The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 15, 1914 · Page 6
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1914
Page 6
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Page T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Wednesday Evening, Italy [THE DAILY REVIEW. PCTU8BKD EVZRT DA.T. at th« Deetnr. HUnol«, Portofflc* m«twr. The Review Publishing Co. DBCATUR. ILLINOIS Of(le* IB a«l«w Bntldlnc. eern«r of IJ«ln ind North itmu. AdT«rtl«lB» nlo nuuJ* fcnown on npll- Mtlon «t tbli TERM OF SUBSCRIPTION. »M y«w On *dranw ""'"'IS Ox month* ln «dv»nee» aBO rhn* months (to ·dT«a»).«.......... I-* 1 Far »««k 10 Review .a.e.n.t^nowu.glT^^cept hand than they can clear up in twenty years. But one can guess that in the end when accounts are ba!an»ed there will not be a great deal more for stockholders. They are somewhat In the position of the Innocent ultimate consumer; it ie not the custom to let them win much. GETTING DOWN TO TWO. Carl 8. Vrooman has quit the senatorial race in Illinois. In this connection the important detail of the announcement is that which tells that this leaves the Wilson-Bryan league. as it called Itself on Its own motion, In the Garden Spot when they begin to fill'orders of that kind. Let It be understood we are properly thankful for the cooler weather. It wasn't all we wanted, but we appreciate- favors that are, smaller than requests turned in. By the way, does the weather man understand that a good soaking ram this week will get three times as many results as such a rain two weeks hence? Ton understand that if the city has no money to buy water main you can still get it by paying for it yourself. will confer a favor it ·mrtah«a "o"* Kovlew advoi they will he part Subscribers leaving the city for the summer may have The Review maHed to them dally without additional charge. Address changed as often as necessary, but both old and new should be given. Notify by phone or postei card. THE REVIEW PUB. CO. HIRST AID FOR WOODS. Secretary of State Harry Woods calls o* newspapers of the state for help. iMt Saturday there was dumped Into his, office sJmost a thonaand petitions of ·ndldates who want a place on the primary ballot that is to bo voted In September. It i« provided that names of candidates shall appear on the ballot in the order In which petitions are filed. But the petitions are not filed In any order. All were dumped Into the secretary's office at practically the same time. He has no way to tell whose petitions were filed ««t. And yet he wishes to observe the la.w in making out the order in whidh these names ar e to appeari *nd it Js to get i of this pnizl* that he calls newspapers for suggestions. Here is one that ought to get him out of much of his difficulty. He Is a candidate for United State? senator. He might see to it that his own narie goes on the ballot at or near the bottom of that list. If he will do this he will make a better showing than that of his predecessor?. If he will do this much perhaps th» public will be «o pleased that it' will not care to trouble him about what he floes with other candidates. Of course the law in this matter is an impossible one; it is something thnt rotation on the ith with four candidates. The original f o u r were W. Duff Piercy, John Z. White, Frank IX Comerford and Carl S. Vrooman. A short while later Kent E. Keller was added to the list. And now they have all gone, faded away. The plan was for all these candidates to make a campaign of the state and then determine who of them is the mobt popular; the others were to withdraw- in favor of the one who stood beet with the shouting crowds t h a t were to be addressed up and down the state. But the plan wouldn't work. In the first place the crowds didn't turn out. and the shouting would hardly bf considered a violation of the holy proprieties at a. Quaker meeting. All but Mr. Vrooman withdrew from the race, and even at this he couldn't make encouraging headway. Well, the race Is narrowing down fast; and there is prediction that before long there wlil be only two men in It, Lawrence B. Stringer and Roger C. Sullivan. Others still nominally in the race are Barratt O'Hara. Harry Woods, James Traynor and .Tames C. Me Shane. Some of these don't care much about It one "way or the other; some othsrs don't have a following that cuts any figure. Yes, it looks as If it is getting down to Stringer and Sullivan, and t h a t fast. This stage may be reached in effect within a week. When It is reached the observer w i l l discover that the withdrawal of eight or n i n e candidate hasn't slackened the speed of the go- TEN YEARS AGO TODAY IN DECATUR JOI.Y 15, 1004, It was the hottest day of the =eafon w i t h the thermometer registering