The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 54
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 54

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 54
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elohnm TRY THIS • r*. Winning Out Over Drugs, Auxieiy and "Fear of ilie Unknown' "I found I couldn't function... I talked eonslanlty, babbling about nothing at all, I didn't oven make •0m«. When I was home. I'd have oon- vuition*—people thought I had epilepsy, but. ol court*, it was realty drug withdrawal," Bv IV CM* I i'oppngf* J nhruu hce« one of goideri iRttrumrnt* for nc*(!v [«*-<> <!cc»i!r» B«rl Ma:h;» h*4 to 'earn that !hr practice i! takn to uriooth out a l:fe can Se more torttunn than I fw rtcJCiici rvccd«! to dc v«l.->p A smooth v.xa) \\\\t Merc he vharet iornc reflections on ih's ptixc". on the fr.»[ anil ampbctammes !hs! almm! killed him. arc*! h:t sources of stiengtb FAMILY WEEKLY: You certainly .ire looking related arul fit. MATHIS: Yrv well. I've been smpinj and playing Rolf. «o M'\ right with the world FW: You'ic about to record your -iSjh alhum for C'oltimhia. ami von have also been playing !o icll-i'u! ,-iudicncfs in larKC theater*. Ho you ever worry about running out of w-orldt to conquer? MATHIS: Those things take care of ihcnncKcv Aboul five yean ago when I was gelling otT amphetamines- -I stopped right in the middle of a thought ... I wa^ w startled by the real- i/ation thai I rca'lly didn't have any VDU/I. And it wa» O.K. It's still O.K. I don't want to do a Broadway show. I don't particularly want to do movie*, or anything like that I i «h»t I rcalh -*an!rd to do «"*s «hat I have been iVing. an»5 !.» keep !rvn£ :o <"tf if Nrtlet B» ;hr time I'm 4\ when mv M'ltr »ill have reached it» (till ir.atvirity. I mav know exactly •Aha!'» soing on up there on tiaec FW: 1% i!a4;r ir:f;ht c^cr a pn>b!c!fi for NOU"" MATHIS: I'm the von who has amicfiev bu! I've l^ren doing it vi long, 1 Jon'l worry about it an\ more. I thmV the main thui)? now n that I know what I iiifi i!o and what I n:T': do l\c _(ot !hn framework to op crate m. and I've learned how- much leeway there 11 m it I hat's a valuable thing to learn FW: Your bout wuh amphetamine* a few ycais ago was actually a struggle with fear, wasn't it? MATHIS: Yes. I was so shy. so afraid of the audience The amphetamines look, me away from reality That was back about the mid-60's 'when riot much was generally known about their harmful side effects. I had to do four show* a day at the Copacabana, and I had acute laryngitis. 1 went to a well known show-business doctor— very reputable at the time—and he gave me massive doses of "vitamins." (Johnny wasn't aware at the time that he was Continufii FAMILY WEEKLY. Nov»m6»« M. I»7J • IJ .For cigar smokers and cigarette smokers alike a "Carey Pipe" can save hundreds of dollars a year. . tf you are a pipe smoker, a "Carey Pipe" can end forever your constant search for the most enjoyable smoke of your life. 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