The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 7
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Offers host Sfeefers in Centra/ feature HOUSTON lAl'l - Ttw "oKfwrimenta!" Houilon Oiler* play the pennant' hungry PltuUirgh Stwlerf In the Altmtom*! Sunday, and It'll lake n roomful o< mathematician* to determine wh«l Hie game meant to th« SteeUrr* in their bid lor a division title The Btetlm oe*d a victory ow \\to Otter* cwiplwl with a low by Cleveland «galrut CiwIftAati, to pull back into a tie with llw llrtr«ru (of DH- American Football Con (errtH-r's Central Divition l (Mfe !t«e trad bit by bratinjt the Oiltt a tt M white l'iti»bur«)i «M l«»ir.g to l>™vtrf S to llx- &l**i«f* a I.I tnd IJ>P «-a.wjtt in a (»<-, tlte divisional winner would Ixt decided by a wrlw of toven different (actor*, the laid one l#int{ A i-'Hti flip Tl* oiler*, who have nothing left to play for Iwt pride, have l»e«« mathematically eliminated from the race and will be trying to Improve their !•»•! record in (In ir (ir*t under coach Kd Hug)**. HuglxH, *lxi ha* otletuive Urn' coaching dutle* »ir»c« management fired Emir ZwahJen, U doing M>m* ex- pctimrnling with lu» starter* thU *<?fk He's m<jv«i viriMan Wall Sogjtt Usck to Mt larktp and ttiMallttl jrrrv Sliuii) at cmtrr llUj{J**!> had (ilsmK-d !o try ouuitir i((ir(j«ckier Iton t'nithard in llw imttdtv l«ut "H «a» too much if Irnrti in ',«.*• lime,' llu|f.ijr» «.!»iti Garlaivl Uoyotle will retain hi* iturlinft job (hi* week hut I'ritcfwrd will continue to prat-lire In H>»* middle, HuKhcs planned lo KO with rookie Dan I'nstorml or veteran Charlie JtAuaum at quarterback. The Oiler* are Mxwnd In Ihe AFC in pausing but have been imuMc lo KH a rumilng game going tin.-) art- last m Ihe NT I, in team rmhiNK The St^elm have ihe ttrong arm vt »«roml year quar- Irrbark Terry Hradiliavi and UK- rui»il»K ui John Ku<|ua, it )*•'» rwovt-r«J tram an injury kept hurl ugl (/( bit Thr . Brazosport Bowling Sli-rlcr detente is -<1 h) tonnrt Nor |)i ^e*t Joe (Jiwmr "He , inr» what V.ind ul »<• play." a Strt-lcf an s.asil ' Hr )wO • •*• tut ' MUMtAV M(*H"f 1'UI.IU.KH- r :»>! tl,l» Astros plan season slate HOUSTON (AIM - The Hounlon Anlroi will play 23 exhibition (Miwbnll game* next year prior to the regular »c#iwn. The Ajttrtw will open Ihelr »pririf$ training iwltedule March II against Mlnnvtota at Cocoa, Via. Houston will play 10 pre- teuton Ramc* nl jU home |Mirk in Cocoa. The A»lroi will play I* game* In Klorlda »nd (our in lloiHton The schedule include* II game* against American Lraijue opponent* awl 12 against National Ix-aguc foe», '11* Florida exhibition lurhwlulc will end March tft ami llx- \»tro» wilt corn' ph'U- th<- pnv»t-a»on jaittil the T«'ifti AAirwtomt March 313 I'ltclwrs ar»d catcher* will rrpurl to \\x- A»lros spring training camp Kdi Zi All u'.ln.-r playcro are tlui; m Oil 2S TUB IJHA/OSF'OKT FACTS, Preeport, Texti, Sunday, December 5,1971, Section I,Page? THE BRAZOSPORTSMAN Good hunting scarce HyJACKTAVUW Believe It or not, everylime a fl*bcrrnan or n hunter head* for UK* waUrr or the wood* he »sn I always jujct-oavful in getting the game. Now UK- >tory we hear might not reflect the fact that llw game wasn't gotten, but it happen* Oil* way. Tt>i» dc«r teitvm ha»n't produced 3 (jumper crop of the lour Itrgged crealurtt. All of the great nam<ss in d«-r hunum Imven't evtrn fired N';* (hid u>f!'l m.t'<.***anly llwr hunlirrk fault Kor ort« ilutif,. Mother Nature hasn I cw>|*-rj!c<J much wilh Die •mexUit-f this year The warm <iay» vK-'ve had Ihm year l toad? (he dwr move. to be laid up i (ram \Mtitir S I.SN H»J<- Ml.MTUH l'l>:.S r.-.SV: f.iij *,! 31! !»*.ts ' : 1 1 ' ; *?if Hcf i 'J;-r ?•*;-£!; fjJ.'j I'....;>K",. i_ 44; |V, .». '|H Jlrr.ii '•-»:•( r»> ', « .\T'T»i.VTlt»N Till UN \Mt:VT IVIMI Ills J 15 --J". ^-1 f'Assv;. Tr »>» A;A c'-;It-jf v.a'.r J K S<fc»riJ« U liouHar, it »h'7«T, •••ah hi» kill i! <• i*f '«r !hc l«xff»! r*,ck ciTf to tic ti»(i4!«J in HfAI/jfii (<-i I al Shx- lutrfmn Huniiw ' under wmc tree in (he ahade waiting for winter. In the Del Hio area and farther Went the deer are (staying up on top of the mountain* and not in the draws a» they have done in past year*. Huhba Stuart told me of having to hunt them on the tops instead of out of the blinds in the mouth* of the draws. a complaint is that t mn't just plain lot it ut hot and windy, One hunter (old me (hat IK: took off a week to Ittinl and that the temperature at his hill country lease was in the sixties for U>c entire week. Thin ain't deer hunting v, eat her The clear weather has tx.t'n UK; complaint of UK: majority <jf thw duck hunters Kven though the wind will help a duck hunter some, the cold •A el wejlht-r does a fx'ller yA> iA netting the ducks on the pothole* The wirxJ will kevp them off of Ihe larger bodies of water fix- other day while I was UK- !