onl\ !tn decrees. At a meeting of Co. H Owen Mulkey was elected first lieutenant. T/ncal Wabash trains were all m a n % hours l a l e by reason of Cohokia Creek l i c i n K on a rampage. James A. Fizzell of T a y l o m l l e v i M t pd tne city and gavp a r e a l i s t i c .tr- p n i i n t of the Litchfleld wreck. He was t a l k i n g to I. R. Mills whon the c i a « h rame. n w i n j ; to the strike of e a s t e r n , - u t t e r s , there was a demand I n r a l l y for all k i u a s of p o u l t r y ami the f a M i l o n * p n o p of 3 Cfnts a pound for t u r k e v was l c r nrried. Thi K n i g h t s of Father M a t t h e w , i C a t h o l i c total abstinence society, v T- nrennired with over one h u n d r e d nurn- A mass meeting nf m i n e r s was held ,in'l resolutions adopted addressed ti ['resident Roosevelt r e l a t i v e to t h e ("nl- -·rado s t r i k e trouble. Police Get Report that He Was Drowned. WAS NARROW ESCAPE Much Mud on Bottom, Near St. Louis Bridge. ber of selections and assist the orchestra in the lawn social of True Rebekah lodge No. 767 to be held this evening at the home of Mack Davis, 1114 North Water street. While in the city, Miss Bialeschki will he the guest of Mrs. Arthur F. Kenney, 843 East Wood street. can't be applied, lived up to, and Tt never has it will not he. been The legislature should change it, should not have enacted It in the first place. But Secretary Woods can't make the legislature do something; and because he can't his conscience should be clear on that point. He can "guess off" the order the names are to appear on primary ballot. Tfcl* Isn't the law, but It Is as close as he · i cotn« to it. And when It comes t» nominating, the voters have to "gncig It off." It te not what the law expects them to do, but It is the best t$ey can do. .And. «.bov« all else. Harry Woods should not worry over the matter. This t, «.,mighty hot and m»rclless summer. If be WlJI step over to the office of the «tat« boari of health they will be pleafleff to hand him an official bulletin IB which, he Is commanded to stop worrying thli is the real law of Belt jjres«rr«fjon that confronts him. If he is half'way smart he will live up to it. , I " · THE STOCKHOLDERS. ' Just now we are hearing a good deal febout the management of. the New Ha- iven railroad under the lata J. Plerpont Morgan and Charles S. Mellen. Morgan l» not here to defend himself, and Mr. Mellen says the report of the Interstate commerce commission is one "of B, political tribunal for political purposes.'" The commission says that the negligent or worse ot recent directors of the great property resulted In taking MO,000,000 to $90,000,000 from stockholders, who In this instance were the Innocent bystanders; and it Is suggested that suits be brought for the recovery of the money. And at once there is promise of a series of such lawsuits that will reach all the way from New York to some point in northern Maine. One would be rash to attempt a guess as to what view the courts will take of the matter when presented to them. It may b« that with a dozen different courts taking a hand there will be a half dozen different kinds of findings. The whole disturbance should result In good fees for several hundred distinguished lawyers. One thiner is pretty sure; somebody took a good deal away from stockholder* In the New Haven. To realize this I t - I s only necessary to make a short ·tndy o* quotations of New Haven stock in the market now and a few years since. Something serious happened to stockholders. Of course they don't like this; and If thera ie any chance for them to recover by follow- in*; the line indicated In the commission's report, Mr. Mellen and former companions will have more lawsuits on INFAVSPAPERf CAJT VSE IT THIS TIME. The honorable senators at Washington insisted, and now house members ha\ f a l l e n i n t o line. Members of congress are to have mllpaere at the r a t e of 2(1 cents in each direction, this mileage to apply for one round trip a session. The matter has been in controversy for some time. The house first put the mileage at 5 cents, at which time speeches were made that should have tickled the gallery-. Senators made it 2n rents anrl stonti firm. The house has had to surrender. The matter perhaps might have been artiustcd by allowing senators 20 cents and members of the house 5 cents a mile, but nobody advanced this plan. Under the mileage bill as It has gone through, a member from this district sets about $400 for traveling expenses tn and from his home. As congress is r u n these days, one BPspion running into another u n t i l there is a period of sixteen to eighteen months in which but one round of mileage can b« Maimed, the member will need the $400 to come out even. Of course a man must get hack to h ) = constituents and his own fireside occasionally; he can't stay In Washington all the time and banish himself. ,' HISTORY OF CIVIL WAR DAY BY DAY JUW 15, 18M. General Sherman, pressing his ad- intagp to the utmost, was a d v a n c i n g in A t l a n t a . Tbe two armifs. t h a t under General Johnston and under PhT- nisn. had both rear-hod t h e rhattahoo- rhep, and lay fsir'ine each other on either side of the stream. Sherman at once made p r p p a r n t i o n s to rrnss. The F i f t h corps moved fourteen miles long the north bank and crossed w i t h out opposition, ivhilf. Generals Hooker and Palmer remained w i t h th" Confederate army In view a n d waitofl t h e i r turn to cross, when arrangements had been made to h^ad the southern fire. TO COUNT W*S ENOUGH. Judge W. G. Cochran at Clinton this week sent the case of Carl E. Person to Logan county for trial. The Judge remarked that in this matter he would do something new for him, would send the ease clear out of the district. Perhaps he wished to make sure to get It far enough away so that It should not trouble him further. The Judge In passing on this matter cxnressed an opinion which he said was "unofficial," It was t h a t he believed Person could get as fair a trial in DeWltt as in any other county. But there were about BOO affidavits which rr-cltefl the d e f e n d a n t couldn't have a f a i r trial In DeWitt county. It is true the^e were nearly as many affidavits i n c i t i n g t h a t he could gpt a fair trial. Tint Judge Cochran did not care to read all these: they were counfpd, and that wa« pnoueh for h i m . YHien 500 men swear a defendant can't have a fair trial the situation becomes one It in not safe for a judge to ignore. Trip fore-astpr said: "Fair Tuesday and probably Wednesday." Why put in forecaster might "probably?" The say: "Fair for the next two months: we are going o n vacation." He might have said that three months ago and Eot closer to the mark than he did by staying on the Job. Is there any need to test Ice wagon scales? They ought to be all right: or it would be the same If they are all wrong. Ice Isn't weighed In these modern times. But maybe the official tester Is in need of practice. Press dispatches tell us that West Virginia farmers got a soaking rain a f t e r they had been through,a drouth of three months. There Is hope for us There came near being a bad drowning accident at the river early Wednesday moinlng. A report camp tr police headquarters that a man and team had been drowned while a t t e m p t i n g to tord t h u Sangamon between the Wabash St Louis bridge and the wagon bridge. The f i r p d e p a r t m e n t was also notified. Chipf Devore and a couple of firemen h u r r i e d to the r i v e r with the rescue equipment, and Officers Clements, Schroerler, Mcpanipl and Scroggin went In the patrol wagon. When they irrived t h p v found it was only a near- drowninp. The man had surrepded in lettinc his. team out. but he had had hard t i m e of it. TRIKD TO FORD KIVER. K v e r j b o r l y was sn glad there had not hppn a d r o w n i n g t h a t tney forgot to ask HIP m a n his name. Thp man said t h a t t h p r H c r being low thcrp, he t h o u g h t he would ford It nnd swell his res on. they h a v i n g become somewhat loose. He found a sood gravpl bottom u n t i l hp neai'pd the south side of i h e river, and then both horsps m i i e d down. NARROW ESCAPE. HP got out and u n h i t c h e d them and he sot i n t o mud almost up to Ills hips. Tie had a hard time getting out and for n w h l l e ho feared he and his horses would both drown. He f i n a l l y man- a£Pd to KPt t h e team out and later the wagon w-is p u l l p d o u t . MUD ON" BOTTOM. Years ago t h e r e used to he an excellent ford thPrp. The Wabasb spvpral vears ago f i l l e d in u n d e r t h e trestlework south of thp river. There WPI e p p v e r a l b,id slides there b p f o r p th work was completed, and the dirt t h a t slid down p a i t i a l l v filled t h e hollow between the two brule-pp on the south snle of the nvpr a n d madp thp river bank on t h a t side considerably hlfr \ lot of the lirt g r a d u a l l y washed i n t o I h r river, f o v r r i i i E t h p gravel o n t h n t side w i t h two or t h r e e f p f t nf m u d . t h a t w h e n the river is at its lowf-pt it is not a ^ood placp to ford it This is the f i r M tlinp an a c c i d e n t of this k i n d ha-: h a p p e n e d at th» river in m a n y years. U need a Biscuit Tempt the appetite, please the taste and n o u r i s h t h e body. Crisp,clean and fresh-5 cents in the moisture- proof package. Baronet Biscuit Round, thin, tender-with a delightful flavor -- a p p r o p r i a t e f o r luncheon, t e a a n d dinner. 