The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 15, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1914
Page 5
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Wednesday Evening, Inly 15, 1914. " THE DECATTJR R E V I E W Pafe* Ftas " S P O R T S JY BUI ON Should Have Rained Tuesday Instead of Sunday. COMMIES DROP BOTH Decatur Gets Ten Singles and Then Loses . If's -w^athT man had only arranpfc] f''-r th* Sunday Phower to have fall* 1 !! Tuesday, the Commodores H'ouM havo hpru a pair of games ahead tmt fst^ 1 arrayed t h l n p s differently · nd t h e Reej men dropped two lo Quin- ry Tiiefflfiy. 3 |o 1 and S ti 1. TEX H I T S AND LOSE. The f i r s t n u m b e r was a hard luck J)l«c« with Srhlansker holding the Kahlmrn t" f o u r hits while the Commodores took ten. In the eighth, ficherer inuffert a f l y ivhi«~h would have made t h n thiril out art) Turner scored. Dang, ·who was on by virtue of the m u f f , scored later on Kahl's single. TRETTER IS MASTER. The afterpiece, a seven round bout, went to Mr. T r e t t e r who held the Commodores to four scattered blngles while Quincy bunched hits In the f o u r t h off their old playmate, Jawn Myers. The scores; FIRST GAME. PROGRESS/OF PENNANT RACES THREE-I "I¥" TABLE. Springfield .. Fc-'irla ..f... Ijpr.-itur Duhuquf .... y u l n c y Bloom Ing ton D a n v i l l e .... "Won. Lost Pet, Win. Lose. K; as .854 4. r . 41; 44 41 35' 2S .580 .577 . .330 .519 1 Only one frame today. GAMES THCBSDAT. Deeatur at Peorfa. D a n v i l l e at Bloomington. Dubuque at Springfield. Davepuort at Qulncy. TUESDAY'S RESULTS. D'Jbuqu*. 10-15-0; Peoria, 4-S-2. Batteries --Delnno and Hammerschmidt; Remfne, Atkinson and Yelle. SprlngfieJfl. 10-1-2; Danville. 3-0-2. Bat- teries--Ellcrman. AIcManus and Jacobs; Xeai and Erloff. IX MAJOR LEAGUES. A E « (1 1 n rv -2 10 24 i'j DWATPR-- A3. P ft Manda. Th 4 0 -' Brown. «b 4 f n Blitz, ct 3 1 1 tu«fan. Ib 3 '· 1 Berkcl. SF 4 n 0 Well»y. If 4 I '1 Eclierer. rf a " 1 Shannon, r .'* t" 1 1 Lynch J* T O O Schlanih"' p .i " 2 O'Brien -' 1 " ' Totas! QL'ISCV-- Conger, R* ."· 0 n z 4 Dane rf :; i n 1 " Kahl. 2b 4 n ! 1 f Ward, cf 3 o o :; o Golvin Ib 1 1 n 12 1 Ketter'. If -' f 1 i 'I Gray, c 3 ( l 0 1 1 Turner. Ob -" 1 2 S 1 Keupper. r ~ fl " *· '' Totals '-" 3 * -" 17 i !· Batted for Shannon in n i n t h '2* B a t t r d for j-chUnsker tn n i n t h . By innings Occatur f i n n ^ O O O O 0-- 2 D u i n c v 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 ·-- o SUMMARY. Stolen bate--Manda. S a c r i f i c e hits-Brown Dan5. Ketter. Two base hits--Man- fla. Eiltz. shannon. Turner. Double, play-Keupper to Confer to Golvin: Conger to Kah! to f;o!vin: Schlansker to Mandfi to D'-iesan. Struck out--By Schlansker, 2: by Keupper. 1. Bases on balls--Off Scnlasnker, ». off Keuppw. 4. Wild pitch--Schlansker. Jlrne of game--1:45. Umpire--Eddinser. Clubs- Philadelphia, Detroit Washington , Chicago .... Boaton St. Louis New York .. Cleveland . · Clubs- New York Chicago St. Louis Philadelphia. C i n c i n n a t i .... Brooklyn Pittsburgh Boston Federal. i~lubs-- Won. Chicago ................ ... 4R Indianapolis ........ . ..... 41 B a l t i m o r e ................ 40 B u f f a l o ................. .. 3T I Brooklyn ................. 3i- K a n s a s City .............. SB St Louis ................. 34 Pittsburgh . . ... .......... fl" TODAY'S GAMES. National. N-«- Torh at Chicago. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. P h i l a d e l p h i a at. C i n c i n n a t i . Boston ni St. Louts American. Chicago at New York. St Louis at P h i l a d e l p h i a . Detroit at Washington. Clov^land a* Boston. Federal. Pittsburgh n t Brooklyn. St Louis at Chicago. Indianapolis at Kansa? City. B u f f a l o at B a l t i m o r e SECOND GAME. DECATUR-Manda. 