Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 17
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 17

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 17
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Girl Scout Activities Shrub Landscaping Topic For Chapfer Upailon Chapter o! Beta Phi Sorority held Its recent meet- Ing in the City Club Room With Mrs. Charles '.Jeffries Jr. presiding. Reports were ffiveti by Mrs. Ernest Fletcher, Secretary and Mr?. O. r;, Trimble, treasurer. Mrs. Jeffries gave the Council » I of Club report. Mrs. Charles Ingram served re-; McmberS approved • the motion freshmenis At the conclusion of the skating session. ; lo purcKas* a student Comrmtnity | Concert ticket for the use of an „ . !outstanding music. Student. , A new Brownie Scout troop was The programi "Gardening and ^ Browni* troop 34 recently had a skating party d^-ing its regular meeting on Monday afternoon. Cherilyn Porter and Shari Anderson won the balloon race. Skat- J1M= ,,,,, s , 0 ,,,, ..,„.„,,.....,, »..« In? as couples and waU/.lng cow- organized Monday afternoon in • landscaping" was presented by prised the SKatins entertainment. Rotary Scout House under the di-, Mrs Hi vv g owei . mat1 8n j Henry Brownies present were Judy Fu- ! ^ ct '°" ? f . !.*' *it™ .t^,-™ |< 3 » lbcn - Different varlties and col- Kate, Laura Thompson, R«b«cca'* r (lN . 6l «J bor J^ '"^J J/ ^. ors ot P lanls - fihnib9 - and flowers Tnfrtm, Cherilyn Porter, Tina. M«v Jr*' 1 J?" nf ,7J ?L^vit^vC, i were dlse « 9Sed - PoMtr>- were Tnfosh, Peggy Sheffield Paula ! leaf ' cr - a ' l| P of the ^ roo P w ' th Mmes 'j given as to lhe type to grow in namscy, Jerry Pennington, Bar- £ L. Hampton, C. E. Hammons,,,;,,,,, part of lhe coun t ry . The final Imra Collins, Shari Anderson, Re-,{» . A . e '£ 01 J. as . r '°,' s '• thought left was that "your gar- nea Sec-rest, Diana Webb, Betba/ 1 . Aut ' lnur ?. r y p ^1-° iden should reflect your personal- Led Slubbe, Dinah Elder, Martha- chairman; Mrs. B. P. Kenner,| )ty j u<lt afl vout , nouse or your rtaUlff. Sharon Combern, Perrill'^ B . rha "' man; / Ira ;. Frank dress.' Walker, Beverly Tldrow. Shaw, refreshment chairman. Hostesses for the evening: were . _ , •,,-., The troop held its first meeting Mme8 . Bob Hud3on and Bn , Oaf . °" ™'* 6 '* Wl " '«ll. The table was covered with t« B pnrtr andn . Myron Porter Jr., Debby and Pen- meet eac)1 Tuesday afternoon , )( „ rontered with a milk- ny Ingram, Roddy Porter. . from 2 p . m . to 4 in Litlle Scom **£ «£J Si ± «d c.r!!J. Mrs. Martin Stub-be is leader; House. Punch and cookies were tkm , anr , R wh|te natchet symbol- "lumes, .D. t). Canibem and Mike served at the conclusion of ^^ :tr Washington's birthday. 51s! Veaf Ttftt PAMPA »ATT>Y NEWS SUNDAY, MARCH i, 17 DEARABBY... By Abigail Van Burin Horace Mann To Hosf PTA Council And Kiwanis Club Porter, assistant leaders. Planting Of Annuals Worthwhile Topic Those present were Mmes. J. P. 324 N. Sum- organizational meeting. Ptesent for the meeting were Adams, Earl Barnett, H. W. Bow- Deane Daniels, Pattie Lynn An- erman. Wiley Davis, Lynn Daw- rlerson. Joyce Martin, Sandy Ann son. Ernest Fletcher. Bill G a r-j Kenner, Sandra. Gail Gambill/rett, John Griffith. S. Gene Hall.} The big tote bag Is * spring favorite tot travel or daily use. This one, by Park Lane, Is in cornhusk banded and trimmed in stained cowhide. It's detailed with brass Railheads and strap hinges.