Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 9, 1971 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1971
Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, January 9,1971 A-3 Jersey mails out applications for school free meals Would you believe...? Although the economy is on the downturn competition may be a bit exaggerated as illustrated by the for sale signs on this property on Aberdeen Avenue in Alton, which is obviously the work of pranksters. Burglar steals cash, checks from store Cash and checks totaling |3,424 were taken sometime overnight during a break-in at Floyd's Market, 3rd and Penning, Wood River. The money and checks were in a safe which was opened by a key found in the store. Dick Cane, an employe who was in the store at 3:50 a.m. to fill a grocery order to be delivered to a river towboat, told Patrolman Don Lee the store had closed about 9:30 p.m. Friday. Cane discovered the safe open when he came in. A set of keys found under a cash register was used to open the safe, and Cane said many people could have known where the keys were. Taken from the safe was $2,650 in cash and $774. in checks. Nothing else in the store was disturbed. Cane said he has no set time for filling the grocery orders, but that the last order filled had been about-9:30. In another Wood River break-in discovered overnight, three portable used television sets were taken from the Trading Post, 198 Old St. Louis Road. S g t. Harold Ingram discovered the break-in at . 5:33 a.m. when he noticed the store's door open. He found a hole had been broken in the glass next to the lock, then a screen pushed in to allow the burglar to open the door. East Alton home reportedly burgled of $2,600 in items JERSEYVILLE — Jersey Community Unit 100 is mailing applications to all its students to determine how many are eligible for school lunches either free or at reduced prices The guidelines for eligiblity for participation in the program are uniform and were set by the secretary of the Depart of Agriculture. All participating schools in the United States use this same set of guidelines. Parents who believe that their children may be eligible to participate in the lunch program are urged to complete and return the application. Additional applications are available at the unit office. All information submitted on the applications will be held in confidence by school officials. The completed application, signed by an adult member of the family, should be returned to the principal of the school which the student attends. All applications will be reviewed within five days of receipt and the family notified in writing of the decision reached. If for any reason a family is not satisfied with the decision, they may appeal to M. W. Jones, administrative assistant, who will review the application and attempt to make satisfactory arrangements. All students from families receiving public assistance or participating in the food st amp or commodity distribution programs are eligible to receive free lunches. The income criteria for eligibility, with the number of family members appearing first, are: one- $1,920; two$2,520; three- $3,120; four$3,720; five- $4,270; six$4.820; seven. $5,320 and eight- $5,820. An additional $450 per year in gross income should be added for each family member above eight. Alton man charged as AWOL An Alton soldier who was AWOL has been turned over to Army authorities after he complained to Alton police when an FBI agent questioned his mother. Richard Mendoza, 227 DoiTis, told Alton police that he had returned from a vacation in the Ozarks and found his mother agitated due to a visit from a man "who flashed a badge" and told her Mendoza was absent without leave from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Police checked Mendoza's with area FBI aegnts who told them Mendoza was wanted for desertion. 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Charles Crane of 135 Thomas Terrace today told the Telegraph that his wife, Ruth, age 54, had stopped to let him out at the family mailbox about 6 p.m. Thursday before driving the car Into the family carport. Crane said that as the car entered the carport, he heard the motor racing and shouted to his wife to slow down. When he reached the carport, he found his wife unconscious on the ground and the car, which had continued through the open carport had crashed through an iron railing and plunged down a slope into the lake. "I don't know what happened ... the accelerator may have stuck .. but I haven't had a chance to talk to her yet and don't really know ."I don't know, either, whether she was thrown from the car or jumped," Crane added, "but whichever it wa$, it was a miracle and the best thing that could have happened. The lake was frozen and the car broke the ice and was completely submerged ... She would have drowned." Mrs. Crane was taken to S t. Joseph's Hospital, Highland for emergency treatment. The extent of her injuries is not known but the hospital reported her to be in satisfactory condition. She told Patrolman Tom Hettick she had seen a car leaving the area as she came home. Hettick said entry to the home was apparently gained by forcing open the front door. In another East Alton theft, Mrs. Edward Prenzel, 133 Victory, reported her stereo tape player and five tapes stolen from her parked car. Also taken, she said, was her son's bicycle, which was parked next to the car. Mrs. Prenzel made her report at 8:45 a.m. Friday. Two youthful shoplifters were captured by a security guard at the Penney's store in the Eastgate shopping center Friday night. A 17-year-old Dorsey boy, Steve Adams, Rte. 1, was charged with theft under $50 afteR he allegedly opened a package of tape cassettes and took one. He was stopped by the guard outside the store. A 'juvenile boy with Adams was also stopped. 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