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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 3, 1859
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THE DAiLY BUSINESS DIRECTORS The following List of Business Houses and Wanufac turinj r-sUbl^rimeuls are among the Lest and mos -vrai«nt»» th«lrr»Bpectlve lines of suBtaess, J, M, CBGSSMAN, AUCHITECT Ar SUPERINTENDENT OFFCIE-NO. 10 tODKG'S NEW BLOCK. Plans and Specification* for all kinds of Buildings (unlshed »t lihort noticeand on the mast llbcraJ terms "" ISAAC GAS & STEAftt KO. 891 EAST WATER STREET, GMBE AND OHEOK YALVES, G0AGE DOCKS, 4c., ffort done In a trorkmanlike manner, at thortnotiee md lowest prices. _ }e9-dly N. L. OKISWOLL* & 00., .' EmtL ntlLEBS I» LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AN U CHILDREN'S . BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITEBS, "MA so N s T E E j; T , Opposite the Walker House. tny21 • . ; ; . - - -. WEINBKKNNEK, AKD DKALXR IK ' HOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS. SO. 24 SPRING STREET, Opposite American Houce . myu .' •' ' • - '• ; . Bool &, Siioe Slorc. SO. 48 EAST \VATEIl SiltEET, JOHN PHELAN, EEEP8 alwayi! on hand good custom made Hoots and Shoes. i '•''•-...:.'. All tlnde of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes csde to order in the latest style and ir&rr&ntedtopive et'lsfaction. . ..-••••'.'. aprtiS JOHN RICE, WHOLESALE DRUGGIST, '•> NO. 83 EAST WATER STEEET, Has just received a full supply o Celebrated Union, works Cylinder Glass, aiacufacturedat Olevelnnd, NewTork. TranBpcrt«d entirely by vessel, It comes In perfect order, and enables me to cell at low rates. I have permanent ar- rangemenU to eell this'brand of Glass hereafter. my28. • JOHN UIOE. Harper Brothers, [Established in 1S4S,) HOUSE ; SIGK, SHIP, OAEBIAGE AND OBNABIENTA1, Painters, Glaziers A: t'apcr.Haiigrcrs IMITATOES OF WOOD AND MABBLE, KO. 39 OKEID A' STREET, AFEW'DOORS EASTOF THEMAEEE1 MOUSE. ' JONES & General Land and Insurance Agents .KOTARIES PCBI.IC, &C., OFPIC3E, corner of Eeed ond Oregon streets, Meyrose's Block.-Fifth Ward. i WiU attead to the -buying and selling of Bcal Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings in responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making )ut of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, tc. All Collections made on accounts placed in our hand will bejiromptly paid over. • . .... A. 6. josss jy22 EOEEUT WHTTEHEIO. SCHNCECK.EL & BRUNOTTO, COMMISSION MKRGHA.NTS, - Real Estate and Money Brokcrt, NOTABIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE/WISCONSIN. OmCE—Ko.4 Market "Square, opposite the Old Postoffice. , '• . • mar27 ' D. OORSON, ATTORNEY AT I-A W HAS removed to ;0fflce, No. £, State Bank Building, cornerot E&st Water and Michigan »treetj Milwaukee. mar20-d3m JSO. L. DOILIE DOiiAN & JLfciVY, 'Attorney and Counsellors t Law, Off.ct— Empire, Block, 221 East Water ft., MILWAUKEE,... ...... [mayZZJ --------- WISCOKSIN find at my office a Register, open to their in- spectlon of llonds anfl Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Person? wishing to obtain Leans or having nomin, Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find it to their Interest to tic with me their applications or statements C. SCHLET, ylB , . , Opposite Walker Hojisfa^- SALE /PSE ncdersigned will sell his House and Lot, cow M. *occupied as a Tav^n by him, situated on Main St., BscIne,'T, T isconsin, near the Bteambo&t L&ndng and the E. 4 M. B- B- Depot. The house is located on the best business place, and the House as well a: the situation of the Loti would answer for suy . branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who Like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. . JOHN BABTII. Bacine, January £5, 1S59. _ Jon27-d6m Iiiiittber Vessels Tor Sale. Scheoner Fashion, 224 tons. Schooner D. Newhall, 193 tuns. Bcow Schooner Kugby, 168 tuns. The above Tessela will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOR * JEWETT, Buffalo, New York, Enquire of B. B. JOKES, Mil tukee, Wisconsin. feb25 BOOKS AKTD.S 1 EATIONBRS r J _W«nry JSiedecken : tfkclesale and Bttaft €?<». BLANK BOOK KULERS & BOOKBINDERS. Binders' Stock, Printing Ink and Rat Papers, always on hand In large quantities! AETIQCI Crannta In the neatest style. •' No. S19 EAST WATEB, BT.,KNEELAKD'B BLOOB, : apro INSURANCE .COMPANIES. Y ! KIT CAKSQN1! 3E3 AND AD VBNTITRBS WOOD AWB HAT YAK El, G. H. LAMBBRTON H AS just opened, for the benefit of all who may become bis Customers, a Market for WOOD end EAY, attheK.X.Oornerof West Water and Clybourn Streets, (Office with Hessrs. Habbett Ik Breed.) His Stock of Wood Is large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and Hls°Bt»ck a of Hay Is of the BEST QUALITY, and BALED IN GOOD O8PEB-: '. . Each will be delivered to any part of the City on the SHOKTE3T NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. N. B,—Wood Pedlars, and those who eh'p large qntntities of Hav will always find it to their advantage to buy of us. We will sell so that dealers may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. : mayl9 G. H. LAMEEP.TON. GENTLEMEN'S PURNISH'G. KEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. 63 s B. RUSSELL. Q 0 D EFAULT having ieen made in the condition of a certain promissory note, bearing date December 1st., A D. 1851/executed by W. B. Bibbard and John •B. Harris, and'ais i la the condition of a certain ressel mortage of the same date executed by said HIbbard and Harris to secure the payment of said note. Notice Is hereby given to all parties Interested that ire shall expose for sale and sell on Tuesday, the 8th day of JTJLr,' A. D., 1859, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of that day, At the Spring street bridge, In the city of Milwaukee, the Schooner WUli&m H. S.epbens, her m1»sts, bowsprits, sails, boat, anchor, cables, and all other necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to -satisfy the amount remaining due on 'said note Knd -mortgage together with the costs and crpentes of eale. " MOSES A. JAM KS, and c . . JOSEPH JAMES, Mortgagees. By W. W. BROWS, Agent. BDUXB; EDTTEICE k COTTEILL, Attorneys. : msy89-dtt _ ' _ _____ _ _ LA CEGSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL ROAD. 1859. 