dealer, who relayed the request to the company's headquarters in El Monte, Calif. There it went to the desk of William O. Bafcer, who as president of Swimquip Inc., supervises a continuing research in and filtration for pools and industrial circulation swimming plants. "I remembered seeing a cousin of mine suffer through two years in the hospital getting over a bad burn," Baker recalls. "I went to work." It wasn't a* easy as Baker first thought. The liquid had to be piped through diatomaceous earth, to filter out water and bacteria down to .2 of a micron and through carbon for removal of odors. By the time this was worked out, he faced another problem: the silicone fluid, much like penetrating oil, leaked through threaded pipe joints. The answer was welded tubing. After two years of research on Dr. Gerow's project, Baker today says: "I think we've got it whipped. There will be improvements as we go along, but the Houston case proves the system works." To Baker, a wealthy industrialist, the project has been an expensive philanthropy. "I'm about $200,000 out of pocket so far," he says, "and it will be another year or so before we could go into commercial production of the units. 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An extremely painful part o current treatment is the cutting away of charred tissue as it i replaced by growth underneath This is eliminated by the tanl treatment. Dr. Gerow has founc that a jet of silicone, played against the skin through a noz zle, sloughs of/ the burned tissue just as effectively — and withou pain. Dr. Gerow say s three people have been in the tank so far The burned woman was the first Later a medical student volun teered to spend 14 days in the silicone bath for refinement o: procedures. Ths third was an elderly man whose severe burr' had become badly infected dur ing conventional treatment. The silicone treatment helped, but i was too late to save him. "After we have set up a dozen or so units around the country we'll be able to tell just how ef fective the system is in a wide rang of cases," Dr. Gerow says, "but as of right now I'd say it is completely successful. Two units are in operation currently, one at Danville and the other at Houston, now moved to Ben Taub General Hospital. An improved model, destination undecided, is being fabricated. A unit consists of four big cylinders filled with diatomace- ius earth to filter out germs and water, two cylinders filled with carbon to remove odors, a stainless steel tank equipped with exercise bars to offset the weakening effects of inactivity in an almost weightless environment, and a temperature control panel. Fine English Dinnerwar* ...for the loveliest table settings today! The Royal Doultoa you've alwaya wanted it hen for *ou to tee. to own and to enjoy. Come in . . . our collection include* many M* quiait* new pattern* yovtl e» for th* fat (UM! f HICI fUCI HTTINOI FROM $17.95 pi«c* pl««* •*(*<•* include: dinnw, «•!*<», * »«tt*r »nd •WMT ACCOUNT* INVIIf* M e-IUl »««* t fit* Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1964 Soviet Expert Is a Defector GENEVA, Switzerland (AP>— An expert with the Soviet disarmament delegation apparently has defected to the West. Russian officials reported today. Yuri Nossenko. 36, vanished last Tuesday, but chief Soviet negotiator Semyon K. Tsarap- kin did not notify Swiss police until Saturday. A Soviet delegation source said 'it is beinning to look as though he may have defected." As one of a score of advisers with the Soviet delegation,. Nos- senko presumably had access to classified documents. Officials of Western delegations professed to know nothing of Nossenko's disappearance. Soviet delegation sources said Nossenko was a member of the legal department of the Soviet the delegation. —Whether buying or selling, use Telegram Want Ads! Wftihfta Youth Will Represent Kanrai BELLEVILLE. Kan. (API — Miss Paula S. Plott, 17. of Wichita, ".'ill represent Kansas irt America's Junior Miss pageant in Mobile. Ala., next month. She was chosen as Kansas Junior Miss from among 13 fi- . nalists Saturday. She received a $150 scholarship, a wardrobe an-1 two cameras. Mary Bolton of Abi'ene placed second and Kris Kvhn of Au» gusta third. Each got $50 scholarships and cameras. Descriptive Words NEW YORK (AP) — Sen. Kenneth B. Keating. R-X.Y.. savs an unidentified Queens housewife wrote him: "I never knew what a filibuster was until I read a newspaper article referring to it as a 'talk- athon.' Why don't you politician* coin more new words like this so one can understand more of what's going on?" "I agree," Keating commented on his weekly radio-television show here. 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