The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 8
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•tuurmnmm ai«mtt' , iassia9^^ PAGE EIGHT. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1923 MIDI. AM > Monday (or 8 dayo "You Can't Kool Vonr Wlto" with J-oaLrkt) Joy, Nlta Naldl anil ''uulino Oaron, alao Hoblnson'u . .^yinnpatora 'Will nnponr Jill wrek; Blurting T'mrsd.-iy, "The. <!iii of the Ooldon West," wllli •I. Warren Kerrlgnn. UH l.lj.XB .Starting Monday, *lne 'Murray In "Jnzsm:mia"; Martini? Tliursday, "Thu 8ho<ii'' with I.»on Clutnoy. lilBKIVI'Y—Monday for 8 days, "A l<\iol Tiioro W HH ," a Fox production, 'Btartiui" Thursday, W JII . Farmnn In " JI IUHH Com- mundiiu'ntn." IMS — Monday, "Tho l'linnirmi l*or tuno" with William Dusinond. Tuendiiy, "Tim Man Killer" with Win. !-'. Ilarl. Wednesday, "Ser- eir.ulo" with ('eur^e WalHh and Mlrlnm ''ooper. Thursday, "Mrs. I)am'(. <'on fesjdrm" with Lucy iKirutne. Friday, "Hannt- I 'd V»)l«>- with Until Iloinii'l. Hutnrdny, "Naked Fists" Willi Nenl Karl and Eileen Sedgwick, BIVJ =ntSn>10 l'AHK Sunday for ilir.-e stiowa Mlilim Shunter in '"<)ddH & Wads", a complete, chiiii^e of program stav '.lHLC Wednesday. The Hobinnon's Synrowunrii with 2 frond picturon at the Midland next week, ill' 1 l>e I,u:<e, .I.iberlv and Irin •wl'.li unod Mils and the l'ark with Milton Shunter, K'ivi- 'ilulfliinsnn nmuM- liieiu luvpi-H a Kimd liHl ot lihov.';: fur thU> (MiiLirijt; Week. ROBINSON'S SYNCOPATORS AND "YOU CAN'T FOOL YOUR WIFE" BIG MIDLAND PROGRAM MONDAY. 4> il. A; pit turc, "You Can't Fool Yotfr Wlf«," which COIIIBM to thu Midland Monday. The throe principal fumlnlno roloB aro played by lycalrlco Joy, Nltn Naldl and l'anliiie Garon. Miss Joy, as Krllth Mcrlrlde, Is the triiBllnK wife. Her particular type ot heauty, \vU!i l\er noft V>ro\vn oyea and dark In-own hair, (rives Just the nets esnary n\:npathy to the, rolo of thu modern wifo, troubled and tormented by n miUkinalru hurtbund who haa loaohrd tbo Borallml dangerous ago. >.llsa Naldl la thu siren do luxe In the picture- -a pollflhod beauty, wife of an eminent inirgeon, who Keeks so- eial conquests to further her hua- •lianvVH practice. .Mit-ii Carnn, eliir, blonde, dimintt-. live, la tha flapper of eighteen, but poM :;et;,-in^ a KOpUUdiention that would be a credit to a woman of fifty. With three surh typo.'i tliere is little wonder that Lewis Stone, Paul Me- Allister and John Paly Murphy, who play thu three principal characters opposite, Bhould he hopelessly entangled in a. domestic drama. INDIAN PLAYS NEW PART IN DIG CAREWE PICTURE Thunder Face, Red Skin Brave, Becomes Cameraman In Big Carewo Film. Thunder Fare, the only Indian cnui- ora assistant in the world! In Hollywood, whore Edwin Carewo filmed "Tho <3M ot the Ooldon West," a First National picture, wlrti .1. "Warren Kerrlgnn and Sylvia Brcnmer, to "be nhown at Midland ThoatTB, martini; next Thursday, Thunder Faco has reached hla objective. In tho pavlaiK '.o ot motion picture write™, "Thunder Faco haa arrived!" Hack In tho pioneer days of picture making—back In 1912 when Blo-rrarvh and World Kflm Corporation woro big namup- Thunder Paco left his fast- vanishing tribe of California Mission IndlanB to ontor tho picture Industry. For some luexplalnnble roason ho wanted to ho a cameraman. Hut the. directors wouldn't have It. Thunder Faco was forced for years to play the part he looked—an Indian. For eleven years he tried to break Into the camera end of the game, lie spent hla apare houra hovering about the camera, learning all ho could nhout photography. Disgusted, he again aeceptej! work as an extra—the