1859.. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. GKEAT NOR.TH-\n3STEB STATES KAIE & EXPRESS ONLY ALL RAIL ROUTE. TO ^LA CROSSE On the UPPEB. MISSISSIPPI UIVEU. On and after Monday, June Soth, f • Two Tiirongli ExpresB Trains Dailv - •-- " OP KIT CARSON, TbeNester of the Rocky Mpontains, Prom facts narrated by himself. Just received by maylO ;. STBIGKLAND & 00. ^ Re&l>ack's Lead ' Pencils, : ' ."•' .' • "'". FOB SALE/BY. : ' •; : : . TERUY & CLEAVER, "" BOOKSEI>t,I3US AND.;BTATIOICEttS," 16T East "Water strut, Milwaukee. "..'.' : W EhaV-e just "received a full supply of these Celebrated Pencils from the manufactory cfJ. J.' Behbach, in Begensburg, Bararia. They are carefully assorted, and each grade is distinguished 1 y a popular jrand. Particular attention Is called to Uic "Opposition Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the ••People's/ Pencil," (round red gilt:) also to the "Engineer's Pencil," (tiexagon gilt.) Alt of uhich will be round superior to any other pencil In the market. '/ i Alwaj 6 on hand a complete assortment of b'ack and colored lead pencils of ail the desirable grades. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to x citent of orders. - ' , / a pi29; At,LJBONE'S DICTlOlVARY; i':\;- OF AUTK^BS,- ;' i A Critical Dictionary erf English Literature and British and American AvthO'C, litiny and de- '• Jt y . US DWKLLING, Store or Merchandise Insured ! If cot, call Immediately and gel them Insured In thi following -"First Class," old established and Tirompi paying Companies: \JEtXA. INSURANCE COMPANY, Ot Hartford, Connecticut,. 1NOOBFOKATED I'W 1819. Dash Capital and Surplus,.. ,,1 ........ J1.&6T.920 08 ntAtt'WORD INSURANCE COMPANY, I iOf Hartford, Connecticut, 1 N C O B, P 0 B. AT fip IN 1810. Cash Capital and Burjil as, .............. 1798,68200 'HOME ^INSURANCE VCOMPANY, Of New York City, Path Capital and Surplus,. ..:........ (1,077,990 40 HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, •i . , Of New York. " INOOttPORATED JN' ISM. bash. Capital and Surplus........... ...MS8,95032 PHCENIX INSURANCE COMPANY* Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital andBurplus,.;......Z.... $419,081 CO ILAMAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., ; . - ' - 'Of Newport, ; : . Cf «n Capital and ErirpluyC. ;:;.... ...4259,069 38 JRESOLli rE; ISSUANCE. COB1P AN V, i -' ••"•'• Of*ew Yort'oity, Cash Capital and; r3nrplns,....j... ...... ?24fi^89 tS CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, V /Of Hartfoid, Connecticut, " ; Cish Capital and Surplus........... ...... $303,231 48 I solicit business for the above named Companies, en< tlrely u]>on their own merits and responsibility, anJ refiT to their prompt and Ilbera! settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guaranteefor the future. Policies is- tued without delay. '~. '-..:•. ..!•-:.•' : W.HENBY HOLLAND, Apent. JOETK DOLLIKD, Aes't. Northwest cor. Main and D. -P. MiBSHAii, Surveyor. Wisconsin Bts., MUwaukee. ' ' ' IJuitcd Slates F.-liis»4Co. • die oj the nine-tec-/in .Century., Contain- . [ ing Thirty Thousand £iographite \ • ' and Literary'Notices; iiith Fvrty Indexes oSSutJevts. Price $5.- ' I NDESPEKSABL'T necessary to all who Head, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific and Literary Men, Merchants and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics.' ; IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION, ' " - FURNISHED BV STRICKLAND- & CO., BOOK <fc STATIONERY JOBBEKS, 135 East Water street, . MILWAUKEE, WISCOtfSVF. From TheophiuB Parjcns, L. L. D., Professor of Law In Harvard Univeraity.J :. CAUBEIDQE, Jan. 5,1S59. DEIE em:—I have had the flrst volume of year Dictionary for some days, and have sat sfied myself that yoor p an is excellent, and that ypu have carried it out rith very great industry and with good judgment.— The fullness and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and iheir works, are Indeed -remarkable. To any one who desire the knowledge your bnok purports to give—and nhat educated- man does notf— t mnct be ol great interest a id value. Efespectfullv, *c, . THEOPHILUS PARKER. S, Austin Allibone, Esq. From S. Ircnieus Prime, D. D., Ediior N. Y. Observer.] KEwYoitK, Feb.S,lS59. OnKTLKMEK':—The first volume of your great Diction* iry of Authors, I h&Te perused with astonishment a; d delight. It is jastwb&ll have long desired to have, and mve sought for in vain. . Thcusamls of clergymen; Indents, and all literary and inttliltcnt men, must wish to have just this work; and they will have It, when they learn that it is in thi world. It deserves the most cordial reception, tnd I trust that the author and the publishers will have the largest reward for their enttr- >rise and labor. ' Yours truly, : . S. IREN.EC8 PBJUE. ' Cbllds i Peterson. : .. BORPLDS ........ •....;....;....... 29.658 W Office, under Mitchell's Bonk, corner of East Water and Michigan streets, ; ; MIL WA VKEB. ...... ..... .... WISCONSIN. DIRKITOKS I'-,...'. ; J. A. Hclfenstein, EL Sanderson, Masts Kneeiand, . . B. S. Dsggett, Samuel Hale, ' G. D. Dousman, : H.-L. Palmer, •! ' Edwin TownsenJ, Solomon Adltr.' ' • - • J. A.HElVENSTEtN.Prcildent. G. D. DODSHAN. Vice PreiidenU W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B.:0. WKET, Secretary. :uuiJ 8.8. DiflOKTT, Treasurer, H. L. PALUKB, Attorney. i marlO In iisrsii»AiyciB OFFICE: ,\ itlltclicll Building, Ulicbigan. WiscoHsn. QHARIERED CAPITAL, - - $200,000 Cash Paid in, $10O,OOO. DIRECTORS: O. D. Divre, S. 8. Cosova, J. HOUPHIKV, J. H. COP.DES, U. Cousroor, E. TOAVNSEND, President. A. L. WALBATH, Secretary. H. L. PAUCKB, Attorney. EST~ Fire and Marine Risks taken at current ratei. - , ie24 : . ' - E. TOWSSENP, T. B. Ktxuioo, J. 8. HABRIS.