2b_ Brown, 3b. ..... Blltt. cf , . Lynch, rf. Welday I f Berkel. f ^ O'Bripn. c. Myers, p A.B. R. H. P.O. A. E. QUINCY-Conger, 55 Dang:, rf Kah). 2b Ward. ef. Golvin, t h . Ketter. :r. Ehrgott. c; Gray, c Turner, 3b. Tretter, p. 0 S 1 3 0 1 2 0 0 C Lost" 31 3:* 35 S4 43 4* 42 .514 .514 . ,430 .417 -... 0 0 O f 0 0 0-1 .'.'.".' ......... o o o s o o o- 3 SUMMARY Sacrifice hits-- Tretter. Warfl. Gray. First a c r c e s-- r . . . en balls-- O f f Myers, :!; off Tretter. I,. Struck out-- By Myers, 2; by Tretter. 4. Tlma of ' Seven Errors by L T. S. Are Responsible. Slow fielding and many errors on the part of. the I. T. S. gave the Railroaders their ninth game straight, straight Tuesday evening, by the final count of 12-1. Goesser pitched airtight ball for the Railroaders, allowing only one hit. Goessler was given a try-out by the Three-I league this year and is now playing with the Come Across team. The score: Innings R - H. E. Railroaders . . 1 1 2 6 2--12 11 0 I. T. S 0 0 0 1 0-- 1 1 " The batteries -- For Railroaders, Goessler and Cryer; for I. T. S., C. Rush and Gardner. STANDING. Club-- Won. Lost. Pet. Railroaders 9 9 1.000 'Decatur Bridge .... 6 3 .667 11. T. S 5 3 .625 Wabash - 4 3 .571 Coffin Co 5 4 .555 Leader Iron Whs.. 3 5 .350 Muellers 1 7 -126 Wabash Clerks ... 0 8 .000 Fans Can Suggest Entertainment They Want What do you want for Booster Day this month, Mr. Fan? What sort of ·musement would you suggest? The local ball club officials want to know. The Booster day this month is to be on Thursday, July 23, when Quincy. thn second team below us Is here. Of course the association wants to get the biggest crowd aver out and they want to provide all the entertainment possible. . ~ FIELD EVENTS. It is supposed there will be the usual band music and in addition to this specialty, there is to be a field day program. The officials do not want' to make it long and tiresome and for ihat reason they will have only a few events with prizes offered. Most of the events will be along the line of ail such field meets but they also want something new in this line, something original ard i.".u t wili interest and entertain the crowd. They and the newspapermen together have .been unr.ble to figure a n y t h i n g new unless it is to make Jawn Myers stand on his head or run around, the diamond backwards so -they are asking the fans to suggest something they ·ould like to have. All suggestions 0ould fte gladly received at the newa- (uper offices or by Secretary Hanthorn ·t the Decatur Hotel. PITCHER DARK SOLD TO QUINCY (hrtlook Xow Dark tor Other Clnta IB the Tfeiec-I. Ottawa. July 15.--ROM Dark, pitcher ·for Ottawa, Illinois-Misflourl league, IMS been sold to the fjuincy "Tbree-I" )e*«u* Announces Some Final Dates for Deals. Auburn, N. Y.. July 15.--Secretary ohn H. Farrell, of the National Association of Professional Baseball leagues today gave out the following notices and decisions: " ; " All optional agreements must be exercised on or b'efore Aug. 15. by notifying and forwarding to the national secretary a check for the amount involved. The sale or the release of th* services of a player by a National association erub after Aug. 26 is prohibited, or to a major league club within twenty days of the close of the season of the club disposing of the player. COLORED^TEAM AT LEAGUE PARK Decatar Brawnles anil Sprinstield Giants Play. "Slide fo' second thah, yo' Rastas." "Put 'em ovah the plate, Sambo." These and similar expressions will be heard at the league park Thursday afternoon when the Decatur Brownies and the Springfield .Union Giants, two colored teams, meet In a, base ball game. All