The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1945 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1945
Page 3
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TOLA. KAN5AS iOrtavia Stewart) Dee Chryst left Tuesday for Den- Mrs. George Bellinger and her ver. Colo., where he plans to find daughters, Deanie and Jeanie, who defense work. .have been living at 11 Nbrth Wal- I nut, have moved to Moran where Wallpaper and Sewall Paints I they plan to make their home at LtWlS PAINT STOKE .the present. Mr.s. Ethel Collins has gone to Denver. Colo., where she will visit her clau?hter. Mrs. Wayne riall and hpr family. NEW LOANS... totalina nearly $70,000.00 were nitKle by during 1944 We heli>ed 5!> local families get start- pci on the road to home owner- slilp. ... If you are a renter, let iLs help you get the same .start. . . . Come in and wo'll explain our nlan. SrCURITV BLDC. & LOA.V A.SS.V. WAUGH FUNERAL HOME-3«. THE K)LA REGISTER, THUfeBDAY EVENING. JANUARY 25,>1945. PAGE THREE Heinrich Himmler Takes Over on Eastern Front Fenced, [n, Now Mrs. Eva Preesc will return to her home in Kansas City, tomorrow, after spendins this week here visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ross P. Jones and her daughter, Eva Lou. Mr.s. T. M. Shellenberger is in Wichita this week where she is visiting at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Bay. SLEEPER MORTUARY. PHONE 72. Mr.s. Lewis Comer of Washington, D. C. is here visiting her uncle, E. D. Shields, who is at St. John's hospital. Mrs. Comer will be remembered here as Barbara Seay. Rerlou Guaranteed Moth Spray .S I I.^< moth damage for five year.s. Protect your rugs and carpets moth damage. Sleeper Furnilnre Store George W. Lee. electrician's mate 3-c. is here from Bremerton. Wash., vLsiiing his family and his parents. Mr.' and Mrs. Elmer I«e and his sisler. Betty. WADGH. FUNERAL HOME— 36. Cuvma .Jeon 'Voung. five year old daughter ol Seaman 1-c and Mrs. Chester 'Voung, won the third prize at the lolaamateur contest held last Piidny nighi. Seaman Young is .stationed somewhere in the Aleutians anci Mrs. Young and Carma Jean Uvu- at 612 North Chestnut. 50c—CHICKEN DINNER—50c Colored Community Hall Friday, .lanuary- 271h Evpr>body Welcomel G:00 p. m. Hugh E. Metzler A. S. I. 2-c and Mr.s-. Metzler. who have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kinney have returned to Farragut, Idaho, where S. A. I. 2-c Metzler is stationed. \ NOTICE rwe to the shortage of news print 'r\^ Register is printing fewer "HULi^'' copies of each Issue. SuD- .scribers wlsliing to purchase several coplps of any particular is.sue are asked to place their order In advance, If possible. Extra copies can be sold only as long as they last. Mr. and Mrs, Melviii Hayes left this morning for Chanute where tliey will spend a few days visiting at the home of Mr, and Mis. Ray-" mond Hayes. If Yon Miss Your Reflster Phonp 8 bptv,?pen 6:00 p. m., and 7:00 p. m. Only one delivery can be made and that is after 7 p. m. Mrs. A, L SheptJerd. S^aten Island. New York, who has been the puest of Lt, Col. and Mrs. T. F, Limbocker. and of Mr. ^nd Mi:;. F. G. Apt. wc:u to Kansas City. Mo., lodav for a shor. visii wit a friends. She will return to Tola Friday night. Since 1881 • SEALY Tl.FTLES.S :M.