- CHAS. GeisBKEO, W. A. Paisriss, H. KHLKBRICHT, JORif H Tt. Hat, JiB.Muiuut, Qso. DVEK. AND FIIIE INSPKAHCF. T HE undcnlpncd Is prepared to take Marine Bisks and Fire Bisks on rroducc in store, in the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at as low rates as by-other reliable Companies. " The reputation bfthijTrell-known, long established Company entitles I tto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Afrent, novS at office of H. 4 J. P. llill. • InuiniD,Jan.2),1859. Mr DEIB Ere :— With better Lno'wUdce of your book rom repeated ft-asts npon it, I &m Bthamt-d to hare rrittenyou to commonplace an acknowledgment of its rst rcc ipt. Of all the storehouse of interesting and cadable matter the ''Dictionary of Anthers" seecs to the most caiitivailcjr. The goo<I:taEte, Industry, and kill of arrant'«mciit therein manifesied could not be 3-passed, tud it »il make ;or Toa a reni.t»"-; - '?. nv«)Ie. I shall try tom-' ---- -ajcunsrinprint.for my, ppareoU* i"i-»"' <;v -'' au V e nrct acknowledgrncnt of the. - ' ' LEAVK MILWAUKKK,'- PBOM DEPOT FOOT OF CHESTNUT 'STREET, AS FOLLOW?: ' 7:25 A. M. and I:5OP.!II. Trains arrive at Milwaukee at 9:86 A. M. AN.D 3:35 P. M* Close connections are made at LaOrosse. Twice daily each- way with the Jffin- ' nesota Packet Cora pan T'S. JVew and "- Splendid Imitcd States Mail Line ofStcaincrsto A-fromSt. r«nl and intermediate points. - -Hf*PaMengcrs, by taking this rpnte, irill iaTejlOO mite* in distance and IS hours time, from Chicago or .•.Milwaukee to La Oroate or St. £aol, over any other •L ejaBwaokee, JonelT.1859. --- «j e ^ •> ' E0WIN B. GOODRICH, ' -~i l'-r- i •" " ( ' G. PPIST32RA: CO, «taanfactnrer» and Dealers is Manager. , Wl§. «agl8 . . » ilh many sincere thanks for the prize I have In the 1 oot, I remain, my dear tlr, \ Tcnrs, fa-.Uifully, i . : - N.P.WILLIS. 8. Austin Allibane, Esq. may 19 i NEW PUB1-TSHKD BY L10KAN&ADOLPHDS. CARTKKS. Aunt Judy's Talcs. Pjirabli-fi from Natorc. Motes in the-Sun Ueam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Uncle Jack the Fault Killer. For Bale by TERRY A CLEAVER,' maylS 1C7 East Waters*. S NEW BOO — AT— TERRY & C 1C7 £AST WATER STREET. . E ARTH'S Travels In Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged. LiTlngeton's Travels In Southern Africa, 1 vo!. Speergeous Sermons, 5th eeries. Higher Christian Life. may IB SHIPPERS OF PRODUOE N supply thexiselvea with Bills of Ledinpr at . TEEar&CLEATEli'3, ma)'2Q 1C7 Esst Water ttreet. BO O K'8... ; /^VUR stock Is the lanrcstto the West. We sell every \J Book at the Publisher's price. We can farr/lsh to order any book which exisU, cither In the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. janSO STRIOKALND 4 CO. School Books; W E have every Bcbool Book in demand, and se them at wholesale or retaij. jan20 ' STRICEXAND A CO. BIND UP YOUR t TTtTE are prepared In oar Bindery to Btod Magazines, .Tf Periodicals, or anything else In. the form of a Book, In .neat and durable styles, at low rates. STRICKLAND A CO.. Stereoscopic Views. TKT"E have recived a fine lot of Sterescopic Views IT embracing views of Interesting localities in KUSSIA, SWITZEULANlV SPAIN, K G Y P T , ', N U B I A , GHEECE, ITUS&ET, IRELAND, f <tl\, <fc(7 Also a large variety of new American Tjews. ftew and very desirable stvles of Stereoscopic Instruments. . - . ' • STRICKLAND 4 CO., Hookscllers and Stationers, ap*" 1 .134.East Water nreet. City IiiMirnuce Co., OF PIIII/AOEI rlllA. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, $500,000. PAID DP CAPITAL AND AS3ETT3, 271,555. ffa, FranJdin Eui'dina, A~o. 403 Walnut etreci, rklUt. subscriber liai hccn apjointed agent forjUJs 1 Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Risk, takt-n on as favorable lerms BS oth'jr responElb!** i 1 -*-- '"" _ , .^>nts.-;. " IIITE, Agent. tyMCf, corner of i;ast Water 2nd Uuron btrceU, up stiirs, over the Marine rar.k. m4y29 BY STATE AUJHQRITY, WISCONSlK 1 QENEHA1> INSURANCE AGENCY RAILROADS. Wat. & Baraboo Valley : RAILROAD. , O N anOj after Monday, April 4th, and nntll further no* tlce* Passenger Train will leave Milwaukee from the dapot.'foot of Second >treet,for Pew&ukee, Hartland Fine Lake, Oconomowoe, Wstertown, Lowell, and Col. nmbuaatfl.80 p. m.,arrivingin KUwankee at.ll.83 a, mj Passengers arriving at MUwsukee by the Milwaukee A Chicago K. R., La Crossed Mil.R. K. t and Mil. t Miss B. R., or, by Boat, can proceed to the above places. Connections are made at Watertown with! stages fot Lake MUli, Jefferson, Waterloo, Hanchetville, Sun Prat- rio, Cottage Grove and Madison. Also atColnmboi for Lodi,Merimac,Atsego, : Fall River, Leed's Comers Hamden,-Lowvllle, Dekora, York, Arlington, Bristol ant for all points to the West and North .West. Passengers arriving at tho Junction from the above places mttVe connections h the Milwaukee t Mississippi K.'B., for Janesville, Madison an J. Prairie da Chlen an&at Milirankee, with roads to the South,; Weit aprS •.' S. S. MKRBILL, Superintendent. SUMMEK IS59. ' ARRANCiKMEMT. . . . . . MICHIGAN CENa7RAL .:-.,.; ,| - . •• —AHD- . .: i. • • . ;. G. Western (Canada) Railway, T RAINS leave the Great Central Depot,' foot of Lake (treclj Chicago, »a follows: 4:OO AJ M.—DEKTOIT; i days eicepied), arrive at l>etrolt 6.0C ^ : • .'•!' 'PH. : • • . : 7:011 A.' IB.—CINCIHHATI EXPHESS. (Sundays • j eicepted.) ! Arrive »t Iniii.inapoll: 4.-00 i p. M.; Cincinnati 8:30p. M. 8:OO' A.' iW.—LIGHTNING JtyPKEaS,(Sundaysex- ' . -i cepted,) arrives at'Detroit 7:00 f. K.; ' -. - i\ Buspension Bridge or Buffilo 4:0^ A. •j if; Albany 3;00 r,n.; Ne.w York9:00 : -i r. u.; Baswrri 11 p. M. a:oo Pi jn,-NiLE-i ACLOHUODATIOIJ, except 8:OO pj JH.—NEW r'oBK ANDEOSTON'EXPKEiisi : ; (except Saturday.) Arrive at Detroil ' • ' 7:15 A. v.; Suspension Bridge or Buffalo ! :'<' t80 P. ie.; Albany 4:00 A.M.; New York : ;< 10:00 i. u.; Boston 2:00 r. M. 8:00 PV M .-CINCINNATI AND LODIBVILLE EX• PKKS8. (Except Saturday.) Arrive at •,".! Cincinnati 9:00 A.u.; Louisville 4.KX : ?•.-' T. M. • : : . One tralh onSnnday at8:00p. x. The SlOOU. u. and 8:00 p. M. trains connect at Paris with the Buffalo i Lake Huron Railway, for Buffalo and all pclnte e'.st; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Kail- way,to fitngsttn, Ogdensburg, Montreal,-Quebec and all points^ In Canada East, NprUiern Vermont, New Hampshire'aad Maine. \Stir Baggage checln-d through... : Throngli tickets foi sale at the principal Bailroad offices In.the West, and at the general office,corner Lake Jt Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremont House, Chicago, and at the Depot, fcot of Lake street. •'! ' . . R.N.RIOE.Sup'l. B. J. SMLpiso.Gen P&KI. Ae't. ] apr!2 Deljroit & jflil. Railway. THE Steamer Cleveland will take her place in line of the Detroit t Milwaukee Hallway, on Monday, the 14th March. Passengers wishing through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday ntit, at 230 East Water street, or at the office on the dock of the Detroit & HllwaukC' Railway Co.