>WT>[ of an Anglelon )mn!<T Jack Ifargu. •*•• ex- ^-•ri'.-tvced v/rne of \)A- -tind ami it didn't help too much It M-f.-rrii. that llie wind down alwitf th<- ftrou/xi was wj! of the North This would have Ixreti go«l. especially with the cloud co\cr we had The only lhir<>; wrwrjg was that about 'Ml yards, up the wind was out of the South We had cloudi blowing from f/c»:h directions The 'iucV.s would fly into the ;ur Ix-lwi-en the North arel South wirxJ and really had tmK- !<j ivA over our spread Tim '*if.4. we've had some coW writtheT araj vjtne ram ami '.Ji; 1 - tiiight help the duck and the d*-«'r .shK*>!ing for (be wet-i.ii/: A> far as th<-- f'tsiiiiig KCH-S the rep<x;> ruve been real j!<x>d fU-ds arxi t-> en trout has c bet-n numbers I'm iiurc name of (hose reporter* have utretchcd the truth a little. Brown Cedar Cut has been producing reds in good number. The bays have been producing trout and reds. The only fisherman that has had enough gut* to stand up to the fact that he didn't fill up the stringer thin pa»t week wan Arthur Smith of West Columbia According to Smith's wife, she's the one who did the admitting, he caught some good siz«d hard heads but nothing to keep. Jim Bob Chaffin and 1 didn't exactly set the world on fire last week when we tried it. The wind was blowing real slrung when we left but when we finally got to the place where we were to fish it had died down. In /act the only thing we found willing to bile were the mosquitoes. We did have a nice boat ride though. Come to think of It though, the past few times I've been to the field for fish or to hunt have proved rather fruitless. Maybe I've been jinxed or something. Vaiton Robinson of Brazoria and I decided to try our hand at getting a couple of ducks Thursday afternoon. We tried and we didn't get any. So was the story with Chipper and Lonnie Siddall last Saturday. We were to try for some ducks in the bay. The wind hie-* and the ducka stayed on the smaller waters. Don't ever believe that a sportsman can't have a bad day. It does happen. SHOOTING STARS! •MK . O*< »•• LOi *'.OEl.ES t AiTEBi — Aifr«4«m* — 7 M p m, \PCC(*t OUEJT - AftTC JOMHiOU Fr.,t>«-t 't - ;01* E'^ r lO\ BASKCTfiALt MICMT .All *^1 with ATLANTA HAMAS i>— TOTi FO» TOT^ MIGHT rm-t — 7;Mp LE 1UP£» lO*«lCt - - HOUSTON ROCKETS HS favorites hold on AAAA >! t I'-l'iJi* *"S'< I'ilJlS l,c¥"; ' iTK* »"f i2 t-fi J'7X***JTf <?>iA f "> ***" l • ?*j"A J C s C*Tl'f?^.{ |*U -**"J t.if 1 *^1 J A C k.iwt*". t iHe 4 So 1 r*ttl«i • hi c k. K! ' <->. i th* lo I*s4d on fw KsUrwr. >« Uwsit-w Hjr.iky !N«lUrrf 5ft a w i"U.« AA.A >'aii> t .:> !S H \Sn-h.-..-, r.iii* A: Amviih- A;''. Aut'.:r. Hracin v» San Ar, Uirjci Ixx- ir. Am'.jn in C'lsn AAAA i<-lJW. Ur>gl<- ir. S»r, AnflHo ir, AAA »),s',r While !>«•! »!Xi AH«r.;. |>l»> at YcrrxjiV S^oora MAKE WALL'S YOUR CHRISTMAS STORE OPEN TIL 8 P.M. WITH SAVINGS ALWAYS OF 33 1/3 to 50% OFF REGULAR RETAIL PRICES AA rhjn'.ptortthi'p in «»» d«x- m U) (juir k Tom Hill .irxl Uilkick Knlh IjRan «f Hor.ik, Mill djrtvtri! IhP {)»!> \o fno lmKlid<r*!ij. kicktxj two extra [>oii5ln and rero\crcd two fumble* and inlf-rct-ptixi .t Big Bonus Days Every Month All savings accounts opened, all additions to your account that are made by the 10th of the month, earn dividends from the 1st. 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DOLLS »> MMtrl N-l iu> HUKK wjtch hrar inr r «v e v.i( ihr urnr ^ I imilrd ijujntil' w NKU K \SI1I11.N tiHOl 1' GIRLS OVERALLS Ml uantt-d c\ilur>. patterns. >.i> lo. ini.M all *iir->. machinr r J ua^hahlr OtI quarterback Kenneth Coulter wored on rum of luo and i$ yards to defeat Tom ball Wmgback Handy Kevroal scurod on a &3-yard linichilown bomb and an eight-yard run to pace Kastland lo victory over .'•X &:• AMERICAN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION l Ktshcr intercepted a lateral and dashed 60 yards for a touchdown ai>d quarterback Charles Pro&ke ran two yards (or another with tw a seconds left lo hand Breixham tU stirring win over Silsbee. Allen Callicoat rompt>d for 193 yards, including a 73-yard touchdown gallop, to pace Gregory-Portland tg victory over Ux'khart DEER PROCESSING 3-BROTHERS LN-rOl.l.LTER DETERGENT Puwrr to clean \silhout (•hu->phatfs 3 I.». ( ut. 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