\TTRESSES Pre-War Quality and Price S39.50 Cl'RTIS FIRNITI'RE Gilbert Eakins S, 3-c arrived last nlatfit to spend a part of his mmth's furlouch at the home of hid-jcrandpaients. Mr. and Mrs. R, I. Mather, Seaman Eakins is now surveyor in the Bovernment oil fieW at Putnam. California, Mrs. Patty Eakin. mother of Seaman Eakin, will arrive this eveninE from Alderson. WeJit Vireinla. to also be a gaeaX at the Mather home. There Will Be a Special .loint Meeting of the American Legion Post and its Auxiliary Membors Thursday evening. January 25th. 1945, at 7:00 p. m. Department Commander Lee Kemper will be here to attend this meeting. I urge all members to attend. Covered dish supper will be served. A. D. GORDOli, Commander. Mrs. RO.SS F. Jones and her daughter. Eva Lou. who have been makins their home here for the past year while Major Jones has been in the service will return to their- home in Phoenix, Ariz., tomorrow. M I-. Jones has been reared from the army and will now continue his law practice. Mbraii Happenings The C. I. C. class of the Methodist Sunday school held their annual party in the church basement Tuesday evening, Jan. 23, with the following hostesses, Mrs. Opal Davis, Mrs. Grace Myers. Mrs. Ruby Haberbosch and Mrs. Ruby Pink. Members present were Mrs. Wanda Davis, Je.ssie Ericson, Mrs. G. M. Pierce. Vica Norman and little Irene Fink. Mrs. Opal Davis gave tne devotionals followed by prayer. The evening was spent singing .several songs and the .social hour was very much enjoyed by all. At the close of the evening lovely refreshments were served by the hostess. Arthur Greiser. Nazi party district leader (left^: Heinrich Himmler. Minister of Interior icenter). »nd Col. Gen. Heinz Guderian. chief of German general staff 0-ight(. review Volksturm itnits during celebration in Poznan, Poland, according to the Caption accompanying this photo received in New York by radio from Stockholm, Sweden. Himmler has been rushed by Hitler to the eastern front with full powers to halt the Soviet assault. Red troops are reported storming Poznan. about 137 miles from Berlin.--(NEA Telephoto.i 'Take 'Em Offr SLEEPER MORTUARY. PHO, 72. Lieut, and Mrs. Dennis C. Dullea. Jr.. announce the birth of their daughter born January 21 at Enid, Okla. They have givef her the name of Karen Maureen. Lieut. Dullea is an instructor in the Naval Air Base at Enid. : Tire Recappins and Valcanizliix : 24.Wour Service : On passenper and truck tire* : —all work done In Iota. : GUY OLIVER : : Vnlcaniziue and Tread Serrlce : Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Chr.vst have received word from their son. Capt. Stanley T. Chryst, that he is now a.ssigned with the surgical general office staff at Washington, D. C. He recently returned to the states from 32 months duty in the Southwest Pacific. Card of Thanks. We wish to ?xtend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for th'^ acts of kindness and messages of .•••ympathv, also for the beautiful floral offerings received from our kind friends and neighbors during our recent bereavement in the loss of our husband and father.—Mrs. Dan Hunter, OrviUe Hunter and Ferne Loftln. (USCG photo from NEA) The "glamor gal" warbling with the "Rhythm Rascals," impromtitu swing band organized among 7th AAF Aviation Engineers aboard an LST in the Pacific, isn't a girl at all—"§he's" T/5 Clyde Bass, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Bass rigged up the eye-catchiing effect from a rubber mask, a G. I. towel and some false .bulges here and there. Mrs. A. R. Looker is teaching the fifth grade at Lincoln scliool this week for Miss Addle Cook, who is ill. The out-of-town relatives and fiicnds who were here to attend ths funeral of Dan Hunter that was held .vesterdav were: Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Nebergall, Mrs. Gus Bui'ger, Mrs. Philio Wedenever. all of Newtun: Mrs. Bertha Smith. Arlo and Fon Tod, of Wichita; Prankie Taylor, Kansas City, Mo.: and Mrs, Pat Kellev. Tulsa. Okla. Treatment for Keepin? Ku;s and Carpets Clean POWDER-ENE is an ideal cleaner for your rugs and carpets, is recommended by the Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company, Inc.. Sleeper Fiirniluro Store T-Sgt. D. M. ChiTst has returned to Los Angeles. Calif., after spending his furlough here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E, Chryst and other relatives and friends. FATE KNOCKING Beethoven's Fifth Symphony b?