— Due notice! of tha time of departure will be Riven. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route to all points East. • marS 1859. ARRANGEMENT. ROAD. AM) SHORTEST EXI'tOITlOl S HOVTE! La C Read's landing, Red Wing, PBESCblf, 6T, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONY. Chanpopf Time, Moodny, April 1, 18.19. 1ST TlfAIK 1:00 A. LEAVES Arriving at Jsnesvll'c 2.SO P.M.; Madison 3:35 P. M. ; Prairie du Ohleti whicneae Prirle du j Chlcn oa the arrival of the S.-OO P. M. Train. CHARTER OAK I IKE INS. C<>.. Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS 1341,656 95 NORTH AITIEKICAN FIRE INS*. CO., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS ?3M,360 Ot WESTERN MASS. FIRE IXS. CO., ' Of PittsQdd, Mass. OASH AS3ETT3 i$205,CS9 «\ CONTVAY FIRE IKiStTRANCE CO., * Of Comray, Mass. CASH ASSETS; »2C3,«1 47 IIA1TIPDEJV FIRE CO., Springfield, Mass. i CASH ASSETS......;..... • r225,000 . GIUA1TD FIRE IKS. CO.flPArYY, - • '• .OfPhiladelphia. OASH ASSETS -»2S4,7S9 73 it W. t'rain, Agent, OFFICE, NO. 2, MARTIN SLOCK, UP STAIRS, rnargfl Milwaukee, Wisconsin^ MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION in Drjr «oodi THAI IMMENSE STOCE OP IVo. 187 £f&t- Water Street, MDST BE CLOSED OUT ; BY THE ASSIGNEE, i .: —so—.. ' fereat Bargains may be Exp< cted, aprlT-dtf JOSEl'II CAR\S Aadgnee. SIXTH VOI/CME WISCONSIN KEPORTS f "Bale at - STRICKLAND 4 00, f cbl 9 1S4 East Water street. PIKE'S 'PEAK. A NEW MAP, showing the Route to the Gold Regions In Kansas, just received by feb!9 STRICKLAND 4 CO., 124 East Water street. NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF PISH, A PEp^FED by thc'Common OouncU ofthc-CIty of Ok. Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March 17,1869, hereby gives notice that he is now furnished with the piopcr weights and brands for ihe due performance of the duties or his office. By the Bald "Act" it is made the duty of all persons dealing in Fish to give notice to the Inspector to have the same duly inspected and branded before packing. Mr. Smith will be found at the Ne» Warehouse of Messrs. John Furlong * Son, South Water *t., Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to be left. Milwaukee, May 7,1859. -. - • ma} 10 JOHN SMITH, Inspector. B.O. UTAH.. ............... ..... ,.;.JAS.O.,reKEIKS. Eyan & Jenkins, COUNSELORS AT LAW, BANK Corner East Voter and Michigan ate., Milwaukee. ma> 5 ... • ...... -..-•• .: .. James A, Swain, '! ' OF THE LATE HEM OFl MA-G-IE :: & ; ;S:WAIN jHTLL remain al the old stand where be will be pleas- • ed' to welcome tht'palroni of the establishment, i aprl2-dtf .,-..'.-:, •;-..- .-:. UNITED STATES MAIlfiJHAiVS SALE TheFarmers'toaniTrnjtOom V pany,j | ; • : - • Ti. ' • TheMllwaokee & Superior Railroad Company, - - • . t In the 0. S. DIs- OityofllUwankee, : Vt'rlct Oonrt fpr the John Stewart, i District of Wisconsin. JohaonC. A.Allerdlng, -' In Equity. Christian Hahm and Gottfried Wootscb.' OHARLES QUENTIN & CO. pHARLES (jtJENTDS 4 CO., Comer of East Water V7 ana Mason streets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin^ have for Seal K«!»t e (rl a,,, city of Milw»nkec,ln large or Building lots in every Ward oft h Oltyy e«andririces,:rpr;bnslness orresMcno; and terms, auso,: siiaii Parni.1 offrom 6 to'SO 3HAELE8 CO. WESTERN UNIOJST Wisconsin Stale J?e!egra|»h. Office, Free Democrat Sleek, MUteaiAte. i Councctions with all Lines .Enn. TlSSWUconilB State Mnei run from miwankeeto 1 LaCrOMe, Food da L»fl anil Waopnn, on Railroad Jputes. Also from Milwaukee to Janesville, Madison. WatmdwrumdFralrie da Otlen. Stations at all Un.' portent loterrcealate pointa. t3T" Office boars from 8 A. x. to ftp. M. __ mayM-dtf - A. WELMEB, Agent. I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District Court of the United States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 1859, in the above entiilcd cause, Ishail fell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd 4»y of August, 1859, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from the steps of the Custom House, in the City of -Milwaukee, all and singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of complaint in said cause, and described as i "All th« following, present and in future to be acquired, real and personal property and real estate of the BUM defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Bailroad Company, t at is to say, all of the first division of the Railroad of said Bailroad Company defendant, from the,0ityof Mllw.ukeei to the City of Green Bay In said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty mite), Including the right of -ffay, and land occupied by said flrst division of said road, (subject to the right, Oue or claim, which the Bald defendants Stewart, Allerdlnj, • Hahm and Woofsch, or either of them, may have had at the time of making said <decree,.to land upon which said Hall- rtadCompany. nu located its way, and for which no compensation has been made to tu«m,) together with the superstructure and track thereon', and all rails arid other materials nsed thereon, bridges, viaducts, -culverts, fences, equipments, necessary depot grounds and blnldlngs thereon, belonging to the said UaUroad Com- f,any, and all rolling stock, engines, tenders, carl. tools, materials, machinery, fixtures, and all other per" sonal properly appertaining to said first division of said road, and all rights thereto, and Interests to "be a'c-' quired by said defendant, tho Milwaukee and Saperior Kailroad Company, together with the name aad functions appertaining to the said first division of sald~road all tolls, rents and Income had or levied there- from, and all .cprporate and other franchises, rights and privileges of the aald EaUroad Company in or to or concerning the same.!? - • ".-.-. .. . f Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, WIs., April 6, 1859, •> •'• ! : ->f --.'.