sorts ot comedy Is promised those^ who attend. , The Brownies have lost but two games this .season, one to the Giants and the other to Lovington. The Brownies have challenged any amateur team In Illinois. Players on the Brownies are Russell Collins, Claranc* Steven- soft, Joshua Crlttlngton, Dwlght Clanton, Harry Long, Andrew Murrlell, Everett Woodford, James Carter, Fred Long, Russell Blue and Charles Lawrence. The c»me will be called at S p. NEWS AND GOSSIP OF TEAMS AND PLAYERS Three-I Enters Proteat. The Three-I has entered formal protest against the Central association, putting the Ottumwa team In Rock Island,. Ottumwa business men are also objecting and trying to arrange some scheme to keep the team while many Rock Islanders are said o tie against the plan, preferring lo get Into the Three-I. Louis COOK, former Islander and manager of the Asheville team in the Carolina league the first ot this season, Is back at Rock Island arranging to handle the business end of whatever team comes to R. I. Decatur Will Stay Out. "It seems that it is time for some of the good drawing'cities In the Three-I to get into the Central association," says a Cedar Rapids writer. No thanks. Not when the Fourth of July handout for each team in the league was only $219. about $46 jess than the Three-I and not while Ottumwa loses its franchise and Burlington, the top team in the league, is about to explode. Ken- Springfield Pitcher. Manager Wakefield has signed Pitcher Stark of New York, who is expected to Join the team in a few days. Here'n a Fine Point, Sporting News: Here's a point for organized ball to decide. An Independ- e n t team at Pana- plays an exhibition game w i t h the Chicago Federals. It also books exhibition games with vari- Out of Eight Tiger Hits, But Doesn't Score* Washington, July 15.--Dubuc had the better of Ayres and D e t r o i t won, 3 to 0. Cobb was back in the l i n e u p Tuesday but failed to get a. hit. President Wilson, with his d a u g h t e r , Mrs. McAdoo. watched the game f r o m a box in the upper stand. It was his f i r s t appearance t h i s season at the ball park. Score: DETROIT-- A.B. R. H P O. A. E Bush ss 3 0 1 6 5 0 Purtell, 3 b 4 0 2 0 3 0 Cobb. cf S 0 0 3 0 0 Crawford, rf 3 1 I 0 0 0 Veach, If 4 1 1 2 0 0 Kavanaugh, 2b X n 1 I 5 0 Burns. Ib 2 o 1 10 4 0 Stanase. c,.... 4 0 I 4 2 0 Dubuc, p 4 0 0 I 3 0 Totals 30 2 8 27 22 0 WASHINGTON-Moeller. rf Foster. 3b .Milan, cf Gandil, Ib Williams, c Shanks, If Morgan. 2b McBride, 6S Ayres. p Shaw, p Schaefer' Totals 27 0 S 27 17 4 · Batted for Ayrcs In eighth inning. By Innings: Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 -- 2 Washington 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- 0 SUMMARY. Two base hits--Purtell. Veach. Wllllamse. Three base hit--Foster. H i t s -- O f f Ayres. 6 in S Innlnes; off Shaw ,2 In 1 inning. Sacrifice hits--Burns, K.iv3n!i£h. Shanks. Milan. Sacrlfict f!y--Burns- Double playa-- Bush to Bruns 2: Morgan to JfcBricle to G a n d l l ; Shnnlss to Morgan. Left- on bases--Detroit, S- Washington, 4.. Basrs on balls--Off Dubuc, 2 : off Ayres. 3; off shaw.l. First base on errors--Detroit, 3. Struck out--By Dubuc, 1: by Ayres, 2. Time of game--1:40. Umpires --Egan and Evans. OTHER MAJOR LEAGUE SCORES. American. St. Loon-Philadelphia game postpones on account of rain. Boston. 2-8-1- Cleveland. 1-2-2. Batteries --Shore and Cady: Stcen ana O'Xeill. National. St Ijouis, 3-R-l: Boston. 2-12-2. Batteries --Perdue and Snyder: Tyler and W h a l i n g Philadelphia. 5-11-0: Cincinnati. 8-8-1. Batteries--Alexander a n d K i l l i r e r ; \ l n p l l n g , Schneider and Erwln and Gonznl*??. Second game- Cincinnati. 