- gint with the "V for victory .symbol, three short notes and one long one. The composer called it 'Fat^ knocking at the door" Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Barber received a telegram this morning .st,ating their granddaughter. Jo Ann Barber, who was born January 14. died Jan. 21. at Eaton. Ohio. She was the daughter of Sgt. and M!-.<;. H, W, Barber, Mrs. Barber lives in Eaton with her parents, and Sgt. Barber Is .somewhere in Belgium under General Patton's Third Army. Men;Women! Oldat 40,50,60! WantP^? Want to Feel Years Younger? Do you bl»ni« *xhauMwJ. worn-out IMUBC on »»•• Thoitfiftndii aniasfd «t what & litTtopvpplnKitp vuh CXtrcx bmn iloac. Conlalni tonic in»nr iwd Bt 40. W). CO. for IKMIJ - old hnMy bwttwe low In Iron; bho f rophj !iictle iUtsen vitamin Bi. r.ili'uim. Ixiw rodt! ntrtMliiptftrv hJ?p onl^ 35c! Try Ontrcx Tonic Tablets tor iicw p«p. youneer UtHtig, this very day. VvT snle nt 'ill druE tstores cVfO'"l"'rp— r'n, Ii>l;i. »t Coi>kNfy'>> hrni: Store. Announcement We have completed the re-modeling and re-eciiiijiping of oiii- radio .service deiwrt- ment with the latest and improved equipment for the .service and repair of your radio and electric phonograph. Wo invito yoin- in.spection. Aladdin Gift & Appliance Shop RADIO DEPT. 109 WEST ST. ONE 699 HEAVY BOMB.\RDMEXT Fifty-ton or heavier meteorites j strike the earth on an average of ^rr'' ^Vfbut about 500 ' little 10-pound^rs strike it every year. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF lACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Br^gc Happy Relief Maoy euiicnn rcUcva Dftjcging baekacha quiclily, onco tliey di3cu %*er that the mil CBUM vt their troiible znjy be tired kiJoeya. The kuIneVa are Nuturc's chief way of taking the txceiiii acids antl wa^te outof the blood, 'i'hej- help inimt people pass about3 pinta a day. When di^iinler of kitiney functioa pomits poisonous iirjitter to rcinain in your blood, it^ may cauiseV uagcing backache, rheiimatio r :*!n5 ,kg prina, loss of pep and enersy^ get- ling up nlKl'ttf, Bv ^clliiiK. ijuffineaa under the ryes, headaches and dijEzinesa. Frequent or hcanty pas ±!Mgcs with smarting and burning (.oritetimcs ; ho\v«? there is sonjething wrong Vkith your Widneys or blad<ler. Don't wait! Ask your drujcgist for Doan's Pills, usetl siiocestffully by itiilUdns for over 40 years. 'J'hej^Bive happy relief and will help the 15 Diiles oPtidney tube^ flmh out poinonoua must© from "our blood. <Jet Doan'a i^iUs. TWO HARD-TO-GET If E.MS JUST ARRIVED CHILDREN'S KNIT UNIONSiTITS e Short Sleeve—Knee Lenjjth BOY'S UNIONSUITS 79 e Lontr Sleeve— lAtna I^ey SLOW-tOOLEI) FOB STRENGTH The cooling of forgings for airplane iitotors is controlled so that It takes" several days for the steel to cool down from about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, thus strengthening the part. Glenn H. Taylor, former banjo- strumming cowboy crooner of Pocateilo. Idalio. is shown above at Washingtpn as he wistfully laid away his banjo in favor of more serious duties as Idaho's Senator In the new 79th Congress. Taylor strummed his way into the Senate after two previous campaigns were unsuccessful. American steel plants have broken all previous records for total steel production during eaich of the first five years of the war. • GAS IN WAR Gas has caused millions of deaths I in the present war. and every na' ticn is using it, for it is the explosive I power of gas that prooels projectiles, planes and ships, and-puts the destructive ,: power in shells and bombs. .MINER THEATRE Moran. Kansas Fri.. Sa«., January 26-27 Lum and .