-• M. J.THOMAS. • United States Marshal, District of Wisconsin. KUHOSB.TASDTIS 4 HAMJLTOH, Compi'ta SpUcltori. .Bpr21rdtt i - V- . ' : ; 2D TRAIN LEAVES i:05 P. M., Arriving tt janvesvl'.lc 6:15 P. M.; Madison -; 10:00 P.M. {ST" Fan- to all points on the Miulssippi Riverjis ow a* snyjother Route. j, WILLIAM J?.£V1S, ap!6 Gen'l Ssperintvndfnt. OHJAJStOK OF TIMEO N ft.-i<i aflrr Monday, April 4:h, trains on the Mi! wwukej?, »V»tfcrtotrn & I! Valley RailrrEd will arrive to HUwfciikee at ll:o$ A. «., and departs "ani-citr i JIAU.BOADS fcTRANSPQR'N SSat-ine & Mississippi K. K. OPEN TO » A VI 8, 9Q MlJf/ES. i ' - (14 MUit from frtepart.) ON AND APTEB ,- MON0AY, DEO. 6, 1858;, Trains will ton as follows, rii : , i "s GOIN8 WEf-T. c tt»veBacln9for Davis— Prsigiit* Ace., 81.11. Leaje Bacine for Beloifc- Passenger- 2 P.M. ' Leave Belott for Bjicine-rPassenger, • 1:30 *.u. Leave Davis for Kieine— Freight *. Ace., ' 8:30 A. *. 'Passengers by taking. the 7 A' H. train on the Lake Shore Bailrbad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine with train (o Davis ; arriving 'at -Davb) at &SO p. X. Stage leaves DavlJ lor Ireeport oa arrival of trala. 6:30 A. tf. train from DavU connect! at Bacino with afternoon trains on the Lake ShorS Kailroad North and South. i S3T Irelght forwarded with dispatch. decS EOBEBT UABRIS, Superintendent Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago RAILTROAD. nerrand" direct'souta now- open to New York, JL rioston.. Pittsburgh,^ Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, NSa&ara Falls, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Colombia; Dayton, Springfield, Urban*, Zanesvllle, SteobenvilK, Hew- ark and Wheeling, and all Interior towns of Ohio, Ptnn- •yiTanla, Tfrgini.1, Maryland, New Jersey, ie. Slaking one Grand Uubrokeu U. R. Line !• BKTsrew cBiCAUo A»O TH* EAST. : •*' FAKE A3 LOW AS ANY OTHER BOUTS. '• 'J&T Those desiring W go by this Bonto will be particular and, enquire for Tickets via Fort Wayne, thereby avoiding the annoyanceof rechecklng their Baggage. • TRAINS ISA VS DBFOT OX VAN BU&iif SI. ':'• . DAILY, ASJ^OLIOWS: ^ 8:00 r. H.— Night Express, daily, Saturdays eicepted. 6:00 1. K.— Morning Mall and Express, daily, Sundays \ '••••' ' eicepted. ; . I . i i With bnt one chinge.ofcars KxPittiburgh. ' ffVE3\0»?S2ED IN THIS CITY F 0 GREAT FOB THE NEXT SIXTY £>AYS. Till] STOCK IS HEAVY, .AWD MUST BE SO". 218 and 220.East Water S.txe'e.t, lprS-d2mo a -•'•••.. !.» MISCELLANEOUS. DR. H. W. HEDIIEAJ), VETEaiNAHV To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York, connecting directly with trains on tfie great Pennsylvania. Central Bailrpad, to, all eastern cities. Also, with Cleveland & Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buflalo, Niagara Fails via New York Central and New .York & Erie Baflroads to New York and Boston. Persons going eait will find this route by far the most desirable, both from the advantage in point of distance, variety and beauty 'of the country through which the roads pass, as well aa the less frequent changes of cars and the annoyance of re-checking baggage required by either routes. - [ i. faculties for the transportation of Freight and Liv< Stock bylhla route are unsurpassed. Bates as low u any other route, and with equal dispatch. ; .Tickets for sale at alii he principal ticket offices in the West, and at Company's Office, No. SO Dearborn street, opposite Tremont House, Chicago, and at the office of the Lake Shore KallroadiMilwankce, by A. G. Leland. < ' - : JNO; J. HOUSTON, ' General Freight Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa. i D. W. BOSS, t General Western Agent, Chicago. ; Chicago, JIareh 0, !Si9. . marS [flilwaukee & Chicago R. R. 1859. 1859. 'ISUMMKB ARRANQEMENT. FORMERLY o? CLSVSL AND O., respectfully Informs th the citizens of Milwaukee tha having located In'thisplao he Intends practicing his pro fesslon. All diseases to th Horse treated In a most ac entiflc stylo, and general sat- faction .warranted.. In con nectlon with, his practice h will Prick and Dock Tails the most approved style; and to gain tha confidence of th public, ha refers to the follow Ing gentlemen, who have em ployed Mr. Bedhead man times professionally In tho course of ten years. We feel justified in saying that his practica 13 sup rior to the general run of Veterinary Practloncen. .V MawAcus. John 0. Brcdhead c . Wm. Jumison, A Murray, Pryer 4 Co., : *•' - cLrreuin. J-jdje Wilson, i " Bishop, '' ; " Kelly, "'And-ews, " Resncr. • " Vllden, Jno. Klrkland, cnicioo. Wm. Dowoao. 0. Bradford. Doct. n. A. Ackley, •• M.L.Wright, James Kelly, XISCSUA. K. A. Brown, James Foley. * LlVMT W. J. Gains/I White t Neiel, 07 CLSVZLU)I>. Qeer & Harrlngtoa, 0. H. 3eymour. or ran BOBSK aziizma'a aocisi/. J. K. Curtis, Wm. Patti, Silas Merchant, Wm. E. Adams. 1 iy~ Offloe, Klrbj'J LlTtry Stable, Main street. • aprlS-dAwtf j Great United Stain Mail and Exprus Routs. fllHE only reliable and iii.Bonr« TO na EAST, SOUTH JL and Koala-W&3T, and the only Line making sure connections'. Daggage checked through to principal points. On and after > MONDAY, APK1L 25th, 1859, Trains leave Depot, corner of Ilorlda and Barclay its., as follows: "^ 10:3O A. ITI.—Exrazss PiaaisoEH—arriving at Chl- i : cago at 2:10 r. u. 3! 15 P. itl.—Exraxss PiFozsoia—arriving at Chicago at 6:15 p. u , and mak&c close : connections with Evening Trains ICast and South West, and with the Bacine and Mississippi Bailroai?, at Baclna junction, for lleloit and other stations on that Line. u Freight Train leaves at 6:30 4. H., arrives 5:00 p. if. ' Freight forwarded with despatch, and at low rates. ! Passenger Trains leave Chicago for Milwaukee and the North West at 9:00 i. if., and 8:15 r. if., arriving here at 12:50 p. a. and 12:15 l. M. apr24 JNO. T. MOODY, Master Tr.importation. LaCrosse & illil. Railroad. W E, the undersigned, having been appointed agents for the collection and delivery of Freight for this company, be? to inform merchants and others that an office (No. 8 Wisconsin street,) opened on the 1st of April, where orders can be left, and will receive prompt attention. Our authorized collectors will receipt goods at the warehouses of shippers. Information respecting Freight transportation on this line can ce had by ap- "CO apri plication at the office of Mr. A. F , il«rch30,1559. 