—By GAILE DUGAS, NEA Women's Editor. Mrs. Milton-favors, a tiny bride and bride- Marlon Kay Graves, Linda Steele.'Bob Hudson. Charles I n g r a m,; n , kl , • / \A/g^rl rl I n ft ^/nnU/Pf ppfpC Sharon Patterson, Donna Kay | Charles Jeffries Jr., Joe Kenwnr- rOSl'I^UpIlO I WQQU\ng OHOWer r&l&b Haynes, Vonda Kaye. Richardson, jthy, Max Louvier, Otis Petty,] t il-ll I /"*' • „, ., , .Neva Bowles. Barbara .Frans- James Scholl. O. O. Trimble, d/y^ /Vl//tOn Miller /H L/V/C the recent worth, Linda Joyce Baker. Jackie S. Younghlood. Clyde Dickerson.j meetine Of Worthwhile Home Dem- RiPPletoe, K a r m o n Hampton, Bill Ellis. Max Gnrrelt, H e n r y : LEFORSfRpI) nstratfon Club in her home wHh'Breida Kay Shaw, Ann WrlKht.rm.ben. Jimmie Hayes, Bill Jen- Miller wan honored with a post, groom fashmned of marshmallows, Mr, J L Carlton pre. dent pre Janie Hammons, and Linda Ruth kins, John McCausland, and Jere nuptial wedding shower in the *umd,op s , p.nk net and black rib- .us. J. L,. canton, piesmeni. pie .- [Sander* 'civic: center recently. Mmes. J. B. hon. were arranged al the base siding ovfer the business meeting. .Engle. ____: J ! ™'" Mnrtlni Bnb Fish , Karl I^ne, Al- of the rake. Ion Flinchum. John Roberts. R. T. j silver, crystal, silver and while Jinks, E. A. Bryant. Charles Rob- napkins completed (he table set- erls. J. F. Morris, VV. O. VV i g- tj r , gi Candy mints were also serv- ging, Bill Wall, B. T. Smith, Carl ef |. ' , Wall. E. D. Nolan and Gene Rob- Mrs f>ne Robe ,. tson pr . e!iiflfirf Bt ertson as hostesses. .lhe -crystal punch service as Mis. The honoree was presented a Alton Flinchum. served the cake, corsage of pink and white canm- Guests were Mmes. Burl Davis, tions arranged on pink and white E. o. Fenno, Annie Fenno. Tony net and tied with silver ribbon. A ;Ti mm on.«i. R. C. Ogrten..G. O. Car- similar corsage was presented to nl th., L. C. Ford. Dale Brumley.j Plans were made for the sale of food at .the Fat Stock Show to be Held Mar. 2-3-4. ?:ach member is to bake two pies for M o n d a y. Alar. 2. Mrs. Carlton urged each member to take the pies as early as possible. Mrs. Pearl Ferguson and Mrs. S. H. Hood gave a. demonstration on "Growing Better Annual Flow- rrs." Among the pointers brought lint by the demonstrators were that the annuals should be planted every year; must not be planted under shrubbery, as they die and make the shrubs look use fertilizer of some kind SAVORY and full of protein, too, is this casserole unltlnsr tomato soup and dried beans. Chopped green pepper »ddj Un?. COOK'S NOOK In the beds. Among the "annuals mentioned for planting were Scarlet S a g e, Cosmos, Blue Flax. Moss, Corn Flower, Marigolds, Sweet Peas. Nastursiums, Hollihock, Phlox, Zinnias, Verbena. Petunia, Sweet William, and Pinks. Refreshments served during the social hour consisted of a fruit salad, which -Mrs. lister Reynolds mad« of orange, grapefruit, and v nvocadoes topped with fruit juice dressing. Attending were Mmes. Bert Smith, J. L. .Carlton, O. A. Wag- rer, Shelby Hood, O. G. Smith, tarl Taylor. D. L. Lunsford, Boyd Brown, Lester Reynolds, Fred Betchan, Pearl Fegurson, and VV. G. Kinzer. Broiler Meals For Club such as Mrs. Troy Maness presented the beans, dried llmas program on "Broiler Meals" at a beans, either recent meeting of the Bell Home cooked. That Demonstration Club in her home nutritious meatless main dishes for •Southwest of the city. 'Lenten meals. Miss Mnnesa explained that! BriTTER BEAN BAKE Mrs. A. M. Miller, mother-in-law Charlie Tutor, Jeff Davis. J. M. of the honoree, who assisted in Boucher. W. E. Dumas, Ray Boyd, opening gifts. 