5-10-1; Philadelphia, 25-1 Batteries--Bcnton and E r w i n : Tincup, Ba'umgardner and Burns. New York, 12-1S-2; Chicago. S-12-3. Bat- teriss--Demaroe, Mathev.-son ami McLean; Cheney, Lavender and Bresnanan and Har- SI Brobk!yn-Pmsburghi game postponed an account of rain. redcral. Chicago, 11-13-1: SI. Louis. 0-7-4. Batteries Lange n n d Wilson nnd Block; K e u p p e r . H e r b e r t and Chapman, Kansas City. 7-S-O; Indianapolis, 2-,-2. Batteries--Harris and Easterly; McCon- nauchy. Billiard and Warren. Baltimore, 3-7-2: Buffalo. 1-8-1. Battrles- Suffss and. Jacklltsch; Krapp. Woodman and Blair and Allen. Second game: Baltimore. 7-7-1- Buffalo 2-4-2 (7 Innings, same called on account of darkness!. Batteries--Qllnn and J a c k l i t s c h - Moran and Lavlgne. Pittsburgh-Brooklyn . game postponed on account of rain. OTIS Thre«-I league teams. Should the Three-I teams be permitted to play with a. team that associates with the Feds? It might be put up to President Tearney, but then he's said to be, in his unofficial capacity, a great Fed booster In Chicago, so what's the use? Juitlce With Peorii.. Peoria Star: Inflelder Justice Joined the Distillers yesterday and was played at short. He got his hit and put up a. good fielding game. Howard Darringer was sent to lift in place of the crippled Johnson and Lucas retained In right. t,ucaa Back io Bloomera. Peoria Star: Bloomington has asked for the return of Outfielder Lucas and he will rejoin the bloomers. In the m e a n w h i l e President .Jones has closed with Bloomington with regards to Pitcher Malloy and he is now the undisputed property of the bloomers. Bent In Northwestern. Sporting News; Frisk, Holke, 'Wagner and Hogan are the best hatting quartet In the Northwestern league and are not only hitting but fielding superbly. Holke on first base continues the sensation of the circuit. This youngster is voted the best first baseman that ever pulled on a glove in the Northwestern and that Is saying something. He is sure to go up at the enJ of the season. Several olds have been mafle for him and the club has put a price of $5,000 on htm and expects to get It. Also Baichley for the Giants. Champaign News.--That the. fame of Grover Eaichley and Johnnie Morgan has reached the big r.ity of New York ca,me to light this mornnig when Vice President Barnes of the Champaign BP-scbal] association received word from a big league scout asking what price he would place on the two men. The. letter from the 'man higher up" was from R. F. KInsella, scout for Manager McGraw of the New -York Giants. Besides asking what price would be ajskefl for the pair, the letter ivent on to say that New York would pny as much or more than another major league team for the men. It is said that If arrangements could be madei a scout would come here to look the boys over. Danville, July 15.--Unless the unexpected happens and an angel appears to finance the Danville Three-I baseball club, the franchise will be turned over to the league by President Plaster. Manager Boyle returned Tuesday morning from Chicago, where he made preliminary arrangemente with President Tlerney for surrendering the franchlse''and unless somebody appears with an acceptable offer by 8 o'clock Wednesday evening, the surrender will take place and Danville will be without league ball. President Plaster said he hid received an offer from a n u m - ber of local fans, but had rejected it and considered negotiations with him closed. OUIMET ENTERED IN GOLF TOURNEY Boston, Mass.. July 15--Ninety-two players Including Francis Ouimet, na- tio_nal open golf champion and present holder of the state amateur title were entered in the state amateur golf championship tournament opening to- d»y on the links of the Braeburn Country