1859. KE'.VjiKD FAVOKITE EOTITE EAS1! Ifc i\'ORTIl-WCST, DETROIT & MILWAUKE.: H, R \ (Now opened to Lake urt first-Clan Steamtrt, "Cit^of Cleveland." & "Cleveland, 1 {Tborouglily refilled for this route.) O N AND^wrTER MONDAT, Jane Ca, 1S^^, Pas sengcr.Tratra will mn as follows : ' OOINO WEST: Sap. Brldgej depart. •Detroit, depart..... •Oswego' arrive Hall. P.M. 9:20 A.K. 7:00 10:50 P. M. Bt.Johns, arrive 12:10 Grand fiapljii, arr. 8:10 *»1 rand Haven, arr fcOJ ' '•! -' A.K. Milwaukee, arrive .,, 2:51 Slired.i A. t. 4:20 P.M. 1:30 7:10 9:35 A. K. 2:80, 4:30 Noon.; 12:00 Sight Express . *•« • 10-.20 r. M - 8.-CO 4:3C Noon 12:0. <iOINC* EAST : j Mail Night j lipr'» Ml«d. Erpr's ': I P. n. Noon Milwaukee,-ileptrt „ SflO 12:00 ; - A. H. A.M. r. u *Grand Hatfen, dep 8:00 dep't; 8:30 Grand Rapids, arr 4:20 6:80; 10:30 SU Johns, arrive , 6:10 9:15' . i:15 Owosjo, arrive 7-^5 11:20 2;20 'Detroit, arrive 11:40 6^0 6:20 i . P. H. A.M. A. If Sm. Drldfreiiarrlve 3^5 4.-00 1 4:50 •Refreshments—Hotel In Depot at Grand ilaven. • Boat will leave Milwaukee, on Saturdays at 8 p. it.— for Saturday Nlght'.s Ezpreu passengers west, but 3 A it. tram wIli'SuT leave on Sundays, i : . Trains leave termini daily, Sundays exccpted. • f^AJIPHENE,Burning Flnid, Spirits'-Turpentine, al. .1 t M».»^ r.H ^,««4 •• !• •'.--.: • ."~ -i *^ \J. wtysfin hand atj febS ffARRINGTOri'8. H. KN ecently of K. T., rriay be consulted at bis room No.B, Ncwhall House, Milwaukee, the first ot every month, commencing November 1st, in regard to all dls- eases, which he treats with unprecedented success, lit cares chronic cues of disease!, which hare been pro. bonnced Incurable by the medical faculty generally, ench as Nervous arid Neuralgic Affections, Ulceasea 01 Women, jaltforms of Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Oonstlpstlon- Bkin Diseases, Cancerous and Tuberculous Affection;, (nclndlng Pulmonary Oonsumption, Bheumatlsm, Par. ialysls, Kpilepsy, .Remittent apuon, A and lot: .ermittent Fevers, 1 of the sufferings of child-birth are removed by early consultation. Remember, that the Doctor does not promise to cure l.BUgEaof Diseases, While all fliseates are curable, taken In season, all ftagcs are not, ITour case may be curable this week, not next—to-day, not to-morrow. ncneethe4anger of delay. . eeplSS t la?~Dr.Kn»pp will he at tils Rooms, Nenhail House prom Tuesday noon, July 12(i| «ll Thnr»d»y noon, July 14th. Oonuittttoanua. THE TELEGRAPH LINE Is.uow open for PCBIJO Be- sincss. ;;! ' i . • ;| CONNECTIONS. , | AT mibrUOIT—GREAT WESTERN RAILWAT for all points East—MICHIGAN OENtKAL and MICHIGAN! BOCTHERN BAILBOADS, ana OLEVE- LAND Line bf Steamers. • AT Git AND HAVEN—With "iHTJRON ' Steamer for.CHICAGO, Ac., Ac. i •'.' AT ITII ^, \VAfltnK—With the MISSISSIPPI LA OROSSSt CHICAGO, "WATERTOWN ahd HORI. CON RAILROADS, for all important points West and Northwest, and on Mississippi River, and withSteamers for Ports on jLake Michigan. Passengeri for Great Western Railway go on the Esll- way Fiaar Eni>irR, at D. A M. R.: Dock, leaving Dock at 8:(>0 A K , 12:05 Noon and 7:30 r. H. NIGHT TKAlNfl have SLEEPING CAR3 attached. The Company's Time-Tablei can be bad at any of the BUtlons. : j , .'.••• ••-,: ; ;j W. K. ^ItJlIt. Gen'l Sop't, WHtTMAa 4 FOWJEB, Ticket Agents, '230 Kast Water at W*. Gmiuu, Freight Agent at Com'oany'siDock. H.;0. WIIEOB, General Western Agent. D. 4 M. 11. Offices, June, ISM ' ;e9 I HiOtJSES T& RENT/ W E have several Brick and Frame Houses to rent on very reasonable terms. We have also for tale a vast quantity .of real estate, ro-sisting of Houses, Lot', Improved and unimproved Paras, School Lands, 4c. I We bavb BO acres ne«r the City, with Honie, Barn, A-., for the linall rent of |50 and taxes. i : '-..':•• -.-:•••.-! GREGOUY * CO., mayl j ! 224 Kant Water street. 1CH1] SAtU; • STATE OP WISCONSIN,; '1 i Circuit Conrti Milwaukee County, f ; Meyer Shoyer, ) -'• ' • '. agilnst f Judgment of{ Foreclosure and Sarah B. WeM and (sale. ;,. . ; Colin M. Farmer. J . I I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In tali) Coart, In the above entitled action,' dated the twenty-eight day of May, 1559, 1 shall expose for sale and lei!'at. Public Auction, al the Poit-ua:ce, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, ttic lOlIi day of September, 1859, at,the hour of i P.M.,of thatiday, the following described mortgaged premises, or iso much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, Interest and co:ta, together with' (he expenses of sale, to wit: ' . "The souths twenty [20J feet of lot number nine [9], In ; block number sixty-four ~l 61), IP the Seventh {TJ Ward, of the City ol Milfcaukee, in. • the Oonnty of Milwaukee and State of Wiscen- Dated Sheriff's Office, MQwaukee, June C, 1S59. LETI HoBstU, I A. J. LANGWOKTHT, Pl'ffsAtt'y. f . 8I ! 'fr.MiLCo.,Wa je7-dSm-ian2w John Iflarquis, Arcliitect, JJLJNEAU BLOCK, ' Is prepared Jj farnlsh i4ans for all kinds of buildings at the shortest notice. REFERENCES: J. S. 1L4RB1F-J LoifSDXi BEoJSia, S. FIILD, i DAIPOUB 0. JoBir n. f W. TBITAITS, C. S. DA-iroirtH,. Loon 8. r febZO P ORK Hu Uf6. in store, for ««le. *n»lB j f^HB caM bfftcah Mgs. I«o«vea this day *t- \J »prS* ' HUNH * oaOSBT'6. - \ NOTICE. • OFHCE OP BISHOP * CO., MOHGAGESa, I L» Posfisjios o» MIL. t CHICAGO R. B., I Milwaukee, April S, 3SJ9. | N and after April 9th, 1SJ9, and until further notice, no person Is nuthoriied to make purchases, or contract for materials for the Milwaukee and Cblca- ;o Ral'road wlthcat a written order fiom the undersigned. UilUwiil be ).>aid monthly and account will Lot be cbntinuetl wltb any concern tliit ntglecU to rtnler .onthiy bills. U. D. HALL, Geu'l Agt. Mortgagees. , aprlt J. T. MUOD7. Master of Traniponation. ! 185i>. 