10 cents. ZuZu Prince of appetizers. Makes daily trips from Ginger-Snap Land to waiting mouths everywhere. Say Zu Zu to the grocer man, 5 cents. Buy biscuit baked by NATJONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Always look for that name HANDY CALENDAR FOR THE VOTERS Lilt of Political Daten Between Now and Nov. 3. Here is a little political calendar to be pasted in the hats of voters and to be used by them that they may know the political events to be pulled off this p^ason. LIST OF DATES. J u l y 31--Last day to file petitions with secretary of state and the county clerk for thp September primaries. Aug. 5--Last day to file withdraw- ings on account oE the September primaries. Aug. 19--Registration for the September primaries. Aug. 20--Last day of registration. g er t. 4--Last day to file petitions u n d e r public policy act. Hopt. 9--Primary for Nov. " election. Oct. 3--Tjast day to file independent petitions w i t h secretary of state And county clerk for Nov. 3 election. Oct 3--First day of registration for Nov. 3 election. Oct. 13--Second day of registration for Xnv. 3 election. Oct. 17--Revision o£ registry. Xov. 3--Election of state and county offii-ers and members of congress. DECATUR MAN IS HURT AT PEORIA Will Appear at I,avrn Socl»l. Miss M a y m e K i a l p s r h k i . a m u s i c i a n from the U n i v e r s i t y nf Illinois, will ar- Sam Wbllfoker Injured When Coupling Pin Rehouuds. Peoria Star: Ham W h i t t a k e r of Decatur was taken from the union depot to St. Francis Tuesday morn- i n g w i t h a shattered ankle bone, as the result of a p l a y f u l little tilt w i t h a telephone pole, while enroute to Peoria on top of a h u r t l i n g box car. Whittaker. w i t h a b r o t h e r and a boon companion, was beating his wa\ to this city on the roof of a freight t r a i n Finding railway employes cMned to be complaisant in the m a t t e r of p e r m i t t i n g their presence on the t r a i n and made gamesome by the ex- h i l a r a t i n g r i d e hieh in the air. w i t h a crisp northerly hreezp filling their lunge w i t h ozone at every blast, the trip waxed s p o r t i v e and began to frolic THREW AT POLE. ·Must watcli me hit t h a t telegraph pole." said the brother, picking up coupling pin and preparing to bombard a pole the train was r a p i d l y appreoach ing. The others watched interestedly while the lad took aim and a« the pole drew alongside, f l u n g his missile at the towering s h a f t Pure enough, his ain wns true. The coupling pin struck the po'e a t e r r i f i c smash. But, alas, g a l l a n t pitcher had not c a l c u l a t e d the rebound. Back same the heavy iron pin with terrible force and struck W h i t t a k e f u l l on th» ankle The force of tne blow knocked him down and he woiili have been hurled from the flying ca if ins companions had not saved liin FORETHOUGHT FOR HOT DAYS A good many housekeepers would void the heat on very hot days much more successfully than they do now. If hey would emulate the system of a housekeeper friend whom I found one morning canning soup. "Come and look at my hot weather =helf," she said, arid forthwith conducted me to a shelf on which were stored various jars filled with good- ooking edibles. One was marked chicken fricasee," another "beef stew," and others, respectively, bore the labels, 'braised beef," "bean soup" and "clam chowder." "They look tempting," I said, "but why do you call 'this a hot-weather helf?" My hostess explained that, some 'earg ago, she acquired the habit of canning small portions of any special- good meat or fish dish that might served on her own table. She had an aged a u n t living in the country for whose care she felt herself in arge measure responsible, so whenever some tasty hot dish was served, she took out a. small amount and sealed this in a. h a l f - p i n t jar. Once every fortnight, a small box of these little 3ars was sent to the aged a u n t who was t h u s saved the work of cooking heavy meat dishes for herself. "It came to be so n a t u r a l for me to can hot meats," explained my keeper friend, "that when I no longer riad it to do for auntie, I began doing it for myself. So now on cool days in summer, I think ahead to the very hot clays that are coming and remember that if I have something already cook- id In the house, it can be heated very quickly so that the kitchen does not become uncomfortable. I mean to have two or three jars of meat or chicken or fish constantly on hand in warm weather so that whenever a blighting hot day comes, all that has to be done in preparation for luncheon or dinner, is to open a jar and heat its contents; make some f r u i t salad and perhaps