club. H. TV. Cidwallader, of Deeatur. was the only Decatur .gunner to enter the shoot of the Illinois Sportsmen's association at Springfield Tuesday, and he r a n k e d fourth among the professionals in the second 100 bird event of the day, breaking 95 out of 100 birds. Crosby, Bills and J. -Graham were ahead of him and Ed Graham tied with Mm. In the first event 'Cad" was away off and lost nineteen out, of 100 birds. KANKAKEE NAMED. Kankakee was selected as the meeting place for 1915 at the annual meeting of the association Tuesday evening at the St. Nicholas hotel, and M. H. Adams, - of that city, was elected president. Dr. J. H. Lett/, of Springtield, was chosen vice president and the other officers follow: Second Vice President--Ixmlg Kuntz, Kankakee. Secretary Treasurer--E. F. Hadeke, Kankakee. DISMISSED TEACHER LOSES $50,000 SUIT Jefferson City, Mo., July 15.--Frita Darrow, former professor of Greek at Drury college, Springfield, who sued that institution, its president, J. H. George, and Rev. C. H. Briggs, a Meth; odist minister, for $50,000 for alleged damage to reputation and standing, lost his suit in the supreme court yesterday. The lower court sustained a demurrer to his petition ana this action was affirmed here in an opinion by Judge Faris. Darrow -was discharged from the faculty Sept. 1, 1910, because he was a professed believer in theosopay. The school is controlled by the Congregational church. BIG CARPET MILLS RESUME WORK Alexander Smith t Son» Companr, Shut Down Two Week*. Put 7.00O to W ork. Tonkers. N. Y.. July 15-- Big miHs. of the Alexander Smith Eons Carpet company, which have been shut down for two weeks, reopened here Monday and 7,000 employes returned to work. The resumption of operations in the, mills was good news to business men of the city, as the company releases a payroll of about $75.000 in the city each week. ChrUttan County Pair. St. Louis, July 15. -- A marriage license was issued Tuesday to Let S. Jones of Assumption aritt Anna Tapp of Taylorville. - -- -- Chicken Dinner. Mrs. John Harris, 653 East Leaflanfl avenue, entertained eight women Monday evening at a chicken dinner In honor of Mrs. Harry Keyes of,Kan«is City, Mo. ARE SHATTERED Walton Sets New Mark for Champaign Course. D E C A T U R IN T E N N I S Miller and Wiley Beat Opponents witH Ease. Howard Walton of Champaign, a University of Illinois student, broke the course record both for single and double rounds in his qualifying rounds yesterday at the annual tournament of the Central Illinois Country Club association at Champaign. Walton led his field with a score of 68. ine rounds being 32 and 36. SAMPSON SECOND. John Sampson of Galesburg, the present champion, qualified with the next best score of 72. Noah Dixon, the former champion from Springfield, was excluded from the championship flight. None of the Decatur players qualified for the championship flight, and only one for the Na, Mucitie Doon, this being C. A. Ewlng, who barely got in with a. score of 85. SECOND ROUND. The matches in the second round of the championship cup race today will be Reamy vs. Williams- Simpson vs. Harris; Boyston vs. Waltop and Weems vs. Jarl. The odds are in favor of Walton of Champaign for cup winner. Harry Halnes of Decatur aleo quail- fled with a score of 90 in the Unco Boon. WIN- IN TENNIS. Although Decatur did not luom up in golf. Its representatives more than held their own In tennis. Miller won two games yesterday, defeating Starne of Springfield, 6-3, 7-5, and downing Page of Peoria, 6-3: 6-4. Both matches were close but Miller outclassed his opponents. Miller and Wiley also won two games in doubles, one by d e f a u l t from Bernard and Starnes of Springfield, the other from R. Page and G. Page of Peoria. 