1S.19. THE NORTUGBIT* ITRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during tho present Season, run their vrell i known and popular Lir.e of | First Class Screw Steamers, | Regularly, between OGDENSBIJKOH & OS^EOO, AMD TUF. t PPEU LAKES ! ; Forming a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdens'ourgh and Oiwego, and Chicago, Milwaukee and Intense-llate Torts, connecting at Ogdeniburgh with the ! OGDENSBURGH 4 VERMONT CESTifAL RAILROAD ROUTE, Between Ofrdenabnrgh, Burlington, Concord, Man- 'Chester, Nuhna, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester and ^Boston, and at Oswego with the New Oiwego Line of : Thirty First Class Cinal Boats on the Enlarged Canal, •'between O«ivcg;o,!lTroy, f Albany <fc Sfcw York, i ; : ^Connecting alio at Dunkirk with \XEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD, ' And forming a TrI-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Miluankcc & Chicago, ; B7" Property forwarded by Uils L!ne">ill be «abject itoibotjOne Transhipment. • t3f~ Merchandise marked "N. T. CO. EX. :PilESS»" will be forwarded from Ntw Tork by an •Srprttt Freight Train over Vit Sew Tort dk Erl» -.',.• . • EaUroad, And promptly fonrarded from DnnklrkJ APPL.^ TO J. MT££s, Agent N. T. Co., 177 Broadway, New York. J;L,WA«txa, Agents. T. Co., S Ccentles Slip, New ,7ork. ' CtJAB. S. TAPPAS, corner Eth and Ohesnut it., Phlla. ; Uov»T4 CsAWroED, Onrf go N. Y. i Si D. CiLDWiti, Agent, Dunkirk, N. 17. : CHAHBUUJX, CiAwroiD 4 Co., Cleveland, O.| : Jpn» Hocxaa, Agent N. T. Co., 99 State St., Boston. A. CCIBXAX. Agent V. C, Line,' 103 State it., Boston. ; J: F. CBCZCH, Agent, Rome's Point, N. Y. Gzo. PAacza, Agent, Ogde'nsburgb, N. Y. ! UJ. HIQBY, Milwaukee, Wis., offlce LaCroue 4 M. B. R. Depot. J. H. CRAWFOBDtl W,|«.r,V»» Wl.^nn.U Wi -jr. IZAL,C, - j •'"'waukee, Wisconsin, JM • Office near SI. 4 M. E. R. Depot. I K. Bv—Snippers are requested to see one of the above Agents beforernaklng contracts, as they are prepared to offer very loir.ratti, and their connections with the Ocdensburgh and Oswego routes, and especially with lie New York 4 Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities Tor cheap and speedy transportation. !: marlS-dEm-laitwlav DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line! SUMMER PLEASURE SAILING J f\y and after 2d Slay next, parties will be carried by W the iwlft and elegant Steamers CUy of Cleveland and Cleveland, to Grapd Haven, .thence by trains to Grand Rapids and bac'irat cheap excursion fares, and time afforded to view ,U.e beactifol and romantic scenery on the Grand Elver around the City of Grand Bapids, with its extensive GTP3DM BEDS, and other Interesting features. Tares (including rooms or berths) for parties of fire—to Grand Hateri and back J12.50 POT parties of five to Grand Baplda and back.... 10,75 Meala can be had on board at fi.'ty cents each. TIME. Pirtles can leave Milwaukee twice daily, and hava tickets made valid to go and return any time within one week. Hour* of Sailing & Running of J Trains. Leave Milwaukee. ...-. 12;30i.M. 3:00 r.M, Leave Grand Haven 8:45 T. u. 4:00 i. x. Arrive at Grand Bapids 10:30 T. x. 6:20 A. >. Leave Grand Bapids 2:35 i. ». 3:05 r. M. Leave Grand Haven.. 5:30 i. «. 9:00 ?. x. Arrive at Milwaukee. ". .13:15 r. if. 5:SO A* a. There Is a new and* comfortable hotel abov» »n j in tha Railway Depot at Grind Haven, whera Excursion Parties (desiring to spend a few hours «t Grand Haven, or on the Bench which. j»™»»- - w ~ —-—-«•—-r —»«..*. ^,«« j aiLcn.foa. k I3P* Partlesfrom Colleges, Schools and other kindred Institutions, will be carried on very low tennj, which can be had on application to the subscriber. C^~ Tickets can be had at Dock Office, or from Pursers onboard Steamers and W. K.MCI3, - W.GRAHAM, General Superintendent, - Dock Office, ni M-illm Detroit. Milwaukee. Coach and Saddlery PIIVLE^'S BOOT*. THK GtlrJUiNE ARTICLE MANUFACTURED BIT i J.O H N P H A L E N. , fTTHE only one authorized to manufacture the abvo* :JL .named Boots, at j ! i 72' EAST WATEB 8THEET. i ThoPnalen' Boot Is one of the most unique and e'e- gant coverings for the ftfet that has ever been invented. They are made of the best of stock and most finished Workmanship, and are warranted to cnre Corns, Ban- toiix, Swelled Feet, Swelled Head, Bhutnatlsm, Gout, ftc. - . '• Remember that {be Sol« Agent for these last Invented Hoots In this Clty< Is to be found at 72 East Water st, (•There,' also, may be found & general assortment of BOOTS & SHOES, GAlTEltS, iC., For Gentleman and Ladies that there Is In this market' «U manufactured under tha supervision 'of the subscrl- bet.l" • •• [maygS] - JOHNPHAtKN. B ARiN EBKOTHEES NO. U ALBANY BLOCK, Would invite thi.' attention of tha to their l.irg? and superior stock of SADDLERY HARDWARE — AND— CARRIAGE TRIMIVIINQS Sad-Jles, Colian, Patent and Enameled Leather, Enameled Cloths, all qualities, Whips, florae Coven, Fly neti, tc. Cirrinre Springs, Axles,* Malleable Iron, io., B073, Felloo, apok Sh\fi3, Hut3, Of the beit Eastern timber. 4c., 3OO Just received from one of the largest Eastern manu- factoriej, the quality and workmanship nasurpajjed, to which we would Invlta special attention. fcP ' Our stock throughout will be found complete and offered at the locest prices. BASSS3 BSOTHERS, raa;2S Michigan »t., opposite SewhaH House. FALJL 01' 1858. GEOK6E DYER &. CO., 136 EAST WATEB STUEET, MLLWAUEXZ,... ........... . ..... TfHSCOSSJUf Hamifactartri and WhoUsalt and Retail Efateri in W OULD respectfully announce to their old customers, that they still continue to keep the largest and best selected Stock of Goods In their line to be found In. the State, and will conduct their business, as heretofore, with the Intention of giving satisfaction.— To as many new customer! u may feel inclined to irtre us a call, wo would say ana of our firm rnidea in i)ew Tork, and we have facilities for tha purchase and manufacture of goods that can not be excelled. We are at all times ready to take advantags of Eastern Markets, and hava been enabled to reduce the price of many kinds of • goods, which wa "hall continue to sell at tha lowest prices la Western Sk^rketa. Wa are constantly receiving additions to onr itock, and wtll keep it »o complete aa to be able at all times to M: .-rlvr? f>r any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trim- I-.K:' vi iru:,» Makers' Stock, and will do so' in a manner to give satisfaction la respect to quality and price;. We also keep an assortment of Bent Stuff, Poles, dhafta, felloes, Spokes, Hubs, 4o.,~i&o., and have constantly • hand, or will maie t- order, any kind of Coach, Car riage, Wagon or Team Harness. Call and see for yourselves. no GOODS, &c, .1859. 