part of a wild Indian, In the atmosphere ot "The Girl of the" Ooldon West." On location an So­ nera, Chi., Director Edwin Carewe gave Thunder Faco his opportunity. Jlu made him an assistant cameraman. Probably the only Indian who has achieved (hat position. As they sny of a certain breakfast food package, "thoro's a reason." Thougli the general public does not know It, Edwin. Carewe. Is part ClUc- aaaw Indian, ajnd his grandfather was once befriended by Thunder Face's prundfnther. Indian gratitude never falls. That's the reason Thunder Face has "arrived." Robinson's Syncopators will bo tbo other half of this program in a complete chance of musical and voca! numbers. New music, new songs, now everything. •» IRIS THEATRE. «> * «• •J> 4* • 4' # ••?> 'h e> <$> ^ <v Tuesday. v William S. Hiitt will be seen lit tho Irla Theatre In the Wostern role of "Tho Man Killor," on Tuesday. Tho story la ot both regeneration and solf-sacrlflce. Hart haa the role of Cliff Hudspeth, known an "The Killer", a rclentletiB Individual, with something over twenty entries In a gruesome little notebook, which re- cordp. the enemies he has disposed of. It la hla •boast, howevon that he h«» noTOr kjllod a man wlio did not deserve the fate moted out to htin. One day, nftor Hudspeth and his gang had vanquished a rival clan ot outlaws with conalderablo Woodiflied, "Tha Killor" Is greatly nurprlned to lie tair- en to task toy a young, girl, who accuses him of being a cold blooded murderer. In a rago ho kiflnaps tho girl, but finding ho Is unaiblo to either ter^ rlfy or conciliate her Bends her homo again. The great episode o£ tho play concerns later advonture wherein "The Killer" sacrifices his own Hfo to save the g!:i fmm dangor. Iff flt fflK IH ^9 fl H HI H ial ^1B m H 1^ IB m H11M 91 >V H H H lsl 1*1 IIH HIV 911 §V H lil H »l Ml fll LIBERTY MONDAY—FOR THREE DAYS A William Fox Special InBpired by Kipling's Poem "THE VAMPIRE" TONITE Harry Carey —In— "Desert Driven" Also- -"SPiniT OF 23" Hall Room Comedy - Margery Wilson liaB fcljo role^of the girl *nd Joseph J. QOowling, who is known tor his wonderful work lu "Tho Mlrttdo Man," has an important part. Wednesday. Spain never produced a more de- rauro or coquettish eenoritaTnan tho wlnaomo lliriam Cooper. Yet the pretty Mirkm hasn't % droa.of ish blood courBlnfe thraugli nor velne. She la ot French descent. And--doapito tho tact that Gfiorgo WulHh lias won a large number ot mate etar popularity contests in Xjatin- (Contintiotl on Pago 16.) No woman could posnlblo be comfortable In the same room with tha man sho loved and the vampire. Hats cleaned and blocked. Lewia- ll-U nl nine plt-co Siva. Hand from C'hiruiio will be ihv iuninm at tho Midland all lU'Xt. v.-ccli, with a eorni-'t'ti' chan^f oi ( prti^ram on Tiiursilny. Thb! ;irin"i -\L ':t-j tion nn'lody iiinkorH piaycii a.: tin: Kev -'iniLii 'rhcatri? )ual w^rli rnui wvv: \ HU i^nu\. liiat llu'V WI.TC hflii <>ViT f'cr tltib week ami rt'luni to tlic Nt.".vinati itfh .T Un-ir <'HraK ('inciiL lu't'i- fur an iu- di'l'inlli' ('ij ,L .'a!-;<'in«-nt. They wili play dally at the Midland at 3: 3l>, 7. ami [r.'M* v . in. This 1 H on*' ol' Hi' 1 bij:^*'st fo;inirf-a of tho Pt-:i5:'()ii tin; I f *r! • *.* n * I s.* ii:- ji'-ici' iliat tho Midland Maii^K'-nicnt itrc x>aylnt r t'hi^ Hnnd yliuiUd |ir»M' that t.hf*y ur<: tlio finost thai will hit HutchiiiHon In Jnan.v a in'.'Hth. •For f.'onira^t in ftMninlri" pulohrl- tuti.