'Raymond Barnes. I,. E. Welborn, Mrs. Bob Fish was guest regis- R. H. Bradfield, and O. R. Henry, trar. i The serving table was laid in a A/4*-c R/ irch IS pink damask cloth and centered '^"^' LJUI \~i i 10 with a three-tieied square cake on an elevated fo.storia crystal cake plate topped with a miniature bridal pair, flanked by while candies entwined with pink ribbon in ?u.«y Bee Home Domonatiafoi: double crystal, candle holders. The. ci » b ""-'"My in her home. ._ - : During the business meettne, it Was de'-k|pii In have R bake snip on Mar. 21 beginning a; 9 a.m. Plans for the district meeting to be held in Wellington on Mar. 9 were also discussed. Mrs. Janie Fletcher, homp demonstration agent, gave an interest- Hostess To Club Mrs. Dale Burch was hostess to SS Club Meets In Johnson's The SKELLYTOVVN (Spli - "- inp demonstration on "How Shelly Scheafer Club met recent-. pmne s(mibs flnd when .. ly in Johnson's Cafe in Parnpa with Mrs. Robert Smith and Mrs. (Russell Davidson as hostesses. iMrs. LeRoy Allen, Club president, ;held a short business session. Sec, ret pal gifts were exchanged by ithe members. Topic Tomato Soup, Dried Beans Combine In Tasty Casserole Bv GAYNOR MADDOX ,per and onion; spoon Ir NBA Food and Markets Editor i Brush top of buns with butter. ; Valentine motif. Refreshments o. H amby. n • t hAan, «rp , P-or,d somve'Bake in a hot oven MOO degrees cherry pie. ice cream and coffee U 1*1 PCI iJcnilS nl C <t cUUU .*MJIIJ i c H-OI-A eaf\>aH tl, «.. • J 1 "* i for fl bo tit 10 m inut6.s. t VN c i c »ei v r*j. i r»i us\ r^llmas 'or*' kidney' Tomorrow's Menu: Dried beansi Attending was on* visitor, Mrs. bands v - In cans or home- an<l t° nlaln » OU P in casserole, bak- Virginia Fowler, and Mmes. L. Feb. 14 in 's whv t'hev m n T e ed fish lif <lpsil ' e(1 '• °'' (>ns P ba-'Barrett, Bill Truitt, Warren Brod- Mrs. Harry ,««.««• main dishes for '«». W"c bread, grapefruit sec. gin. V. C. Moore. LeRoy Allen, Tables w To Members present were Mmes. t.eon Osborne, B. O. Bert rand. Dale Burrh. Jay Phillips. F. J. Poe. Herry Barh and Elmer VVil- It was announced that the next meeting will be held on Mar. fl at per and onion; spoon Into buns.! Tables were decorated with n HJ a . m . in the home of Mrs. Lee broiler meals are fast becoming a popular way of preparing entire i Makes 4-6 servings) Two tablespoons chopped onion, lea ' nulk "Today's busy homemak- 2 tablespoons chopped green pep- arc Interested in easy ways'per, 1 tablespoon butter or mar- Betty LOU SfTl ith were served. I Busy Bee HDC entertained hus- Tomorrow's Menu: Dried beans! Attending was on* visitor, Mrs. bands with a Valentine Dinner on L. Feb. 14 in the home of Mr. and ry Barh. were decorated in white tions, green pepper and lettuce Loyd Cowart. R C. Henton, Wai- with red hearts. Games of "42" salad, oil and lemon juice dress- ter Casey, Henry Gentry and L. and Canasta were played. Attending the dinner were Messf.s. and Mmes. B. O. Rer- trand, Leon Osborne, Wayne Jon- ings, chocolate brownies, coffee, F. Karlin. of serving nutritious good • tasting garine. 1 can HO'v, ounces), con minis that require a small amount densed tomato soup, «; cup water, of time. Few utensils are needed I tablespoon brown sugar. 