complete the meal with sweet biscuit or preserve." There are other preparations for hot weather that every forethoughted housewife should make. Even if one is not so situated that s'.ie can conveniently can meat foods for herself, she can, at least, have on hand tinned foods 1 ought from the provision dealers. For instance. If she has and a can of peas. cr fiv7 people'may be made in a very j reach of every housewlte. minutes. If she has canned salmon i liATTRA. LEONARD^ euch dishes as salmon sal»d or cream* d salmon or a salmon stew can bel quickly made. This last Is practically! u cream soup, and Is made by heating; the salmon up In a slightly thickened broth and seasoning with pepper «.n salt. In hot weather, one should never fall to have a Jar of French dressing Inl the Ice box. It may be that a very hot cay will come just as the mayonnaise has given out, and the cook or house mother may feel quite disinclined toi mix another mayonnaise. If the French) dressing is at hand, thoroughly chilled,it can be made to cerv« as a substitute for mayonnaise in tome easily pr«parct ; salad. Equally a sumnw comfort i9 ' tho Jar of sugar syrup, kept continuous., ly in the ice box ready for maklngr'.fruitt drinks. Another hot weather ootnfort is a jar of roux; that is, flour, which; has been cooked In an equal measure , (.- butter, and which can b« mixed wltH milk and made In five minutes. Into · cream soup, or cream sauce. This cream sauce, bjr the way, is onti ' o£ the house motharti most valuable' aids in hot weather, particularly if she is a subordinate. Tn every country) household, there come times when, fo« ' some reason or other, the meat supply) has been exhausted; either the butcheq did not come on his dally rounds lit time or the meat or fish did not seem quite fresh enough to be bought whenr r.f arrived. But the wise housekeepers uill always have eggs on hand, and 1C everything else falls, a dish of creamed eggs can be made to serve. The housewife who Is given to mak« ing ice cream in the cool of the dasv when a very hot mid-day seems lmmin-« ent, should be forethoughted to lay inf plenty of freezing salt and have a crocjrf full of cookies or jumbles of eome sort put away, so that she is sure It will nod be empty of its contents before the hot- weather emergency arises. Another preparation for an emergency dessert a can of chit-ken "chicken wiggle," sufficient in quantity to serve four to fancy have on biscuit hand several boxes oC Various kinds of biscuit can be bought in separate tins, and one biscuit house of national reputation puts out a handsome case contain* ing a dozen or more varieties of delfoU oils biscuit, all suitable for luncheon and desse-rt uses. There are many kinds of Jellied meats and canned novelties from whi'-h, the housekeeper may choose, but I hav« enumerated only the simple and inev- rinslve things that are within th» As it was. the bone in tbe ankle was broken, and suffering excruciating pain, he was removed to the hospital in the city ambulance as soon as the t r a i n reached the union denot. It will be some time before Whittaker will be able to walk again. COLORED YOUTH NOT MURDERER St. LooJo Detective Says Man Caught Here Id Not \Vanded. Chefas Cornelius, Ihe colored boy taken from the blind baggage of WaJ bash train No. 18 Tuesday morning, suspected of being William Waller, v.anted for wife murder in St. Louis; was released Wednesday. A St Louis! detective, who is well acquainted with, William Waller arrived in Decatun Tuesday night and at once said Cornelius was not the man. although ha answered the description of Waller^ even to the scar on the left side of th« face. He said any officer not personally acquainted with Waller would have taken Cornelius back to St. Louia Frank Riedel. Under Burtschi Bros. Schoenle's New Bank. B ORN and raised in Decatur, I have learned my trade here and for about ten years have been working for the largest shops in this line in the city. Many for whom I have worked probably will remember me by appearance who have never known me by name. I have qualified both as journeyman and master plumber under _all state and municipal requirements and am a member of the Master Plumbers association. I N ENTERING- business for myself I have determined that my first effort will be to give my customers good materials, first-class workmanship and prompt and efficient service. My prices will be as low as I can make them consistent with the above policy and enable me to meet my obligations. Any business entrusted to me will be fully appreciated and carefully looked after. Will be glad to submit exact estimates. Call telephones, Bell 4260; Auto 3283. EWSPAPE.RS

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