^bner, Alan Mowbray. Mildred Coles. In •SO THIS IS WASHINGTON" Shorts News Serial Showr, at 7:30-9:30 D. m. Mrs. Gertrude Baker Is at the Q. E. Lacey home caring for Mrs. Lacey. We are glad to report her .some stronger after being very ill the last two days. The funeral of Mrs. Laura Edwards will be held Thursday afternoon in Leavenworth at 3:45. Friends remet so much that her dauehter. Mrs. Linley Hill, will be unable to attend her mother's funeral. Attention—The paper drive will be Friday afternoon in.stead of Saturdav. Let everybody help In this and have your papers ready on vour porches. It is preferred that tlie ma<?izenes and papers be tied senaratelv. Mrs. Hamilton who is at the home of her daushter. Mrs. Hasted, was quite ill Tue.sday night. Ls some improved todav. Corp. and Mrs. Rex Helms and baby are vi.sitine at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Klimich. The Past Matron's club met at the home of Mrs. W. E. North Tuesday afternoon. Red Cross was the work for the afternoon. The following members enjoyed the afternoon together very much, Mrs. Nellie Trites, Mrs. Bessie Ensralng- er, Mrs. Katherine Wlnslow, Mrs. Olive Paul, Mrs. Kate Smith, Mrs. Bess Morrison. Mrs. Hazel Cline. Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Ruth Welch and the hostess, Mrs. W. E. North. Bobi by and Donny Welch and Elizabeth Jane Cline were guests of the club. Lpvely refreshments were served at the close of the afternoon by the hostess. Mrs. North. The place of the next meeting will be announced later. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson are holding special services all this week at the Christian church. A dinner will be held at the church Sunday morning at the close of the morning worship. A covered dLsh luncheon will be held at the Methodist church Monday night, Jan. 29th. Rev. George Boicourt will be the speaker of the eveninc. His .subject will be "The Cni.sade For Christ." Rev. and Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Iva i McLaughlin were calling on Moran i friends Wednesday. miseries... At bedtime rub throat, chest and back witKvVicks VapoRub to ease coughing, loosen up the phlegm, help relieve congestion in upper bronchial tubes, invite restful sleep. Relief comes as VapoRub PENETRATES to upper bronchial tubes with its special medicinal vapors, STiMtOATES chest and back surfaces like a \yarming poultice. Often by morning most of the mis- cry of the cofd is gone! Remember— ONLY VAPORUB Gives You this special double action. It's time-tested, home-proved... the best-known home remedy {ar reliev- ^ ^ ing miseries of m#|CMl\S children's colds. • V A T O RO* -s Heefiin^ up u^lik I I : i ^ Santa Fe in Kansas in 1868. Santa Pe in Kansas today. Keeping up with Kansas is keeping Santa Fe on its toes! Kansas, home, of the Santa Fe, is the "Bread Basket of the World" and one of the hation's important "Arsenals of Deihocracy." The state is now an industrial as well as an agricultural empire. With unprecedented wartime produaion of both food and arms this great state is constantly increasing its demands :on Santa Fe transportation. This is natural, for Santa Fe "grew up" in Kansas from 17 miles of track in 1868 to 13,09 3 miles of track that stretch from Chicago to California and from Denver to the Texas Gulf. To help handle the state's wartime shipments, Santa Fe has enlarged, improved, and modernized equipment and methods in Kansas — a wartime improvement that will still pay dividends in the days of peace to come. • * * Incidentally, Santa Fe is the largest tax payer in Kansas. In normal times, Santa Fe is the state's greatest employer of labor. Santa Fe operates more mileage in Kansas than any other railroad. SANTA FE SYSTEM LINES Serving 12 Western and Southwestern States TbU ad is cbo nmamt m EtHtm ntw^apm G. B. PARKS, -Agent, Santa Fe Station Phone 375 ^ lola, Kansas "Fight infantile paralyses—January 14 to 31"

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