1 table-j for this type of meal and t h a t spoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon prepar Deb President \Briscoe Club To \Hear Review DEAR ABBY: I am a very matured girl for my age, which Is 33. I am in love with a boy who IS 14. We've gone steady for two months, six days and seven hours. He says he loves me but when somebody else is around he acts like he doesn't hardly know m?. He gave me his Eagle Scout pin hut I had to promise that I wouldn't wear it where anyone could sec it. I don't think this is fair because what's the. good of going steady if nobody knows it? What do you think I ought to do? GOING STEADY NOT GOING STEADY DEAR GOING BUT; Return his Eagle Scout pin. His behavior is for the birds. DEAR ABBY: I am ihe mother of an eight-year-old son and a two- month-old baby girl. My son plays with an eleven - year - old neighbor boy and we are good friends with his parents. The boys weie playing on my porch and milking a lot of noise so I told them to quiet d/nvn as the baby was asleep. Th c Pleven - year - old boy purposely made more noise and stomped his feet. I told him to get off rny porch. HP mumbled .".orrie dirty filthy language >H me under his breath. 1 to:d him not to talk to me like that and he said. " Who's going to stop irte?" I took my own son insi'lp. That night I telephoned the boy's mother and told her whfil happened. She said her son had told her everything and I had tin right, to send him away. T was shocked that she vould take that attitude. This is lhi> FIRST and LAST time I ever speak to a parent about their children. Who is in error" . STUNNED DEAR STUNNED: You were right, in informing your neighbor. M/>st parents appreciate knowing how their children misbehave away from home. Don't desert your principles because of one bail experience. ADD VVP DEAR ARBY DEAR AEBY: I have Ix'en married for four months to a. w.onder- ful person W,K> is » he-man in eveiy sense of th'» word. He played college football and there was nothing sissy alviut him. Now I am finding out that he is very babyish in many ways. He asks me to butter his toast and spread his ja:n. He even wants me to Rebekahs To Put On Team Work At Waco Rebekah Lodge No. 35ft m e t (Thursday evening in IOOF Hall. CIO VV. Blown, with Mrs. O n a .Gray, noble grand, presiding, assisted hv Mrs. Bonnie Wharlon. vice giand. Members reported ill were Maybell Campbell, Mary Cules and Arthur Bro\vn. Mrs. Holen l^amberson, deputy, conducted a school of instruction. Plans were diffused to attend the Rebe'r.ah Assembly in Waco. where the local team will put on degree work for the Grand l,ixis p Fifteen members were present. es. C. T. Smith. F. J. Poe, Lee Hamby, and Harry Bixhr. mash his potatoes fhe says his mother did). He throws his clothes around like a six-year-old boy and he keeps his drawers in a, mess. Is there anything I can do to make him act more like a man or is it too late? He Is 26 and J am 23. DISAPPOINTED DRAR DISAPPOINTED: You aren't the first wife who has had to finish jaising a. Mamma's Boy. He will grow lazier and m.ore helpless if you let. him. NOW is the, lime, to Insist that he start behaving like an adult. DEAR ABBY: My husband ran't open his mouth without lying. HP lies about the least little thing- and he expects me to back him up. I have lied so much to keep from making him look like the liar that he is I am di.rr.y trying to rememoer what is true and what isn't. Do yo\i think I ought to tell the tru^h legardless and leave him to straighten out the messes or should I keep lying for him? SICK OF LYING DRAR SICK (and. bv the way so is your husband 1 !) It is not normal for a grown man to tell s.o many lies. A visit or two With a doctor might shed a little light on the subject. DRAR ABBY: A while back a mother complained that her