8-6; 6-3. Both Decatur men showed fine form In the doubles match. Holland and Aldrlch. of Peoria defeated Haines and Bustier of Decatur. 8-2. 6-3. The high wind drove many of the lobs made by the Decatur men outside of the line. H. HAINES LOSEi. Holland of Peoria defeated Harry Haines of Decatur, 6-0; 7-5. Holland got the Jump on his man In the first round and made It a love set, out In the second set Haines came back strong and gave his opponent a hard race. In today's matches, Phil Miller, will meet Graham of Bloomington, and Busher will meet Coulter, the fourtime champion of the tournament. Although there Is little doubt that Coulter will win this match, Busher Is bookefl to give him a hard game. OVER IN MACHINE. Mrs. J. A, Corbett and Mrs. Charles G. Powers of Decatur motored to Champaign yesterday to see the matches. The visiting women were entertained yesterday afternoon and evening with an automobile ride and tea in the afternoon and a concert and dancing in the evening. A large number of visitors are expected today and Thursday. ST. PAUL SOCIAL IS BIG SUCCESS The lee cream social held by the ladies' Aid society of St. Paul's Methodist church Tuesday evening- on the lawn at the tabernacle, was a. great success. It was well attended and twenty gallons of ice cream were disposed of. The women also sold ar- ageade, candy and salted peanuts. It is thought about $25 is cleared. The lawn was lighted with electric lights. Trie proceeds apply on the society's pledge to the new church building. MEN 71 YEARS OLD RACE FORTY MILES Jollet. July 15.--Dan -O'Leary and Henry Schmeht, professional pedestrians, who forty years ago walked a famous i-ace from Chicagp to thls-clty, repeated their race Sunday, clipping five minutes off their record of eight hours and thirty minutes. The distance Is about forty miles. Charles Wolf and Henry Freeman, aged about twenty-five years, dropped out Sunday when the distance was «n! about half covered. O'L»iry Schmeht are about »«v«nty-on« old. WOMAN'S HOSE "BANK" SUSPENDS Philadelphia, Pa,, July li. -- Silk ho«« proved an insocure bank for flS.OOO In bends /or Mrs. Carl F. Williams, wife of the former University of Pennsylvania football player, when »h« returned to her home In fSermiintown last night from Cape May. A garter tore a. hole In the ho«e and the bonds slipped out. The lots was not discovered until Mrs. Williams reached her home. She notified the police and payment upon the bonds has been stopped. Independence Circle* The Independence Sewing ctrgle met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Edward Mitchell, 536 East Grand avenue. Twenty-two women wer« present. A short business meeting was held after which the time was spent »octal. ly. The next meeting will be held In two weeks at the home of Mrs. Eliza Mount. 1257 North Calhoun street. Splendid Values in Men's Cool Summer Underwear! Our display' this season is unusually large and the values exceptionally good. Full lines of Cooper and other good makes. Union and two-piece suits in regular and athletic styles. v - Separate garments 25c Union Suits. union suits §1.00 to.. Oxford $1.00 / Be Square With Yourself Get all the clothes value possible. Hart, Schaffner Marx clothes always yield the greatest profit iia worth and satisfaction. Any man who has worn them will tell you that. Men's 2 Piece Suits, 25% Discount or bne-fourth off Boys' and children's suits 25% or 14 off the regular price. Men's 3-piece Spring and Summer Suits and odd Trousers, a discount of 20 per cent will be given. Straw Hats--Half Price. Copyright Ilut Schaffocr Panama and Bankok Hats, % off.

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