'WE'TV. 18*JO. SPB1H3 AND 178 East Water Si. 178 MILWADSEB... .." h ,. e ° f 3 , CTer ° m na bt " " 1 <= t0 ' !lme ' Latest Our such that THE LAKO.EST AMOUNT OF GOODS AMOUNT OF O U H MJESS fiOODS ulll, Brilllante, ic., Jo. Hobe IN OUK Wliite Goods & Linen and IHa3>tiJj a Wa hava ilso » full assortment or Hosiery. Gloves, Jrtmmiw, S rmn a PRINTS, Yankee , nd Bleached s >. , st SKIRTS. Ae , tl o a3 , OUR JOBBIMO KOT10M, IS OSD3UAU.T JCU. 07 DBY GOODS AND Which wa iro oirering to He HEAP FOR CASH. J • i.. DAVIS, _ 173 Zast Water street, Mil fauke^ Washing Coauponrd. 100 FAMILIES NOW L'SIXG IT -- aprll COMPOUND. Mrs. PmaTmuc, Jefferson street. Mrs. H. CaocKza and Mra. H. G. SOUTHWELL, JB., "arpentsr, Joiner and COHNE3 BIDDLS AND MILWAU523 3T22BT3. for DWELLING HOUSED WAREHOUSES, RE MO V-ULL w E Y Pic Sic & Pleasure Excursions, BKO8JKWAY'S XIi\E ! -- —OF- v : OMNIBUSSKS AND HACKS. E ABT1E3 wishing to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for 'the purpose of visiting the Gardens or for Pic NIc Par tie-, can be supplied with flrst class vehicles onIhe Shortest notice and moit reasonable terms. A lln* of >mU)n.'9es will commence running on the 1st of June for forelt Home, leaving Van Colt's corner at 9 A. «. and 9 r. it. The Omnibus for Wauwatoia leaves Van Colt's a'tlZK.andSr.H. iiTaKOCKWAY, rnayZO-dlm ' . Foot of Maion street F . B A Y L Has removed to bis old stand, NO.J 18G EAjST WATEB JSTBEET \(f>ppoiits J. I?' Sonitteel'i Dry OoodjStari,) And having made iuc.h additions to hla 4 facilltles fo executing FINE IP OJR T K A I T S I Ai to enab'e him to lay to the public with conndenci that he Is now prepared ta furnish them with every desirable style of Picture known to the community, and at such Astounding Low Prices a> to defy competition for example, Dagnerroiypjes tor 12$ Cls. SI"OHT AN I> HE AKIN Q , formerly , of Toronto, C. W., now of '.Chicago.!!!., "ft« : emlnefll and skUlfuI operator on the . i'' ' -;"'- '-' EYE AND-.EAK-- i .-• ' At No. 98 Randolph, corner of Daarbom street, 1* . workleg miracles In the way'ofreitorlnjt ; LOST SIGHT AND SEARING. Upward! of TWO HUNDRED- have been received by )r.O. within the Ia«t four weeii, many of whom have, been blind for months 'and yean, hare had their sfghl restored Instantly by detlcateanddifflcultoptratioiu, - FUJLL SIZE PIIOTOGBAPHS ?or only Jl^X) tha first one, and SOo for the Duplicates MEI^AIMEQTTrPES, AIOMBOCBAPMS At d In fact every other siyla of Picture, ponding low prices. I7IPEBIAI. p'noTOCKA Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, and finished In ; . • this highest style of tha Art.J THE STEEt-OTTfPE,' A new and popular styla of Picture, Colored In Oil which far excel* In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty ol finish, any other PletuM ever offered to Ihe Public Tiwie Pictures hava only to be seen to be admired. All who are desirous of saving money an reipectfally solicited to call and examine Specimens it tJie Old Scut Water itriit, Jf«uKj«iw, Vlicmtin. marl£W«m -'•••; W. ?. BATLEY, AiUst-B to the Principal Towns in ENQIAHD AUD SCOXLAJTO. JOS $30, ' The powerful Iron Steamship* CIT? OP BALTIMORE; ! OITT 0* -rKAlWABOO, Wlirsall from Sew rork : for Cot*' direct W Liverpool, othergj-iiho hav«' been, sufferers from disease, have teen miracnlouiUy eared by mild and- gen tie trtat- ujenu : "> , ••< • " -.- • .- -••• -'.-•" ' " The best proof u to how Dr. 0.'» services are appreciated is, that *e Is daily receiving new .patients . from all parts of the.coontry, and dismissing, a* cured, .his eariyrecelved'Cases. •• • .' - •; .,- NoFtt la required for an «xamlnatlon or opinion;— No CkAios for «ervlcesthat«e not ttuxtotfui, as will te «Uted •when tha patient l« received* ' Dr. Ctdwell't Trtatftt e* Vu SaranAfV* to be had yratit on «p- feb3<M4weta.>: FjOOHOL S3 per ct. ttlUMmfMton^ —si .. OITT. OI!afAN<IHBSraaatM.Yiao will Jailfroin BXLVA3T and COttS to New Yoik uaca *JJontn. -"•'•' Rale ofPass^EB from New Tork . ' To Cork, Urerpool ijjii the princip*! towns In I8J5LASD, SNGLJtND'Ain. SCOTLAND: ' Cabln,....»75.... ..... .1..... ..... TifelCl».M....|SO. By Passengers forwarded w Hvm. Aatwerp,Br»- men and Hamburg for tiS In Cabin, |3a Third CliMj. TO PABI3(ln 24hoar» from ll78tpoo)i)-Cabin.?S5; elr ftlendj c CertlBcaOal of 'passage from COOS : or BSUAS'E to .... aakeer Wisconsin. . B.— Passengers by tWs Wae- »Toi* tha rt»S»aa d«lay o,f calling at Halifax an igt.Johna. i raa«5 . ^^ Jobbing and Uapalrs done irita doipatoh. J. A. "37 23 LAU3I 3TTL23 OT Hats, Caps aad Straw Goods, AT WHOL23ALS AND RETAIL, KAST WATER S T K £5 K T, M1LWADK2E, ........ .3,720 ......... WISCONSIN. ATLANTIC CABLE —AND— PAUL ST¥iES M3ATS I U NCLE BSN upto the times, willlssuo-the 7all 3t,i 8 for 1358, on y> ^"y* 0 "-.^ BeebaiCo. SATURDAY AUGUST 14TH -AT- 3>T €3 . 3. S O East Wa tea- .s Jreet. . s.Tnxoop. FKTEK'S PATENT Cfas T publlo !j now favored with tha BSST, aA7J53T anil most ECONOMICAL IJOUT aver produced, equal If not superior to tha" best Coal Gass. It la adapted to Churches, Hotols, Stores, Heading Booms Private Dwelllngj, Railroad Carv*c., 4o. A. trial will provB it* superiority ovor'all Portable- Lights now In ue. It U unlika all other-Lamps, being oasily manageJ brilliant, economical, frtjn from smoke or naell and wlat is more, entire)? safe from all danger of arulo- slon. Apply at , JOHN QOODMAN'S, • ' 35 Wisconsin street, to . , B.W.JAJ1SDM, a<i<3a Agent for tha atate of Wlscotuln. J o M a t a C o ia c la , UNDEKTAKSK T Oppo»Uo Ajaerlcaa House XSSP3 CONSTANTL7 oa hud a larjs awortmen of Maacgany, 31»cS Walnut andoth« Wood Qoffln»>to- sether wltii Jlsk's Metallo Burial Cases. ™» "^ . . ThaoflJceof th«7ortst Eoma Cemetery Company la a: tuyplaee, whara Ihavatha plata of the grounds. I a always ready to accompany patrons to tha Cema- rayto jelect lota or places for barlal, aujdosn be found Unmy. placs of business day of night. Coffin Trtm- acga of all kinds for sale. . JUSTICE DOCKKTS. M AartnTACTUItaD arprenly for that purpose, out of am naalltr paper. S. TSast? * CO. ' "..-:_ : . WTSartWaierrt, BBL3 11T53 3SS3, in »lor», for jale. ; auaiis WTTOH A FOI7B !D2i£,AJ FOR SALE CHEA^P s ui;d«s!gn».J wiU wll four Blllard Table* " " ID , CiSj - —4t

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