husband jailed their 17-year • old .son because he broke the law after his parents had covered up for him once. I would like to meet this man and shake his hand. If there were more fathers like him, we wouldn't have any juvenile delinquents. I say when parents fail to raise their children to respect the Law, better to admit It and turn them over the the law en- burlnjf American Week, th* PTA City Council. meet in Horace Mann School dtf Mar. 3 flf 0:30 a.m. with SAtil Begfert, school principal, in .chargf of the proRrani, "Education F*of Citizenship." Mrs. ft. A. Mack, city council president, Mil con* duct th*> business meeting. Knox Kinnrd, school Stiperintfitt* dent, will report (of the PTA council nominating- committee by pre* senting a slnte of officers for 1 election for (he 1959»6o PTA council year. Refreshments will he served by Horace Mann PTA hospitality cofrt* mitle, Mmes. H. L. Meers, chaif^ man and Mrs. C. A. Huff. Mr. Begert extends, a, Jnvita.- tion to parents of students to fit* tend school this week. He also announced that the Kiwanis Club has been invited to visit the school on Mar. 6. "During the week each teacher will receive flowers fof her desk. There will be an assembly program on Mar. 4 in thd school auditorium to which paf« ents and friends are cordially in* vited,' 1 he said. forcers while their offenses ari still short of murder. H.S. MINERAL STEAM BATHS and TURKISH BATHS SWKEDfSH MASSAGE Klimlnnle* Poison Recommended for POOR CIRCULATION RHEUMATISM ARTHRITIS-NEURITIS LUMBAGO , LUCILLE'S BATH CLINIC 1520 Alrock MO s-mi At a recent meeting of Sigma WHEELER iSpli ,-uts down on dishwashing; The Brisi-oe met recently also ed mustard Jeans u-pound eachi Delta Sub Deb Club, new officers [ Homemakrrs Club '• ' -,., were elect.'for a shoi t busim ed. To serve are Misses R e t t y "tudy on "How to look 'nice n msnwrtsmiiK , mwi, en niusiniii, i i-onn >i-m««>vi c<v ..,..,., ., -. .. _ ._ _,„:,„ - n A * much of the preparation can be>ut,er bean,, drained. 4 cup grat- for the next s.x-months were elect- for a ^\f» ^"™«* dona ahead of lime." ed cheese. Mrs. D. W. Swain, president, pre- In saucepan, brown onion and Lou Smith, president: Linda .Skew- > |" ' sided (U the business meeting as gieen pepper in butter. Add re- es, vice president; Jan foster. in m a y ~S\ r » Litsch. Home Demon- lothes although you not b«> in perfect sh«pi>." ""—"•~- n — n*--'* i' i * , , I* l^ftnt^tn I itsrl plans were completed for serving maining ingredients except beans, .secretary: Kay looley. treasurer; ''.', l " ' . . ..,„,.„, of meals at the Top o' Texas Fat Heat a few minute,. Put beans In Nancy WHl.ams, historian; Mail- »«- iallon A * ent ' wa " '" lha ' Be °' Stock Shqw. buttered l-qiiarl casserole: pour lyn Sieele and Sandra Weather- lne pioRtam. Present were Mmes. Loyd Short, sauce over. Sprinkle with cheese, ford. parliamentarians; Knsti Members present were Mmes. a guest and members Mmes Ro- Bake In moderate oven (375 de- Brown, chaplain; Jan Hall and Willis Fillmgim. .1. P. Meek, Rubs- land Dauer. Carl Smith, Troygiees F. i for 45 minutes. Francis Aftergut. phone comma- j DeBaiu he. Melvm Helton, Roy Maness, D. VV. Swain and H. H.j NOTE: Cooked dried lima* or tee; Mary Ann Harvey, reporter. Meadows, Thurman Horn and John Keahey! kidney beans '-an be used with Plans were also discussed for C Vise. 