- and ti'iniiffaiiu-nt, ff*w inuiinn jilctures rci-entlv |ir-H! tic'd can, by any t-trvtfh of tlic imagination, oqnal riourja.' M'.'M'ord'ii hito«L l^araniount TO-NITE ONLY H »r GtCHtest— NORMA TALMADGE In BAYARD VEILER'S PLAY "Within the Law" Earl Hard Comedy "THEIR LOVE CROWED COLD" PATHE NEWS USUAL ' PRICES Matlnen f . -10C-250 Eveolno 100-330 ESB3 1 1 % DE LUXE Matinee 10c—Night 10c and 20o J ( Starting r MONDAY ROBERT Z. LEONARD prtitnU MAE , MURRAX in azzmania A cintma of lynoopatlon W "f tpUndor iy Edmund lOuMing Tl /fony Pioduction H. Hoffrrmn, i «ral Manager Last Times Today: 'Daughters of the Rich" STARTING MONDAY— Whaf Every Wife Knows— To be or not to be a truthful husband—that is the question. And what happens when Hubby decides not to be—that is the picture. A magnificent production sparkling with startling situations and a wealth of laughs. ,N'!tAyNA'VtMi'.'! "CANT, -VH 5*W Tho Spark Plug of Hloh Powered Drama With the Most Famous 1923 Vampire In the World. i! A FOOL ADDED - THFRF WAS" "° ufc of Place " IIIL I IM J »T rlj A l st. John Comedy. • ' • 1 laBKBSRBKaBBiaGiBBaBHaBaHESBEBHBHBHBHIIBBBBiBBlJ'l It 's Cooler •t th« Iru PROQRAM CHANGED DAILY Ereninf \tt M*tinc« TODAY—"Lonesome Luck" with Jack Daugherty Jack 1» the tucky Buy who recently married Parbnra LaMarr. "WHY DOGS LEAVE HOME," Century comedy with BrcWPle. v "BUM GRAFTERS," comedy with Nttly Edwnrds. MONDAY— "TUB PHANTOM rOUTUNK" with William Dosmnnil. niOOINAI ,D DENNY In "THK NEW LKATHKR PUIIIIEKS." Hound 1, "TORCHY'S PETU1," coroerty With Johnny IIIncB. TUESDAY—"T11E MAN K1U.KR 1 ' with Win. 8. Hart. One or tho wildest and 'nuiflt thrilllriff or llarl 'H pletur'-B. Josouh J. Lwwllnu and Marjotle Wilson nave Important role-''. "VUESM F1U>M THK FATIM." runiedy. WEDNESDAY—"SBHENAnK" with Ueovee \ViU»h and Milium Coopm. A First Natlnlial aUimilon. A iSMiiance r>f old Spain. Hold flKhtlnir, darlnir doeda and thrilling adventure. AUSO A OOOP COMEDY. THURSDAY—"MRS. DANE'H COXFESSION" with I.ncy Doralne. Wliat did Hhe con ft^H . lyid why? A Btirrlng story of a faaclnatlnp woman that will appeal equally to both sexes, "TIIE RAIN MAKER," comedy. FRIDAY— "IIAUNTUn VA1AEY" with Ruth Roland. t-EO MALONEY In a western dranui. "SUNNY SPAIN*." comedy with Paul Parrolt. PATHE Jsrt -TWi*. SATURDAV—"NAKKD FISTS" with Neal Hart and Eileen Sedgwick. "THE IMPERFECT I.OVKR." Century comedy. "SHOlU.r.) WILLIAM TELL?" comedy. ! MEET ME AT THE iRIS RIVERSIDE PARK Starting Sunday, July 15th. LOOK WHO'S WITH US AGAIN THE RETURN OF CHUSTER And His Excellent Company of MUSICAL COMEDY PLAYERS AFTER AN ABSENCE OF TWO YEARS A. L AND A Sensational Feature ROBINSONS SYNCOPATORS "The Greatest Jazz Band on Earth" DAILY AT 3:30—7:30 -9:30 IN A MUSICAL MELANGE Direct from Newman's Theatre, Kansas City- Notice— The tremendoUB salary of this BBOregatlon compels us to slightly Increase the price of admission. MATINEE 10c—25c EVENING 10c—40c ALSO— A CHRISTIE COMEDY "A GOOD SPORT" WITH JIMMIE ADAMS F O R F U N F U N F O R A L L IN THE SPARKLING MUSICAL COMEDY COCKTAIL IN THREE DRINKS— "ODDS AND ENDS" IT'S FULL OF SPEED, MUSIC AND BEAUTY —A GALAXY OF STARS WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF FEMININE LOVELINESS. Sunday Matinee, 4:30 Two Shows at Night: 8.15 and 9:30 f PeteyDink A Little Demonstration By C. A. Voight - <?C?ACtoos' WHO V/ASTHAT VJOMAU VJHO •JJOWTDTb V2 I KW0W MER FA.CE ViZli, i "007, r*7R"TOE UrTOF MEJ f AwV T»ECAtc 1 f MfKWAMcJ L —<-' j OH J3EAR.' -tSM'TIT • rERRn}i.eTo SUCH A POOR MCMORY • ' ^— IP UlC rvIEM MAD SUCH T?OTTEM tYic "Mo (?ies V/E MeVERCouiOCET COMPEUEOTo Sx. Okl "THE ; AfERT-— VJE. COOLPM'T VERMit SUCH EM5A1?RA5SMCHTS — Vtea, Hello "P ET T E M How ARe ^OO JOE—" — (vTR. DlUPtCKLE., —EV- MoT TUllPlCKlE- —\T3 SCHOtTl •"CO. SCHU C Z

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