'equally delicious results in this;the bake sale held Saturday in the It was announced the next meet- Members of the Bell Club and recipe' i Combs Worley building and the ing will he Feb. 2fi and anyone uv 'their families were guests at a Baked mealies* sandwiches be- dance held following ihe basket- terested in becoming a member is ••12" partv in the home of Mr. and long in Lenten menus, too. I ball game on Saturday evening in invited to attend. Mrs. Dave K;ker Mrs. Tom Anderwald, southwest, BAKED TUNA SANDWICHES jSt. Matthews Episcopal Parish will present a book review at that of the city, on Saturday evening.] (Makes 6 servings) j House. '"I"'" __ '« Joe Wheeley was high scorer;: One can dO'j ounces) condens- Mn. Roland Dauar had low score, ed creani of mushroom soup, 1 Refreshments, using- the George can (7 ounces) tuna, drained and Washington motif, were served, flaked; 1 tablespoon minced Present were MeHsrs and Mmes. green pepper, 1 tablespoon nilnc- Clen Newman, Alvin Dauer, Ro- ed onion. 6 hamburger buns, split; l-ind Dauer, H. H. Keahy. Joe melted butter or margarine. Wheeley, and Mrs. Carl Smith, j Combine soup, tuna, green pep- GROUP 1 One Jxjt: House Slippers, Fiats, Sample Casual* IJroken $100 GROUP 2 O*tt l<0t: Casuals and Press Shot*, 4 Real Value If we have your 1 2 Expiration Date 12 Midnite March 4 HARD OF HEARING W» gri differing o DIVIDEND t>t rk< rtmj Hoc m »iu 24 jtti kutory «< i'« <llo«in{ i tn4< M e« hjjnnj ndi tlfcir Ihjn mi o»« W< will *llo« 5*000«« <ti r eld «<4 «» '*« purcbtx tl t N«* lill(m« • We t'l mtkiti tk>i it «f h««'ie| it rou kike IDI^C our buimcu II y*u in one »< tbott »kt but k«u|hi i cfctip k«r» i )>««> ckjnc< to (II b*:k i taiblc por You can tqkt OJvontoj* ot tnn oHtr by Famp% Hotel or Pbunc MO i-tM7 (or Hotut D«mou»tration -\Urcti », i u, 4 g'tl«H-k. 8IITOHI HEARING SiRYiCi 117 <A St. .ioiarillo. Tex** GIRLS' DRESSES Values to $998 Values to $10.98 $ 2 and $ 3 BARGAIN TABLE 50c Hundreds of Item* DUSTERS f ifc 9f Keg. In *».»8 Fully Lined .Shrink Hesitant 00 **' BOVS' JEANS i Through 7 Value* to $2.98 . Value* to $2.49 . $«|49 $198 BOVS' NKW SPRING TOP COATS Solid* and Checks Values to SH.HX '3 . nd $ 4 (HR NKW Kab> Styles (iirls' Wear Wear Spring Materuities Lad & Lassie Children's Shop "From Heaven To Seven" 115 W. King ? m,ll MO 4-8888 Cretneu - - * -.-...... . • » ^^ Prices in this ad good Hon. through Sat Big Basket Assortment "Bushel" Baskets, Waste Baskets, Tote Baskets- Server Trays, Cracker Baskets-Choice 99 Sunbeam Deluxe Mixmaster Reg. 49.95 with Juicer i 46 ' 95 without Juicer '27 77 Sunbeam Super Size Automatic Frypan Complete with Metal Cover Reg. Price $ 3 1 95 Complete ^ • Special at '22 22 S3.00. Value. 1 . U>. Size Nutri.Tonic Creme Shampoo 99 Tussy's Wind and Weather Lotion 2.00 Size Special for $100 plus 1.00 Size tax Special for '1 50c plus tax Tussy's Wind & Weather Cream $1 00 Plu* $2.00 size special for tax All Colored Strip Bandages Half.Price Band Aid "Charmers" Curad "Battle Ribbons'" S Fluid ounces. Regularly S 1 --** lYnilhist Anti-Hislaminio For Colds and C'ouuhs 99 Vitamin-Mineral Capsule Special Formula Reg. 5.95 Bottle of 100 $ 2 98 Retf. 2.9* Bottle of 40 'i Kii>t SI (i IS l)«-nipr Sheer Nylon Hose 2";;; 99c ln.tUnt l.athrr Reg. 79<s Moile Shave Bomb 39c SI.65 value limit of H Reg SSc Listerine 3 lor 99' All Dolls, Toys & Gomes—40% off No exchanges. No retuud*. One-third will bold in lay aw ay for thirty days only. Here is your fhance to do some of that early C'liri>tinas shopping you resolved to do last December, and to save substantially at the same tin»e. 6Bc Kconoiuy Sue Colgate Dental Cream 49c

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